Associated Press - May 7, 2018

Zimmerman charged with stalking Trayvon film investigator

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Associated Press Associated Press - May 7, 2018
SANFORD, Fla. (AP) -- Authorities say George Zimmerman threatened a private investigator working for a documentary filmmaker.

Court records show Zimmerman was issued a summons for a May 30 arraignment on a charge of misdemeanor stalking.

A sheriff's report says the investigator contacted Zimmerman in September on behalf of Michael Gasparro, who is making a documentary on Trayvon Martin. The series is being produced by rapper Jay-Z.

Court records show the private investigator received 55 phone calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails from Zimmerman in December.

The records don't list an attorney for Zimmerman.

Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. The former neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot the 17-year-old Martin in 2012 in the central Florida city of Sanford. He was acquitted of all charges. Martin was black.

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xxx - 17 hours ago
55 phone calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails from Zimmerman in December. With that much activity, this is a full time job.
Daniel - 38 minutes ago
@Liam He's already proven he's capable of murder

Daniel - 39 minutes ago
@AW No he got off because of a bad "stand your ground law" written by ALEC which only requires you to be afraid - not demonstrate actual cause. The bogus law has not been applied equally with regard to race. Only meant to be used in cases where white people are afraid of black people - so they can shoot them with no repercussions.

Daniel - 44 minutes ago
@R Except that Martin was living with his uncle IN that subdivision. 911 told him to stand down. Previous history - before Martin - had 49 calls to 911 within 6 months. Who does that? Bout time this wannabe got put away.

Daniel - 47 minutes ago
Continuing the same behavior that resulted in him murdering Trayvon Martin. The man should be in prison.

Darren - 53 minutes ago
The only job u can git in Flaw oriduh

Kathleen - 1 hour ago
Just like the President, except substitute the word “Twitter”

Eustace - 1 hour ago
@Amadreus Depends on the amount of time spend sending that many. I have quite a few posts but they are over several years.

Tom - 2 hours ago
The media of today loves stirring up racial tension, by the way he is HISPANIC not white, don't throw the blame on whites in this case.

zz - 2 hours ago
He could work for the FBI their bar has been lowered quite considerably.

bno - 2 hours ago
@xxx - it probably is Zimmerman's job. Who would hire that nut job?

B - 3 hours ago
That is some exce ssive contact, particulary unwanted contact.

Zimmerman has had repea ted troubles with the law. Doubt this will be the last for this 'good citizen'.

Carlos - 3 hours ago
@AW oj jury was not all black

Totally Anonymous - 3 hours ago
@AW No wonder you don't like to post things. We would never know how stupid you are unless you posted.

R - 3 hours ago
If you knew you were innocent and that the mainstream media played up that incident for all that it was worth, you'd be doing the same. He was merely looking into a suspicious person walking through a subdivision who no business being there. Martin reacted to his legitmate questioning in a rude and threatening way, thus the incident occurred. End of story.

kari - 3 hours ago

Alkoholic - 4 hours ago
@xxx - By a nut job.

Hamms Purcell - 4 hours ago
All that could be done in less than an hour.

Hamms Purcell - 4 hours ago
@D The kind of lie he told his wife to tell is told by people all the time and they never even get charged.

Hamms Purcell - 4 hours ago
@Adam No, he is not. He can't be charged again. The investigator is the one stalking him.

Average Trump Supporter - 4 hours ago
@say what race card by a right winger. Lol

Average Trump Supporter - 4 hours ago
Well he doesn’t work. Evil people pay him money and he lives off it. Last time he made the news he called someone a N-word love her at a bar

Yet the right considers this obvious racist a hero

AW - 4 hours ago
@Eustace I don't like to post things but uh actually he got off because he did not have an all black Jury also the reason OJ got off because he did have one.

Adam - 5 hours ago
Maybe he is worried that investigator may find something

D - 5 hours ago
Oh and almost forgot he told his wife to lie for him while in jail during the Trayvon Martin trial and that was perjury. He was charged and got a slap on the wrist for that too. Not kidding look it up. He has nine lives like a cat on getting by with not being arrested

D - 5 hours ago
Not to mention his Ex wife and plenty of Ex girlfriends have called the Police on him saying they feared for their lives and he got away with all of that and stalking a white guy who went to jail for pulling a gun on Zimmerman. He also had an arrest before the Travyon murder of assaulting a Police Officer but his daddy was a Judge on the bench at the time and Zimmy got off with anger management and a hand slap now all of a sudden he is hailed as some kind of hero for stalking and killing that black boy. Go figure.

Erica Phillips - 5 hours ago
Bring back the guillotine!

Mark - 5 hours ago
@John Doe wow!!

Liam - 5 hours ago
Well, what else is he capable of doing?

Amadreus - 6 hours ago

John Doe - 6 hours ago
Meh...not really. My ex-wife was sending her lover 200-300 texts/day and talking about 4 hours/day. All while working a 50+ hour job. Well...maybe not working a true 50+ hour job...LOL

Eustace - 7 hours ago
@Elizabeth You sound like an angry SJW who might be dangerous.

Eustace - 7 hours ago
@Nana HAHAHHA Zimmerman was up against not only the state of Florida, but also the Department of Justice backed by Obama. To say he won because he had better representation is ludicrous. Just stop already. Zimmerman was acquitted due to a lack of evidence, in a trial where the prosecution had a year to dig up whatever they could. The jury didn't even find him guilty of the lessor charge of manslaughter. The DOJ spent more time and money trying to stick a hate crimes or civil rights violation on him and came up empty. None of that was because Zimmerman had a better lawyer but nice try.

Anonymous - 7 hours ago
not really. My daughter once sent over 10,000 text messages in a single month. I known, I had to pay the bill as she did not have unlimited texting at the time. She lost her phone for a year over that one.

Mike - 8 hours ago
that's his ONLY job, I guess that visit to Kel tech didn't involve employment. Starve and be homeless fat, murderer.

Nana - 8 hours ago
@Jason J:
With that said. Prison is full of guilty liars. 99.9% of people who commit crimes claim to be innocent.
Zimmerman is a well documented proven liar who had better legal representation than Trayvon Martin.

Elizabeth - 10 hours ago
I can’t wsit until someone stands their ground and offs this loser

aaron - 10 hours ago
surprised he didn't shoot the guy

Michael - 12 hours ago
Job? Murdering Zimmy doesn't have a job anymore now than he did then.

Todd - 13 hours ago
His next full time job will be in Trump's cabinet.

Randy - 13 hours ago
@Jason, hindsight is always 20/20, I agree that Martin should of just went home but I am not totally confident that he approached Zimmerman because this is a man that was on trial account of what happened. But lets Martin did confront Zimmerman , according to Zimmerman own account Martin asked him what was the deal was, Basically asked him why you following him. My opinion Martin manned up, Zimmerman was the one that chicken out and said oh nothing going on when we know he called the police on Martin and followed him at some point. Go look at the video of Zimmerman account to the police of what happned, Zimmerman said he reached for his phone when Martin hit him but his phone was not there but if you see later on when they were on the ground Zimmerman said he got his gun from the same area where he said his phone was at. Could it possibly be that Zimmerman reached for his gun and Martin hit him because he saw the gun there and he was afraid that this was what he was reaching for and probably was reaching for? Plus like I said earlier, we do not know threw the first punch because you really think a person on trial for murder is going to say he threw the first punch?

say what - 14 hours ago
Stalking usually is. It's not a job for the lazy. Lucky for us he's Hispanic and not white.

Mark - 14 hours ago
Sounds like my boss

anon - 14 hours ago
lolwut, welcome to the 21st century, gramps

Tim - 14 hours ago
@Diamante ,he's the perfect representation of pure garbage. Someone needs to take care of him for good.

Jason J - 14 hours ago
Here's my take on Zimmerman and it neither caters to the left or right. Zimmerman was a nosy douche, gun brandishing guy with a short man's complex. Fate would have it that he confronted a black kid from a broken home who wouldn't take his #$%$ and escalated the situation. Most kids would have pussed out, answered Zimmerman's questions, and would be alive. Instead, Trayvon fought the Zim because his pride was at stake. It was a toxic confluence of events. Neither party was innocent. Since Zim was bloody and there was clearly an escalation by both parties he was found not guilty via the stand your ground law.

Hal - 15 hours ago
This film maker better avoid wearing hoodies and hope Zimmerman doesn't stalk him through a dark alley.

Hugh - 15 hours ago
@NUTZ with that many alleged 'comments' and the use of quotes instead of screen-grabs (how many Yahoo 'stories' are nothing but Twitter screen shots) , I think this case falls apart at arraignment

Dan - 15 hours ago
@Diamante Sorry he is Hispanic. The Hispanics claimed him during Chappell’s racial draft.

NUTZ - 15 hours ago
@MarkF - do you think they have any real evidence or is this going to be fake news.

Blindness of Strangers - 15 hours ago
Zimmerman's full time job is selling overpriced paintings to the FoX News crowd.

NUTZ - 15 hours ago
@jake - if we are going to lump....all colored people are Flav a Flav....and all spicy guys are Don Pablo with eyes crossed....

MarkF - 15 hours ago
With all the texts and emails, he would qualify to work for the FBI. In fact I think there may be some recent vacancies.

jake - 16 hours ago
@Diamante ...please dont lump us all together.

For example, just because our sexual predator in chief is white, doesnt mean he represents me in any manner.

Diamante - 16 hours ago
Isn’t this the guy whites are saying is the perfect representation of an American?

nikki - 16 hours ago
Georgy does not work at a JOB!

Mooc333 - 19 hours ago
What is the relevance of stating "Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic?"
Mike - 2 minutes ago
The media called him "white Hispanic" to create controversy. Hispanics, in the southwest anyway, are just american Indians with Spanish last names, more or less (called mestizo). he might be part "white" and part mestizo. But for the media trying to sell something, they prefer to call him white.

Pappa Smurf - 32 minutes ago
Because the green people would call him a White guy!

Darren - 53 minutes ago
Yea cause his daddy is white

FigDindy - 57 minutes ago
I remember them referring to him as a "white Hispanic". I guess the Zimmerman part is the heavy factor.

The Rational Libertarian - 1 hour ago
Isn't this the kind of Hispanic Trump is supposed to be getting rid of?

Shelly - 2 hours ago
The Me do is who keeps the race issues going. For crying out loud, let it alone. You just like to keep Mess going. We are human beings first before we get into race. So stop stirring the Race pot Media; I'm tired of it!!!

Permanent Vacation - 2 hours ago
Simple. It promotes the racist agenda of the media.

george - 2 hours ago
About the same relevance as the last sentence of article, Martin was black.

Tom - 2 hours ago
Because the crooked media of today cannot put the blame on Hispanics they want it to be whites for a better story and to stir up racial tension, oh how I miss the old day media.

Rob - 2 hours ago
To let us white guys off the hook for once!

verna - 2 hours ago
He's ashamed to say he is partially black.

Applebutta0619 - 2 hours ago
They stated that Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic because they are tired of saving his #$%$, so if he was to get into more trouble then they will have a culture and race toblame it on.... Ive never heard them say that about white folks... white people do not even say oh I identify myself with white....even when your mixed.. I dont hear people say that. they probablynow he is about to go down for something and they want to seperate white people from that man as much as possible..its a media tactic they use.

SonnyBrightside - 2 hours ago
The media will back off of him if they realize he is not white

Mark H - 2 hours ago
@GridIron Surfer Why do you think Jay-Z is making a movie about this?

Mark H - 2 hours ago
Race-baiting. So that some cannot say 'A white person did something to a black person'.

Anonymous - 3 hours ago
Same relevance as "Martin was black."

This is an example of the current news media - constantly stirring-up trouble.

GridIron Surfer - 3 hours ago
@Connor I'll upvote that just 'cause I go the humor!

Josh Q - 3 hours ago
at least their calling him a white hispanic anymore

GridIron Surfer - 3 hours ago
Right? Why mention Martin was black??? Feeding the Racist tension's much??

Sophie - 3 hours ago
Or them saying Martin was black?

. - 3 hours ago
Haha! Yeah, Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic like O.J. identified himself as Black.

Jesus - 3 hours ago
Trump can deport him.

Connor - 3 hours ago
I'm technically white, but I identify myself as Mongolian. I love Genghis Grill.

R - 3 hours ago
Because the mainstream media played up the racial card making it look like a white man harassing a black man. Didn't you read this case when it happened?

Steve - 3 hours ago
Back when it happened. Everyone was blaming "white people". Zimmerman isn't white, but hispanic.

Henry - 3 hours ago
So minorities cannot count the Martin shooting as a racist white on black killing. Just two minorities. Nothing to see here.

L - 3 hours ago
So racist white people will root for an Hispanic.

Markis215 - 3 hours ago
communist con ILLEGAL lovers think he's white.

Hugh - 4 hours ago
Same relevance as trying to pass him off as Caucasian

Terry M - 4 hours ago
I’m white, 58 and I identify him as Hispanic. So what? The idiots scribbling for yahoo better not buy a house banking on a Pulitzer Prize.....

IWOKS - 4 hours ago
@joyce Nobody could care about "this Trayvon story".
I added the capital T since you may have been asleep in grade school when the topic was capitalization.

I don't recall "white males" or anyone else, other than GZ who claimed that BHO was a racist. Unless you are psychic, how do you know if the person commenting is a "white male"? The comments that I recall reading, were from people who would merely repeat BHO famous comment "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon". You seem to be making up your own alternative facts, which makes you the race baiter.

Perhaps you have erased from your memory that It was GZ who people called a racist, instead of waiting for eyewitness testimony & the facts to be presented. However, I will say, that while BHO was in office, he was the person responsible for causing racial tensions to worsen, which caused further division when he made it about race, instead of waiting for facts. BHO did the same not only in TM case, but also in Ferguson, Baltimore & anywhere else a young black man was shot. Only later were facts released that BHO son's were not the innocent angels that BHO would have wished for his children.

kenneth - 4 hours ago
it gives him the excuse to be a idiot

George J - 4 hours ago
MSM termed the phrase "white" hispanic before his self defense trial.

Kevin - 4 hours ago
race baiting agenda

Myra - 4 hours ago
It's to show that he is a minority thus the assumption it's not racially motivated

Trebuchet - 4 hours ago
he was white in the media before... when it suited their narrative.

D - 4 hours ago
@DB War on the white race? Hitler already busted up all of white Europe trying to do that.

D - 4 hours ago
@ScottM He self identified as a White Hispanic. His father was a Judge and is white.

Lisa - 5 hours ago
@dianne615 innocent child???? Maybe you should seek out some facts. That was no child and defiantly not innocent.

dianne615 - 5 hours ago
So it won't be identified that a white man murdered an innocent child.

NoName - 5 hours ago
He's trying to portray himself as a minority to garner sympathy.

MorethanLiberal - 5 hours ago
So we can deport him

Read Between The Lines - 5 hours ago
they need him to be white so the media can lynch him ........easy question

Term Limits - 5 hours ago
implies he is white

Johnnie M - 5 hours ago
Why are you even concerned about THAT rather than the main focus of the story??

joe - 5 hours ago
It makes the White Supremacists feel better...

ZachD - 5 hours ago
I guess same relevance as "Martin was black."

A to the J - 5 hours ago
@Seth Had to throw that zinger in there. This is yahoo.

A to the J - 5 hours ago
@Anonymous German and Italians are not hispanic. If democrats can chose their race, sex, etc, then whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

A to the J - 5 hours ago
@JEANI why would he be? Is he not half hispanic? What was Obama's race? See what I did there?

Matthew - 5 hours ago
#racebaiting "Martin was black, Zimmerman "identifies" as Hispanic".........No, Zimmerman IS Hispanic.......but white guy works so much better for the "identifies" it is......

Brian - 5 hours ago
The same significance as stating that Martin was black.

Royal - 5 hours ago
Bc the person writing this is probably white and hates how we keep getting blamed for other stupid racial acts.

Anonymous - 5 hours ago
Because everybody was referring to him as "white."
That may be the reason. Even though millions of Hispanics from the European ancestry (Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian) are white, but Zimmerman doesn't seem to be.

Seth - 5 hours ago
Or how about the last line of the article "Martin was black".

MighWang - 6 hours ago
I identify as " Dutch Elm "

Benjamin - 6 hours ago
Yahoo. Hate. Etc

Keith - 6 hours ago
Its like the black who identify as African Americans, mewhere in there past they have a African relative. So in theory, you can pick any relative from any country and say you are that nationality!

Keith - 6 hours ago
You can be anything you want these days. Today I am going to be a dolphin and go for a swim in the Gulf!

Chet - 6 hours ago
The AP has a sneaky way of implying that he is white, to suggest racial bias, by saying that he identifies as Hispanic.

He Who Wonders - 6 hours ago
@ Emerson. Nothing about Zimmerman is from Mexico. His mother is from S. America. The press continually referred to him as a "white hispanic" during the lead up to the trial over the Trayvon Martin shooting. The press also portrayed Trayvon as a 12 year old continuously and deliberately during the circus that erupted after the shooting and through the trial.

JEANI - 6 hours ago
because he did not want to be identified as white after he murdered Trayvon Martin.

Nat - 6 hours ago
To remind you that you filthy inbreeds claimed & supported him for the same reason your support trump. Your cowardly anti-Black agenda. If Trayvon had been white Zimmerman would have been an illegal immigrant.

Emerson - 7 hours ago
Because when Treyvon attacked him thinking George was going to gay rape him, the press made the Mexican-American a white guy.

Wildling - 7 hours ago
I was wondering the same thing... that serves no purpose, except maybe to get him off the "white" spectrum.

Dalek Caan - 7 hours ago
Brown is the new white.

J - 7 hours ago
Hispanic isn't a race. He's white. So there's no relevance.

uc410 - 7 hours ago
Racism on the par of yahoo.

joyce - 8 hours ago
So that all you trying to claim that this poor white guy is a victim of reverse racism can't. This trayvon story is somehow a huge deal for white males who claim this made Obama a racist.

JD - 8 hours ago
They are still trying to manufacture a race crime......

Keep Thrashing About Libtards - 8 hours ago
Implying that Zimmerman is white. Remember them calling him a "white" hispanic???

Glen Walker - 8 hours ago
So the a--hole anti-Semitic jerks (you know, part of Trump's "loyal 30%" don't assume he's Jewish and come after him with their pointy little hoods.

Jeff - 8 hours ago
The relevance is very obvious.michelle would not let baraak sleep with his son. If it had taken place I.

Doris Jean - 9 hours ago
So he can accurately represent.

Brandon - 9 hours ago
For that point Mooc, what what the point of bringing up that Zimmerman shot Martin OR that Martin was black... Yahoo just can't get enough race bait out there fast enough...

Elizabeth - 10 hours ago
Because he used to be white. Now he’s Hispanic

AZMan - 10 hours ago
He is exactly as much Hispanic as Obama is black, ie, he is half white, half Hispanic. Guess which side the media stressed to make this a race shooting for ratings?

AZMan - 10 hours ago
Because the media constantly said he was white when the story first happened. Most networks still do.

EMU - 10 hours ago
Because that is what he is. What is the problem with that ?

Nathaniel - 11 hours ago
He's white

White Candyman - 11 hours ago
They lost the "White hate" thing and are desperately trying to recover it. Get a clue.

Ramon - 11 hours ago
not Hispanic but a MORON

Raquel G - 11 hours ago
He has a tendency to call himself white or hispanic when he thinks it helps him. He has done this 4 times.

Charles - 12 hours ago
Because some people like to say "gas all white people" over the death of every black man.

RVB3N - 12 hours ago
Because in reality he is not. He just uses the fact that he has a hispanic relative to try to minimize his crime.

Leviathan - 12 hours ago
Exactly, that’s precisely what I was thinking, and the only comment I was to post; perhaps, just more race baiting.

Irvin - 12 hours ago
@horse lover idiot, America raised him he is our problem

Bill - 12 hours ago
So that blacks can't cry racism.

Michael - 12 hours ago
It's how he officially, unjustly evaded a hate crime charge in his murdering of Trayvon Martin.

jose c - 12 hours ago
He's Afro-Hispanic and was adopted you moron leftist. You can tell the adults are in bed waiting to go to work in the morning.

1thru99,com - 12 hours ago
So the help does not think that the Master is at it again.

TheMarkMan - 13 hours ago
Oh I don't know, maybe the same relevance as stating Trayvon is black??

Chris - 13 hours ago
Yahoo really wants to call him white. Many biracial who are black and white often identify as black. I doubt yahoo would put "whoever identifies as black." Yahoo wants to show their "black victimization" narrative every chance

horse lover - 13 hours ago
Zimmerman is not a Hispanic name so I am guessing his Father is white and his Mom is Hispanic. He certainly looks Hispanic.
We should deport him and let him be someone else's problem...

slave - 13 hours ago
Easier to apply for financial aid?

Stabilized - 13 hours ago
Too hard to get through his life as a white Trumpie

ScottM - 14 hours ago
Mostly because he was called white in the Travon Martin shooting.

Red Cloud III - 14 hours ago
Not everyone who is born Hispanic, call themselves Hispanic. They might be self hating racist republicans.

Victoria - 14 hours ago
Because he identifies himself as Hispanic but in reality he is not, he is half Jewish.

Jacob - 14 hours ago
Trying to play it safe with a touchy subject. So go with how he describes himself.

david - 14 hours ago
lol... yes @DB, the oppressed, downtrodden white people of the U.S. How do they get through the day?

JOAT - 14 hours ago

Aben - 14 hours ago
To enable the stupid white people, the GOP, and foxnews buffoons who supported Z to wipe their mouths clean of any wrong doing. But they can't fool anyone. The guy they supported over a black teenager is actually no good.

DB - 14 hours ago
Because he knows there's a war on the White Race in America.! So if he identifies as Hispanic he might get a fair shake.!

Scooby-Dooby-Douche - 14 hours ago
Just gotta race bait whenever possible.

