Jon Russell, TechCrunch July 27, 2018

Facebook also removes 4 Infowars videos, including one it previously cleared

Original Article Link to Yahoo! News:

Days after defending its decision to give a voice to conspiracy theory peddler Alex Jones and his Infowars site, Facebook has removed four of his videos for violating its community standards.

But one of the four had already been allowed to slip through the firm's review system. A source within Facebook told TechCrunch that one of the videos had previously been flagged for review in June but, after being looked over by a checker, it was allowed remain on the social network. That decision was described as "erroneous" and it has now been removed.

Facebook's removal of the videos comes days after YouTube scrubbed four videos from Jones from its site for violating its policies on content. The Facebook source confirmed that three of the videos it has removed were flagged for the first time on Wednesday -- presumably after, or in conjunction with, them being highlighted to YouTube -- but the fact that one had gotten the all-clear one again raises question marks about the consistency of Facebook's review process.

Contrary to some media reports, Jones has not received a 30-day ban from Facebook following these removals. TechCrunch understands that such a ban will be issued if Jones violates the company's policies in the future, but, for now, he has been given a warning.

"Our Community Standards make it clear that we prohibit content that encourages physical harm [bullying], or attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity [hate speech]. We remove content that violates our standards as soon as we're aware of it. In this case, we received reports related to four different videos on the Pages that Infowars and Alex Jones maintain on Facebook. We reviewed the content against our Community Standards and determined that it violates. All four videos have been removed from Facebook," a spokesperson said in a statement.

Earlier this month, the company's head of News Feed John Hegeman said of Infowars content -- which includes claims 9/11 was an inside job and alternate theories to the San Bernardino shootings -- that "just for being false, doesn’t violate the community standards." He added: "We created Facebook to be a place where different people can have a voice."

Facebook seemed to double down on that stance on Monday when, at another event, VP of product Fidji Simo called Infowars "absolutely atrocious" but then said that "if you are saying something untrue on Facebook, you’re allowed to say it as long as you’re an authentic person and you are meeting the community standards."

It's not been a good week for Facebook. A poor earnings report spooked investors and caused its valuation drop by $123 billion in what is the largest-single market cap wipeout in U.S. trading history. That's not the kind of record Facebook will want to own.

Facebook would make a martyr by banning Infowars

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DubE - 6 hours ago
He should have to post a disclaimer, that he is playing a character, which he admitted in court. And that his show is for entertainment, not for factual or informational purposes

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JeffB - 5 hours ago
I'm a conservative and I always thought Infowars was a comedy site.

Replies (92)
Jamie - 7 hours ago
Never had facebook and never going to have it!

Replies (73)
A.j. - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones. Enough said...

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JohnD - 8 hours ago
I think it’s important to point out that YouTube and FB are not eliminating all Jones material, just four videos that violate their published community standards. And nothing stops Jones from self publishing.

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Philmore Cooter - 7 hours ago
Alex admitted he was playing a role for his supporters and they still believe every word the loon has to say.

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Edward - 3 hours ago

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Kevin - 5 hours ago
Facebook and other sites aren’t obligated to keep things on their site. It’s a private company

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#methree - 3 hours ago
Who uses FACEBOOK anymore?

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Dr. Clayton Forrester - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones: Proving P.T. Barnum correct in no uncertain terms.

Wildcard - 7 hours ago
And Facebook stock crashed yesterday too. So there's that.

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Adam - 8 hours ago
Headline should read facebook removes $119 billion from there stock

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new yorker - 3 hours ago
Story has it Facebook was funded by our DOD. ?

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0 - 8 hours ago
Trump fans are really gonna get worked up about this.

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Dan - 7 hours ago
billionaires dictating freedom

Replies (36)
Texas F 150 - 7 hours ago
He lost over $17 billion...couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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KB - 6 hours ago
Not to worry, farcebook is going down the flusher too.

RAT M - 7 hours ago
Fan of Jones or not... They do it to him , they do it to us .

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Ian - 8 hours ago
You can censor people all day, but you can't stop them from voting.

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John - 5 hours ago
How many of your posts have been deleted by yahoo?

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Classycamaro - 2 hours ago
Freedom of speech?

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Michael M - 6 hours ago
Still waiting for Operation to take the guns in Texas.

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r - 6 hours ago
FB just shed 123 B in market cap, which represents the largest dump in history. The least of their worries are Alex Jones.

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Holdthepickle - 6 hours ago
Facebook, just a bunch of followers ;)

Replies (4)
Scott - 7 hours ago
No longer a free open platform I guess

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JRP - 7 hours ago
And yet they give Griffin, Waters, Warren , air time

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Jarrod - 5 hours ago
How is this different from yahoo sssensoringgg our comments?

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ConservaLib - 7 hours ago
So, once again, free speech for some but not for all. Look, I'm not a Jones fan but if this isn't 1984, what is? We're headed toward "conform or be cast out" with a quickness.

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Selacious - 7 hours ago
Censorship only serves to perpetuate conspiracy theories.

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Jason - 6 hours ago
Millions of 'think they know' people in America shining light on the glorious failure of our education system and parenting responsibility. The more you actually know, the less you 'think you know'. If you have no proof, your answer should only be 'I don't know'.

Adam L - 9 hours ago
Thank God, because I’m not adult enough to see thing and make my own decisions I need Facebook and YouTube to do it for me

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元▲- †ȞƐ ƦξV€Ř∑И̼̱͇Ɖ -☯♍ - 6 hours ago
Jones or no Jones, there are still many questionable events surrounding 9/11.

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Anonymous - 6 hours ago
Why is the main stream media trying to crash the stock market?

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R&R - 58 minutes ago
The only good news for Jones is that he is still eligible to save 15% on his car insurance.

joe - 5 hours ago
Facebook and Yahoo limits free speech!

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Andrew - 6 hours ago
Infowars is way more accurate than yahoo

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clarence - 4 hours ago
It is good facebook lost $150 billion in 90 minutes yesterday!!

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chris - 6 hours ago
Jim, I mean Alex Jones shouldn't be allowed to post politically charged conspiracy theories anywhere until the Sandy hook lawsuit is complete. At that point he will be a pauper and it won't matter.

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B.I.R.D - 4 hours ago
All this will do is increase his support base.

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GMLOSMD - 7 hours ago
80 years ago the national socialist burned books they disagreed with too.

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RAREINCHG - 7 hours ago
it free speech if comes from the left

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Susan - 2 hours ago
I wish someone would "remove" Alex Jones...period.

Michael - 2 hours ago
How long will Congress allow "community standards" on these public forums override the 1st Ammendment?

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Anonymous - 3 hours ago
Looking forward to the continued collapse of FB

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Austen - 5 hours ago
In other words, the media is proudly flaunting that they got Jones censored and are for censorship. Got it.

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Alex - 7 hours ago
So much for that free and open internet liberals scream about when they argue for net neutrality

Replies (18)
joe - 6 hours ago
facebook and yahoo limits free speech !

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Joe - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones - The best comedian out there!!

Bill - 7 hours ago
I look forward to the day the Sandy Hook parents win in their case over Alex Jones.

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dave - 3 hours ago
Infowars is bad "News". Interesting how many think their favorite source of information is News, when in reality it is opinion, commentary and entertainment.

Nom - 56 minutes ago
It figures that "Alex Jones" is a personal friend of dotard.

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones has an audience?! Wow, that would be one Thanksgiving gathering I would avoid.

ben - 2 hours ago
Anybody ever try going out and leaving their phones and digital stuff at home? I know it’s a strange concept. Try it sometime

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Mitch - 4 hours ago
Why does anyone believe that hate speech has a “right” to be on Facebook? The 1st amendment doesn’t guarantee you a platform, but freedom from govt interference. You can’t make ABC or Fox broadcast what you want - and Facebook is no different

Jigstein - 2 hours ago
You have to really question anyone defending Alex Jones.

John - 6 hours ago
Well Tin Foil sales just went up.

Reddog - 1 hour ago
Infowars - the site for people who can't handle reality.

Mark - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones cannot force the Washington Times, the National Review, Facebook or any other platform to publish his material.

Replies (2)
bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
remember when alex jones said that the govt. was using satellites to start hurricanes to ruin houston and other cities?

Replies (1)
Beard - 7 hours ago
Conservatives really believe they can say whatever they want whenever they want regardless of whether the platform is theirs or not.

Replies (13)
L. - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones makes his living by catering to the wild fears and paranoia of a very unstable part of the population. Some actually sent death threats to grieving parents at Sandy Hook. Apparently it has not occurred to him they might one day turn on him as well? I predict they will

Terry - 6 hours ago
To the writer of this article Jon Russel Tech Crunch said "Days after defending its decision to give a voice to conspiracy theory peddler Alex Jones " and I say your line about Alex is wrong. It should read "Facebook Stocks Plunge After Restricting Conservative Pro American Free Speech" But those are your words and that is slanderous of how you put and said on your part.

Replies (4)
Betty - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones is not a Deep State tool like Facebook & Yahoo.

Replies (2)
Mueller for President - 2 hours ago
Facebook's house, Facebook's rules.

Mylo - 5 hours ago
And the millions from right wing video many of those have been removed?

Replies (2)
RUssian puPPet - 7 hours ago
Goodbye Info Hoar!!!

Replies (2)
GW - 5 hours ago
So funny....being a private company, they can ban anything they want....if they wanted to ban kitten video's it is within their right....sorry it has nothing to do with "freedom of speech"..

Replies (4)
dale - 5 hours ago
freedom of speech is a great constitutional right. freedom to respond is a right also.

Replies (3)
montyjk - 8 hours ago
This is why conspiracy theories exist in the first place. Facebook is collapsing just like every other ultra left wing organization.

Replies (5)
GHP - 3 hours ago
As facebook stock continues to drop and the silent majority has spoken. 1st amendment is for everyone...even Alex.

Replies (2)
How Did This Happen! - 1 hour ago
Long over due.

william - 4 hours ago
BE AWARE OF SHADOW BANNING ..... Google and Facebook control what you say online ..... if you know it or not .... you post or comment , you see it , others do not

Replies (2)
Smidget Peanut - 1 hour ago
This is the guy (Alex Jones) who Dotard called and thanked on the air just after the 2016 election. I'm sure Dotard thinks he's a tremendous person. Very strong and powerful.

Gregory - 6 hours ago
This is the only valid information from trumptards and Fox News second

Ben - 6 hours ago
Are the going to remove extreme left wing propaganda too?

Replies (3)
Otto Pilot - 40 minutes ago
Does anyone still remember Morton Downey Jr? Right, and we'll soon forget Jones in time too.

Pablo - 2 hours ago
Is about time

Chris k - 3 hours ago
Facebook and Alex Jones were made for each other.

Interested - 4 hours ago
Why is lying not against community standards? I don'r understand. You can lie as long as you say it nicely?

Anonymous - 6 hours ago
I don't always agree with everything he says, but it is clear that Alex Jones repeatedly proves intentional dis-information from the main stream media.

Replies (3)
Anonymous - 2 hours ago
Dude deserves everything that's coming...

Replies (2)
Pitchforks4Koch Bros - 3 hours ago
Well there goes the majority of Fox News sources !

Terrorist retard Bashart Assad - 6 hours ago
just 4?

Eric C - 2 hours ago
Crisis Actor Alex Jones.

Alex - 7 hours ago
The left wing is really doing what it can to suppress the right's voice in the months heading up to this election. Imagine how bad it will be in 2020.

Replies (6)
SCM1968GT - 3 hours ago
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

pete - 5 hours ago
Alex Jones actually works for the NWO, that's why he has his followers spinning around in circles

Max - 5 hours ago
By the time I graduated from high school many years ago with a journalism scholarship, I already knew that the only free press is the one that you own, so I did not accept that scholarship and went into a completely different field. What passes for journalism today is often merely propaganda for one ridiculous group or another, and most Americans do not have the necessary education to be able to separate fact from propaganda.

Replies (1)
ConfederateSon - 4 hours ago
I'm the most conservative person I know and I've never heard of this guy.

Replies (3)
Jim - 7 hours ago
This is nothing more than liberals censoring things they don't agree with.

Replies (5)
The Joker - 1 hour ago
Not a fan of his , but when they take your freedom of speech away maybe he was right all along.

Replies (3)
Right Wing Science Guy - 3 hours ago
Without Infowars, how are MAGA inbreds going to know which children in the school shootings are just actors and which ones are legit? (spoiler alert: they are always actors)

P - 7 hours ago
Alex Jones had air plane with banner flying over convention with the words "Hillary for Prison". I think that is why MSM is out to get him, they can't have their minions ethics be questioned.

Replies (5)
Gary D. - 5 hours ago
I'm not a regular watcher of Alex Jones, however, I have learned some important things through his efforts, especially some years back...things I haven't seen anyone else having the guts to explore...explanations/un-coverings of why 'things' are the way they are...

Replies (1)
Ron Comesteine - 5 hours ago
Who's Alex Jones?

Replies (1)
T. - 2 hours ago
How is jones still alive?

Unc Sam - 4 hours ago
Facebook is part of Big Brother.

ROY - 5 hours ago
censorship on Twitter and Facebook

Big J - 4 hours ago
It's only freedom of speech if the left agrees with you

Replies (2)
hiyosilver - 8 hours ago
Media, including newspapers, TV, social are under no obligation to publush anything. Want it totally uncesored, DarkWeb it like ProudBoys do.

Replies (1)
Mary D. - 3 hours ago
He should have to post a disclaimer, that he is playing a character, which he admitted in court. And that his show is for entertainment, not for factual or informational purposes ... definitely!!!

Drake - 5 hours ago
Watching Facebook and Jones crumble has been an honor and a privilege

Replies (1)
Gary A - 4 hours ago
If Jones doesn't like what youtube and facebook did, build a website of his own to promote it there. There he can control the content.

Eric - 7 hours ago
$119 billion lost to not like someone. That is expensive anger.

Nun - 4 hours ago
It's terribly funny watching this setup take place.

FB, Twitter and Youtube are showing us all whose team they play for.

Carroll - 5 hours ago
At least they found a picture of the guy without his white hood.

z j - 6 hours ago
Not much difference between Alex Jones and Rachel maddow

Replies (3)
Scott - 6 hours ago
He called for the Murder of Robert Mulleur. How cute

Replies (2)
68Goat - 7 hours ago
I hear from more every week, that did support him but don't now, and now wish they hadn't voted for him.

Replies (3)
adam - 6 hours ago
There is no better entertainment on all the internet than going over to Alex Jones' page and see what him and his nut job followers actually believe.

javier v - 6 hours ago
Now where are the Trumptards gonna get their fake news from?

Replies (2)
JY - 4 hours ago
When will fox news be censored

Replies (1)
tginaj - 2 hours ago
Facebook: "Our Community Standards make it clear that truth violates our standards."

Gulf - 57 minutes ago
Thought Alex Jones was still incarcerated in the basement of Walmart with Gov. Abbot. When did they escape? Did Cadet Bonespurs pardon them?

Jim - 4 hours ago
FB is a business, just like the daily news paper, and you don't always get your letter to the editor published.

levin - 4 hours ago
"conspiracy theory peddler" do you think there is any bias in this article when you see this in the first line

Replies (3)
NoFreeRideForYou - 6 hours ago
There's good reason Facebook lost 20% of it's value yesterday
Facebook will go the way of MySpace!!

Replies (2)
David - 40 minutes ago
In conservatives' delusional ultra-world, libraries would be forced to intermingle the fiction and non-fiction racks for fear of being accused of liberal political bias.

j - 4 hours ago
I need more people saying that govt is putting chemicals in the water to turn us gay. And then selling water filters. That's what I need more of. Free speech!!!

Replies (1)
Susan - 5 hours ago
Far left Facebook & Twitter stocks crash 20% in one day

jim - 3 hours ago
10 years ago, I thought my mother was losing her grip on reality. It turned out that she was hooked on Alex Jones. It took a few years to convince her that he was a joke, but alas she is now back to the real world and hooked on someone much more credible, Sean Hannity.

mike - 2 hours ago
yeah but they dont censor so they say

Replies (2)
bolt thrower - 2 hours ago
remember when alex jones said that president obama was going to use the army to invade texas?

bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
remember when alex jones said that we are all being controlled by chemtrail gas that the govt. secretlt squirts into the air?

Freddyb - 6 hours ago
I am already hearing this from Trump Cult, "we never supported him" LOL

ToucanRastaman - 7 hours ago
Alex Jones is actually a lesbian Eskimo who had a sex change and plastic surgery, and that is as true as anything Alex Jones said.

Craig - 6 hours ago
The Alex Jones who told his legions of “Infowars” listeners that bogus stories about the U.S. government being behind the 9/11 attacks and about Hillary Clinton operating a pedophile ring out of a Washington D.C. pizza joint is really “a performance artist.”

That’s according to Jones’ own lawyer — not the mainstream media that the right-wing radio jock derides as “fake news.”

“He’s playing a character” and is nothing like his online persona, attorney Randall Wilhite reportedly insisted in a Texas courtroom at a pre-trial hearing ahead of the right wing radio jock’s custody battle with ex-wife Kelly Jones.
Apr.17.2017 NBC News

Bright - 7 hours ago
About time, good news.

Jim - 1 hour ago
I only listen to Yahoo news. lol

Chemosh - 1 hour ago
Never watched or been much of a fan of Alex Jones. By the time he gets done with a story it's been glitzed and sensationalized beyond recognition. The starting points, however, do often contain strong kernels of truth.
For instance, George Soros's Open Society Foundations was majorly hacked by DCLeaks last year and nearly all the documents put up on the web. That hack received NO media attention. The site was quickly shut down - again, with NO major media attention. At the moment, the documents are back up, and, though they are very dry reading for the most part, do document ongoing and pervasive meddling and control over politics and culture in, literally, DOZENS of countries worldwide, as well as the UN.
The actual scans:
Soros unleashed

omg - 6 hours ago
freedom of speech does not include spreading lies.

Replies (3)
John Q. Public - 7 hours ago
Alex "Crybaby Snowflake" Jones testified under oath that he is acting as a fictional character and that Infowars is fiction. The scary part is that even after testifying that Infowars is fiction, there are quite a few Dunning-Krugerite soldiers in the tinfoil hat brigade who still believe it's the truth.

Craig - 3 hours ago
So......I'm making no comment on the content from "infowars" as I have never watched any of it......but, this is the beginning of the censorship of what we are allowed to read, see, and hear by those that think they are better at determining what we should believe and what we should not believe......This is a VERY BAD thing....I can determine the validity of content on my own.

Replies (1)
Hekter - 6 hours ago
Just deleted my FB

Replies (1)
Jeff - 32 minutes ago
I have not personally listened to Jones though I am a conservative. I know he has a reputation of being far right and I see where this article says he promotes the idea that 9/11 was an inside job. I have also heard this theory coming from the far left. Does that mean that the far right and far left goes upward in a circle and eventually runs together? In past times anti-semitism was considered something from the far right and now anti-semitism is moving to the left. Of course with liberals they can be inconsistent over time, they call it progressive.

Opie - 5 hours ago
An hour after the Trump Tower Meeting, Donald Trump held a press event to announce a "major speech to talk about all that went on with the Clintons. I think you will find it interesting..." One hour after Trump Jr met Russian agents. Anyone can google the video.

Replies (1)
Joe - 5 hours ago
Facebook is rapidly descending to a place where it will be of no importance what they ban. If its the same videos that YouTube busted, than it is baseless -- there was nothing evil there. Censorship, that's what it is.

Replies (2)
Adam - 8 hours ago
Times running out for you Alt Righties. Even your main news source is being banned!

Replies (3)
Random Hero - 4 hours ago
Do libs work during the day? I notice their attendance on Yahoo much higher during the day. Do they work at all?

Replies (3)
Huh - 6 hours ago
I guess losing 120 billion dollars in company value actually does work

Replies (2)
Anonymous - 6 hours ago
So Russian meddlers GOOD, Alex Jones BAD

Got it......

Replies (1)
mike - 3 hours ago
Getting rid of Infowars & Breitbart will go a long way in stopping a lot of Fake News but the #1 source of fake news in America today is Donald Trump ;- )

Replies (3)
MagratMD - 2 hours ago
I am sorry, but Facebook, Youtube, or any other Social Media should not be in the business of shutting down free speech, most based on the offense police highly political and hate based decisions to flag some content and not others.

I dont like Alex Jones, nor anything he says, I think he is a crazy nut job who sees things that no other rational person would see, and manipulates video, documentaries, and print media to push his delusional views. But that does not mean he does not the first amendment rights that we all enjoy. We cannot start selectively applying who gets the first amendment and who does not. Our constitution does not work that way, sorry it just does not.

And those who say this is not a First Amendment issue, you are completely wrong. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc, are all PUBLIC FORUMS. People, you know Individuals can CHOOSE to view content or not, NO ONE is forced to watch Alex Jones Videos, they have to search for them on YouTube, and Follow him on other outlets. A concious choice. Now Youtube can choose not to advertise on his channel, but they cannot decide what content he is allowed to share, on their very public forum.

Like it or not, agree with it or not, Alex Jones has a right to free speech, as do we all, the First amendment does not say anything like, You have the right to free speech as long as it is approved of by censors, activists, and the government. No it guarantees that you can FREELY express yourself, without fear of retaliation. You dont have to listen to him, you dont have to watch his videos, but you do have to tolerate them as they are Protected Free speech, and just because you dont like it, does not mean you get to shut it down.

By doing so, you are Giving him a much larger platform, and pushing people towards them, and making the situation worse. You doing exactly what he is accusing you of, and giving him MORE credibility.

Replies (4)
scott - 2 hours ago
the returning of the bodies from North Korea will be FAKE NEWS

Replies (1)
Carbon Dioxide - 3 hours ago
Facebook and Google have a right to take down whatever they want. They however need to admit that they are not a place where free speech exists. When you decide what speech is allowed and what you say it not allowed hate speech--highly subjective" then its not free speech. Just declare it to everyone that true free speech is not permitted.

Ichi - 41 minutes ago
I'm still laughing about Kelleyanne Conway's "Great Bowling Green Massacre".

Joe - 4 hours ago
20%↓ -- Facebook yesterday Twitter today. Nice. Yahoo next.

Michael A - 1 hour ago
FB still doesn't understand the 1st Amendment. If Info Wars makes patently false statements to the detriment of society, it is the duty of FB to remove them despite their business model.

Replies (1)
juju - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones used to stand for something a long time ago, he was good source 10 years ago. He wasn't either left or right. But now all he does is get money for feeding right wing conservitards. Eventually he'll turn to the left once he says he can make money there too. He's a modern age National Enquirer.

DerpDerpDerp - 7 hours ago
All Facebook need to say is that it is exercising its religious freedom to stop spreading hate, and Conservatives should be O.K. with this. Or are they only O.K with a claim that a corporation can have religious freedom if its a conservative corporation like Hobby Lobby.

urban farmer - 2 hours ago
allow the public to decide .. watch or not watch we do not need to be censored

Replies (1)
nunya - 3 hours ago
Faux news cult members believe every word he says is true.

President Spanky - 4 hours ago
are we sure this guy isn't Russian ???????

JwL - 2 hours ago
The fact that Alex Jones has some weight in the conservative community gives you an idea of just how far into the rabbit hole that modern conservatism has gone...

bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
remember when alex jones said that the earth is flat?

Willy - 4 hours ago
I can't stand Alex Jones but I do lament the fact that Freedom of Speech seems to be a dying Constitutional ammendment.

Replies (3)
Socko - 5 hours ago
I have heard over and over the Russians advertised fake news stories on FB which effected the presidential election. Has one example of these fake news stories been provided?

Replies (2)
chris - 2 hours ago
facebook censoring conservatives is nothing new.

Replies (3)
Shauna - 1 hour ago
It's bad news for Facebook, not Alex Jones, who is more credible than any MSM channel. Have you seen FB stock lately? Folks are begging to have their content deleted from that sinking ship.

Replies (4)
Randy - 6 hours ago
Facebook needs to go!

Ajrocks - 3 hours ago
Oh man he is going to have a major melt down about this... Popcorn ready!

Pro-Life Atheist - 6 hours ago
The Left always celebrates censorship. They invented book burning back in /\/azi Germany.

Replies (6)
James - 4 hours ago
Is Alex still claiming Obama is a space alien? (No, I am NOT making this up. Unfortunately.)

Replies (2)
CK - 6 hours ago
go ahead, post vile stuff and see how long it stays up.. why should Alex Jones not get the equal treatment?

Stumbling_rabbit - 1 hour ago
One has the right to free speech. One doesn't have the right to have others broadcast it for you.

The Annunakian - 7 hours ago
Facebook removed 4 Alex Jones videos and Facebook lost 119 billion dollars yesterday, I would say Alex might have had a bad day but Facebook made history and set records with their one day loss so please tell us Yahoo what is the real story here, your leftie agenda ?

Replies (1)
TG - 3 hours ago
It's great to hear such good news

pete - 3 hours ago
Jones works for israel

Justin - 5 hours ago
So much for your freedom of press...

Replies (1)
Terry - 6 hours ago
A better title for this biased article "Facebook Stocks Plunge After Restricting Conservative Pro American Free Speech"

Replies (2)
Doc - 2 hours ago
Alex WHO?

dg - 53 minutes ago

hoss_hoss_777 - 5 hours ago
what are they so afraid of

T - 9 hours ago
Forced to take action, great!

Sebastian2.0 - 6 hours ago
Less than 5 years til the start of the tribulation & the rise of the prophesied anti-christ
Did you know that the Rapture & coming World War will happen on a Jewish New Year’s celebration aka the "Feast of Trumpets” & will happen by October 2022? i.e. "If" it were to happen on the next "Feast of Trumpets" it will happen between the 9th & 11th of September 2018.
The Rapture- removal of the True Born-Again Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ to Heaven happens just before World War erupts & then the Biblical 7-year Tribulation starts. (Revelation 3:10, 4:1)
The Lord Jesus Christ Forgives & Saves all Truly Repentant hearts that Believe in Him before their last breath, before & after the Rapture. After our death is Eternity. Where will you spend yours?
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Replies (6)
AndrewP - 1 hour ago
Keep the housekeeping going.

bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
remember when alex jones said that the las vegas mass shooting was a false flag operation?

Replies (2)
Rick - 1 hour ago

Jorge Pena - 5 hours ago
Inforwars is more popular than Yahoonews

Replies (1)
Inspinto - 35 minutes ago
Alex Jones.... his source is RT and other sources in Russia.

Jack - 5 hours ago
Something tells me there is a lawsuit in the works that could cost Facebook dearly.

Replies (1)
White Boy - 4 hours ago
Isn't that Trump's number two, go to news site.

Me - 39 minutes ago
Facebook's "report this" feature is hit or miss. It all depends on who is on the other end of the computer screen. Tech 1 may let it slide, while Tech 2 will remove it.

Joe - 4 hours ago
Meantime, we can use Gab. Check it out.

Replies (1)
Hawkeye - 5 hours ago
Love all the snowflakes getting upset over this

Gumaro - 6 hours ago
His listeners are also dotard donald's base. 'Nuff said!

david - 2 hours ago
Where else can Alex Jones be scrubbed from?

Johnny B - 1 hour ago
The walls, they are closing in fast. He is playing a deadly game here. YouTube, Twitter or Facebook ALL have rules. You break them, you go away. Period

kajunklown - 7 hours ago
What ever happened to not watching or looking at things that offend you? If you don't like something don't look at it! Just because you don't want to see it doesn't mean no one else does

Replies (3)
Bob - 1 hour ago
What makes people like Jones dangerous, are the unstable and hateful people who listen to the stuff he pushes, and believe it. Or they use it as justification for their actions, or as means to validate their agendas. This stuff can lead to real world tragedies. Or dangerous situations. There have been plenty of violent incidents, done by nuts, who got fired up by some nonsense they heard on the internet. PizzaGate is a good example.

Replies (1)
WD - 2 hours ago
Censorship is alive and well at Facebook!

Replies (1)
Celtic - 6 hours ago
Cancelled my FARCEbook account a long time ago. They still leave a dummy account up to make it appear that they have more subscribers than they actually do. ALL the FAKE NEWS outlets and censorship sites like FARCEbook are hurting ;)))) Old Yogi bear cartoons get more views than CNN does ;))))) NY Times and WAPO are also down the tubes. Infowars has more followers than the FAKE NEWS outlets do ;))))) PLUS their news is way out front of places like Yahoo FAKE NEWS ;)))))

Replies (2)
Matthew - 5 hours ago
And in REAL news................. Trump wins again .................. GDP 4% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replies (1)
John Prewett - 6 hours ago
Zuckerberg dumping his own stock ... knowing price going down .... guess some get to do "insider" trading ... and of course some don't

Replies (1)
Moe - 6 hours ago
Facebook pushes Liberal agenda and will take down anything it disagrees with.

Replies (1)
Dotard - 6 hours ago
It’s well known that the lizard people but off alex jones ick.

Jeffrey - 4 hours ago
Mike Adams compiled a 56 page report, documenting how FB and Twitter Shadow Ban people they don't like, including Alex Jones. The POTUS has the report.

Replies (1)
El Presidente - 1 hour ago
Alex who??

Just - 2 hours ago
I think that it is time that us REAL AMERICANS do something about antifa, and what our Universitys are doing to our young, mostly on our tax dollars. Antifa, your days are numbered

Replies (4)
claxton - 3 hours ago
facebook is about to be bankrupt...infowars gains more viewers everyday

Replies (1)
Scott - 1 hour ago
Infowars: The REAL fake news.

West Coast 69ers - 3 hours ago
To bad FB does not control TV...we would be rid of FOX then! Another peddler of false claims!

