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Abandoned steelworks looks like 'post-apocalyptic wasteland'

An abandoned steelworks that looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland similar to Westworld has been transformed into an artist’s haven. Far from its days of producing over 250 tons of steel per day, this steelworks in Birmingham, Ala., has lain dormant for 40 years, a sad ode to its long-forgotten wonder years long.

The 2,000 acres of land is a mixture of derelict decomposition, rusting machinery, overturned offices and broken equipment. The impressively derelict site captivates the eye due to its unusual state even hosting exposed brickwork from a boiler explosion never fixed.

The site was operational until 1971, when its furnaces were permanently turned off due to increasing labor costs, imports and other factors. It was then left to rust until 1993, when the owner began inviting artists from all over the world into the workspace to start producing pieces for the Birmingham Museum of Art.

The unusual location, which is nearly 140 years old, not only serves as a muse to contemporary masterpieces and it also hosts workers mining the grounds for dolomite and limestone. (Caters News)

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An abandoned steel foundry that looks like a “post-apocalyptic wasteland” has been transformed into an artists’ haven. (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

Far from its heyday when it produced more than 250 tons of steel per day, this steelworks in Birmingham, Ala., has lain dormant for 40 years, a sad ode to its long forgotten wonder years. (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

The 2,000 acres of land is a mixture of derelict decomposition, rusting machinery, overturned offices and broken equipment. (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

The impressively derelict site captivates the eye due to its unusual state, even hosting exposed brickwork from a boiler explosion never fixed. (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

The site was operational until 1971, when its furnaces were permanently turned off due to increasing labor costs, imports and other factors. (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

It was left to rust until 1993, when the owner began inviting artists from all over the world into the workspace to start producing pieces for the Birmingham Museum of Art. (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

The unusual location, which is nearly 140 years old, now serves as a muse to contemporary masterpieces while on the grounds, workers mine the outside land for dolomite and limestone. (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

The blogger behind the Abandoned Southeast says: “The place resembles a post-apocalyptic wasteland, there’s so much stuff scattered around. … Large construction equipment, cranes, trucks, even boats are stashed throughout the old steel mill.” (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

“I think that whenever a piece of equipment broke, the owner would just park it in the mill and leave it, as there are all sorts of stuff. It’s interesting to me seeing what was left behind.” (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

“A lot of the buildings still have pieces of machinery inside them; it’s amazing to see how much is still intact almost 100 years later.” (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

“There’s one part of the steel mill where a boiler blew up and half the building exploded, bricks and rubble are still scattered around.” (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

“There’s a lot of activity here day to day, from either the active quarry that surrounds the steelworks or from the artists themselves.” (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

“They call the steel mill a ‘temporary home,’ as they create their masterpieces inside the unused buildings.” (Photo: Abandoned Southeast/Caters News)

Yahoo! News Comments Pertaining to Steel Mill

Dave - yesterday
The rest of the country will look like this one day, the US is falling behind in everything and businesses are going to other countries one by one. The US is no longer an industrial or manufacturing nation, we are a service oriented nation. The only places that will be left eventually will be fast food/restaurants and places to get your hair and nails done.

Cause that's all that ever seems to get built now. Do we really need 8 different McDonalds locations all within a mile of each other?
Replies (37)

Bob - 24 minutes ago
Thank Obama, hope and change, unaffordable health care.

sput - 53 minutes ago
Whites and ASians are not falling behind. Blacks are falling behind. They are marching outside of Mcdonalds for higher wages while whites and Asians are working at Microsoft.

matthew - 2 hours ago
According to the DNC... YES. Gov dependent serfs.

Lucy - 2 hours ago
@New Man ...If you think Trump is a real leader, that Democrats are responsible for lost jobs, and that Christianity alone will save us, then I won't burst your bubble. You're in a different world from the rest of us, and you should stay there.

New Man - 3 hours ago
The BB's rusting , Bethleham steel and Birmingham steel, thanks to democrats who gave our jobs away,, we now have a True Leader in the White House Donald Trump who is looking out for jobs is being attacked by the people who want to destroy America..Why because they hate this country because it is a Christian Nation , the only one on Earth and the Devil uses his minons to attack the place where Christianity goes to the whole world .. all you doubters, answer this,, why is this nation the most properous when we are one of the youngest nations on earth, are we smarter than the Russians who have been around 4000 years or the Chinese, the anwer is no , its' because of the Blessings of God Through Jesus Christ...

Morey L - 3 hours ago
I went into a Starbucks bathroom... and found another Starbucks inside there!

Mickey - 5 hours ago
I agree we do not need that many McDonald's. We also need a Popeye's chicken and some Chinese take out.

Paid My Way - 6 hours ago
No Dave, you need to visit places like Irvine California. They embrace the future.

James - 13 hours ago
This is the price we are paying for "winning " the cold war but don't forget, we need a Starbucks around the corner from every one of those hair and nail salons to keep the service workers awake !

wabr101 - 13 hours ago
@Danny Sounds good, well written, and in general, a thoughtful educational piece...but you leave out the overtaxed, over-regulated businesses..that left for greener pastures. I lived in a blue state and left..the jobs are where Repubs are. Not everyone wants to be a techie, artist.

Ernie - 13 hours ago
Patois@ unless you want us to give up all our conveniences and go back to living as people did 2-3 centuries ago. We have find or discover new ways to bring back industry without polluting.

Dave - 14 hours ago
@Chris You can have it delivered now. McDonalds partnered with Uber, so they now do delivery for an extra fee.

jerome - 14 hours ago
No other country in the world can rival Silicon Valley. The jobs are coming back. However, if your able to design, maintain, or in general work within the robotics field your future may be a job at McDonald's.

terrt - 14 hours ago
@C - you voted for Don because he had his steel for his hotels made in China. Wow, a vote against America.

robert - 15 hours ago
Those are the jobs you voted for

Trumpduck - 15 hours ago
Don't forget your Starbucks massage.

Pantomime - 16 hours ago
Almost 70% of all the money made here is in financial consulting.

country boy - 17 hours ago
We can't live on service jobs! We need manufacturing jobs or america will die.

Danny - 17 hours ago
Not exactly. These pics sum up what happens when you put all your eggs in the one basket and don't look to what technology and evolution bring. Reinvest in your town, city, county, grow it, develop it, help draw in innovators to help design your tomorrow - look at most big cities - the successful ones know to embrace technology and smart innovation.. to grow with the the rest of the smart world. But we here in the USofA like to let the ones who made fortunes in these dying industries come in and shape policy, to try and fend off the technology at the expense of the rest of the country's growth and development. A very good example is our auto industry - we (back in the 70s) thought we were the schzit.. Murican muscle ruled the roads - until better, cheaper, and more economic took us to task and we lost our shorts and we've been losing in more ways than the auto industry. Bringing back coal, a lot of manufacturing, old school ways/tech will not bring back our golden years that really were not as golden as we'd like to believe. This country, our leaders need to take a page out of the very book that helped make the country great - to do that, to compete in this very global economy, we need to be very educated, strong and healthy, we, the American people are this countries greatest resources, only we're not really doing anything or certainly not enough to help us be great tomorrow. These pics should teach us something.. but sadly based on the direction of this administration and president, they represent old school fat cats looking to get fatter while we get thinner, unhealthier, too dim to see what is happening with our elected leaders. These pics will be joined by more pics if we don't wake up and elect real leaders who will take DC back and govern for the greater good of ALL.

Daniel - 18 hours ago
The new group of emerging nations, nations that the US must compete against.The E7 (short for "Emerging 7") is the seven countries China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Indonesia and Turkey. Known as The E7.

patois - 18 hours ago
Do we really need manufacturing that once horrendously polluted our air at eight different locations within a mile of each other like in the "good old" days? LOL.

john - 18 hours ago
@Rk bs. In point of fact it is not the union but management. See Germany which still manufacture because they have a law which states management cannot make more than twenty times the amount of the workers. In the states look at the wages of management not the unions for the cause.

C - 19 hours ago
That's why I voted for Donald Trump.

The Whey - 20 hours ago
Direct material support of communism. It's right in front of our faces. We accept it because it's wealthy industrialists undermining America. At least the Red Scare is getting exposed for what it always was, a way to increase our military and expand empire.

David - 21 hours ago
only 8 macdonalds? you must live in the country!

Chris - 21 hours ago
NO! We demand our McD's be delivered to our doors.

The Whey - 21 hours ago
Find who provides material support for communism while undermining America and capitalism. HUAC revisited.

God Bless THE TRUMPSTER!! - 21 hours ago
@Phillip ... and they will be robotized soon. so:
1. burgers will be cheaper, fresher, more consistent
2. cleaner (untouched by filthy hands of ILLEGALS)
3. no ILLEGALS need apply... they can starve
what will Americans do? why... design/program robots of course!!

God Bless THE TRUMPSTER!! - 22 hours ago
if elon musk gets his dreadnaught factory producing model 3's with no labor, then you may end up eating your words. the rise of robots will turn china's cheap labor from a strength, into a weakness, since they will still have the mouths to feed. I'm not ready to bet against America just yet.

RK - 22 hours ago
@Scythe Falling The unions increase the cost of US labor making it that much more noncompetitive. It's only logical that companies would go abroad to lower cost providers. But, my main point is that these jobs haven't paid well in years. Why dwell on recreating the past glory of US manufacturing (which will never come back) rather than spending that energy developing new skills that are more relevant in today's labor market.

YahooSucks - yesterday
That's why there's 10 Starbucks around those McD's ...because you need to wash down those burgers.

Scythe Falling - yesterday
@RK Actually, manufacturing jobs were not low paying jobs, historically. And unions ensured that workers had good benefits. They only failed when corporations discovered cheap labor in countries that ignored basic human rights.

jerry - yesterday
Dave makes a great point that I also see. I think there needs to be a balance and jobs should "add value", not just cost.

RK - yesterday
@Dave The US is no longer an industrial or manufacturing you want it to be? These are low paying jobs that haven't been worth it in decades...why cling to this. I agree the US is a service oriented nation. But more importantly, we are a nation of innovation...there are more technology and healthcare related patents developed in the US than in the rest of the world combined. The future is in tech and healthcare and people in dying industries need to develop new skills and adapt.

Phillip - yesterday
In my town of 35,000 there are 4 Mac's.

Cora Gray - yesterday
The good news? The McRib is back! And there are eight different places on four corners where you can get two for $5!

coffee - yesterday
Banks are building though..

D - ude
The innards of the US industrial off shored to China with the US Governments complicity. The proof is in the Pollution that envelopes China.
Replies (24)

Adrienne - 3 hours ago

Doug b - 3 hours ago
Trumps properties were built with Chinese steel

Ross - 4 hours ago
@Brian A Yeah, a fair share in the productivity growth.

Ross - 4 hours ago
@Jeff ugh, you're a moron.

Paid My Way - 6 hours ago
@The Whey true, but China was a starving nation entrenched in it's failed communist experiment of slave labor with a rapidly growing population. many still are poor, but at least they can eat better.

Jeff - 7 hours ago
Really? The proof is they have no energy sources. But their starting to clean it up!!
VERY SLOWLY!!!! The Paris Climate deal would of had the USA pay them $$billions in subsidies!!

Bob - 8 hours ago
@James, unions and democratic leaders take from businesses. They move so they can make a profit.

Pixie - 11 hours ago
@R L Finally someone who can connect the dots. The government didn't force companies to do anything. Those "American" companies went and expatriated themselves all on their own. It is interesting to note also, that the US houses the mass majority of the world's billionaires and millionares despite our supposedly outrageously high tax rates. There are many other countries with less violent crime and lower tax rates, why don't they go live there?

Oh that's right, they need our military to protect their assets...guess they should pay for that service in proportion to the amount needing protection.

Supergadfly - 12 hours ago
I remember an interview with fed chief Greenspan.

At the time he praised the move of manufacturing to China claiming that jobs in the U.S. will transfer to service industry.

He claimed at the time it would benefit the American work force to transition to service industry.

When he first proclaimed this I thought it was incredibly short sited and illogical.

James - 14 hours ago
Brian A, WRONG! that was a convenient excuse butbif you actually knew anything about tue EPA regualtions or labor laws or tax structure you'd know the vast majority of savings by sending jobs over seas have nothing to do with labor costs. Enjoy your lead poisoning l, #$%$.

R L - 17 hours ago
It's not government that did it. It's private, Republican corporations who wanted to take advantage of the slave labor available from their fellow travelers in China, and by doing so they hoped to lower wages in the US as well. And they succeeded.

Brian A - 18 hours ago
@Steve WRONG,unions are the reason jobs left the U.S. I've seen at least three companies shut down because of union demands.Their misconception is that the company "owes"them something.

Wonder - 18 hours ago
The trade winds from China still brings there toxic pollution to the US... It is detected all over in air samples. So we are still being expose even if you cant see it. So sad...

The Whey - 20 hours ago
Yes, I get it Steve. I've always had a fondness for the rhetoric of the past 70 years about communist influence. Now they're entrenched in American culture and politics a the highest level and we hardly blink an eye. Abandon America for communist China. Shrug.

Only an Independent - 20 hours ago
@Chris They do not need to be toxic.

Steve - 20 hours ago
@BigRed -WRONG! Take a look at the book "Capital in the 21st century". Unions kept jobs in the US by supporting a Middle Class. Don't subscribe to "Trickle Down Economics", aka "Golden Shower for Workers". Your playing right into the 15 argument that's its everybody else's fault but theirs. Think and read!

