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President Harry S. Truman with a 35-pound Oregon Tom turkey

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The presidential pardon of the Thanksgiving turkey has become an annual event, but the peace pact between the fowl and the White House is a relatively new thing. And in fact, a few presidents actually ate their guests!

The first president to unofficially pardon a turkey was Abraham Lincoln, who instructed the White House to save a bird given to the president. Lincoln’s son had grown fond of the bird (and the president was a big animal lover).

But Lincoln didn’t start a tradition, and neither did President Harry S. Truman, who is often credited as the father of the presidential turkey pardon.

(National Constitution Center) ... Here’s a look back from Truman to Obama.

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President Harry S. Truman squints as he fingers the wattle of a 35-pound Tom turkey from Oregon as it is presented to him, in the White House Rose Garden on Nov. 18, 1952. The turkey, intended for the president’s last Thanksgiving in the White House, was made by representatives of the Poultry and Egg National Board and the National Turkey Federation. At right is Loren Johnson, of Corvallis, Ore., one of the group making the presentation. (Photo: Henry Griffin/AP)

President Eisenhower (left) seems highly pleased with the 43-pound Kentucky colonel turkey from the blue-grass state, presented to him at the White House by Peary Browning (right) of Winchester, Kentucky, president of the National Turkey Federation on Nov. 17, 1954. The Thanksgiving bird was selected from a flock of 100,000 at Browning’s farm. (Photo: Bettmann/Corbis/Getty Images)

President Eisenhower rests his hand on the 40-pound, broad-breasted Tom turkey presented to him today for his Thanksgiving dinner by the National Turkey Foundation. Said the pleased President: “Gosh. It’s a big one.” From left: Pres. Eisenhower; Leslie W. Hubbard, Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Ezra T. Benson, Sec of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson and J. Arza Adams, President of the Foundation on Nov. 19, 1956. (Photo: Bettmann/Corbis/Getty Images)

President Kennedy admires a 55-pound turkey, which wears a sign reading “Good Eating, Mr. President!” The turkey was intended for the Kennedy’s Thanksgiving dinner; however, the President granted it freedom on Nov. 19, 1963. (Photo: Bettmann/Corbis/Getty Images)

President Lyndon B. Johnson was presented with this 40-pound broad-breasted white Tom Thanksgiving turkey at the White House Nov.16, 1967 in Washington. (Photo: Bettmann/Corbis/Getty Images)

President Richard Nixon gives the annual pardon to a Thanksgiving turkey on Nov.19, 1969 in Washington. (Photo: Wally McNamee/Corbis/Getty Images)

President Gerald R. Ford is presented with a Thanksgiving turkey by the National Turkey Federation on Nov. 20, 1975. (Photo: U.S. National Archives)

Rosalynn Carter and Amy Carter pardoning a turkey on Nov. 21, 1978. (Photo: Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum)

President Ronald Reagan and the annual pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey on Nov. 21, 1988 in Washington. (Photo: NY Daily News via Getty Images)

President Geroge H.W. Bush gestures during a Rose Garden ceremony Tuesday, Nov. 24, 1992 where he pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey presented by the National Turkey Federation. From left: Chuck Helms, Bruce Cuddy, and Stuart Proctor. (Photo: Ron Edmonds/AP)

President Bill Clinton looks on as Robert Strickler holds Tom, a 50-pound turkey presented to the president in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington on Nov. 23, 1994. Stuart Proctor, president, National Turkey Federation, second from left, and Larry Fanella of the NTF, second from right, look on. The president pardoned Tom who will take up residence at the Frying Pan Park in Chantilly, Va. (Photo: Wilfredo Lee/AP)

President Bill Clinton, accompanied by Jim Cooper, chairman, National Turkey Federation, laughs while looking at Carl, a 35-pound turkey, wearing a White House visitors pass, which was presented to him at the White House Wednesday Nov. 27, 1996. After the ceremony, the president continued a tradition begun by President Harry Truman 49 years ago by pardoning the turkey and sending it off to life in a Virginia petting farm. (Photo: Doug Mills/AP)