Replies (2)
Anonymous - 3 hours ago
Good, hate speech is not free speech.

Replies (2)
Harry - 5 hours ago
This is censorship!!! a violation of free speech

Replies (1)
bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
remember when alex jones said that dylan roofe was a false flag in order to start a race war?

Replies (1)
Eric - 7 hours ago
Free advertising... Jones gets the top spot on Yahoo fake news 2 days in a row.

Terence - 2 hours ago
The sooner Alex Jones gets laryngitis, the better.

Melisande - 45 minutes ago
For all the heartache that Jones' has caused others with his phony stories he's fully deserving of any bad news, bad luck, and bad karma that's thrown his way.

RebeccaW - 3 hours ago
People like Jones most certainly share some responsibility for the hatred and societal fracturing in our country. What a tabloid peddler.

Replies (2)
Luis - 43 minutes ago
Do people actually believe the nonsense he says?

Replies (1)
Paula - 4 hours ago
Spreading conspiracy theories and downright lies does indeed violate community standards. Just the facts, please.

P - 7 hours ago
Yahoo is nothing but opinion that is 100% anti trump. They can't have someone like Alex Jones countering their 24/7 hit pieces and pointing out the obvious issues with their propaganda

Replies (3)
Doc - 4 hours ago
I can't believe anyone would believe anything that came from infowars. Anyone who listens to or watches that filth has to be a Sleazy Don the Con supporter because everyone else is too smart to fall for that #$%$.

Replies (1)
Brad - 18 minutes ago
After they silence Alex Jones...who will they silence nex..........

Frank - 5 hours ago
Facebook is it's own worst enemy. If was fun as a way to share with family and friend, now it's a scheitshow for all forms of insanity cause mostly but it's own greed.

kyle - 4 hours ago
facebook's censorship has gotten out of control. pure agenda. it's the beginning of the end for them.

CFirst Name - 7 hours ago
Brace for the Huge Red wave your helping to create!!

Replies (1)
Tallman - 5 hours ago
Trying to delete my Facebook account but can't connect through settings. This is day three of trying.

Replies (1)
william oram - 1 hour ago
I’d like to see a pay per view show where the Sandy Hook parents tar and feather Jones and drag him to the town flagpole
Which is in the middle of a roundabout
In the town.
The proceeds of the event would go to advocate gun safety laws nationwide

Replies (1)
Christopher - 3 hours ago
Misinfo Wars?

Uncle Sam Gone Bad - 3 hours ago
We certainly can't go having actual news coverage on Facebook --- The Southern Poverty Law Center must at all cost control the narrative.

Replies (1)
B-Rock - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is the REAL FAKE NEWS

Trevor - 5 hours ago
No one actually believes Alex Jones it’s purely entertainment. Sometimes he has something real to say but like huff post you can’t believe it until you see it somewhere else.

Replies (1)
Sandman - 2 hours ago
Remember this as you comment negatively on President Trump's statement that anti-social media censors conservative platforms.

Replies (1)
Mario - 5 hours ago
Of course they did, Facebook removes anything about the right.

Replies (1)
Malcolm636 - 2 hours ago
Another one of Trump's buddies, just like Breitbart and Bannon..... Only the BEST.

Hibba - 4 hours ago
"Facebook has removed four of his videos for violating its community standards" It's community? What is that - all one minded on everything? Is that another word for "exclusively leftist"? Facebook community often excludes conservative thought, so explain this "community".

Replies (1)
. Smith - 4 hours ago
Jones has claimed that LIZARD people are infiltrating our government.How can anyone take a person with views like these seriously?

Replies (2)
SecularAmerica - 5 hours ago
Another "conservative" and more fake news...conservatives invented fake news.

Replies (2)
Usman - 5 hours ago
Main stream media outlets and internet platforms should not allow extreme views (Left or Right) on their platform....this is the only way to return the country back to normal.

Replies (1)
p c - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is a cartoon

ShawnY - 6 hours ago
But...but! How will the trumplings know what to think???

Jon - 1 hour ago
I'm sure he'll be up all night.

Val - 5 hours ago
Hmm, I thought the Facebook got the bad news

Thad - 3 hours ago
Yes, Facebook should be the moral arbiter of the world. LOL

Running on Empty - 2 hours ago
"we prohibit content that encourages physical harm [bullying], or attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity [hate speech]."

Whatever will Alex Jones talk about, with these restrictions?

Damian - 30 minutes ago
“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”
― George Orwell

Ijroo123 - 3 hours ago
Bye, bye, Felicia

DJ - 5 hours ago
They even want Zuckerberg to STEP DOWN now so they can get their STOCK back up!! OMG!! I LOVE the news these days, it’s FULL of liberals having to take their OWN medicine for a change!! Awesome!!

Replies (1)
Obamabinlyn - 3 hours ago
Any one notice the US markets are booming and the left nut jobs are getting pushed out ?

Wothinperch - 2 hours ago
in the 1980's, 90 percent of the media was controlled by 50 companies. Today, 90 percent of the media is controlled by 6 companies...needless to say, those companies are all liberal and completely lacking integrity.

Replies (1)
No Way - 5 hours ago
FB & YouTube should get out of the CENSORING business, the people will decide what they watch, we don't need your meddling FREE UNCENSORED SPEECH, I guess only if they agree with it!

Replies (2)
Monkeyhead - 2 hours ago
facebook another Myspace

Lee - 3 hours ago
You can get all the real news at

Jerry - 52 minutes ago
As a Facebook suscriber and a stock holder. I say ban all Alex Jones videos from the facebook site. He has free speech rights in the public sector but this is a Corporation and Facebook has every right in the US to ban his conspiracies and hate speech on this site.

john eldred - 1 hour ago
This is how the left tries to win. Not saying those sites dont have a right to it. They are stiffling free speech

Replies (2)
John - 5 hours ago
Continuous violations of "community standards" isn't enough to show that the character and intent of Jones and agitators like him are a harm to the that community?

Replies (1)
Pitchforks4Koch Bros - 3 hours ago
What about Trump banning a reporter for asking questions he didn't like?

Bignfurrie - 3 hours ago
Anyone here know what a EULA is?

Ted - 4 hours ago
Infowars is my favorite website, better than Yahoo.

John W - 38 minutes ago
"after being looked over by a checker" - so you don't allow the checkers to make free will choices since if you did, then you wouldn't delete something that a large group of people enjoy just because it goes against your politics.....

Snakeoyll - 4 hours ago
I hope INFOWars doesn't disappear . . . it's great entertaintment [sic]. And those Alex meltdowns are priceless. 1807271031

Anthony - 4 hours ago
Remember - Vote Republican in November.

HC - 4 hours ago
Looks like Facebook "checkers" are pulled from the same talent pool as DOJ's "redactors." Probably all Monica Lewsinsky intern types.

"Oh, Monica, we've got another one when you have a moment."

Chris - 2 hours ago
This is the same guy that says the government puts chemicals in the water that turns frogs gay. And then he sells water filters on his website.

Steven - 2 hours ago
It is a fine line between Free Speech and Speech that is objectionable. As always, consider the source! and don't listen to whack jobs like Alex Jones.

Bradley - 2 hours ago
Democracy at its best?

Lloyd - 47 minutes ago
Alex Jones is nuttier than Sarah Palin on Bath Salts. :)

rvpMD - 3 hours ago
yet sacha baron can do whatever he pleases to unsuspecting people and think it's funny

Replies (1)
Michael - 1 hour ago
Bad news for alex jones is good news for decent Americans.

Al - 3 hours ago
Fox news will hire him.

Rick - 5 hours ago
The fact that one of the videos had already been reviewed shows that Facebook's review process is a joke, or that Facebook has an agenda.

Jack - 1 hour ago
Well, Facebook is a private corporation and can pretty much do as it pleases in deciding what they will allow and the same should apply to cake makers who decide for whom they will bake a cake. That said, Facebook is by its decision to ban some of Infowar's publications acting to deny free speech. Of course Alex Jones can find other ways of publishing. I don't use Facebook as a matter of morality and as a matter of protecting myself.

Replies (1)
Anonymous - 6 hours ago
Brother of Jim Jones?

Scruff McGruff - 6 hours ago
Ministry of Truth doesn't like it when you question the official narrative.

R - 1 hour ago
Oh no! Now his poor fans won't be able to find out which conspiracy is responsible for the block.

c - 6 hours ago
who is Alex Jones?

Falcons Maniac - 2 hours ago
Nothing but bad news for trumptards everywhere. Life is good. It will be even better in November.

R124C41+ - 4 hours ago
If that thing even opens it's mouth it's some kind of violation.

Replies (1)
Ted - 4 hours ago
The only conspiracy peddlers is the billionaire bought-off media and their Democrats. --------------------- --------------- --------------- Trump has private meeting with Putin...constantly on media... but oops, Hillary had one too. FBI Strojok says there's no there there, but starts Russia investigation anyway, hmmm, no bias there Huh? Hillary sold 10% of America's Uranium to Russia and their billionaires gave her $400,000. I could go on and on....

Replies (2)
McInerney - 1 hour ago
Community Standards = Censorship = Thought Control

KaossaoK - 3 hours ago
When in the news do we read about someone on the left being filtered and their voice being removed and called hate speech? Almost never. Alex Jones is just one of the biggest voices on the right. There are MANY other right leaning people that have to fight to keep their videos up and voices heard. The left does not want to discuss anything. They just want to silence anyone on the right.

Replies (1)
Betty - 2 hours ago
We've been listing to Alex tell the TRUTH for 15 years.

s - 4 hours ago
I’m not a fan of Jones but what people should really be mad at is their
freedom slowly being taken away. It will only get worse and pretty soon none of us will be able to express ourselves. However, they’ll still allow rap music to play the N word in every song on YouTube etc..

Replies (1)
Anonymous - 5 hours ago
tomorrows news today. infowars.

Jimmie - 5 hours ago
FaceBook, Amazon, Apple, Twitter....they are making Americans go more "conservative" due to their hostile attitudes towards free speech.

Replies (1)
Hoggie - 4 hours ago
Who cares, it's Facebook.

Replies (2)
anthony - 4 hours ago
Decide for yourself:

JEFF - 6 hours ago
I remember free speech back in the day

Replies (1)
mike - 1 hour ago

Replies (1)
kor - 4 hours ago
made in Texas!

Anonymous - 3 hours ago
Its only four. All the rest are still there.

JonM - 1 hour ago
A "martyr" ; Alex Jones. Really. So hard to have feelings about this remote likelihood. If Jones were to be pushed into a volcano i'd have trouble feeling bad for him..

What If - 59 minutes ago
Isn't Alex Jones the nutcase who believes an alien and inter-dimensional war is coming?.....

Slade76 - 1 hour ago
Where am I going to go to feed my fears of everything everywhere?

Jon - 3 hours ago
Alex got this video in 2000.You are still, amazingly under the same management. THAT, is a conscious decision by the masses to be evil and your belief is not required. You'll see soon enough now.

Replies (1)
Knight Ranger - 2 hours ago
To those that are saying it is okay for this to happen, will you be so agreeable when it happens to BLM? This is not good tech companies are getting too big and too powerful. This is right out of 1984.

Eric - 6 hours ago

John - 56 minutes ago
Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg is a descendant of Hitler? Not really, but that's exactly what Jones does. Makes stuff up, says it like it's a fact and people buy it. It's the same way Jim Jones, Charles Manson and David Koresh all got their followers. Like followers of Info Wars & Trump, they, too, could not be convinced that their leader completely conned them. That's how cons worked. If you knew you were being conned, then the con failed. So don't be so full of yourselves to think that you are some kind of genius and can't be fooled.

Mike - 6 hours ago
The Censorship of free speech continues.

Replies (1)
John - 1 hour ago
How can there be that many people in the country that believe Alex Jones?? No wonder we are in the mess we are in.

Jonathan - 5 hours ago
The Gestapo media has arrived

Do you believe in Miracles? - 6 hours ago
Another con man. Like the president.

Replies (1)
Ted - 4 hours ago
Infowars is my favorite website. They show news that others will not admit to until it becomes too obvious to hide. It's entertaining too, more than Yahoo will ever be.

Portens - 3 hours ago
Jones is a no-good who bases his profits on real "Fake News" and shouldn't have a place in social media at all. If Facebook continues to allow him to share space with other Facebook users, the Facebook community should let Facebook know how they feel by dropping it. It's people like Jones who are responsible for our society's problems today and they should be suppressed from and social contact.

Replies (1)
Joseph S - 6 hours ago
Why doesn't Alex have a job in the White House .

Behold a Pale Horse - 6 hours ago
Facebook poised to lose another 25% of value today! SELL SELL SELL!

DisgustedVoter - 2 hours ago
Good! Intelligent people not easily duped LOVE what FB did. No More Conspiracy Theorists or Theories - period!

John Meyers - 3 hours ago
I say we take up a donations to fund Black helicopters to follow this guy. Lets make his fictitious stories a reality.

Mikey - 3 hours ago
Does anyone here think the Iraq was on the up and up? Trump was right to call out Bush and Congress on that war.

Replies (1)
Anonymous - 5 hours ago
"I changed my political views based on what I saw on FaceBook," said NO ONE, EVER!

Betty - 2 hours ago
Facebook should change it's name to "Deep State Book".

Bafflegab - 6 hours ago
I think it’s quite obvious that Jones’s views are shared by Mark Zuckerberg.

“Happy Guy” - 1 hour ago

SGT Casella - 5 hours ago
I guess Freedom of Speech is not longer valid in this country.

Replies (1)
Aspen - 5 hours ago
Alex Jones is personally responsible for much of the break down of our society by sowing the seeds of conspiracy (in the name of profit) and filling the heads of his listeners with antiAmerican nonsense. It’s because of folks like him that our country is in crisis right now. I also blame Limbaugh, Coulter, O’Reilly, Hannity, Bannon, and Trump. This radical reaction against science, education, professionalism, rampant historical revisionism, attacks against all forms of media (except for state approved forms like Fox), the invention of “Alternative Facts” is what is threatening the existence of the United States.

Replies (1)
171 - 1 hour ago
They're just censoring anybody they can, before the mid terms.

myexcuse - 1 hour ago
ah, freedom of speech

Betty - 2 hours ago
Economic news today is America is winning winning winning.

*Name*Re*Dacted - 8 hours ago
Facebook tanking, Hollywood tanking, NFL tanking... this is what happens when you chase away all the decent people and leave the Liberals. Tank City!

Replies (11)
Koltiras - 5 hours ago
A private business is not beholden to 1st Amendment rights protections. That only protects people from GOVERNMENT censorship...the way it SHOULD protect that CNN reporter from being thrown out of a press huddle cuz Trump didn't like her questions.

Jason - 6 hours ago
No need to ban their videos, just have flashing lights around them saying 'Proven lies and zero facts, sick entertainment only for the undereducated', that would suffice.

Replies (1)
Zaxxen - 2 hours ago

Ben - 5 hours ago
These sites have standards? Seriously have you watched anything on youtube? Not just alex jones.

Replies (1)
Daves handyman serv. - 16 minutes ago
People in the know already knew this would happen but good looking out TechCrunch for pushing the agenda!

CBK - 7 hours ago
And yet, all the anti-white videos from MTV and The Root are still up. All you're doing is getting the red side more votes.

JuAnHuNdrEd - 6 hours ago
Facebook and Twitter need to go too

Michael - 49 minutes ago
It is all about Reality, what you believe in your own mind. Culture, Education, History, Philosophy, are not valued in the world of the USA.

Tofu - 2 hours ago
Does the left realize that this guy isn't serious about anything he says? He considers it satire and comedy. Nobody takes him seriously except for the left.
Says something about the power of perception, right?

Krez - 1 hour ago
Facebook also tumbled over 100 billion dollars in 1 day, the biggest fall in history..remember that?

Rick - 2 hours ago
info wars = evil on the internet.

PL102 - 3 hours ago
When will the FB CEO OUT???

Parker - 2 hours ago
And look what happened to Facebook's stock! In America, you cannot shut up people who are speaking and bringing attention to what the the population should know about. The corporate global tech giants are very clear now on what they want. Population control through algorithmic filters. They do not want their user base to be undermining their political ideologies.
They cannot do this in a truly free society.

Replies (3)
Dong So-Long - 51 minutes ago
In my day, we didn't have Spacebook and Tweeter and we liked it!

Jennifer - 1 hour ago
Never met a donut he didn't like.

Mike - 1 hour ago
The left is at war with any dissenting opinion. I'm glad FB's stock fell 20%. I hope it falls another 79%. Alex Jones of is real news on current events and politics. Not some fake news like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc. They fear Jones taking their audience and waking them up that they are now trying to outright ban him.

scott - 7 hours ago
Censorship at it's finest. When did we become China, or North Korea. Since when do babies get their way?? Since when did it become a right to choose to look at something and get offended, and then it's the persons fault? Don't want to see it, don't read it.

Replies (3)
andy ettinger - 1 hour ago
Wait till they find bout how he continues to spew thoroughly debunked 9/11 stuff like "Larry the #$%$ ordered Building 7 blown up".The guy HAS to be disinfo.

Replies (1)
Polarbears - 5 hours ago
Farcebook.......need I say/write more?

mike - 8 hours ago
Not really facebook shares are tumbling because they socialists MAGA

Betty - 2 hours ago
Facebook lost billions because they employed only liberals and the same thing is happening at Yahoo.

Terry - 6 hours ago
atlernative to Facebook?

Sean - 3 hours ago
FacePlant, Twitter, (the rest) can censor who they want. You just need to KNOW that you're only going to get ONE side of any "news" story.

Ben - 6 hours ago
can we get rid of facebook

Replies (1)
Larry - 4 hours ago
Now if they can figure out how to remove Jones......

mike - 4 hours ago
If anybody has seen the movie Ideocracy, the republican party is evolving into that. These people in 2018 still believe everything people like Alex Jones and Trump say.

Toad ala mode - 42 minutes ago
And what just happened to facebook stock?
For real news check out Infowars.

Robert - 28 minutes ago
"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."
-Joseph Goebbels

Geremia - 4 hours ago
InfoWars is more truthful than CNN, MSNBC or FOX News

Replies (1)
EAboys - 8 hours ago
Now Alex Jones is what Fake News is folks.

Replies (1)
Works for money - 5 hours ago
Censorship is so awesome...............wonder if people would be fine with FB and youtube removing stories from CNN, MSNBC and FOX news.

joshua - 6 hours ago
LOL infowars is just as honest as any member of the utterly useless democrat serving fourth estate

Replies (6)
Tom Doll - 4 hours ago
Regardless of Alex Jones, this shutting out of voices seems like the beginning of a very scary policy. In the future I see a totalitarian media presence who controls all flow of news, and who will become the deciding factor of what is truth and what is not. And what they deem as truth will only be allowed. Wake up people. They're testing it out on Alex Jones, because they think the people will think that's acceptable. But tomorrow, they'll shut out your version of truth also.

Replies (1)
auto suf - 4 hours ago
let's boycott facebook, make their stock nosedive again.....

Replies (1)
TheAngryInch!! - 2 hours ago
George Sroros strikes again.

Mylo - 4 hours ago
What is funny is Yahoo just gave Info Wars a million more subscribers....they spark the interest. The media still does not get it. Ha ha ha.

Bryan - 3 hours ago
Right or wrong freedom of speech is protected right, period.

Replies (1)
pete - 4 hours ago
His comedy act is not funny.

Dave - 3 hours ago
Facebook? What about the out and out white suprematist stuff? Why only one ejit?

Bob - 2 hours ago
Spreading lies, conspiracies, and propaganda, is also a form of censorship. - It's done to try and hide the truth.

crowsfeet - 1 hour ago
Over due and about time.

The Valiminator - 6 hours ago
I'm wondering, Who is Alex Jones? Is that his real moniker and why does he matter...? Just wondering, but not for long.......

LogicalThinking - 5 hours ago
In the 1980's, 90 percent of the media was controlled by 50 companies. Today, 90 percent of the media is controlled by 6 jewish companies. promoting their agendas, nothing more. They use the media to control America and Americans, The media has become the enemy from within.

earl - 4 hours ago
When is Alex Jones going to work in the Trump administration?

davkatjenn - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones: I fear that man has lost his mind.

Jayhawk - 4 hours ago
Go get'm Alex.

EVAN - 5 hours ago
conservatives have no voice at fakebook-indeed fakebook is not interested in anyone's 1st amendment rights! they(fakebook) discriminate and or censor any all non liberal views to suit their liberal leftist socialist narratives. who provides oversight for censorship at fakebook??-answer FAKEBOOK!! Unless and until a viable alternative is found to this politically biased forum such discriminatory liberal behavior will continue unabated

Replies (3)
Anthony - 5 hours ago
We go to the movies to root for the good guys. Some leave the theater, then vote for a republican - the bad guys. Blows my mind, the disconnect.

Replies (1)
Betty - 2 hours ago
Alex was the first person to warn about Obama 12 years ago and he was correct.

blsiii76 - 1 hour ago
Hey FB, how's our online information security coming along? How about focusing your efforts on more important issues, I am pretty sure the majority of ppl here know Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist lol.

G - 45 minutes ago
"Facefook" shouldn't delete Alex Johns' videos... a lot of people really on infowars for scat news, mostly dixieland and the great conservative people with trisomy 21 that voted for our stable genius

10 - 5 hours ago
Leftist Controlled Censorship has been running rampant.

Milo from Hilo - 3 hours ago
This guy might have to go out and actually find a job!!

GARY - 14 minutes ago
Alex Jones really is fake news.

John - 4 hours ago
But where will conservatives learn about the Deep State robots being sent from the future to frame tTrump?!?!?!?!?!?!

tonyunreal1 - 5 hours ago
But Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper aren't quacks!

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JAMES W - 25 minutes ago
Once these sites controls content, its the beginning of the end for them. Who wants submit your content to a bunch of juvenile "censors" who just push buttons and exerccise power. The whole idea of the social media sites was to allow free content posting. Let the viewer decide if they want to watch it. No wonder Facebook lost so much stock value yesterday. When customers realize they are being controlled when they thought they were free, the game is OVER

Sally - 6 hours ago
Times where people were allowed to make up their own minds is now replaced by blind, symbolic, and prejudiced "authorities" that just want to have their voices heard over all others.

Minky - 6 hours ago
The Deep State is trying to stifle free speech. Don't let them succeed. MAGA!!

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stan - 3 hours ago
Human waist pile

Sean - 3 hours ago
He is the rachel madcow of conservatism !

joseph - 3 hours ago
Is this really BAD news for him?

dreameyezzzz - 8 hours ago
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Oh Captain, My Captain - 7 hours ago
Alex Jones, regardless of how dishonest and harmful he is, still has the right to say whatever he wants. YouTube, Facebook, etc are not government run and also have rights. Sorry.

Todd - 2 hours ago
And the right will rant about censorship as if a private company is required to give a forum for free speech. You know like fox news does to liberals.

Honky - 6 hours ago
Infowars? More like Infantwarts.

joe - 5 hours ago
Yahoo and Facebook censures free speech!

Richard - 4 hours ago
So Facebook's stock crashes because they have continued to insult large groups of potential members, like Christians, Gun Owners, Conservatives, and there solution is to ban and alienate more people? Facebook use to have a lot of gun groups and there ware a lot of activity. then Facebook banned posts related to the selling and trading of guns, poof, everybody gets off the groups. You cannot run a business with San Francisco values and then think you are going to appeal to the masses. This is exactly like Toys-R-Us, they ranted about free abortions for all, alienated 80% of their customers, and went out of business practically overnight.

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Jonathan - 3 hours ago
The argument that Bush "lied about WMDs" is a conspiracy theory

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dan - 5 hours ago
This is an obvious attack from the liberal media. Its no longer freedom of speech. They are censoring the voice of the political and ideological opposition. The people though will prevail like they did voting for DTrump.

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Unc Sam - 4 hours ago
Ironic that Yahoo 'News' would run a story about censorship.

Marshall - 5 hours ago
Hard to justify Alien elves and Bigfoot videos

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Skip Holden - 2 hours ago
William cooper

Phnortney - 3 hours ago
Trump favorite web site!

Andrew - 3 hours ago

cleosie brooks - 1 hour ago
delete is facebook pages,he should be brought up charges for threaten Muller.

eddie - 8 hours ago
he's got them beat already!!! thanks aj for all you do and keep on spouting those conspiracies buddy we love ya!!!!

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alex - 5 hours ago
I vehemently disagree with Alex Jones on most topics. I think his show is a fraud and promotes disinformation and hate. However, I don't think we should silence him. This is America and were going down a slippery slope.

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Jerry - 15 minutes ago
This may open the door to total internet censorship.

JS - 2 hours ago
He should not be allowed to post his lies on any site.

Dana G - 1 hour ago
So not even a 30 day ban. He posts a video encouraging all of his followers to kill an FBI investigator who is a war hero and all he got was a warning?

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Say What - 4 hours ago
Getting those instruction from the deep state.

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
I'm just glad that Infowars is there pointing out the censorship that's happening to both conservative and liberal minded people. Love Infowars or hate it, they have been proven to be correct on this call and we all know why shadow banning along with censorship is happening. It's called the midterm elections.

Wupity - 2 hours ago
There is not that much difference between Alex Jones' InfoWar and Yahoo News... both are outfits that make money by running biased stories to cause outrage and thrive on "click-bait" advertising methods. It's sad that the US media has descended to this state. The awful US media outlets of all types get rich by making people furious at each other. Sad.

Edward - 3 hours ago
LOL, The Fat Clown Jones supporters haven't quite got that, "Freedom of Speech" concept down.

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R. Erikson - 28 minutes ago

Mr. Hyde - 5 hours ago
Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist, and some things are true, but he is funny and entertaining. MSNBC is a conspiracy theory network and people think it's real news, that's a bigger problem.

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CM - 2 hours ago
I guess even after yesterday's stock crash, FB still doesn't get it...

Amado G - 1 hour ago
InfoWars is where Republicans get their facts.

berry - 53 minutes ago
I dont always agree with InfoWars. However, to be fair, where is the fairness in the lies the mainstream media claimed on TV? Why aren't/weren't they punished? Seems like a global push to eliminate any conservative point of view.

Logical Conclusions - 2 hours ago
Far too little too late. Jones used Facebook to harass and threaten distraught Sandy Hook parents for years. Both he and Facebook are going DOWN.

Jon - 6 hours ago
"... we prohibit content that encourages physical harm..."
Waiting for you to ban Maxine Waters and Black Lives matter.
I enjoyed watching you lose 19 billion dollars yesterday, Zuckerberg.

Facebook's competition is forthcoming.

Clarity - 6 hours ago
Too bad tech companies didn't have the wherewithal to do this BEFORE election season. Without the ability to so easily lead the gullible astray , America would have been spared the deranged tweeter.

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Matt - 2 hours ago
I just saw that Alex Jones is claiming to be 44?
I want to see his birth certificate. This guy looks 54 plus.
If he is really 44 he needs stop using.

Seisen - 6 hours ago
Jones' show should be called "The War on Information"

Derrick - 2 hours ago
Yeah, and we see what's happening with their stocks.
Anyone remember MySpace? It died too when it started censoring people.

Lee - 1 hour ago
So much for freedom of speech!

Johnny - 3 hours ago
There is only one truth, Alex Jones.

Denray - 3 hours ago
Jones needs to crowd fund his own media site but the problem is with conservatives they only number 30 % of the US population . Life sure is lonely out on the farm and ranch , all the kids move away to the coasts and rural GOP populations are declining . SO if only 3 out of 10 people give Jones money he really won't get too much compared to the Liberal's buying power . Maybe he can get a corner of an Enquirer page for his rants ?

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Joel D. - 5 hours ago
I thought Facebook wanted to stop Russians from interfering with our elections, not stop Americans from voicing their opinions.

Peebo Denison - 4 hours ago
Soon he will be removed from the planet just like the other RepubliCommies.

FoodLover - 2 hours ago
Most of US know 911 was an inside job. End of Story. We now know where Evil and Greed resides.

starman - 2 hours ago
Thank you!

Todd - 4 hours ago
Freedom of speech in America. CNN lies constantly.

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CanAm424 - 2 hours ago
So how far does Freedom of Speech go? There are times when it's no longer Freedom of Speech. The courts have proven that many times by numerous rulings putting people behind bars. Other times, the opposite happens. I would argue that Alex Jones is a threat to our national security. Lock him up!

Mang - 5 hours ago
But the supplements have been working so well.ImageyourreactiongifsBy yourreactiongifs on

44 Oz Pepsi - 4 hours ago
LOL. Ever wonder how Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, etc are using your information and will you use it in the future? Every wonder how information you are sharing with 2+ billion other people is being use now.

Colleen - 4 hours ago
Facebook down 24% , eventually doing to go under! SUCKERBERG LOSING!

Icarus - 3 hours ago
Goodbye Alex, it was fun.ImagemogifireBy mogifire on

Baserock love - 6 hours ago
Alex jones fans are wailing and clawing at the pizzagate flow chart diagrams on their walls with grief. "HOW WILL I GET MY 140 DOLLAR BOTTLES OF PILLS THAT WILL LET ME LIVE FOR 200 YEARS LIKE IN THE BIBLE NOW?!?!"

Joe - 5 hours ago
This is news because?

Brendan - 7 hours ago
Have you seen Facebook stock recently? See what happens when u follow strict liberal policies? Same thing.that happens to cities, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, NYC

pattyg - 5 hours ago
Thanks for plugging It is an amazing site.

Tuxedo - 6 hours ago
Facebook is trying to censor people.

CAPTJACKTROLL - 6 hours ago
con artist aka alex jones

Brian - 5 hours ago
Broken link.