Steve - 20 hours ago
@The Whey - look no further then Wall Street and there is nothing "un-American" about it. Its the way Capitalism works and always has. Drive down labor cost, ship jobs overseas, increase dividends, return investments to shareholders, buy influence, destroy unions, pit workers against each other, get rich, abandon the US industrial carcass, and retire to the south of France. Adequately summed up in "Trickle Down Economics".GET IT?

Steve - 20 hours ago
WRONG! Blame yourself and everybody else that likes cheap disposable #$%$! The US consumers have been duped and 1% are Loving It!!

Chris - 21 hours ago
That's why jobs like this, along with ship salvage and recycling computers are over there. They are toxic.

The Whey - 21 hours ago
If we can find who was complicit with moving American jobs to support Communist China I think we'd be onto something. Where's the House UnAmerican Activities Committee when you need them.

BigRed - 21 hours ago
Dude: You left out the unions, who helped drive the steel business offshore.

DIVIDED - yesterday
According to Republicans, keeping corporations from profiting off labor in communist countries is, well, "communism".

lieNoMore - yesterday
There time will come too. China and India have a huge problem with automation and robotics which is removing the need for cheaper human labor.

lieNoMore - yesterday
There time will come too. China and India have a huge problem with automation and robotics which is removing the need for cheaper human labor.

Ed - yesterday
"Yeah, we're gonna bring back your steel jobs from that currency manipulating China."
Replies (32)

Morey L - 3 hours ago
@The Big H It'll work as least as well as "Hope & Change" "Forward" & "I'm With Her!"

Morey L - 3 hours ago
Closed for 40 years...since JIMMAH CARTAH....

Doug b - 3 hours ago
Trumps properties were built with Chinese steel

BrianE - 5 hours ago
@GA Trump uses Chinese steel. Look it up.

Paid My Way - 6 hours ago
@Mitchell right, as anyone can edit a wiki page.

Paid My Way - 6 hours ago
@john right, modern steel makers recycle mostly. Not as much pig iron being made in a blast furnace.

Paid My Way - 6 hours ago
Never happen Ed.

Mitchell - 13 hours ago
@terrt... Wikipedia isn't the best source bro, try some of the union archives

terrt - 14 hours ago
@fed up - The steel mills started falling during the Nixon years, which was during a recession. "Steel prices dropped significantly as the market became saturated with steel from previous demand" Wikipedia.
A little bit of research on steel manufacturing will show it began long before Clinton. Not that I defend Clinton, just do the reading.

terrt - 14 hours ago
@john - there's lucky people in every bunch. In my city, steel dried up long ago. Forced retirements, layoffs and golden handshakes.

The Big H - 18 hours ago
@GA Looking forward to seeing that as his motto when he announces his next run for office (hopefully from behind bars)."Got to Give Trump (another) Chance!"If that slogan doesn't grab voters by the #$%$, I don't know what will.

john - 18 hours ago
@theresa H no it's your article again

john - 18 hours ago
Don't need to bring my steel job back....It is still HERE!!! Worked here since 1989.....Make great money ....have great job is not going away!!! will be retiring in the not so distant future a happy millionire

GA - 19 hours ago
Got to give Trump a chance. Can't undo what has been done over the last 25 years in a few months.

theresa H - 20 hours ago
@snyte45 Everything you said is a complete falsehoood. Where did you hear any of that?

fed up - 21 hours ago
Bob and Brandon,Did these factories close a few months ago????? or during the CLINTON"S and HIS NAFTA??????

The Whey - 21 hours ago
Find who's providing material support for communists in China and we'll be making progress.
HUAC should be revisited.

Brandon - 22 hours ago
I hope when Trump departs office, someone gives him a framed picture of every one of these sites in the US so he can never forget that lie he sold the poor and uneducated.

Snyte45 - 23 hours ago
You're obviously not involved in the US steel industry. Do yourself a favor- research a little bit before you go all political on a news article that is not intended to be political. Did you know that since January, the Chinese have been forced to idle more (illegal) steel making capacity than the US even has capacity? Wrap your head around that... This is simply due to the fact that Trump imposed a duty on cheap Chinese import. Of course you didn't. B/c all you losers cant get over the fact you lost. haha MAGA!!!... oh and by the way, last time I checked those policies alone have already started to clean up the air in SE Asia. Paris Accords are useless.

Bob - 23 hours ago
@Elizabeth, loser boy occupies the White House now, dotard!

Bob - 23 hours ago
@Possum Pellets, why does it matter?

Bob - 23 hours ago
@Ed, if you believed that, you're a mentally challenged tRUMPtard.

Possum Pellets - yesterday
1971? Was that Nixon?

Shelly - yesterday
Clinton renegotiated GATT and created the World Trade Organization, which placed US trade policy in the hands of a foreign entity. It also eliminated all tariffs on US manufactured goods, decimatng our steel industry along with many other manufacturing jobs. It is estimated that Bill Clintons free trade policies including GATT and NAFTA sent around 7M manufacturing jobs out of the country. It was that, combined with the Graham-leech-bliley act that he signed that sent this nation in recession. It happened in Ws term, but it was entirely Clinton policy that caused it to happen.

Pepper - yesterday
Здравствуйте comrades!

Verizon FIOS - yesterday
@Elizabeth Diz Liz, you conveinly forgot about the 8 year mess that W left our country in. Today the country is still coasting nicely on Obama's economic policies, not Drumps do nothing administration.
ImagechicadereggaetonBy chicadereggaeton on

Verizon FIOS - yesterday
@Frank NO, a Russkie GOP troll alert.
ImagehobolunchboxBy hobolunchbox on

Joel - yesterday
what does currency manipulating China have to do with anything? Is that what donald, alex, rush and sean are saying. We have the most expensive housing, healthcare & taxes in the world. How are we going to compete salary wise with other countries?

Elizabeth - yesterday
Ed -yes we are, but are you so GRUBER STUPID that you THINK President TRUMP can undo the damage caused by your losing dumbocrats in just a few months? 8 years LOSER and your BOY and I MEAN BOY could not get our GDP past 2% and that was with the trillion dollars we gave him that HE PROMISED US WOULD FIX IT. but instead he passed it out to his CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTORS IN GREEN that then went belly up on our dime. To bad #$%$ we all are not IMMORAL UNETHICAL LYING PIECES OF GARBAGE LIKE YOU. SORRY WE DO NOT SUFFER YOUR APPARENT SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS but then again LYING FILTH like you cannot even REALIZE that it was your OWN FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS that voted you out of over 1000 DNC seats and even more REALITY LOSER - you have to win back the 1000 plus seats lost just to bring you IDIOTS back to where you were 8 years ago. Is this what you CHEAP PETTY LYING TWO BIT TRICKS CALL LIBERAL PROGRESS? Seems a BIT BUTT BACKWARD, but he, you are the "better" BIGGEST LOSERS aren't you

Frank - yesterday

lieNoMore - yesterday
@Italian ya and you will replace it with opiate addiction. Good job.

ItalianForDinner - yesterday
IN A YEAR we are going to UNDO 8 years of RAPE by the democRATS...AMAZING.....

C J - yesterday
Luckily we have the lowlife globalists in Washington to sell out U.S. manufacturing to China so the steel workers can work at Home Depot and Walmart.
Replies (17)

George - 2 hours ago
Government should work for the benefit of the country, not Wall Street. It's so simple, but notice how most posters (Bill etc) still miss it.

Doug b - 3 hours ago
Trumps properties were built with Chinese steel

American Vet - 4 hours ago
Ron I hope you are talking about the Disgraceful socialist Dimwit party and the Obama Regime.

Stonz - 6 hours ago
Learn to do something else instead of sitting around and pointing your lazy finger at 'others' generation after generation.

Ron - 7 hours ago
@bark So, THEY must need a tax break, right?

Ron - 7 hours ago
You must mean that "currency manipulating" country that our chump president has now given a pass, right?

Vince A - 8 hours ago
Trust me, it was not Washington, it was the typical greed of corporations that failed to update facilities while Japan and China were growing their base of technological knowledge and cutting costs. American companies were complicit in using foreign steel until it was too late. We had the resources, the coal, the iron ore, and the workers but unions did not cooperate and corporate execs filled their pockets for their own lifetime, then it was over. Capitalism ran amok over this deal.

Nunya - 9 hours ago
Let's be fair. Clinton signed NAFTA but globalist filth infect BOTH political parties.

bark - 13 hours ago
@fed up WRONG! nafta was a bipartisan bill. Both sides should be blamed.

bark - 14 hours ago
Get your facts straight. The rich people shipped off those jobs. They could care less about you. All they want is more MONEY.

Bill - 16 hours ago
Ahhh, so government should prevent private enterprise from moving wherever the market takes it? How interesting.

Anonymous - 16 hours ago
Were your 'globalists' boogey-men around in '71?
The site was operational until 1971, when its furnaces were permanently turned off due to increasing labor costs, imports and other factors.

Steve - 20 hours ago
Its Capitalism. That's the way its works! Your naïve to see it otherwise.

fed up - 21 hours ago
Shelly NAFTA was strictly a CLINTON DEAL

Shelly - yesterday
@Albert no, GATT does though. When Clinton renegotiated it to create the WTO, it eliminated all tariffs on steel and decimated our steel industry, Between Clintons renegotiation of GATT and HW Bush’s NAFTA, over 7M US manufacturing jobs were sent outside our borders.

Albert - yesterday
@david David David David ! NAFTA does not cover economic trade between China and the U.S.

david - yesterday
thanks nafta

MICHAEL - yesterday
The story doesn't mention it, but for those of you looking for it, the name of the place is Sloss Furnace. It is open year round, admission is free, and you kind of just wander around on your own tour time. During the month of October, Sloss is transformed into a haunted house attraction (admission is $25) that is scary not only for the decor and actors, but for the surroundings the article describes.
Replies (12)

Patrick - 2 hours ago
Michael, glad to see that you're still around. Cheers!

Pappy - 18 hours ago
One of the main reasons it ceased production was the cost of meeting EPA regulations which were needed at that time.

Michael s - 18 hours ago
Ghost Adventure were there, and recorded some pretty cool paranormal stuff.

Big Sexxy - 21 hours ago
Thanks Michael , Yahoo isn't smart enough to tell where the location of the article is. Wouldn't that be one of the first things you would do as a journalist? Again Thanks

Doloresm - 22 hours ago
Thank you very much Michael, great to know

MICHAEL - 22 hours ago
@Harry Kneecaps Oh, be sure to get a photo (if you go) of the jail cell they had on the property for workers who were in debt to the company but refused to work. That isn't in the brochure.

MICHAEL - 22 hours ago
@Harry Kneecaps The artists have an area on the backside of the property under a huge metal shelter where they work and have classes for people looking to learn the craft. The entire property is actually a state park with a gift shop and brochures that give you information about the various buildings and such, but the tour itself is self-guided and you can wander around all day if you want.

Harry Kneecaps - 22 hours ago
I love to photograph abandoned buildings but your description didnt match my imagination after reading the article.

What do they mean "the owner began inviting artists from all over the world into the workspace to start producing pieces for the Birmingham Museum of Art"?

That doesnt sound like people just wandering around on their own.

Justin - yesterday
Admission is free?

That's a steel steal!

MaDD Man - yesterday
Thank you for the added info

Shelly - yesterday
You da real MVP

Esther - yesterday
Thanks Michael that's cool.

Nikki - yesterday
Bethlehem steel (in pa) is a national landmark that u can't even get close to. it's gated off so the closest u can get is the sidewalk on the way to the sands casino directly across the street... it actually looks nice with the colored lights shining on it... my husband's great grandfather worked in the steel mill there back when it was functional... gapping holes in the roof, broken windows, the steel walls seem half rotted... such a shame that noone will fix it up and bring back the economic boom that it once brought to this poor@$$ country... we may be one of the leading countries of the world but we fail at so so so much!
Replies (8)

matthew - 1 hour ago
YOU Ask why... 13 weeks paid vacation for UNION workers. That is why they are all gone. Bethlehem Steel in Pottstown PA went out because they just could not keep up with the UNION. Guys would take off all summer and work at another plant in town. With outragous vacation and benefits along with pensions of THOUSANDS of workers from WW2 it was unsustainable and unprofitable. UNION greed killed PA. Now we are stuck with POLICE and Teachers Unions that are now killing the State along with Welfare!

ez8631 - 2 hours ago
my dad worked there to put himself through college at Pitt. it was a different American than what we have now.

Doug b - 3 hours ago
Trumps properties were built with Chinese steel

Bill K - 8 hours ago
The smell that wafted across the city when one of the cokers farted was unforgettable.

C - 18 hours ago
My niece's father worked in Steelton. Years ago he was asked to take a buyout. He did. Foreigners now run it, even if the company is right here. I bet the workers aren't making out as well, either.

C - 19 hours ago
My uncle worked there for 35 years or more. When I was a kid I had an aunt who lived on Wyndotte street. I couldn't stand to look at The Steel, for quite a awhile when I lived in the northeast.

Laura - 21 hours ago
That's because money rules the world. Unfortunate.

Android Martian - 23 hours ago
The former Bethlehem Steel mill in Steelton, PA is still operational, but only a shadow of its former self. 20+ years ago, it stretched from Steelton to Highspire in a nearly continuous maze of buildings. In the 90's, most of the buildings on the Highspire end were demolished, and all of the steel & iron was recycled by the remaining plant. It was quite the facility to see, very impressive... I have a friend that posted a bunch of videos of his job in the Steelton mill (now operated by ArcellorMittal), the place still looks like it's out of the 19th century industrial revolution...

airfleet - yesterday
"Post-apocalyptic wasteland". That pretty much sums up our economy since the 70's, unless you're part of the 1%.
Replies (5)

The Other One - 2 hours ago
Since the mid 70's, when it really started going down.