President Bill Clinton, holding his nephew Tyler, 6, grants a “pardon” to a turkey named “Jerry,” from Barron Wis., during the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation at White House, in Washington Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2000. Placing the turkey on the table is Nickolas Feidt, the man who raised it. Standing in the background, from left, are Stuart Proctor, Jr., and Jerry Jerome, chairman of the National Turkey Federation. Clinton’s action in the Rose Garden spared the bird, so he won’t become someone’s meal. It will instead go to a petting zoo in Herndon, Va. ( Photo: Kenneth Lambert/AP)

President George W. Bush reacts to a turkey named “Liberty” at the annual turkey pardoning event at the White House, three days ahead of Thanksgiving on Nov. 19, 2001. The fortunate bird will spend the rest of his days on a farm in Virginia. With the president are turkey industry representatives Jeff Radford (left) and Stuart Proctor. (Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

President Geroge W. Bush holds “Biscuits” the turkey by the neck as he participated in the pardoning of the national Thanksgiving turkey, Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2004, in the Rose Garden of the White House. (Photo: Ron Edmonds/AP)

President George W. Bush, right, pets “Flyer” the turkey, held by Lynn Nutt, after giving the bird a Thanksgiving pardon in the Rose Garden of the White House on Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2006. (Photo: Chuck Kennedy/MCT via Getty Images)

President Barack Obama, with daughters Malia, far right, Sasha, second from the right, pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey, “Courage,” in a ceremony in the North Portico of the White House, in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2009. With Obama is the Chairman of the National Turkey Federation, Walter Pelletier. Woman on left is unidentified. (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

President Barack Obama, with daughters Sasha and Malia, pardons “Liberty,” a 19-week old, 45-pound turkey, on the occasion of Thanksgiving, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011, on the North Portico of the White House in Washington. At left is National Turkey Federation Chairman Richard Huisinga. (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

President Barack Obama, with daughters Sasha (center) and Malia (right) carries on the Thanksgiving tradition of saving a turkey from the dinner table with a “presidential pardon” at the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2012. After the ceremony, “Cobbler” will head to George Washington’s historic home in Virginia to be part of the “Christmas at Mount Vernon” exhibition. National Turkey Federation Chairman Steve Willardsen watches at left. (Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

President Barack Obama is joined by his daughters, Sasha and Malia (R), as they all participate in the annual turkey pardoning ceremony marking the 67th presentation of the National Thanksgiving Turkey while in the White House in Washington, November 26, 2014. (Photo: Larry Downing/Reuters)

President Barack Obama pardons Abe, the National Thanksgiving Turkey, Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015, during a ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. This is the 68th anniversary of the National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation. (Photo: Evan Vucci/AP)

President Barack Obama walks away after pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey, Tot, as the president’s nephews Aaron Robinson and Austin Robinson, watch, Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016, during a ceremony in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington. (Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

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Sciurus - 4 hours ago
Hopefully, these turkeys will express proper gratitude or Trump will viciously tweet that he just should have let them die.
Replies (4)

ALLAN BROWN - 2 hours ago
After the pardon "sportsmen" Don Jr and Eric will hunt it down and shoot it

Camexican - 2 hours ago
The left will accuse the turkey of being Russian if he pardons it.

Camexican - 2 hours ago
Odds are someone will accuse the turkey of sexual misconduct

John Galt - 4 hours ago

ICU - 5 hours ago
Replies (4)

Media Matters For America - 3 hours ago
I guess I've seen worse. Such as pardoning a 35 year sentence for leaking classified information. Or pardoning more than 330 federal criminals in one's last week in office....

Ima - 3 hours ago
Relevant: Justin Turdeau is polling 10 pts lower than POTUS Trump.
Perv pardon requests by the left are at unprecedented levels in USA. Karma

Norwegian Blues - 5 hours ago
@jack yawn. poor jack raises a good point - where would don the con be without the desperately stupid? seriously how dumb are you?

jack - 5 hours ago
No, But he does have plans to pardon Obama, and then send him back to Kenya, like the people from Haiti.....

Benny - 3 hours ago
Trump better watch out that nobody mistakes him for a turkey and cooks him and serves him on some family's holiday table Thursday.
ImagesteppenvvolfBy steppenvvolf on

The Rational Libertarian - 4 hours ago
I heard Trump plans to Deport the Turkey instead of pardoning it.
Replies (1)

carmine - 1 hour ago
He'll probably try to screw it, first.