Forrest - 6 hours ago
Conservative speech not allowed, eh Facebook?

History - 5 hours ago
YH is all about shadow banning, and that's a fact!

33Ww - 2 hours ago
And Alex Jones fans call yahoo fake news.

PF - 4 hours ago
I just deleted all the Cache and Cookies and Temporary files from my computer and what a difference. The harddrive is hardly chunking anymore. Most of the Computer Pollution was placed there by yahoo. Thanks yahoo!

Independent Thinker - 2 hours ago
If the Left feel so strongly that they have better messages, why then block opposing viewpoints?

Michele - 5 hours ago
its ok face book alias facefart is dying fast,mega millions have left it

Todd - 3 hours ago
Snowflake dating app. = Flakebook

Kyle - 2 hours ago
There are too many people who believe every word the guy says which is sad because his show has gotten so much more loony. he used to actually talk about the Patriot Act and NSA spying so there was information in his show but I have been watching Secular Talk and they seem to post a video once every week with Alex Jones going on rants about "interdimentional vampires" There is no information or news in the Alex Jones show or Infowars. If you like information, watch Secular Talk. Especially to watch Kyle's mind get jumbled from trying to understand how people watch InfoWars for anything besides entertainment.

john - 5 hours ago
We all know conspiracy theories are dangerous. Trump got mueller after him due to FusionGPS making one up and giving it to cnn and the fbi

Michael - 52 minutes ago
Alex Jones is also a woman beater. FACT in court documents.

PF - 4 hours ago
More free publicity for Alex Jones.

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
Well at least Zuck the Commie is no longer planning to run for President.

spunkster - 5 hours ago
So who decides what is "false" and what is "true", Facebook? Do the people here really believe that Yahoo only posts "true" stories? The whole premise here is extremely dangerous, because now opinion is being censored. Alex Jones is no less truthful than Wolf Blitzer or Don Lemon, who daily rant their OPINIONS.

Replies (2)
D. K - 3 hours ago
Does everyone know how to spell "CENSORSHIP" ?

D. - 5 hours ago
Without Facebook... where will Trumptards get their "facts"? Lol

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
Are you kidding me? That's great more people will go check him out. Alex Jones, for those that don't know, has been exposing the elite and the left-right paradigm they created to keep us divided for over 20 years. Maybe more people will be "woke".

Marilyn - 2 hours ago
Let the games begin.

Nevermore - 6 hours ago
Just more fuel to stoke his conspiracy fires.

Ssg Rhino - 2 hours ago
So now Nazibook is censoring comedy?

Tim - 3 hours ago
for those crying censorship...I guess you support the right of the football players to kneel during the national anthem ??

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Trump the Traitor - 6 hours ago
Good. Its time we all end the TRUE FAKE NEWS!

Mike - 4 hours ago
Unless he's calling for harming other's physical safety, let the seed man say whatever he wants. That's free speech, threats are not free speech.

Pat - 5 hours ago
Take THAT Alex Jones!

Nubbins - 1 hour ago
I know bitcoin owners who swear by alex jones. hahahaha.

D - 5 hours ago
All news companies have way too much control over the narrative of this country, truth or not. And it has all been in the works for a long time. We have taken access to information for granted.

Mayonnaise Militia - 5 hours ago
Alex Jones has a new youtube channel here:

Alpo - 5 hours ago
Mr. Jones is not facebooks biggest issue, not even close. They may not even exist in a few years.

SS - 6 hours ago
Sieg Heil FB Sieg Heil FB Sieg Heil FB...

The Rational Libertarian - 4 hours ago
If you insist on being odious in your speech private media corporations may well decide that you aren't worth the hassle. You have no first amendment right to be broadcast or published.

Southsidesman - 5 hours ago


bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
republicans should start " scaredbook "

Chip - 4 hours ago
womp womp

Michael - 3 hours ago
Democrats are doing this!

MMAinfluenced - 3 hours ago
Not a big Alex Jones fan.. just a big fan of freedom of speech. Let the people see everything and stop controling our minds.

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BMacD - 2 hours ago
And we should care about this because.....................?

El Kabong - 4 hours ago
I guess free speech only applies to those who have leftist views

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F - 3 hours ago
They did a cost effect and concluded the billet much more value than Jones

sam - 2 hours ago

Eobard Thawne III - 53 minutes ago

Joseph - 1 hour ago
Who elected Facebook monitor of what community standards are?

Oldsqurrelhunter - 2 hours ago
Just like political advertisement's a politician states his name and agrees with what was said. Any information political or informational should have an individual to state the volition it the content.

Sturm und Drang - 3 hours ago
Trump and his RW cult followers will defend the likes of Alex Jones but they are all-in for censoring legitimate media that dares to criticize him or them. Trump Tweet: "Why Isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into the Fake News Networks in OUR country?" In the sick minds of Trump and his base, news media that praises Trump is reporting the Gospel truth but news media that reports facts is FAKE news--even when the "Fake" news is quoting Trump's own Tweets. “Just remember, what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what’s happening,” Trump told the VFW. I say don't believe what Trump says because tomorrow he will say just the opposite.

David - 5 hours ago
I'm here to defend freedom of speech, not Alex Jones. He should be allowed to post!

T R - 2 hours ago
There is no consistency in any of these sites' procedures, because it's human beings doing the checking, deciding whether to even check it out, etc. etc. etc. It's like going to 3 different doctors and getting 3 different opinions - when human judgement comes into it, inconsistency will happen. FB and others need to have a very clear, step by step process, in writing for their employees in order to get as close to consistency as possible; ongoing refresher training would also be needed. Most companies don't bother putting that much effort into it.

anthony - 2 hours ago
and FB stock continues to slide.... bye by FB

Alex - 2 hours ago
I watch InfoWars for entertainment purposes. What's the problem?

N - 6 hours ago
Good, lies shouldn’t be aired.

John - 7 hours ago
Free Speech is dead at FB and Free Speech is dead at Google.

Replies (2)
nunya - 3 hours ago
Jonestown 2, it needs to happen. Make it happen alex.

El Man O - 6 hours ago
Shutting down Inforwars, giving CNN exclusivity.... Anyone seeing a pattern here?

Replies (1)
RS - 1 hour ago
why don't they start their own social media site. they can call it whack book.

Fred - 2 hours ago
Interesting that the people who complain of fake news the most are the biggest perpetrators...our cons.

bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
remember when alex jones said that 9-11 was executed by the govt. and not by islamic terrorists?

jonathan - 3 hours ago
Yeah but who will be laughing when some of his so called fake news becomes real !!!

Replies (1)
silent watcher - 3 hours ago
Facebook.............biggest problem in America!

Replies (1)
Cool Oldurguy - 2 hours ago
Because of the internet, people know LESS than before and believe more nonsense. On YouTube, you can say things that aren't true, as long as they meet community standards? That's a great summary of why average Americans spend more time with media now (including cellphones) but are less well-informed than before.

Nope. - 5 hours ago
Facebook.... the social engineering site.

Behold a Pale Horse - 6 hours ago
Facebook, Google, Twitter and the leftist Globalist Goebbels media are all in pact with the Devil together to kill the first amendment! Vote accordingly! Congress needs to act immediately to end the Censorship!

Replies (7)
Anonymous - 6 hours ago
MSM airs infowars troubles, but says not a peep of the spygate corruption that has came and seemingly passed with nary a peep. The biggest act of treason and corruption ever in our history and we waste our time on infowars and who Trump boinked 11 years ago.

Replies (1)
LS - 41 minutes ago
Zuck has never had the stones to stand up and do the right thing unless someone else did it first.

Shasha - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones shows truth and his own ideas/theories. People need a chance to have a voice if you want America to be a Democracy. Other people are not better than Alex.

Hai - 5 hours ago
Facebook moved ('questionable' practices) to China that was the first big mistake and a big signal to everyone!

Captain Sex Barf - 6 hours ago
facebook = big brother.

Edward - 4 hours ago
Anyone that has watched a video of Alex Jones has been compromised with the Ripper IV Trojan that is embedded in the video. All GPS and IP Traffic is sent directly to the CIA.

Edddd - 5 hours ago
Never listened to Alex Jones, and I am a deplorable!

PHIL - 4 hours ago
What were the titles on the four videos?

Susan - 5 hours ago
Censoring of Conservative voices caused Facebook & Twitter stocks to crash

Replies (1)
Z - 5 hours ago
By community standards do they mean liberal propaganda?

Gordon - 4 hours ago
A few sacrifices to the gods of money does not necessarily ensure a good fiscal season ahead.

Thomas S - 6 hours ago
More great press for a huge GOP vote in November

Brent - 2 hours ago
If YouTube, FB, etc want to serve only the left that is fine. This is America, the right will just find a new path. Now since those are publicly traded companies I wouldn’t be too happy about that as a stock holder, but to each his own.

Saint Nick - 52 minutes ago
Even crazy Alex has a right to express his views, but not when he incites violence. And he does that.

Land of the Free... Home of the Brave. - 4 hours ago
And they wonder why they just lost $120 Billion...

jobby - 3 hours ago
free the orangeImageyourreactiongifsBy yourreactiongifs on

D. - 5 hours ago
Alex jones = republican

William - 2 hours ago
Facebook is going down the crapper since they lost 19 % in the stock market yesterday. That comes to over several BILLION dollars.

Constantine XI - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is an independent investigative journalist with a tabloid format. He is not a conspiracy peddler. What a near-dictatorship we have in which we are not yet arresting people BUT we have already begun smearing independent journalists for their nonconformity and their spreading speech outside of approved corporate sources.
Infowars broke stories of war crimes and of making profit from wars. And before NPR and NYT would admit it Alex Jones revealed Hillary Clinton's plans to wage wars outside of the only reason we should EVER wage war--as a last resort to protect our security. Much of the media belatedly condemned the Iraq War waged by Bush and Cheney. But Jones dared to report the Democrats for covertly waging war.And that's another part of the reason corporate media are piling on him.

Replies (1)
Puzzled - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones is in it for the money.

Mylo - 5 hours ago
Very small percentage of Conservatives follow him. Delete him for all we care. #walkaway

delong - 5 hours ago
censorship is only an issue if your a Liberal.

a - 3 hours ago
Jones has a First Amendment right just like the State Department and major corporations. They ALL lie 75% of the time but we still allow them to voice their opinions and forward their agenda. What you choose to believe is up to you.

Ron - 3 hours ago
Mr. Jones has had guests agree with his assertions that Google and Yahoo are run by the CIA. The evidence he cites is the Corporate Advisory Board which mostly consists of ex-U.S. military intell officials. Should we investigate Google's Sergei Brinn who has Russian ties and could have helped "meddle" with the 2016 elections?

alex b - 4 hours ago
This is why I DON'T have Facebook

Rob - 5 hours ago
The modern equivalent to burning books.

Jerry - 10 minutes ago
I suppose snapchat will be censoring his image next.

Filthy Animal - 9 minutes ago
Oh ok Hillary.

GBW - 2 hours ago
Like they say .
..when it rains it pours

ken - 2 hours ago
Maybe him and Cohen should get together...

David - 4 hours ago
I think the bigger news is how Facebook lost $125B in market value after a conference call.

broknman - 2 hours ago
Censorship is why FB is in the mess it is in, and there is more to follow.

Robert - 14 minutes ago
"......never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it."
-Adolf Hitler

Rochefort - 5 hours ago
Alex, another guy that will make the world a better place when he goes to the great beyond.

Salvatore - 6 hours ago
so much for a balance in ideology....That's okay, the message will still get out and facebook stock will continue to fall....

m0nkey - 4 hours ago
The best thing you can do for a site like info wars is to give them access to any media they choose so they can basically expose themselves.

Drew - 2 hours ago
It's time to break up FB, Alphabet, Netflix and Amazon.

mem - 4 hours ago
Time to use the RICO LAWS to BREAK UP Facebook, Google, YouTube and others.

Denny - 5 hours ago
The only thing about Alex Jones that makes me feel that there is justice in the world is the faith that I hold that people like him will be judged by The Chief Judge.

Zeb - 5 hours ago
Who is still on Facebook after all this? Just rename it Idiotbook.

Nathan L - 7 hours ago
He'll last longer than Facebook at the rate their stock is crashing.

Easy Eddieg - 4 hours ago
Who's in more trouble today? Facebook or alex jones?

itsmeinyukonok - 5 minutes ago
Typical liberals, the only opinion they want the people to see is the one's they agree with.. No wonder face book is in free fall.. Good riddance, as far as I'm concerned, and take Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and all the other's with you..

Jack - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is one of the nastiest right wing BS promoters on the planet. He was on top of the list until Trump took over. Both of them need to be silenced.

Mike W - 3 hours ago
Whether you like it or not, Facebook has a right to take down whatever they want. It's their site. They just allow you to use it, so it's not a free speech issue.

Rey - 6 hours ago
Youtube will eventually destroy itself if it keeps going down this route. Twitter stock dropped 17% in pre trading already this morning. Facebook is a mess. Just keep up the censorship and it will get worse.

RichardC - 2 hours ago
yawn. if you still follow infoliars, then your probably a gump sycophant as well....

Victor - 5 hours ago
So many people don't know that the first amendment applies to the government not private companies.

C. - 46 minutes ago

dutch - 3 hours ago
Censorship is not part of the 1st amendment

The Larch - 1 hour ago
Dastardly and Muttley- Muttley's Laugh
Dastardly and Muttley- Muttley's Laugh

still rockin - 2 hours ago
Can’t stand Alex Jones, but Mark Zuckerberg isn’t far behind him!

Anonymous - 1 hour ago
Yeah... 4 videos. Sure showed him.

Scott - 59 minutes ago
How come Farrakhan hasn't had his youtube channel yanked?

K - 4 hours ago
Every bussiness that caters to leftist propaganda seems to pay for it... freedom of speech of all opinions is why we're great... if you don't like what you hear don't listen

Replies (1)
Bill S - 4 hours ago
False propaganda is big business, sadly Infowars is not unique. Remember Trump went on Alex Jones' show to announce his candidacy. Trump depends on the false propaganda to consolidate power and survive keeping his base angry and loyal.

Cory - 5 hours ago
Never got on Facebook, probably won’t have the chance!

Jack - 2 hours ago
WHY don't you report on events like THIS???
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to Boston yesterday to throw a spotlight on what he called “theft from America” by 25 mostly illegal immigrants charged with massive government fraud that’s being blamed on shoddy oversight by the Registry of
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to Boston yesterday to throw a spotlight on what he called “theft from America” by 25 mostly illegal immigrants charged with massive government fraud that’s being blamed on shoddy oversight by the Registry of
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions came to Boston yesterday to throw a spotlight on what he called “theft from America” by 25 mostly illegal immigrants charged with massive government fraud that’s being blamed on shoddy oversight by the Registry of

dutch - 3 hours ago
Which social media site allows free speech where we can choose for ourselves what is right and wrong?

Danny - 3 hours ago
Keep making more mistakes. Just watch what happens when you limit "free" speech. Whether or not they agree with Jones should not be at the discrepancy of the site.

Bobby - 3 hours ago
This situation warranted an article like this? Slow news cycle I guess...

Tony - 5 hours ago
Freedom of speech.........not on liberal sites like facebook

Jaako - 3 hours ago
if it doesnt fit the liberal agenda, it gets removed

butchwacker - 4 hours ago
Facebook is crossing over from platform to publisher. Very dangerous.

▲▼▲▼▲▼ - 2 hours ago
FB is going the way of Myspace. Investors beware!

Richard - 1 hour ago
Didn't facebook just lose over 100 billion because they were using people's private information and removing conservative articles and adds. Facebook is the face of the liberal left and the company is tanking for their intolerance.

g - 2 hours ago
Infowars is fake news, and so are the people who share it (Trumpanzees).

Replies (1)
Mike - 2 hours ago
how do you make a living peddling absolute lies with nothing to back them up????????????

Replies (1)
Yarply - 7 hours ago
well he is pro trump so its no surprise he is being censored. Facebook keeps this up they are going to lose anther 100 billion dollars.

Replies (1)
Dr. Morell - 6 minutes ago
Louis Farrakhan still not treated the same by FB and you tube? Go figure

Billy Bob - 2 hours ago
but he's got the government papers to prove it.

Van - 2 hours ago
TIME to DROP the Face BOOK.

ⓇĀ𝒏⒟𝒚★ - 55 minutes ago
My grandmother told me that Billy Mays will be the face of facebook in the future after the ad revenue dries up. I'm not sure it matters.

David - 1 hour ago
Remove all of Jones fantasies

Saywutt - 4 hours ago
Who cares about Facebook its falling apart!! Mark has been censoring Republicans just like Yahoo news does. He lost 20% of his fortune because of it. Yahoo's next.

edward - 6 hours ago
Censorship of the internet has begun

Jim - 6 minutes ago
Free speech is only for the left.

Vote - 5 hours ago
102 days until Hammer Time..

Right Wing Science Guy - 1 hour ago
I don't know guys, sure he says some silly things sometimes, but how would I know which children in school shootings are just actors and which are legit without him?

Devon - 6 hours ago
ALKS (NASDAQ) - Makers of Vivitrol (90 Naltrexone) is going UP. (If Florida is allowing those indigent or on state insurance to receive the benefits of this $1000.00 +/90 day medicine... Every rehab/detox center in the state is offering this to help with the opioid crisis.

Global - 3 hours ago
So, why isn't CNN banned?

Robert - 3 hours ago
Our lizard overlords have won.

A F - 2 hours ago
I can't wait til Facebook goes away.

PF - 4 hours ago
Rush Limbaugh was hit by sonic waves resulting in hearing loss. They try to silence political entertainers, especially if they happened to stumble across something that turns out to be real, and not just sensationalism.

scott - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is using energy weapons from space to make people watch his show. Finally, Facebook has realized this and is now working to protect the public. Alex also gave me space AIDS, the kind that can't be tested for.

Tader - 5 hours ago
And the purge has begun. There are not too many people that will care about it happening to info wars. But once the precedent is set, it will just keep going. The new Leftist "Inquisition" will not cease silencing the "heretics" until they have erased all "blasphemy" against the new orthodoxy.

Elyk - 4 hours ago
Jones has been banned off YouTube for quite awhile. You have to go to the Ron Gibson channel to actually get all the shows. Yea he says some crazy things but if you actually watch the show you get next year's news today

KnightyKnight - 5 hours ago
will Facebook be around in five years? I would never touch the site. Look how they treated Diamond and Silk, who left the site for censorship.

Rusty Hooks - 3 hours ago
So long as there is sensorship, there's the squelching of freedom, there's less value.

Larry - 2 hours ago
Jones is the Deep State's best friend. He lets them know what they can get away with and how well they're doing.

Jesus was the first socialist - 5 hours ago
HAH! What are the Trumpkins going to do now? Alex Jones is part of Trump's inner circle. Expect a tweet soon. I see all the comments about FB stock crashing but it has 2.23 billion users and 214 million US users. So, it is a high probability most of you use FB, hypocrites.

Replies (2)
Mark - 4 hours ago
Listen to Infowars, take your Brain Force and learn. The sleeper has awakened.

Replies (3)
Vote - 5 hours ago
How come Alex Jones doesn't have a show on Fox News?..

BP - 2 hours ago
If you don't believe "conspiracy theory peddler Alex Jones" then you don't believe the thousands of architects, engineers, professors, pilots, scientists, first responders that the 9/11 official story is total nonsense. There is overwhelming forensic evidence the twin towers and building 7 were brought down by controlled demolition with the high explosive thermite. Any layman can see by looking at the way building 7 came down the official story is a fraud. Look up Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and support the 9/11 families to reopen the investigation.

Buck - 2 hours ago
"Facebook has removed four of his videos for violating its community standards."

And who sets those "Community Standards"? Certainly not the Facebook community. The liberal CEO of Facebook sets the "Community Standards". Liberals LOVE setting standards for us to follow.

TT - 5 hours ago
I was making a comment on facebook, I wanted to use a picture of Osama Bin Laden, yet Facebook wouldn't let me use his picture, my comment was not derogatory, but still Facebook wouldn't allow it. Freedom of speech is subjective, so long as there are those that can determine what they will allow you to say. Sounds a lot like fascism to me

Ben - 6 hours ago
get rid of yahoo too

DavBG - 5 hours ago

Chris - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is a corporate shill no matter how much he says he is not part of the elite group

DJ - 5 hours ago
It’s so complicated to shut down your Facebook page so I just never use it but think I’m ready for the aggravation after this! Lol

D - 47 minutes ago
"Community standards" are always superficial and hypocritical but one common theme is persistent throughout the tech industry, it is always anti-white. Violence directed against whites, is seldom punished with the same zeal as other groups.

Replies (1)
.zee. - 5 hours ago
So which info/propaganda you going to believe? Infowars is exactly what it says - a war against bad info and propaganda spread by the low-rated msm news media. It sometimes gets things wrong, but often contains deeper insight into daily news events that plain-vanilla news just passes over as irrelevant. Would be interesting to see the videos facebook and twitter have banned. Freedom of the Press is a two-edged sword, clearly. It requires an educated - not brainwashed public. MSM news outlets tend to brainwash their shrinking audience who insist they are educated. Unfortunately for everyone, MSM news outlets have become the propaganda machine of the Democrat party - Open borders, crime by people of color doesn't matter and should be excused, etc etc etc

Brent - 2 hours ago
Must have missed the yahoo headline on our huge 4.1% GDP growth. Of course they are rooting against a positive number for Americans because they hate Trump more then they could ever love America. Welcome to the left, race, sexual orientation and emotion is all you get. On the right we want common values and reason.

Replies (1)
john - 5 hours ago
to see all the banned videos got to INFO WARS website.

Samuel Clough - 4 hours ago
That’s exactly why I sold my FB stock because of the censorship of Conservative and Libertarian news. I sold it before the Cambridge data news. I care more about censorship.

Zaxxen - 2 hours ago

JimTex - 2 hours ago
Info wars and the onion are great comedy sites. Fox News and CNN aren't far behind. The choir will always like the preacher they sing for

Jonathan - 3 hours ago
The fact that the economy "needs illegal labor" is a conspiracy theory

stormhawk31 - 5 hours ago
Look, free speech applies even to nutballs like Alex Jones. Leave him alone; few people believe him anyway. And no, I'm not a Leftist, I just know crazy when I see it.

Mike - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones was really bummed whenever he lost custody of his kids...until he realized they had been crisis actors paid by George Soros all along!

Topspin - 1 hour ago
Face = fakebook news

Bramblebush - 6 hours ago
How is Trump gonna get his message out to people who don't watch Fox News, now?

Buddy - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones is just another tool of the Kremlin, to sow discontent and doubt in American society.

Beard - 2 hours ago
Every website you go to has a terms of service that you agree to before you post. Stop acting like this is an attack on the 1st amendment. Antifa can't post videos on fox news website and ISIS isn't on Breitbart speaking their minds...

Rusty - 4 hours ago
Facebook . There's a new one born every minute .

alpo335i - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones' brain is going to boil over with all kinds of new conspiracy theories!

rich - 7 hours ago
Alex Jones is a shyster and a con man, exactly like Drumpf. What he does is criminal and he should be LOCKED UP!Imagejupiter2By jupiter2 on

Replies (11)
Christian - 6 hours ago
I cant believe anyone watches this bag of wind.

Lightspeed - 5 hours ago
its called liberal censorship , anything that tells the truth about liberals and what they are doing is being censored . think c.i.a. propaganda anti trump media influence etc.

Replies (1)
RapidFire007 - 6 hours ago
It doesn't matter if Alex Jones is completely sane or a complete whack job. If Facebook is going to suppress freedom of speech, it's no wonder why their stock to a 20% nose dive yesterday. They have turned into the thought police and most of us will tell them to #$%$ off over it.

Candor - 5 hours ago
Social media = Big Brother. But it's for your own good.

kevin - 7 hours ago
That's ok I'll go directly to the source That way it won't be twisted

Behold a Pale Horse - 6 hours ago
Vote with your wallet, starve all things leftist including those that advertise with them.

Replies (2)
William - 1 hour ago
Conservatives are so worried about tyranny but they didn't make a peep when there "leaders" Shackled then with ignorance and lies. You don't have to destroy factual (mostly) honest/accurate dissemination of information to destroy a free society you just have to get people to stop believing it.

L9L - 4 hours ago
Anyone who still logs on to Facebook really needs to REMOVE your ROSE colored glasses.

Michael - 5 hours ago
Good, stop the propaganda

Pharaun - 6 hours ago
Infowars will call it a conspiracy

greg - 14 minutes ago
he should have to post his net worth growth based on falsifying stories and deriding survivors as being fakes- being cynical about the intelligence of americans is one thing- playing on struggling and grieving is another- after all+/- 35% of all americans have iqs of 95 and under. they make easy targets for his kind of maggotry

M E - 1 hour ago

Jake - 5 hours ago
Liberal are getting ready for November...shutting down conservative media outlet. That Blue wave people are waiting for will be met with lots of RED WAVES.

G - 5 hours ago
You can tell all of the people that quote Alex Jones have never actually watched the show.

TomF - 4 hours ago
These disinformation sites are increasingly being connected with adversarial countries. The NRA's influence from Putin-directs has already been shown. Let us see if anything connects HERE.

M - 4 hours ago
I have never seen one video of this guy. But somehow I need to be protected I guess.

G - 5 hours ago
I would say Facebook got the bad news.

Eddy Smith - 48 minutes ago
Couldn't he spin this that its the deep state in action....

Anotherdude - 37 minutes ago
"The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic." - O.W. Holmes

John - 3 hours ago
modern day ----book burning-----

krubil - 7 hours ago
Facebook banning Infowars. Now that is hillarious. Facebook should ban all entertainment from its site.

Jeffery - 2 hours ago
I liked him back in the 90's when he was on with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM. Now I think he's lost it. Even if he says he's playing a character doing parodies the Sandy Hook thing is way too much over the top.

Jeffrey - 7 hours ago
FACEBOOK is where you lie to your friends;
TWITTER is where you tell the truth to strangers.
Now, YOU guess where the fake news will sprout.

Replies (2)
PF - 4 hours ago
How strange, Facebook has also been getting Network errors, please try again later with a different post.

tim - 5 hours ago
Trump will put YouTube and Google in their place!!

Edward - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones works for the NRA and organizes School mass shootings to increase Gun Sales

Puzzled - 3 hours ago
Notice how Facebook allowed Russia to freely do what they wanted but wish to restrain Info Wars.

Irving - 1 hour ago
So, did YouTube remove the videos of Trump urging violence to his opposition? "If you see someone about to throw a tomato, knock the heII outta him! I'll pay your legal and medical bills!"

RUSHARMY - 5 hours ago
You can say anything you want, as long as it aligns with what we tell you to say.

William - 6 hours ago
i got a friend request from Bookface

Jeremy - 4 hours ago
"A source within Facebook told TechCrunch that one of the videos had previously been flagged for review in June but, after being looked over by a checker, it was allowed remain on the social network." This says everything you need to know about the situation. Someone at Facebook actually looked the video over, decided it didn't violate the terms, but then YouTube "cracks" down and so Facebook follows suit, ignoring the ruling. You won't get much more definitive proof of political bias here. And yes, Facebook is a company so they have a right to limit or censor whatever they want. However, they have already gone on record (in front of a federal court, no less) saying that Facebook is a free speech platform. This could easily go in front of a judge and jury, and if the jury decides that the video did not violate Facebook's policy, Facebook can find itself in a world of hurt thanks to the false advertising laws in the US. You can bend the truth in advertising (ie: we're the best pizza in all of New York), but you can't outright lie (ie: we're a free speech platform, so long as you follow our terms and conditions.)

Jeremy - 4 hours ago
You don't have to like Alex Jones or even think he's right to see he's right about this. I personally cannot stand the man, but honestly...he's right. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and all of the major tech companies are inherently biased against conservative views. And that makes sense...the internet was created mostly by academics for academics, and nearly every top 10 tech company was founded by a recent college grad or college drop-out. They never grew out of liberal politics because they never had to. Most people in this country do, which is why the elderly are more often conservative than the youth. Liberal politics are great when you're a kid, but tend to fall apart under a lifetime of scrutiny. And since Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are all allowed to do...basically whatever they want with your (their) data, they'll do it. They can't get around to everyone, so they leave most people alone, but they will target the big boys, and they don't get much bigger than Alex Jones.

tginaj - 2 hours ago
Bad news for Alex? How about bad news for 'virtue signaling' Facebook?

T C - 5 hours ago
The Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh's, Sean Hannity's etc. are doing tremendous harm to America. Too many take their words as gospel truth without researching the real facts.

G - 40 minutes ago
Lol good one

The Dude - 4 hours ago
Censorship of Alex Jones only proves he's right.

CM - 2 hours ago
So when does Hillary become the next CEO there?

Mark - 5 hours ago
Scary how these tech companies are using partisan politics to ban whatever they want-Hate speech, etc. Just a way of to shut down people.

Gator - 5 hours ago
you can have any news you want as long as its from the far left.

hoots - 4 hours ago
Heart disease and high cholesterol are more of a danger to alex than the new world order

Murderfish - 3 hours ago
Things I would pay to see. Alex Jones attacking Robert Muller. Robert Muller disarming, and thoroughly dismantling Alex Jones.

corey - 4 hours ago
Censorship at its best

Vino - 2 hours ago
And by bad news, you mean Facebook is still showing it's true colors. I may not agree with his point of view, believe his videos even less, but this is much ado about nothing. Just a splash headline trying for attention....

L.B - 2 hours ago
Can we go on as a nation?

The Slug - 3 hours ago
The bad news was that he was told that he's Alex Jones. They showed him a videotape of himself and he threw up.