Alwaysrighter - 3 hours ago
Thanks to the democraps and liberals, who drove business out of this nation with their excessive taxes and anti-business policies and laws. Dont forget the NLRB, which stands for Now Labor Ruins Business.

#notme - 5 hours ago
Trump will fix it.

Kev - 15 hours ago
Quit whinning baby, if you don't like being part of yhe 99%, do something about it and work harder. You don't deserve anything unless you earn it.

EloiseN - 16 hours ago
Soon to be much worse under GOP's new tax plan!

Joel - yesterday
shocking that this is going on in Alabama as well, picture looks like the entire northeast.
Replies (6)

Doug b - 3 hours ago
Trumps properties were built with Chinese steel

Tuesday - 5 hours ago
One word, one movie WALLE!!!

DanS - 17 hours ago
Its dem durn carpet baggers after the War Between the States bringing dem smoke spewing steel furnances with dem.

C - 19 hours ago
Really? It's going on all over our country, unfortunately.

Yahoo User - 21 hours ago
Birmingham was once called the "Pittsburgh of the South." When you look at it that way, makes perfect sense.

tiznow00 - 23 hours ago
No it doesn't.

gregory - yesterday
Looks like most of Cleveland, Ohio for the past thirty, maybe forty years.
Replies (5)

SilverBullet234 - 3 hours ago
You haven't been here in awhile then. Cleveland is on the come up.

Tom H - 3 hours ago
yep, ever since Reagan destroyed the steel industry here.

Alwaysrighter - 3 hours ago
From someone who obviously has never seen Cleveland. The steel factories are in fact active and producing steel and the downtown shines like a beacon. #$%$

Willie Baseball - 5 hours ago
Beaver County, PA

joe - 6 hours ago
...and Youngstown ...and the outskirts of Pittsburgh!

MaDD Man - yesterday
I would love to restore that old dump truck
Replies (4)

S - am Smith
Sam Smith3 hours ago
Ha Ha, I was thinking the same thing. At least it'd be fun to get it started after sitting for so long.

C - 19 hours ago
I'd like to restore the whole business.

Android Martian - 23 hours ago
Probably would not take much to get it to run -- it's a diesel. That depends on if it was running when it was parked, of course...

Lucymutt - yesterday
I had the same thought. Old Payhaulers like that one are pretty scarce.

Anonymous - yesterday
So you say an abandoned place looks abandoned? Tell me more.
Replies (4)

Ronald - 1 hour ago

The Other One - 2 hours ago
ten o'clock, central !

Tony - 16 hours ago
Sounds like a condescending wonka meme lol!

brad - 20 hours ago
Film at eleven!

Avantel - yesterday
People are so used to your commercial movies on zombies & apocalypse that nobody seemed upset that none of the pics described the place. From the very start this article just kept repeating over and over the apocalypse mantra stuff, with a few tiny bits of info here and there. Media today is in exactly the same shape as this factory, but I'm not sure whether the media had a glorious past like this place.
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Chris - 21 hours ago
Turns out, this is a top tourist site in Birmingham Alabama. Wiki reports the city is building on site. Quite profitable too.

Energy1950 - 6 hours ago
Thanks to the Bush and Obama administrations for letting our jobs go overseas while doing nothing to stop them.

Esther - yesterday
I love abandoned old places. I'd love to find one myself and crawl all around it and maybe find an old trunk with stuff in it.
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ted n - 21 hours ago
What are you? A worm?

user - yesterday
We need to impose high tariffs on all imported steel.
Replies (2)

The Other One - 2 hours ago
Well what do you know.

J - 6 hours ago
Bush II did, in fact he was the only President that did. They lasted about 3 years then foreign countries that subsidize their industries filed a suit in the world court and had them judged as illegal. During this time the remaining companies modernized, closed older inefficient, environmentally lacking parts of their plants. Of course the United Steelworkers of America showed their gratitude by backing a democrat in the next election. This is exactly why Trump wants to rework trade agreements. In most cases we are in no position to compete on a level field. I worked for 33 years in the steel industry and lived this first hand.

The good book - 10 hours ago
Be nice to see these all restored and running again but this new generation is to stupid and to lazy to work, they want a socialistic/communistic hand out...They believe since they therefore were born they are entitled.
Replies (3)

Mary - 1 hour ago
Lots of people are working for $10-$12 per hour, bubby.

The Other One - 2 hours ago
Who's going to give them more ?

Nataliya - 3 hours ago
They are not lazy . They just don’t want to work for $10-$12 per hour.

shAdy1588 - 18 hours ago
A moment of silence for a once great industrial giant, Don't worry we up here in the north east totally feel your pain. I'm from upstate NY so I know what the closure of industry giants can do, we have lost Kodak, GE, Xerox, and Beechnut just to name a few but everyone down in new York reap the benefits of living off the system for free so why would we ever do anything to make em stay
Replies (2)

shAdy1588 - 13 hours ago
Well Bill its unfortunate that you totally missed the point of the post and fail to realize the way the politics in the city control the politics upstate because we cant complete with the people. So yes we upstate new Yorkers with no work because of the tax brackets the city put us in make poor folk. You are both stupid and illiterate

Bill - 16 hours ago
Sad. Your grandad was probably blaming the failure of the Textile Industry on those big city folk too. It couldn't be the boss and investors who made the decision to move the companies, so let's blame poor people. You are both sad and naive.

Rick - yesterday
Theres a lot of stuff like this on youtube.
Replies (1)

H - arvey
I love exploring deserted places like this.....I drive back roads on the weekends on my motorcycle just looking for places like this to explore.

Mike - 10 hours ago
Don't blame plants abandoned like this on high labor costs. The steel industry ran these old mills into the ground, without upgrading their plants. Just kept patching them up, reaping the profits till they were completely wore out. In the meantime Asian markets pumped up their steel production, and imported here a cut rate prices because of #$%$ tariff deals. Driving USA steel manufacturers out of business. Greedy management, lack of reinvestment into crumbling facilities, #$%$ trade deals is why. Labor costs were just a convenient excuse. Blame the little guy. #$%$!

paul - yesterday
When does Starbucks move in?

Tim - 6 hours ago
Steel plants and many other industries look just like this place, Obama's true legacy.

Mick - yesterday
Trump is trying to fix this mess. The left wants American jobs out and the third world in.
Replies (4)

Ronald - 1 hour ago
@ Mick(22 hours ago)CORRECT,, THANK YOU!!!

Bill - 16 hours ago
Is he really? You sound like just another naive Conservative Buttercup. Donald Trump is building a Mafia State, just like his pal Vlad the Putin's. He cares about two things: His wealth and his image. He could care less about us working people. Believe me. I mean, his party has got control of everything and what have they accomplished? Zero. It would have been easy as heck to do an infrastructure bill that would have created good jobs and fixed our failing bridges. Did that happen? No it did not. He was too busy trying to throw 25 million people off of health care.

Yahoo User - 21 hours ago
It's not that liberals want American jobs out. It's that the question how Trump is going to bring jobs like this back in considering that they've been gone for 50 years now.

Putz. Google China approved Trump Trade Mark$$$$$. Then look at the date Putz. March 2017. 2 months after Trump got elected. Trump first,,,Russia Second. America Great?? 3rd

Jim - yesterday
In China, are their products all made in China?
Replies (3)

Doug b - 3 hours ago
Trumps properties were built with Chinese steel

Ambassador Kosh - 18 hours ago
I made several trips to Hong Kong back in the early 2000s, and it was actually MUCH easier to find American, European, and Australian made stuff there than it is here.

Victor - 23 hours ago
with raw materials from all over the world

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Steve K - 23 hours ago
close but not quite. These are the old Republic facilities that are now on the North side of the Wade Sand & Gravel property.

Dallas - yesterday
I think the unions played a big part. Just like in Detroit, they raise the wages until the jobs move overseas.
Replies (10)

Brad - 5 hours ago
@Ming - "workers rights, safer work place, training, health care, living wage ..." How dare they?

jaramogi - 12 hours ago
What is better: pay higher wages than create trade deficits? Shame on Nixon/Kissinger for sending jobs overseas.

Bill - 15 hours ago
You all need to learn about Youngstown, OH to fully understand the demise of the steel industry in 'certain, but not all' of the USA.

Bill - 16 hours ago
Don't be stupid. In Alabama? Ain't no union. Had there been, the place might still be open.

Heritage - 18 hours ago
@RanGoon , I have been saying this for some time now. Until the rest of the world's wages catches up,you will continue to see Corporations seeking out cheap labor. Steel was the first shot across the bow that many people did not realize what was going on , and yet to come.It was just a matter of time before the other industries moved out also. People like to say it was the Unions that cause this exodus. but the U.S. work force simple can not compete with a "Dollar a day pay" that these other countries are allowing people to work for.

C - 18 hours ago
They only played a part. Foreign competition and deregulation/bad government rules, played a part, too.

Ming - 18 hours ago
Unions also played a big part in overtime/weekend/holiday premium pay, workers rights, safer work place, training, health care, living wage ...

Android Martian - 23 hours ago
Lack of modernization played a much bigger part -- you have to reinvest in your operation to remain competitive.

JeffH - 23 hours ago
So Dallas why don't you volunteer to lower your pay to Indian or Chinese levels? If it's good for industrial workers it ought to be fine for you too.

RanGoon - yesterday
What will happen is a balancing of wages through globalism. We wont see it in our lifetime but sadly the west will stay stagnant for a very long time.

LiberalsAreKillers - yesterday
Surprised the crack and meth heads havent carted off all the metal yet.
Replies (1)

Doug - 6 hours ago
I've been busy getting high.

imnotu99 - yesterday
Wow. Just to rebuild some of those machines!

Max Libtard - 6 hours ago
And in other news.

Trump's America: US Consumer confidence surges to 13-year high as record low unemployment and a booming stock market buoy optimism after election!

Libtards weep and moan.

Consumer confidence rose significantly to a 13-year high, a new University of Michigan survey found, buoyed by falling gas prices and low unemployment.
Consumer confidence rose significantly to a 13-year high, a new University of Michigan survey found, buoyed by falling gas prices and low unemployment.
Consumer confidence rose significantly to a 13-year high, a new University of Michigan survey found, buoyed by falling gas prices and low unemployment.

2012 Mayan Apocalypse Survivor - yesterday
These photos are awesome.

ItalianForDinner - yesterday
Come to Santa Fe Springs Mexifornia.....Check out what 8 years of Obamaeconomic has done to our local Industrial Centers where all of the small business have LEFT the area and in return the local government has LOST TRILLIONS ...Thanks Obama....
Replies (8)

Bill - 16 hours ago
By the way, isn't Santa Fe Springs in Orange County, the most Republican County in the state of California? Failed economic policies can be blamed on local government.

Bill - 16 hours ago
Poor little Conservative Buttercup. Can't have private enterprise take responsibility for its own failings. Santa Fe Springs failed because of the Republican Great Recession. Period.

Frank - 19 hours ago
He lost his job because of incompetence so he blames Obama? Trillions of dollars?

So that's why Republicans were voting against auto bail outs? So Obama could get rid of the steel mills and auto plants?? Putz

Frances - yesterday
Pull down your skirt your bigotry is showing

Rich - yesterday
What are you talking about? Santa Fe Springs is bustling. Lots of business there. Yah, there are a couple shuttered large factories but the area is quite busy. Tons of smaller companies (200 employees or more) and even more mom and pop. You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Just look at the want ads for the area. The list is quite long. Good paying jobs too. 18-30 bucks an hour. Your comment is full of s..t. and can easily be proven wrong.

El Bandido Generoso - yesterday
Sounds like a local government problem

Michael - yesterday
Sorry, jerkboys your Redumblican billionaire sellouts did that starting in the 80's. Fake news boy.

Jiro - yesterday
Sorry for the video game reference but it looks like something out of the Fallout series.
Replies (1)

raiderfan_4life - 21 hours ago
I was going to post the exact same thing Lol! Super Mutants & feral ghouls everywhere!

Wonder - 18 hours ago
The article claims that it was do to increasing labor cost in 1971 they shut down. Ha... It is call greed when all board members not owners had to be millionaires. And in the process our whole Government all became millionaires too. Welcome back to the 3rd world...
Replies (1)

StraightUp - 12 hours ago
@Wonder... Terrible trade deals created the mess

peppy - 3 hours ago
Imagine this: We once traveled to the MOON and back, using technology older than what is shown in these photos... but today we can't even send people into low earth orbit without asking the Russians to fly us there.
Replies (2)

Jeff - 2 hours ago
It's like Americans don't care about science anymore...they defunded NASA and are letting the Chinese take the lead on green energy.

America is doomed...most of it is a third world nation already.

michael - 2 hours ago
Yeah it's like they know something they aren't telling us

Johnny - 9 hours ago
Welcome to USA in about 20 more years

BigJimAndTheTwins - 5 hours ago
Product of Unions, liberals, agreements like NAFTA and tax and spend governments that don't protect our industry from dumping and other predatory trade practices. Thanks, Democrats.
Replies (3)

Yankees1 - 3 hours ago
Bush senior was the creator of NAFTA and Bill Clinton signed off in it after getting elected.

Hector - 4 hours ago
Who signed the first trade deal? Reagan? Who negotiated nafta? Bush. Who signed the deal with the PM of Canada and the president of Mexico in San Antonio Texas? Bush! Which party controlled congress and had more voting for nafta? The republicans! Can’t change history!

Covfefe - 5 hours ago
No, a product of a plant built in 1886 which was hardly state of the art when it closed in 1971.

