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All over the world! Couple capture their global dip-kisses at landmark locations

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A loved-up couple have captured the moments they shared a dip-kiss in different locations around the world. Rob, 34, and Joli Switzer, 33, from Maryland, embark on a minimum of four international holidays per year to ensure that they get their unique dip-kiss photograph.

Having embraced at landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai and the Disney castle in Florida, the couple have ticked off a lot on their bucket list. (Caters News)

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Husband and wife Rob and Joli Switzer perform their dip-kiss pose in Monument Valley in Utah and Arizona. (Caters News)

The Switzers in Kizhi, Russia. (Caters News)

The Switzers at the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City. (Caters News)

The Switzers at Disney World Florida in front of the Magic Kingdom. (Caters News)

Rob Switzer proposed to Joli while they were on holiday in Moscow. (Caters News)

The Switzers at Four Corners: New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. (Caters News)

The Switzers at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. (Caters News)

The Switzers in the Maldives. (Caters News)

The Switzers in Times Square, New York. (Caters News)

The Switzers at the Great Wall in Xian, China. (Caters News)

The Switzers in Harbin, China, at St. Sophia Cathedral. (Caters News)

The Switzers at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. (Caters News)