Aware r u - 5 hours ago
Try AJ Is Bad News ...From The Get Go ...

joseph - 6 hours ago
Jones is a detriment to society and should be locked up.

Dave - 5 hours ago
I thought Alex Jones was an investment firm. Today I learned it was Alex Brown.

Anonymous - 5 hours ago
so many good channels are getting censored or demonetized. truth hurts, don't it Iibtards.

Jason - 7 hours ago

Kas - 5 hours ago
He has admitted that he is portraying a persona and his information is inflammatory and not always strictly factual. The problem is that it is presented as fact even when it isn't and people believe it.

J - 6 hours ago
Facebook will be the cause of the failure of modern society. I'm 50 years old and when I was a kid it was possible to tell me you can play all day but be at the bend in the road at six and it was great. If I did that with my kids they would be found three days later typing with their thumbs on a rock trying to get to google maps. Sad

Amateur President - 4 hours ago
Now if only Agolf Twitler could get kicked off twitter

Thomas - 2 hours ago
slime ball Jones and his made up conspiracy theories pollute minds

NORM - 5 hours ago
And if he were spewing equally vile material with a liberal slant, FB and YouTube wouldn't bat an eye.

John C - 6 hours ago

Brent - 5 hours ago
Over the last few years he has gotten pretty out there, and his viewership and ratings have tanked as a result.

mark b - 1 hour ago
Anybody who watches that drivel as problems. Anyone who believes any of it should be locked up in the looney bin.

Law Office - 1 hour ago
I see some Russian bot activity and troll activity here on Yahoo as usual look at Dan for instance 4762 posts? Yeah, you're a real working American with a job and you got the time to during the day post almost 5,000 comments.

Michael - 4 hours ago
I think about 40% of what Alex Jones says is garbage, but they censer him. But on the other side of the spectrum we have Madcow, about 80% of what she says is garbage, they do nothing to her.
The social media is even censoring those in Congress now, that is how brazen they have become. They don't censor communist sites, they don't censor anarchist sites, they don't censor radical Islamic sites, just conservative sites it seems lately.

Replies (2)
W - 5 hours ago
FB will continue to lose value as it continues to be biased against conservative opinions......

larry - 6 hours ago
No freedom of speech with the democrats.

Replies (1)
SteveK - 2 hours ago
Well unless you are a liberal, far left your postings are taken down on both sites. I always considered his videos as comedy and rarely ever listened to them cause I don't always agree with his statements. But both sites have been known to violate First amendment rights when taking down videos or postings. Have a friend who supports the constitution strongly who at this time is in Facebook Jail for 30 days for his postings.

Robert - 20 minutes ago
"The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it."
-Joseph Goebbels

Athos - 4 hours ago
I love how liberals cheer for censorship these days. It will come for you after it wins in the conservative parties. Once you accept it for the country as a policy, it is then mandatory for you, as well. Example, I am pro-life and a man. My second son is 3 weeks from birth. If my wife ever decided to have an abortion during the pregnancy, I have no say in it. I do not agree with it, but It's the law. So... the same would apply to you if you pass a censorship law on "hate speech". It is really kinda sad and shows how they are not teaching critical thinking in school as they were for me only a few short years ago. I am only 36. Oh well... can't change the nature of the beast. Censorship for all!!!

greg - 7 hours ago
I hope face book goes down im glad the "Founder lost 119 billion Yesterday?

Robert - 19 minutes ago
"There is no need for propaganda to be rich in intellectual content."
-Joseph Goebbels

Michael - 5 hours ago
Not a first amendment issue since Youtube is a private company, although censorship is never a good thing, even if you don't agree with Alex.

Matt - 37 minutes ago
Weird, the media applauding another media group for censorship.. I am so glad they care so much about free speech.. and no, I don’t agree or like Alex Jones..

Frank - 5 hours ago
Good riddance!

Nathan - 1 hour ago
Leftist-driven censorship strikes again.

Replies (1)
Rebecca - 5 hours ago
The Smith Mundt Act ensured there was no propaganda in the media. Nobama got rid of it. This is why so we are being inundated with the mainstream media calling anything and everything fake news. The MSM is owned by I believe now four companies. There is now a monopoly on our media. This should concern everyone. The truth has to be sought out. YouTube is now cleansing itself of truth channels. Once the truth is gone you will have no choice but to believe what you are told. I don’t believe Alex Jones but he makes me want to find out the truth for myself. Don’t agree with me but search the truth for yourself.

Clyde - 36 minutes ago
Why doesn't he just post these videos to his own website and forget about this Facebook garbage. This would seem to be the way to go for both conservative and liberal entities.

rxedit - 2 hours ago
Mr. Crisis Actor himself is a nauseating example of just how easily fooled conservatives really are.

Gary - 47 minutes ago
Facebook has been sued for censoring in the past.. I hope Alex does the same. The world would be much better without that platform.

StraightShooter - 4 hours ago
That's why I love it when "PC-Book" takes a hard hit. They remove all who fail to 'make nice' with their enemies and stock holders remove FB from their holdings.

Jeffrey - 2 hours ago
It seems Russia is having a cyberwar going after FB and FB is fighting back by limiting Russia little female dog, Alex, access to FB!

Anonymous - 6 hours ago
Saudi Arabia stops oil exports after Yemen rebels strike two tankers - this is news isn't it?

Saudi Arabia stops oil exports after Yemen rebels strike two tankers

Mike - 52 minutes ago
FB was already spiraling out of control.

David - 4 hours ago
But Jones is a favorite of Our Dear Leader. Banning him is outrageous. Twitter rant to follow.

Justin - 5 hours ago
Facebook has already proven itself LIBERAL by censoring material during the 2016 presidential election, why change now????

Anthony - 5 hours ago
bout time.

Smithers - 6 hours ago
I remember the days when you had to send away for VHS tapes of crazy, lunatic rantings like Jones’s. He’s just the latest to con the gullible zombie-lemmings to part with their money for “snake oil”.

Replies (1)
Greg - 43 minutes ago
Goes up comes down

Ed - 6 hours ago
Facebook continues to lose value.

Michael - 2 hours ago
Zuckerburg will not recover from this and he shouldn't. Love that his stock is sinking fast. He knew what was going on with Russian interference.

Robert - 22 minutes ago
"It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned that a square is in fact a circle. They are mere words, and words can be molded until they clothe ideas and disguise."
-Joseph Goebbels

Brian - 6 hours ago
What does this have to do with Facebook stock tanking, China kicking Facebook out of it's territory, and massive privacy lawsuits from the European Union? In fact, this has nothing to do with anything, but everything to do with deflection and misdirection.

David - 35 minutes ago
If the Government has been listening to your phone calls for decades, and helped build the infrastructure, just what do you think they have going now? Google copies all your key strokes and stores and sells the info on the huge computer farms they have. And does anybody know how much A.I is being used? Facebook has an artificial Intelligence machine they had to unplug to turn off because it was making its own language and was going on by it self. Steven Hawkings was right. What you folks don't know whats happening in this Silicon Valley. Careful how fast stuff happens here. Follow the money. Why so much here. And what is it buying?

Rob L - 3 hours ago
What a surprise, liberal sites want to control free speech.

Kol - 3 hours ago
most would agree that Sasha Baron Cohen is playing a character, maybe not the people he's interviewing. Alex Jones would have you believe he's sane and serious and dealing with facts - he's dangerous.

Cory Roc - 5 hours ago
hey's snowing conservative snowflakes.

DAL - 22 minutes ago
"Freedom of expression" is like clean air or water. It becomes contaminated, even toxic, if it's misused.

Ryan - 5 hours ago
Lets have them give the same treatment to the The Young Turks.

Chris P. Bacon - 7 minutes ago
Where will trumpturds get their news from now?

Shaun - 5 hours ago
As if Facebook wasn't controlling enough over deciding what people could and couldn't post, now they're taking it to a whole new level. Going to start looking for an alternative. I don't care for Jones one bit, but I dislike censorship even more.

G - 5 hours ago

albin - 5 hours ago

Michael - 3 hours ago
The "one that slipped through" was probably reviewed by a right-leaning individual who is susceptible to conspiracy theories.

Jim - 5 hours ago
FB is not concerned about having an open forum. They are concerned about making a buck. Because of this I closed my account months ago. I won't be part of a organization that instead of bolstering democracy undermines it.

l - 5 hours ago
I guarantee lies about police and calls for violence are commonplace across Facebook

Jim - 22 minutes ago
Trump thinks Alex Jones is someone he should listen to, but won't let Melania watch CNN on air Force One.

Sally - 3 hours ago
i dont like the guy ! but so much for free speech! cnn,abc,ect. can put of fake news everyday? nothing is happening to those companys? 1 corporation owns 70 percent of the main stream media! which are dems. now you all know why there is so much anti trump fake news!

Joe In Los Angeles - 1 hour ago
Censorship is un-American and what the left seems to embrace today.

Todd - 2 hours ago
People actually listen to this clown and hand over money to him...LOL!

Replies (1)
john - 3 hours ago
He is a special kind of crazy and yet he's earning a lot of money because of his delusional followers.

Replies (2)
Truth - 3 hours ago
if a private company decides it doesn't want evil lies on its site, the trumpettes cream 'censorship' 'first amendment' 'freedom of speech'. if the government forces doctors to say one thing and not say another, trumpettes cheer. trumpettes are dumb.

rulf - 2 hours ago
This article just sent more new viewers to Infowars com. Alex is snickering.

Radar Rider - 36 minutes ago
Anything that hurts Alex Jones is good!

#MAAA - 4 hours ago
get a job from Limbaugh?

Junior Prince - 5 hours ago
I'm still waiting on Twitter to step it up too and remove the Fat Man's profile .

Pamela - 4 minutes ago
Is there a distant planet out there where individuals like Alex Jones originate? Or, maybe a big rock in a desert somewhere. It is difficult to believe humans raised this creature.

CFirst Name - 7 hours ago
Corruption is why they lost billions

Jim - 2 hours ago
Of course you are allowed to say things that are untrue on Facebook! If not, then no one could possibly use it!

Mike T - 2 hours ago
Liberal media would ban all opposition if it could.

Replies (1)
Mj. - 4 hours ago
Facebook has become Yahoo on steroids!

Brickhouse - 5 hours ago
Isn't this the crazy conspiracy theorist guy?

EL - 2 hours ago
And the "Nazification" of America continues....Hitler, USSR, Islamic State of Iran....all did this type of activity. Our freedoms are being eroded away...and by the Left Wing, the Democrats and the Progressives no less. Vote in November! Your freedoms depend on it.

robert - 5 hours ago
Important for the corrupt Dem Party media bureaucracy to regain control.

Oh Captain, My Captain - 7 hours ago
Why is anyone here even bringing up Free Speech??? It's not a free Speech issue. You've never, ever, had the right to say whatever you want, whenever you want. Never.

ronald - 6 hours ago
FB. You have been duly punished.

David - 47 minutes ago
I thought Alex Jones was still investigating Pizzgate or the lizard people

Topspin - 1 hour ago
Facebook is controlled by a dual citizen of Israel all you need to know really

judyms9 - 5 hours ago
Standards? InfoWar fans don't need no stinkin' standards!

Joe - 3 hours ago
As much as I find the alt right un-American and slightly (!?!) insane, when this guy Alex Jones goes on a rant it's pretty entertaining.

Unc Sam - 2 hours ago
LoL! So the right has Infowars. The left has HuffPo. And CNN. And Yahoo.

Sandi - 56 minutes ago
Oh no! His sheep will not know what to believe now. Poor souls

IMuteTrolls - 4 hours ago
You don't need to preach hatred to be proud of who you are. There is no need to degrade other races and cultures in order to promote your own.

BRB - 5 hours ago
Buh-bye, Zucc.

Tim - 6 hours ago
Will people stop using FB and start acting really social? Call, write, email or visit someone.

PF - 4 hours ago
Our political entertainers are under attack by liberals.

Nick - 2 hours ago
The actual fake news is finally being dealt with.

P - 7 hours ago
Is attacking Alex Jones and freedom of speech why facebook has lost billions? Heard they are also going after other Clinton "enemies"

Replies (1)
Roberto - 4 hours ago
I don't believe Mr. Jones should be making life threatening comments like he did against Mr. Mueller. That's more direct a threat than the comments made by Peter Fonda!

Tee - 1 hour ago
It's ALL fascist censorship people....and you'd better WAKE UP FAST or you're gonna LOSE your 1st amendment rights. GET VOCAL and start to DEFEND THE RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, or it'll be GONE and America will crumble under leftist propagandists control. It's THAT simple.....the SAME WAY the German people adopted the Not zeees.

Replies (3)
OOKLA - 5 hours ago
Not to worry Alex, their stock is in the toilet.

Bob - 1 hour ago
When social media turns on you.

Dean - 3 hours ago
The left can't handle the truth and facts. So they shut down free speech and censor. Facebook is the next MySpace. Never been on FB and never will. I have even noticed Yahoo is now removing comments. Welcome to China.Imagew-oobinBy w-oobin on

Jim - 3 hours ago
"Our Community Standards make it clear that we prohibit content that encourages physical harm [bullying], or attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity [hate speech]." The first of these is actually illegal, but the second is not. It's illegal to threaten someone with physical harm, or to encourage others to inflict physical harm on someone. What some call "hate speech" is actually protected under the First Amendment. Under these "community standards", you couldn't criticize Jim Jones for founding a doomsday cult, or Tom Cruise for being a Scientologist.

Harold - 44 minutes ago
Liberals Motto= "Do as we say, not as we do."

Kirk - 5 hours ago
Man the bots are in force today

Ron - 4 hours ago
As long as TYT is still on FAKEBOOK and other liberal sites we can still prove they are liberal and thus in violation of FEC law.

Fred - 6 hours ago
Which means in lay mans terms he's forking out some heavy $$$ and they don't want to lose that.

new yorker - 3 hours ago
Lies are embraced .Truth vilified .We have arrived socialist America is coming it is the point of no return

Replies (1)
Joseph - 2 hours ago
Next up on Infowars: ''Obama turnt me into a newt!''

jen - 1 hour ago
Jones is a fake anyway. We all know who he really works for.

Liberal Millennial Boogeyman - 37 minutes ago

Replies (1)
Yogi Sam - 2 hours ago
T R E 4 5 O N !!!!!!!!!!!

Ben - 6 hours ago
That's pretty messed up when you build you business using these sites and then they control you. Why i would never use facebook or youtube

Behold a Pale Horse - 6 hours ago
Zuckerberg is clearly a Russian....

Shinobi no Mono! - 5 hours ago
In related news .... Facebook stocks plummeted yesterday (Zuckerberg lost billions ... that's billions with a B).

Michael N - 5 hours ago

Devereux - 52 minutes ago
Time's up.

s - 4 hours ago
The media can make fun of trump and others and it’s OK but they are censoring people that don’t follow their agenda is ridiculous.

Replies (1)
Jon - 48 minutes ago
Trumpflakes are losing bigly

tginaj - 2 hours ago
facebook stock plunge couldn't happen to a nicer company.

RichardZag - 5 hours ago
Critics of the 9/11 truth movement often refer to us as “conspiracy theorists”. However, unless it was planned and carried out by a single individual, 9/11 was most certainly a conspiracy by definition. The Al Qaeda explanation is therefore also a “conspiracy theory”. When conducting a real investigation involving a criminal conspiracy, the investigators first look at “motive, means and opportunity” in order to identify potential suspects. The authors of the “Project for a New American Century” stated before 9/11 that something like a “catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor” would advance their agenda. This is clearly a motive. The people behind this agenda also had the means and opportunity. They are in fact also the same people who laid the blame on so-called Al Qaeda. Why therefore should we be expected to exclude them as suspects? Is it because:
- They would never kill Americans? But "Operation Northwoods" was a false flag operation that would have done exactly that, and it was approved by all of the members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Gulf of Tonkin was a falsified incident that led to the deaths of 58,000 American soldiers. Operation Gladio included a campaign of deadly false flag terrorist bombings orchestrated by NATO and the European secret services during the Cold War.
- So-called Al Qaeda accepted responsibility? In fact, in his only authentic correspondence, Osama Bin Laden denied responsibility and instead pointed his finger at the “government within a government” in the US.
Therefore the people who throw mud at the 9/11 truth movement, are expecting us to accept the government’s 9/11 conspiracy theory even in the absence of a real criminal investigation and to accept an explanation coming from the group of people who by their own admission had the most to gain from 9/11.

The EGG Man - 6 hours ago
The liberal thought police are at it again.

Sean - 3 hours ago
The two sides of media: Their lies, or censorship ! FB, Twitter learning their lesson,
how long until Lib MSM does ?

M L - 2 hours ago
Only wish was he was guarding the front door at Sandy Hook.

Pave - 1 hour ago
OMG, in Russian Radio, they indicated that they had "donated" or purchased in the millions with this show, now that is so funny, even the Right being paid with Russian and NRA money. Good God, perhaps the new R which means New Russian party is going to give up all their Democratic "GREED"????????? I don't think so, its called WHORRING!!

Richard - 4 hours ago
Really??? This is a small blip on the road... Facebook...Twitter and YouTube all censoring conservatives... it won't work for long!

D. - 5 hours ago
Republicants bring absolutely NOTHING to the tech innovation table. Can't wait for CoalBook or GodTube

BOB - 1 hour ago
The first line gave away the bias - "gave a voice to conspiracy theorist peddler". "Conspiracy theorist" is a CIA-coined term to try to dismiss truth that the deep state establishment doesn't want the public to know and which the MSM hides from the public. "Peddler" implies he's like a snake oil salesman trying to peddle worthless garbage. The truth is 911 was an inside job - the majority of Americans now believe this; all experts, and just plain people with rational thought, who have examined the evidence believe it was an inside job. So to say it's a false claim is to lie. Let the people themselves be presented with many different views and decide for themselves what is true and what is false - not have some big brother corporation decide what the people can see and not see.

Replies (1)
Blu blooded American - 54 minutes ago
Buh bye dirt bag jones

Gregory - 43 minutes ago
Corporate controlled media. So much for people being free.... FASCISM.

Replies (1)
Edward - 3 hours ago
The Russians must be upset that their operative was made.

Replies (1)
SayinItLikeItIs - 7 hours ago

BFD22 - 2 hours ago
Dump that load

Lee - 3 hours ago
No Matter What you Crazy Liberals do, Its not going to change the outcome of the 2020 elections, TRUMP MEGA MAGA

Michael M - 3 hours ago
lock up lying jones

RUssian puPPet - 37 minutes ago
Bad News = FAKE NEWS

DR. BIX NOOD - 7 hours ago

PJ - 4 hours ago
Jones is a disinfo agent, he works for the NWO, all this demonization of him is planned to discredit real truthseekers

joe - 4 hours ago
Yahoo and Facebook censures free speech!

edward - 3 hours ago
time to remove facebook from my life

Behold a Pale Horse - 6 hours ago
Real News anyone? Twitter Lifts Shadow Ban on Conservatives After Congressman Threatens FEC Complaint. Just a matter of time before the lawsuits begin

Austin - 1 hour ago
Pyscho Republicans live to serve Putin.

WWMDD - 3 hours ago
Cons get all triggered when you tell them that they can't make fake news that's filled with obvious and blatant lies....

Jerry - 58 minutes ago
PERFECT! InfoWars AND Facebook going down at the same time. . . for disseminating FAKE NEWS. Alex Jones and Zuckerberg have a symbiotic profit-making relationship.

rbstoker - 50 minutes ago
Interesting...I have seen FB ban users for a single word or reposting one item from a different site they deemed inappropriate. However, AJ has four videos banned, but yet he isn't personally banned.

Unknown - 54 minutes ago
FACEBOOK tanked.. YouTube next.. Then Google.

InternationalDeplorable - 1 hour ago
Facebook is a corporation and therefore should be sanctioned for violating the first amendment!

PB - 2 hours ago
Hate is a very powerful motivator used to unite the ignorant.

cf - 8 hours ago
Even if I don't agree with it, I can't support Facebook if they prefer viewer censorship. Its their right to do so, being its their company...but knowing they don't support freedom of speech shows their cowardice.

ROBERT - 7 hours ago
By now its no secret what Facebook is. Use it and accept it or leave. But dont xomolain while you keep posting your life in public.

Brian - 5 hours ago
Psycho Alex Jones a person that deserves to be the first person sent to Mars.

Thunder - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones is not a Nationalist. Alex Jones is a Foe/Civic Nationalist that makes him an opposing force to Nationalism . Here is literally a clip explaining Alex Jones Foe/Civic Nationalism and what Nationalism really is.
Youtube What Nationalism REALLY Means | Lauren Rose.

Robert - 7 hours ago
The Bolshevik Revolution 2.0?... (REMEMBER THE U.S.S. LIBERTY!...)

Tony - 5 hours ago
If we could depend on people being reasonably educated and aware of demigods that preach hate and bigotry there would be no problem with letting people like Alex Jones rant all they wanted. However, at least half of the population of the "Trump Mindset" seem to have substandard ability (or desire) or respect for others that there is a concern that hate mongers like Jones will push this country further down the toilet. VOTE IN NOVEMBER. Time to flush the toilet in Washington.

Replies (1)
HAHA - 1 hour ago

DR. BIX NOOD - 8 hours ago

PF - 4 hours ago
Yahoo is also a political entertainer. You can only go so far before you start offending people.

Gerry - 4 hours ago
Can people not figure out on their own the things he says that are blatant lies? Also, if youtube and facebook are shutting down some of his videos, does that mean they are pulling all Rap music that is suggestive of violence toward the public?

Anonymous - 42 minutes ago
Info wars would not be a problem if it were not for the fact that there are people stupid enough to take it seriously, like our Prescient.

Replies (1)
Crazy World We Live In - 5 hours ago
Never heard of these Bilderberg meetings until tuning in to Jone's site. If you don't know what they are, think Russian meddling 100-fold with multiple foreign contributors. Talk about foreign influence :P

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
As ALWAYS, "removal of the videos" is considered an achievement by Democrats. Democrats are pro-censorship to the bone.

Law Office - 1 hour ago
Yahoo is a Russian Tool

Les Deplorables - 1 hour ago
Waiting for this Liberal companies to censored some of their Liberal compatriots like the Young Turks ?

Joe - 3 hours ago
This is just massive advertising for him, his whole function in life is to be outrageous and get attention.

American Patriot - 7 hours ago
At some point somebody has to rein in this tin foil hat wearing nut job.. There are actually vulnerable people out there that take him seriously.

Jennifer - 5 hours ago
Good. He just stirs up trouble.

Juan - 2 hours ago
Trump’s supporters hate American because they could not hack it and need to blame someone else. Just like trump, it’s never their fault.

Juan - 2 hours ago
You know it’s true.

Give me a Break - 2 hours ago
Since they are getting rid of all of the Russian BOTS and Trump campaign owned FAKE SITES, their membership DROPPED precipitously causing the market crash. THAT gives you some idea of HOW BIG the interference in the last election was and how many FAKE sites the Russians and companies hired by Trump, his campaign and the RNC OWNED.

Phil - 2 hours ago
Thanks for the 'FAKE NEWS' there 'Give me a Break'. Lol.

crazy - 3 hours ago

Every time Facebook pulls their liberal BS their stock drops.
Facebook plunged 20% in after-hours trading Wednesday on disappointing second quarter earnings #tictocnews (Source: Bloomberg)
Facebook plunged 20% in after-hours trading Wednesday on disappointing second quarter earnings #tictocnews (Source: Bloomberg)
Facebook plunged 20% in after-hours trading Wednesday on disappointing second quarter earnings #tictocnews (Source: Bloomberg)

Bob Brandy - 5 hours ago
Alex an Rush is the only wons that tales the truth. Role Tide an MAGA!

dana - 6 hours ago
IM NOT A FAN of alex but censorship BEGINS with the ones that are easily disliked, this is WRONG.

USA - 6 hours ago
Facebook is an Anti American Anti Constitutional Terrorist Organization with a Monopoly guilty of crimes against America from what i can see. TRAITORS!

MensaGuy - 4 hours ago
@USA Lying Bolshevik. Nothing but PolitBureau-speak.

USA - 5 hours ago
@MensaGuy You are a russian and what is your point there idiot.

MensaGuy - 6 hours ago

Head - 2 hours ago

Lee - 5 hours ago
Voltaire: "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise"

Sluggo - 6 hours ago
Facebook gives me the creeps

bristol1215 - 51 minutes ago
What an sleezball.

Gregory - 46 minutes ago
Not surprised. At least we USED TO have "freedom of the press". Now we have a Fascist / Marxist system, where by press is controlled by elitist corporations.

Littledogie - 51 minutes ago
Noy a fan of Infowars but are there any liberal videos being taken down?

Peter D - 5 hours ago
For "checker" read "censor", contrary to the 1st Amendment. Maybe it is offensive nonsense, but to my mind undermining freedom of speech is far more offensive, far more dangerous, and an utter disgrace.

hoots - 4 hours ago
Not a 1st amendment issue, stupid

brian - 4 hours ago
The best way to protect your right to speak freely is to protect your enemy's right to speak freely. Once your Enemy's right to speak freely is gone, there is nothing to protect your right to speak freely from being taken from you....and THAT is un-measurably more terrifying than anything Alex Jones puts on Facebook. If you cannot grasp this concept then you are officially lost.

Ooh Rah - 5 hours ago
Big difference between "Community Standards" and "Free Speach" uh? lol

John - 5 hours ago
Everyone is dumping Facebook, including investors and young people.

Elizabeth - 5 hours ago
I really want to see his "banned" videos. I will seek them out. I invite Facebook to go do the physically impossible.

Imatrollufoo - 3 hours ago
Are they also gonna remove Michele Woolf’s highly offensive videos too? Or does she get a pass because she’s a liberal and calls it “comedy” (which is comical in itself)

Suave - 27 minutes ago
Ha! Hilarious.

Illya Kuryakin - 2 hours ago
"He added: "We created Facebook to be a place where different people can have a voice."" You mean that Facebook is a place where people can lie with impunity

Tim Rigney - 5 hours ago
Never defend censorship never had facebook never will . We must remove foreign owners and controlling Interest in Media (China And Europe ) .

Alex23 - 2 hours ago
Dear FB, you just have lost $123.4 billion in value, and by the way, you can't silence the truth! Stay strong Alex Jones!

Jonathan - 6 hours ago
The enemy is censoring ALL TRUTH SPEACH from the public so that all we know are lies. This is what revolutions are fought for....We MUST NOT EVER stand down to tyranny.

Crazy World We Live In - 5 hours ago
The thought police will not tolerate opposing views. The propaganda ministry insists they be your primary source of news and information :P

Freedom - 2 hours ago
Talk about Fake News... Info Wars is disgusting.

LaoShur - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones often makes outrageous and false claims. FACT
Trump gets his "news" from FOX AND Alex Jones. FACT
FOX often makes outrageous and false claims. FACT
All unquestionably support zionist Israel. FACT
Zionist Israel often makes outrageous and false claims. FACT
ALL seek to suppress negative truths about themselves while pushing negative falsehoods about others. FACT
And they all work together to suppress free speech and destroy OUR free press and 1st Amendment in The United States. A blatantly obvious FACT!

Charles - 5 hours ago
This is probably a good thing. I remember there was a woman who discovered Alex Jones, dropped out of college and started living in her van so she could dedicate her life to "fighting the globalists." This guy has probably destroyed a lot of lives. But Alex will be able to push the narrative that they had to "shut him down" because he was exposing them, so there's that downside as well.

knaug60 - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones didn't just get bad news.
He is bad news.

James - 4 hours ago
Im not an Alex jones fan but this is about banning conservatives just before an election. Libtards only want their speech heard.

white trash - 7 hours ago
we all have freedom of speech unless the libs don't like it

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
Did Democrats find Alex Jones' boat or whatever so they can vandalize it yet? Then pat themselves on the back?

Does this mean CNN,MSNBC, Morning Joe, The View, The Oscars,the two Jimmy's late night shows, and Rachael Maddow show will be off the air now completely ????????????????????????

Replies (1)
David - 25 minutes ago
And yes, Facebook has a lot of contracts with the Government. Thats ok till you lie to your users about your idea of free and uncensored. Get big enough with money and your priorities change quickly. Who can do me the most? The Government or free service thats not censored? How many users can you have till there is no more? There are only so many people even interested and that is dropping. Myspace, Facebook, when they go there will be another to check on you. Think, we had att dial up, Netscape next to hook up to internet, then Yahoo, now Google. At least Google diversified and is still going. I can count so many of these companies here running your life. Do you care?

Jordan - 7 minutes ago
If you cheer him being censored you're against free speech. The news he reports is factual, he just loudly voice his opinion about it. If you want to see people put a spin on a story, just watch CNN. If CNN Is allowed to turn every positive into a negative about the president, Then Alex should be free to give his opinion on the politics happening around the US. I dont believe CNN should be silenced, and I think they spin more lies than any news outlet, self funded or not.

skumbag - 2 hours ago
Wonder why Face Book lost 19% of their value? Heard the total number was 120 billion!!! Boycotts work!

TODD - 6 hours ago
The media in general has turned this world into a toxic mess. Everyone is really to take another persons like over any little thing. We need good stories of people helping each other.

Windguy - 39 minutes ago
I'm sure that Komrade Jones is crushed that a handful of his videos have been removed from Farsebook

Repent, Judgment Day Is Near - 6 hours ago

Marcel - 2 hours ago
I watched this guy for ten minutes one day and fell off my chair laughing. I thought it was some kind of wacky comedy show until a friend told me that an entire population of crazy conservatives follow this guy like he’s god. He said Trump is friends with guy and uses him as an advisor. At first I didn’t believe him but then that Trump bit really made sense. That’s quite unbelievable that people actually believe anything this guy actually says. He’s obviously juiced up on drugs and steroids while taping his shows.