60sdude - 4 hours ago
Trump already had his shot at pardoning a turkey this year when he pardoned Joe Arpaio.

Anonymous - 3 hours ago
Trump is gonna pardon his own turkey neck.

Craig - 3 hours ago
Given that Trump seems intent to undo anything President Obama did, I'd be concerned if I were one of Obama's pardoned turkeys.

UT - 4 hours ago
This is the year that the turkey might want to pardon tRump - nah, off with his head and stuff him with russian dressing. RESIST

Elice - 5 hours ago
I love the facial expressions. There is always one person in the photo that looks like if that thing makes a move, I am outta here!
Replies (1)

aardvark151 - 4 hours ago
I fear no turkey, but if it were a goose, now that would be a totally different story. Grandmother used to raise geese on her farm, and to a mostly city bred boy, something with a six foot wingspan, chasing you, and then the nip and twist, I still fear geese, some fifty years later.

Marshall - 3 hours ago
He has a very long turkey list, Whom to pick

Steven - 3 hours ago

Camel - 5 hours ago
hopefully he'll dress up as a turkey and pardon himself.
Replies (2)

Norwegian Blues - 5 hours ago
@jack wow, good one jack. do you work for don the con? maybe in communications?

jack - 5 hours ago
How about the turkey in your Picture, ?.....Lol

marco - 2 hours ago
No matter how this goes, liberal media will criticize Trump for something. The day after T-giving, liberal media will post the pardoned turkey's deviant and criminal past. They'll say that the turkey had Russian connections and Trump pardoned it as a favor to Putin.
Replies (2)

Happy - 42 minutes ago
How about some cheese with that whine, marco?

ALLAN BROWN - 2 hours ago
Drumpf will claim there are many fine turkeys on both sides, and toady cultists like little marco will full throatedly agree.

jimmy - 4 hours ago
for a bashing time, visit JERRY in moscow.
Replies (4)

Kyrie - 1 hour ago
I got popcorn popped. I love watching these juvenile flame wars. Better than fandom wars.

jerry - 4 hours ago
@jimmy You talk against you country. Hoping Trump gets assassinated and you call anyone a Russian is beyond bazaar

jimmy - 4 hours ago
how is the balmy weather in moscow buddy?

jerry - 4 hours ago
That was brilliant Zippy. You show your ignorance in your every comment. And can't prove one. See, that why I know you have s===for brains

Tommy - 4 hours ago
Trump's going to put a turkey outfit on Manafort so he can pardon him

Tracey - 1 hour ago
The tradition will have a different twist this year. The turkey will be spared, but its poozey won't be.

Priapus - 2 hours ago
He should have a selected a white Turkey, a black Turkey and a wild Turkey. But Trump will always be Trump.
Replies (2)

Priapus - 49 minutes ago
@Russell Yes, I have a bottle. And I ain't sharing.

Russell - 1 hour ago
Did someone say Wild Turkey???

vox populi - 1 hour ago
The Dotard has summoned Palin, with instructions to bring her executioner hood and her big curved blade choppy axe. Also her fork.

Ganimede - 1 hour ago
our current potus must be a turkey, he plans to pardon himself.

Steven - 1 hour ago

David - 4 hours ago
"turkey" President pardons...anybody he can...Trumps getting in some practice runs for the cabinet appointees...!!!

aardvark151 - 4 hours ago
While fresh food is great, I want my turkey to be wrapped, cleaned, and ready to pop in the oven. Not one that will look me in the eye, and try to soften my hard heart. Nope, and while I know I could feed my family, from the wilds around my town, even Bambi has nothing to fear. Hunting ruined post my return to civilization circa 1973, and my last time of deer hunting, 1974. Not so thrilling, once you have been the prey.
Replies (1)

brett - 4 hours ago
The VA has counselors for that.

Diane - 7 minutes ago
I think the presidents in these pictures were touching the turkey inappropriately. The turkey will be offended right after Thanksgiving and want to sue.

Andrew - 43 minutes ago
Did you see all those white men with Truman? When are the Democrats going to renounce Truman?

tame608 - 47 minutes ago
Don't know the symbolism of the act. but watching it I would say it is the silliest thing the Pres is asked to do.