Josh - 5 hours ago
The work of Barack Obama.
Replies (2)

Hector - 4 hours ago

Covfefe - 5 hours ago

Robert - 6 hours ago
They should make it a museum to the glories of the steel workers union and how they protected the jobs of their members!
Replies (2)

NA - 4 hours ago
Yes, that effort started in 1940 then eventually became a success in'71, despite the good intention of unions.

Royale With Cheese - 5 hours ago

Steve - 20 hours ago
This has nothing to do with China or the US. Its how Capitalism works. Reduce labor costs, increase profit, raise dividends, break unions ,and get re-elected to the Board of Directors. Stop blaming Workers and the Government. Consumers love their cheap trinkets and the 1% love their money (and the power that comes with it). The best investment the 1% ever made with the biggest return on investments has been the US Congress and 5/9 of the SCOTUS. Suck It Up Comrade - its only going to get worse!!
Replies (3)

Nataliya - 2 hours ago
How about taxes? 39% is that ok. Need keep a plant in good condition, change technology, give to employees race, because they make a good job. Taxes are going up. So , how much left. This is a question.

Steve - 3 hours ago
@StraightUp - No Capitalism didn't cause the problem Capitalism IS the problem. Capitalism fundamental principal is to create "profit" and it could care less where it comes from and at whose expense (Middle Class or the planet earth). The Trade Deals where great deals for the 1% because they created profit at the expense of workers/unions.Stop blaming Governments for economic ills. The Government is now run by Oligarchs and Corporations. Workers don/t even have a seat at the table anymore and that was by design (just ask Ronald Regan). Things will change and as long as people don't understand the true nature of what is going on we will still be talking about Bandaid fix's like Trade Deals and Import Tax's.

StraightUp - 12 hours ago
@Steve... It isn't capitalism that caused it problems, it was the trade deals. Try traveling abroad and looking at the price of US goods, import taxes of 100 and 200% yet we don't impose import taxes on Chinese made goods. I order things from China all the time 0% import taxes. I was in Shanghai 200% import tax. Poor government created the mess. Obama's TPP would have enslaved us forever.

Max Libtard - 7 hours ago
Looks like Obama's America.

Bob - 9 hours ago
So, instead of tearing these places down and selling the metal as scrap... they just let it rust in place? No wonder they are out of business... no business sense.
Replies (2)

clay - 3 hours ago
I live about 15 miles from here. Sloss still brings in plenty of cash over the year. They have different festivals all year as well as concerts, beer festivals and art festivals. They also run one of the most successful haunted attractions in the Southeast during October. The city itself would likely protest if the factory was demolished. It's also a national landmark now so there's no chance it will be demolished. If it weren't for Sloss, Birmingham wouldn't be what it is these days.

brd39 - 8 hours ago
Price of scrap won't cover the demolition costs.

Lak - 10 hours ago
A lot of steel which can be re-cycled.

Ambassador Kosh - 19 hours ago
This is what happens when, instead of modernizing factories to increase efficiency and quality, their owners just run them in to the ground until they're no longer viable, then liquidate to pay for their own luxurious retirement.

Dieter - 19 hours ago
The bones of a modern day dinosaur.

Roger - 16 hours ago
I remember when the American steel industry tried to appeal to their customers using the patriotic theme of 'buy American'. One of the largest steel customers was the American fishing industry who was switching to Chinese steel to build their fish and shrimp trawlers. Flash forward 35 years, American seafood industry is using patriotism to persuade Americans to buy their fish and shrimp instead of Chinese seafood.
But, what can be said of the US seafood industry. They willingly turned a blind eye to the very same pleas that they now make. Should I feel sorry for them that they suffer the same fate as the steel industry ? Do American seafood companies deserve any of my patriotism as they unload their catch from a boat made from foreign steel ?
As is said, the market has no conscience.
Replies (1)

Sombra - 14 hours ago
What do you drive, Roger? An American vehicle? I bet you do, but where was it ASSEMBLED? Who produced the materials and manufactured the parts? Your vehicle may be an American brand, but likely not much, if any, of its manufacture went home in American workers' paychecks.

newbie - 22 hours ago
We are failing because we don’t educate our youth properly. Everyone wants to be famous. The only reason we’re “On top” is because we’re geographically safe from foreign invaders, and have a varying climate that allows for agricultural regularity and environmental stability so peoples homes aren’t destroyed as regularly by typhoons or earthquakes. We have our share, but the majority of the nation is stable.

Jerry - 11 hours ago
I use to work at Kaiser Steel in Fontana CA and was on the property right after it had all but totally shut down, its an eerie sight to behold with all the mills silent and decaying not to mention that some of the mills had been shut down and vacated for many years prior to the final shut down, so they were in even more decay and ruin. Post apocalyptic wasteland is a fairly good description of how it looked.

michael - 2 hours ago
Armco Steel in Ashland Kentucky was just shut down a year or two ago and it already looks like this and it's hurt our local economy so bad they estimated that it removed 7 million dollars of consumer spending from the area and after Ashland oil was bought out by Marathon and left our economy is toast, the soil is chemical ridden, cancer rates are highest in country and opioids are killing dozens everyday. It's a sad state of affairs and I am a veteran who just got fired by TJ Maxx because I fell at work and they refused to let me file workers comp and then erased the video proof when I told them my lawyer was coming. This whole area is so depressing
Replies (1)

luannesrackissmallerthanmine - 2 hours ago
Sounds like what you guys need is more deregulation and free trade!!!! Signed, the GOP.

John - 18 hours ago
give me a break. If you want to see photo's of old manufacturing plants that have been closed for 40 plus years, you can go to just about any north eastern state (I live in upstate NY) and you will see this EVERYWHERE. My town is NO exception. All the jobs went to China.

nkr1 - 11 hours ago
Something peaceful about abandoned places. The chaos is gone.

TeddyBear - yesterday
Great place to shoot a zombie movie.

KingmanAZ - 11 hours ago
Steelworks like this, are testimony to the Ideologies of the Left....Voting Democrat is the same as economic suicide.

Steve - 6 hours ago
Looks like Detroit

Tom - 6 hours ago
there`s factory`s all over the USA that look like this after NAFTA was passed !

Ronald Green - 4 hours ago
Thought Trump was going to bring back the steel and coal industry?
Those workers will run out of unemployment benefits long before these two industry's return.
Replies (2)

Hector - 4 hours ago
That’s what they get for voting republican

Hector - 4 hours ago
Then on to Medicare and SS! But those will be cut too!

CARL - 5 hours ago
All because of liberals giving our jobs away.

E - 6 hours ago
Is that yahoo offices?

indra - yesterday
great movie location for a scify

Phillip - 2 hours ago
Been a welder for 15 years and thank goodness for the offshoring of producing steel. Steelworkers under unions were the worst thing for this country. Labor unions demanding high prices when just about anyone can do their job. Whiny unions were the problem in this country. Over payed people doing easy jobs.
Replies (3)

Phillip - 2 hours ago
So yea maybe study economics....not history.

Phillip - 2 hours ago
And nothing you stated would be directly linked to GDP. So unions have done NOTHING for the economy, which is the current subject. Not safety or vacations moron lol. Been in the Unions for 20 years and see nothing but people filing grievances about this and grievances about that. Whine cry and complain is all they do. Oh so you want $20 to do mindless steel work. Ok I’ll just hire the next guy for $12/hr who can give just as much quality as the last person. But thanks for your input bud.

michael - 2 hours ago
If it weren't for unions we wouldn't have 5 day work weeks, child labor laws, fire safety laws in workplace, 2 week vacations, 40 hour work week, fair pay for fair work, and OSHA so maybe study history before you make comments about which you know nothing

K1 - 4 hours ago
Nothing absolutely nothing USA can make anymore that people need for daily life ! Everything are imported from China ! USA cannot live of import, hamburgers flipping, sandwiched, casino's, or service industry. USA needs to make things that American, and people in other countries would like to buy. When did you last buy an American made product. You can't remember neither can anyone else
Replies (1)

Adrienne - 3 hours ago

PF - 5 hours ago
So now the exact same pollutants are released into the atmosphere by China, and migrate over here. That's the Democratic Environmental Folly. We need real solutions to our environmental issues, and not mere transference of our nations wealth to China. Just because it is no longer visible in our own backyard, did not solve the problem. And the revenue produced is also no longer visible in our own backyard.
Replies (3)

PF - 4 hours ago
@Hector ---> China is the number one gross polluter on earth.

Hector - 4 hours ago
You blame the democrats for environmental issues? Are you on crack? Which country is the only one to not be in the climate agreement and which party controls that country?

Hector - 4 hours ago

Larry - 5 hours ago
The Japanese government subsidized Japanese steel companies so that they could sell their steel in the USA at rock bottom prices. The quality of the steel was lower than that made in the USA. But, it worked. It helped sink USA steel companies like the Bethlehem Steel.

Anonymous - 11 hours ago
This brings to mind: one can't get something for nothing and expect "nothing" to happen.

Deepwater - 5 hours ago
Ithink about how many jobs were lost and people's lives destroyed when they shut down those mills and sent the machinery to China.

Jack - 15 hours ago
All of this makes me realize that Trump's striving agenda makes him unequivocally OUR GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER !!!

Bronk - 13 hours ago
That is Obamas America. A true traitor.

Mike - 17 hours ago
It was the EPA that did in the US steel industry . Granted the industry needing to do some pollution controlling but I am from Birmingham and worked at one of these mills for a few years until final closure . The salaries were outstanding as well as the benefits . A long gone industry . I always enjoy to ride by the Sloss Furnace on my visits home . It is also true that if you have ever worked in one of these plants at night you know they are the perfect setting for science fiction movies .
Replies (1)

Bill - 14 hours ago
the EPA !!! you hit the nail on the head.
how do I know ? well, I'm from Youngstown, OH and worked in the mills during the summers in the 1960s while in college,

Kev - 15 hours ago
Thank a liberal and a democrat for high taxes, which drove industry out of America...

Jon - 15 hours ago
Thanks to the NWO giving away all the hundreds of thousands of US good paying steel making jobs to GATT and NAFTA we have a few artists scraping a living in down-turned economy.

upset - 5 hours ago
since we no longer have American steel, what we import is garbage. my family always bought stainless steel pots and pans from Allegany Ludlum in Dunkirk NY. we no longer support the steel pots and pans. they are now made in other countries. I never thought I would see stainless steel rust out. now I see it within a couple of months.
Replies (1)

Adrienne - 3 hours ago

David - 6 hours ago
Follow the money. The enemy of your middle class life has piles of it. It isn’t art.
Replies (1)

NA - 4 hours ago
It easier to follow the lies first, that takes you to the money.

Scythe Falling - yesterday
Too bad they don't show some of the art inspired by this place.

CK - 18 hours ago
glad it is an art haven, but I think I would like our steel to be U.S. Steel. rich globalists.. did this.

Garret H - 10 hours ago
'post-apocalyptic wasteland' Meh. I think it just looks like an abandoned steelworks place.

Doberz - 10 hours ago
That’s a good place for shooting paintball.

ibthesonofman - 19 hours ago

PF - 5 hours ago
we have many people who have lost their jobs, and are in danger of becoming homeless, yet we have all of these Industrial Buildings and Single Family Housing neighborhoods, that were left abandoned. It's just not logical. People who are in desperate need of affordable housing, should take what little savings and home equity that they have left, and move into these areas for pennies on the dollar. An abandoned house can sell for 1/10th the cost of a house in the city. The factory buildings can be converted into office spaces and rented out. Small manufacturing facilities can be established as well as local community development and farming. Home ownership is the American Dream. Those abandoned areas serve as an opportunity to achieve that dream very easily and at very low cost.

Larry - 1 hour ago
Someone finally realized that labor cost were too high, after it closed.. How many jobs have to lost before we see that labor unions are nothing more than "down shake " criminals. The Govt. cracked down on organized criminals running protection rackets in the 40's and 50's and now the Govt sanctions the same criminality in organized labor.
Replies (1)

Whatwherewhen - 1 hour ago
So why are repukes saying we need higher paying jobs, something unions provided. I would love to run accross someone like u in person, would enjoy using you for a punching bag, punk

Tim - 6 hours ago
Looks nothing like all the new Chinese steel mills that is making our steel for us now thanks to the previous administrations "fair trade" deals. Hate to see what happens if we ever did go to war, I'm sure China will keep shipping us the steel we would need. Remember people, a large part of Trump voters were people that worked at places like this that lost everything to cheap imports through NAFTA and "fair trade" practices under the Obama regime.
Replies (1)

toadj - 6 hours ago
And #$%$ steel at that

Dennis - 2 hours ago
A telling article symbolizing changes in our country. From a source of steel and vast employment to an artists' haven. A perfect example of our nation's descent into an effete politically correct haven from a once vitally strong center of heavy industry.

matthew - 2 hours ago
Picture of what Democrat liberal policies have done to America. Thanks for bringing America down to a level playing field with the rest of the island nations DNC!
Replies (1)

Whatwherewhen - 1 hour ago
Mat the repukes did this

Christian - 3 hours ago
Thanks to the labor unions and failed political administrations that pushed these industries out to china. Job well done!
Replies (2)

Christian - 2 hours ago
Stevenf, oh the drama. We have no middle class as it is now, along with heavy industry leaving the country. You act like the manufacturing industry in the US would resemble the 1850's. Well you have no jobs now, what is next?

stevenf - 3 hours ago
Don’t forget the CEO and the millions a year they take off the top. If it was not for unions working conditions would be like North Korea, and there would be no middle class. O that’s the path we’re on with the right to work states.

Black Alpha Male - 5 hours ago
This is what happens when you sell out your manufacturing might to foreign countries in exchange for corporate profits.
Replies (1)

Adrienne - 3 hours ago

toadj - 6 hours ago
I'd love to get my hands on that stuff and make steampunk furniture and lighting.