John - 55 minutes ago
I doubt if anyone at facebook can spell standards let alone have any!

Carl - 2 hours ago
the problem here is CNN-MSNBC-ABC are throwing out false accusations that they have yet to prove, they can't prove their lies because they already got caught doctoring up the videos

SUVDriver - 49 minutes ago #therealtruth #hillarylost #democratscansuckit.

AC - 4 hours ago
Facebook the censor. Deleting my account.

l - 4 hours ago
I find it ironic that no civil rights progress could have happened if the majority labeled it “hate speech “ and outlawed it ...

Joe - 4 hours ago
FB is a liberal weapon who think that they are important! Their CEO lied to Congress pretended t/b harmless. Well past time that they got their head handed to them!

Mabel - 4 hours ago
Head handed to them... for what Joe? It's a free country and they run a business, are you anti capitalism?

GO! - 6 hours ago
Their president is livid. Lol.

Jose - 1 hour ago
I used to visit his website, but he is soooo fake! Fear mongering at its best. Absolutely fear mongering.

MDR - 6 hours ago
Facebook used to be fun when I first went on it maybe 7 years ago, I got in touch with old friends I hadn't heard from in years and shared pictures with family that lived far away. Not sure when it went down hill but it I no longer see pictures of friends and family it's all political garbage and there's enough of that everywhere else, so I disabled my account, maybe after Trump's out office it might be fun again

Steve - 3 hours ago
If you go to infowar website it is filled with so many false stories its not even funny. Their members are a bunch of crazy nuts that play the victim card. They think somebody is going to take their guns and freedoms away. If you have a crazy relative you can bet they are a infowar fan.

Unc Sam - 2 hours ago
The crazy relative can get news from FluffPo. Or CNN.

Jim - 2 hours ago
Why not label as false then.

V In The D - 5 hours ago
Mad Maxine's hate speech is probably still on there.

A - 5 hours ago
FB can choose which loons to let on their site.

Edward - 4 hours ago
Jones is a CIA plant whose mission is to collect IP's of the mentally unstable undesirables that are attracted to his videos and shows...that are designed to attract those kinds of people. Ripper IV is uploaded to their phones to track GPS locations of the user and monitors all Internet Traffic in and outgoing on their computers. Jones listeners are the most monitored people in the country.

Bill - 5 hours ago
9/11 was an inside job. The US govt has no evidence bin laden carried it out, as stated by the FBI when bin laden's most wanted poster was posted... with no reference to 9/11... because they have no evidence linking him to it. Why would anyone believe the US govts story, when they didn't even start their investigation until all the evidence was removed...? Although they shut 3 private investigations while the evidence was still there.

Rich - 3 hours ago
Bad news for Alex Jones equals good news for the human race.

phil - 4 hours ago
Crapola. Liberals are constantly on the attack, their motto is 'Resist'. There exists no republican equivalent to the democrats ANTIFI. This is just more censorship by radical liberals.

Sean - 8 hours ago
Wait for the VITA App, FB is a tired old Dinosaur!

Bill - 53 minutes ago
Facebook is where you go to leave evidence of future crimes yet to be created. I have no Facebook. Better to leave as little digital footprint as possible.

Behold a Pale Horse - 6 hours ago
The left wants to abolish free speech... how about we abolish them instead in NoDEMber.

Sam - 6 hours ago
Because of Alex Jones insidious lies, parents of sandy hook victims are accosted and assaulted at their own homes

Richard - 2 hours ago
Infowars? isn't that a comic channel with a fat guy that was being sued and divorced but claim all he ever did was a joke ... of course, a fat guys are jokes, just look at Orange ....

CF N - 49 minutes ago
Getting censored by Facebook, is not bad news. Buck Bacefook

c j - 4 hours ago
I am hoping that the millennials and other people using crapbook and the other social media s realize how they are manipulating what their minds and what they read .

Michael - 5 hours ago
Censorship in the USA. How much lower can you go?

EJ - 7 hours ago
I look back over the years of Alex's news and every bit of it is coming to light, the Hollywierd sex rings, pedophilia, the deep state, are just a few to begin with. Keep up the good work giving us the REAL NEWS Alex, I'll be watching!

EJ - 7 hours ago
You're the ones that are gullible Captain Crunch, All of Alex's news is fact based on research and not a bunch of he said, she said bull$ht!

Oh Captain, My Captain - 7 hours ago
Admitting you're gullible to the entire world has no benefit

Michael - 4 hours ago
It's fun to watch Capitalism destroy the value of Dooshbook. Their own ideas are going to destroy the financing that allows them to impose their ideas . Nobody is forced to use their product - and they do not understand that . People will take their money someplace else .

Marc - 5 hours ago
If things got taken down from Facebook for being untrue, my wall would be just about empty. It's sad watching people believe the same inaccurate statements solely because a picture accompanies them

Doug - 2 hours ago
Facebook community standards: Go Broke

*Name*Re*Dacted - 7 hours ago
The people at FB think there's no difference in an alt right website, or FOX NEws, or Infowars, because they have a warped, bigoted, and prejudicial opinion of conservatives and conservatism. And where have they gotten that? It has been taught to them...They haven't lived it...They clearly haven't lived among any conservatives or they could not possibly believe what they believe. and now they see their FB stock tumbling and there's multiple reasons for this... it's not just due to one thing but it is do to the fact that they do not know what they're doing. They have a customer base that is probably the biggest in the world and they choose to eliminate half of it? Stupidly.

*Name*Re*Dacted - 7 hours ago
@Oh Captain, My Captain keep spreading your bigotry, prejudice and hatred.

*Name*Re*Dacted - 7 hours ago
@Oh Captain, My Captain and people like you are destroying America with that approach.

Oh Captain, My Captain - 7 hours ago
Negative views regarding conservatism are warranted.

Insane unstable world - 4 hours ago

Leeroy Jenkins - 4 hours ago
Maybe the Trumplings can start a gofundme page to raise funds and start Faketube.

Webster Designs - 53 minutes ago
Jones is a nut case who found an easy way to make money off of other nut cases.

David - 3 minutes ago
He and Roseanne Barr should compare their favorite conspiracy theories!

Al - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones' pants are on fire to the point that he's standing there nude. Jones is beyond crazy. He belongs in an institution.

Aristotle - 31 minutes ago
@sabre Based on your low intelligence posts, everyone normal thinks YOU are the moron!

sabre - 1 hour ago
And so are you moron.

Bridge Dealer - 19 minutes ago
Vladimir in Moscow did not like it. Just look at the wave of Russian trolls posting conspiracy theorist, and disinformation in this post.

sadie - 1 hour ago
There is NO difference between him trying to divide our country and the Russians. REMOVE ALL OF IT.

Sally - 6 minutes ago
I'm Republican, but lets be honest. This man makes us look bad!

Lord - 5 hours ago
Remember kids, you can't have opinions not approved by your corporate overlords.

CRIMSON - 2 hours ago
The Left Wing Mentality.... It's only Free Speech if we agree with it. If you say anything that may trigger us, or be controversial, we're going to delete it.

MikeM - 2 hours ago
Facebook, Buy Buy. Im tired off your liberal stance and frankly don't need your service.

Vyserion - 21 minutes ago
Hahaha! Alex Jones can GF himself. Love seeing his fatauss get kicked again and again. Hahahaha!Imagewhat-even-is-thissBy what-even-is-thiss on

jeffuehrer - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is a fanatical conspiracy salesman.

mike - 5 hours ago
But yet I still see videos about our President that even the national enquirer would be embarrassed to run on Facebook and YouTube!

LithiumWarsWAKEUP - 5 hours ago
Boycott cable, and youtube tv.

Robert - 3 hours ago
Funny how Facebook removed those videos from right wing groups, but the same type of videos posted by the left can stay up! It shouldn't matter if the group is right wing or left wing. If it promotes violence it should come down. On the other hand they will remove posts sharing stuff from games found in their platform.

RD - 27 minutes ago
look it's the political Jerry Springer ... actually that's insulting the Jerry Springer

jim - 5 hours ago
This is hilarious. The dude has his own very popular website.. Making news out of removing these videos only gives him that much more publicity.

EAboys - 8 hours ago
Alrx Jones is a nut.

J L - 6 hours ago
Facebook will continue to bleed money

bob m - 1 hour ago
CENSORSHIP!!!!!! we only get to see and hear what the media and those who control the media wants us to hear and see.....Sound familiar??????

twain307 - 1 hour ago
It's how fat Donnie conducts a press conference.......

The Computer Store Owner - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones is the Professional Wrestling of the News Media--only it's more disturbing than entertaining. I never liked Professional Wrestling.

Mike - 6 hours ago
More bad news for Alex? His STD hasn't cleared up?

David - 14 minutes ago
And if you can control your house, car and life over your smart phone apps, who else can see your whole life. Inside your house and out. And what about watching the family? Do you care? Thats not thinking of Alexa and Googles listening machines people are buying? Even controlling your TV. The best thing Google could do is give everybody a google listening machine for free. A couple Billion won't hurt and would wipe out Alexa. They can copy whatever you say on those huge computer farms. Like the rich feeding you their info. Why do the rich buy big newspapers? For an investment? I think Bezos doesn't need the Washington post for money. Or Soros with the New York Times. Just like Hearst. Give me a picture, I will write the story. They will believe anything we tell them. Do you care?

Jonathan - 3 hours ago
The women pay gap is a conspiracy theory

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
Jones is the LOWEST of the low. If you believe in him, you should seek counseling.

Memyselfandi Campbell - 4 hours ago
Liberals are desperate to stop the truth from getting out. Everything they have done and continue to do draws more people to the right. Like quick sand the more they wiggle the faster they sink.

josephm - 5 hours ago
Authentic person huh then they do no politics.

Bob - 3 hours ago
Well then, based on their standards then they should remove all comments from the democrats who inspire hatred for Trump and his supporters. And youtube should do the same. As both are strong advocates for the left and currently only censor the free speech of the right, and people who have other information that you need to know but is be kept from you.

Cjredsox - 1 hour ago
Meanwhile celebrities can call for harassment and physical assault of conservatives and anyone leaning an inch right of the far left without a word being said.

Smidget Peanut - 1 hour ago
Good to see that FB will continue to allow their platform to be used for spreading lies and propaganda. That will make Dotard and the Russians happy.

Pardon Me! - 2 hours ago
If you want to spew this kind of hate and bigotry, go start your own on-line station. You can call it "WhiteTube"....

Russ McClay - 6 hours ago
Only hapless fools would buy Jones' drivel. Fortunately for Jones there are lots of hapless fools.

Nicholas - 6 hours ago
Jealous much.... I'm gunna go on a limb and say that your jobless and wanna see peple that work to come down to your level because you are miserable and you wanna make others around you miserable..

bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
remember when alex jones said that clinton was running some pedo swap in the basement of a pizza restaurant?

TS - 6 hours ago
Finally addressing fake news! Good for Facebook and YouTube. Hope they do the same for cernovich and other conspiracy theorists spreading mis information

Rick - 2 hours ago
mark zuckerberg had a negative $17 billion dollar bad day yesterday;... so alex jones had to be the fall guy...

Jeffrey - 4 hours ago
RIP free speech

l - 5 hours ago
I’m fine with this as long as they censor left propaganda as well which I doubt they’ll do

Joe - 5 hours ago
The amount of people siding with Jones and his hate speech goes to show they will believe anything even if they have to make it up first.

adam - 4 hours ago
While not quite as blatant as the IRS targeting conservatives, i find it amusing that FB and YouTube are stifling and censoring conservative rhetoric, however wacky. This dude is a bit looney but then again, so are most liberals who regularly get published. I get it's free speech as long as you're on the right narrative.

Not happy - 18 minutes ago
"We created Facebook to be a place where different people can have a voice."
Except... Alex Jones doesn't present "Infowars" as a person's (his) voice, he presents it as "News", and as such that falls under the policy of using FaceBook to propagate False and Misleading Statements as Factual News Articles.

jason - 6 hours ago
So how about they start removing the lies from the left, too?

American Patriot - 2 hours ago
Facebook is on it's way out. Good riddance.

c j - 4 hours ago
I'm not a fan of Alex Jones , But the media and people on the left have no problem with what comes from Maxine Waters , Rev Wright and others . When it comes from people on the right it's not acceptable . When it comes from people on the far right it's hate and must be shut down . It's free speech for all ! Or NO One !

Human - 5 hours ago
the intolerance of the intolerant.

Khan - 5 hours ago
Boycott youtube and facebook. Freedom of speech is essential to a democratic republic

D - 3 hours ago
Facebook got what it deserved....

Buzzard - 5 hours ago
That nutball believes the 'chemtrail' hoax. 'Nuff said about his credibility.

Garret H - 3 hours ago
A video saying "9/11 was an inside job" is not allowed on Facebook? Makes you wonder what they're hiding.

Voter's remorse - 5 hours ago
Bill Hicks!

Robert - 27 minutes ago
"...the rank and file are usually much more primitive than we imagine. Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitious."
-Joseph Goebbels

Joe - 4 hours ago
Zucker is wondering why he losing

Mike000427 - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones is Kayfabe

Aaron Sokol - 5 hours ago
911 is an inside job. Right George Bush?

3D - 3 hours ago
It's a bad week for fake news.

Dan - 2 hours ago
You need to reassess your life if you take his words seriously. Do you need excitement that much?

MATTSTATS - 34 seconds ago
It won't matter what FACEBOOK does, they took that hit pretty bad last night...They won't be taking down any videos 1 year from now...Facebook is today's MYSPACE.....

t - 4 hours ago
He is about as bad as the Far Lefters...

Bashin Time - 4 hours ago
Alex doesnt murder like the lefties do....why are you so stupid?

Sheep - 6 hours ago
That's okay he can spend the downtime hanging out with his kids OH WAIT

Moose - 2 hours ago
I'm sure that breaks his heart. He's loony but some of his stuff is right on. He's as believable as some of the network outlets. CNN, MSNBC etc. !

Ozymandias - 3 hours ago
Poor Alex! Where is he going to get his next million dollars earned by exploiting the gullible?

D - 4 hours ago
In an earlier era, Alex Jones would be straight jacketed and forever locked away in an asylum, as an unhinged, dangerous lunatic.

Libtardhunter007 - 7 hours ago
Glad Facebook tanked. Libtard company. Let's see them "censor" at the polls.

Oh Captain, My Captain - 7 hours ago
Please leave my country. You're doing great harm to it

Edward - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones orchestrates mass shootings for the NRA to increase gun sales.

Brian - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones is the punchline to a joke that no one wanted to hear.

Jim G - 46 minutes ago
Just #WalkAwayfromFacebook

Ben - 6 hours ago
Saying someone is a hypocrite is not hate speech. It's a word in the dictionary that if used properly is absolutely true.

John - 6 hours ago
Facebook will ban you for anything it doesn't agree with, even non-offensive opinions.

Rockdog - 4 hours ago
Anybody that watches these Alex Jones fictional videos and believes them, is a 100% moron

Michael - 4 hours ago
Anyone that watches Madcow with any belief, is someone that has been or will be institutionalized.

Curt - 2 hours ago
Free speech....days numbered. Thanks, Leftists! Why do you hate America so much?

Curt - 2 hours ago
@FISH So, one day all true free-thinkers can say what they want as long as they say it behind locked cell doors, Lefty? got it.

FISH - 2 hours ago

Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky - 4 hours ago
And now if we could only shut down Facebook in America, and Twitter too. Run them both out, make them illegal. LOL.

Joel - 4 hours ago
facebook and youtube are as liberal as it gets. they take down alex jones videos cause they claim they are promoting violence. now lets remove all the maxine waters videos then and black lives matters.

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
I tried to return my #$%$ pills but Alex wouldn't let me. So much winning.

Kathy - 2 hours ago
SNL Skit, Dough Boy “OH NO”, in high pitched scream voice.

Matthew - 3 hours ago
Anyone that liberals try to silence, I will end up following.

Gordo - 2 hours ago
Facebook has many valid and good purposes. But, Alex Jones and others of his demented nature know how to use it to spread hatred and lies. Facebook taking a hit now. As well it should. Time to set standards that reject the likes of Alex Jones -- a vile non-human being.

Morcrist - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is a fraud and I don't see how anyone can be taken in by this guy....but the problem is they censor him they can censor you. Slippery slope is a real thing.

A deplorable - 2 hours ago
really....I bet you would believe the HILDERBEAST in a heartbeat!!!!

Right Wing Science Guy - 2 hours ago
Lol nah, it really ain't.

Jake - 5 hours ago
FB is a joke. They censor tons of conservative content while leaving leftist content alone.

hoots - 5 hours ago
So dumb

DJ - 5 hours ago
Don’t know who this guy is, frankly some of the stuff I’ve heard about him is pretty bad, like Sandy Hook, but the fact that he is managing to SHOW the hypocritical nature of a liberal IS awesome, hope he keeps that part up!

BobSacamano - 5 hours ago
You just expressed the problem with American conservatives of today. Truth doesn't matter as long as they go after liberals.

hatefulhappy - 4 hours ago
Somehow NowThis, OccupyDemocrats, Voxx, and Al Jazeera are allowed to spew their lies on Facebook and the like....

Zaxxen - 2 hours ago

B. A. Smith
B. A. Smith5 hours ago
I don't have facebook nor do I know this Jones person but when you start restricting speech from one or two because they differ in politics, religion, race, you are doing the same thing that hitler did.

Timothy - 2 hours ago
Only one of the many reasons facebook is tanking.

Bignfurrie - 2 hours ago
So, do the angry people know what a EULA is? lol.

chimpout - 3 hours ago
Mess with conservatives, lose billions.

Tex-s - 3 hours ago
So, I find this interesting...."Our Community Standards make it clear that we prohibit content that encourages physical harm [bullying], or attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity [hate speech]." That must be a typo, as I searched 'white privilege' and found some 3300 videos wherein people are attacked, shamed, bullied, and vilified for their race. Apparently, the censorship is limited to opinions the censors are told to remove, and not on an actual policy.

Celtic - 8 hours ago
FARCEbook - where stupid people go to parade their ignorance while the NSA spies on them ;)))))

Q - 1 hour ago
We are experiencing attacks on America from all sides. Infowars is one of those sides.

Thomas - 2 hours ago
What is really sad is Trump actually believes the junk that Alex Jones preaches.

DemocratsRepublicans Both Corrupt - 5 hours ago
Facebook is a government front company and is now censoring free speech which goes directly against the Constitution..they use private companies to get around the Constitutions..wake up america your being taken for a ride..

bolt thrower - 58 minutes ago
Imageseth-macfarlaneBy seth-macfarlane on

jobby - 3 hours ago
friend of don the orange chazaros, lmao, mi tengo las grozaro orange, lmaoImagemaximumthrillBy maximumthrill on

JerryH - 2 hours ago
There's no room in our country for all this fear based hate-speak. How many tears will be shed when 45 meets his fate in prison? Enough is enough!

J. Kelly
J. Kelly2 hours ago
What right does Facebook have to censor anyone's free speech? This is the hotbed of Communism in America screw Zuckerberg

Bob - 2 hours ago
It's a private company, they can set whatever standards they like. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it.

Right Wing Science Guy - 2 hours ago
Bwahahahaha this guy thinks you have a right to be on Facebook

Cedric - 5 hours ago
Freedom of speech, Which means Alex will sue Facebook much like he has in the past and get millions thus even further strengthening his movement. If you want to ban Alex jones, you can't just stop him from talking lol, this is America. And he has the power to fight back at every level, and if the President finds out they are banning people just becuase they think they shouldn't have freedom of speech, well sad to say, they are going to jail and will have to pay huuuuge hefty court fines.. But they already probably planned on this Just imagine if Facebook deleted all your dog videos because they didn't like the way you pet your dog or groomed it....? Jus t imagine that insanity for a second as if we live in some communist controlled country like China..... I'm glad they are doing this now becuase the left is truly showing us who they truly are. Communist controlled terrorist who want to ban the Right ability to speak, while the attack and demonize us at the same damn time.

hoots - 4 hours ago
God you're stupid

Danny Lewis - 7 hours ago
Here's the thing, I check out infowars all the time. I have never once heard them call for violence. Now yes some times they have some crazy theories but doesn't everyone? You actually hear liberals promote violence and actually attack people but not one of them gets the boot. Our first amendment is being infringed upon by these social networks, it's time we shut them down by deleting our accounts and finding an alternative social platform.

ToucanRastaman - 7 hours ago
Conservatives actually bomb churches full of children, you only imagine liberals promote violence.

Steven - 5 hours ago
You can't yell fire ( if there is none) in a movie theater or bomb in an airport (if there is none). Is my freedom of speach in jeopardy? No its not. All Alex Jones does cry wolf just to make something happen.

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
Good time to get these commie loving right wing lunatics off all forms of public media!

Jason - 2 hours ago
“Commie loving right wing” wow you are either confused or completely brain dead.

Bruce B - 2 hours ago
The guys is a nut....

David - 5 hours ago
Ok, that's cool. But what about the weirdos on the left that have just as vile of videos and also call for the same thing Jones did, but against whites and Trump supporters? Why are those allowed to be on the site, but not Jones?

Liberal Millennial Boogeyman - 53 minutes ago

A deplorable - 2 hours ago
WOW This is how desperate the GLOALIST are??? NO MORE FREE SPEACH IN AMERICA .

InternationalDeplorable - 1 hour ago
Who hasn't seen more fake news on facebook than inforwars? Mark is a DNC tool and should be sanctioned!

revturmoil - 6 hours ago
Alex jones is the over the edge bearer of right wing fake news.

Doug4.7 - 3 hours ago
Censorship! Trump should go after Facebook! Make them PAY!

RevolutionStorm - 6 hours ago
They still have their websites. The tyrants at FB and Youtube can't touch that.

Trever - 6 hours ago
Infowars should replace CNN and MSNBC and all the other Democratic garbage that is out there. Infowars is a much more respected truth based news reporting than any of those claim to be. Bring it with your thumbs down Democrats I know you will. Maybe one day you will wake up and realize what evil the Democratic party is.

Faux Newz - 6 hours ago
HaHaHa!!! You just won the dumbest comment of the day award!!!

truth - 3 hours ago
No free speech or free press anymore in this country. If what you say, write or video does not fit the agenda of the socialist, communist left in this country then you are without a platform. The liberal left has been working hard the last 2 years to shut down all voices that contributed to hillary's defeat.

III - 1 hour ago
Everybody hates Alex for his delivery, but he is next years news today. Despite the conspiracy theorist moniker thrust upon him by MSM etc, he has been mostly correct in his assessments regarding larger sociopolitical concepts. He is a trainwreck, but what he built and his message is Americana and Freedom for all peoples and it is in our best interest to remove those barriers to true freedom and liberty which effect every person on this planet. Obviously he is being attacked right now, so we should support him regardless, because he is you and you are him whether you like it or not.

Right Wing Science Guy - 1 hour ago
I mean, when has he ever been wrong? I haven't seen a straight frog since 2008. NONE of the supposed school shooting children have shown their REAL birth certificates!

Jerry - 5 minutes ago
Hillary winning the Presidential Election was the best conspiracy ever.

Anti-Troll - 7 hours ago
The liberals are starting the midterm election war a little early

Rob - 3 hours ago
Life would be easier for facebook if they kept their rules simple: free speech, no gory videos.

Yeah gory is up for debate but at least then you arent dictating speech but rather not becoming another liveleak site

Behold a Pale Horse - 6 hours ago
Besides Censorship leftist Dems also gifted you this... .Occupy ICE PDX Protesters Leave Heaps Of Trash, Human Waste For City To Clean At Taxpayers’ Expense. How Typical!
City leaders say they found “human waste piling up inside” the protesters’ camp. How Democrat of them.

kevin - 7 hours ago
Thank goddess trump pointed out the crooked fake evil news

Your Daddy - 1 hour ago
Disagreeing on topics is not "hate speech" unless of course you are perma-triggered and emotionally irrational

Mindblelon - 5 hours ago
Bottom line...the tech industry is fascist. Goebbels would have loved shadow banning.ImagemypsychedelicsupernovaBy mypsychedelicsupernova on

Death Taxes and Media Lies - 4 hours ago
How is he any different than CNN, which has been peddling the Russian collusion nonsense 24/7 and actually told viewers it was illegall to look at Wikileaks online?
This is the problem with censorship. It cannot - and never is - objective.

L - 6 hours ago
they should just remove that toxic trash altogether (jones)

Sinner - 2 hours ago


Walker Ranger - 1 hour ago
Who cares?

Raul - 2 hours ago
I think FAKE NEWS CNN , YAHOO NEWS AND MSNBC ARE COMEDY , So why pick on Alex ??....

Enjoy - 3 hours ago
Don't like it, Jones? Then go start your own video hosting site where you can upload as many of your looney, whacky videos as possible.

Tibbrix - 3 hours ago
You have to be pretty demented and anti-social in the first place to listen to Alex Jones.

Rich & Susan - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is a hateful human being who lies. Why give him any platform? I'm am sick of the first amendment being used to spew vile, hateful rhetoric

Crazyhorse - 34 minutes ago
He once said he had proof Hillary was running child sex ring out of the basement of a pizza joint in D.C and lately he expanded that a little...he threatened special counsel Robert Mueller with death for running a “child sex ring,” Not surprising Trump and his cult of followers think this guy is legit.

BOB - 21 minutes ago
You just make up stuff and push it like a good paid propagandist - nothing you've said is true, so it's slander.

John - 8 hours ago
It is a gossip magazine. As with all magazines, it is all about circulation to dollar invested. That is why the Yahoo contribute invitation changed from 'Start a Discussion' to 'Leave a Comment'. Yahoo had the rare opportunity to fill the void, abandoned by the media, with a contributor driven clearing house for the truth but, with the exception of Wikipedia, the almighty dollar won out.

Chad W - 5 hours ago
And Facebook just lost 120 billion of their market cap in a day, while a decision is being made to out the Zuck of his own company due to the shady business practices that are getting them into headlines they don't wanna be in. It is pretty simple. Either you believe in free speech or you don't. Looks like companies such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter, etc. are taking the fascist route.

Beard - 2 hours ago
He lost custody of his kids because of his antics and videos. Not surprising some of his videos get banned on certain sites. He still has his own website and isn't being banned from Facebook or YouTube

Pee - 1 hour ago
Just keep hiding the truth, you are so afraid of.

G - 5 hours ago
Thankfully farcebook is irrelevant. Soon they will be bankrupt as their stock is dropping like a lead zeppelin and uses drop them by the millions. They are the new MySpace.

Genny Robinson - 9 hours ago
Its hilarious how docile this country wants us all the be. Especially seeing how this country was started and how it continues to treat its citizens and minorities. Theres this whole comply and dont fight back mindset they try to instill on us from the first day of still. No fighting run tell a teacher aka the authorities. They want us reliant on the authorities to protect us and us to be weak and docile so we won't turn against our masters. The same with speach. Everything is sexual harrassment if its make vs female, everything is hate driven or inciting people to stand up for themselves all the while were in constant senseless wars and police kill people at will. Wake up people.

ROBERT - 8 hours ago
Treats it's vets like garbage

Patrick - 6 hours ago
Between this and Fox Propaganda Dump Voters are running out of news sources.

Pillz - 3 hours ago
Now I'm not a fan of Alex Jones, but Facebook and Youtube have done #$%$ poor jobs when it comes to removing videos. I have no sympathy for either platform if they go kaput.

Jerry M - 58 minutes ago
But, the liberals calling for attacks on the administration and ICE is OK, complete double standard!

Morey L - 3 hours ago
Infowars is like a stopped clock that gets something right 2 times out of 24.

k p - 6 hours ago
YouTube and Facebook making a conspiracy nuts conspiracies real ..... And no one see's the irony in that?

Bob - 18 minutes ago
So in other words the Facebook policy is arbitrary. Never would have guessed that. Arbitrary policies are the worst policies

TheDrWho - 6 hours ago

Opie - 5 hours ago
None of the treasonous Trump gang will fair well in prison.

J - 3 hours ago
People say "false" stuff all the time on FB, half their company would be employed by people banning other FB users if they worried about false info being spread around.

Turd Furgeson - 4 hours ago
Even though I think Jones is a kook, I still don't approve of censorship.

Barbara - 5 hours ago
Jones is an instigator of violence. He shouldn't be anywhere on the Internet. I (somehow?) listened to a bit of one of his videos a few days ago and was in total shock that he was saying what he said. So frightening. Evil even.

robert - 5 hours ago
what's frightening is you can get killed by a meterorite sitting in your own house, doper.

Eric C - 4 hours ago
certifiably crazy

Max - 38 minutes ago
Infowars = propaganda on behalf of the purveyors of herbal remedies
The MSM 5cum presstitution ring = relentless frothing propaganda on behalf of corporate billionaires, war-mongers and Saudi Muslim supremacists/ISIS supporters


cocoman - 4 hours ago
pig should be banned from breathing...

FRANK LEE - 7 hours ago
More proof that Trump just spreads hatred throughout this great country. Christians stand up against this racial hatred if your not communist.

Sad Day. God has left this country as the President
has betrayed us to the Russians while the GOP congress
is changing our motto form "In God We Trust" to "In
Communism We Must" due to their failure to go up against - he President for votes. At the End of the day our dead
will have died in vain and if people don't wake up now
then our country will become communist as the President
keeps praising. Make your decision now.
As a vet, I swore an oath to protect this country from communism and I will not betray my comrades who died doing so.

