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Real-life Garfield fat cat

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This adorable feline could be mistaken for a real-life Garfield, as he happens to weigh a staggering 33 pounds. Giant mog Bronson was adopted by Mike Wilson and his partner, Megan Hanneman, and has since been put on a target weight-loss program. Photographs of lovable Bronson show just how large he is compared to other cats. In one image, for example, a cushion for a cat bed only covers the 3-year-old ginger tabby’s back like the shell of a turtle. (Caters News)

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This feline could be mistaken for a real-life Garfield — he weighs a staggering 33 pounds. (Photo: Caters News)

Giant moggy Bronson was adopted by Mike Wilson and his partner, Megan Hanneman, and has since been put on a target weight-loss program. (Photo: Caters News)

He looks gigantic next to Megan, stretching out across his owner’s torso. (Photo: Caters News)

The overweight ginger tabby gets weighed. (Photo: Caters News)

Bronson is now on a weight-loss program. (Photo: Caters News)

Mike, 35, and Megan, 29, who live in Ann Arbor, Mich., adopted Bronson from their local Humane Society after his owner passed away. (Photo: Caters News)

Mike, who runs a cat furniture business, said: “The Humane Society did an interview to make sure that whoever adopted him was going to take his weight loss seriously.” (Photo: Caters News)

Mike said: “We really want to create something positive out of this opportunity.” (Photo: Caters News)

He added: “If we can be a part of making cats healthier on a large scale, that would absolutely be a dream come true.” (Photo: Caters News)

“We were lucky that the lady that interviewed us had heard of our company and was excited because she knew that we had experience with setting up a healthy lifestyle,” Mike added. (Photo: Caters News)

Mike and Megan have set Bronson the goal of losing one pound a month, with their long-term hope being that he will eventually weight around 15 to 18 pounds. (Photo: Caters News)

Since Bronson was adopted a few months ago, the couple have changed the cat’s diet three times, focusing on grain-free wet food. (Photo: Caters News)

He is also played with more regularly — which Mike and Megan hope will keep Bronson active and help him shed pounds. (Photo: Caters News)

Over the coming weeks, the two plan to try hydrotherapy treatment for Bronson. The cat has his own Instagram account, which has received a flood of followers and positive comments. (Photo: Caters News)