TOB - yesterday
make it a place to paintball at!!

Jeff - 7 hours ago
This is CLINTON'S AND THE LEFTS NAFTA!! The TPP Hillary was for, then against. THEN SHE WOULD OF SIGNED IT!!!
No more trade deals unless they're actually FREE TRADE ON BOTH SIDES!!!!!!!
China has hosed us for 40 years!!!! At least get the nukes out of N Korea!!

KaossaoK - 14 hours ago
Abandoned steel works that still has power?

John Molnar - 14 hours ago
I worked as a mechanical millwright in a steel mill for almost 10 years. I loved working there. I was proud being a 4th generation steel worker

Johnny - 14 hours ago
Time marches on. It's the past. The future is in technology, computes , electric motors, etc.

Bill - 16 hours ago
I very much doubt that "increasing labor costs" had anything to do with this factory shutting down. It was non-union in Alabama, about as close as one can get to slave wages, which Alabama is intimately familiar with. More accurately, the factory closed because owners moved the business offshore, where they still DO allow slave labor. The investor class made out like Masters.

Richard - 15 hours ago
That looks like tons and tons of money to me, lol. All sorts of odd ball pieces that people would pay good for as architectural elements or just curios, lots of antique parts and pieces and thousands of tons of scrap metal.

Klondike Mike - 17 hours ago
In Detroit they are converting old brick manufacturing buildings into lofts. And they are cool as hell. Imagine having all that space as a home! Most are still structurally sound, you just need to insulate and fix up.

Tony L - 19 hours ago
In Bethlehem Pa. they made a museum of all the machinery - google it to see pics - they restored many things - I would link it but they will delete it.

The National Museum of Industrial History, housed in the former facility of Bethlehem Steel, is a museum affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute that seeks to preserve, educate, and display the industrial history of the nation.

Laurens - 18 hours ago
The soundtrack to the tour should definitely include Herb Alpert's "The Factory"...

Al - 2 hours ago
This is what happens when the unions price their way right out of the labor market.
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William - 3 hours ago
Over priced labor killed why was that?
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nofcknway - 2 hours ago
Unions? Did I guess right?

Jeff - 6 hours ago
So sad. We used to produce steel here. At some point it may return when labor costs go down.

Ralph - 13 hours ago
Destroyed by the one world globalist uniparty.

oldman - yesterday
loads of scrap metal

IamLegend - 14 hours ago
That place is a source of great steel itself. Cut it up, transport & sell it.

Roy - yesterday
YouTube =FAKE news

Roy - yesterday
Obama is a terrorist

frank s - 5 hours ago
This is how the democrats a offshore our jobs with nafta now let's see how detroit did
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Covfefe - 5 hours ago
The Thomas furnaces were shut down in 1971. Hardly a NAFTA effect you trumptard.

Fulanito - yesterday
".....the site was operational until 1971, when its furnaces were permanently turned off due to increasing labor costs,...."

Courtesy of the Democratic Party and their "Union" thugs.
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Frank - 19 hours ago
More than likely incompetent Southern labor.

gary - yesterday
Alabama has been a right to work state since the early 1950's. You'll need to find another boogeyman.

Arsen - yesterday
I was just thinking... Holy Smokes, it looks like Alabama on a good day. and it is Alabama!!! lol... Too nice to be Indiana...

nate - 6 hours ago
Do you know how much money is sitting there in scrap metal?....Just rusting away....

Susan - 15 hours ago
Thanks to Progs the USA industrials have been offshored to communist China
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ftmannbathtb - 15 hours ago
nah.... they are called "Shareholders" you idiot troll

Mangez Merde - 9 hours ago
But, but, but . . . . BUT Trump said he as going to bring back steel and coal jobs ????

Hardhitter - 18 hours ago
try looking at Lorain,Ohio the former USS/Kobe
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Brian - 18 hours ago
Or Columbus, the former Buckeye Steel/ Columbus Castings, miss that place

Frank - 16 hours ago
or downtown Detroit.

rich - 31 minutes ago
Want to know why? After Reagan signed the law that allowed the steel workers pension funds to be raided in bankruptcy, the Mitt Romney types swooped into our mills and factories and loaded them with debt with massive purchases of unwanted equipment. Presto.. Bankrupt companies, now owned by the elite rich, shut the doors and raided the pension funds of every company they closed making a quick $$ million or two. Screw the workers, screw the towns they shuttered... It was all planned by the rich who then moved the work to China or Mexico just for the cheaper labor...

Ronald - 1 hour ago

ION - 2 hours ago
Moore is a wall against the democrats aggression against american people now when the liberals have begun to bulldoze our monuments, our cemeteries, to trample under their feet our flags, our anthem. For hundreds of years, we are united under our banner, singing our anthem, under them thousands of Americans have sacrificed their lives as today to be what we are. Now you see what the Democrats want and they will do everything to bring the power back in order to be able to end what they started. Wake America ! Wake up !
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Whatwherewhen - 1 hour ago
Moore is a pedo, he better hope he can win, for protection, if he loses we are going to hunt him down and give him the justice we give child molesters in jail. They never breath long in prison

Bill - 2 hours ago
When I was a kid growing up in Western New York, every night the sky would light up red when the poured the slag from the steel mills down the road in Lackawanna NY... while I don't miss the pollution in the air and water the plant caused, but it also provided 20,000 good paying jobs that were a ticket to the middle class... the City of Lackawanna is a ghost town now... most of the bars, restaurants, stores, and movies houses are gone, with the factory.

michael - 2 hours ago
You trolls who are making comments about unions should know that unions are democracy in action in the workplace because if it wasn't for unions we would never had got child labor laws, 40 hour work weeks, 5 day work weeks, fire safety laws, 2 week vacations, work mans compensations, paid leave, and these all are things unions fought and died for in the early 1900s in Pennsylvania and West Virginia so maybe study history before you make idiotic comments about a topic you know nothing about! Unions have helped all workers whether you are in a union Or not

Thomas - 4 hours ago
The steelworkers from this era are not doing much better. We have been left sick, dead & abandoned by our companies and unions. I am 65, have had lungs full of abesteos for most of my adult life. I am lucky, most of my co-workers are dead now, and have been for years. The japenese bought out National steel and when things got rough they filed bankruptcy, went back to Japan and left a lot of sick and dying older people without the pensions they worked for. Our Government, our union, the old Co.-NKK and U.S. Steel worked together to make that happen. The hell with the old steel mills, the people they left sick, dead and dying are the real problem.

sput - 52 minutes ago
99% of black neighborhoods look like post apocalyptic wastelands. I bet that is a black neighborhood. White neighborhoods still have value and they get redeveloped. A factory in a white neighborhood gets turned into a tech company, corporate offices or housing.

Steve - 2 hours ago
But, the President promised me that there would be a revival of American steel and coal and manufacturing of all types and good paying jobs and that "American carnage, ends right here right now, " and ISIS would vanish and everyone would have great health care for less money and that we would be sick of winning. We really believed that, or at least some of "us" did.

Crystal - 2 hours ago
Absolutely love these places! My favorites are the abandoned military towns scattered deep in the woods around Maryland. You need to be extremely careful while exploring these places though because of the risk of asbestos exposure and even gas leaks.

Reptilian Apple Salesman - 3 hours ago
It reminds me of the old Alaska White Alice radar sites I inspected in the early 2000s. They were operated in the 50s, 60s, and 70s as early warning radar sites until better technologies came along and made them obsolete. They were also built with a ton of hazmats so they had to be inspected before demolition.

Brian - 3 hours ago
"A sad ode to its long-forgotten wonder years long." And that's a sad ode to the days when anyone seeking a position as a writer had to know how to write. The rest of it is even worse with nonsensical hyperbole such as "derelict decomposition", and "overturned offices". Good grief!

Carol - 3 hours ago
Mike, high labor costs were definitely a factor. My uncle, who worked for US Steel, used to brag about his 10 weeks of vacation, his and how he would sleep through his night shift. He would often say he "loved" sticking it to management. So please don't act like labor was so innocent in all of this. Management consistently caved to the unions until labor costs became unsustainable.

Diane - 4 hours ago
are you sure that's abandoned? you know some places look run down but its not abandoned and I guess if you understood why it looks that way you might realize that its not really run down it just looks different from other people's style of decor

Frodo - 40 minutes ago
I thought it was Chicago or Detroit.

wisconsin dave - 53 minutes ago
I wonder if any of the equipment is for sale cheap like that International dump truck.

J. DavidD - 4 hours ago
when unions and workers dictate the value of their work that leaves no room to move wages up or down depending on market and competition abroad. that's the real reason why all the those steel companies have gone bust. and now that cities around the US has made the $15. minimum wage, that's again courting disaster especially when the economy is not healthy in the first place.

DrP - 4 hours ago
I've got a better idea Yahoo. Why don't you also show a picture of the ultra modern Steel Mills in China, South Korea, Japan or Taiwan so that Millenials can see what has happened to their high paying jobs. Many of those Steel Mills were fabricated using American technology graciously provided by the Globalist CEO's in the US. BTW, the average salary of a steel worker in 1970 was about 80K.

JK - 58 minutes ago
Remember the same scene from Pittsburgh growing up in the 70’s and 80’s. Almost all torn down and new industries have taken its place. Other cities gotta do the same. Heavy industry is not coming back.

IGGY - 1 hour ago
The reason and the blame that has closed and ruined the STEEL INDUSTRY in the country is the CIO Steel union, greed set in and they destroyed the industry.

Sorn - 1 hour ago
Recycle all of it!

Steve - 2 hours ago
Go to Youngstown, Ohio. Much of the same.

John - 2 hours ago
Used to love exploring those kind of places as a kid. Truth be known, still like doing it at 60.

Scott - 2 hours ago
The US is still a manufacturing powerhouse. The thing is we no longer manufacture textiles and materials, we make airplane engines and electric cars.

phil - 2 hours ago
Someday all our manufacturing plants will look like this and we will have no middle class, only the poor and the rich few. Then rebellion.

George - 2 hours ago
That's what democrat/republican governments financed by Wall Street do to the country. And dividing the country into democrats/republicans each blaming another is the simplest way to move attention away from the real problem.

Bill - 2 hours ago
Drive though the back roads of Central Pennsylvania... Every 15-20 miles there are towns that have rotting corpses of America's once great industrial might.

Brent - 2 hours ago
Actually it looks like a shut down factory, but I clicked.

A Person - 14 hours ago
Sad how we've undermined an important industry. Before the idiot brigade chimes in, steel is a very important industry not just for the economy but for national security. Someone from Pittsburgh, PA was actually proud that they no longer have a steel industry there. China produces 680 million tonnes of steel per year, the USA only 86 million tonnes. Hillary, Einstein that she is, simultaneously said she is going to shut down the coal industry and rebuild the steel industry if she were elected. The question is how one manufactures steel without coking coal.

nofcknway - 2 hours ago
I'd like to take a moment to thank unions for driving the outsourced labor movement. Imagine if we still made things. We'd have pollution like China and who wants that?
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michael - 2 hours ago
You can thank CEOs who only care about cheap labor and subsidies from Chinese govt not workers who want to be treated fairly. That is democracy at its finest And it's called the rule of the many over the few or the one. If you want to live in a dictatorship where one person makes all the decisions and the peoples voice mean nothing then leave! Unions are democracy in the work place

Kevin - 2 hours ago
You probably couldn't build anything on that site anyway. I'm sure the soil is contaminated and would be a major cleanup cost involved.

Life Happens - 3 hours ago
A haven for drug dealers and runaway kids.

john - 3 hours ago
Predatory Capitalism and Forced DIVERSITY, led by Jews, will destroy White Western 1st world economies.

Dgenius - 6 hours ago
A victim of Communism.
We allowed the steel industry to falter while Germany and Japan thrived in an effort to keep the Red Menace from spreading.
Yet Obama wanted to open trade with Communist Cuba

Gregg - 6 hours ago
It wasnt abandoned. It was shut down due to the liberal democrats wanting a global economy and preventing tariffs on foreign steel.
The democrats where supposed to be the party for the American working man but they cost more American jobs to overseas competition than in any time in history. Tell the truth for once.
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Adrienne - 3 hours ago

Tom H - 3 hours ago
Those old mills are full of toxins, they used anything back then and dumped it all into the ground.

underemp - 3 hours ago
That first "photo" appears to be a computer screen shot from the game Bioshock. I hope you have a right to use agreement

john - 3 hours ago
This s our future thanks to a corrupt government who allow businesses to run the country.

Kristen - 3 hours ago
Interesting photos. I'd like to see it.

Doug b - 3 hours ago
Trumps properties were built with Chinese steel.

John - 4 hours ago
Its unfortunate that the labor unions got so unproductive and costly that companies were forced to close shop(s) around the country. Companies found hungry workers overseas.

Cynicizer - 4 hours ago
It's like a picture show of what has happened to our economy in the last 40 years.

gaynor.powell - 4 hours ago
There must be thousands of these places across the US, goodness knows there are enough abandoned homes.

PaulM - 7 hours ago
This is what Liberals want to turn the entire US into. Personally, I would build a stronghold and then align with the Brotherhood of steel until I amassed enough resources to manufacture my own ammo plant.

Prescient 1 - 4 hours ago
I'm surprised it hasn't been bought for all the equipment left behind. They'd make great decorative pieces.

Judy P - 7 hours ago
Very unusual as these mills were either moved to places like China or tore down and used for scrap metal. I grew up in the " Steel City" and steel mills are long gone, and surrounding towns,have also dismantled and scrapped the mills.