Happy - 48 minutes ago
Trump will name the turkeys Manafort and Flynn, then try to use those pardons to get those 2 legged turkeys off the hook.

RUFFKNIGHT - 1 hour ago
He already got a pardon for 3 turkeys.

Zola Gorgon - 1 hour ago
So do the presidents families eat tofu instead or do they just kill another turkey without all the publicity the pardon got?

Seen It All - 2 hours ago
We already have a White House turkey, no need to bring in another one.

Priapus - 2 hours ago
My opinion is that the Turkeys are the ones that should pardon Trump for reason of insanity.

Doug - 2 hours ago
Where will he find a republican turkey? Oh, I forgot about Congress, and the Senate, and The Supreme Court, and state legislatures... Nevermind.

thunderbird - 5 hours ago
Sarah Chuck a Chicken will eat the whole Turkey! Trump will say he pardoned the turkey and then have it served up for the rest of the administration!! Cant believe nothing the orange MFer says!!
ImageblazepressBy blazepress on
Replies (1)

John Galt - 4 hours ago

M G - 2 hours ago
Replies (1)

ALLAN BROWN - 2 hours ago
Donnie's afraid of guns. "Sportsmen" Don Jr and Eric on the other hand .....

Camexican - 2 hours ago
$10 bucks says Trump will send out a Tweet stating that the turkey's family was ungrateful for the pardon.

Andy - 2 hours ago
Stupid tradition. Makes the President look foolish and silly.
Replies (1)

Happy - 40 minutes ago
True - Trump needs no help making him look foolish and silly.

Freebyrd - 2 hours ago
The word is that Trump is so jealous of President Obama that he is going to round up all of the Turkeys that President Obama pardoned and have them executed.

joseph - 3 hours ago
Trump is a square peg in round hole anything presidential. His rabid dog faced mug would not fit this scenario.

Clown - 3 hours ago
Stupid tradition. Americans eat millions of turkeys for Thanksgiving. Stop pretending that they don't.

Wood Bats - 3 hours ago
This year's turkey receives a Presidential pardon out of professional courtesy.

Gordon - 3 hours ago
I heard this years Turkeys were from Mexico and here illegally.

warcat59 - 3 hours ago
Figures that Obama has pardoned the most turkeys. Was kind of creepy seeing that photo of JFK, considering it was taken three days before his assassination.

brett - 4 hours ago
Did Obama pardon any turkeys or just mis-understood black men doing what they needed to do to survive in an urban environment?

Chris - 4 hours ago
I'm expecting tRump to rescind his pardon because the turkeys didn't thank him for it.

jimmy - 4 hours ago
I predict that this particular presidential turkey, will require a pardon in due time.

Edward - 4 hours ago
A totally absurd tradition. Only in America!

M T Wallet - 4 hours ago
I'm just wondering. When will the liberals ban Turkey on Thanksgiving ? Or, when they claim Thanksgiving is Racist somehow.

Anonymous - 5 hours ago
Trump won't pardon any turkey. He'll order it roasted, then deported back to it's own country.

S_L - 5 hours ago
No turkey pardons this year! We want Trump and the rest of his family to be prosecuted for their crimes!
Replies (2)

Kyrie - 1 hour ago
You're just sad. It's a cute albeit stupid holiday traditon and you pull that out. Shows how pathetic you are.

jack - 5 hours ago
surer sonny now go clean your room, like mom said...

hey - 5 hours ago
It's perverted to wiggle a turkey's wattle.

Kyrie - 2 hours ago
This is just a cute tradition and someone trying to make something of it to bash the president in charge is just lame. I love watching how the birds act, you know they don't give two #$%$, but they are being turkeys and the president has to play on it. Having raised poultry before that is what I love about them.

PF - 5 hours ago
Will Donald Trump pardon our former turkey of a president, Obama?
Replies (3)

John Galt - 4 hours ago

PF - 5 hours ago
@Bartleby ---> Obama nearly destroyed America with Debts and racial divides.