TSIE - 15 hours ago
B/c they dont want to say he's not white so they say he 'idenitifies' as Hispanic. Remember how the media kept referring to him as WHITE-Hispanic when it happened?

Deplorable Hilary - 15 hours ago
But we define him as a dangerous nutcase, with a judge for a father.

david - 15 hours ago
@Slayer, but Dylan Roof, Nikolas Cruz, and Robert Lewis Dear ARE WHITE... what's your point?

John - 15 hours ago
It's better than "punk with a gun".

Slayer - 15 hours ago
Because, most idiots will say look, a white guy killed a black guy. So sometimes they need to make it clear, he is not white.

TRUMPED - 15 hours ago
The relevance is if you are A minority or illegal you have a better chance of getting off, Minority or illegal you have a better chance of getting off, Look at the look at the illegal #$%$ that killed the woman in San Francisco he got off Scott free!!! He was deported five times and came back to the United States each time is a felony? It?s called minority privilege !!!!

John Doe - 15 hours ago
The media is a propaganda machine with a racial agenda.- Interestingly he's half white and part black. His father is of German extraction and his mother is Peruvian of mixed race including black. He refers to himself as "Hispanic" which was created by the US government as part of the census. The census distinguishes it from "Race" by using the term "Hispanic Origin." The rest of the world doesn't recognize the term HIspanic.

SeptemberSun - 16 hours ago
When just a few years ago they stood by calling him a white man.

MichaelH - 16 hours ago
Yahoo trying to stir the pot!

jimmy - 16 hours ago
he identified as white until he needed the race card

Count - 16 hours ago
@Pilgrim - yes, they did. A day did not go by where he was referred to as "the first black president", usually as a means of criticizing him.

Glenn - 16 hours ago
Because Zimmermnan is a JEWISH name.

nikki - 16 hours ago
He is h
Hispanic because then him murdering Trayvon was not RACIST. So he thinks!

DavidH - 16 hours ago
What they're saying is that he's NOT White.

Count - 16 hours ago
@Mooc333 - Because "Zimmerman" is Hispanic, and uses his adopted name, despite all of his white supporters making him an honorary white person for murdering a black teenager.

Laura - 16 hours ago
Because he got his ugly indigenous looks from his mama.

Markel - 16 hours ago
@JenSee You know there are white Hispanics.

JenSee - 16 hours ago
Because people keep saying that he's white...and he is not...!!!!

User - 16 hours ago
To prove he’s not white.

Brandon - 16 hours ago
@Pilgrim yes!!

Kevin - 16 hours ago
Its an attempt at providing him cover for being a bigot. If he's not white, can't be racist right? He needs to swallow a bullet already

StuckLikeChuck - 17 hours ago
Because it was a black vs. white thing for a lot of people. You live under a rock, Patrick?

Pilgrim - 17 hours ago
i bet the AP used light filters to make zimmerman's skin appear to be lighter.

Jon - 17 hours ago
Because the media has decided he was white to fit the narrative. Even Obama bought into the NBC-doctored video. Darn!

Pilgrim - 17 hours ago
barack obama is 50% black... did the media ever say "obama, who identifies as a black man..."?

Pilgrim - 17 hours ago
btw... "According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and "Other" 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 times higher than whites (per 100,000), and the victim rate 6 times higher (per 100,000). Most murders were intraracial, with 84% of white homicide victims murdered by whites, and 93% of black victims murdered by blacks."
the hispanic homicide offenders are included in the "white's" category. this means 13% of the population (more like 5% when you subtract women and children) are responsible for more homicide than everyone else combined. rollo must be the only black person living in vermont, otherwise he would know this is true.

Pilgrim - 17 hours ago
@Rollo ...just look at jorge's fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes... he is a perfect aryan specimen. trump has made you all r3tard3d.

Stone - 17 hours ago
That is so that you don't categorize him as being White!

Rollo - 17 hours ago
@glen Only a SOULLESS Caucandethal would say something like this. You beasts just CAN'T escape your recessive-degenerate, NEANDERTHAL genetics...that Africans/black HUMANS...that ALL come FROM (you pink beings LAST...yet ALREADY going extinct!) DON'T have! "Sorry, it's simply statistical (SCIENTIFIC) fact! But you beasts NEVER want to discuss YOUR the BIGGEST criminals, murderers and terrorists KNOWN to mankind. Now RESUME going extinct. THANK you!

A. - 17 hours ago
Just as revelent as staing Trayvon Martin was black. Its like the common denominator in division, since we know neither one of them is white then we can negate race out of the equation and see their true value as humans.

Brian - 17 hours ago
@MrLogic - That's a mighty large tinfoil hat you got there. Does it short out a lot?

Brian - 17 hours ago
Because he isn't

Pilgrim - 17 hours ago
@Pilgrim ...
CNN aired this picture last night purportedly of Zimmerman's great-grandfather, who is holding Zimmerman's mother when she was a baby and with his grandmother in the background.
CNN aired this picture last night purportedly of Zimmerman's great-grandfather, who is holding Zimmerman's mother when she was a baby and with his grandmother in the background.
CNN aired this picture last night purportedly of Zimmerman's great-grandfather, who is holding Zimmerman's mother when she was a baby and with his grandmother in the background.

Pilgrim - 17 hours ago
zimmerman's great grandparents were "afro-peruvian", which means they were both black. which means jorge' zimmerman is hispanic black.... since his black DNA takes precedence over his white DNA (ie barack obama).

gary - 17 hours ago
Yeah he was a white guy when the media wanted him to be white.

glen - 17 hours ago
What I don't understand is the need to put race into this, I mean, if you want to be honest, Treyvon Martin had more of a chance of being shot by another black man, than a Hispanic, or white man. Sorry, it's simply statistical fact, why not make the same fuss when a "thug" blows away an 11 year old black girl sleeping in bed?

Langer - 17 hours ago
He is not WHITE

MrLogic - 17 hours ago
The lying democrat party media complex still wants you to think Zimmerman is tanned white man.......

Jim a.k.a. Rusty Pistols - 17 hours ago

Speedy Gonzales - 17 hours ago
because the idiot AP is not aware that "Hispanic" means Caucasian, which means they're white. LOL.

timbuck 2 - 17 hours ago
Mooc333, it is Yahoo just stirring the #$%$ pot again.

Fannahan McSweeney - 17 hours ago
Because the nitwit jurors in Florida made it impossible to identify him as a murderer.

King Tito - 17 hours ago
Hopefully to alert my people to the fact that all Hispanics aren't our "amigo's".

Rob - 17 hours ago
Because white Americans don't want to claim ownership of this low life.

Fdo - 17 hours ago
He was white at the moment of the shooting.

Juan - 17 hours ago
He's white. I can tell just by looking at him.

digital - 18 hours ago
Not much. Arguably, you could say it's worth mentioning because his name is George Zimmerman, but even that's a stretch.

Cranes - 18 hours ago
the AP, Huffington Post, and other liberal media are dying to have a race war.
And they'll never get it.

Snidely Whiplash - 18 hours ago
Because if he is white, he is automatically a racist.

Lambyboo - 18 hours ago
Because he is a Hispanic that receive a White persons verdict. You cant be this naive.

Mike B. - 18 hours ago
It exonerates him from everything in the eyes of liberals.

Jake - 18 hours ago
Some people think hispanics can't be racist. It was Zimmerman defenders' main talking point.

Seen It All - 18 hours ago
Q: What is the relevance of stating "Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic?"
A: He's trying to gain sympathy as a poor oppressed minority rather than the right wing gun-waving, Trump-loving dirtball that he really is..

JD - 18 hours ago
USA is a melting pot

Joker - 18 hours ago
Why does it bother you???

Winston Smith - 18 hours ago
@Bettedont never mind that euopeans have been there for 500 years, they had "indigenous women' Any idea how clueless you sound?
Spaniards are White Europeans. SOme have blue eyes and blonde hair./

Dan - 18 hours ago
Whats the relevance of stating Trayvon Martin being black?

UKNOW - 18 hours ago
What's the relevance of zimmerman period?

Winston Smith - 18 hours ago
@Yhoofam 'Because everything is about race or gender to the Liberals.'

there's only one status quo, my friend.

Jeffrey - 18 hours ago
@D romej except with Obama, who had a white mother and a Nigerian (black) father, he was considered black.

Progressive - 18 hours ago
Because he isn't brown, so white people have a problem putting him in the right box.

Winston Smith - 18 hours ago
Not Jewish/

Jeffrey - 18 hours ago
Achieves the same thing as Elizabeth Warren claiming she is Native American - wanting special treatment when none is deserved.

Kevin - 18 hours ago
Its a backhanded race card, the media does it without even realizing it. Our media has become so radicalized, you have to always use that as your filter.

Silenced - 18 hours ago
Same relevance as saying Martin is black?

Yhoofam - 18 hours ago
Because everything is about race or gender to the Liberals.

Bettedont - 18 hours ago
@Ravrabeast Many German #$%$ fled to South America and had families with indigenous women.....the descendants carry German names while having Hispanic geneology.

Kevin - 18 hours ago
A more general term rather than saying "I'm Honduran" or "I'm Puerto Rican" see now?

D romej - 18 hours ago
No kidding, because his daddy is White,.as far as law enforcement is concerned he is a White Male.

Stephanie - 18 hours ago
"He" doesn't claim #$%$ Bettedont.. the media applies labels, not the population.

Taran MacAnghus - 18 hours ago
What is the relevance of stating the ethnicity of any one who commits a crime?

Amateur President - 18 hours ago
He uses ethnic neutral restrooms, though.

Bettedont - 18 hours ago
He claims white when it suits his purpose, and Hispanic when he needs to be a minority and get the liberal media's support.

Scott A - 18 hours ago
The media has to include race in anything they can. I’m sure if he were a transexual who identifies as a golden retriever, they would make a point to mention it even if it had no relevance to anything else in the story.

PB - 18 hours ago
I don't quite understand why he didn't identify himself as an idiot.
Am I missing something?

Wild - 18 hours ago
He's doing a Geraldo Rivera, who isn't Hispanic, either, but plays one on TV.

van - 18 hours ago
So he can play the race card - you know, what he didn't do in his murder trial.

lololo - 18 hours ago
same as 'Martin being black'.

Sliferxxxx - 18 hours ago
Anybody of any race can identify as Hispanic. Why? Because Hispanic is not a race. It is an ethnicity but apparently most Americans don't know the difference. Rosario Dawson, celia cruz etc are also Hispanic... Are you getting it now.

Ursula - 18 hours ago
or that "Martin was black"

R - 18 hours ago
Typical liberal media race baiting bs.

liverpool 9 - 18 hours ago
He is playing the race card

claudicate - 18 hours ago
might come from mixed family maybe and he prefers the mexican heritage. just a guess

Dark_One - 18 hours ago
The Hispanics can HAVE him..... LOL!

Cas - 18 hours ago
I was wondering that too actually. Isn't he actually Hispanic? What was the point of yahoo bringing that up?

Steve C - 18 hours ago
Because media made it out to be a white killing Trayvon, not a Hispanic.

Michael - 18 hours ago
Reverse racism on the part of the MSM. Zimmerman acted in self-defense when Martin was basing his head into the concrete and the media wanted to portray the incident as racially motivated, calling Zimmerman a "white Hispanic." They were also upset that their story of a black kid going to 7/11 for "snacks" was really a druggie buying 2/3 of the ingredients for purple drank after people like myself wrote letters to the editor and explainwd what the Skittles and watermelon fruit juice cocktail were really for.

Wacky Dee - 18 hours ago
Because others identify him as WHITE. .... So to be clear, that's what he says he is. I say regardless of what he "identifies" as he's TRASH and needs to die soon.

John - 18 hours ago
@XinPhram, du bist dumm, Zimmerman derives from the German last name Zimmermann, a related surname. The modern German terms for the occupation of carpenter are Zimmerer, Tischler, or Schreiner, but Zimmermann is still used.
Zimmer in German means "room" or archaically a chamber within a structure. The German man or mann (in English the extra n is ignored) means "man" or "worker". Combining the two German words, you get "a worker of wood", or, literally translated, "room man" or "room worker".

Ravrabeast - 18 hours ago
The Zimmerman name was German, not Jewish, and he is definitely white...white in attitude, upbringing, and actions

Lawrence - 18 hours ago
Because the media wants you to think this is another racially motivated issue.

Don - 18 hours ago
Because of his last name, black race baiters though he was white.

Ravrabeast - 18 hours ago
It means "He's not white"...(nudge nudge, wink wink)

Jm - 18 hours ago
Because he is not "white" as he was constantly described as.

BIFF TANNEN - 18 hours ago
Because the media classified him as whit to further the narrative that all whites are racist.. he is correcting them..

Michael - 18 hours ago
He identifies as Hispanic because he is Hispanic, most people in the press misidentify him.

Patrick - 18 hours ago
It's called race baiting and the media loves it.

XinPhram - 18 hours ago
Except he's half Jewish. Zimmerman is a Jew name.

John - 18 hours ago
because his last name isn't Spanish, not hard at all, I know a few of them, sort of like when they're half black and half white, but they call themselves black

MichaelB - 18 hours ago
This make it more 'politically correct', also the last line, "Martin was black." This information was completely irrelevant to the article.

Ben - 18 hours ago
Media wanting to divide us.

copier - 18 hours ago
I wonder why the writer did not mention that Martin considered himself to be black? Of course I do. The writer is a racist!

irwcul - 18 hours ago
the relevance is how many people will make it the issue of the story , start insulting liberals and the media and ignore the rest of the story

Woof Woof - 18 hours ago
If someone cant tell by looking at him then they probably think Treyvon is white.

Lisa - 18 hours ago
Because they always have to bring race in everything now.

Timothy - 18 hours ago
Because most people believe he's white...and the same as most writer's need to put "black" in the storyline of most stories

Mike - 18 hours ago
Because FINALLY! They are clearing up the false reporting that Trayvon was killed by a white man. For a white person, it is very relevant because we are sick and tired of constantly being accused of everything especially when they are clearly calling a Hispanic person white. It was not a "white killing a minority" issue that the media so lovingly reported but, rather a "minority killing another minority" issue.

steves - 18 hours ago
AP & Yahoo are looking for as many knee-jerk hateful reactions to the measly article as possible.

nick - 18 hours ago
Because he uses that as "proof" that he didn't murder Martin because he's a white supremacist. But, of course, that's exactly why he stalked the kid and murdered him in cold blood.

Byron W - 18 hours ago
Why are you asking stupid questions. You know why they are doing that

Hoodoo - 18 hours ago
Just trying to stir up #$%$. Probably more algorithms will pick up on key words.

PrincessKateMiddleClass - 18 hours ago
Because the media first labeled him "white", then a "white Hispanic". It appears he is simply clarifying the issue.

Tallahoochee - 18 hours ago
He is a racist and in Florida there are right wing racist Hispanics, La Raza (now UnidosUS) is a semi racist organization similar to Cuban American National Foundation.

Jerry 63 - 18 hours ago
It serves the narrative of the left's fetish for identity politics.

Tasha - 18 hours ago
Absolutely NONE. I thought the same thing... like there was absolutely no point in putting their race in this article.

meesa - 18 hours ago
to make his jewish relatives less angry at his representation of them?

Jennifer - 18 hours ago
don't know they called him a crazy Mexican during the trial for St. Trayvon - who strangled a store clerk on camera because the little short guy caught Trayvon stealing..

Stephanie - 18 hours ago
You know, he is a 'victim.'

Tom - 18 hours ago
Maybe they're trying to clear up the fake "he was white" narrative perpetrated by the biased, liberal media hacks.

Hugh Jassole - 18 hours ago
Black people would be calling him a Mexican.

chief34997 - 18 hours ago
They used his word so deplorables wouldn't go off- that must be a hard choice- accept a guy who belongs to a group trumpers and deplorables hate.

James - 18 hours ago
@Jonathan anyone that uses "UP" for no reason shouldn't be listened to.

JL - 18 hours ago
Latino sell out

James - 18 hours ago
@Anonymous the fact they gave the races at all is telling.

Memasefni - 18 hours ago
@Cheppetts: Point = missed.

Zimmerman doesn't identify as Hispanic. He IS Hispanic.

real - 18 hours ago
Well because he is

Memasefni - 18 hours ago
@Sonya S
Zimmerman's acquittal and subsequent actions have nothing to do with each other.

Whether he is an idiot has no bearing on whether he was guilty.

gadsby - 18 hours ago
@TreadNot german to be exact

Anonymous - 18 hours ago
The gave the race of the Martin and Zimmerman. The fact that you're only concerned with the relevance of Zimmerman's race is telling.

Dan - 18 hours ago
Got to keep race issues alive for those ratings

Jonathan - 18 hours ago
FOLKS YOUTUBE UP..............the doctored 911 call. youtube up "Trayvon Tragedy: Manufactured Racism? How NBC Edited Racism Into the George Zimmerman 911 Call"

AbstractNotions - 18 hours ago
Because today's conservatives will turn it into some giant conspiracy theory if they didn't. Obviously that was stupid because conservatives will turn it into a giant conspiracy theory no matter what they do. After all, they already freak out about gay frogs for some insane reason.

Ed - 18 hours ago
Three contacts a day isn't that much. The professional stalkers want hysterical people to sympathize with him now so he is no longer white/Jewish.

BILL - 18 hours ago
because the news media initially said he was white.

PartyLikeIts1776 - 18 hours ago
Because in Black Supremacist America, 'white' = guilty. By claiming his hispanic ancestry, he has a chance of being judged by his actions (self defense) rather than for his skin color....

Texas - 18 hours ago
Because he was the first "white" on black media villain. Remember they labeled him a "white Hispanic". Trash media.

Meridian - 18 hours ago
NBC et al labeled this guy a "white Hispanic" in an attempt to stir hsit up.

zenious - 18 hours ago
because people like you are NOT color blind

n1 - 19 hours ago
it changes public perception to say that he is hispanic. are you stupid or something?

Hillary Clinton American Hero - 19 hours ago
@Mooc333 because he is not white. BLACK LIVES MATTERS was created from this blaming white people from gun attacks when in fact it was a brown guy who murdered this kid

TreadNot - 19 hours ago
Hispanic is not a race, zimmerman is cacausian (white)

Splat - 19 hours ago
This guy zimmurder is a time bomb waiting to erupt!

Sonya S - 19 hours ago
People are a real trip and they are being racist as usual. It?s pretty funny though white people loved him and Fox News had him on all the time when he killed the unarmed black teen. Zimmerman has been in nothing but trouble since his acquittal. He must have been stalking a white person for his supporters to turn on him so fast. It?s really a damn shame, now all of a sudden he should be deported. Zimmerman should have his #$%$ in jail for killing that young man.

Anonymous - 19 hours ago
Mooc333 As much as I dislike Zimmerman now, I couldn't understand why that sentence was even in the story. It is totally ridiculous.

Perry - 19 hours ago
Because he is white.

Nathan - 19 hours ago
What is the relevance of stating "Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic?"

It allows Trump supporters to go 'See, we're not all angry white guys, some of us are angry white hispanics!'

Cheppetts - 19 hours ago
as is the case with the statement: "martin was black", it's a merely a fact ... facts are relevant...

Daniel - 19 hours ago
Because it gets you Trump-trash trolls to click and comment....Cha-ching!$!$!$!

Georgy - 19 hours ago
Trumpies, or Trumptards, are filled with hatred but need a specific level amount to release it. Knowing the race determines this level. But since Zimmerman did away with Mr. Martin, who is below Zimmerman on the race ladder, they look past it. Hope this helps!

Kelly - 19 hours ago
what is the relevance of asking that question? Other than just being a spoiled person who likes to complain

Ttt - 19 hours ago
The fake news media labeled him as a "White-Hispanic" during the whole trial.

Sonoma - 19 hours ago
Simple: the narrative that a person of a minority group could NOT have done it for race reasons. BUT IMO that bunk.

americathebrave - 19 hours ago
A lot of people think he is a white racist because his father is a white racist while his mother is a hispanic racist.

Kelly - 19 hours ago
Because it's interesting

Greg - 19 hours ago
I guess they figure there's already enough white-black tension. Of course "Hispanic" is not a race, but a culture.

Savvy Brown - 19 hours ago
That the press called him a Cracker when he isn't even white!

Dion - 19 hours ago
I'm guessing because the media made a point out of calling him white. More race baiting, hate and division that way.

SLQTech - 19 hours ago
You have to make everything about race or sexuality now to get people wound up.

Zayden Birch - 19 hours ago
Because the liberal media used to say that he was White, until everyone, including him, called the media out on it.

Dave - 19 hours ago
because race baiting is sort of the left's thing. Then when you call them out they are go on about white tears or whatever. I don't know. It's boring. Are you seeing what lebron is doing though? I think the East is very weak but if he goes on to the finals and wins it, he really stakes a claim to GOAT.

Neil659733 - 19 hours ago
It matters because he is supposed to be a racist white guy, not a racist Hispanic. Personally I think he is an embarrassment to any race.

Fizzy - 19 hours ago
Meaning it’s brown on black crime not white on black

RumbleFish - 19 hours ago
@Democrats are dumb ...funny name you use considering the idiocy of every one of your comments.

YahooSucks - 19 hours ago
He was the "White" Hispanic....that shot a Black guy...ala Obama era..Blacks got the free pass to everything.

Anderson - 19 hours ago
Just trying to fan the race flames in order to draw clicks.

Ross - 19 hours ago
News outlets tried to identify him as white. like that times cover that had his county oranges look beige.

Democrats are dumb - 19 hours ago
Because the press called him "white" to push the race narrative. Hispanic on black crime doesn't push the "whites kill blacks" message.

wolflady - 19 hours ago
my thought exactly

kevin - 19 hours ago
Media called him white/hispanic to fit their narrative before

s - 19 hours ago
he's jewish

RumbleFish - 19 hours ago
So his racist supporters wet their beds.