Spike - 4 hours ago
I'm from there ... that's Republic Steel's Coke Plant in west Birmingham.
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Spike - 4 hours ago
And Birmingham has MUCH bigger problems than this.

big red - 4 hours ago
Would love to see a developer with vision do something really cool with this.

Greg - 5 hours ago
That's what happens when companies are allowed to ship jobs overseas.

DadofIsaac - 5 hours ago
I just wonder where the Yahoo News Photo Staff have seen a post-apocalyptic wasteland as the apocalypse has yet to occur.

I Care - 2 hours ago
Imagine YAHOO, if the New Tax Bill is passed, you won’t be able to find many places like this in the near future to cures of. Is this why you back the silly Liberal Agenda in all your articles... Just for a few pictures of what bad Liberal policies will do destroying a country... JUST A FEW PICTURES?

Royale With Cheese - 5 hours ago
This is what happens to businesses when liberals run the country.
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Hector - 4 hours ago
What? Research The Who signed the first trade deal with Canada. And who negotiated nafta? And who signed the deal in San Antonio?

ed - 6 hours ago
We have politics as usual and unions to thank for this, maybe that is why politicians and unions hate Trump so much.

NoahS - 6 hours ago
Low skill industrial jobs are good in their time. The US has moved on for the better. From a purely economic view, working with your head beats with the hands every time.

Paid My Way - 6 hours ago
Not even union, and didn't remain in operation. Too old, we didn't want the pollution, and imported steel is way less expensive.

Pio - 18 hours ago
This is scary and if it keeps on going , all the industries will be move to China. Anywhere we shop now, the malls and store merchandised almost 80% are made in China. US will soon be (or already here) a service oriented rather than an industrialized nation providing quality product globally. We all need to be vigilant that people we elect must be able to do something to bring back industry to the USA. Proper taxation to all product imported to USA must be equatable to balance pricing that USA made product must be priced competitive to all product made in China, Mexico, Japan and any other country ... Us the people must patronized item made in USA.

Robert - 7 hours ago
Liberals well intentioned laws lead to misery, poverty and economic doom. So, has anything changed ?

Martha - 21 hours ago
Such a shame to lose all that was built here, all it produced and all the workers it employed. America used to make the best products and have great industries. Now we have cheaply made products made in China and people who haven't made anything in so long all they can do is make sandwiches and and give spa treatments. We have no people to service our Chinese made appliances; just buy them and toss them when they break. This is a very sad state of affairs brought by government. Vote the congress out !

Don - 10 hours ago
Dumb YAHOO as usual. A lost steel mill as a photo op, wow. Our steel industry is in crisis and tens of thousands of jobs lost. Way to go Yahoo,

Anthony m - 13 hours ago
Read the book "AND THE WOLF FINAALLY CAME" BY JOHN P HOERR. It will dispel the fiction about our steel industry's demise. It chronicles how the Steel companies hand in hand with the Unions killed the steel industry in this country. After reading the book you will see why the steel industry will never come back.

A Person - 14 hours ago
Sad how we've undermined an important industry. Before the idiot brigade chimes in, steel is a very important industry not just for the economy but for national security. China produces 680 million tonnes of steel per year, the USA only 86 million tonnes. Hillary, Einstein that she is, simultaneously said she is going to shut down the coal industry and rebuild the steel industry if she were elected. The question is how one manufactures steel without coking coal.

DJPhxAz - 14 hours ago
The US manufactures other products now, not steel, as we now know the long term results of using steel for some uses in weather and water; "derelict decomposition, rusting machinery" is why steel is not a proper material to build various products to withstand natural conditions and planned uses. The plant likely didn't refit and retool to change manufacturing practices due to lack of planning or lack of funds, as displayed by broken parts and machinery never repaired.

Flizzo - 11 hours ago
Look at all the jobs the Democrats have away to other countries. In the name of globalism.

Matt - 15 hours ago
Infrastructures of that place is suitable for cows if not for humans...just powerwash all barns clean up paint and some repair.. And you will have a big farm to produce cows to feed people...

Matt - 15 hours ago
Convert some equipments into farming the land equipments and feeding milking the cows... It is a huge money to be made...cow meat is so expansive now and it will stay expansive for a while because global demand is high...

Zena The Keyboard Warrior - 12 hours ago
I wonder if this could be the old Cipco Steel plant? My grandfather worked there for almost 40 years.

c c - 12 hours ago
I bet personal injury lawyers have people just handing out business cards at this place!

j - yesterday
can tell you how to revive Manufacturing: get rid of Unions and every single government regulation that stops American workers from competing with our overseas counter parts. UMM maybe not; Apple in China had to install safety nets that catch the workers who jump out the windows, minus any other exit from 12 hours of mindless tasks, and after clocking out, wait in line for at least 2 hours for your supervisor's signature, and get home on time to eat a quick snack and take a shower if you're lucky. For $112 dollars a month.

c c - 12 hours ago
No matter who we elect for President, that thing ain't gonna be revived again! Just like all those long abandoned coal mining towns. Hint, hint!
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Flizzo - 11 hours ago
@c c Because Democrats hate Americans.

That Guy - 13 hours ago
I wish we still had all the industrial facilities from 100+ years ago.

vng - 13 hours ago
Where are the steel manufacturing plants he promised? China will charge him double now, he is such a Loser.

Don Pinocchio 🤥 - 13 hours ago
This must be another trump project that he stiffed his contractors with their paycheck!

Skillyboo - 16 hours ago
Thank the globalists. Add up the hidden and unforeseen costs of those cheap prices and you'll find they were not so cheap at all. Add in the lower wages, less purchasing power, people going on government assistance and no healthcare. Then add in the lower amount of taxes collected which leads to run down homes, neighborhoods, schools, roads and on and on.

Notimportant - 2 hours ago
Love seeing abandoned buildings/factories that are left abandoned but untouched.

Anonymous - 13 hours ago
Ironic because the way things are going it "will be" the industrial age that unleashes apocalyptic events.

Mike - 13 hours ago
Thought Trump would have gotten this reopened by now.

Joy - 13 hours ago
Ode to it's long forgotten wonder years? Better: As a result of strict EPA and ineffective anti-dumping laws, American markets were flooded with cheap, inferior foreign steel.

fatboy256 - 17 hours ago
It wasn't increase in labor costs. It was corporate greed to import the steel from slave labor countries, with the tax dollars help from our Government on shipping costs to rule the top post, and get the votes in the United Nations meetings. Americans lost and are still losing. The Cost Of Living vs Employee Wages between now and then is pitiful. Just look at the wages of CEO's today.

Binter - 14 hours ago
Now you just need some rad roaches, raiders and deathclaws and it really will be like one. Don't forget your power armor! XD

Matthew - 14 hours ago
At least we have the EPA so clean it up. Oh wait, Trump is gutting it since the planet really doesn't matter.

Mando - 14 hours ago
Situations like this will be more common do to robotics!

cmg - 18 hours ago
Tree huggers in action; closed all of our steel mills forcing production to China that has NO pollution laws so world pollution is worse now than American steel mills with chimney smoke scrubbers would have been.
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Cognition Intercept - 17 hours ago
Tree Huggers? Your an idiot, cheap steel, starting with South Korea, coming in the 1980's destroyed steel in the US. I live in the rust belt, saw it happen first hand.
A good friend is a PhD in Metallurgy, teaches now, but back in the 1980's told me if they didn't pay one single person in the steel mill he worked, they still could not complete with South Korean steel.

Dan - 15 hours ago
All the more reason we don't need and can not afford programs like DACA. The jobs are now overseas and in Mexico.

Took Our Country Back - 15 hours ago
Just think, months from now thousands of steel workers will be back working there. First the coal miners, now the steel workers. Thank you President Trump for making America great again.

Glenda - 15 hours ago
Except for the elite, the entire US is a wasteland.

Matt - 15 hours ago
Expansive must read expensive.

Briefs - 18 hours ago
This would be great to turn into a museum and generate revenue back into the city. All those old vehicles lined up in the mill reminded me of the trains in Griffith Park.
It'd be super cool to see them from a historical persepective explain their purpose in the steel mill. Better than wasting away in the elements until someone decides to plow over it

Epidot - 16 hours ago
That ain't nothing. Take a drive through Gary, Indiana. Make sure you have a full tank of gas and don't stop for anything. Not even red lights and stop signs.

SUN SETTER - 16 hours ago
The people that worked it. The steel balls on American generations gone long ago.
They were the strength of an industry blackballed by greed.

Zmanster - 16 hours ago
Well Ovomit surely didn't help revitalize it in his 8 years did he? Nope!
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ftmannbathtb - 15 hours ago
And the automakers ripped out their factories like wisdom teeth, roots and all to head to Mexico, leaving a gaping hole above ground, 30 years later that is smoldering still

Anonymous - 16 hours ago
40 years ago. Regan bush and bush did nothing

Cliff - 16 hours ago
Can they do one on drumps Coal Mine Jobs too?

OperationMockingbird - 16 hours ago
Trump will have this place employing so many people and feeling good that fake news outlets will be placed in mental institutions.

mi bo - 16 hours ago
And the whole economy is better? Unless you are a connected CEO of course.

mi bo - 16 hours ago
"Promised" jobs are not back yet? Oh, really? Very-very strange!

Biagio - 16 hours ago
This was even before the trade agreements that have been nothing less than disasters on the American economy.

Keith - 17 hours ago
Are those two guys outfitting it with solar panels so they can crank up operations again?

scott - 17 hours ago
If we are cut off from China as our supplier of steel we will find ourselves in a world of hurt. We must make sure nothing interferes with our relation with China. We will learn to bow.

Roger H - 17 hours ago
I'd like to get my hands on that old International dump truck. Too bad I don't have an extra hundred grand laying around to restore it. Navistar has a museum of sorts in their Lisle, IL headquarters...they should resurrect that bad boy!

John - 20 hours ago
Steel production many years ago was the first step in transforming the agricultural south into the beginning of becoming industrial. Kind of sad that it had to end along with the thousands of jobs that went with it. A victim of the Steelworkers Union and foreign countries dumping steel on our markets.

TheGreatGarbled - 17 hours ago
Adapt or perish. It's the universal way

BobD - 6 hours ago
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toadj - 6 hours ago
Thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out

The Big H - 17 hours ago
Get a good look at what will surely be the future result of Trump's "M.A.G.A." after Trump and his equally inept and greedy cronies bleed our once great nation dry.

fed up - 21 hours ago
We made the best steel in the world ,thanks to Clinton's NAFTA those jobs and millions more went to china, and we have to BUY their #$%$ productsTime for those factories to come home, the taxes and regulations that forced them to go there are going away, so COME HOME

Chris - 21 hours ago
I call BS. This clearly is Peabody Coal's new solar energy site, just renovated with new funding from Washington. Yahoo must have copied this from Peabody's PR website...the place is bustling with new jobs.

Jay - 18 hours ago
“The site was operational until 1971, when its furnaces were permanently turned off due to increasing labor costs, imports and other factors.” By “other factors,” Yahoo means the EPA.

The Big H - 18 hours ago
Perfect location for Terry Gilliam's next project. Someone get him "on the horn!"

joe - 14 hours ago
This is why the U.S. could no longer win a conventional war with Russia or China. unless we kill our enemy by flipping burgers at them. Seriously, we just dont produce anything anymore and have a workforce that is uncapable of converting to a war machine in a matter of weeks like he greatest generation did after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Nuclear war is our only shot and that may not be enough

Michael s - 18 hours ago
Ghost Adventures were there.

keysdisease - 21 hours ago
This doesn't prove gummint complicity, it confirms capitalist greed. It was the 1% who decided to offshore manufacturing to improve profits, executive bonuses and shareholder dividends. Notice who was left out of that list? Workers. A worker voting for the GOP is like a chicken voting for Col Sanders

Celeste - 18 hours ago
All that is left of Alabama is old rusting hunks and Pedo's for politicians!

Nate..some people like to call me Nat King Cole o - 18 hours ago
Sounds like an urban explorer's dream. Would love to explore this and similar places like it. Glad to see it's not being torn down for redevelopment. So so cool.

George - 18 hours ago
Liberals love the landscape and want to keep these places this way instead of creating long lasting jobs they'd rather see stupid movies made in these places instead.

Laura S - 22 hours ago
It's too bad we can't dismantle some of this and recycle it. There's an awful lot of still usable scrap metal in there, among other things. The equipment could be parted out to repair other equipment around the world, much like vintage cars are sometimes parted out to repair other vintage cars in better condition. May as well reuse as much as we can.

Herb - 3 hours ago
Did the author even see "Westward"? Nothing looks post apocalyptic, abandoned or post industrial. All the workspaces were clean to the point of sterility. Everything was excruciatingly modern except for the "park" which was deliberately period.
Replies (1)

Herb - 3 hours ago

#$%& SpellCheck!!

Bob - 19 hours ago
This happens when the liberals run things...

Jacob - 15 hours ago
Imagine this on a larger scale when AI/robots take a majority of jobs. There will be 2 classes, the elite tech and everyone else. Wonder who is going to win? Guessing the guys with all our data, billions of dollars and have the banks by the balls with promises of huge ROI

C - 19 hours ago
Sad. This business should and would be in operation, if not for bad trade deals and foreign, inferior steel. Rest in peace, alongside Bethlehem Steel.

Dale - 19 hours ago
The unions have devastated the US steel industry. They know it too.