Bartleby - 5 hours ago
What crime did President Obama commit that he'd need a pardon for -- will you tell us, please? Make it specific because it needs to be written into the document.

ronaldgermaine - 5 hours ago

Lamont - 1 hour ago
Typical lib media- the worst photo of G.W they can find, and their Lord barry has hand raised as if he is the pope, blessing the freakin bird.

don - 1 hour ago
“Said the pleased President (Eisenhower): ‘Gosh. It’s a big one.’” Just what Donald said to Vladimir when Putin dropped trou - just before Trump dropped to his knees.

John Galt - 4 hours ago

Robert - 20 minutes ago
Im sure the Turkey Trump tries to pardon will have Russian ties.

PB - 40 minutes ago
Obama only pardoned transexual turkeys who leaked classified information.

Dah End - 18 minutes ago
Trump tweets for thank you for pardoning turkey- not realizing turkeys can't tweet

Donald - 25 minutes ago
Trump will pardon lots of turkeys in the next few or several months

Van - 46 minutes ago
after trump is removed from office, pence will pardon the biggest turkey (trump) that ever occupied the oval office

Steven - 59 minutes ago
In yet another break from presidential tradition and decorum, Trump plans for the Turkey to pardon him!!

Lawrence - 1 hour ago
Is his a warm up for Trump? LOL

ryan - 1 hour ago
9 out of 10 of the turkeys obama pardoned are already back in jail!!!

Chinu - 1 hour ago
Pardon 1 and slaughter millions more. Funny

STINKMAN - 1 hour ago
Is Don Jr. the Turkey that Trump is going to pardon this year?

Anonymous - 1 hour ago
trump should save this year turkey pardon for his sun-in-law

Jerome - 3 hours ago
Even a broken clock is right twice a day. For those who live to bash Trump, I suggest you leave your basement and go and get a real job.

Bart - 3 hours ago
If that were a deer this message board would be filled with vegan anti hunters...funny how no one cares when its a turkey.
Replies (1)

Freebyrd - 2 hours ago
I'm not a vegan or anti hunter. It is better to pardon a Turkey than to eat the fowl fowls..

jimmy - 3 hours ago
pretty fitting, a turkey, getting a pardon from a squealing pig.

Nebish Puposky - 4 hours ago
Once. Just once I want a president to nut up and say, "Nope. Send them to the kitchens!"

jimmy - 4 hours ago
the biggest turkey ever pardoned by trump, will be trump.
Replies (2)

joe - 5 hours ago
The turkey that Trump pardons, will be one of his sons!

Houston, we have a problem! - 5 hours ago
Moron Drump could care less about a turkey.

Tough Man, Tender Chicken - 5 hours ago
So they have been doing the same bit for 70 years, and they think its STILL cute/funny?

Bartleby - 5 hours ago
There are lots of pardons than may need to be made in Trump's White House. Why stop with the turkey.

Norwegian Blues - 4 hours ago
think don the con will use the occasion to pardon flynn, manafort, etc. etc etc?

Mike - 1 hour ago
see they stayed at trumps hotel!

dejavu - 2 hours ago
turkey gets pardon which charles manson cant...why? 'cause the latter is not a turkey. :)

jimmy - 4 hours ago
I picked up a yahoo stalker named jerry. jerry jerry jerry. how pathetic...

jimmy - 4 hours ago
jerry. my long lost boyfriend.

jimmy - 4 hours ago
the GOP has shown you, billionaires rule you. peasants have no say.
why? because you all are cowards now.

carmine - 59 minutes ago
Hmmmmm..........why is it that Harry Truman was the LAST President to pardon a BLACK Turkey??? Just askin'.

Amespi - 5 hours ago
Saw a great cartoon...Trump pardon's only the white meat of the turkey.......lolololol

Arthur - 1 hour ago
Trump will pardon the biggest Turkey,....himself....

jimmy - 4 hours ago
snowden is busy, lotts of thumbs down on my anti trump
Replies (4)

Kyrie - 1 hour ago
This is hardly the place to bash Trump. It's a silly tradition but guess what? It's NONPARTISAN. Don't make it partisan, it's too cute for that.

jerry - 4 hours ago
@jimmy Brilliant comeback showing you actually are to stupid to give an intelligent comment. Troll on s===for brains

jimmy - 4 hours ago
sorry jerry, we both know its you...

jerry - 4 hours ago
Your trolls. You never give facts or say anything intelligent. Don't flatter yourself Princess

Bluesky - 11 months ago
GENIOUS President! it's the coolest of the invitation! yummy GUESTS! well Obama 'd created of the Forgiving a gooses day.