Cole - 18 hours ago
"Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic." Um, his genealogy defines him as Hispanic.
Juggernaut - 2 hours ago
Sure, he comes from a long line of Hispanic Zimmermans.

Bevis - 2 hours ago
Um you do know his father is white and of german decent right?

j - 3 hours ago
Race and ethnicity are both self-reported. Anyone can identify themselves as Hispanic. Keep in mind that ethnicity is unrelated to genetics. If I am adopted as a baby by a Scottish family then I am ethnically a Scot even if my genetics bear a totally different story.

A Flying Burrito Brother - 3 hours ago
Well, remember, the liberals think Rachel Dolezal is black.

pda - 3 hours ago
@bsharp um, no. You are apparently the idiot here.

bsharp - 3 hours ago
No you idiot."Hispanic" refers to the spanish language not geneology. You can be white, black, red, yellow or orange but if your native language is spanish, you are Hispanic.

. - 3 hours ago
White-Male Suptemcist Privileged Racists couldn't have hung their hat on a nicer guy. Haha!

Alan - 3 hours ago
@joe nobody wants to own him, lol he's crazy

Alan - 3 hours ago
@Gadfly "Hispanic" is used to refer more to Latin Americans, or those who are mixed between the Spaniards who ventured to south america and the native South Americans. You could identify as a Spaniard, but unless you have some south american in you, you can't really identify as Hispanic though there's enough ignorance in the use of the word that people would probably let you get away with it.

Gadfly - 4 hours ago
I recently did Some of my ancestors from 600 years ago came from Spain, although I am 86% British. So I guess I could self-identify as Hispanic, if I wanted to. What's it to you?

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
His father is white, his mother his Hispanic. And since Hispanics themselves are a mixture of white Europeans and Native Americans, genetically speaking, Zimmerman is MOSTLY of European genetic heritage.

BenjaminD - 4 hours ago
Haha. Not anymore. You can identify as anyone/anything you want today. I identify as a dog so I can lic.... well you get it.

BobDelrio - 4 hours ago
WHERE did you find his genealogy? I want to verify what you claim.

Lee Unity is Strength - 4 hours ago
He also has African ancestry. He is crazy he stalked Martin that night and when confronted by someone who didn't want this creep stalking him somehow the stalking victim was killed. Do you know if Martin had been licensed to carry and had killed Zim, because of the stand your ground law he could be found innocent.

Truth hurts - 5 hours ago
@Lane you can tell you're a trump supporter. Your hypocricy is blinding

Joe Sixpack - 5 hours ago
Riiiight... because "Zimmerman" is definitely a Spanish name.

Term Limits - 5 hours ago
a hispanic killing a black isnt considered racist..

joe - 5 hours ago
It makes the White Supremacists feel better if they can keep a little distance from him...

Chris G - 5 hours ago
Jay M, Zimmerman is a black Hispanic through his mother.

Chris G - 5 hours ago
Haha. Did someone just call a Latino a white supremacist? Hahahaha. Even if we wanted to be, they wouldn't let us in the club. Was Obama one too?

Phyllis - 6 hours ago
Who cares how he identifies himself

Lane - 8 hours ago
@E actually in America: we go by the birth mother for ethnicity -- he's Hispanic just like Obama was white-- I don't make the rules but the census bureau does enforce them-- except where Obama was concerned- they allowed that lie to fester since day 1.

Lane - 8 hours ago
The Obama Press referred to him as "white" to stir up trouble (like Obama's hoodlum preacher Jeremiah Wright) This was the same press who portrayed Martin as a 10 year old boy in first photos- not the thug he was when shot (rightfully shot).

MusicMoneyPolitics - 9 hours ago
His father is a White judge in Sanford, Florida, hence Zimmerman. His mother is a darker Hispanic immigrant. He clearly gets his thinking from his father. The whole law enforcement, Blacks are automatic criminals mindset. George Zimmerman is a white supremacist, who isn't 100% white. He can't pass for White, so he probably says he's Hispanic for obvious reasons. Some biracials who are half Black, half White can pass for White and identify as White. Same goes for some who look Black and identify as Black (i.e Barack Obama). Zimmerman would sound like an idiot saying he'a a White man, not that there aren't tons of Cuban idiots in Florida and other southern states doing just that (Senator Ted Cruz). Same way UN ambassador Nikki Hailey is Indian, but she passes as a White women in reality.

Vivaldi - 9 hours ago
@Theren Hispanic isn't a race. It's an ethnicity. There are Hispanics that are black, white, and native people and mixed race hispanics.

The US Census asks if you are white, black, or asian, then another question asks if you are hispanic.

Paul Homsy - 9 hours ago
He is not Hispanic. He is Sephardic.

E - 9 hours ago
His daddy is white, HE is white.

Elizabeth - 10 hours ago
His father is a white magistrate, hence the surname

The Divine Immortal - 11 hours ago
He's Jewish.

Theren - 12 hours ago
He cannot be white. Any of the half breeds, like Meghan Merkle or Obama, when they are half and half, the brown people claim them exclusively. So as per precedent, he cannot be white as long as he has one non white parent, period.

Theren - 12 hours ago
Because the media identified him as a new breed the elusive and unheard of "white hispanic" so perhaps they were just making sure people understand that Zimmerman does not consider himself to be white, even if the liberal media does.

Kitchi wolf - 12 hours ago
@tommy his father is WHITE

Robert - 13 hours ago
Genes aren't related to ethnicity (culture).

Heather - 13 hours ago
LOL you still believe science matters? It's all about what you believe yourself to be these days...

tommy - 14 hours ago
NBC Said he was a White Guy shooting a Black Guy,,now who wants to start a Race war,,Liberals and the Communist News media

Tony Vazquez - 14 hours ago
@Cole, I didn't saw when Obambi identified itself as Kenyan or White... He was an Oreo... And Zimmerman is half & half... His dad is white and mother Hispanic so he could go either way...

mari - 14 hours ago
@Lis so is everything else. There is only one race of humans with some genetic variations due to evolutionary adaptations to deferent environments

mari - 14 hours ago
@Incognito tell that to the hispanics

Meat - 14 hours ago
If you can identify yourself as transgender I wouldn't think Hispanic is that much of a reach...

dotinow - 15 hours ago
@count, His birth father is Zimmerman. His mom Claims to be Latin American. But in Fl. Hispanics most often ID as White no matter how Indian they look. As a mixed race person he has every right to claim to be White. 50% of his DNA backs him up.

Trumpisamoron - 15 hours ago
He's also Jewish .

Stephen - 15 hours ago
FFS. He's a white Hispanic. One can be both. Hispanics come in every color under the sun (same as Americans).

doedoe_692007 - 15 hours ago
Sorry folks... You guys can have that turd... His last name is Zimmerman..

Count - 16 hours ago
@Incognito he's Peruvian. Bottom line is that "Zimmerman" is not his birth name, nor is he in any way part of the ethnic/racial group most associated with that name.

Incognito - 16 hours ago

Hispanic isn’t a race .

Dean - 16 hours ago

Helene - 16 hours ago
Sounds Jewish

Lis - 17 hours ago
Hispanic is cultural/linguistic, not genealogical (meaning Hispanic is not a race).

Curt - 17 hours ago
@Wonker Obama's mommy was white. What's your point?

Mary Farris - 17 hours ago
His mother was born in Peru and has some African ancestry through her Afro-Peruvian maternal grandfather. His father is an American of German descent and a career military officer.

He should be identifying himself as "other" or "mixed" (and those options are available on a number of forms).

Wonker - 17 hours ago
His daddy is white.

JoeS - 17 hours ago
Latino refers to genetics, Hispanic refers to linguistic history.

Bearhuntermt - 17 hours ago
@Spinach and kale poptarts the key that put all you fools on Georgie’s side was that Trayvon was black.

Bearhuntermt - 17 hours ago
He listed himself as Hispanic when it was convenient in court for murdering Trayvon, not sure why they brought that up.

Sam - 18 hours ago
Genes have NOTHING to do with race. Race is a social construct.

No Name - 18 hours ago
Zimmerman identifies as Hispanic because his mother is of Peruvian descent. His maternal grandfather is of Afro-Peruvian descent. His father is Caucasian of German descent.

D romej - 18 hours ago
Although his daddy is white and the CJ System considers him White Male,..go figure

william - 18 hours ago
Someone lives in Florida for six months and they think they are Hispanic.

R - 18 hours ago
The media has to push the "WHITE-Hispanic" angle to further their agenda.

Fahim - 18 hours ago
Jewish and Hispanic he considered himself white till he killed the black kid and decided he was Hispanic because apparently Hispanics can't be racist.

Cole - 18 hours ago
@Kathy, thanks for divulging your utter ignorance. Because surnames TRUMP actual genealogy. I guess all black folks with the last name Jones originated from South Whales. Idiot.

tmac2daddy - 18 hours ago
@Kathy unless you know his family history you can’t make that assumption. Maybe he was adopted, maybe he legally changed his name for some reason, there are other possibilities as well.

Kathy - 18 hours ago
Not necessarily, Zimmerman is not a Hispanic surname so he must have more than one ethicity in his genetic background.

Spinach and kale poptarts - 18 hours ago
Weird. When all this silliness happened in 2012 the media (and a few others) said he was white

Anonymous - 18 hours ago
I thought he was off-white.

KDzee - 16 hours ago
Is anyone surprised? I'm not.
Babinga - 35 minutes ago
Not surprised a bit. Hostile media. Fake news.

Keith - 1 hour ago
Personally I don't care what Zimmerman does the rest of his life. We all owe him a big thanks for getting rid of that thug martin a few years back!!!!

Kim - 2 hours ago
I am. It's very surprising that he went this long without getting into trouble.

B - 2 hours ago
@tim How do you think Trayvon felt, in the dark, being stalked first by vehicle then on foot? Yep, that was stalking.

David - 2 hours ago
I'm shocked , nooooot .

B - 3 hours ago
@PETER, I've always asked that ques tion. Young teen walking to the house he was staying at with his father, realizes he is being follo wed by a man in vehicle. He tries to evade purs uer but pursu er leaves his vehicle and continues following on foot.
Tray von Martin was the one standing His ground agai nst a man following him in the dark.

Nonesense thoughts - 3 hours ago
no this guy has had issue from the start onl in fl could he get away with all this nonsense till now

kathleen - 4 hours ago
@Jon, Zimmerman made 55 phone calls, sent 67 text messages, left 36 voice mails and sent 27 emails to the private detective he's stalking and has threatened. The Private detective is working for a man who's making a documentary about Trayvon Martin. I guess this is making Zimmerman nervous, yet you claim Zimmerman's being stalked! Zimmerman has no claim on any information gathered by this private detective. You need to work on your critical thinking skills or your reading comprehension, maybe both.

amora - 4 hours ago
Nope, not surprised. Every year it seems this violent creep does something that proves how unstable he really is.

babygirl21 - 5 hours ago
Me neither. He should be locked up already. I do like the end of the story Martin was black. I also like Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. Can people write the news without putting he/she is black or any other race? I mean if the person is wanted then it's okay. We know Trayvon was black and we know Zimmerman is not 100% white.

Joseph - 6 hours ago
I lived in Orlando when it all happened. I have waited a long time to see justice
for this case. Zimmerman is on an ego trip.

PETER - 6 hours ago
His stalking is what led to the death of Martin. He should be locked up for it. Of course there are scared racists that think Zimmerman is a hero. But Zimmerman started trouble and got beat up by a kid. Then he pulled out his gun after losing the fight and called it self defense, Nothing but a coward.

JD - 8 hours ago
I’m not surprised that the thug Trayvon is dead....

Jon - 8 hours ago
The Investigator is the stalker....for a Judge to claim a victim trying to gather information from a stalker a stalker....that Judge must be an alt-left, biased criminal.

tim - 10 hours ago
Yep. Someone stalking him and he gets angry. I know if someone was stalking me I'd be completely OK with it. LOL

splinted - 11 hours ago
im also not surprised Jayz is funding a documentary looking into the death of a black kid

White Candyman - 11 hours ago
I'm surprised (and disappointed) that you worship "n-words."

KDzee - 15 hours ago
@Marcel Weezt Well, you read the article? He made a threat via text, and continued the behavior when asked not to. Any ex boyfriend could expect the same charge.

Marcel Weezt - 16 hours ago
I am not surprised that some political DA is trying to make points by bringing up some BS charge

Dixie Normus - 19 hours ago
Lifelong member of the Stable Genius Club.
Trumps 2inchpenis - 2 hours ago

Michael - 3 hours ago
Zimmerman 2020?

Mr. Twitter fingers #45 - 3 hours ago
@Count like mass shooter, child killer and rapist priest are white

Mr. Twitter fingers #45 - 3 hours ago
@Diamondshine so the same with your son. Maybe your 2nd son dies early in life

WIllFishForFood - 5 hours ago

Mike - 8 hours ago
Maybe Pimp Daddy 45 will hire him to mow the lawns of Mara Largo.

Liberals-R-Cucks - 10 hours ago
Shut up moron.

Truth Seeker - 10 hours ago

Josef - 12 hours ago
Awwwwwww......cry about it, you repube! Teaching my kids that Republicans are simply horrible people

Bob - 14 hours ago
The Kentucky Derby is over!

k - 14 hours ago
You're a lifetime member of the low IQ indoctrinated leftist sheep Hillary wort hog Clinton camel toe sniffer club

Diamondshine - 15 hours ago
@Count well, 90% of the time the shoe fits.

Count - 16 hours ago
@Diamondshine Posted like true racist, as it is known your ilk uses "thug" in place of "black." You should work for Fox news.

Incredible - 17 hours ago
Nope. He was a registered Democrat and basically a Black Lives Matter supporter before the organization existed (ironically it formed as a direct result of him beating the case). I wouldn't be surprised if he is no longer a Democrat, after seeing how stupid they are and how easily manipulated by the media they are. He was innocent, but the media pretty much lied about the circumstances behind Trayvons death so that liberals virtually unanimously wanted him in prison, despite having no idea what had actually taken place. I'm sure he IS crazy. He was a good guy who found himself in a wrong place wrong time situation and the liberal media used him for their agenda of racial division and made him a household name, the number of death threats he's received is probably staggering, all for defending himself. Can you say that wouldn't make you resent liberalism even if you grew up a staunch liberal?

Brian - 17 hours ago
@Diamondshine - but I bet you don't. The name calling puts you in sixth grade with all the other children. You can't vote for years.

Jamie - 18 hours ago
Mike is ALL OVER Yahoo.
Paid troll.
I felt for that kid, dead for the crime of wearing a hoodie.

Mike - 18 hours ago
#$%$off freak

Diamondshine - 18 hours ago
@Anonymous and Trayvon would have been a lifelong democrap. He probably stil votes

Diamondshine - 18 hours ago
And Trayvon is a lifelong member of the dead thug club

D romej - 18 hours ago
Actually he has a high IQ for Florida

@Anonymous anyone you follow. Is a wart on the #$%$ of the universe.

@Anonymous I support the verdict he got. I am here. Does that please you????? Does it ??!????

@Anonymous the facts were the facts. We know what they were.

Getoverit - 18 hours ago
Spanky, Florida doesn't register voters by party, you moron. That's just a myth that the right wingers promoted because the victim was a black person. Typical.

Anonymous - 18 hours ago
@Spanky :actually, he's a Trump supporter. Nice try tho, dotard

Anonymous - 18 hours ago
Here he is stalking yet another victim, and beating up women. So where did all the members of his fan club go all the sudden?

Anonymous - 19 hours ago
Well, thanks to the idiot jury, he believes he's above the law.

Spanky - 19 hours ago
A registered Democrat, no surprise.

Greg Long - 19 hours ago
He's a real piece of work. I hope he does a nice stretch in prison. Best thing for him really.

Savvy Brown - 19 hours ago
He is barely even #$%$ genius.

Mister - 19 hours ago
There's a future headline with George Zimmerman's name in it I look forward to reading, but this wasn't the one.
JerryL - 2 hours ago
@JerryL Sixteen more despicable pieces of ***, to think that someone who wishes death on someone else holds any moral high ground. You 16 are human flotsam.

bernard - 2 hours ago
Is THIS the "headline" you`re talkin`?


HUH ? HUH ? HUH ? .......... IS IT ???

B - 2 hours ago
@Scienceguy, As far as I recall, video from the store shows him buying the skittles and bottle of tea.

B - 2 hours ago
@Mikeel, You have to be stupid to think this will be his last criminal experience. He has set his pattern.

B - 3 hours ago
@JD, Trayvon was standing his ground against a man following him, first in a vehicle, then on foot. He was being pursued by what turned out to be an armed man and tried to defend himself.
Zimmerman is the thug. He was armed, chasing a teen in the dark, and murdered thst teen. He continues to get into legal trouble, including at least once with firearms. George Zimmerman is a murdering thug with the click ticking on his next crime.

Scienceguy - 3 hours ago
JD- why was Martin a thug? Because he was stole some candy? Or are you just a racist?

Scienceguy - 3 hours ago
Zimmerman was playing policemen, stuck his nose in business that was none his concern, couldn't even defend himself against a 17 year old, and straight murdered him. and he continues to be a but puppet. His end will be violent and he deserves it!

GhettoRanger - 3 hours ago
"It was self defense" part 2?

D - 5 hours ago
@Took Our Country Back If you all put a three times married pus*** grabber in the WH who thinks it normal to force kiss beautiful women a bat shet crazy Stalker can be President too. He gets to be a hero for killing that black boy even though before that he assaulted a white Cop and got a slap on the wrist with mandatory anger management classes.

D - 5 hours ago
@JD But it was actually Zimmerman who was arrested for hitting a white Cop before the bigots made him famous. Wonder if was his daddy a Judge at the time who got him anger management with a slap on the wrist for that ???

D - 5 hours ago
@Mikeel Well lets see, he has had numerous domestic violence reports by an ex-wife and ex-girlfriends. Once hit an under cover Cop yet got anger management most likely cause he dad was a sitting on the bench Judge at the time. Stalked a white guy who pulled a gun on him. Committed Perjury while in jail for the Travyon trial for saying he was broke and no money for bail when he had thousands from his pay pal and got a slap on the wrist for all of that, so yes he should be in jail.

Mikeel - 6 hours ago
You just have to be stupid to think Zimmerman should be in jail

Darrell - 6 hours ago
i was thinking the exact same thing!

JD - 8 hours ago
Trayvon the thug is still dead

White Candyman - 11 hours ago
"Mister" fantasizes about Blacks beating up and murdering Whites.

Demetric - 13 hours ago
@Incredible yeah starting a fight with a kid after the cops tell you not to yeah white people defended him

Brendan - 14 hours ago
@JerryL Golly gee! George Is trash. Save your self righteous pity for someone wortht

JerryL - 14 hours ago
Goodness, Mister, don't YOU have the moral high ground, wishing for someone's death. What a despicable piece of **** you are.

Me - 14 hours ago
A gang related shooting? lol

Enai - 14 hours ago
"George Zimmerman shanked in prison, justice served". Now THAT would be a great headline, one which I look forward to seeing one day.

Took Our Country Back - 15 hours ago
President Zimmerman?

Diamante - 16 hours ago
Fxck Zimmerman, I bet if Trump makes Zimmerman his VP people would hate Trump a lot less because Zimmerman would soak up all the hate. I still want his head on a platter.

Mike - 16 hours ago
Zimmerman Killed in Brawl He Started. Film at 11.

iseedumbpeople - 17 hours ago
@Joe r ... Waiting for what? Hell??

iseedumbpeople - 17 hours ago
Mister ... Hopefully, you'll be trying not to step on any hot coals long before that happens!!

Incredible - 17 hours ago
When he leaves the country so he can have a normal life? Yeah, me too. He was a good person until the media rubbed his life for no reason. All he did was defend himself from a thug who was assaulting him, she his whole life was ruined by the media just so they could have a controversial story by pretending he killed a minority in cold blood just for the thrill. You'll have to excuse him if he's a little off after going through that. He's the biggest victim of racial media hype.

Joe r - 18 hours ago
Ha ha. I'm waiting for it as well.

The Man - 19 hours ago
"Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic." Yeah, not sure where I would be without this critical bit of information.
The Man - 3 hours ago
That's because the US Census does not recognize Hispanic as a race. Hispanic is an ethnicity, and Hispanic people can be any race. In Zimmerman's case, he falls under white.

dano - 5 hours ago
That's because when Martin was killed, Zimmerman was identified as "white".

jimb - 6 hours ago
One comment shorter on Yahoo?

Vivaldi - 9 hours ago
It's important because he is using his Hispanic ethnicity to claim that he can't be a racist, since he's a minority himself.

Although he is only partly Hispanic in ethnicity.

And Hispanic isn't a race. His race is white.

Paul Homsy - 9 hours ago
He is not Hispanic at all. He is Sephardic. To say he is Hispanic is misinformation.

White Candyman - 11 hours ago
@Steve C For their ANTI-WHITE agenda. Please look at it and understand the facts.

White Candyman - 11 hours ago
@Scott A The "media" is overwhelmingly Jewish and they HATE White people. Nice try, loser.

jose c - 12 hours ago
The morons on several post think he's white because he was adopted.

Its Time - 14 hours ago
AP Liberal Marxist Speak.

Hubert - 16 hours ago
@chris He looks Inca to me.

john - 16 hours ago
Not blaming whites people everywhere for what this $p! € did. It's relevant because that's what happened at the time of his crime and it makes no sense. Blame white racists when they strike, but when the racist is a Hispanic, blaming white racists makes no sense.

j.h. s - 17 hours ago
More ignorant than you are now...if possible.