Sad Day. God has left this country as the President
has betrayed us to the Russians while the GOP congress
is changing our motto form "In God We Trust" to "In
Communism We Must" due to their failure to go up against - he President for votes. At the End of the day our dead
will have died in vain and if people don't wake up now
then our country will become communist as the President
keeps praising. Make your decision now.
As a vet, I swore an oath to protect this country from communism and I will not betray my comrades who died doing so.

Bad Akita - 5 hours ago
Facebook is on the ropes, I say tie Zuckerberg to trumTand since it's shark week tow them behind a trawler.

Sonne Wahnsinn - 6 hours ago
Who cares what facebook or google censors?

nakedguydb - 6 hours ago
Go to and see the answer to youtube BS

Martin - 7 hours ago
Now, if we can dump twitter and some of the other sites, the world would be a much better place.

G - 30 minutes ago
Ah, one of Trumps biggest supporters. No need to go any further.

CBOAFN - 6 hours ago
Someone should remove Alex Jones from earth.

Carbon Dioxide - 3 hours ago
"... attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity [hate speech]." That is highly ambiguous. So if I declare a transgender "woman" as a man, is that hate speech?

Dave - 2 hours ago
Another conservative voice silenced by the frantic Left. #WalkAway

whoelsebutme - 2 hours ago
Time to replace Facebook and YouTube. "We the Sheople" need to stop being "Sheople" because alls we do is go, "Bahhhh, bahhhh, bahhh" to the corporations of America!

Bill Wooley - 2 hours ago
Democrats now openly shutting down opposing views.
Democrat leaders encourage followers to harass political opponents.

Democrats. This is who they are.
Vote in November!

Kirk - 3 hours ago
I hope Facebook goes bankrupt. Although I don't agree with Jones don't censor him. Let me be the judge on what I read!

PeterA - 7 hours ago
Try following the rules. At least he is not getting killed for it, like an illegal lane change or selling cigarrettes.

AMI-SirMisAlot - 6 hours ago
the hate speech police are out. hate speech or any speech is not illegal. I hope FB is dragged back to congress. every one is allowed their opinion and or views

arrow - 6 hours ago
only the deplorables think he tells the truth like little donnie

Randall - 2 hours ago
Anti-American Terrorist...…….That is all he is, totally......

Steve - 4 hours ago
Good, this garbage is spewing misinformation and fake news. If it was a comedy I would somewhat get it. But there is no comedy except for Alex Jones' face.

roger h - 2 hours ago
"Infowars"..... this is where I find some of my truth. Our entire reality is a deception.

mv - 5 hours ago
Zuckerburg is desperate now. Strange how money can ruin someone’s character so quickly

Croaker - 6 hours ago
Some industrious right wing fascist will invent YouTube for haters

bolt thrower - 47 minutes ago
give me back my infowars !!....waaaaaa !!!.... sasquatch is real !!!!! ....waaaahahaha!

rj - 2 hours ago
I dumped FB after their first breach, and my life is so much better.

Michael - 28 minutes ago
Free Speech responsible Free Speech means not lying and not spreading disinformation especially disinformation spoon-fed to you by the Kremlin

Michael - 2 hours ago
The leftist/communist/liberal media continues it's war on opposing points of view and truth. Get ready for SHTF.

Krystle - 1 hour ago
Who has FB anymore? Lame.

Zero_Time - 6 hours ago
fringe news gives voice to things censored by mainstream media. alot of it is junk but some of it is valuable.

web - 4 hours ago
Take away this guys gross behavior and his conspiracy destructions.

Alan - 7 hours ago
Yeah i flag all the hate democrap snowflake ones but i still get 5 plus a day.

Lani - 6 hours ago
He will just say he was acting ,or it wasn't serious blah blah blahImagefuturisticdamejolieBy futuristicdamejolie on

RobertB - 4 hours ago
Typical Leftist agenda and narrative...tamp down and squash the conservatives...

Lethal Snowflake - 3 hours ago
What kind of person consiusly sells fake hate knowing it will destroy the country he so call loves.

Dddddddddddd - 3 hours ago
9/11 never happened , Trump never got elected, Putin was elected fairly

John - 7 hours ago
Personally, I find this all a CONSPIRACY! (just like Donny Trump does with the presumed lies people accuse him of lol)

b - 8 minutes ago
Go to Alex's youtube channel & check out his latest video...MSM Working Overtime To Smear Trump Supporters As Violent....Wake Up ....

Jonathan - 3 hours ago
"white privilege" is a conspiracy theory

Phyllis - 2 hours ago
By letting people put all kinds of lies on Facebook is one of the thing that got us this POS that's in the White House. The other is the Russian's campaign to destroy us from within. Remember what Khrushchev said "We will bury you without firing a shot". He also bragged about Russia voting for Kennedy to get him elected. Maybe Putin took a playbook from Nikita K. LOL

John - 1 hour ago
I don't care how you straddle the fence. This guy's nuts.

Robert - 8 minutes ago
"The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders...tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger."
"Hermann Goring

charlie - 3 hours ago
Quit Facebook mid Oct...not because of any drama at all, just too busy. I talked no politics or religion, that was key to having only normal and fun stuff on there. Yet...because of the way things have gotten, here I am...every day of the week, spending my wake up time on freakin Yahoo News....☹️☹️☹️☹️

Bob - 7 hours ago
Libs burning books in 3...2...1...

Gee - 6 hours ago
And that’s why EU rejected Facebook. FB also lost a lot of advertisers that targets EU audiences cancelled their contracts. Alex Jones the cockroach of Austin, TX found an audience that would believe him and Facebook and YouTube allows him to monetize his content.

Jimmy - 1 hour ago
but isis gets to recruit on facebook

DJ - 6 hours ago
And their goes facebooks big talk about their PLATFORM!! Stock takes a nosedive and your freedom goes BYE BYE!!!
But it’s NOT about the money, right Zuckerberg?? Lol

Not my problem - 3 hours ago
censorship is censorship....even when the censored are bat s crazy. (its an act)

John - 50 minutes ago
This is called fascism and censorship!

Right Wing Science Guy - 39 minutes ago
Lol nah it's called free market capitalism

Jason - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones admitted in court, just before his children were taken from him for their own well-being, that his entire persona is an act- a charade for inbred rubes to throw nickels at. Now he has a new act, that of some kind of victim.
Not buying it, crisis actor.

King of NYC - 52 minutes ago
Evangelicals have gotten over Donald Trump's sexual assaults, affairs, idolatry, greed, profanity, lying, and vulgarity. They've never gotten over Barack Obama being black.

Nick - 4 hours ago
alex jones is a conman, a huxter, and an idiot, not to mention a despicable piece of garbage who doesn't believe a word out of his own mouth. any fans of his need only look at what he was saying between 2009-2015 and compare it to where hes at now and you can see he changes his beliefs and alliances based on whos footing the bill. he will sell anyones brand of hate for the right price and does not understand 99% of what he talks about. seriously the guy should just crawl into a corner with the rest of the hate filled trash that actually buy his nonsense and leave society alone.

Nick - 1 hour ago
@Bashin Time lol that is adorable. i wish i was getting paid but honestly hes such a dumb huxter i just do this for fun and the benefit of society. do you want to actually adress the problems with alex constantly changing his stance on things to suit his and roger stones personal desires? why everytime he gets a "money bomb" donation his opinions change? is it funny...sure, idiocy and insanity often are. is alex jones a moronic piece of garbage who doesnt believe anything he says and desperately wants to lead a cult of ignorance? 100% yes. have you ever done any real research on anything he claims? have you sought out any of the root sources of his claims? have you taken the time to talk to people involved or read the govt documents? filed freedome of information act requests? if not then maybe you should, youd see your being lied to.

Bashin Time - 3 hours ago
nick = paid troll spreading lies for george soros

bogart - 3 hours ago
I actually watched one of Alex Jones videos a few weeks ago, this guy is a nut case, I will not watch another.

Karen Thomaas - 44 minutes ago
hey FACEBOOK., KEEP censoring ...Eventually you will lose all of your
20% stock loss in one day should wake you up......
YOUR "COMMUNITY STANDARDS"....are waaaaaay off.....

jay - 15 minutes ago
No,, I think the real bad news is FACEBOOK losing more then any company has ever lost in one day! And why is that? Well it's all due to this kind of censoring, lying and shadow-banning, from this hate filled company!.. You were not able to win it for Hilary with all of your fake news and lying propaganda, so now Facebook thinks it can win it for the left in November by silencing the opposition. Ha!.. Sorry but America is no longer asleep!.. You're just destroying your own company, hey but that what liberals do best, they ultimately destroy every thing they touch..

carol - 3 hours ago
Walk away from Facebook. They are the enemy,

Mike - 3 minutes ago
Oh no where are all the TRUMPTARDS going to get there real news ? Lol!

Hahahahaha hahahahaha ah hahahahaha hahahahaha ya boy hahahahaha hahahahaha!

Randy - 1 hour ago
I like Alex Jones, I wonder why Facebook doesn't block liberals for all of their venomous screaming .

Replies (3)
Edward - 4 hours ago

jason - 3 hours ago
dems will ruin you when you dare to cross them. they will shut you up and ruin you with a smile.

Anonymous - 5 hours ago
Only in a country where stupidity can be marketed.

Paul - 2 hours ago
Facebook is bowing to the left again...goodbye Facebook! Not a good strategy to alienate free speech and half of your subscribers.

Angelo - 2 hours ago
facebook and twitter has been trying to silence anyone telling real news, im not saying everything alex says is 100% correct but he has been telling far more truths then any other news channel and he is a threat.

johnf - 3 hours ago
I don't know who/what I hate more. Alex Jones or Facebook?

Lynn - 5 hours ago
If FB allows any of Jones' videos on their site they have no "community standards". People almost got killed with that Pizza Gate ugliness promoted by Jones.

Alternative News - 6 hours ago
Don't you find it interesting that Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook won't ban Holocaust deniers or delete their posts then one week later they posted the largest one-day market cap loss by any company in U.S. stock market history?

clarence - 5 hours ago
Very bad facebook is attacking Conservatives, Republicans, and the far right. Their censorship is evil!!!

clarence - 4 hours ago
@hoots So in your mind a public company that discriminates against the public is okay based on no reason, or political beliefs of the company? Interesting!

hoots - 5 hours ago
It's a private company stupid

Paul - 2 hours ago
Hindering free speech is not a good strategy at all Liberals.

Wolfen - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is a psycho - they need to get the net out and put him away.

Cindy - 2 hours ago
The reason propaganda on FB was so successful was because the ignorant people reading and believing it were too ignorant, lazy, stupid to research the contents to check on the validity. So don't they deserve just as much blame as FB...

Bob - 2 hours ago
Victim blaming.

Joe - 2 hours ago
I live in Austin, Texas. A friend of mine did some remodeling for Alex Jones. We have known for 20 years that he is a coward and an idiot. Maybe the rest of America is finally catching up. Just maybe.

Tank - 2 hours ago
"We remove content that violates 'OUR' standards"---there lies the rub. Sell all your FB stock--this company is soon to be belly up.

Anonymous - 5 hours ago
This is an attack on conservatives and President Trump exposed them. #winning

B - 4 minutes ago
Maybe with Dotard and the most corrupt and inept administration in US history we're finally going to see the complete collapse of the Reich-wing derposphere!

Stone - 52 seconds ago
are you in Venezuela?

Paul - 2 hours ago
More terrible decisions from the left...facebook is a record breaking fail, so what does that tell you

mary e e - 2 hours ago
The #$%$'s loved censorship and information suppression too...

William - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones making himself sick saying the name Soros is one of the funniest videos ever
Keep up the funny videos Alex

kim f - 4 hours ago
Businesses that receive gov (public) monies should be compelled by law to allow first amendment protections to all speech. I'm amazed that so many of you actually are in favor of censorship. Fascists.

Jonathan - 3 hours ago
People talking about how alien life exists is also conspiracy driven..... going to censor that also?

Joe - 3 hours ago
I agree with a lot of what this guy says, but he is a fear monger. There are subjects he needs to address in which he does not leading me to believe, he's in cahoots with people he accuses.

steve - 6 hours ago
Free speech is free speech, no matter how much you like or hate it this country was founded on it.... everyone should respect that even Facebook !

BH_woodstock - 7 hours ago
I know Kelly Jones who is Alex Jones wife.People must know how terribly abusive Alex Jones is.He cannot separate his tv persona from in home life who screamed at the children all the time.He won custody and then alienated the children from the mothers.She has not seen them in years.Family courts are corrupt.

Don't discriminate but disagree - 3 hours ago
I used to like Alex Jones conspiracy theory shows, until he realized that it was more profitable in these times to spew white supremacy, and Trump supporting rhetoric.

j - 3 hours ago
I wonder if there are those that get removed for bashing Christians or conservatives or does the Facebook Castaple conveniently ignore those.

JOSHUA - 55 minutes ago
Orwell would be proud...LOL! Sticks & STONES will break your Bones (Physically Harming), BUT Names will NEVER hurt me/you.
Society is such a Joke and Deserves all it gets. (Cows-Sheep-Lemmings)
Hence, it's US against Them (the Remorseless Psychopaths & Fraudulent Scientists)
Either, you're with the People or the Psychopaths in Washington, real simple Folks.

Victor - 6 hours ago
Why are we talking about Facebook if the videos were originally posted on YouTube? Shouldn't we go after Google first? The name of the channel itself "InfoWars" indicates hostile intent. Alex Jones is a fundamentalist and hate speech preacher whose goal is to radicalize people and turn them into terrorists. He should be banned completely as he is an enemy of the free world.

gj - 2 hours ago
good! this guy is a far right nut case

Chef Witch - 5 hours ago
I only had a passing awareness of who Alex Jones is until the election, then I did some research on him and watched some of his videos. Yeah - Anyone who believes his drivel has a way below average IQ.

Charles - 2 hours ago
One has to wonder when children are born, what fate befell them that they end up like this. Is it narcissism, lack of love, self hate, desire to be loved, etc . What tragedy befell them early on. One can only wonder what Trumps fate would have been if his father had left him impoverished. I think he'd probably have been imprisoned early on.

Dean - 3 hours ago
I'm someone who always kinda thought Alex was an idiot, but if the ultra rich elites don't want me to hear some of what he says, then, truthfully, it kinda makes me wanna check him out. Why is Alex Jones so dangerous that he must be banned?

Meanwhile leftist loonies are openly calling for violence against conservatives, and they maintain their platform, so we know, we have proof, that this has literally zero to do with "community guidelines."

Right Wing Science Guy - 3 hours ago
You know who isn't ultra rich elite.... Trump.

B - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones - Russian shill.

LithiumIon - 6 hours ago
Don't like him at all. That said, censorship is a fast way to fascism. Let the people figure out on their own he's nuts, otherwise they're going to think there's a reason you don't want him to talk besides "he's a meany head"

DR. BIX NOOD - 8 hours ago

Paul - 6 hours ago
Looks Like Your Tinfoil Hat Has Some Tarnish Alex.

Anonymous - 45 minutes ago
fidji sounds like a braindead minion. anyway, this is FB damage control trying to walk back the comments zuck made and caused shares to drop 20%.

Swxtech - 2 hours ago
It's funny that the same people who cry "why can't they just follow the rules" get their panties in a bunch when they get censored for not following the rules.

Your World - 5 hours ago
Controlling speech.....Fascism.

Laura - 2 hours ago
Couldn't have happened to a nicer douchebag. I'm all for free speech, but when you behave like that guy and incite violence, then that's where your free speech rights end buddy.

Mort - 7 hours ago
Our family "deplorable" watches Fox on the many TVs while at home, listens to Rush on a radio while driving and during his lunch break, and believes everything infowars spews.... What a sad hate filled individual he changed into...

Brad - 2 hours ago
Facebook's news was worse.

r - 2 hours ago
This guy and the rest of his tool followers are nothing more than kooks...nobody cares about you.

Homer - 6 hours ago
fb is ok with Joe Stalin worshippers the communist mass murderer

Kenneth - 6 hours ago
This content violates Facebooks terms of agreement. Torturing an autistic white kid on Facebook live is ok though.

Faux Newz - 6 hours ago
I've told you a million times, don't exaggerate!

James - 3 hours ago
Jones needs to be confined to a mental hospital for delusions of grandeur and rampant conspiracy theorizing.

Bashin Time - 4 hours ago
what was Alex covering lately that got the "mockingbird CIA media" so upset?....was it the Anthony Bourdain murder and his last interview naming the child traffickers?....YES!

Schawn - 43 minutes ago
to all you haters- Jones ALWAYS backs up what he claims with the proof. He ALWAYS says "read it for yourself, do the research, find it here" and shows you where to find the information. he is not lying. You haters are ignorant and lazy for not doing the time to research for yourself.

David - 29 minutes ago
What proof did he have about the alleged sex ring in the basement of that DC pizza place, Schawn? The restaurant doesn't even HAVE a basement! And what "proof" did he have regarding his claims about Lady Gaga and the "New World Order" when she performed at the Super Bowl? Face it, he even admitted IN COURT that he's just playing a character.

biff - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones does not bother me, nor does the absolute nonsense that he spews. What bothers me is that I share a country with people who are so self-loathing and ignorant that they believe the nonsense Jones spews.

Hambone - 3 hours ago
This guy alex jones is a mental patient that got loose and needs to be put back into the asylum.

gocleve99 - 48 minutes ago
How/Why is this 'News'? Regular people get banned on FB every day for little or no reason with vague reasoning. Meanwhile, they seriously created a survey question asking users if Pedophiles should be allowed to solicit "sexual pictures" from minors. I really could not care less about the standards of an organization that took that question seriously for even a moment, let alone long enough to bring it into public view.

Pete - 3 hours ago
Facebook and Twitter want their cake and eat it too. They allow this #$%$ and others to post, but deny any responsibility for what happens after . ie Pizzagate..

StreetRanger - 2 hours ago
Violates the 1st amandment rights of free speech

Right Wing Science Guy - 2 hours ago
Lol nah

Aimee - 2 hours ago
I'd ask you to go back and re-read the First Amendment but you won't and if you did, I'm sure you wouldn't see the fault in your logic.

Betty - 1 hour ago
Captive liberals hate the truth because the truth will set you free.

Russ - 7 hours ago
Alex Jones threatened to murder Robert Mueller. He's lucky they just took the videos down and banned him for a month.

Right Wing Science Guy - 2 hours ago
Trump banned an actual reporter (not coked up internet conspiracist) and the MAGA inbreds laughed it up. A few videos from a conspiracy nut get removed and now they are crying about free speech

Max - 32 minutes ago
Saudi and Qatar - both of whom were caught funding ISIS - are also major stakeholders in the MSM presstitution ring (CNN, MSNBC etc). FACT. Infowars is garbage but is still a hundred million times better than the MSM filth

PK - 2 hours ago
If Facebook and Twitter die, it would be good for the world.

Daniel - 2 hours ago
Conspiracy theorist? Really? The sleazy communists want to silence, lie, and obstruct, and conceal the truth. Alex Jones is an American hero. They don't like that. Vote Trump 2020!

The Monster - 5 hours ago
I think all sides can agree that Alex Jones is a crazy person though

Mark - 3 hours ago
The president and leader of the free world(for now) admires this nutcase. Says a lot about him and his supporters.

b - 6 hours ago
Russian bots are being exposed.

Joshua - 1 minute ago
Haha, screw Alex Jones! This is exactly what he deserves. Hate speech (which is what his show is) is not and should not be protected as it incites violence.

Bashin Time - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones = American Patriot risking his life exposing the murders, child trafficking and crimes you bolshevik mobsters commit every single day.....(R.I.P. Seth Rich, Victor Thorn, Anthony Bourdain and DOZENS of others)

Clint - 1 hour ago
FB needs to be shut down!! Along with Google for what they did.

Bob - 2 hours ago
Facebook needs to stop enabling "fake news" peddlers, and other hate speech nuts. Same with YouTube. Their platforms are littered with fake stories and lies. There is no good that comes from people spreading hate speech, propaganda, and false stories promoting conspiracies.

Manny Boughtown - 2 hours ago
There's already a platform for crazy people to get their fake news, conspiracy theories, and Republican propaganda - it's called Fox News.

Ralph - 1 hour ago
alex jones is wacked

ncftfai - 3 hours ago
As long as we have Trump TV (fox) we will have idiots like Alex Jones. It's the price you pay for freedom of the press. Just don't watch fox or listen to this freak Alex Jones. Not hard to do people.

bob - 3 hours ago
Infowars..... . That guy is crazier than a bag full of cats.

Francisco - 5 hours ago
Facebook doesn't give a voice when allows false content, Facebook gives a false voice and helps destroy democracy and freedoms in USA. Trump should be banned from Facebook, he has repeatedly violated the terms when offending other people just only for being Mexican, or from another country at the South of Bravo River, or simply for disagreeing with him and for calling him for what he is, an absolute huge liar.

get a life - 6 hours ago
fake news,right alex??

dm - 5 hours ago
womp womp

slider909 - 8 minutes ago
Facebook, what a joke.

John - 7 hours ago
Why is it now that the conspi nuts have their man in the white house, an Alex Jones admirer and he has not released the truth behind all these conspiracies? He has released zero to validate all these "Lib conspiracies.". Cold hard proofs to show how the governments have been screwing us over? Why is that? The answer is simple, it's all b.s.

roman - 3 hours ago
Once Socialists take over it will be like CNN only. VOTE ALL RED!!!

Daniel - 4 hours ago
Censoring free speech eh. That does seem to a bullet point in this leftist movement.

Mikey 300 - 7 hours ago
It amazes me that people actually watch this stuff

Theforrealdeal - 3 hours ago
One less Putin-backed site peddling phony stories.

Bonelipus - 2 hours ago
This is part of the reason they are tanking in the stock market! Haha, close that dump site once and for all!

TJN - 57 minutes ago
What was the content ? Voting directive for dems.? Too late for this little appeasement move, stock in the trash.

Shane - 7 hours ago
This isn't an attack on Jones this is an attck on the 1st Amendment and these criminals will face justice.

Ex - 44 minutes ago
What a crock of #$%$! From Farcebooks statement ""Our Community Standards make it clear that we prohibit content that encourages physical harm [bullying], or attacks someone based on their religious affiliation or gender identity [hate speech]. We remove content that violates our standards as soon as we're aware of it." and yet they are saturated with black pages promoting "kill all cops". Farcebooks standards dept all need to be fired.

JIMMY P - 2 hours ago
Who care , facebook is crashing and burning

Betty - 2 hours ago
The Globalist are destroying all sources of truth and fabricating lies.

Michael - 5 hours ago
To hell with Facebook, they are censoring Freedom of speech. SHUT FACEBOOK DOWN!!!

Faux Newz - 5 hours ago

Winthrop - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones is a joke. Anyone who thinks he's legit needs mental help.

Fox - 5 hours ago
Facebook is the new war front controlled by the looney liberals just like Yahoo!

Dan - 5 hours ago
The Christian's are going to be upset, no Alex Jones no doom or gloom.

Robert - 3 hours ago
We need to stop this fascist from being able to post videos that we do not agree with!

Sly - 29 minutes ago
This psycho just makes things up, literally, and passes it off as reality. The sad part is sheep eat it up, and believe it. When his theory is debunked, and shown to be false, he just moves on to the next "theory". Dangerous, sociopath. Austin is NOT proud of this guy.

b - 26 minutes ago
your the moron...

dana - 7 hours ago
HIS VOICE IS YOUR VOICE , dont encourage censorship

Billy The Kid - 6 hours ago

Trolln - 3 hours ago
Infrastructure week has turned into the fall of the racists week.....all in all it has been a great week.

bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
republicans low key hate america.....alex jones, trump, hannity, putin, etc are their leaders

Daniel - 2 hours ago
Communists lurk within Facebook and Google. They do not want you to knowtht they are actively attempting to silence American patriots, religious groups, nationalists, conservatives, U.S. constitutionalists, and defenders of the Bill of Rights.

Rick - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is a radical and propagandist. Those who believe Jones are gullible fatalists.

Larry Weisz - 1 hour ago
Geez, where are the poorly educated and uninformed going to get their FAKE RUSSIAN NEWS? All they have left now is Faux Radio and TV Hate Propaganda and Rush BS!

Ben - 6 hours ago
I don't like infowars but the internet sucks so does the left.

Faux Newz - 6 hours ago
HaHaHa!! You seem conflicted!

Robert - 11 minutes ago
"The greater the crime perpetrated by the leadership, the less likely it is that the people will ever believe their leaders to be capable of perpetrating such an event."
Adolf Hitler

DJ - 6 hours ago
Oh PLEASE Facebooks stock dropped over 19%!!! Biggest drop in the HISTORY of Wall Street in one nay, BILLIONS lost, and all of the sudden its, “Let’s give the Liberals what they want” as if THAT will fix the problem! LMAO

ZapB - 43 minutes ago
Man, it's almost like Republicans aren't being allowed to lie to our face for Russia any longer.

Ronald - 4 hours ago
This isn't Bad News for Jones. Watch his views go way up because of this news. The guy has many thousands and thousands of videos available. Watch You Tube and Facebooks new competition get new traffic as people want to see what these clowns are banning. Modern day book burning.

Prestige Worldwide - 3 hours ago
He’s a little off the rails but makes great points and he hates the Dems so I give him a 👍

edward - 2 hours ago
Why are the liberals so determined to shut down free speech and freedom of press? When the WH kicked out a CNN conspiracy theorist, everyone was outraged including Fox News. Alex Jones can't even get a WH press pass. I'm no Jones fan but I challenge anyone to a fake news-off. You list all the fake news stories from Alex Jones, and I'll list what I can from CNN. The biggest list wins and has loser has to concede.

joseph - 8 hours ago
Dude is off his rocker!

Ghost - 6 hours ago
They remove this, but I report death threats and name calling and somehow it doesn't violate policy. I make a fake female account and report the same stuff and suddenly it does get removed.....

Charles - 4 hours ago
FB sux.

TG - 3 hours ago
DJT sux

Jason - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones should be thrown into prison and serially abused for helping to destroy this country with his conspiracy theory BS.

Human 707 - 4 hours ago
By that logic so should every "Journalist" and news anchor ranging from CNN to Fox News.

Dragoon - 3 hours ago
All InfoWars BS should be taken down. It's weapons-grade BS propaganda for tinfoil hat-wearing lunatics.

Right Wing Science Guy - 3 hours ago
(trump bans an actual reporter)
MAGA inbreds: Heeehaaawww ban the fake news!
(a few videos get removed of a conspiracy nut)
MAGA inbreds: liberty has died today. This injustice to our free press can not stand.

Rewind - 5 hours ago
Why is yahoo not banning itself for all the one sided liberal garbage it publishes

Leatherider - 5 hours ago
@Rewind, yet here you are. If you don’t like what you see you don’t have to be here . . .

Michael - 2 hours ago
Civilization as a whole will improve when this clown gets flushed.

Fizzgig - 3 hours ago
If Infowars wasn't completely fear-mongering, nut-job, bull poo - I might have actually been concerned.

William - 3 hours ago
Really getting tired of the blatant censorship from the left. They are going to push it till they get a very real fight started. Of course, it won't last long as they are real cowards but it will happen. At least then we will be able to restore the Republic and the constitution as well as get the communists and pedophiles out of the country.

Tim - 3 hours ago
censorship is done by the government.....this was done by a private company.

hatefulhappy - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is the good kind of crazy

b - 25 minutes ago
FAKEBOOK has become the New MYSPACE...That website is a dead horse these days just like this liberal FAKE NEWS MEDIA...

living in the tropics - 52 minutes ago
what a sad excuse for a human being............JONES AND TRUMP are just fools spewing hate and fear..................and yet their cult hang on their every word....what we are witnessing is what history shows us ....Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, and every other dictator look to their core sheep to follow blindly

BobB - 6 hours ago
Facebook will go the way of MySpace as something new comes along to fancy the minds of the sad sacks who have nothing better in life to do but post every boring minute of their mundane live online for all the world to ignor!ImagellamanonymousBy llamanonymous on

Jack - 43 minutes ago
For Democrats who love Illegal Aliens, here is wishing that you have a neighbor like this -
An illegal alien from Haiti has been accused of shooting a Florida police officer in the head, leaving him in critical condition.
An illegal alien from Haiti has been accused of shooting a Florida police officer in the head, leaving him in critical condition.
An illegal alien from Haiti has been accused of shooting a Florida police officer in the head, leaving him in critical condition.

Frank. - 1 hour ago
Everyone with a brain knows that Alex Jones is a con man! I do feel sorry for the mentally Ill. people that can't figure out that this guy is a joke!

Mike K - 2 hours ago

Dreaming Fervor - 3 hours ago
Da Bone Bloth.

Phelan - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is a genetic skidmark on the underwear of humanity

Ryan - 5 hours ago
They are so scared of inforwars lmao.

whitedragonawa - 2 hours ago
Yet, facebook allows total lies and harassment and doxxing by Antifa to normal Americans who simply showed up to a pro America rally. Facebook claims such posts do not violate community standards. Facebook is a joke.

Right Wing Science Guy - 2 hours ago
Awww that mean ol antifa! Hahaha haha

James - 6 hours ago
Lets break up Facebook !!

Muhammad - 6 hours ago
This Fraud should not only be banned from facebook but also form America.
But alas we can't do anything other than praying to God to ban him from this world.

Monterino - 1 hour ago
Shytbag appeals to the lowest of the uneducated sheep

dave k - 4 hours ago
Zuckerberg is a Fraud..the company is way over valued....and Zuck is a Censor of free speech....stock will drop more.

dHb - 5 hours ago
Throw the nut into a padded room

robert - 5 hours ago
let zuck shoot his investors in both feet. the little fool will find out who wallst is soon enough.