J - 19 hours ago
Awesome!! I can't wait until Hollyweird uses it as the setting for its next post apocalyptic after the plague movie sequel to I Am Legend meets The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

SpongeBobNoPants - 19 hours ago
I see how this place was run by the fact the idiot who closed it did not send the equipment and trucks to auction. Even if they produced a fraction of money they are worth it would still have been money.

cavs - 19 hours ago
Good riddance to dirty, low margin businesses. Thank you capitalism!
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Smuttbutt - 19 hours ago
Companies exist to make money. Are they going to overpay union workers or buy it cheaply?
Replies (1)

snood - 18 hours ago
seems like they exist yo transfer money to managers bloated pay at sny cost and not invest in the business

Colin - 19 hours ago
Since when is Westworld a "Post-Apocalyptic" world? Looks like a pretty standard western to me - at least on the surface. And underneath it's more pure sci-fi than anything approaching apocalypse.

david - 22 hours ago
My small local mall has 8 jewelers, 3 massage parlors, and 2 nail salons. The middle class is dying, what's left is shrinking and spending their surplus on frivolous services. This nation will soon be like the central and south America and south Asian nations so many fled. A place with an ultra ultra wealthy elite of less than 1% and a mass of peasants scrambling through corruption and extortion for a job that pays bread and water.

Doha - 16 hours ago
Your post is factually wrong. I have been to. The Bethlehem Steel sie in Bethllem. It is not gate off. Much of it has been redeveloped. A walk on the Hoover Mason Trestle puts a visitor literally next to the blast furnaces. What the hell are you talking about?

Have Some Pie - 19 hours ago
They ship away our jobs then want us to pay for the steel mill pollution in China under the 'climate change' BS.

pat - 19 hours ago
You Should check out old pictures of the pollution in Pittsburg back in steel days.

pat - 19 hours ago
Like Dude said they moved this industry to China because of the pollution.

bill - 20 hours ago
This is why I believe miners should leave 50% profits to land revival trust. Never allow mining in your home district without proper compensation for land trust.

ben - 20 hours ago
Maybe they can get jobs in the Orange-a-tan's clean coal industry.

sunsoap - 20 hours ago
Interesting history, sure, but not a “Sade ode to the wonder years.” This was a grueling industry and many lived third world lives. Truly haunting is that ppl just don’t know the harsh truths about history.

SIERRA SIX ACTUAL - 23 hours ago
Ironically the ONLY one not in Washington getting RICH off the BRIBES to offshore American Jobs to China was President Trump. Sure he made ties in China, but it was Bill and Hillary along with most members from BOTH sides of the aisle that happily sold We The People down the river, first with NAFTA, and dozens of Offshoring schemes since (including the TPP).

MoreBS - 23 hours ago
Let's face it, this facility was wrung out and hung up to dry well before it was finally shut down. Heck it wasn't even worth tearing down.The steel works of today have more programmers than laborers on the payroll.

SIERRA SIX ACTUAL - 23 hours ago
Yeah, they had one of these Artist's Havens in Oakland Ca., fools had no Fire Exits, pallets for stairs, and garbage everywhere. Burned down this time last year killing THIRTY THREE people. The owners (even if it's the county or state) need to be held responsible for tearing down and clearing out this WELCOME MAT TO SQUATTERS.

Hairball - 5 hours ago
Pathetic .........
that the Alabama State Gov did not one use their resources to go after the company assets to clean up the site
2 if that was not possible the STATE should have invested in cleaning up the site themselves..
GOV prefer to bribe more baby breeders than to be constructive.

this is bad but it is more a STAIN on the GOV .....
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JimH - 23 hours ago
That wealth that used to circulate through our economy and the American worker, is now used by the wealthy to profiteer in other nation's economies. And the GOP tax cut for Corporations will be used to maximize profits and for mechanization, not to trickle down to the people in need. And in a few years it will economically depress our country and require the removal of the social nets that help protect Americans.

john s - 17 hours ago
I spent 5 very productive years without a single lay off at U S Steel in Lorain Ohio. That plant employed over 10,000 in its hey day. While I don't believe it is closed, the last figure I heard for employment there was about 1500. Now that is "SAD".

Scythe Falling - yesterday
Manufacturing jobs done by hand are dying due to advanced technology. Most manufacturing plants will be using automation in the near future. No worker's comp to worry about, no paychecks, more efficiency. Overseas, people are still used, only because they can be paid slave wages and their basic rights ignored.

Rose Nylund - 21 hours ago
Part of the Rust Belt. Used to be many factories in the South like this.

john - 21 hours ago
Are nation is littered with these buildings , it started 30 yrs ago, where have you been? Web have NAFTA, and illegals ,to thank for this!

Hardcore Freedom - 21 hours ago
Thanks for the two whole pictures, Yahoo. I suppose your daily allotment of photos Yahoo is allowed to post must have been filled with much more important pics of the Kardashians.

ted n - 21 hours ago
A good metaphor for America and American democracy.

RK - yesterday
The only solution for these lost jobs is more education and new skill development for the displaced workers. But learning is job few people seem willing to do. Would rather just complain that their #$%$ factory job is no longer available...

Chip0269 - 21 hours ago
This is the well-oiled machine trump was referring to.

VillageIdiot - yesterday
All because our politicians decided it was better to let corporations outsource so they could make more money, rather than forcing them to hiring American workers to help our own working class citizens.
Just like the current Republican tax cuts. Permanent 15% tax cuts for corporations, small temporary ones for everyone else.

why knot - 22 hours ago
Someone with a good imagination and design skills could easily repurpose this into a location of value.

Doug - 22 hours ago
Everything the Jew Bankers take control of eventually looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland that has been #$%$ upon.

Brandon - 22 hours ago
Re-purpose it; use it as a movie set. Post-apocalyptic films are rather popular and rather than building an entire set, you got one right here.

Sir Long Wong Dong Jr. - 22 hours ago
Does anyone ever notice these Leftists "artists" always seem to focus on former Conservative businesses like steel and oil for their little displays.

NK - 22 hours ago
So cool, I love abandoned structures and urban exploration.

Michael - yesterday
More accurately, it IS a post-industrial Republican sell out wasteland. Sold all our jobs so mexicans and chinese could work for a buck and a half a day. We get this wasteland in return. The company owners are billionaires.
Replies (3)

sinep - 19 hours ago
Republican? Remind me again what letter was in front of the presidents name when these places closed down..Not to mention the unions are usually D as well.

J-Mack - yesterday
Michael, Michael, Michael. Please go back and do your diligent research on the trade agreements that Obama, the person you worship, made with Mexico that hurt the U.S. Get out of your denial and understand it's not a river in Egypt.

Rich - yesterday
@Michael the problem is the billionaires sold the company at first signs of sown fall. so then some millionaire buys it and goes broke trying to keep it up. Then company doesn't have any money to close up or clean up. so building just sit there and now taxpayers will have to pay for clean up

La Universal - 23 hours ago
It looks like SANCTUARY place from The Walking Dead, the place where they ate people.

Thomas - 23 hours ago
What's the scrap metal value? Amazing that it's sitting around.

blaq - 23 hours ago
Those jobs and even plants were sold to the highest foreign bidder by the same folks promising to bring the jobs back!

Mark - 23 hours ago
Not dormant for 40 years. Some of that equipment is from the 80's

Bob - 23 hours ago
Why don't they start dismantling the place for the scrap. Is the land contaminated too?

nan - 23 hours ago
Not to worry, Drumpf will bring all these jobs and coal jobs back in America in his MAGA pledge.

getaclue - yesterday
The republicans and wealthy elite are so proud. See what they have accomplished? It will only get better (for them) once dump signs The Koch Tax Plan.

Excellent - yesterday
Liberals on here are afraid Trump might put them to work.

Darth Cletus - yesterday
I think these photos are beautiful.

what a lot of hooey - yesterday
There's some really nice steel mills in CHINA.

Newsflash - yesterday
Looks like that FINE Democratic city of DETROIT!
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Yahoo User - 21 hours ago
Have you ever thought that maybe industry leaving this country in the '60s through '80s affected Americans of all political stripes and colors and geographic areas?

Frances - yesterday
Dotard Trump is going to open this steel mill back up.just you wait and see.and its going to be coal powered. and just right down the street he's going to open up a whale blubber processing plant and a stagecoach factory.

Broker - yesterday
Trump use to buy his steel from China then about a decade ago he switched to Russian steel companies. Gee I wonder why?

Thomas - 21 hours ago
Climate change people like to tout our $20 light bulbs, $60,000 golf carts, wind mills etc. are really really cleaning up mother earth.....well all that junk has to be made somewhere. That "somewhere" is in places like China. Google China pollution. All we did was move the waste of our former industries to somewhere else.

Frances - yesterday
If it closed in 1971 that means Republican Richard Nixon was President. Now why is Alabama a Republican state? Don't the citizens of Alabama want good jobs?

Steve S - yesterday
Lets not forget Trump has built most of his building with Chinese Steel. The Keystone Pipeline although Trump promised only American Steel actually was built with Chinese material.
Replies (3)

Donna - 19 hours ago
Steve S, you are not too bright.

Ell - yesterday
Used the *already purchased* Chinese steel. How dumb would it have been to repurchase?

Newsflash - yesterday
Because there are virtually NO US steel supplies left...dummy

TonyFNClifton - 21 hours ago
"looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland similar to Westworld" Has the author ever seen Westworld? Westworld isn't post-apocalyptic; it's a theme park based on the old west. It takes place in a very pre-apocolyptic world where people have so much money they can bang and murder lifelike robots for fun.

Christopher - yesterday
The Globalists (Bush I & II, Clinton I & II, and Obama) have destroyed this country.
Replies (1)

Broker - yesterday
Really? Funny how you don't blame the average voter who just double down on all this outsourcing to other countries with Trump.

Messinwitya - yesterday
President John Kennedy an President Lyndon Johnson killed the steel industry thats a fact! Now the liberals want to laugh at Trump for trying to reverse the damage

David - yesterday
This is what happens when illegals take over.

_ - yesterday
Funny, I thought "Westworld" was a fantasy location where you could act out your fantasies and have sex with robots. Never heard of it as a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

lankershim - 22 hours ago
Our politicians, big businesses, and government have sold out our country for Twinkies. This is what is left. And now we spend tremendous amounts of fuel to ship steel from China to the U.S. - don't talk to me about use of fossil fuel usage when this is going on.

lieNoMore - yesterday
Deindustrialization is a good thing. Computers, Robots, AI, automated clean factories. You won't even drive a car. Find something new to do use your mind because the future is already here. The past is gone. Good thing too.
Replies (2)

Victor - 23 hours ago
most robotics start with a chunk 0f cast iron or aliminum

It's kind of funny. Your wife says lets go here? Nope don't feel like driving.. Honey drag your body to the car. Fall into the back seat with me. Turn the TV on the head rest. And tell the car where to go.. are you that freaking lazy? Yep......Lol

victoria - yesterday
Yahoo News is a Wasteland!
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Samuel - yesterday
I think your confusing CNN to Yahoo, one reports the news, and the other tries to MAKE the news

slush - yesterday
Alabama appears to be good for something after all.
Replies (2)

Gavin - yesterday
Rusting in the sun?

TJD - yesterday
But nothing that a good digital artist can't come up with. So CGI > AL.

NoCovfefeHere - yesterday
Frankly, I am shocked that Mr. Trump hasn't badgered them to re-open this factory and bring all those jobs back!

jaramogi - 12 hours ago
I wonder why the metal in not recycled and the site cleaned, The scrape metal has value. I urge unemployed people or prisoners used to remove the metal and clean the site. The proceed from selling the scrap metal be given to this workers.

tony - 59 minutes ago
Libtard Globalist trade policies of the last 30 years brought us here. Shame on you Tards.

B - 19 hours ago
Apocalyptic? Looks like an old steel facility to me.... Worked US Steel in Houston and traveled to PA & IN conducting EHS audits at the Steel Mills for years as of 2012, before the Oil Market crashed!! Back at it in career but back on the Oil side, times are good again! Just gotta catch up from years of Obomanation....

Anonymous - 19 hours ago
NAFTA, GATT and enviro#$%$ hard at work. Thanks to their foresight and concern we'll soon all be living in tepees. Made of evironmentally friendly repurposed newpapers of course.

Matt - 15 hours ago
It is very large land and lots of barns and equipment. I can make a big cow farm. Clean up barns paint them and furnish for cows.. Make one slaughterhouse.. One big refrigerator and others storage food for cows.. Repaire and convrrt equipments for feeding coes

Covfefe - 5 hours ago
Keep commenting trumptards. It shows how uneducated you are.

Shenthen - 17 hours ago
"The unusual location, which is nearly 140 years old,..." was its life as steel work only in its 140 history? Or some other industry resided here before steelwork?

popeye - 18 hours ago
why hasn't this site been demolished and the pollution cleaned up? that steel company made billions of profit off it, they need to pay for the clean up, not just walk away scott free!

Robert - 7 hours ago
If you sat through grievance meetings in the early 70s with the USWA, you would have a complete understanding why these plants shut down.

Marshhawk - 7 hours ago
Make America Great again- Buy Chinese steel. How about the ABOVE #45?

Shelby - 28 minutes ago
Thanks Obama

jim - 33 minutes ago
God bless those lovely labor unions.

skipjackk - 1 hour ago
Love it! Wish I could buy it. It's awesome.

Yahoo Reader - 2 hours ago
Thank you Clinton. Thank you NAFTA.

RN316 - 2 hours ago
Replies (2)

Jeff - 2 hours ago
Unions thrived during America's most prosperous years...and that not a coincidence.

michael - 2 hours ago
You mean conservative globalism. You guys believe in free markets right? Lol you are an idiot with contradictory comments like that lol lol lol lol

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
I heard steel and coal jobs are pouring in like never before ?

Manny - 3 hours ago
Very sad. A snapshot of much of America now. We used to make things. I hope we do again.