Reality Check - 17 hours ago
This is just proof that it is not just white folks who are stupid. As a Caucasian I appreciate this support form time to time.

chris - 18 hours ago
When he shot Martin the NY times said he was a white hispanic

D romej - 18 hours ago
Yeah because the Legal System considers him White Male

Scott A - 18 hours ago
You might think he was innocent of a crime if you didn’t know he’s Hispanic. The media wants to make sure all of us racist white readers know he’s guilty since he’s a minority. The media is just looking out for us. At least that seems like a reasonable conclusion to make in my humble opinion. LOL

william - 18 hours ago
Trump should start with Jorge Zimmerman and deport him for shooting and killing a young American Man.

The Man - 18 hours ago
I recalled the term "White-Hispanic" being used quite a bit.

Steve C - 18 hours ago
Media made him out to be white.

The Man - 18 hours ago
@david - as usual, the liberals like to twist the facts. Most people with common sense simply ask for equal treatment. So why is it the media always prints "white cop shoots black suspect", but when it's vice versa, it's just "suspect shoots cop"???

Anna M - 18 hours ago
I think because people think he can't be racist if he's hispanic.

Erin - 18 hours ago
@AbstractNotions he’s a gay white black hispanic!!

David - 18 hours ago
And yet you cons ALWAYS WHINE when race isn't stated.

nick - 18 hours ago
As I typed above, he claims that he couldn't have murdered Martin as an act of white supremacist terrorism because he's "hispanic." But, of course, we all know that's exactly why he stalked him and murdered him in cold blood.

AbstractNotions - 18 hours ago
Conservatives would scream something insane like it is a conspiracy to paint Zimmerman as white and stroke racial tensions. I mean, that's obviously too coherent, so throw in some gay frogs and hillary's emails.

Edward - 19 hours ago
BLM needed a white guy so they made one up. So handy, so stupid!

Frank - 19 hours ago
BLM thinks he’s white because they believe everything besides facts

The Man - 19 hours ago
Apparently, they are now trying to start something between the blacks and Hispanics.

Blue Cyclone - 19 hours ago
They didn't describe to us what nationality this detective is. I feel cheated!

Ttt - 19 hours ago
If you followed the trial you would have known the fake news media labeled him as a White-Hispanic to rile up tensions because whites and blacks.

Knights Who Say NEE - 4 hours ago
"Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. The former neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot the 17-year-old Martin in 2012 in the central Florida city of Sanford. He was acquitted of all charges. Martin was black." This is how the media stirs the pot.
Knights Who Say NEE - 17 minutes ago
@Victor LOL!!!! Typical libtard to call someone a bigot just because they don't agree with you think OJ is innocent too..#$%$.

Victor - 42 minutes ago
@Hurp - Actually it is VERY relevant. Racial profiling is EXACTLY what is at the heart of both.

Victor - 45 minutes ago
@Knights Who Say NEE - Straight out out the "I'm a Poor Man Who Feels Threatened by Others Getting the Same Rights That I Have" playbook. Straight to the insults! Who needs pesky facts when you have "feelings"? "Facts don't mean a thing to race baiters." You are correct in at least one thing. The fact is that Zimmerman has shown a propensity for violence. AS to who started the fight? We will never know. What we DO know is that a private citizen stalked and subsequently confronted a young man. An altercation ensued and the young man being stalked was killed. The "justification" listed was "stand your ground" - Now, why wasn't that justification for the young man being stalked? YOU only see what you want to see. A narrative of you "losing" something. You aren't losing a d@mned thing when others are afforded equal rights and protections. Get yourself some knowledge, pal.It works wonders.

Victor - 54 minutes ago
@R - Whoah there Tex! "Subdivision he had no business being in" last time I checked we didn't have to show papers in America nor justify ourselves to anonymous strangers. Last time I checked being followed in the wee hours of the morning would be construed as aggressive and threatening. I'll bet if I did the same to you, you would feel justified in threatening me. ALSO last I checked HOA neighborhood watches aren't supposed to CONFRONT or attempt to detain ANYBODY. That isn't their job, that's the police's job. It also isn't their job to determine who "belongs" and who doesn't. Again, that's for the police.

So, slow your biased, bigoted roll pal.

Darren - 56 minutes ago
That pot has been stirred in Flaw ori duh

Hurp - 1 hour ago
@Wolfie That's about as relevant as the fact that I made strawberry cheesecake last night.

Wolfie - 2 hours ago
Chance Martin was "suspicious" like the Native American boys on the college tour where the white woman was "afraid" because they were quiet?

Knights Who Say NEE - 2 hours ago
@Gregory Wrong, wrong, and wrong again.

Knights Who Say NEE - 2 hours ago
@Chance And???

Gregory - 2 hours ago
@R: First of all Martin's father lived in that gated community. Second, Zimmerman was a self appointed watchman and has no authority to be questioning anyone. The crime scene does not support Zimmerman's story. and lastly Zimmerman was originally going to be
charged with manslaughter because the first cops who interviewed him said that his story did not match the crime scene evidence.Then powerful forces came together to get him off. He is and will remain a child killer for the rest of his life.

Chance - 2 hours ago
Not "stirring the pot". The Martin boy was "suspicious" in Mr. Zimmerman's mind because he was a black teen in the mostly white neighborhood. Zimmerman acknowledged this at the trial.

Shizzle - 3 hours ago
What do you mean stirs the pot? Who are they provoking and in what way?

Zinkel Long Ears and Pack - 3 hours ago
Stirs the pot? This was exactly what this murderer did for god's sake! And got away with it! Hope he rots in prison where he belongs!

Knights Who Say NEE - 3 hours ago
@ScooterGirl9988 I'm not going by the way he looks. Our wonderful, honest, non-biased media (sarcasm) has clearly pointed out that he is Hispanic.

Knights Who Say NEE - 3 hours ago
@CD Of course this is how a pansy liberal social justice warrior wanna be would see it. Zimmerman was doing his job and got attacked by Martin, who is black according to the article and you (just like all race baiters) love to point out. By the way, you have twisted the facts to present it as Zimmerman attacked Martin, thats not how it happened. We're talking about FACTS, remember? But then again, facts don't mean a thing to race baiters like yourself. You only see "black man gets killed" but refuse to acknowledge the rest of the FACTS that lead up to WHY they got killed. You (and the rest of the race baiters) got brainwashed by the "innocent looking" pictures of Martin taken when he was in the 6th grade. Martin was a wanna be thug who got what was coming to him.

Josh Q - 3 hours ago
@CD YOU ARE RACIST TRASH!!! There is your facts

Jonathan Wick - 3 hours ago
@ScooterGirl9988 the evidence was crystal clear on what happened. And given Martin's past troubles with violent behavior, as well as the comments he made to his plus size gf, it is clear who started it. Had Martin survived, he would have been up on assault and trespassing charges

CD - 3 hours ago
@Knights, we see that Zimmerman is Hispanic and Martin is black.We also know that Zimmerman is a murderer who was set free because he killed an innocent young man after stalking him. We already know that he attacked Martin and got his #$%$ whipped and pulled a gun because he was incapable of defending himself after he attacked Martin, who is black by the way according to this article. There's your facts.

R - 3 hours ago
Look at the evidence. Mr. Zimmerman's head was being smashed into the sidewalk by this punk for being merely questioned as to what his buisness was roaming thru a subdivision he had no business being in. Mr.Zimmerman was part of the HOA Neighborhood Watch. Get your facts straight, mister.

ScooterGirl9988 - 3 hours ago
@Knights Who Say NEE "Yes, we see that Zimmerman is Hispanic" Actually it's a bad idea to base your assumption of heritage off of looks. Hell, if we all did that then we would have assumed Princess Margaret was Jewish.

As for Zimmerman's innocence, that whole trial was pretty much a "he said, the other guy said nothing because he was dead" kind of trial. We still have no idea who goaded who into what but given Zimmerman's actions since it's seems likely that he started it. Too bad we can't put someone on trial for the same crime twice.

Derek - 3 hours ago
Don’t forget to make sure Zimmerman looks as ominous as possible in all images and Martin looks as innocent as possible - to the point that they used 4 year old pictures! What a joke - totally trying to incite.

Knights Who Say NEE - 4 hours ago
@Anonymous Yes, we see that Zimmerman is Hispanic and Martin is black. Why does the media constantly have to remind us of that? We know already. We also know that Zimmerman is innocent because he was defending himself while being attacked by Martin, who is black by the way according to this article. There's your facts.

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
Yes, facts are bad ingredients.

Dean - 18 hours ago
If the reporter felt it relevent to state Zimmerman's race why wasn't the investigators race mentioned.
stargazer - 22 minutes ago
If Zimmerman were here illegally, Trump would be talking about it too.

Home - 2 hours ago
True Dean, true.

j - 3 hours ago
Sunspot, any anthropologist will also tell you that what we believe to be real is real in its consequences. Because society believes racial divisions are real and treats them as such, it is real. You clearly haven't studied anthropology beyond perhaps a casual introductory course.

Nonesense thoughts - 3 hours ago
clearly the guy was black

Erica Phillips - 5 hours ago
Dumbest question of the day, Dean.

Stephen - 6 hours ago
Because when the whole trayvon thing happened the media wanted it to be a white on black killing badly. So badly that they coined the phrase "white Hispanic" to describe Zimmerman in yet another pathetic attempt to stir the race pot.

Lulu - 7 hours ago
Hispanics are white. smh

Sunspot - 8 hours ago
Race is a myth. Ask any (honest) anthropologist. We all share 98% of the same DNA. There are no significant genetic differences between the "races".

Sunspot - 8 hours ago
Why don't you mention your race? Huh??

Doris Jean - 9 hours ago
Hispanic is not a race, it's an ethnicity.

Anonymous - 10 hours ago
Idiot, Hispanic isn’t a race. Why don’t you go back and finish school?

Byron - 13 hours ago
Clearly he's white or Zimmerman would've shot him by now!

The Chosen One - 13 hours ago
The investigator must be white. Duh!

karenina - 13 hours ago
What, you want ALL the relevant facts with fairness and impartiality? Whoa. That would be too thorough. Too much to ask of Yahoo! Just be glad when there are only 3 misspelling or grammar errors.

Christopher - 14 hours ago
Yeah, usually they ony bring up the victim's race.

Diamante - 15 hours ago
This is the guy white people tried to call a hero and even setup a fake rescue scene for him.

Brian - 17 hours ago
He can be mistaken for white so they have to id him as Hispanic because that is how he views himself. If they left that out, folks would accusing them of not relaying the truth.

TODD - 18 hours ago
He is one taco short of a Fiesta.
J - 2 hours ago
Probably siesta.

Ratface - 4 hours ago
Your comment makes no sense. I guess we cant expect much from a toad.

NONEOF - 5 hours ago
Great Humor

Cecilia - 5 hours ago
Well if Presidente Fox and white blue eyed Jorge Ramos can claim they are Hispanic so can just about anyone.

daimyo - 5 hours ago
You make Shakespeare look like a hack.

Chris G - 5 hours ago
Heck yeah Todd. Them hispanos is the crazies. Hueuhheuh. You know. They aint' gots the smarts like wes do. Wes so spearier. YEEEEHAWWWWW.

Mitch - 5 hours ago
He's two sandwiches short of a picnic !

Brian Fisher - 6 hours ago

rebellady - 6 hours ago
@Dad hopefully you are next

Dad - 7 hours ago
Trayvons family is one thug short of a tribe. Haha

Susan - 7 hours ago
Only one? I would say the whole enchilada.

Vetnam - 13 hours ago
Hey! leave tacos out of this.

horse lover - 13 hours ago
@Todd.....LOL...what a funny analogy!!

keith - 14 hours ago
Taco shy of a Combination Plate

ohwell - 15 hours ago
I'm sure he knows white... like Cruz and paddock

Eurotrash - 15 hours ago
More than one

Trainwreck - 16 hours ago
Good one todd.

DavidH - 16 hours ago

Fred Mertz - 17 hours ago
that fat #$%& looks like he's had plenty of tacos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DogsRule - 17 hours ago
If he's short a taco, he only has himself to blame for eating it.

Gilbert - 18 hours ago
So how many tacos do make a fiesta?

luv2boys - 18 hours ago
@Todd, @Lee....laughed so hard I cried.

Dean - 18 hours ago
Sean, Trayvon got what he deserved.

Dion - 18 hours ago
I really tried not to laugh at this...It was not possible...

sean - 18 hours ago
that was not racist. racist was his stalking and killing of a 17 year old talking on his phone at his dad's house

T - 18 hours ago
@michele, how's that being rude. What ever happens to that stupid idiot he deserves it and that's not rude; that's the truth. Why don't you go hold his d@m hand if you mad or upset.

michele - 18 hours ago

Reed Rolai - 18 hours ago
How racist is that? But funny.

Lee - 18 hours ago
or one wheel short of a Ford Fiesta!!

Michael - 18 hours ago

JimM - 17 hours ago
Trayvon would have graduated from medical school this year...
DJ Lookie Here - 1 hour ago

Joseph - 1 hour ago
If slinging pills and weed is medical school.

Patriotically Minded American - 1 hour ago
You are a disgusting individual. I guess you consider yourself a "Good Christian" too!

Joey - 2 hours ago
so cowards, why didnt Trayvon have the right to defend him self? according to Flordia law he had the right to stand his ground and attack those he felt threatened him or do those laws only apply to white people?

Mark H - 2 hours ago
@Dream It would appear a Jury of our Peers did not agree with you.

bernard - 2 hours ago
YES . from the Dept. of Brain Surgery no less !!

Dream - 3 hours ago
@R - Zimmerman GOT out of his car and CHASED HIM..!!!! Trayvon had NO idea who he was OR why he was chasing him...all Trayvon knew waa that some WHITE/HISPANIC man WAS STALKING HIM in his car and when Trayvon RAN AWAY (FIRST RESPONSE), This KILLER Zimmerman got out of his car and CHASED him!!!......I wonder if your daughter or mother got murdered the same way, if you would be so lenient!!

Jason - 3 hours ago
@Brian Lots of thumbs down here from the neo-nazies, whoops, I mean Trump supporters.

anonymous - 3 hours ago
JimM has Skittlepox on his buttocks.

R - 3 hours ago
BS, he was too dumb. Instead of answering to Mr. Zimmerman in a polite and respectful way, he was threatening to Mr. Zimmerman, who was an HOA board memberfor that subdivision.

JD - 3 hours ago
too funny

BLACKRAM - 4 hours ago
Boy i can not understand anything, i thought this was about good old boy George threaten someone but all i am reading is about the "kid" that he "killed"

Cuphead - 4 hours ago
LOL Trayvon medical school ha ha hilarious...too bad his doctor bag had a screwdriver and stolen items from a home not more than 1.5 miles from school....medical school o jeez that's funny.

Michael J. - 4 hours ago
The timeline is just about right since his death.

Jason D - 4 hours ago

anne - 4 hours ago
Did you graduate from medical school this year? Loser.

Brian - 4 hours ago
of course the Trumpty Dumbties have to attack a young man who was murdered for eating Skittles and minding his own bus wannabe business....Travon Martin lost his life to a macho, over zealous , self important wannabe rent a cop...And ignorant Trumpies blame the victim....naturally.

Dj - 4 hours ago
Unfortunately because of racist bigots like yourself he didn't get the opportunity. By the way what school did you graduate from?

MalahatJ - 4 hours ago
hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world .

Justin N - 4 hours ago
Trayvon would have graduated from Juvenile detention this year...

Gary - 4 hours ago
@JimM: There is no basis ti villify Trayvon Martin. Let it be that Zimmerman was declared "not guilty".

Kevin - 4 hours ago
nah....purple drank, in and out of prison, eventually shot by someone else.

Valarie - 4 hours ago
well he damn sure should of had the opportunity!!!

person - 5 hours ago
Instead he donated his body to a med school.

CERR - 5 hours ago
So would your sister/wife.

Denise C - 5 hours ago
Yea, in a prison! He was a thug!

Wake up People.... - 5 hours ago
Oh if Obama had a son......

LD - 5 hours ago
@Laura, do you know how to use punctuation?

Nancy - 5 hours ago
Probably he would be in jail now or smoking pot😨

LD - 5 hours ago
Or not.......

John - 5 hours ago
So true

JeffC - 5 hours ago
i just laughed out loud...

Amy - 5 hours ago
@Minky dr lean drank

Amy - 5 hours ago
@GoingPostal was found to be not guilty b

Amy - 5 hours ago
@Laura , he was not crossing through a neighborhood illegally. His father lived there. And yes, most teenagers aren’t prefect HOWEVER, most don’t get suspended from school from drugs and 99.% don’t physically attack people as Trayvon did.

Wildly Imperfect. - 5 hours ago
yes, he deserved to die because he was black and would not have amounted to anything because your racist comments say so. so sad.

Wildly Imperfect. - 5 hours ago
Im fairly certain he wouldn't be in the news for stocking right now.

Travis-Kelly - 5 hours ago

moviebuff - 5 hours ago
and Obama would be proud of his son

Shaun - 5 hours ago

Master55 - 5 hours ago
best comment ever

Laura - 5 hours ago
@Mike well at least you admitted why they were killed and that's what you read somewhere you don't know anything I hope this never happens to your kid because may NO ONE have any compassion for your teenage son who has all his TEENAGE doings which are mostly stupid anyway broadcasted on TV for everyone to condemn them but then his skin is probably the right color so we'd wouldn't hear that even though you know some of y'all's kids are bad they get a pass but ours are basically celebrated in death you all are a sick race blacks are not perfect and I am ashamed of the things they do most times but at the end of the day they are still humans are you proud of every white idiot you see don't you hate when people try to use that to define your entire race and render you all worthless well again maybe not because you don't get those feelings

Laura - 6 hours ago
Yeah because all you stand up people commenting never crossed through a neighborhood that didn't belong to you and then when someone was following you responded or reacted wrong as a TEENAGER!! my point is we all did things as teenagers and none of the stuff we did defined us as adults but you disgusting racist pricks think it's a joke because someone trying to get likes said he would have graduated medical school maybe not but he would have had a chance to do something with his life even if it was community college I'm sure not every person on this thread went ivy league but it's all fun in games until it's your kid but most of you with you precious white skin will never know the feeling of having every bad thing your kid did their entire short teenage life (which is mostly stupid stuff) broadcasted all over the US for them to be judged like animals and told they were never going to amount to anything anyway ! It's rude and disgusting and most of you have 20 year old losers sleeping on your couch now who have no interest in doing anything more with there lives so get off of here with your hate !!!

Chris G - 6 hours ago
No Jim, he would have been the first Supreme Leader of Earth this year. We destroyed our future.

GoingPostal - 6 hours ago
Yes. But instead his murderer walks free.

Brian Fisher - 6 hours ago
LOL, no he wouldn't. He'd be in prison

Minky - 6 hours ago
Dr. Drank.

Brad Halsey - 6 hours ago
#$%$ dealing to being a crack dealer. lol

MighWang - 6 hours ago
some urine just squirted out

Mike - 6 hours ago
Doubtful. Any kid that would attack an adult, bashing his head into the concrete because he was following him wouldn't have even graduated high school. Its funny how thugs are put on a pedestal when they are killed simply because they are black. Just like Michael Brown, commit an armed robbery, attack a cop and try to take his gun, no is a community hero because his stupidity got him killed. This country is in the #$%$.

christina - 6 hours ago
@JimM, absolutely heartbreaking!

FuckFacebook - 6 hours ago
Medical school? Yeah right

Chet - 6 hours ago
More like Treyvon would have killed a dozen more. Zimmerman did society a favor when he legally shot in self defense to protect his own life against Treyvon repeatedly bashing his head into the sidewalk.

Bernice Gant - 6 hours ago

James and Nancy - 7 hours ago
@MusicMoneyPolitics you need to run for President in 2020. You have all the answers to all the worlds problems. Sounds like you have visited Starbucks before and have a full degree for the worlds issues. Hope to see your name on the ballot in 2020. What musical tool do you play. The skin flute.

Dad - 7 hours ago
Medical school of thuggery and robbers.

James and Nancy - 7 hours ago
@JD He could be at Starbucks making a Trillion Dollar building high rise buildings.

justin - 7 hours ago
Yup... and down in Florida he would have been aggressively push off stage after receiving his diploma...

JD - 7 hours ago
@JD or still dead

KNK - 7 hours ago
@Jay Hate because God is watching, hmm OK. Are you a member of the largest hate group in America? The anti-Trump group?

KNK - 7 hours ago
@RacismHunter is going for his Doctors degree in "ethnic relations" and this #$%$ thinks Zimmerman is a white supremacist. Stop posting, you're a fraud! Ha!Ha!

Anonymous - 7 hours ago
I was going to say 'felony'.

JD - 8 hours ago
Trayvon the thug would be in prison now...

RacismHunter - 8 hours ago
It is ironic that you should make mockery of someone who could have possibly been a troubled teen, as if that determines if one will be successful or not. I would retort to your obtuse statement by saying, as a troubled youth I went on to be a "productive" citizen in society. For example, I am working on my second Masters degree, and will soon be applying for a PhD program in sociology, race and ethnic relations. The fact that your white supremacy brethren killed a young teenager, now we will NEVER know his potential.

Jay - 8 hours ago
Boy, a lot of you guys are truly racist! Hate a 17 year that "stalked" and preyed upon against a fool who's constantly stays in trouble. I see why you guys are continue to support a fool like Zimmerman. Most of you guys are fools and keyboard warriors!!! Still hating I see... you guys continue to hate because God is watching...

Jon - 8 hours ago
BS....Trayvoff was a life-long criminal.