JustDoIt - 7 hours ago
Jones is a nut case. I used to listen to him but only to hear what kind of outrageous theories he was putting out.

Glen - 41 minutes ago
All this smack talk coming from a hoard of idiots that think Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Conan O'brien, Stephen Colbert and the like ARE REAL NEWS REPORTERS!!

BOB - 20 minutes ago
Probably 95% of them are paid dinformation trolls, like David.

David - 37 minutes ago
None of the people you listed present themselves as anything but comedians, Glen. What's sad is when some people actually believe that Alex Jones and a site called "InfoWars" have anything to do with the truth. Jones has even admitted in court that he's playing a character.

AdroitlyMaladroit - 6 hours ago
Forcing us to be nice to each other makes us hate each other even more. Have you #ick heads not figured that out yet.

Terrence Bass - 54 minutes ago
The really ridiculous part is Alex Jones freely admits he doesn't particularly believe much of what he pedals. So why does he do it then? Money of course...the right side is willing to pay big bucks for conspiracies, lies and balderdash.

Rob - 4 hours ago
Jones should be banned from the internet for Life! with all of the BS conspiracy stories he has been pushing for years.

Lou - 6 hours ago
I don’t care for Alex Jones, but LIBERALS are even crazier conspiracy perpetrators than he is.

InternationalDeplorable - 1 hour ago
The war is coming fast! All this censorship by the socialists isn't new, its exactly what Hitler did when he ran the socialist party!

Jeff - 1 hour ago
Couldn't have happened to a bigger pile of garbage.

Rod - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones, The King of Fake news !!

BobSacamano - 5 hours ago
Fake news is not the problem. The problem is that American conservatives are too ignorant to know fake news when they see it.

James - 3 hours ago
To spew impossible conspiracies constantly for a living is public fraud of the lowest and worst order. This lowlife has impacted friends of mine with borderline personalities, and in the craziest sorts of ways.

Certain lowlife degenerates exceed their level of madness with incompetence.

Jones is into another dimension.

The sick, lying, lunatic coward has the "chinese tunnel" lies, the totally bogus and hilarious "false flag" and "twin towers" frauds, the idiocy of Obama "using the weather machine to punish" right wing states, on top of the preposterous fraud the imbecilic whacko spewed about "pizzagate" and the insane "Sandy Hook" hoax....

The ridiculous, bloviating fecal lump belongs, muzzled, in a straitjacket, shackled to the floor of the lunatic ward of a maximum security prison, subjected to electroshock ever ten minutes or so.

In short, society MUST be rid of deranged crackpot conspiracy theorist saprophytes who lie for profit.

And this one is the most deranged, vicious, and indefensible.

He is filth.

Why anyone takes this fool as a human being is beyond imagination, as are the rotten whacko's totally fabricated delusional tales.

He belongs in a straitjacket, in the lunatic ward of high security penal facility, preferably hundreds of miles out in the dryest desert available, and miles away from any kind of transmitter.

Monkeyhead - 2 hours ago
Faceboook ... yuk

morrisv - 3 hours ago
For toothless goobers this is akin to weening. They cry, " I don't like no truth in my politics".

mike - 6 hours ago
Facebook is good for our leader Putin and Trump. We will bury you Americans.

Jim - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones should spend eternity standing chin deep in a 200 acre cesspool and every hour Satan speeds by in a 24' Chris-Craft with three Yamaha 420 XTO motors.

Roque - 6 hours ago
That guy is a full bubble off

wing thing - 5 hours ago
Hey Minions! What your seeing isn't happening so get me a coke please!....and I didn't say..What your seeing isn't happening so get me a coke please!

Robert - 15 minutes ago
"All propaganda must be confined to a few bare necessities and then must be expressed in a few stereotyped formulas . . . Only constant repetition will finally succeed in imprinting an idea upon the memory of a crowd."
-Adolf Hitler

Cole - 6 hours ago
no one cares, FB is worthless, will be gone in 5yrs

Lady - 6 hours ago
Excellent news, clear away all of this filth

David - 3 hours ago
Jones is a complete dirt bag but apparently Trump loves his site and many his most rabid followers believe every word of it. What does that say about Trump followers!

Bo - 6 hours ago
Yeah and the so called students at Jeff Sessions speech chanting “lock her up” were paid actors. More bad news for this liar.

The conservative - 1 hour ago
transgender is a mental issue fact they are considered mentally ill by doctors

Wayf - 1 hour ago
Time to move forward from the past.

bolt thrower - 1 hour ago
come out, silly twink

Nom - 1 hour ago

Robert - 23 minutes ago
"If you wish the sympathy of the broad masses, you must tell them the crudest and most stupid things."
=Adolf Hitler

travel - 3 hours ago

Worf - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is trash. Anyone who listens to him is dumb trash. These MAGA n9zis aren't even human.

InternationalDeplorable - 59 minutes ago
Typical liberal, they support satanists and the luciferian society but draw the line at christian conservatives!

mary - 1 hour ago
leave Alex alone, and clean up YOUR back yard

George - 7 hours ago
This over fed con artist will no doubt someday be removed from society

Jayhawk - 4 hours ago
Facebook also took a huge dive in the market and Zucky lost a bundle....LOL find out what REALLY happened chumps

Jonathan - 3 hours ago
The idea that "all cops are racist" is propaganda.... going to take down all those BLM videos?

Pitchforks4Koch Bros - 3 hours ago
You want us to ban donut shoppes too?

Michael - 3 hours ago
Is InfoWars supposed to be real? I honestly thought it was just a parody or joke on the news. I can't imagine that anyone with a brain would consider any of it to be real. Probably the same people that like the WWE?

You - 1 hour ago
You have to be a really special kind of weak-minded ignorant idiot to follow infowars.

Right Wing Science Guy - 2 hours ago
Aww man where are MAGA inbreds going to get their SUPER ALPHA MALE VITALITY YOU'RE TOTALLY NOT BEING CONNED pills now?

Walker Ranger - 1 hour ago
It is true that Facebook is horrible biased in favor of the slimy, lying Satanic Democrats.

twain307 - 1 hour ago
No, but it probably fits your preconceived narrative...

Mike - 1 hour ago
It is true you're a loser with no life

JY - 4 hours ago
If what Jones says is so ridiculous why sensor? Allow the public to ignore him

MX - 1 hour ago
The guy has to go to jail. He makes people more crazy than they already are.

Anonymous - 3 hours ago
This is great because FB is opening the door for a competitor who doesn't limit free speech. FB will die a slow death. They are committing suicide.

Neli - 1 hour ago

1911 - 3 hours ago
O ya like the government don’t scrub those documents before they are released. Sounds to me like your the gullible one and believes anything on paper or what your told by your government.

Ronald - 2 hours ago
Facebook is a joke and biased this is a fact from personal experience!

DMZ - 5 hours ago
lefty censors be dammed

DaFlatearth - 6 hours ago
A CIA misinform agent. However you can learn a lot if you understand what’s bogus info and do your own research on certain topics that are true. Flood the brain with truths, half truths, lies and half lies and it won’t know what the helll to think. That’s the whole idea.

Paul - 6 hours ago
Keep hitting that bottle old man.

mv - 5 hours ago
Yeah but say whatever you want about white people and Christians. Literally whatever you want, and you won’t get flagged guaranteed.

Robert - 18 minutes ago
"It is a quite special secret pleasure how the people around us fail to realize what is really happening to them."
-Adolf Hitler

ziggyff - 2 hours ago
what scary about Infowars is not how much of a stupid loon Jones's how there's too many more like him..

Grizzled Old Hippie - 6 hours ago
Fascists are in the business of spreading hate and lies. Trump and Jones and Putin are enemies of the state and the world in general.

owosso - 3 hours ago
What ever happened to free speech? I guess facebook doesn't think its followers are smart enoughwhen they see many stories on same topic to make up their own minds! I can see ifsome one is writing about going to kill some one! But just because you don't like what your reading to not let the American people see it! What ever happen to I don't agree with what your saying but will defend you to say it!

Carnival Barker - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones takes being a mindless Retrumplican to the extreme.

Drew - 2 hours ago
More lies from Zucky, more control by media matters, more censorship. The hate and violence of the radical left needs to be exterminated.

Mic - 6 hours ago
9.11 stinks to high heaven and all the BS smoke screen in the world isn't going to change this fact!

John - 5 hours ago
Good, now let's remove his head next.

Robert - 8 minutes ago
"Shoot first and inquire afterwards, and if you make mistakes, I will protect you."
-Herman Georing

james - 2 hours ago

Scott - 7 hours ago
You can paint with period blood and call it art and FB will trend your video. Say we may have not went to the moon and you’re evil. (Don’t believe in either of those 2 but they should have a platform)

Jerry - 4 hours ago
Hmm if Alex Jones is a crack pot why block him, oh thats right all the msm reported an old Infowars story from 4 years ago about the fema camps last month

Bruce - 5 hours ago
These next 2 elections are not about politics, they are a battle between the intelligent and informed vs unintelligent and misinformed would be traitors and their foreign adversary trolls.

ThirdEye - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones vs Birther-Maniac Spinster for 2020?

MK - 2 hours ago
Alex "Joke" Jones & Fox Fake News sell Trash. It's Milking Money(Sponsors) Off Bigots & Morons, who believe their Garbage.

DAVID - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones is just another inbreed Trumptard..... EEEEERRRRRR!

terri and mike - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones is a criminal. selling products with fake promise, defrauding the public. He is also a traitor to our country. Lock him UP no key

ThatSneakyGuy - 2 hours ago
What kind of idiot thinks Alex Jones is worth listening too. Oh yeah, Trump.

N - 5 hours ago
rump is the bigot in chief and apparently so is this country

river - 2 hours ago
the same moronic people that bought the national enquirer rag, follow alex jones. the same national enquirer owner started fox news. rupert murdock

The - 6 hours ago

Walk-Off - 44 minutes ago
Why do people still listen to Alex Jones. It's already been made public during Alex Jones divorce that even Alex Jones doesn't believe what his says. It's all part of a show for ratings. Ratings = money. You've got to be a bottom of the barrel idiot to listen to Alex Jones. If Facebook and YouTube want to ban Alex Jones than I'm okay with that. Some people need to be helped from themselves that still believe Alex Jones I guess.

Charlotte - 5 hours ago

LithiumWarsWAKEUP - 5 hours ago
"But it really doesn't matter now"...Hillary, after she failed to protect american ambassador's and they were murdered. How about that video? Banned???

Acgogo - 1 hour ago
Nice to see Facebook doing some much needed house cleaning. Alex Jones is hateful, sick garbage and should be treated as such.

Kevin - 7 hours ago
If people dont realize Alex Jones is playing a character, then you deserve to get duped by his conspiracy nonsense.

tonyunreal1 - 5 hours ago
But Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper aren't quacks! Libdopes behold you demtard views as normal but you dopes!

Faux Newz - 5 hours ago
Could you translate that into English?

RiDi - 5 hours ago
Jones is a disease that the LAS VEGAS SHOOTER... could have cured !


Miky - 2 hours ago
Facebook is filled with liberal Demon-crats. So naturally they wont like Infowars.

j - 2 hours ago
if that's true THIRD GRADER why would he post his LIES there

Steve - 5 hours ago
Free speach isn't only for the left... Open your eyes ppl. What happens when the left does something u don't agree with but u get shunned if u disagree. Bunch of snowflakes..

JOHN - 53 minutes ago
See what happens when you do this Marky boy ! LOL ! LOL !

Edward - 4 hours ago
Only the Sheeple listen to Jones. He's been on the CIA payroll for 25 years.

Brian - 2 hours ago
Playing a role or not, people who lurk around Infowars believe his drivel. So he's making money by being a liar and a fraud. Kind of like our president.

Sean - 5 hours ago
I consider myself an independent when it comes to politics. I think both sides have good ideas sometimes. I keep open-minded. But this Jones character I cannot stand. He's a pompous arrogant a$!# who pushes the boundary on everything and everyone until the point of extreme and then points at people when they get angry at him. He needs to go away

Lighthouse - 8 hours ago
Facebook = trash

Joy Division - 5 hours ago
Poor pasty inbred snowflake. I hope he finds a safe space soon! LOL!

G - 4 hours ago
All it would take is just a small fraction of thinking people to boycott Facebook for 3 days an Alex Jones would be removed permanently along with the other right wing traitors.

LITL BRD - 2 hours ago
Progressive Libtard censorship. The control every part of your life is coming SHEEP HEADS. The filth called celebrities, the establishment, and law enforcement, etc. can Bully and encourage Bullying. Remember the freaks rioting, but it was called a protest? They are part of the downfall coming to this country. You Bah, Bahs just don't know it yet. When it does happen, you'll be the ones asking," What the He!! happened", you Dumbed Down Drones.

j - 2 hours ago
damn right..... hate speech WILL be stopped

Erich - 54 minutes ago
Alex Jones briefly attended a community college but dropped out and Republicans act like he got all the answers. Sad & Pathetic.

Robert - 20 minutes ago
"What luck, for governments, that the people are stupid!"
-Adolf Hitler

Robert - 3 minutes ago
My point has just been made folks!

Right Wing Science Guy - 19 minutes ago
"quotes you see on the internet are always totally true and never fabricated to advance someone's agenda" - Abraham Lincoln

michael - 4 hours ago
jones is a snake oil salesman. a panic profiteer. a side show barker. he's ANYTHING but a journalist or alt media.

John - 42 minutes ago
Just ban Jones period. He's essentially a domestic terrorist.

Domino - 6 hours ago
Jones need a nuclear suppository implanted in him then someone should hit the buttom

Conservativesareuglyandevil - 4 hours ago
What was posted. Truth. Conservatives cry me a river its not just you fools they ban trump haters to. YT banned videos like russianvids for mentioning ivanka and the rest are trannies had some proof to. FB bans you for saying hes antichrist. Putin who trumps admire is banning more so called fake news from people in russia on social media sites.

Kevin - 7 hours ago
Good debunked conspiracy theories shouldn't be passed off as news. Trump voters are too dumb to know the difference

Chris - 5 hours ago
And the people that watch, listen, and believe the bs this moron talks about and makes conspiracy theories on, are the same people that cry fake news when it's something that they don't want to hear.

k p - 6 hours ago
Yet on Facebook we have seen murders, rapes, beatings, suicides and much more being lived streamed

youssof - 2 hours ago
If you’re a person who believes Alex jones. Then you’re an idiot.

BOB - 1 hour ago
You ARE an idiot.

Michael - 6 hours ago
Isn’t this nice liberals and censorship! Sue them Alex and destroy them trendys

Scott - 7 hours ago
If you ascribe to this clowns ideal then you're a clown.

s k - 2 hours ago
Jones is a liar, a hatemonger and he brings division to our nation. Any actions that deprive him of the soapbox he's thus far had are welcomed.

DJ - 6 hours ago
OMG!!! Lol
So to get this straight, because this guy Jones has managed to DIG UP comments made by high profile LIBERALS, AKA CELEBRITIES who like to claim superiority over the rest of the nation, NOW he’s going to be shut down one way or another???!
LMAO!!!! Gee guys it’s ok, you weren’t in the LEAST obvious about it!!!

da thrill - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is a proven liar

RobertM - 2 hours ago
It's good to know the Trump. His stupidity makes Jones' stupidity look somewhat sane. But, is it going to be like standing under a tree during a lightening storm?

Michael - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is a propagandist and piece
of bat guano!

PF - 4 hours ago
He was pretty interesting in the early days however these days he talks a lot of nonsense and that shrill voice is quite unpleasant.

Josh - 2 hours ago
Of course they took the videos down, the wicked don't want to hang out their dirty laundry for everyone to see...

gary - 5 hours ago
You are generation of hermaphrodites.

John B - 6 hours ago
Bye bye fake news king

conservative not Conservative - 27 minutes ago
The fringe wackos always claim their being discriminated against. Doesn't matter what fringe they're on, they're all the same.

Edward - 4 hours ago
LOL, sorry SHEEPLE, Jones has worked for George Soros for the last 15 years. Jones' job is to make up nonsense to keep the people from discovering THS-135.

joe - 6 hours ago
I wish 26 bullets were shot into alex jones head instead of those babies in newtown.

Tom Cherian - 3 hours ago
Trump is our prophet. (If a vile slave owner like Muhammad can be a prophet so Trump is so much better character to be a prophet than Muhammad).

So discriminating against MAGA is constitutionally protected.


Lani - 5 hours ago
ImageexcitementshewroteBy excitementshewrote on

Wes - 4 hours ago
ImageexcitementshewroteBy excitementshewrote on

Anthony - 6 hours ago
An outright liar.

RandallW - 2 hours ago
conspiracy theory hahahaha only a fool believes in them, oh wait, why does most every crime in every court in America usually have a conspiracy charge to it? conspiracy means two or more people planning a crime against someone else.

Nolastname - 4 hours ago
If you get your news from Facebook, you might just be a moron.

Unc Sam - 4 hours ago
If you get your news from Yahoo, you are a moron!

Kel - 4 hours ago
And BOOM their stock drops $123 million! I smell a conspiracy! LOL

Anonamouse - 3 hours ago
He is an entertainer just like Trump. They only act crazy for the big show.

M - 5 hours ago
I'm still waiting for Obama to start a war with Iran. SMH. Can't believe I wasted so much time believing this guy

Volya - 25 minutes ago
Peddlers of lies for profit like Alex Jones do immense harm to the First Amendment rights of everyone else. The only remedy appears to be laws against slander and defamation of character, which fortunately are currently be exercised against this pathetic p.o.s. Here's hoping they work as intended.

Streetdogstolz - 2 hours ago
It is just another conspiracy to muzzle InfoWars...

RB - 2 hours ago
Good. If the asylums were still open, Alex Jones would have been forcibly committed long ago for his #$%$.

William - 6 hours ago
so which is it? Jones is nuts or is he playing a character of a crazy person?

DJ - 5 hours ago
Seeing a lot of insults towards the more conservative side of the political spectrum and just have to say, this is NOT an issue of “belief”, at least not what he’s doing to the celebrities who are just trying to re-elect a liberal administration, showing their hypocritical comments is NOT something to be “believed” or not, those are FACT!!
And theirs nothing a liberal hates more than having to eat their own HYPOCRITICAL WORDS!!! In fact they usually say they DID NOT “say that!” Or “do that”!!
But when they are said in your own voice or written by your own hand it’s a lot harder to deny even though they STILL do!
The problem is Hollywood got tired of being eaten by the MONSTER it helped CREATE so they decided to use MONEY to fight their battle and drop Facebook stocks, this morning the Z man blinked big time! Lol

Hugh Murray - 2 hours ago
The main conspiracy peddlers of bs are Mueller and Rosenstein. End facebook censorship!

Adrian - 30 minutes ago
Alex Jones is a tin-foil hat-wearing crackpot. He's the Malcom X of the right.

LOUIS - 4 hours ago
To all the people who listen to Alex Jones ,. and given him an iota of credibility , you are all a bunch of under-educated , lazy , ignorant, MORONS; Every last one of you .

Replies (2)
Socialism is Slavery - 27 minutes ago
Who cares?

Facebook will be shut down soon anyway.

It's only purpose is to provide a source for identity thieves.

They will find a new one to promote soon enough.

Cvid - 5 hours ago
nice to see the voice of a lunatic is being silenced. he is the perfect example of shouting fire in the library and claiming his first amendment rights give him that right.

CK - 6 hours ago
Info wars also known as info liars..

Theo - 6 hours ago
Fake news king!

GBunny1 - 2 hours ago
If you turn to social media for reliable news then you are a special kind of moron.

CM - 2 hours ago
Is CNN or MSNBC really any better?

Bubba - 5 hours ago
Since when does things have to be "cleared"? Oh that's right - Donald Trump's #$%$ state!

DH - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is dangerous. People actually believe the #$%$ he says. He should be banned.

Wreck - 4 hours ago
Remember when conspiracy theories where for morons and stupid people? The times have certainly changed.

Aimee - 4 hours ago
No, they really haven't, its just that morons and stupid people are taken seriously now for some unfathomable reason.

micksmom2 - 3 hours ago
I'm amazed that anyone believes anything that idiot utters.

USA-USA-USA - 6 hours ago
Russo-republiCONs are simply polluters. They pollute the environment by clinging to fossil fuel industries rather than promoting and encouraging the use of new non-polluting energy solutions. They pollute the realm of public discourse by "weaponizing" the free speech A1 right and using this to spew conspiracies and lies and "alternate facts" and faux scandals.
Therefore... russo-rightwinger-CONservatives are polluters ... environmental polluters and mental polluters.

Bob - 55 minutes ago
How about this ...STOP WATCHING THIS JUNK! All Jones does is lie lie lie and spread hate. Then he tries to make money off of the dumb dumbs that watch this junk.

David - 7 hours ago
he needs all the bad news they can give him.....he belongs in a mental institution

Edward - 3 hours ago
So unhinged and mentally ill that the law won't let him have custody of his own kids.

Bashin Time - 3 hours ago
edward = Anthony Bourdain told us all about sickos like YOU....(before you murdered him)

robert - 5 hours ago
yet they let all the assassinate/kill trump people to say it all day. fb not only will lose all investors money, it will be shut down.

Lee - 4 hours ago
Why all the attacks on Infowars and Alex Jones? Because they question the Narratives???? Because they are Pro-America? ISIS videos still up on Youtube. How come the baker got sued for not baking a gay cake? Can't have it both ways.

Peter - 6 hours ago
A loon and his looney believers. A wackadoo is born every minute apparently

rodney - 4 hours ago
Let us not forget that we should not make fun of the handicapped(intellectual capacity)....but his show should be renamed `Wackjob Wars`, as he has the most vile, idiotic, and wacky theories about any number of things.

Mitchell - 2 hours ago
The guy is an idiot. Why would anyone listen to this blob?

Right Wing Science Guy - 2 hours ago

Right Thing To Do - 3 hours ago
I would not join FACEBOOK even if I had a gun to my head !!!!

Derek - 4 hours ago
Jones is a deplorable human being. He lost all respect with his Sandy Hook hoax #$%$.

Letgo Mieggo - 3 hours ago
No wonder FB stock has taken a nosedive. This kind of bias and censorship will be its slow suicide.

vf - 34 minutes ago
This man is a mad man and what does it say about you if you follow this person who presents themselves as a "news" service. Guess it means you don't really care about news.

Noel - 6 hours ago
Good, dude is a nut job

YYZZYY - 5 hours ago
Alex Jones looks like and has the intelligence of an overcooked ham.

Devinda - 6 hours ago
FACEBOOK and GOOGLE will be taken over by the GOVERNMENT soon... I'm not for BIG GOVERNMENT, but no clearly Political Entity is allowed to control the Narrative of Politics via their Product in such an MONOPOLISTIC WAY... Its time to turn these LEFTIST SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS into PUBLIC UTILITIES... The bias is clear and highly destructive to the social Fabric of this country. CUCKERBERG should be in JAIL... along with that TAMIL DONKEY PINCHAI.

Juan - 2 hours ago
To watch Alex Jones you have to be criminally stupid.

Dick - 2 hours ago
Facebook and that pencil neck CEO preach hate under the guise of freedom. Despicable.

F-FACE - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones: Rambling IDIOT extraordinaire. How that moron has an audience is simple inexplicable. Lunatic! Then again, we know evangelicals have morons caught in their hypnosis.

James - 50 minutes ago

thisisthis - 6 hours ago
Liberals are such hypocrites. Leftist propaganda is protected under the first amendment, but not far right ideas. If you don't like the videos, don't watch - what is so hard about that? Isn't it better to be able to see what kind of whacko ideas are out and about in the world - just because you suppress them doesn't mean the idea goes away. It's the same with flag burning - I'd never burn one, but I would rather it is allowed so that I can see and identify the pieces of ch!t that would actually burn one - and I can make sure to avoid those individuals and shun them in all dealings (otherwise, they would have those beliefs, but I might not know about it). So, even though it is uncomfortable to view, it could actually benefit you liberal dimwits.

WB77 - 4 hours ago
How about removing Maddow? She is equally as nuts as Alex Jones.

Karen Thomaas - 59 minutes ago
FACEBOOK IS 100% ALT LEFT ...RADICAL CULTIST SUPPORTERS....they censor everything conservative and jail anyone who speaks the truth....JUST LIKE HITLER AND THE NAZIS...
THE ONLY SAFE THING A CONSERVATIVE CAN POST are pictures of puppies and kitties....ANYTHING TO DO WITH attacks on israel. christians. . canada, uk, france.............are blocked and the person is jailed...
facebook supports pedophilia,, cultists. attacks on everyone but their "people"....

Larry - 4 hours ago
Nut jobs belong on medication. People that watch nut jobs are nutjons themselves.

StraightShooter - 43 minutes ago
This man is sick......but a hero with republican standards.

Scott - 6 hours ago
Jones called for the literal Murder of Robert Mulleur. Said he would do it himself if one of his Trumptard Kool-Aid drinkers didn’t do it first. And the GOP cries about a comedian who made a joke against little Donny. All Republicans, Trumptards Tea Trash - whatever name you are now using, need to be exiled to Russia - your homeland

d - 16 minutes ago
Robert spends many hours a day googling Hitler

Happenstance - 5 hours ago
Another Putin Stooge along with Trump and NRA.

d - 12 minutes ago
Robert and Hitler should just get a room for god's sake....

Stone - 3 minutes ago
you don't wanna learn from history?

Robert - 16 minutes ago
"By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise."
-Adolf Hitler

Baldi - 6 hours ago
Keep censoring the truth Facebook and we'll continue to watch your share price tumble while we mock your stupidity. You throw around your community standards like they are God when they are #$%$. Your standards are a joke and aren't even close to equally enforced. You just want to win the infowar by censoring the truth. Thanks for proving that alternative media like Infowars is necessary to stop you. You leftist clowns have met your match and it's InfoWars, Donald J. Trump and the American Patriotic Conservative Christian right. NO ONE cares what you fools do anymore. We will just counter it and stop you. Go get triggered and yell at the sky...bunch of weirdos.

Jonjon - 6 hours ago
the face of modern evil

DEAN G - 2 hours ago
Some truly delusional people who follow him

concerned citizen - 2 hours ago
This guy deserves the lowest level of hell.

Captain Obvious - 2 hours ago
The fact that this clown even gets media attention is at worst the decline in journalism standards. Why stoop to tabloid levels for news when we have more important things like the KGB trying to take over our government?

Coach A - 2 hours ago
For those ignorant of the First Amendment's protection of free speech, this is NOT an issue of free speech! The 1st Amendment protects you from the GOVERNMENT limiting your speech. GET IT?! The GOVERNMENT and Facebook (or YouTube) are privately owned companies. So, stop being stupid and claiming what Facebook is doing is a violation of your right to free speech.

Kay - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones is nutty - but no one can convince me that Facebook doesn’t have double standards. What I’ve seen allowed on Facebook from liberals is nothing short of alarming.

robert - 5 hours ago
just remember this in nov, losers, BOTS DON'T VOTE.

sc - 5 hours ago
This guy is so fake and is taken you as a fool. Trash is what he is selling!

Memyselfandi Campbell - 5 hours ago

Jamin - 2 hours ago
Well that was stupid of YouTube and Facebook. Now people are interested in what videos were removed forcing them to go to to find the deleted videos giving Jones more traffic on his own site. Way to go FB and just gave Jones MORE voice, not less.

K - 1 hour ago
Lol, the only people who care enough to seek out those videos are the people who were already interested in Jones. No one with half a brain is thinking that he had some indelible truth that was being stifled.

Jon - 1 hour ago
This guy is vile garbage. If I were a Newtown parent I would love 5 minutes in a locked room with him to kick his behind.

BOB - 56 minutes ago
If you were Newtown parent, you'd be a crisis actor.

LogicalThinking - 5 hours ago
LOL at the jew media attempting to get fakebook on life support.. IT DEAD..let it go

Lee S - 3 hours ago
Fat boy schizo Alex Jones will just spin it to make him more $$$.

Saint Stephen - 2 hours ago
Only poorly educated gullible fools believe a word Alex Jones says.

Mr B - 1 hour ago
Hang in there Alex! Don't take any guff from these Marxist Bolshevik President Trump haters!

keith - 1 hour ago
Yahell acts like its some big thang, when its a Nothing Burger!! LOLOLOL!!!

Stonefly - 45 minutes ago
what will the traitors more Fox!

Timothy - 6 hours ago
And yet you wonder why people are dumping Facebook.

Sue - 5 minutes ago
Evil man, spreading lies. Dumb people watching.

Stone - 4 minutes ago
you got your knickers on to tight

Lucy - 2 hours ago
Things sure don't seem to be going well for idiots like Alex Jones.

Roger - 4 hours ago
Why doesn't someone with a bunch of money start a new Youtube and Facebook? and end all this #$%$....I would.....but I'm not rich

yahoosux - 2 hours ago
FB is mostly a hive of simpletons.

Fredrick - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones, mental food for the stupid

James - 2 hours ago
Shut down all Sandy Hook truthers for libel.

Miguelito - 50 minutes ago
Spit in Alex jones face any chance you get. Him and his followers are really what is wrong with America..and they use religion to deceive... spit in his face

Ex - 38 minutes ago
So here YOU are encouraging assault. YOU should be banned.

Big - 5 hours ago
Just more brainwashing people to vote democrat.

catphish - 4 hours ago
hmmm Fascist Book removing videos that they don't agree with? I'm shocked.....ish..

Mick - 2 hours ago
Jones is still mad that the water turned his frogs gay!