Salve Veritate - last year
Obama has pardoned over 1000 Turkeys so far & he has over a month left. The biggest Turkey he will pardon,by far, will be Hillary. Probably on his last day.
Replies (5)

J - oseph M
Joseph Mlast year
Poor Chris, doing what liberal snowflakes do best... showing his profound education (cough) and the waste of money it was. I love it.

John S - last year
Chris, please move to Canada

HAROLD F - last year
Bill Cosby will be Donald's first

Rob - last year
hey chris TRUMP is under your bed and the Russians are coming!!! Quick, find a safe place!

chris - last year
The biggest turkey he won't pardon will be Donald Dump, who is like a packaged turkey and very unhealthy for you, esp. once his watery diarrhea with bright yellow liquid begins to streak through you.

Joe B - last year
The last turkey to be pardoned by Obama will be himself.
Replies (1)

HAROLD F - last year
Donald's first; Bill Cosby

VICTOR - last year
So this year a turkey pardoned a turkey.
Replies (3)

J - oseph M
Joseph Mlast year
Bob, that's at least funny, even if you thought you [erroneously] were one-upping Victor's comment.

PISSONTRUMP - last year
Next year Trump will grab a turkey by the p###y

R - last year
a #$%$ pardoned a turkey

Brandon - last year
The turkey saw the election results and declined to be pardoned this year.

Sam - last year
Obama will pardon a Turkey as well as drug dealers.

Doug - last year
This was the eighth time that a REAL TURKEY - Obozo - pardoned a turkey.
Replies (1)

Jeff - last year
Doug, go tRump yourself with your tiny little pickle.

Jerome - last year
Obama should wait before pardoning HRC.

HaroldA - last year
This is a silly tradition and should come to a stop. If it continues, may I suggest that we start some other silly traditions:
1) Pardon a pig at Christmas;
2) Pardon a lamb at Easter;
3) Pardon a cow on July 4th.
Replies (2)

Ozzy - last year
The real reason he gave them a pardon.....
Imagejupiter2By jupiter2 on

StuckLikeChuck - last year
You Trump supporters must be miserable with your lives if you had to find a way to turn an article about turkeys into a way to bash Obama and Hillary. Good luck seeing any improvements in your lives over the next 4 years when you spend all your time on Yahoo

Ozzy - last year
Obama & Hillary ?

Greg - last year
I wonder. Can Trump pardon himself?

HAROLD F - last year
It's a little scary, but Donald Trump has already agreed to pardon, Bill Cosby'

reneel - last year
Is Donald Trump going to pardon himself?

Mark S - last year
There are many, many, MANY reasons why I would never even consider running for POTUS, but this idiocy is pretty close to the top of the list of reason why. I'd probably come out wearing a butcher's apron, carrying a knife.

J - oseph M
Joseph Mlast year
I like how President Elect Trump started early by already pardoning the turkey known as Hillary Clinton.

B - last year
Isn't it funny how the white presidents all had black turkeys and the one black president had a white turkey?

itsstymee - last year
One would think that the turkey to be pardoned would at least be one with natural colored feathers. Oh dear Lord! Don't tell me the people that have held the highest office in the nation issued the pardon because they were white turkeys!
Maybe it's supposed to be subliminal. "Y'all, we caint be seen pardonin' colored turkeys. Make sure they're white,"

Whiterabbit - last year
Hillary is one turkey Obama won't be able to pardon.

newsom - last year
Thanksgiving is a silly Nationalist holiday that should be abolished.

Carol - last year
Another American tradition we can do without!

karry - last year
It is a sweet tradition and something hopefully the hostile, mean, angry, erratic, lack of self-control Trump will continue.

Clayton - last year
Obama's still got one more turkey to pardon--Hillary Clinton--in his Last Days Scorched Earth Xmas Extravaganza.

John - last year
Is Obama going to pardon himself?

Dale - last year
White turkey privilege.

Dale - last year
Obama complained that it was a white turkey.

Greg - last year
Turkeys are made for eating not for pardoning. Dumbest thing I have ever seen.