MusicMoneyPolitics - 8 hours ago
White supremacist humor. No matter how many run-ins Zimmerman has with the law, you're still cant budge off the "Trayvon is a thug, who deserved it" narrative. This man has had altercations with police officers, #$%$aulted his wife and father-in-law, got into an argument that resulted in a middle aged White man shooting at him and getting 20 years, being overheard bragging about killing Trayvon Martin in public places, selling the murder weapon weapon, like some autographed football. He's made a couple of very racist remarks about Barack Obama when he was POTUS and he just made some remark about killing Jay-Z by feeding him to alligators. This man clearly has an issue, but many of you harbor some much hate towards Black men who are neutered #$%$ serving as doormats like its 1925, you will allow a cop or vigilante like Zimmerman free reign to murder a Black man, no matter what the evidence. Basically, he ran followed behind Trayvon, stalking him. Had his gun out and basically tried to dominate Trayvon like some runaway, he fought back and got his #$%$ kicked by a teen. He should have been a man and walked away. So, I guess its legal for a White male (or psued-White male) to get in your face, punk you out, start touching you and if you decide to check him physically, he has the right to shoot you dead. This is what the average Zimmerman supporter thinks. If a Black man did what Zimmerman did to a White teenager, he'd be under the jail and you all know it. Good ole American White supremacy, the unofficial national religion of the USA.

Vivaldi - 8 hours ago
@Richard They have combined bachelors and medical school programs you can complete in 6 years.

MR. Wilson - 9 hours ago
I don't think so...medical school? He would still be alive if he did not attack Zimmerman.

E - 9 hours ago
And possibly founded the next INVENTION OF THE CENTURY.

COURTNEY - 10 hours ago
@William Just like you then?!

COURTNEY - 10 hours ago
@tommy that was ridiculous

COURTNEY - 10 hours ago
@Deanna Illiterate?

Richard - 10 hours ago
@Shaking My Head he was 17 years old and was killed in 2012. That’s six years ago. He could have theoretically graduated from college and entered medical school by now.

COURTNEY - 10 hours ago
@GNB He wasn’t even old enough, therefore your joke? doesn’t even apply to him

COURTNEY - 10 hours ago
@wendellk Haven’t heard of you doing that yet...

COURTNEY - 10 hours ago
@Tajwa None have Tajwa

COURTNEY - 10 hours ago
@Joey he was a punk?

COURTNEY - 10 hours ago
@Don What was wrong w/his life?

. - 10 hours ago
I'm pretty sure this is a joke XD

William - 10 hours ago
Amazing how people want to remember some small time #$%$ and how it actually was.

James - 11 hours ago
:) I needed that.

yuto - 11 hours ago
@Mirage1 For the ISIS.

Crime Scene - 11 hours ago
Oh yes. Medical school. What a joke

Wiseone - 12 hours ago
@lucas....he was kicked out of school , has a rap sheet a foot long and you think that was "his life was going fine" ?.......If you think not being born rich makes bad people you are too stupid to even talk too !

Shaking My Head - 12 hours ago
Not exactly. He was a child when he was murdered, so he would have been a college freshman, with your dirty bigoted xss

Charles - 12 hours ago
Thanks, I needed a laugh.

TRUMP HAS FAKE HAIR - 12 hours ago
Nice try jimM

Wiseone - 12 hours ago
@JimM.........No I think he would be in prison for murder or someone like him (low life bully thug) would have taken him out....PS the only way he could get in medical school is if his body was donated !

lucas - 12 hours ago
@Don actually his life was going fine. Unless you mean not being born rich makes him a bad person

lucas - 12 hours ago
@Mox says a person from behind a computer

Don - 12 hours ago
Sure, right after he "turned his life around."

Mox - 12 hours ago
Yet you're alive and you're not graduating from Medical School. Or accomplishing anything else except hiding behind your computer making racist comments.

J.w. - 12 hours ago
That’s a child your talking about

Cockford Ollie - 12 hours ago
@Joey, the only thing you got is a monumental case of crabs from your mom.

Cockford Ollie - 12 hours ago
@Jonathan, but that's still 2000% more than liberals.

Raptor - 12 hours ago
tryvon woulda sent people to the hospital

Granville - 12 hours ago
And foster parent Barf-a -rock Obama would have been there to applaud him.

Slabberdasken - 13 hours ago
And how did you know he wouldn’t have. NEVER underestimate the intelligence of those you look down on. By the way, genius, when did YOU graduate medical school?

PAUL - 13 hours ago
Yeah right

michael - 13 hours ago
Rachel Jentel just graduated from law school.

LuRhonda - 13 hours ago
Im guessing ur being sarcastic, but its not funny and this is a very ignorant statement that u made smh.

Joey - 13 hours ago
can you prove he wouldn't have? i got tons of cases where punks turn their lives around

gtown86 - 13 hours ago
you americans are at a great degree cu*ts

Tajwa - 13 hours ago
Ha, ha. How many MD's. have a name like Trayvon?

Gen - 13 hours ago
i was thinking President, did you forget about Obama already?
8 yrs moron
and that's after a measly 30 yrs of oppression.

ERIC - 14 hours ago
You will be to.

SharkM - 14 hours ago
As a donated cadaver.

John - 14 hours ago
And you???

Mario - 14 hours ago
You have no degree.

Scooby-Dooby-Douche - 14 hours ago

Michael - 15 hours ago
That's humor right lol?

dotinow - 15 hours ago
And look at what a mess Zimmerman was before he killed Trayvon and what a mess he is now. Bet Trayvon would have contributed more to society than this slug has so far. All he has contributed is waiting cops time and tax payers money.

MEGATTRON - 15 hours ago
@JimM we would never know, because he was murdered by a racist lowlife lunatic

Deplorable Viktor - 15 hours ago
@stenetta Yo Stenetta, Trayvon was a thug and was bringing home some ingredients for Lean and decided to look around for some easy pickings to burglarize. Zimmerman was a hero for identifying the thug, and defending himself against the violent miscreant.

John - 15 hours ago
What a super sarcasm! LOL

Dan - 15 hours ago
If Obama had a son he would look like Trayvon. And to think Trump was soooo divisive for saying good people on both sides. Obama picked a side before any facts were known other than the person that died was black.

wendellk - 15 hours ago
Probably would have cured cancer in another year or 2

joey - 15 hours ago

GNB - 15 hours ago
Actually Tryavon was well on his way to being President... had he lived, Trump would never have had a Chance !!!!!

Beau - 15 hours ago
@Ron - so they performed your brain surgery?

Ron - 16 hours ago
@Deanna I know several doctors who smoke weed.

Anonymous - 16 hours ago
Or maybe he would be one of the hundreds of men that took a turn with your tramp daughter or clearly lonely wife. . Get a hobby tiny Jim. 😘

rod - 16 hours ago
yea from Jail!

stenetta - 16 hours ago
Are you really this sick mentally to be talking about a deceased child like that? On top of that, everything you have said about him is not true. What a sick wicked person you are. You have to be very miserable to be this mean.

Mirage1 - 16 hours ago
Actually he may have been a pilot.

MR.J - 16 hours ago
Maybe, but don't you think medical school is quite a stretch from him even graduating from High School though?

Ken A - 16 hours ago
ROFLMAO. Please...stop.....yer killing me.

Barry - 16 hours ago
He was good a mixing drugs

Glenn - 16 hours ago
Cleanup in aisle 7, jim. Get to it.

GregW - 16 hours ago
He would have skittled across the stage.

Scottie - 16 hours ago
No, he would have been killed anyway while breaking in someone's home.

raycuss1 - 16 hours ago

raycuss1 - 16 hours ago

Frosted - 17 hours ago
Medical “Mary Jane”, that is. I had to spell it like that because Yahoo censored it on first try.

tommy - 17 hours ago
But would he have boogaloo danced across the stage?

Frosted - 17 hours ago
#$%$ school, that is.

Jonathan - 17 hours ago
Study shows only 20 percent of Republicans graduate from Highschool.

G-Force - 17 hours ago
you POS

Tebow - 17 hours ago
Yall just can't help it

Xylin6 - 17 hours ago
JimM would have been grandwizard this year....go worship your draft dodging pedophile slumlord president moron

Amy - 17 hours ago
@Mad at the state penitentiary

iseedumbpeople - 17 hours ago
JimM ... hahahahaha At the top of his class, too, I'm sure!

Amy - 17 hours ago
Trayvon Who, because Trayvon Martin was on a path to prison. Stealing, fighting, drugs and making his own concoction of “lean”.

Harry Drone - 17 hours ago
You are right!

Curt - 17 hours ago
Ha! That's a good one!

Ann Heuser Bajingo - 17 hours ago
Sorry you lost the election, huh? LOL

Ann Heuser Bajingo - 17 hours ago
Projecting again? Like the smelly ones huh?

thomas - 17 hours ago
yep, i could see that. bahahahah

Mark - 17 hours ago
ya right

The Judge - 17 hours ago
provided he did not attack a man who had a gun to defend himself.

William - 17 hours ago
He would have won the Nobel prize.

IHATERACIST - 17 hours ago
I bet he wouldn’t have slept with any family members though.

Gary - 17 hours ago
Probably after being in the 1stMARDIV RECON 2 man rescue team that freed the kid that tried to hang himself in the DPRK work camp.

Mad - 17 hours ago
He'd be doing his residency!

William - 17 hours ago
Maybe prison.

yobvas2 - 17 hours ago
Jim and DD would have been humans had they not been hatched without a cerebral cortex. And I bet both of these dopes have to look that up.

DD - 18 hours ago

Edgar - 18 hours ago
By the powers vested in me, a Level 29 Latino,I hereby revoke his Hispanic playing card.
peter - 10 hours ago
Nice one!

Larry - 10 hours ago
lm ao Edgar!!!

Liberals-R-Cucks - 10 hours ago

ARKO - 12 hours ago
@JP Look up dave Chappelle

JP - 15 hours ago
Hahaha don’t really know what that means but still very funny for some reason

Diamante - 15 hours ago
Shouldn’t revoked that card once he wanted to use it only to prove his fake innocence. Beforehand he completely carried himself like a white male, he had a white wife, white gf, supported confederacy ideals and made racist statements about Hispanics on his Facebook account.

Calvin - 17 hours ago
If this is being reported the same way the Martin case was, we'll eventually find out that Zimmerman was responding to the PI and each of his replies was in response to the PI trying to contact him and amounted to "please stop trying to contact me".
David W - 5 hours ago
Yeah, there is not a lot of information in the article. I mean the PI was reaching out to Zimmerman first for information on the documentary. This could easily be a set up just to get free publicity for the documentary. Not to mention, this is the 21st century. It's incredibly easy to block an email or phone number now a days.

TheBlackWhole - 5 hours ago IDIOTS born THIS STUPID or did you just IGNORE all the info IN the article...or you just CAN'T READ because you're a bunch of ILLITERATE yts?

Brad Halsey - 6 hours ago
It probably is that situation. 60 something text messages really is not a lot.

HIGHNDOPEY - 6 hours ago
@Christen I’m sure they have...but that doesn’t mean they are not going to push their narrative that all of this is Zimmerman’s own fault

Christen - 7 hours ago
If they had an exact number of all of those communications from Zimmerman, certainly they have looked at the PI communication as well.

JIM - 17 hours ago
" identifies himself as Hispanic" At least he's not saying he's a woman.
Brad Halsey - 6 hours ago
Not yet, but if he ever lands in jail he could be someones "sister" in there or whatever they call them nowadays.

Richard - 7 hours ago
Cracked me up

King - 8 hours ago
Give it time.

jason - 9 hours ago
Give it time.

Shaking My Head - 12 hours ago
Wait until his second hour in jail

Zara - 13 hours ago

Walker - 17 hours ago
What goes around, comes around.
Brenda - 3 hours ago

phillip - 3 hours ago
i just saw a black kid, with his skittles on the cell phone with his girl friend. Very suspicious

R - 3 hours ago
Mr. Zimmerman acted properly as the HOA board member questioning a suspicious person roaming thru a subdivision. Martin threatened and started fighting him, and Martin met his fate accordingly.

Gregory - 4 hours ago
ABSOLUTELY !!!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn - 5 hours ago
This seem sociopath seems to be made of teflon.

Jake - 18 hours ago
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

RumbleFish - 19 hours ago
I predict I'll be reading this guy's obit before too long...I think I'll throw a party.
Garrick - 18 minutes ago
Should have happened a long time ago.

RumbleFish - 49 minutes ago
@Tom true.

Regular - 2 hours ago
@Montourri nope he means trayboon

Montourri - 2 hours ago
@R U mean the kid who was walking to his father's house?

gale - 2 hours ago
I'll be at your party

((((((( ))))))) - 2 hours ago
I predict RumbleFish has syphillis, contracted from either his sister and or mother, and will be dead within a year. I'll even throw a party.

R - 3 hours ago
You're stupid. Mr. Zimmerman was slammed by the media for having the balls to stand up to a threatening punk kid roaming thru a subdivision he had no business being in. Mr. Zimmerman was a board member doing his duty to protect the neighborhood.

Regular - 4 hours ago
@RumbleFish your sister cousin

Regular - 4 hours ago
@Enai blm NAACP come to mind

Nasser - 4 hours ago
I would buy the champagne!

Mikeel - 6 hours ago

MEGATTRON - 6 hours ago
@JD doubt you read anything because you a lowlife animal

Tim - 8 hours ago
@Tim why do you hate Hispanics you racist?

JD - 8 hours ago
I read Trayvon the thug’s obit

E - 9 hours ago
@Nine lives
You’re an idiot. With ZERO comprehension skills.

Liberals-R-Cucks - 10 hours ago
Shut up

Wiseone - 12 hours ago
You mean the guy that is making a movie about the departed thug...right ?

Nine lives - 12 hours ago
@Sean Zimmerman was never "told to stand down." Upon telling the police dispatcher over the phone that he was going to try to see where Martin went, the dispatcher said, "We don't need you to do that." That was all. Following Martin was certainly not illegal, and anyway is irrelevant to the law as it applies to the shooting. This was a very clear case of self defense, a justified shooting, no matter how hard the hyperpartisan media tried to convince viewers Martin was innocent.

Granville - 12 hours ago
You should apply to the Mafia ... seems you have the attitude for it!!!!

Tajwa - 13 hours ago
Kind of sad you would say this about an innocent man that made our world a little bit safer.

Enai - 14 hours ago
@Enai truth hurts, eh rightwing snowflakes? At least have the balls to own your views.. nothing worse than someone holding pernicious views but lacking the conviction to actually own them

Tim - 14 hours ago
Invite me please. I'll buy drinks for everyone. I can't stand seeing his smug face still breathing.

Enai - 14 hours ago
@Tom we can also say more generally: not all republicans are racist, but all racists are republican.

Enai - 14 hours ago
I'll bring appetizers.

Tom - 15 hours ago
Not all trump supporters are racists but all racists are trump supporters

Eric - 15 hours ago
@iseedumbpeople should say I am dumb people ha ha

Eric - 15 hours ago
@iseedumbpeople come on over
Got something for you tough guy

Sean - 16 hours ago
@Kathryn Reading some of these comments, I was thinking the same thing.Ignorance is bliss I guess. Zimmerman was told multiple times to stand down and that same unstable hot head that caused an unwarranted murder, has put him in the hot seat once again. It just amazes me the perpetual wheel of racism that forever turns in this world. For every step forward there's five steps back.

Atthe O - 17 hours ago
PLEASE INVITE ME! I'll even bring the wine.

iseedumbpeople - 17 hours ago
@Wacky Dee .. You think you're something going around 'threatening someone's life', huh? Expect a knock at your door, SOON!!

iseedumbpeople - 17 hours ago
@RumbleFish ... DIDN'T YOU say the exact same thing to somebody else, yesterday, bonehead??

Drumpf is not a Christian - 17 hours ago
I'll bring the Skittles and Ice Tea.

wayne - 17 hours ago
@Jack: If Zimmerman "goes down as a legend", it will be so only because of deranged Trump supporters such as you.

RumbleFish - 17 hours ago
@Jack go change your sheets, bed wetter.

RumbleFish - 17 hours ago've got to be what, 12, 13 yrs old? Does your mommy know you're playing on the computer? Has she finished her shift at the rub and tug?

Tara - 17 hours ago
Me too. You are welcome to come to mine. Lots of libations.

RumbleFish - 17 hours ago dont' words use goo, cletus

Jack - 17 hours ago
The Zman wasted Obamas thug son. When he dies, he'll go fown as a legend.

RumbleFish - 18 hours ago
@Regular...if you're here making lame AF racist comments, who's biting off the chicken heads at the carnival?

be - 18 hours ago
@Jerry #$%$

Regular - 18 hours ago
Trayboon went down years ago

Jaggednjaded - 18 hours ago
I'll bring the champagne.

Diamondshine - 18 hours ago
Y’all been saying that for years.

Jerry - 18 hours ago
@Kathryn Another Black thug who tried to beat up someone with a gun.

Rick - 18 hours ago
@Dan Liar.

Dark_One - 18 hours ago
He was acquitted in a court of law, which means there was insufficient evidence to convict him of the crimes he was accused.

Kathryn - 18 hours ago
Interesting twist on a situation where an adult stalked a young man, went all street and caused the death of this young person. You must have missed the articles where the zimmerman was told by police to leave the situation alone and the result again was the death of a young man which was indeed while he opted to cause the death of Trayvon which was indeed murder even if the citizenry in Florida opted to let this waste of air skate.

Wacky Dee - 18 hours ago
Can wait until he dies. Hopefully it's painful. I have a home in Orlando and I conceal carry. I wish like hell this dirtbag will try that nonsense with me or my wife, who also carries. He'll be taking a dirt nap

michele - 18 hours ago

Joe Dirt Jr. - 18 hours ago
yeah pushing his luck over and over....just begging for it....maybe trump will make him his bodyguard now

RumbleFish - 18 hours ago
@william yeah, this is all the Democrats fault...PFFFFT!

RumbleFish - 18 hours ago
@Dan ...first of all, "The cops told him to stop and he did. But Trayvon decided to be a thug and decided to circle back and attack"...This is a LIE. The cops told him to stop and wait for police HE DID NOT. HE WENT AFTER the young man WHO WAS NOT COMMITTING ANY CRIME!!!
The fact that one bed wetting coward is defending another, doesn't surprise me at all.

william - 18 hours ago
We are all Americans, damn it! Fall into the Democrats trap of identity politics, just keep us fighting over non-sense.

Cole - 18 hours ago
He saved a lot of innocent folks from a thug. He may be a screw up but he definitely did one thing right back in 2012.

Nickolas O - 19 hours ago
I can tell you would... when an American private citizen protects themselves, you leftist socialist HATE the We, the People, don't need the Government to protect ourselves.

jim - 19 hours ago
@AmericaFirst ...are you off your meds?

Dan - 19 hours ago
I guess it's only OK for blacks to have watch programs. He was looking after his home and others because blacks keep breaking in their homes. Trayvon decided to try and kill him just for following him and keeping an eye on him. The cops told him to stop and he did. But Trayvon decided to be a thug and decided to circle back and attack. That thug learned the hard way to makes sure the person you are attacking isn't armed first.

RumbleFish - 19 hours ago
@ben...yes, I'm sure you did. Did your entire trailer park circle jerk show up, you're still their catcher, right?
Was your mom able to get time off from turning tricks at the truck stop to be there? Did your sister/wife make her famous 'roadkill' stew?

Tom - 19 hours ago
He's on my list for Party When Dead.

ben - 19 hours ago
I've already had a big party for Traythug's glorious death.

RumbleFish - 19 hours ago
@AmericaFirst ..yes, that would be a shame.

AmericaFirst - 19 hours ago
You, RubleFish, sound like you want to see some violence. Do not suggest reading an obit. Some other loser might be inspired by you.

Savvy Brown - 19 hours ago

William - 18 hours ago
AP sure did a lot of work on this article...not..

J - 18 hours ago
"Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic." He is, and has always been, Hispanic. The fact that the media and BLM have always called him a "white man" doesn't change his lineage.
DPS - 3 hours ago
@Lulu Preach!!! lol

DPS - 3 hours ago
The story mentions this because before the murder Zimmerman always identified as "white". He only started identifying himself as "Hispanic" when the trial started. His father is a white man.

DPS - 3 hours ago
@JD Get ur facts straight. Trayvon didn't attack anyone. This lunatic followed and stalked him because he was black and armed with a pack of skittles.

Derek - 3 hours ago
Media and BLM are about as credible as that image of Trayvon Martin.

sherman - 7 hours ago
@JD Trayvon wouldn't attacked had Zimmerman listened to the 911 operator.

JD - 7 hours ago
@JD Trayvon the thug would not have died that night if he hadn’t chosen to violently attack someone.

Keith - 7 hours ago
No actually they call him a Murderer...Oh and by the way Trayvon didn't appreciate being "stalked" and racially profiled by Zimmerman so he whupped his az.. Zimmerman didn't like being beat up by a kid so he Murdered Trayvon... Point blank

Lulu - 7 hours ago
Sure J. You know many Hispanics with a surname of Zimmerman? You're a joke. His mother is Hispanic, which is an ethnicity and not a race. You should trying learning the difference before spewing your nonsense. BLM wasn't even around until the Michael Brown incident. Again, you show your stupidity. He calls himself a white man because his father is white and of German descent. His mother is from Peru and we don't know if her race is white or black because in Peru, it could be either one. Now get off Yahoo and read a book.

Christen - 7 hours ago
Nobody says he’s white.

JD - 8 hours ago
@Diamante Trayvon had a choice to not behave like a violent thug.....he made the wrong choice. Still dead.

JD - 8 hours ago
@darlene he isn’t a murderer. But Trayvon was a violent thug....and still dead.

JD - 8 hours ago
@Big AL then all Hispanics should immediately stop claiming minority status.

Byron - 13 hours ago
I think no race want to claim this clown!

Pat - 14 hours ago
@Big AL -- Don't be so dismissive. Many if not most of Hispanics in the Americas are descendents of Native Americans.

Big AL - 15 hours ago
Hispanic is not a race. Zimmerman is white .....

darlene - 15 hours ago
Who cares, he is a murderer! I expect Trayvon’s parents don’t care either!

Suge - 15 hours ago
You do know there are white Hispanics right?

