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Nature's mirror — still waters reflect stunning images

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These stunning mirror image shots reveal the beauty in still waters. From elegant swans captured in Wales in golden light to explorers appearing to walk on water on the salt flats of Bolivia, this photo series proves that sometimes the only prop a photographer needs is H20. The collection of photographs, shot all over the world, also features perfectly reflected hyenas and wildebeests drinking at the watering holes of the African savannah. (Caters News)

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A hyena kisses his own reflection while appearing to walk on water. (Photo: Jake De Wet/Caters News)

The bridge makes a perfect circle with it’s own reflection. (Photo: Roman Robroek/Caters News)

A squirrel looks at its reflection. (Photo: Julian Rad/Caters News)

A herd of African water buffalo drink from a watering hole at night in South Africa. (Photo: Andreas Hemb/Caters News)

With its wings spread, mid-flight across the Glaslyn River in North Wales, the elegance of the swan is captured perfectly as it aligns with its reflection in perfect symmetry. (Photo: Tony Pope/Caters News)

Ants carry leaves, petals and flowers in the Costa Rican rainforest. (Photo: Bence Mate/Caters News)

Two thirsty flamingoes create a four point reflection in New Mumbai, India. (Photo: Vishwanath Madhukar Shinde/Caters News)

Explorers appear to stand on water at the salt flats of Bolivia. (Photo: Hideki Mizuta/Caters News)

A pallid bat swoops in for a drink just after dark. (Photo: Beth Ruggiero/Caters News)

Explorers appear to stand on water at the salt flats of Bolivia. (Photo: Hideki Mizuta/Caters News)

A swan swoops in to land on a lake in Beaufort Hill Woodlands, in Brecon Beacons, Wales, recreating the Star Wars fighter in flight image. (Photo: Leslie Price/Caters News)

Model Amy Connolly dances on a pole against a beautiful starry backdrop. (Photo: Casey Grimley/Caters News)