BSM - 5 hours ago
How is this bad news? All of Jones's followers go to his highly successful websites, not the idiotic Face#$%$ to see his videos. The only people hurt by this, will be the clueless left-tard minions that are in desperate need of what Jones has to say. But keep em clueless and compliant with this kind of fake news, it's working so well for them.

mlaiuppa - 1 hour ago
Didn't YouTube shut Infowars down? I guess YouTube is better at policing it's content than Facebook is. But then, I've never done Facebook so I don't know how much dishonesty is going on there. I can only imagine how filled with LIES it is. Anyone that uses Facebook for news and information is a lazy m0r0n.

Matt - 2 hours ago
Jones began to lose his cool when [attorney Bobby] Newman pressed him about his current wife?s past, in which she allegedly worked six years ago as a masseuse under the name ?Enya? advertising private, discreet services to men in hotel rooms. Jones said Newman mischaracterized her profession and that she worked as a yoga instructor, but Newman responded that she had testified herself in depositions that she advertised the private services.JONES: Don't call her a massage #$%$! NEWMAN: But she said she was a ... JONES: THE ILLUMINATI IS THE REAL MASSAGE #$%$! The jurors were able to see Enya's advertisements for "sensuous" massages, which #$%$ Jones off, but unfortunately Newman was like, "Again, Enya already said this stuff is legit, so shut up." But THEN he finally got REAL MAD:

John - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones is a disgraceful human being. Keep him on Hate radio. No one else wants to hear his dribble.

Edward - 3 hours ago
Yeah, I'd just to point out that Jones fans are ^&%$%^ idiots. Good look trying to have a rational conversation with any of them.

Robert - 3 hours ago
Its a what if conspiracy site !!!! Suspicions and crazy deep state stuff that tries to hint of a group or sect controlling the world like a puppet master. Its food for thought if this stuff goes away then no one will call the gov. out for being corrupt. Don't like it don't watch.

Right Wing Science Guy - 3 hours ago
Aww man if this keeps up MAGA chuds will have to find a different con artist to sell them erection pills

River Euphrates - 4 hours ago
Alex Jones tried to convince a judge in his child custody battle with his ex-wife that his whole right-wing conspiracy theory nutjob shtick was 'just an act' - basically throwing all of his idiot followers under the bus. (Spoiler alert - it didn't work).

Jesse - 5 hours ago
Commence Trump derangement syndrome... Clearly Jones has stepped outside of groupthink and this is dangerous to the great collective hive mind of transgender and pedo-normalizers..program: love everything and don't hate anything except hatred.

thunder - 4 hours ago
Poor Alex Jones, a NWO GateKeeper. Is this a commie MSM scam to get Alex more viewers??? LOL Ahhhhhhh, probably!

P - 3 hours ago
How do people listen to this idiot??

john d - 6 hours ago
what about the kill Trump page???????????????????????

janey - 1 hour ago
Guess poor Maxine can never go on facebook.......the queen of bullying.

Sonny X - 2 hours ago

Barton - 7 hours ago
Psychopaths will be mad now.

Frances - 2 hours ago

Alan - 3 hours ago
KIM DOTCOM are you LISTENING? We seriously need a full 100% UNcensored media communication outlet. Can you imagine your phone company listening in & determine your conversation is racy, racist or politically incorrect & then terminates your call?

Harvey - 30 minutes ago
Alex Jones is nothing but a purveyor of paranoid fairy tales for gullible conservatives & racists that actually believe him LOL !!!!

Right Wing Science Guy - 2 hours ago
You have to be incurably stupid to believe infowars. I'm talking "Mexico will pay for it" levels of stupid.

Bark - 49 minutes ago
ImagedevareauxBy devareaux on

Chris - 6 hours ago
It doesn't matter is he's an idiot or not, according to the Constitution he has the right to say what he wants, just like you do.

pipes - 32 minutes ago
Anyone who takes Alex jones word as gospel is a lunitic. He has a right to spew his ignorant trash but good on Facebook for not broadcasting it.

T - 6 hours ago
Free speech is dead in America. "Open" forums should actually be open, not liberal screening sites. Just proves that the real fascists are the lefty idiots like Antifa.

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
alex is a decoy. america is run by zionist.

Unc Sam - 4 hours ago
The conspiracy theory of conspiracy theories ^^^^^^^^^^

oohay - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones the face of right wing nuts!

PF - 4 hours ago
Facebook is a data harvesting business. They sell your private information for big money. Just like yahoo, and those annoying telephone calls. Please yahoo, no more phone calls. I never agreed to be harassed on my phone by idiots pestering me.

itsme - 6 hours ago
Like trumppy and his bs

Janet - 32 minutes ago
Get rid of the conspiracy theorists. Crazy people have enough on their minds already.

-Brutal Master- - 7 hours ago
Jones is a mental case! He suffers from severe feelings of persecution and paranoia.

BiB - 1 hour ago
Alex Jones is an Ugly American Traitor, the idiots who lap up his lies are traitors too.

Cynthia - 1 hour ago
Facebook, keep falling on your face!

Dean - 3 hours ago
If The Young Turks was getting banned from Facebook and Youtube, then it would be turned into a race issue, and made out to be the biggest crime against humanity the world has ever seen. This just further proves how hypocritical most liberals are when it comes to censorship and being selectively open-minded.

Tina - 1 hour ago
Yeh, but he also tries the claim the murder of children In schools are fake.... It's nothing short of a sick pathetic mind..... SAD

InternationalDeplorable - 1 hour ago
Facebook condones the luciferian socieity, but not Christian conservatives!! They've sided with the devil, but have you? VOTE REPUBLICAN and ENFORCE THE CONSTITUTION! Facebook should have their license and their domain revoked!

Number 6 - 5 hours ago
Alex Jones is just the lowest form of slime that exists.

John Meyers - 2 hours ago
Donations should be collected to make this liars tall tales a reality.

Mr. - 33 minutes ago
He kinda looks like pompeo!

Rob - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is a NUTCASE making money off of IDIOTIC FOOLS. Just like TRUMP FOLLOWERS... BLIND MORONIC FOOLS all of them .

WISCO - 5 hours ago
Excuse me, a Milwaukee police officer shot and killed by a thug with a long rap sheet on the streets. No national news. Lets flip the script and the cop killed the thug it would be plastered on Yahoo.

Angie - 5 hours ago
A lying dirtbag got removed from a major social media platform, REAL AMERICANS are cheering

chapy4357 - 6 hours ago
I think this guy should kill himself with a gun and not the drugs he is using. Please hurry Alex. Your God awaits you.

Mikhael - 5 hours ago
ALEX JONES! another government worshiper. this guy pretends to do anti-conspiracy theories yet always overlooks the biggest conspiracies ie. those involving the REAL elites & the government whom he always sides with. hypocritical fascist government-worshiping *elitist* piece of human garbage

robert - 5 hours ago
the stupes don't understand when they alienate their base on purpose, they lose money. just like the NFL, 20% have abandonned the ship. what losers . zuck destroying himself to play partisan politics. he should move to canada.

Richard - 3 hours ago
White stupid trash shouldn't be allowed on the air.

FormerCon - 3 hours ago

Ben - 6 hours ago
I don't like alex jones and think people should be responsible but honestly where does it end. There are jerks everywhere.

Robert - 3 hours ago
So that means that the lunatic - crazed Alex Jones will still be spouting that the government is run and controlled by shape-shifting reptilian aliens. ;-)

Oh Captain, My Captain - 7 hours ago
Comments here by conservative make it unbelievably clear that they've truly earned their reputation for being ignorant.

Dave - 2 hours ago
That's okay, FB wont be around much longer anyway. Total failure on leadership, insider trading, stocks drop 24% in 2 hours. Yeah, keep playing this stupid little game to sensor free speech. Go for it!

Wanda Hu Kissinger-Now - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones is that sweaty fat kid in grade school no one would pay attention to, so now he's grabbed a bullhorn and become even more obnoxious. He has the right to speak and I'm fine with that, but we don't have to listen to him: the venom he's spewing is bad for our health,

jonathan - 3 hours ago
Half of our world media is owned by the richest sickest people in the world

Dom - 7 hours ago
psycho Jones....nuts!

allen c - 1 hour ago
I'm a Republican voter but this guys an idiot

Cosmicsnoop - 8 hours ago
This guy is a proven fraud. He was forced to admit he makes everything up and lies when he was in court. What idiots listen to a self described con man? Oh wait...... But seriously, we need to monitor the people that listen to this loser because they are dangerous. The crazy, single white male is the most dangerous member of society right now. These people need to be under surveillance.

tom - 5 hours ago
Both Alex Jones and Fox News claimed they were entertainment entities only in a court of law......Hey, Righties......there's a reason why you're ignorant...

Right Wing Science Guy - 5 minutes ago
Yeah he's funny, but there's a lot of people out there who aren't intelligent enough to know it's all an act. That's why he sells brain pills and erection pills.

Anonymous - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones (AKA I sell BS to stupid people)

wr - 8 minutes ago
Anyone that believes a single syllable out of Jones #$%$ Must be a Trump Voter, or Trump Himself. Trump is really, really stupid...

b - 5 minutes ago
TRUMP'S still our president, what are you LOSER A NOBODY...I THINK SO...

Rod - 4 hours ago
Hard to believe there are idiots who believe this idiot

..... - 4 hours ago
They are stupid to censor him, the more content they take down only validates his position.....

Aimee - 4 hours ago
Nothing validates the ravings of a lunatic.

Neli - 1 hour ago
And FACEBOOK these stupid responses are why you will continue to lose $$$$$$$$ . Used to be fun to go on but now it's all this political trash and negativity.. if I wasn't following my child's school I would be gone..

De - 24 minutes ago
People need to abandon Facebook by the Droves. Facebook in just a Communist tool to censor what they disagree with. People need to wake up and quit using this piece of spyware Zuckerberg uses for the Fascist Government Obama and his Deep State are using against normal Conservative people. Democrats, Communists, Socialists, Progressives, Marxists, Statists, etc. all terrible Fascists organizations to take away Americans Freedom and Liberties! Wise up America! Communism is alive and well in Hollywood with all the Trump hating "celebrities" and I use the term "celebrity" very loosely. They are just a group overpaid cry babies doing the Communists work. They are also referred to as "Useful Idiots".

Bashin Time - 4 hours ago
you savage bolsheviks murdered Anthony Bourdain to protect your child trafficking rings and hillary....(Alex was getting too close!)

Ptf 2 - 4 hours ago
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The gay troll is still trolling...and calling others trolls!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

Had Enough Yet? - 34 minutes ago
It's time to remove the trash and paranoid mentally ill people

Elderberry Pie - 5 hours ago
Cleaning up he filth is always a good recommendation. Jones is a predator whose victims are the weak-minded and delusional. He also peddles fake medicines that can be harmful when real medical treatment is needed. He does all this after admitting his persona online is JUST A CHARACTER. A true piece of garbage.

Sal - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones - a LOSER in life who wants to be accepted by mainstream SO BAD!!!!

bibleisbs - 7 hours ago
Zionist shill!

Jonathan - 3 hours ago
If INFO wars is so fake and stupid... how come you can't beat it? Leftists just want to censor now because Hillary lost, its that simple. Sore, cry baby losers.

Josey - 3 hours ago
Beat what? You! That's easy. Bend your gun and you start begging and crying. Hillary trounced tRump by 3 million votes and his Russian treason is going to put him in prison permanently. And you as an idiot brag about that?

PJ - 3 hours ago
jones is a disinfo agent, not a real patriot, he's a straw man, works for the NWO

Harley - 3 hours ago
Infowars is complete trash. That being said, Facebook is awful.

Valentino X - 3 hours ago
FB a puppet of Communist China

Yaho - 4 hours ago
Miss Cleo is now a fat white guy named Alex Jones

Dove - 4 hours ago
I have LMAO watching many info wars videos, mostly of Owen Shroyer and Millie the Millennial out on the street. The reason the swamp doesn't want people to see these videos is because it shows the unedited idiocy and violence of the left. The fascists cannot have the truth revealed about who they really are.

ArmyVet - 6 hours ago
Scrub Alex Jones form all media platforms. America does not need his lies and hate speech.

Dave - 1 hour ago
I believe he has the right to make a fool of himself.Imagemrfapiiik-blogBy mrfapiiik-blog on

Gary - 5 hours ago
Alex Jones is a walking toilet.

Joy Division - 5 hours ago
I'd watch a video of Alex Jones being beaten to death All Day Long!

Clutch - 2 hours ago
Really.... no ban. I was shut down for three days for calling white people cowards. What's up with that?

ricky - 1 hour ago
Lol cnn got a black eye on that one.

robert - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones is the poster boy for abortion

daniel - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones is a fraud. In an interview with his ex wife, she said he came home and laughed at the people who believe his ridiculous conspiracy theories. he is only in it for the money. he has these theories that don't even have enough evidence to hold up in a North Korean court. Yet people who have NO ability to THINK for themselves follow him like a God. I am glad that twitter anc facebook have finally done something about him. the last thing this country needs is the poison alex jones and people like him are spreading.

Mario - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones will be fine, his dummies will still buy his merchandise.

John - 5 hours ago
Losers like Alex Jones are ruining free speech for other that actually have something intelligent to say that isn't popular but is at least factual.

sio - 3 hours ago

Zionist Hunter - 3 hours ago

Doug - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones, red meat for the truly stupid!!!

Leeroy Jenkins - 4 hours ago
Why doesn't this coward just start his own website?

AlanM - 3 hours ago
Look at the hate and evil in this demon. Disgusting!

NunyaBeezwax - 8 hours ago
That's a bad move on Facebook. Idiots such as Alex Jones should not be banned because everybody deserves to see what a tool he is.

CCP - 4 hours ago
How can anyone believe anything that comes out of this idiot's mouth? Jones is dangerous, taking advantage of his poorly educated listeners.

Joe - 6 hours ago
FB. Remove all his garbage.

Moo - 7 hours ago
Another American nut that they give attention to. Loser country.

j - 12 minutes ago
Alex Jones is a Slob

TrishO - 1 hour ago
Cue the idiots who don't know that the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech just applied to government censorship, not the decisions of a corporation.

Patrick - 2 hours ago
The far right media stars with all the ridiculous content are just preying on the stupid.. and apparently stupid sells well.

dink_the_doughnut - 4 hours ago
Welcome to the WWE...…..oh not the WWE, it might as well be, they make up a story line then act it all out, same stupidity, same stupid gullible followers. Only idiots believe "the government is using juice boxes to make children gay to slow and eventually reverse the growth of the population", a troll leading fools to the abyss.

laurence - 1 hour ago
Bravo Facebook ! There is no tolerance in our society for Fascist Communist Subverters like Alex Jones. LOCK HIM UP ! He's got Trump Derangement Syndrome ! It's spreading like an epidemic among the Stupid, Ignorant, Racist people in our Society !

IDoNotReadReplies - 2 hours ago
This fat mess is a conspiracy nut. I heard he also likes to wear women's clothes. Just a waste of space.

Jeebsie - 19 minutes ago
Maybe you should pull all the videos of Antifa or Black LIES hypocrites.

Chuck - 2 hours ago
It takes a special type of idiot to listen to Alex Jones?

TXCMOE - 6 hours ago
Your life is truly pathetic if you follow this guy and others like him.

Capitata Malleus - 3 hours ago
Facebook = Leftist Fascism for Dummies

RUssian puPPet - 7 hours ago
Alex jones is fat Natzi pig !

Dona - 2 hours ago
Why would anyone watch this loud mouthed hateful man?

LOUIS - 4 hours ago
Facebook will continue v, if not for any other reason , than for the fact that most Americans are under-educated , lazy , gullible , and ignorant people who are not capable of critical thinking . The Russians succeeded in 2016 and they will succeed in 2018 in as much as affecting the elections , for the very same reasons . The success of idiots like Alex Jones , Rush Limbaugh , and others, Trump at the moment being the Leader of the lie , does not fair well for the futures . At the end of the day though , we get what we deserve .

Rick - 7 hours ago
It is AMAZING that trump actually listens to this clown and believes anything he says....and you wonder why our president is destroying out country it is because of the Tea Party and clowns like this!! Yes don't believe the REAL news but believe the enquirer and this clown....brilliant. That is why he was such an easy mark for putin!

JoelW - 2 hours ago
Mark Zuckerberg is getting the message that the GOV will shut his operation DOWN if he continues to allow Maggots such as King Maggot Jones to post. However it is TOO late as Jones- and many others including Putin have already FOOLED the Fools in America against HRC and voted for Conman Donald TRUMP

Jerry S - 7 hours ago
As much as fazebook is stupid, it is a private company that does not charge for making a profile and posting content. Therefore it can allow or ban whatever it wants. Oh, and don't forget, once you posted something on it, even if you delete it (or fazebook does), fazebook still has it and can do whatever it wants with it. It owns your content.

sharon l - 3 hours ago
Alex Jones shouldn't LEGALLY be allowed to SPEW GARBAGE !

Kev - 5 hours ago
This con man, like Trump, needs to be muzzled before he destroys the world with his toxic lies and conspiracy theories. Too many dummies out there believe them. And believe it or not I'm a BIG proponent of free speech.

You-Want-the-Truth - 6 hours ago
Good. I think that we should start executing the white supremacists and racist after 2 offences.

Anyone creating and disseminating FAKE NEWS should receive a MANDATORY 30 year prison term with no chance of parole.

Anyone creating and disseminating FAKE NEWS on a 2nd offence, should be EXECUTED

NFR - 5 hours ago
He's broadcasting to a dying crowd, and Facebook is the one killing itself.

bill - 5 hours ago
Go away Alex. You're irrelevant.

Nfinity - 5 hours ago
Who listens to this stroke waiting to happen moron?

JBoy210 - 4 hours ago
Good. The guys is a wacko and some people actually believe his stic.

Jay - 5 hours ago
Mr. Jones is on a leash and the powers that be like that he has these #$%$ articles they discredit the ones that have substance.

Darryl - 2 hours ago
This dude may be an Idiot, but compared to alot of stuff out there he more funny than anything.

Sam V - 4 hours ago
This is bad for Trump. The only supporters left for Trump are the fans stupid enough to eat the bs Alex Jones shts out.

Abdel - 5 hours ago
Gay frogs.

robert - 5 hours ago
gay abdel.

Sam - 6 hours ago
If you agree with what the NFL did, but have a problem with're a hypocrite,

ASHLEY - 55 minutes ago
I'm all for freedom of speech, but Alex Jones is spewing nothing but lies and hatred. I wish people would stop buying his #$%$.

GOP=party over country - 6 hours ago
Bad news for idiots but good news for America

Edward - 4 hours ago
CONNECT THE DOTS SHEEPLE! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!! Alex Jones operates a pedophile ring running out of his office.

InternationalDeplorable - 1 hour ago
Facebook is a servant of satan! Trump and alex jones are servants of GOD!

Sherman - 5 hours ago
l know people who seemed to be rational turn into delusional idiots after being brainwashed by Alex Jones' garbage.

Anonymous - 3 hours ago
jones is garbage

William - 2 hours ago
Oh but you SOBs will allow the liberal progressives to continue to threaten our president and do nothing. Bunch of hypocrites

Pardon Me! - 2 hours ago
"Leeeeave my messiah aloooonne"......what a snowflake!

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
The fact that this guys has followers and a successful website is a testament to the stupidity of the American people.

SIGNALMAN - 4 hours ago
Damn! I was hoping that Alex Jones died!

Ron ! - 1 hour ago
More proof that over at Facebook they are a bunch of foolish people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The lights are on but there's no one home.

Rxx. - 3 hours ago
Good. Stop giving trash humans a platform to spread their vitriol.

j - 6 hours ago
why has Alex become so fat

JohnD - 4 hours ago
Hoax web sites have no rights, it's up to Facebook who is therefore legally responsible for acts committed by insane persons not legally responsible stimulated by Infowars, like the loon who shot up a pizza place he thought was a pedophile ring run by Hillary.

Dan - 5 hours ago
Spewing lies and hatred is not free speech. Jones should be banned and then he should be banned from life.

chris - 5 hours ago
they should ban all of the alt right wackos from the internet, world would be better off.

John - 6 hours ago
Then utube delete ALL fight videos and ALL other violence videos!!!!!!!!

Nick - 5 hours ago
does anyone believe this bloated liar jones?!?!?!?

Max - 1 hour ago
Infowars is higher quality than the stupid MSM presstitution garbage. At least it isn't pushed out on behalf of billionaires, corporations, the deep state, like the evil presstitution filth.

sue - 6 hours ago
You can't fix stupid........or ugly.

saj - 2 hours ago
9-11 Was an Inside job ..Idiots

John - 1 hour ago
Sure, sure

Right Wing Science Guy - 2 hours ago
Dude you totally owned those libtards

Bashin Time - 3 hours ago
Anthony Bourdain knows why you bolshevik child abusers hate Alex Jones!....(he told us in his final interview before you savages murdered him)

Tim - 3 hours ago
alex jones...the corner of crazy and stupid, and you have the penthouse upstairs.

MensaGuy - 6 hours ago
What kind of brain defect do you have to have to actually watch/listen to this lunatic?

Faux Newz - 6 hours ago
It is called "trumpfluffer psychosis."

dave - 5 hours ago
Jones is a self important mentally unhinged person !! Anyone with a brain that works can tell that from the beginning of a jones video on anything !! Just listen to this wacko scream and rant and rave,most people would be on medication for a mental condition ,IF TREATED !!!!

Jeff - 5 hours ago
Facebook is the Antichrist.......old Alex Jones should start his own social networking site for people to share their wacky conspiracy ideas and vent their frustrations.

calypso.handjack.69 - 7 hours ago
Gas the liberals. All of them

Muricans not welcome here - 18 minutes ago
Shut this moron down. He has done incalculable damage to the United States by peddling his idiotic conspiracy fantasies (they don't even qualify as theories) to the semi-literate public.

b - 35 minutes ago
BIG DEAL what is this a Victory for all you Whacked out liberal can still see all of the deleted videos on Up Media Dummies, JONES is here to stay...You people are Morons...

Shagnasty - 6 hours ago
who says you can't yell "fire" in a crowded theater. Jail this idiot.

NunyaBeezwax - 5 hours ago
The rest of his stupid videos are up, so no Yahoobillies, not all of the videos are taken down.

Michael - 1 hour ago
What a nasty, sad #$%$! The fact he lives in Austin is even sadder-I hope people are harrassing him when he goes to restaurants!

pick - 5 hours ago
I'm democrat and I support Alex Jone's right to be stupid, he is an entertainer.

Jacob - 5 hours ago
The guy is completely nuts. Lock him up!

richard - 5 hours ago
hey, youtube and facebook have to have some reason someone will come and shoot them up.

Jim - 3 hours ago
Hey Morons, yes, if you listen to Info Wars, you are a Moron Deluxe. You should be deported to Russia.

d - 18 minutes ago
Seriously though are there really people out there too intellectually limited to understand that Jones' #$%$ is completely made up nonsense?

Carlos - 4 hours ago
It’s funny how none of you know reality. Keep taking the kids to soccer practice and worried about how those skinny jeans fit you. Wake up people he has more credibility than any MSM out there along with WND, Breitbart, Drudge and others. Yeah fools. Fools follow the media

JaredR - 1 hour ago
2.5 million subscribers! That's a ton of idiots living amongst us

tginaj - 2 hours ago
Facebook sucks

bob - 5 hours ago
You have to admit this guy is pretty damn funny if that is the way you look at it and not some witless toad that believes every (any) word he says.

marfa - 2 hours ago
this idiot is a daily cocain abuser, just like rush limbaugh

LivinAloHa - 49 minutes ago
fb is for morons

Ben - 6 hours ago
These people are total hypocrites and I don't even like Alex Jones.

theserver - 7 hours ago
Jones is human waste...Vile & inhumane!

,Ppo - 7 hours ago
jones is a fat headed kraut, goto ancestry and look up his nazeee particulars

Edward - 4 hours ago
The funny thing is that Jones makes most of his money on his magic beans and snake oil that he pawns off on his stupid fans.

Mike - 3 hours ago
Jones is an idiot for tRump. Jones is desperate for attention. Jones is tRump stupid.

Toobad4U - 2 hours ago
when the news media controls what is acceptable; freedom will die a horrible death!!!!

Alex - 5 hours ago
Join "" How long will conservatives allow Silicon Valley to censor their freedom of speech. You though they were only going after neo-Nazis and White Nationalists? Idiots, SJWs want every conservative banned. They have zero tolerance for any form of opposition. Shutdown your YouTube and Facebook accounts for 30 days in protest of conservative censorship content. Bring the pain.

Mr Bob - 8 hours ago
Another entitled blowhard republican liar, Rush would be proud.

None - 5 hours ago
yes, finally getting rid of the fake news sources! He's a hack wacko!

DJ - 6 hours ago
No see celebrities dumped all their Facebook stock when they realized Jones was able to find their past “indiscretions” and show the world their HYPOCRITICAL BULL!! Lol

Aunty Diluvian - 2 hours ago
I think Jones should sue for discrimination. Crazy white racists are people too.

Dave - 2 hours ago
Alex Jones is one of the things seriously wrong with this country. Jones is just another low educated conspiracy mongering knuckle dragging trumpanzee.

CYA - 5 hours ago
Good riddance! He does nothing but promote hate anyway!

Anamatopeya - 4 hours ago
facebook is for idiots

Joe - 4 hours ago
You can fool people sometimes but you cant fool them all the time.....

Albert - 5 hours ago
Alex Jones is one crazy insane fanatic fake swamp creature that lives in the state of Texas! One of Donald Trump's Radical Speech Preachers and cultist.
A republican favorite! a republican ICON! a republican PAGAN GOD! a TRUE EVANGELICAL! and Russian Patriot.

h - 5 hours ago
I can’t believe people watch this lunatic.

Axixic - 6 hours ago
Good. Facebook and YouTube needs to get rid of all of the looney right wing garbage.

Aleksi - 6 hours ago
Ah yes they have war on their mind,well they sure do now thanks to you big mouth.

Blackjack - 7 hours ago
Good. He must stop uploading racist cracker propaganda.

Fred - 57 minutes ago
Take this worthless weirdo out behind the barn already! Him and all the trumppuppets!

bnsgqdf - 3 hours ago
I'd love to see his fat head explode.

diesel - 3 hours ago
Zuckerberg is sucking Obama's noodle. As far as I'm concerned they can scrap ALL of facebook

Sandra - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones is a full on, all out, NUT CASE! He is seriously going to get somebody killed with that MOUTH of his. He needs to stop, and those that support him need to look within. Just plain out nastiness.

george - 5 hours ago
The only thing creepier than Facebook is a child molester

Ken - 1 hour ago
FACEBOOK YOU SUCK!!!!!!!! freedom of speech and opinion are a thing of the past !!!!!!!!! your nothing but a brain washing cattle controlling muscle!!! we need something new ! something for the free America! and FACEBOOK your not it !

David - 5 minutes ago
Freedom of speech means you can say what you want and the government won't arrest you for it. It does NOT mean that corporate entities like Facebook and YouTube have to host your speech on THEIR sites.

Anonymous - 8 hours ago
why does anyone listen to this imbecile?

JD6 - 6 hours ago
Mindless drivel for his imbecile followers

Ryan - 6 hours ago
Alex Jones is a cancer on American Society.

John - 6 hours ago
Get rid of everything that liar makes. This guy is making million s off Republicans stupidity

Copycat3 - 7 hours ago
This trouble maker Jones should be in jail or a mental institution. He is a mean spirited stupid lying snake and should not be allowed loose in society or enabled by social media.

Tim - 2 hours ago

Thomas - 1 hour ago
Oh my God Facebook remove the video like that supposed to mean something or actually like it's important so stupid

a jl - 5 hours ago
He should go back to MySpace with his Racist videos.

BenjaminG - 5 hours ago
The problem is that a lot of people can not tell the difference from idiotic entertainment and the truth. This POS sells completely false idiocy.

deacon - 4 hours ago
Jones is a bigger MORON than tRUMP.

Jazz - 3 hours ago
I don't mind Alex Jones, he sure knows how to make money saying pure bull; what I don't understand is his comatose and brainless listeners. There is a large swath of the public that is just plain stupid.

david - 6 hours ago
Jones is a pathetic excuse for a human; just like his BFF Trump!

Tom - 5 hours ago
This guy is the worst of the worst "conservative" media. I hope the Sandy Hook families, who are suing him, win big, and put him out of business where he belongs. Given his very unsubtle promotion of a civil war in this country, he should be deported. If people don't wake up because of extreme cases (becoming "normal") like this guy, of greedy, evil people spewing out lies and conspiracy theories that incite violence like this -- PizzaGate--- then we are in serious trouble. He's done all this, strictly for the money, and he's made millions, brainwashing and inciting the most gullible, stupid people.

William - 3 hours ago
Facebook.....Because you are too stupid to be able to think for yourself.

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
The world needs idiots, infowars proves that.

Run4theborder - 3 hours ago
Why are you scarred of this man? Are your users so stupid they can't tell the difference between truth and make believe?

panda - 53 minutes ago
Only idiots will belive what he said , so many things wrong but if he don’t talk trash don’t sale .

Mark - 52 minutes ago
Who could be dumb enough to listen to this idiot

Chrisdj614 - 5 hours ago
Who watches this moron anyway. Other than nutters...

TS - 6 hours ago
this guy doesnt care, he is making $$$ off the weak minded mouth breathers that watch his show. Now lets go get those gay fish!!!!

stump monkey - 5 hours ago
This cretin should be thrown from a helicopter at 1776 feet.

signman - 7 hours ago
zuck sucks

walter - 6 hours ago
obese, balding and ill bet there's a little jew blood in his veins.

whatacrock - 7 hours ago
Facebook sucks

C3030Z - 5 hours ago
Only idiots pay attention to idiots


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