Diamante - 15 hours ago
He’s half white and he identified as white before his legal issues. How do i know? He made racist posts about Hispanics on his Facebook page, he hoist confederate imagery around his property and his wife & gf were white. When you are biracial, you have the choice on what you want to be identified as and he clearly carried himself like a white male.

sherman - 16 hours ago
Umm BLM was formed years after Trayvon's death.

Jme - 16 hours ago
I never heard him referred to as a white man. He doesn't even look white. Try again...nobody said that but the monster under your bed and the voices in your head. You ppl kill me. Just make up stuff, and now it has an actual name. Alternative facts!

Pat - 17 hours ago
Zimmerman was born and raised in the US by a Peruvian mother and an American father of German descent. We can't know how much of of Peruvian culture his mother taught him. I've never heard him speak Spanish and that is pretty much the definition of Hispanic but if he says he is Hispanic, he is Hispanic.

Gary - 17 hours ago
They were just going by his FLDL.

Chris - 19 hours ago
People still think he's innocent.. smh
Daniel - 27 minutes ago
@BobH When someone says “it’s the opinion of every” is just a saying reflecting the consensus. You should understand that. Besides numbnuts, I didn’t claim to have read every opinion. Read my comment again. Or, have someone read it to you.

Mike - 44 minutes ago
@Brian E, that evening he did nothing wrong. I have never called him an angel, but on that night, he did nothing wrong

AverageJoeman2014 - 1 hour ago
@Trust No One ..Hey EInstein... Anonymous was just using quotations to disprove ANOTHER poster. He was agreeing with your perspective. You're not ignorant..just too stupid as you acted too quickly without reading/comprehending their post.

Wesley - 1 hour ago
Martin was caught with stolen jewelry from home invasion not arrested. Plotted to shoot a school snitch because he has not bled enough. Caught on video surveilling the clubhouse where his dad was staying after hours. Was not allowed cause date time stamp was off after a power outage. Watermelon Iced Tea and Skittles = Purple Lean. Martin tried on several occasions to buy cough syrup the last part the formula. Boy loves him some skittles. Shortly after Martin was sent to where his dad was staying break-in's started happening in that gated community. Coincidence we all know that right? During trial it was shown Martin was less than 100 feet or away from his door turned around and went back after Zimmerman. FYI in cell phone texts of the school snitch he wanted to shoot he stated snitches need to bleed. He knew Zimmerman had called police because he walked deliberately by Zimmerman his truck to get long hard look at him while he was on phone to police. Quit playing Martin is innocent card.

Montourri - 1 hour ago

Irises - 2 hours ago
Trumpsters applaud Zimmerman.

Mark H - 2 hours ago
I wasn't there. I can only trust a Jury.

Josh Q - 3 hours ago
only racist trash like you think he's not

Rob - 3 hours ago
If you don't think Martin attacked him you're naïve.

R - 3 hours ago
Martin could have been perceived as Hispanic, by the way. He was light.

R - 3 hours ago
Smart Black people know that Mr. Zimmerman had every right to question this punk, who had NO business roaming thru a subdivision he had NO BUSINESS walking thru, as he didn't live there.

Mark - 3 hours ago
he is!

kay - 4 hours ago
@Jeremy so by your logic OJ is innocent. good to know. ill spread the word.

kay - 4 hours ago
White people do

brian - 4 hours ago
he is.. court of law settled that already

Trust No One - 4 hours ago
@Anonymous Your ignorance is ... well, typical. The dispatcher DID NOT tell him to "stay put". The DISPATCHER is the one who asked what race Trayvon, No Limit #$%$, Martin (HIS CHOSEN FACEBOOK NAME) was. Zimmerman RESPONDED by saying "I THINK he is Black". The dispatcher the asked where [No limit] was. Zimmerman then got out of his truck to find out (he wasn't sure of the street names". When the dispatcher heard Zimmerman breathing hard, he asked Zimmerman if he was following [No Limit]. When Zimmerman said yes, [so he could tell the police who were supposedly on their way], the dispatcher didn't TELL him to do anything. He just said "You don't NEED to do that." At that point Zimmerman stopped looking for Martin and was headed BACK TO HIS TRUCK TO WAIT FOR THE POLICE when No Limit circled around and attacked Zimmerman and tried to kill him, at first by bashing his head into the sidewalk, then (after he discovered Zimmerman had a gun) by taking Zimmerman's gun to kill him.THAT is why the Jury found him NOT GUILTY OF ANY CRIME.

tarheel - 4 hours ago
"People" as in a jury? And you probably think traythug was innocent also, huh?

Mike - 4 hours ago
Jonathan, Zimmerman is Hispanic. And you and your friends are probably among the most racist people out there so why don't you turn it down a notch, champ. Sneering your nose at others, those people usually have the most to hid, btw.,

D - 4 hours ago
@Greg you believe this man even after he and his wife lied about not having money when they had almost a million in a pay pal fund and perjured themselves with only a slap on the wrist. Now it turns out he has stalked others even a white guy who pulled a gun on him then got off with that too and the white guy went to jail. Stalked ex-wife same thing he got off.

Jonathan - 5 hours ago
We call those people "white supremacists"

Jeremy - 5 hours ago
when you have a trial and your found not guilty that means your innocent only one guilty was travon

Mikeel - 6 hours ago
You just have to be stupid to think he is not innocent.

Anonymous - 6 hours ago

"Greg how about staying put like the dispatcher ask him to do?"

They didn't ask him to. Staying They didn't NEED him to follow wasn't an order not to follow. Stop the spinning/lying.
"It was unjustified."

Not per the law...anyony can follow anyone. You can also use deadly force if you feel your life is in danger..and the jury agreed.

"He had no authority to detain anybody ."

Following is not detaining. Taryvon lost him but came back to for the confrontation as he said to his friend on the phone. He escalted the situation which led to him being fertilizer and the world is better because of it. :-)

Anonymous - 6 hours ago
He is still innocent. Trayvon's best contribution to the world is right now... as fertilizer.

Bernice Gant - 6 hours ago

Tim - 8 hours ago
Haha, like O.J.

Greg - 9 hours ago
@The Brizz So you cannot answer the question either. I did not ask "should he have followed a dispatcher's advice?". I asked "what should he have done when Trayvon was pinning him down and literally bashing his brains in?". If that is not an appropriate time to use a gun, then I don't know what is.

Sure, he was unwise to not listen to what was recommended he do, but that is not a crime and certainly does not make him a murderer based on what unfolded next. To think he deserved to suffer life-altering injuries or die because of that is a crazy suggestion to make.

The jury got it right, and nothing I have read makes me doubt the verdict.

danny - 10 hours ago
people still think OJ is innocent too. blows my mind. both are guilt af

Liberals-R-Cucks - 10 hours ago
The jury thought he was moron.

EMU - 10 hours ago
Which people think his innocent you?

The Brizz - 11 hours ago
@tp let's just kill every child with behavior problems, because we all know there's no way they can turn their lives around.
This argument is so asinine.

The Brizz - 11 hours ago
@Greg how about staying put like the dispatcher ask him to do?. It was unjustified. He wasn't trespassing .he was neighbourhood WATCH. That means Watch. Not neighborhood accost. Watch and report. Like the guy said. He had no authority to detain anybody .

Brian E - 13 hours ago
@Mike by that logic, Martin shouldn't attack strangers if he didn't want to get shot. Do you really think he was a good dindunuffin?

Brian E - 13 hours ago
He is. 12 jurors also agree.

BobH - 13 hours ago
@Daniel If you don't want "to look like one of the common fools," try to avoid claiming that you have read the opinions of "every prestigious law professor in the country." You may have even made some valid points, but you lose all credibility when you make such obviously nonsensical statements.

Daniel - 13 hours ago
@Big Kev George could’ve stayed in his car (which he lawfully didn’t have to as George wasn’t detained) and he could’ve stayed in his bed. Many things could’ve prevented the sad shooting. But it’s irrelevant. Also, according to George, he asked TM to stay put until cops arrived. TM refused and GZ attempted to keep him there. That’s when TM pinched him. Which I would’ve done the same. Some guy on neighborhood watch has no legal right to detain me. So, the punch started a fight and during that fight, one man attempted to kill the other. Resulting in a deadly shooting. It’s all sad, but the shooting was legal. Everything preceding the head bashing, is irrelevant.

Daniel - 13 hours ago
@Big Kev Listen, who started it and the hundreds of ways it could’ve been prevented, are irrelevant to the actions that warranted the self defense. In California, two men were fighting and the bigger man beat the smaller man to a pulp. The bigger man even started the fight. Well the smaller guy got on his feet and went to his car and grabbed a lug wrench. He came at the gig guy with the lug wrench and took a swing at him. The big guy reached in his boot and pulled out a Raven .25. Shot the small guy in the head and killed him. Witnesses saw the incident and testified that the big guy started it and beat the little guy stupid. Butbyhe little guy came at him with a lug wrench. This testimony got the big guy acquitted! Why? 200 years of the self defense law that every state in the country has. It’s a good law! TM was beating GZ’s head against concrete. All he to do is come at him with a chunk of concrete, and it would’ve warranted self defense. Cops kill people for less all the time! Cops kill for men holding cell phones! Cops are subject to the same laws.

nathan - 14 hours ago
Chris, ignorance is bliss

Greg - 14 hours ago
@Enai How can you reduce all the complexities of the events that unfolded into "well, he just killed him because of his skin color"? You don't really believe that, please tell me you don't.

Greg - 14 hours ago
@Mike So you evaded the question by saying he just shouldn't have gotten himself in that situation. Brilliant.

He did something, which was admittedly foolish, but it is not a crime to confront someone as a neighborhood watchman, and you have problems if you think his actions were deserving of serious injury or death.

The question is, once Trayvon escalated it into a violent act and was beating him senselessly and had him pinned to the concrete, what would you recommend he do? If you cannot use a gun at that point, then you might as well just throw your handgun in the garbage can.

So, please try again. What should he have done differently at that point since you think the shooting was unjustifiable, murder?

Enai - 14 hours ago
No one thinks he's innocent, its just that some people are OK with killing black kids for no reason.

Mike - 14 hours ago
@Greg pick me pick me....he could not have followed the kid and put himself in that situation. He started #$%$, so he should have taken his whipping like a man. Don?t go looking for trouble because you just might find it. Just remember, he was found not guilty because of a technicality on the stand your ground law...not because he was not guilty as a human

Mike - 14 hours ago
@tp even if those are true, walking to a convenient store to get a soda is not illegal...and defending yourself from the psychopath following you isn’t wrong either.

Devon - 15 hours ago
No know one thinks he's innocent..just simply racists people that know truth but dont care about truth..Trump Voters

tp - 15 hours ago
Some people think Trayvon was a good kid. He was on his third suspension from school and it was only February. He had a bad record, looking to buy a gun, did drugs, sold drugs, mother didn't want him to live with her any more. Look it up there are a lot of interesting articles. The mother was around though when the money started to come in so typical.

The Chosen One - 16 hours ago
@Enjoy Read about OJ too fool

The Chosen One - 16 hours ago
@gremlin did the OJ jury dummy

gremlin - 17 hours ago
@Big Kev you clearly don?t know anything about the case. I can?t stand Zimmerman, but he HAD stopped following Trayvon and was walking back to his car when Trayvon attacked him. Don?t make #$%$ up.

gremlin - 17 hours ago
No, not people. A jury decided he was not guilty

Greg - 17 hours ago
If somebody was beating your head into the cement, gashing your skull, and you had a gun...what should you do? Tell the guy to please stop? Love it when someone criticizes the actions of an individual but cannot provide a reasonable alternate course of action.

Incredible - 17 hours ago
He is. That's why he was found innocent. I watched the trial, going into it thinking he was guilty, coming out of it feeling lied to by the media. He was being attacked mercilessly when he pulled the trigger, multiple witnesses said he was screaming for help but Trayvon didn't let up at all. Those circumstances make it perfectly reasonable to assume your life is in danger and make deadly force legally and morally justified.

Big Kev - 17 hours ago
Daniel !! Zimmerman followed Trayvon with a gun, Trayvon had every right to defend himself ,George was told to not follow, now I bet if George followed your daughter in the dark with a gun, you'll be out looking to kill George. So #$%$

Daniel - 17 hours ago
Entering the *scene

Ann Heuser Bajingo - 17 hours ago
Don't tell us, w know you are a lib because you blame Hugh for saying he's innocent when all Hugh said was he was a "acquitted in a Court of Law." You leftist are dangerous for your lies and should be horse whipped for lying about the truth.

Daniel - 17 hours ago
Every prestigious law professor in the country from Harvard to Stanford has made it clear the acquittal was clear and simple. Only the media and those unfamiliar with law, see any doubt in the verdict. I suggest reading up on self defense before allowing yourself to look like one of the common fools. If someone is beating your head on a concrete sidewalk, as an eyewitness testified and evidence proves, it is not only assault, but an easy arrest and conviction for attempted murder. Even a cop entering the science would’ve drawn his weapon and demanded TM cease the beating. If not, they would’ve fired. Understand the law and set aside your feelings. I personally cannot stand Zimmerman, and I support BLM and the players protest. But I also know the law and worked for the DOJ during the 80’s.

Mark - 17 hours ago
He is moron. Now about his strange behavior since, that's different. He is innocent in the death of Obama's child T Martin though

Enjoy - 17 hours ago
No, we know he is innocent. Maybe you did not read about it.

detroitdoug - 17 hours ago
If I thought someone was following me, I would gtfot asap. I wouldn’t confront the psycho and assault them.

Danny Smith - 17 hours ago
@David - I read a lot of your posts and you aren't any Christain at all. Pathetic

Joshua - 17 hours ago
I know it sucks to hear but according to the law and a court full of judges, lawyers, and a jury, he was found innocent. GZim is 100% guilty of killing TMartin. The issue is if he did it or not ON PURPOSE. That is where they could not find enough evidence to prove he did it intentionally.

Mischief Meerkat - 18 hours ago
i just don't care ...whether he is or not

Jesse - 18 hours ago
@Chris - because he was.

Greg - 18 hours ago
He is

1 Citizen - 18 hours ago
OJ Simpson does.......

Jon - 18 hours ago
@Debbie . But there was a living witness: Zimmerman himself, and no one could dispute his testimony on who started the violence. Moreover, Martin’s girl friend testified that Martin told her on the phone that he’s about to take on that Cracker. To me, that’s pretty good evidence in its own right.

Diamondshine - 18 hours ago
Self defense is still the law. People still think traythug is a 7 year old kid

Jon - 18 hours ago
@Susan . Say what? The jury foreman said “Not guilty.” And the jury concluded as much because the preponderance of evidence showed Zimmerman acted in self-defense.

Jon - 18 hours ago
@David . Martin the thug is no hero. Both the investigating cops and the jury decided as much.

DeMarcus - 18 hours ago
Smh on OJ being innocent.

lololo - 18 hours ago
Who ... Martin?! No sht, dude ... he's just kinda dead. LOL

David - 18 hours ago
After getting attacked by some thug, yeah not only innocent but a hero

Mary - 18 hours ago
So was OJ

Susan - 18 hours ago
@Hugh Acquitted does not mean Not Guilty. Just look at the Casey Anthony case.

Memasefni - 18 hours ago
Chris, he was acquitted for Martin's death.

That has no bearing on his subsequent behavior. Being an idiot doesn't equate to guilt for previous incidents.

Debbie - 18 hours ago
Hugh, factually, they did not prove that Martin attacked him first...there was not enough evidence to prove who attacked who first . He was not found innocent, only not guilty ( due to lack of sufficient evidence ) ....BIG DIFFERENCE !

Markus - 19 hours ago
He was... end.of.story.

Hugh - 19 hours ago
He was acquitted in a Court of Law... evidence showed that Martin attacked him, and he only used his weapon in self defense...

victor - 5 hours ago
"Investigator Michael Gasparro received 55 phone calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails from Zimmerman in December." How many phone calls, text messages emails did Zimmerman receive from Gasparro????
A Bit Bummed - 44 minutes ago
@Wesley This article is not about Trayvon. It is about Zimmerman.

Wesley - 53 minutes ago
I wonder if Trayvon Martin movie will deal with his stolen jewelry in high school? From a burglary no less. Cops told report it as lost don't arrest him for it in school. Trayvon said a snitch had not bled enough for him after beating him. Began shopping for a street gun but could not afford it at the time. Was caught on clubhouse video surverlling the clubhouse in neighborhood where his father was staying. Not allowed to arrest him because date time stamp was wrong from power outage. Break in's began happening after Mr Martin moved in with his father. His MO to make money on side without working was stealing people's stuff with break in shiv made from school drivers. He was known to like purple lean which is why media reported his watermelon iced tea as just iced tea. Combine that flavor with skittles then all you need is cough syrup. BTW the convenience store clerks said he kept trying buy cough syrup all the time. Such a good sweet kid. To bad they still show his 12 year old pictures as PR stunt rather than the 16 year old one grinning showing off his lower golden grill from fighting all the time.

j - 2 hours ago
Clearly the judge is already aware of that, dur.

Zion NP - 4 hours ago

Trumptard Police - 19 hours ago
He is not supposed to be outside anyway
hayleybear - 14 hours ago
@Jennifer omg you really do copy and paste to every article on yahoo....every hour on the hour.... wow....and you don’t even have your facts straight....I wonder how many more articles you went ahead and go wrong and made yourself look like a moron.....

Semone - 17 hours ago
@Jennifeir sorry but it thing your mixing up Travoyn incident with that of Micheal Brown

Diva - 18 hours ago
Jennifer where did you get these made up facts?

FRANK S - 18 hours ago
Why cant he be outside ?? he was never convicted of anything ?

michele - 18 hours ago

Hillary is a rabid creature - 18 hours ago
Like Hillary...yet animal control wont do their job

Jennifer - 18 hours ago
he was never prosecuted as St. Trayvon stole candy at a store a few nights before the shooting and he was caught on tape strangling the store clerk 6 inches shorter and about 50 pounds lighter because the clerk caught him stealing, and a customer walked in or that guy would have been dead- that's the St. Trayvon they tried to pass off

Shirley - 19 hours ago
Why would he need to be outside to make phone calls?

Joe - 19 hours ago
He is one strange dude.
jimb - 11 hours ago
@Incredible #$%$...he went looking for trouble, and he-by-god-found it

Ramon - 11 hours ago
he is a moron

lucas - 12 hours ago
@Incredible dont pick a fight you can win without a gun

rebecca - 13 hours ago
Incredible - How do you explain his behavior before his 'life got turned upside down' by the 'psycopathic media?'

Diamante - 16 hours ago
At least OJ had the sense not to look like a creep after he escaped with murder, Zimmerman has a “I got away with murder, middIe finger to the law” mentality.

Laura - 16 hours ago
He must get it from his mom's side.

Incredible - 17 hours ago
What do you expect? His life got turned upside down by the psychopath media just so they could pursue their agenda of provoking racial hostility. All he did was defend himself against someone who was beating the #$%$ out of him and refused to stop when he yelled for help.

wayne - 17 hours ago
@Joe: Yes. Strange and with a gun. A bad combo.

william - 18 hours ago
?Quien es mas macho?

EatTheOligarchy - 19 hours ago
He is one strange murderer. Florida is full of creepy killers / gun nuts.

Nemesis - 19 hours ago
Why hasn't he turned up in a 55 gallon drum out in the desert somewhere?
Exploid - 4 hours ago
Because that size drum would be a tight fit

That One Dude - 12 hours ago
Florida doesn't have a desert?

Maddog 68 - 12 hours ago
@T, No one figured out a way to make him crack and do time, he did that his dam self!

The Chosen One - 13 hours ago
@Danny H. Neither did OJ.

Danny H. - 14 hours ago
Because he did nothing wrong .

T - 14 hours ago
@local resident so was OJ the first time and people figured out a way to make him crack and do time. Amazing how people want justice to be different until it’s their friend or family suffering!

Tim - 14 hours ago
@raycuss 1, how about we put you on a oak tree instead? That sounds really fun. What do you say?

Teddy - 16 hours ago
@raycuss1 ahhh somebody needs a nap! Poor little neo nazi. Is the world too hard for baby. Trump hasn’t brought back slavery yet

FMFDOC - 16 hours ago
Because you cant fit that much shizz in a 55 gallon drum.

raycuss1 - 16 hours ago

raycuss1 - 16 hours ago

raycuss1 - 16 hours ago

local resident - 16 hours ago
Because he was found not guilty

Redemption 87 - 17 hours ago
@Shane , I guess we shouldn't forget that 83% of "white" non-brown folks kill 83% of other "white" non-brown folks.

Redemption 87 - 17 hours ago
@ClintonCankles ,which is why i would encourage brown folks to let non-brown folks fight their own wars.
I would have happily joined Nat Turner's revolt against your family , too. Oh, I forgot, your family got here by way illegal entry into America. My family has been here a long time. Go back to Europe.

iseedumbpeople - 17 hours ago
Nemesis .. you illegal??

Daniel - 17 hours ago
Go get him, killer.

Bruce - 17 hours ago
You need a 1000 gallon tank.

ClintonCankles - 17 hours ago
He is a hero who took a thug off the streets. Sounds like the PI was stalking Zimmerman

Shane - 17 hours ago
Because black people are too busy wasting each other to bother with a brown person

Jack - 17 hours ago
Because nogs arent that crafty. If they kill him, theyll get caight immediately cause theyre horrible at committing crimes.

Travis - 18 hours ago
In a drum, for what, defending himself against a vicious attack from a violent thug?

Jamie - 18 hours ago
Perhaps his family urged people not to kill him, as black men would
be murdered to ''even up'' things. Let him get his as in trouble,
like OJ did.

JT the Truth Master - 18 hours ago
nemesis - talkin s * * t boy? Maybe find your mama in there!

Yhoofam - 18 hours ago
If the glove don't fit, you must acquit.

Yhoofam - 18 hours ago
Because he's a hero.