Sam - last year
Guess that explains why Hillary won't be prosecuted.

John S - last year
I hope Trump stops the stupid pardon hypocrisy and actually eats the turkey. How many of the presidents who granted a "pardon" did not have turkey for dinner?

Zola Gorgon - last year
Unless the presidents and their families are vegetarian, they publicly pardon a turkey, then privately eat another animal (probably a turkey) on Thanksgiving.

Leeroy Jenkins - last year
Remember when Ford pardoned Nixon?
Replies (1)

Tom - last year
Ya after he said he would never do that. It was the first thing he did in office.

A Yahoo User - last year
Turkey - the psychopath that is Yahoo front page photos.

Dave - last year
Obama is a turkey!
Replies (1)

ronaldgermaine - 5 hours ago

JD_in_FL - last year
And of course, the biggest turkey pardon will be HilLIEry!

Roaman - last year

Anonymous - last year
I hope they stop this and just get back to smaller government, and no stupid stuff like this. No meeting pro sports teams, no lavish vacations, simple government.
Replies (1)

Pam - last year
With Trump, we've gone to simpleton government. Does that work for you?

FYI - last year
Trump should have it prepared by the White House chef and delivered to the nearest homeless shelter.

Dddddddddddd - last year
Was that Turkey's name "Hillary Clinton"?

Dddddddddddd - last year
These turkeys belong in the oven , not a farm

R - last year
why does obama and his family look afraid of a turkey? they aren't going anywhere near that thing..... good lord we had a president for 8 years that is afraid of a bird...then again i don't know why i'm surprised, he's been afraid to go after this countries enemies for 8 years.
Replies (1)

Pam - last year
Don't remember Osama bin Laden, huh? Ah the selective memory of the Trump gang.

Wayne - last year
This Thanksgiving, I think it would be MUCH more appropriate if the turkey bird pardoned the Turkey Obozo for crimes against the American nation and citizens for the past 8 years!!!....But no more!...Relief is on the way!.....Soon.....Soon...
Replies (1)

Pam - last year
Yes, you've actually put the Turkey in charge. I never would have thought to do that.

Taint - last year
Now Obama can pardon Hillary the Turkey

ReeferBob - last year
Next year Trump will grab the turkeys p###y

NO2MO2020 - last year
Happy the meantime take a Journey To The Center Of Thee Mind:
Ted Nugent Puts every branch of government ON NOTICE!
Ted Nugent Celebrates Trump’s Presidential Victory: ‘Thank You, America!’ Puts every branch of government ON NOTICE! Here is his Facebook Page post https://w...

Lermo - last year
does president elect trump have the power to pardon obama yet?

Rob - last year
Tonight, after the dinner, Moochelle will introduce Obummer to the turkey baster in his dress.

RL - last year
Obamatard will pardon 1,000 of them.

Steve - last year
I say we cook it and eat it and have the best Thanksgiving ever!!!

bobby - last year
This year when they told the Turkey that was to be pardoned that the next POTUS was Donald Trump? The Turkey said "NEVER MIND".

Ozzy - last year
I didn't know turkeys sold drugs.

PISSONTRUMP - last year
Next year Trump won't pardon the thanksgiving turkey, no he's going to let Barron club it to death in front of the "Lame Stream Media"

Roadrunner - last year
The biggest turkey of all times, is the squatter in the White House.

william w - last year
Trump is going to tear that thing to shreds next year

Boogieman - last year
All hail King Trump! Long live the KING!

Roy - last year
I thought this year Barak was going to pardon Hillary.

Aureleo - last year
oboma a Turkey pardening a Turkey, sounds right.

William - last year
obama said it has to be a black turkey or it will be racist. besides, the PARDONED stamp is about warn out

live 4 surf - last year
can we call them dreamers.

Kelli - last year
I say........ Fire up the deep fryer! This bird is getting ate!

Влад Dе - last year
Imagemarci1900By marci1900 on

callmedaddylesbianmilfstockings - last year

callmedaddylesbianmilfstockings - last year

C. Harris - last year
Best name yet, "Biscuits"

Влад Dе - last year
американская индейка празднична как никогда ? )

richard - last year
Turkey Lurkey HRC...