Black Napkins - 3 hours ago
Good place to make a movie.

Diane - 3 hours ago
I was there in June of this year. Great place to visit and learn.

None - 3 hours ago
Cool pictures

Tony - 3 hours ago
Where are all those steel jobs Trump was supposed to bring back with all that American steel he was going to use? Comical how the people fell for that when he didn't even use U. S. steel in his own buildings he had built. He used steel from China!

Jack - 3 hours ago
hope we never have to go to war with the people who make all of our stuff

Harold - 3 hours ago
I bet some tv show or movie could use that as a set

Donald - 4 hours ago
May the States become the world leader in Arts.

dudley - 4 hours ago
I've worked in and around many of the same places over my years in the environmental field it's was amazing sad and scary all at the same time

Civlyzed - 4 hours ago

Greg - 4 hours ago
Why is this plant idle? I thought Donnie Littlehands was bringing all those steel jobs back. Must be fake news. Right Trumptards
Replies (1)

Arlie - 4 hours ago
Really stupid comment Greg.
Typical of a liberal.

Hector - 4 hours ago
Don’t worry, trump is bringing those jobs back any day now!

RobertC - 4 hours ago
Looks like a great location for a new Mad Max movie

Hoosier Native - 5 hours ago
Not to worry everyone. Trump will bring all those steel mills back just like all the coal mining jobs.

Bel air fuzz - 5 hours ago
Good places to film the walking dead.

John - 5 hours ago
Thanks China.

Maybe - 5 hours ago
Steam punk nirvana

Clayt - 5 hours ago
I want to take that big truck for a spin!

Kevin - 5 hours ago
Everybody who comments seems to be miserable must be taxing !
Replies (1)

Hector - 4 hours ago
I’m not miserable! I️ am actually in puerto Vallarta celebrating my birthday! Also, I’m retired. Retired at the age of 57! Miserable? No! Enjoying life? Yes! Commenting on Yahoo? Yes!

Jeff - 5 hours ago

Mr Podman - 6 hours ago
You could use the straighten tool on your pictures every now and again.

MK1 MOD ZERO - 14 hours ago
thank goodness that the democrats destroyed the hated America!

JAMES - 6 hours ago
Global economy in pictures

Brian K - 7 hours ago
Thought Dump said he was bringing all these jobs back along with bring coal back?
Replies (1)

toadj - 6 hours ago
Doesn't happen in 9 months Brian. At least the tide is starting to turn. What happened over the last 8 years? Let me answer that for you. We got steamrolled.

ALLEN - 7 hours ago
"Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers ..

Don - 15 hours ago
How, in the hell, does anyone know what a 'post-apocalyptic wasteland'looks like? You Yahoo folks have been at the bud again.

Carom - 7 hours ago
FAKE NEWS, Trump brought back al the steel jobs and coal jobs.

Big Blue - 7 hours ago
I love ruins.

DanS - 17 hours ago
Mmm ... looks like it could be converted to one big whisky distillery.

almostnuts - 18 hours ago
Our leadership in washington looks the same way. Broken, rusty, derelict, discarded.

derek - 9 hours ago
Replies (2)

derek - 9 hours ago

derek - 9 hours ago

Kevin - 18 hours ago
Awesome. Would love to explore that place. I find stuff like this more fascinating than Mila Kunis' episiotomy scar.

Kevin - 18 hours ago
Awesome. Would love to explore that place. I find stuff like this more fascinating than Mila Kunis' episiotomy scar.

the big bo - 11 hours ago
Being in Ala. a non-union state. They hate union. Why did it close couldn't be a union because Ala. hate union and is a non-union state. Just remember in the south U.S.A. is a union. The union won the war between the states

JJT - 12 hours ago
Great piece of a story I knew nothing about. Thx for sharing. Lots of repercussions and I am certain there is a lot of YOU VS ME going on among the comments below. Sigh...

Gilly - 12 hours ago
I would like to start a business tearing down abandoned places like this and recycling the steel, giving business to American steel plants

Steven - 13 hours ago
Does this place use wood pallets as stairs, too?

Teresa G - 21 hours ago
I grew up near Youngstown...ground zero for abandoned steel mills.

epicurean - 13 hours ago
Actually, check out Fordlandia in the jungles of Brazil

Anthony - 13 hours ago
They would make perfect lofts for some hipster doofus.

Siwyg - 22 hours ago
Just old factory building. If you want to see post-apocalyptic, then go to black or hispanic slums, for that experience.

Jeff - 14 hours ago

Danny Smith - 14 hours ago
I will scrap that steel for free. So it gets cleaned up of course.

Bob - 14 hours ago
Ain't unions great?

Kip - 15 hours ago

"the rupe" - 15 hours ago
Love to visit that.


David - 15 hours ago
So does all of Detroit.

N - 15 hours ago
one thing society better realize do you support usa and believe in a better world for all or not lord this idiots have lost something we did not

Kali-finest - 15 hours ago
It's a white thing!

Ragemonkey - 15 hours ago
They kinda have that "fallout" feel to them, cool.

Jack - 15 hours ago
It is a fine measure to lift up other countries ... as long as this does not DRAG AMERICA DOWN !!! Yet until Trump, we have DISMALLY FAILED AT ALL EFFORTS TOWARD THIS !!!

AL - 16 hours ago
Looks like a set from Wonder Woman.

Cliff - 16 hours ago
Can they do one on Coal Mines too?

Hamish - 16 hours ago
I could swear I've seen this place in at least one zombie movie.

Eric - 16 hours ago
Shut off in 1971. Huh. wasn't that around the time off all those #$%$ poor trade deals.

Nothing - 16 hours ago
Chernobyl ?

Just Another Yahoo - 17 hours ago
Very cool pics

Emmanuel - 17 hours ago
Fallout in real life.

Steven M. - 17 hours ago
That was before Leftists destroyed America
Replies (1)

Cliff - 16 hours ago
Can they do one on drumps Coal Mine Jobs too?

DanS - 17 hours ago
Convert into lofts and sell them for millions to yuppies.

Republican - 17 hours ago
This is what your demands for min wage will cause.

Richard Cranium - 18 hours ago
If Trump has his way their country will be back to the 1930's, and this place might be relevant again

Michael s - 18 hours ago
I bet that yellow GMC has 1 ton axles, lockers, and a 454 engine!

RD - 18 hours ago
Welcome to America!!!

Joe45 - 18 hours ago
This happen to thousands of American companies when the American owners decide
To move to Mexico,China and other countries and they did not care at all about the American worker but the $$$$$

Mister Cool - 19 hours ago
Didn't Oakland have a place like that, that caught fire and killed most everyone.
Replies (1)

ibthesonofman - 19 hours ago
That would be reb infested Atlanta Georgia ..... Sherman

G - 19 hours ago
Very true and look at many inner cities.

GA - 19 hours ago
It is a DAMN shame that these plants are like they are today. These places should be filled with hard working men and women.

C. - 19 hours ago
Can people visit it?

mark - 20 hours ago
Trump will bring these jobs back. These people seem to believe that

Tronald Dump - 20 hours ago
This would be an awesome paintball field.

Koolmoedee - 20 hours ago
Looks like Detroit! Trump wants to bring jobs back, but people seem content with the status quo as long as they get to keep their food stamps and free phones.

Sonza88 - 20 hours ago
At least we liberated the Middle East and recovered all of the WMD's!!

Thorshammer - 21 hours ago
Trump will have it up & running in a couple of weeks! Clean coal is here now cheap steel! Ba ha ha ha ha!

lmatin9 - 21 hours ago
Trump "THE HITLER IN CHIEF" Is coming after U!!!

xeno - 21 hours ago
I played this level in Fallout 4!

BILLK - 21 hours ago
Looks like a good spot for a movie set.

Vin - 21 hours ago
No worries. The Moron will bring it back.

Bentheredonethat - 21 hours ago
Embrace change or cease to exist.

Rob - 21 hours ago
Fallout 4

na - 22 hours ago
Lets turn it into a Chinese Garden!

Captain Nemo - 2 hours ago
The U.S.A. Screw the steelworkers.Look what they did to Bethlehem steel and some of the company was own by the government.Those Blast fces. a,b,c, are not day they will fall in on them selfs .And man die there and people walk around there like nothing happen.City of Beth.Pa. is not what it used to be.This whole country is slowly killing it self. Hollywood told the whole story in the deer hunter,and others that follow.

Whinosaurus - 22 hours ago
Trump will bring steel jobs back in no time ! And Mexico will pay for it !

Robert - 23 hours ago
I want my fries super sized please

Gretchen - 23 hours ago
Would make a good movie set...

michael - 23 hours ago
You can thank greedy union members for its demise.

John G - yesterday
Trump said he was going to bring back the steel mill jobs. This place should be up and running in a few weeks. Trump is a man of his word.

DIVIDED - yesterday
Would make an awesome movie set.

Peter N - yesterday

Mad-yahoo-poster - yesterday
Make a cool movie set

I Came For The Comments - yesterday
I thought Trump was bringing those jobs back? Naive people...

DittaL - yesterday
American pickers would have field day

william b - yesterday
Trump is creating jobs for steel workers.
Replies (1)

Rich - yesterday
Sorry, but no, he's not. He never even uses US steel in his own buildings.

Max - 15 hours ago
That's not post-apocalyptic. THIS is post-apocalyptic, and it's cranking away, not abandoned.
Norilsk, Russia. Population 177,000. It's the northernmost city in the world—and one of the most deadly.
Norilsk, Russia. Population 177,000. It's the northernmost city in the world—and one of the most deadly.
Norilsk, Russia. Population 177,000. It's the northernmost city in the world—and one of the most deadly.

Anthony m - 13 hours ago
Yeah? well people should stop listening to their tv and read the book "AND THE WOLF FONALLY CAME" by John P. Hoerr. It wil show stupid poiliticians are and how uninformed you are. The company hand in hand with the Union let our steel industry go to h-ll.

Barnabus - yesterday
And was the set for Richard Harris's THE RAVAGERS
and it is one of the most Huanted places in the south.

EyeWuz'Bout2Say - 2 hours ago
Yep, that's what it looks like, alright. Very "Walking Dead"-ish...

Verizon FIOS - yesterday
Steel, coal, construction goods are produce FAR more cheaply overseas. Like Springsteen said '...and they ain't coming back"

Mickey - 5 hours ago
Why is this allowed? The "owner" needs to clean it up. Looks to me like there is a lot of steel laying around that could be used to make....perish the thought....steel.

Private Sector - 5 hours ago
Trump said that he was going to bring back steel. lol

lovemexfood - 16 hours ago
Yeah, but coal is coming back, big time. LOL!!!!!

James - 23 hours ago
Trumpy will bring it back. He promised.

hollander - 23 hours ago
Make it Roy Moore's new campaign hq!

longtallsally - 8 minutes ago
and tis is what the Islamic Marxist wanted America to look like all over..................give billions to the illegals, refugees nd welfarers but do not help the middle class

beaniebaby - 1 hour ago
The minute that Americans will agree to work for free (or half price)...we can get it all back.

Whatwherewhen - 1 hour ago
This is what Repukes did to America, figures its in Alabamee

Ronald - 1 hour ago

luannesrackissmallerthanmine - 2 hours ago
THIS is what republicans LOVE To see!!!! Abandoned American factories mean THEIR DONORS are getting RICHHHHHHH off of foreign labor!!!!!!!

Robert - 7 hours ago
Next go to Whearton, West Virgina.

Matt - 15 hours ago
Venezuale madora starving..we can sell cow meat produced on this site after converting that old place into cow farm ...

Ron Burgandy - 16 hours ago
Another example of the result of Democrat policies ... unions, taxes, EPA regs, etc.....

C - 16 hours ago
tRump will have that factory making....nothing

C - 16 hours ago
'Sphere of Influence' by Pat Choate pretty much sums up the greed in the Washington swamp….democrats and republicans enlightening read

Keith - 18 hours ago
Filthy Money Grubbing Dems Have Taxed and Spent America INTO THIRD WORLD STATUS !!!,,,,,DRAIN THE SWAMP , MAGA TRUMP!!!

1234 - 19 hours ago
nothing new here in Youngstown Ohio

jusjonny - 8 hours ago
shuttered factories. shame on democrats
Replies (1)

semple - 22 hours ago
Kinda reminds me of the game Bioshock

Rod - 22 hours ago
We used to use a lot of coal in steel manufacture..... now .... Herr you see the connection here....?

David D - yesterday
man, it really does look like scenery from the game fallout lol

ItalianForDinner - yesterday
Michael who commented on my comment...EXCUSE ME....TRY years of DemocRats and 8 years of Obameconomics.......I Lived it come see for YOURSELF.....

cadillac man - 17 minutes ago
Obamas America

Randy - 35 minutes ago
Who is John Galt?

melvin - 44 minutes ago
America so sad !

Michael - 3 hours ago

Paid My Way - 6 hours ago
Sloss furnaces?

michael - 3 hours ago
Looks like the trumptard house

Nancy - 3 hours ago
One day they’ll be condos..

Bill - 15 hours ago

MADA - 15 hours ago

C - 16 hours ago

Elrod - 16 hours ago
Steampunk dreamland.

Sky M - 17 hours ago
twd scouting location..

Sonza88 - 20 hours ago

Stacie Stockman - 23 hours ago
Packard Plant in Detroit....

MEF - yesterday
Perfect movie location....

john - yesterday

Rob - 23 hours ago
so many good parts just laying all over the place.....

Anonymous1 - yesterday
Wait I thought DOTARD was going to bring jobs "back". What's going on w/ that!!??

Iberico - yesterday
because cities in the steel belt are filled with NFL kneelbelt people