Avenger - 18 hours ago
@adouglass792 It's people like you who can't figure out what's wrong with America.

Bann - 18 hours ago
@Splendor You mean the Cr, aps ?

Diamondshine - 18 hours ago
@Mary no, like Traybones

Diamondshine - 18 hours ago
@van weird because I believe he was found NOT GUILTY on all those counts.

Splendor - 18 hours ago
Right. Instead of crips threatening Kanye I wish they’d take care of this moron.

van - 18 hours ago
Guilty of murder, guilty of fighting with cops, guilty of stalking, guilty of being mentally deranged. The sooner this guy stops breathing the better for the rest of society.

Dark_One - 18 hours ago
Why should he? He was acquitted in a court of law, which means there was insufficient evidence to convict him of murder.

David - 18 hours ago

Mary - 18 hours ago
Like Zimmerman?

David - 18 hours ago
Why haven't you?

Dudeman - 18 hours ago
I’d rather be guilty of stalking then being guilty of running Gasparro over with my truck which is what he deserves!

Justin - 18 hours ago
Because not everybody is a murderer like George Zimmerman

Johnny Obvious - 18 hours ago
Pixel punks trying to be cool

chitos - 18 hours ago
you know been asking the same question ~ since he beat the wrap! ever since then all he has done is to get himself in trouble over and over again~!

adouglass792 - 18 hours ago
Still glad Trayvon is dead.

Cole - 19 hours ago
As long as TM is gone it's all good.

Susan - 19 hours ago
No deserts in Florida

Stephanie - 19 hours ago
Um, he is too fat.

c - 19 hours ago
Because most people are cowards

d - 19 hours ago
Watch what you say

Rob1969 - 19 hours ago
I'm surprised he hasn't 'mysteriously' disappeared yet... like, PERMANENTLY.
R - 3 hours ago
Rob1969, why would you wish that? Mr. Zimmerman had the balls to stand up to this punk kid who only responding to questioning by trying to KILL him.

Brian Fisher - 6 hours ago
you should be investigated

HIGHNDOPEY - 6 hours ago
No one has the balls to try and make that happen...except internet toughs

KNK - 7 hours ago
@Rennie Gaither Black people are way ahead of us causing death to their own race.

Mike - 13 hours ago
He hasn't wronged Hillary Clinton yet, then he will.

Tim - 14 hours ago
You're 100 percent correct. He's a walking target, not sure how he manages to stay alive. I really thought he'd be 6 feet under by now.

Jon - 17 hours ago
And who would mastermind that crime? Trayvon's family.

Rennie Gaither - 17 hours ago
@Shane Guess white people are too busy killing themselves with opioids to bother with him either. This country had a crazy time yesterday and the day before and the day before that with white people so busy using the stuff. Crazy country killing itself, mainly white people, and not bothering to think about real murderers like Zimmerman, huh?

Gee Gee or Glenn - 17 hours ago
They just haven't paid the right person, yet?

Gee Gee or Glenn - 17 hours ago
@Shane stop that! Everyone around the world is doing the same thing but don't get flack for it. I'm not saying its right in these poor neighborhoods but all cultures do the same thing. Stop acting like black ppl or communities are any different. Plus did anyone tell the Italian & Irish mafia why did they wack their own ppl?

Dawg - 18 hours ago
@Yhoofam In basic training I used to get in trouble because I kept getting head shots on the targets instead of shooting center mass at 300 meters. There was also the incident where I kept hitting the same spot center mass. We originally thought I was missing the target, but the computer recorded three hits all in the same spot. And that was all with an M16 with only iron sights. Imagine what I could do with a high powered rifle with a scope. He'd never see it coming.

legarc - 18 hours ago
@Yhoofam Shoot you in the back that is.

JamesK - 18 hours ago
I heard that! he should of had years ago fellout with a fatal heart attack or blowed his own brains out years ago!

STONEWALL - 19 hours ago
Im surprised you and your husband are still married!

Cheppetts - 19 hours ago

Nos Nhoj - 14 hours ago
re: "Court records show the private investigator received 55 phone calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails from Zimmerman in December. That qualifies as stalking in my book, especially if the investigator wasn't interested in talking to Zimmerman. Maybe Zimmerman should go into the collections business. He would be great at calling people who don't want to be called.
Anonymous - 32 minutes ago
would love to know who the investigator was that contacted zimmerman or his family or representatives that allowed zimmerman to get his contact info

Ken - 17 hours ago
So Zimmerman is charged with stalking a private investigator who was following him around...hmmmm.
BLACKRAM - 43 seconds ago
im confused

Connie - 4 hours ago
You don't know what you talking about

Brian E - 13 hours ago
@Diamante legal grounds? You just make stuff up as you go.

Diamante - 15 hours ago
I’m sorry, is Zimmerman an investigator too? A PI has legal grounds to do his job but an average citizen doesn’t.

The Chosen One - 16 hours ago
Yes, That's the definition of stalking dummy

Robert - 17 hours ago
@Bigmouthcharliegruber- Maybe he didn't have to shoot him because no one physically attacked anyone. See how easy that is? All Martin had to do was not break the law and physically attack someone for legally following him. But I guess all you see is race. Sad and pathetic. It was Martin that used a racial name before attacking Zimmerman but you ignore the real racist. Funny how that is.
Now just for fun look up the story about Roderick Scott in NY and give me your opinion. Then explain why you heard so much about 1 case and nothing about the other.

Bigmouthcharliegruber - 17 hours ago
Sounds kind of familiar doesn't it. Evidently the investigator is white or the pathetic Zimmerman would have murdered him by now.

Dave - 19 hours ago
George Zimmerman is not guilty in exactly the same way that OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony are not guilty.
Hawk - 3 hours ago
Way to compare apples to rocks, Dave.

MyMelaninispoppin - 5 hours ago
Except that Zimmerman, stalked and racially profiled s kid minding his Business, after he was advised to leave HIM alone!

Two Wheel - 5 hours ago
@Brian self defense makes it ok to shoot someone. Did you even watch the trial? The defense was trying to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was self defense while the prosecution was just trying to show that there was doubt to that story. That’s not how our system works, it was flipped flopped.

R - 6 hours ago
Your insane!. There is some doubt about Zimmerman. There is absolutely no doubt when it comes to Anthony or OJ

toddc - 7 hours ago
Nicole Brown didn't slam OJ's head into the ground. Casey Anthony's baby didn't attack her for asking a question. Nothing is the same.

EMU - 10 hours ago
Shut up!! :) Don't attribute something you don't know to the crime this moron committed

Brian - 11 hours ago
Makes no sense. GZ shot a teen with his own gun. That is a fact. OJ is pure circumstantial evidence. No weapon found. Very different. I won't even comment on CA. Not worth my breath.

Jordan - 11 hours ago
@Diamante yup- tell that to the victims’ families, rapebaby

Diamante - 12 hours ago
@Enai ... True but if we are going to say which one of them are the better more sensible murderer it’s not Zimmerman. OJ at least had his own selfish reasons why he did what he did but Zimmerman killed a kid because he wanted to play Supercop. That must be enraging for a parent to find out your kid was killed because someone else multiple mistakes that night cost your kid his life.

Enai - 14 hours ago
@Diamante OJ killed two people because he was an insecure jealous piece of #$%$. So, the exact same as Zimmerman, and Dave's comment is 100% correct.

Diamante - 15 hours ago
OJ killed 2 drug addicts and one was a loose easy girl. Zimmerman killed a teen who was just buying snacks. Zimmerman created an issues where there was no issues and killed a kid in response.

Steve - 15 hours ago
WRONG!!! GZ acted in self defense. The physical evidence supports this. Besides, he only shot once. If it were me I would have emptied the clip.

Shondra - 16 hours ago
Yeah I get your meaning but the fact remains that they were guilty and people got it wrong.

Coby - 17 hours ago
dave no it's because you had a prosectour who overcharged, as they charged him with 1st and 2nd degree murder, and didn't whittle it down too involunatary manslaughter until the jury got the case, as 1st degree murder is pre-meditated murder,meaning zimmerman had the intent to kill martin, i believe if this prosectour had just argued a involuntariry manslaughter case and only charged him with that and made that the prosecution case, they would've secured a conviction, but it wasn't until it went to the jury, did she add in involuntariry manslaughter

Robert - 18 hours ago
OJ is innocent. I still use Avis Car Rental.

Diamondshine - 18 hours ago
Did on oe Casey get attacked?

Patrick - 18 hours ago
Go to sleep know one asked you

Anita - 18 hours ago

White Boy - 3 hours ago
Calling Dr Kevorkian...Dr Kevorkian report to Sanford Florida.

JimM - 17 hours ago
Does George use an AR-15 in Jay-Z's version?
Connie - 4 hours ago
That would have been Emimem version

Wh-What - 5 hours ago
Wait til it’s released. Pretty sure you’ll break your neck to see it.

Brad Halsey - 6 hours ago
He will have a gold plated with diamonds Mac-10

Anonymous - 19 hours ago
Karma is coming, soon, be prepared for it George.
That One Dude - 11 hours ago
Not soon enough.

Trump lies daily to America - 19 hours ago
had zimmerman done what the police had said and left the kid alone till real cops get there that teen would still be alive FACT everything else doesnt matter because that was the first step to the whole problem..
gale - 2 hours ago
Your absolutely right. My thoughts from the beginning. Dispatch told him to go home they would take care of it. Zimmerman was looking for action so he picked on a kid. Trevino didn't have a weapon so who was the bigger man

Sal - 2 hours ago
@Ruth and he told his girlfriend I ma going to get that cracker. If he continued home he would be alive.

Sal - 2 hours ago
@Tim There were several incidents (break ins and thefts) at the complex before. One was a break in while a Mother and her children were home. They had to hide upstairs. The description of the people committing these theft were young, black with a hoddy.

The Ray Rice Experience - 2 hours ago
But if the cops killed him instead then what? riot, loot, cry, he didnt do nuffin?

Sal - 4 hours ago
Fact - is Trevon continued to his Dad's house instead of doubling back to get the "cracker" he would still be alive

Adam - 5 hours ago
Trouble is when the real cops got there they would have killed Trayvon and of course got away with it with no trial.

Mikeel - 6 hours ago
If Trayvon didn't a attack Zimmerman, he would be alive. In fact if Trayvon just let Zimmerman up after Zimmerman gave up and cried for help, Travon would still be alive.

Christopher - 7 hours ago
Even more stupid about it, when the Cops showed up, what would they have charged Trayvon with ? Unlawful possession of candy ? Zimmerman stalked and hunted down a teenager.

Ricky54 - 7 hours ago
@American Liar.......maybe if you had listened to the 911 recording of Zimmerman talking to the police dispatcher, you wouldn’t post such nonsense. FACT ! !

Listen for yourself and quit taking BLM’s twisted version of “events”.

George - 8 hours ago
@Trumplies. Obviously it does matter because trayvon is dead. Everything about this case matters. It's just too late to change it.

Jackelyn - 8 hours ago
That's what I said from the beginning. But fact #2: He was NOT supposed be carrying a fire-arm per his employer. Those two facts were ignored, and he went free. Now, how many times has he had tangles with the law since then? 3, 4? Time to get him OFF the streets. Period.

Greg - 8 hours ago
Yeah, because there certainly would have been no altercation with the real cops either.

CONNIE - 10 hours ago
Zimmerman was a legend in his own mind he thought he was a cop.

yuto - 10 hours ago
@Brian The 911 dispatcher is not a police officer. It is not illegal to disobey the 911 dispatcher. Is it stupid to disobey the 911 dispatcher? Yes. Point is... at that moment when his head was being smashed on the sidewalk, did Zimmerman felt his life was in danger where he had no other choice but to use his gun. The jury agreed he had to use his gun.

yuto - 10 hours ago
@Cortney There's a phone recording with his girlfriend that he was going to teach the cracker a lesson. You're correct that nobody knows who started the fight, but this is the fact from witnesses who saw it and that fact is that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman and pounding his head on the concrete sidewalk. Now did Zimmerman felt his life was in danger where he had to use his gun? The jury agreed his life was in danger to use a gun. case closed. Only person who thinks his life was in danger is Zimmerman. If you don't think his life was in danger then show me solid proof and not your imaginary idea of what you think.

gilbert - 11 hours ago
and if treyvon had not acted like a punk he would still be alive

yuto - 11 hours ago
@paul A dispatcher is not a police officer.

yuto - 11 hours ago
@Tim Trayvon wasn't anything close to being an angel or an average kid. He had his problems as well. 3 suspensions from High School is not normal at all. I bet the bus driver he assaulted thinks he's a nut thug.

yuto - 11 hours ago
If Trayvon was a good student that never got suspended from school 3 times, then there wouldn't even be any encounter at all.

Wiseone - 11 hours ago
If the 6' 2" inch tatted bully thief would not knocked Zim down and attempted to beat him to death then yes sweet Martin may have still bean alive to continue his criminal life style .

Charles - 12 hours ago
By that logic, Trayvon shouldn't have left his house because he wouldn't have been in the position to have the confrontation with Zimm

Tim - 12 hours ago
You should visit Sanford. Learn some history of the city. It is one of the most racist places in Florida. I lived there 8 years. The subdivision this occurred in is small and gated. There is no need to follow anyone around especially when the cops tell you to stand down. Zimmerman was turned down for the police academy cause he couldn’t pass the psych test. I know people who worked with him. He is nuts.

Joseph - 12 hours ago
The kid did not leave him alone. No one is obligated to let someone beat them up.

Jack - 13 hours ago
@Brian no I didn’t, phone operators do not control situations, even if they did, it doesn’t change the fact that Trayvon attacked someone with a gun, like a dummy

Danny H. - 13 hours ago
@Cortney What makes no sense to me is believing the fake news about it over the jury who actually saw and heard all the evidence.

Danny H. - 13 hours ago
@Kapptann Ask the jury that actually heard and saw all the evidence and found him not guilty instead of believing the press.

Danny H. - 13 hours ago
@Ruth Not according to the jury who actually saw all the evidence. But let's not let the real facts and evidence get in the way of what we are told to believe.

Danny H. - 13 hours ago
Had Martin not attacked him and tried to kill him, he would be alive today.

nathan - 14 hours ago
And if he had not jumped a grown man carrying a gun in the dark he would still be alive .

Christopher - 14 hours ago
Actually he should have neve called 911 in the forst place. Trtrayvon was just walking home from the store. No confrontation was necessary.

paul - 14 hours ago
Lets apply that thinking to everyone. If they had done what the police said they would be alive. Hmmm. I see some really good advice for people in there.

Devon - 15 hours ago
100 Facts

Ruth - 15 hours ago
@Jeffrey Wedon't know what happened and who attacked first...the unarmed 17 year old was shot down before his side of the incident was stated for the record, although he did call his girlfriend and report he was being stalked.

Ruth - 15 hours ago
Thank You.

Jeffrey - 16 hours ago
That is still no reason for Martin to attack Zimmerman in the first place.

Kapptann - 16 hours ago
people are saying what the killer said happen. the evidence say he is lying. he said he was attacked 40 ft away from the body. he said he was holding keys and a flashlight. trayvon was on the phone. the keys, the flashlight and the phone were a few feet from the body. if he was attacked 40 feet away, why was the items they were holding next to the body?

Andy - 16 hours ago
Just like most police shootings happen after people dont do what they are told to do!

Cortney - 16 hours ago
All you liars on this post claiming Treyvon attacked Zimmerman. Aside form the fact that you weren't there it doesn't even make sense. He was running from Zimmerman, because he did not know who he was or why he was being followed. So apparently he just changed his mind randomly and just attacked a stranger. Even if that were the case which, there is no proof that there is, he would be validated.

Brian - 17 hours ago
@Jack - man, you sure missed the point. Zimmerman was told to stay away and didn't. Then he got attacked. Get it now?

Brian - 17 hours ago
@Enjoy - after he disobeyed the police order to stay away. What don't you get?

Jack - 17 hours ago
And Zimmerman would be dead since Trayvon was bashing his head into the concrete. Good thing he shot the Assailant.

Enjoy - 17 hours ago
The bottom line: a jury of his peers found him not guilty.

Enjoy - 17 hours ago
Except the kid attacked Zimmerman and started pounding his head into the concert. What part did you miss?

Jamie - 17 hours ago
the kid was 17. But I guess being black and in a hoodie, even though
his mom and dad lived in the neighborhood with him, was reason enough
for him to be shot dead. NICE

Calvin - 17 hours ago
He did. Martin came back to confront him. There's no excuse for you being this misinformed at this point in time.

ryan - 18 hours ago
@hrife nope. You are wrong. Here you go Einstein:

be - 18 hours ago
@Rae Maybe you will be next and us taxpayers can save one more penny.

be - 18 hours ago
@Yhoofam You too...

Regular - 18 hours ago
@heather couldn't .the fascist left was out for blood

be - 18 hours ago
@Regular You are so stupid and miserable

Regular - 18 hours ago
If trayboon wasn't a violent savage that started the physical altercation

Greg - 18 hours ago
The world is better with that thug dead.

legarc - 18 hours ago
@Rae Kid was unarmed, couldn't kill zimm

heather - 18 hours ago
I watched the trial, and I wouldn't have convicted him of 1st degree or 2nd degree murder either given the evidence. They should have pursued manslaughter. If they had, he might have been convicted.

Rae - 18 hours ago
If zimm didn't kill the little criminal zimm would be dead. So it worked out just fine. Criminal is dead tax payer saved. Story book ending.

Yhoofam - 18 hours ago
That little black kid deserved to die.

Jon - 18 hours ago
@Cliff . A rather pertinent question you put forth here. I’m amazed that it got some thumbs down. I guess they represent the boob element running around loose.

Snakebite - 18 hours ago
LIES. Trayvon EARNED it!

Jon - 18 hours ago
@d. Who was?

Jon - 18 hours ago
@Nickname . It might be simple as you claim, but for the violence that Martin initiated against Zimmerman.

j - 18 hours ago
yawn. dispatchers aren't police & they have no authority to order you to do anything

Jon - 18 hours ago
@Me . Martin initiated the violence.

Jon - 18 hours ago
@hrife . You and your 11 thumbs up (so far) either are ignorant of the facts of the case, or you know the facts but out of PC irrationale you pretend they’re not there. Martin initiated the violence, and Zimmerman—his head being beaten onto grass and concrete by Martin who was on top,of him—defended himself. That’s what the cops determined at the scene, and what the jury found in court.

Jon - 18 hours ago
@roshod . He didn’t, obviously.

Jon - 18 hours ago
@skientist . And if the prey elects to initiate violence, he can damn well accept violence in return.

JamesK - 18 hours ago
Yes with you 100% That's why don't understand at all how zimmerman was acquitted.

Nathan - 18 hours ago
Huh? The police didnt speak to him til they arrived after he was assaulted. FACT.

skientist - 18 hours ago
@BILL When you stalk someone in the dark, you really kinda have to expect your prey might turn on you.

LR - 18 hours ago
@Me where the hell did you get those lies. Unbelievably in denial or dumb, or both? Shut up

taylor - 18 hours ago
@Nickname lol

roshod - 18 hours ago
@Cliff Zimmerman supposed to be a tough guy but couldn't take an #$%$ whipping from a 17 year old kid.

richard - 18 hours ago
The cops didn’t tell him that a 9/11 operator did idiot learn the difference

Anita - 18 hours ago
Excellent Point!

Jack - 18 hours ago
He is dead. Sorry

dave - 18 hours ago
Like O.J.

TrueChristian - 19 hours ago
I'm sure glad to know I can chase people down and then "stand my gorund" aka: blasting him into swiss cheese. How many clips can I legally "stand my ground" with?

hrife - 19 hours ago
Trayvon was a kid, walking home from the local 7-11. This man got away with murder because he was "scared". It was proven the kid was not on drugs.

chief34997 - 19 hours ago
When you're a barney fife type you can't seem to pass on the excitement of getting someone.

Me - 19 hours ago
@Anonymous, wrong! Trayvon was on drugs... Trayvon hid in bushes...attacked Zimmerman fro n behind...knocked hupim to ground. Was beating on him. Causing his own death. He should have went 8nside, called th3 police...But Yes! Zimmerman should not have followed or gotten ou5 of his vehicle. both have a measure of responsibility.

Joe - 19 hours ago
Yeah that’s why Martin told his girlfriend on the phone “I’m going to teach that cracker a lesson, circled around and jumped Zimmerman. Zim only pulled his gun and shot Martin after he had him on his back pounding his head on the sidewalk.

BILL - 19 hours ago
had the teen not jumped zimerman and bounced his skull off the concrete he would still be alive. get it right.

Anonymous - 19 hours ago
@Philip its also tiring seeing your kind try to turn this into what you want the world to see it as, an innocent murder of a black kid.

Nickolas O - 19 hours ago
Let me guess... you're only 10 years old. The fact that the Thug stalked Zimmerman and attacked Zimmerman has no relevance, right? That's not up for debate, that's court provided fact.

Nickname - 19 hours ago
Zimmerman stalked and killed him. It is that simple.

d - 19 hours ago
He was a thug

Philip - 19 hours ago
You should really go back and read the factual timeline. It gets tiresome seeing people repeatedly posting the same talking points, over and over, that were previously corrected or disproven.

Cliff - 19 hours ago
How long would you let somebody slam your head into the concrete?

Len - 3 hours ago
Meet the new EPA chief, George Zimmerman

Mark - 19 hours ago
Oh, I forgot, he is from Florida which explains a lot.
Meowch - 18 hours ago
@john Wrong, he's from Virginia. Was born in Manassas. Went to Osborn Park H S. His dad was a judge in Fairfax County.

john - 18 hours ago
@Rich L Isn't, "Little Cuba" your name for your, "peter"? YOU think It's your, "big gun" too.

john - 18 hours ago
@chris Relocated New Yorkers, that's what.

john - 18 hours ago
Wrong, Zimmerman IS from NEW YORK.

chris - 18 hours ago
What is it about florida

Rob - 18 hours ago
Mark, your comment proves that you are what we in Florida call a "moron".

Rich L - 18 hours ago
South Florida, which means Little Cuba. The land of short Latinos with big egos and bigger guns.

bobby - 19 hours ago
damn shame both did not shoot each other same time we would not go through all this #$%$ plus 2 dems dead instead of one tu

Tommy - 19 hours ago
Public nuisance.
Brian Fisher - 6 hours ago
Treyvon, the documentary maker and the investigator?

Wiseone - 11 hours ago
Yeah but he's dead now !

Ramon - 12 hours ago
public MORON

The Chosen One - 17 hours ago
@William Or menace to society

William - 18 hours ago
More like public defender.

Rick - 18 hours ago
The media has it's own agenda and it is not the truth.

Marc - 18 hours ago
All these violations, and yet people will still claim he was innocent in 2012.
Derek - 3 hours ago
He was. Not innocent of being a jerk and a Nisan even, however. But those are far cries from murder.

Hawk - 3 hours ago
What happened in 2012 is irrelevant to this current alleged crime in whether or not he is innocent. His life has been dramatically changed since the events of 2012. Probably not even the same person anymore.

Connie - 4 hours ago
Racism is blindsided. Imagine if Z would have killed a white guy. What's the outcome? You got it right...LIFE IN PRISON

Kia - 5 hours ago
I see common sense isn’t too common for the commenters below.

A Lest - 8 hours ago
He was innocent and always will be for the murder. Since he gets a "violation " a year it proves murder? Lolol

Danny H. - 13 hours ago
He was. The jury who actually heard all the evidence said so.

CourtCaseFinderDOTcom - 19 hours ago
Chicago neighborhood watch sorely needs him.
JoeAnn - 22 minutes ago

D - 5 hours ago
Did they need him when the original gangster Al Capone was doing drive bys and his pals drove up on the Irish in that St. Valentine's Day Massacre. The first gangs in Chicago were not the blacks. This may surprise you but there is nothing new under the sun pal. Guess who the originals were who first bought gangs and drugs into America? U know you've seen Goodfellas or Black Mass with Whitey Bulger. LOL

Master55 - 5 hours ago
oh #$%$ I done gave someone else best comment ever then this comment happens

Brian Fisher - 6 hours ago
So does every innercity

Jeff - 9 hours ago
@CoreyMoe I've never been more proud to be a survivalist of the brave young people of

Lyndia - 13 hours ago
He would not last a second.

Lyndia - 13 hours ago

Lyndia - 13 hours ago
What would he do, besides get killed, quickly.

Joe - 13 hours ago
@Philmore #$%$ wouldn?t be any different than anyone else living in Chicago

Diamante - 15 hours ago
I wish he would go out there, if an ATF agent can get shot in the face with no suspects in lockup then Zimmerman would have no chance.

Nikki - 16 hours ago
I would pay for his flight there

The Chosen One - 16 hours ago
So does the Opiod trash

Jamie - 17 hours ago
I see what you did there courtcase

William - 17 hours ago
Blacks cant even serrvive in Chicago how can a hispanic or white person even walk those streets and survive?

roshod - 18 hours ago
Trust me he wouldn't last a minute

CoreyMoe - 18 hours ago
Well, those are "REAL" thugs over there, he wouldn't stand a chance...

S - 18 hours ago
I don't know if he'd survive that one.

Philmore Snatch - 18 hours ago
Zimmerman wouldn't last 1 hour and he would dead meat in Chicago!

Pelegrim - 17 hours ago
Stellar journalism

opinionator - 18 hours ago
Long story short..... If jay-Z, Gasparro and their "investigator" hadn't started it, Zimmerman wouldn't be in the news. Looking forward to the documentary, I don't see any bias in it at all...
Wh-What - 5 hours ago
Your short version of the story is stupid.

HIGHNDOPEY - 6 hours ago
@Jackelyn hate to break it to you but he has already been acquitted for killing Trayvon law he can NEVER be charged with that crime again

Jackelyn - 8 hours ago
Oh please. How many other people have been the subject of a PI and didn't respond as this dude has. Odd that he should be in court AGAIN in association with the T.Martin story. Maybe he's a tad nervous the real truth is going to come out....if he's SO innocent, let the PI do his job, he'd find nothing amiss.

art h - 19 hours ago
This guy is really asking for it.
Echell - 5 hours ago
And I can't wait until someone finally gives it to him.

Brian Fisher - 6 hours ago
Because people keep harassing him about a the Treyvon Martin incident? stupid

HIGHNDOPEY - 6 hours ago
@The Chosen One yeah well the black sheep die daily too...and without the white sheep the black sheep would really be savages

The Chosen One - 16 hours ago
@Tim Many more white sheep die daily. Keep up!

annette - 17 hours ago
@Tim join him in a barrel of vinegar

Tim - 18 hours ago
Not as much as Trevon was. Guess who got what they deserved?

Steve - 4 hours ago
If I was Zimmerman.... whether or not the shooting was justified (only he truly knows) I would have disappeared by now. How does this guy seem to find himself in the news continuously? I mean.... Steve Bartman vanished because he cost the Cubs an out in the NLCS. Zimmerman killed a 17 year old and finds ways to get back on camera and back in court.... He should be more like Steve Bartman.
makr - 4 hours ago
The Bartman comparison is asinine.

scooter - 4 hours ago
Killing is the only thing Zimmerman has ever done in his life. It's his only meal ticket. He'll do it again in the right situation, and he's out there actively looking for the right situation to kill and make his fortune from the worship and adoration of the gun cult. Zimmerman can't disappear because he has not other way to take care of himself, other than to cash in on killing.

Ben - 18 hours ago
Zimmerman was charged with "stalking" a private investigator who was working on a Trayvon Martin film. That sounds a bit odd. Is it possible he was responding to "stalking" by the private investigator?
Jackelyn - 8 hours ago
I find in odd that Zimmy was stalking someone that was doing work on the Trayvon Martin. I ask WHY? Seems to me he's still got an ax to grind.

Titan - 9 hours ago
Too lazy or too dumb to read the article before you comment?

Brad - 16 hours ago
Zimmerman is an odd guy

Jme - 16 hours ago
Kind of like Trayvon responded to George stalking him

Ben - 17 hours ago
@StuckLikeChuck Childish personal attacks are a poor substitute for reason. Given the lack of details in the article it's perfectly reasonable to ask the question. Of course, you present yourself as a strikingly incurious person.

Ben - 17 hours ago
@Kelly People with valid arguments don't typically resort to childish name calling. I'm not defending Zimmerman or his behavior. I'm simply pointing out the strange scenario suggested in this article. Private investigators typically go further than merely "contacting" the subject of their investigations. Or do you not understand what a p.i. does?

StuckLikeChuck - 17 hours ago
Must be a Trumpanzee. Too dumb to read the story so you make up your own

Ben - 17 hours ago
@Brian I read the story. There are scant details regarding the actions of the private investigator who was presumably investigating George Zimmerman in the manner private investigators typically do.

Kelly - 17 hours ago
Uh, no. You don't stalk a stalker back - what kind of logic is that? You report it, you confront them but stalking on your own? Zimmerman's shown this is who he is MULTIPLE times but there's always some idiot who tries to explain away the bleeding obvious.

Brian - 17 hours ago
No. Read the story.

HTK - 11 hours ago
The gift that keeps on giving

Harold - 18 hours ago
This guy thinks he walks on water.
christina - 6 hours ago
Because he gets away with bad behavior

Teresa - 18 hours ago
Who else does that sound like?

Spidey - 19 hours ago
If the PI was following him around wasn't the PI stalking?
TheMarkMan - 13 hours ago
Careful Spidey, you're going against the narrative !! hehe

StuckLikeChuck - 17 hours ago
Reading really is hard for you Trumpanzees

Brian - 17 hours ago

jim - 18 hours ago
@Jesse ......Sarcasm!

Jesse - 18 hours ago
@jim - You meant Trayvon, not Zim

Jon - 18 hours ago
@Anonymous . So how did Zimmerman get the phone number and email address?

Diamondshine - 18 hours ago
@Mary D actually it is

Billy Joe - 18 hours ago
@Sonoma Why a PI instead of a person doing the doc?

Anonymous - 18 hours ago
it sounds like the PI contacted him once. Then Zimmerman was harassing him - "Court records show the private investigator received 55 phone calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails from Zimmerman in December."

jean - 18 hours ago
Stop making up facts.

Mary D - 18 hours ago
The PI CALLED him on behalf of his client. That's not called stalking.

Lawrence - 19 hours ago
It still stalking Adam no matter how spin it. That maybe their professional but that does not make it moral or legal to stalk.

Perry - 19 hours ago

jim - 19 hours ago
Yes, but Zimmerman made it back to his dads girlfriends apartment then decided to leave the safety of the apartment and look for the cracker that was following him!

Adam - 19 hours ago
@Racefan idk why the hell you have so many thumbs down; that's literally what people hire PI's for. It's most of what the hell they do, and why people hire them.

Sonoma - 19 hours ago
The PI was just trying to FIND him, then he REACHED out to him in regards to a 'documentary' which now fails as it's a one-side narrative.

Racefan - 19 hours ago
That's the PI's job, investigate what the person does, so they will follow him.

Slabberdasken - 16 hours ago
The dufus is still at it.

Sucker Punch 666 - 19 hours ago
somebody please make "it" happen
Connie - 4 hours ago
@Jeff Davis you will reap what you said. You a ugly frightening person

joey - 15 hours ago
It? Like shootin mud all down your mom’s belly?

Gary - 17 hours ago
When the time is right.

Jeff Davis - 18 hours ago
Maybe "it" will happen to you N---er, and the world will be a better place.

Snakebite - 18 hours ago
You first.

d - 19 hours ago
Watch what you say on here slick.

ozzie - 16 hours ago
He should have been put away long time ago.
HIGHNDOPEY - 6 hours ago
Put away for hurting your feelers? Get over yourself and stop believing everything the liars in the media tell you...according to them Zimmerman is a maniacal stalker, President Trump is a Russian agent, Muslims want to embrace other religions, and everyone is gay or transgender, but doesn’t realize it

Liberals-R-Cucks - 11 hours ago
For what moron?

Marcel Weezt - 16 hours ago
For what

oneofakind - 16 hours ago
what was Zimmerman trying to tell the investigator that couldn't be said in one email, one text or one voice message?

DANIEL - 6 hours ago
As the only witness to the Travon Martin shooting, we are expected to believe Zimmerman's account of what happened?
Wesley - 1 hour ago
30 seconds before the shooting there was another witness. You did not watch the trial or watch that mans testimony. He went outside when he heard the screaming he seen Martin above Zimmerman raining blows down on him. Zimmerman seen him and yelled "HELP!' Man got scared yelled I am calling the cops. About 30 seconds later while talking to 911 he heard the gunshot. Quit lying about only one witness. That second witness established that Zimmerman was being assaulted and yelled for help. Only after no one helped did he resort to the gun after Trayvon went for it. BTW Trayvon tried to buy a street gun to cap a high school snitch with. His own words the snitch had not bled enough for him. Could not afford the gun at the time so the boy from school did not end up shot dead on the street somewhere.

Commenter - 17 hours ago
This is one bad hombre. In Trump's own words.
Sagamorean - 44 minutes ago
No excuse. In any profession, there is liability. If things go south, the lawyers salivate to bring a wrongful death suit even if the accused did his or her best and it was out of their hands. Zimmerman was entrusted with a job and was unable to diffuse a situation he started. He should have been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

B - 3 hours ago

Slow - 4 hours ago
Yes, another bad American man.

Aaron - 19 hours ago
Martin was black.. love it how you cant end a story without saying that..
Johnnie M - 5 hours ago
Uh, yeah. It must be said that he was black. Of he had simply been a white teen, 9 times out of 10, Zimmerman would not have called the police and followed him at all.

Greg - 8 hours ago
If Zimmerman was just a guy who went around trying to kill black kids, then there is no reason to think we couldn't uncover a pile of bodies of other black kids that he killed for sport. Or was he only racist again Trayvon Martin?

EMU - 10 hours ago
Blacks are killed every day for body parts. Black has no value in this country

SpyV - 14 hours ago
He was black?

darlene - 15 hours ago
State it or not, it’s a fact!

Ann Heuser Bajingo - 17 hours ago
It wouldn't be a story if Martin wasn't black. (at least on Yahoo)

Nick - 17 hours ago
It's apparently a special achievement. Kinda like being a "strong, independant, black woman" is much more interesting that being a white one.

ugly american - 18 hours ago
Like we would forget or something.........

Ang - 3 hours ago
Zimmerman should have listened to dispatch and stayed in the vehicle. He owns everything that happens to him.

Jeff - 17 hours ago
Hmmm. We only see one side here. My questions are: How did Zim even know that the PI was working for a Trayvon Martin documenter? How did they meet? Has the PI been stalking Zim? And if so, how many times did HE stalk Zim? And did the PI threaten Zim?
Inquiring minds wanna know. And why did the PI even need to have any contact with or reveal his existence to Zim? Okay?
Jeff - 2 hours ago
And charges do not mean guilt.
And no judge has ruled anything in this case, only prosecutors have brought charges. They do not get judges to sign off on indictments. Okay?

Jeff - 2 hours ago
So, how do you know Zim didn't contact the law first to complain about harassment by the PI? As I said, this article only presented one side of things. Where do you get your info?

j - 3 hours ago
Clearly the judge saw that differently given that he/she has all the evidence.

Jackelyn - 8 hours ago
Well IF George was so innocent in this latest go around with the law, then WHY didn't HE contact the law first?

Jeff - 12 hours ago
@Diamante, So, I guess you are saying that the PI went up to Zim and bothered him with a bunch of questions.
And how many times do you suppose he bothered Zim?
I'd say a bunch of times. Right?

Diamante - 15 hours ago
A private investigator doesn’t all the time work in the shadows, sometimes they go right up to the source and ask questions. That’s what I would expect in this case, it’s not like he’s investigating Zimmerman to retrial him, this is for documentation purposes so he can be upfront about everything.

Blue Cyclone - 19 hours ago
More proof of how this guy never knows when to back off. I'm sure he just loves being in the spotlight.

jkstraw - 19 hours ago
More GOP winning.
Johnny - 16 hours ago
Door d do p winning! That is exactly what you sound like.

Joe - 16 hours ago
I think jerkstraw is still hurting about Hiliarys huge loss. Lol.

Calvin - 17 hours ago
Fake news.

Tim - 18 hours ago
@jkstraw he is a minority that is a registered democrats. Do you understand what I just said?

Army2000 - 18 hours ago
LMAO, Zimmerman was a Democrat that supported Obama .

jkstraw - 19 hours ago
Oh...did I hit a nerve? Ha.

Tonto - 17 hours ago
Still glad the jury made the only right and just decision.
Josh - 1 hour ago
@Lyndia He was not told to stay in his car. That’s a fact.

Josh - 2 hours ago
@gale He passed two polygraph tests and his story completed with the physical evidence Gale. Just because you say he lied doesn?t make it so. Tell the truth. You?re just #$%$ that a Black was killed by someone who wasn?t black.

gale - 2 hours ago
@Bigmouthcharliegruber yes he is a moran. And even if he did call him a racist name, is that a reason to shoot him. Here he was a stranger chasing him down. The kid was standing up for himself. Zimmerman a liar and said whatever he could to justify being a coward

Derek - 3 hours ago
And thumbs down to THIS!?! Perhaps everyone should be tried in the biased and clueless court of public opinion? Damn Americans are stupid. And I mean stoo-pid.

Two Wheel - 5 hours ago
@Lyndia having watched both trials. You are correct. OJ’s team did a fantastic job while the prosecution in that case was bad. In GZ’s case, the defense was good but it didn’t really have to be because the prosecution was never trying to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it was murder. They were just trying to prove doubt that it was self defense. That’s not how our legal system works. There is so much doubt in this case that innocent of murder is the only verdict anyone with brains could come to after reviewing the evidence of this case presented in court.

Lyndia - 13 hours ago
Killerman, was told to stay in his car. dough boy, was the only one that broke the law.

Lyndia - 13 hours ago
I feel the same way about OJ. The jury made the right decision.

Rai - 15 hours ago

Rai - 15 hours ago
Man's justice and God's justice are two different kinds. We haven't heard the last of this cretin yet. I almost fell sorry for him... Almost.

Robert - 17 hours ago
@Bigmouthcharliegruber- Why is he an idiot? It was the right decision. What did Zimmerman do that was illegal? Martin called Zimmerman a racist name and then physically attacked him for the perfectly legal action of following him. The only 1 that broke the law was Martin.

Bigmouthcharliegruber - 17 hours ago
you're a moron

Gsuhleleipble - 17 hours ago

Gato - 19 hours ago
how many times did the investigator contact zimmerman?

Em - 4 hours ago
This day in age, he's now qualified for a reality show.
3997 - 4 hours ago
Or President

Aunt Blabby - 17 hours ago
Chill out George...Have some skittles.
gale - 2 hours ago
I like skittles

EMU - 11 hours ago
People like you with a little mind will definitely ask him to chill out. We are not surprised

RevampedNBlack - 13 hours ago
LMao okay that was actually funny.

Joe - 19 hours ago
The very first of Trump's "Very fine people"
Anonymous Euronymous - 6 hours ago
... because it took place while Obama was President???

Regular - 18 hours ago
Better than the first of stinky 44s many sons

STONEWALL - 18 hours ago
Is your husband a very fine man!?

Memasefni - 19 hours ago
He's also Jewish.

Gina - 19 hours ago
He's a registered democrat and campaigned for nobamahamed.

Ttt - 19 hours ago
Zimmerman is a person of color.

Spanky - 19 hours ago
Zimmerman is a registered democrat. Voted for Obama. LMAO

Dari - 16 hours ago
There 's a very real element in life and it's called karma. Ask O J about it.

Jimbo8888 - 19 hours ago
Hey, Jay-Z, make a documentary about the daily gun violence in south Chicago?
Connie - 4 hours ago
Jumbo8888 you go do them small jobs

EMU - 10 hours ago
Please work hard on the documentary. We all support you bro

RevampedNBlack - 13 hours ago
As I've stated before Spike Lee has already done that with a movie called Chiraq.

Lyndia - 13 hours ago
South Chicago, is a neighborhood, dumb mfer.

Kimani - 13 hours ago
Watch Chi-raq.

BigRob - 18 hours ago
After he makes a documentary about mass shootings by white males. Yeah, awesome!!

The confederates loss - 18 hours ago
Hopefully he’ll include the Vegas shooting

David Z - 18 hours ago
Jay-Z is not from Chicago. He reps the Brooklyn set.

The truth hurts, accept it - 18 hours ago
Lay-Z is just a hood rat with $

Gee Stand - 18 hours ago
Or you can make one. Dont tell him how to spend his money.

Harvestmoon - 3 hours ago
Zimmerman is a lot like Trump: Neither one likes people nosing around for the truth.

Joe - 35 minutes ago
Darling of the GOP right there, folks.
Art Vandelay - 16 minutes ago
He’s a Democrat

JP - 15 hours ago
Ummm, I was believing this dude’s story in the Trayvon case but now am beginning to wonder. This dirtbag can’t seem to stay away from trouble.....

chris c - 16 hours ago
God Bless George Zimmerman. Travon is right where he belongs.
gale - 2 hours ago
No kid deserves to die. That's just evil. Idiot!!

Lisa - 5 hours ago
@Robert omg so the jury all hates black people too???????

Robert - 16 hours ago
@ChrisC You hate people who you are AFRAID of. Well, it's a certainly that NO ONE is afraid of you. You will continue to sink to the bottom (financially, and every other way) while everyone else outperforms you and passes you by. To use your own words, that's "right where (you) belong."

Ron - 16 hours ago
I’m thinking God is not going to bless George Zimmerman.

colle - 16 hours ago
Dude you’re a lowlife. What if someone said that about your kid, if you have any?

chris c - 16 hours ago
Sorry Fred, only accused, never proven or convicted.

Dale Ewing - 16 hours ago
Wish you were there

Fred - 16 hours ago
he's a wife beater and girlfriend beater, 3 times over. I'd choose my hero's more carefully if I were you.

knas3 - 19 hours ago
He is the kind of person GOP would want to run for the Senate, and Many will vote for him--he fits the bill the way they see it.
Derek - 3 hours ago
GOP hates Latinos too, you moron.

Jeff Davis - 18 hours ago
Little Thug Travon attacked the wrong Dude. Now he is DRT. Kel-Tec, did it's JOB.

Tim - 18 hours ago
He is registered as a minority and a democrat.

joe - 19 hours ago
says the uneducated...

Jonny - 17 hours ago
That's what got him in trouble in the first place!

T - 19 hours ago
Wow, George Zimmerman's life has really gone downhill since being ousted as CEO of Men's Warehouse.
Crazed Lunacy - 19 hours ago

Michael - 15 hours ago
Imagine that!

Iceman1 - 6 hours ago
If Trump had a step son.........
Jared - 5 hours ago
Really , omega look at your comment before judging anyone else . Do better and improve

Omegaman - 6 hours ago
Jared is not smart enough for jokes about the leader....

Jared - 6 hours ago
So why would trump have a hispanic son? Improve your troll comments . Even trump haters are laughing at you

Jeffrey - 3 hours ago
He is Hispanic.
Jeffrey - 3 hours ago
You racists have to get that one in there.

d - 3 hours ago
and white

digital - 18 hours ago
George Zimmerman is one of those "good guys with a gun" that the NRA keeps talking about.
Replies (6)

NP - 19 hours ago
This sentence is what is wrong with the Fake news media..

. "Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. The former neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot the 17-year-old Martin in 2012 in the central Florida city of Sanford. He was acquitted of all charges. Martin was black."
Titan - 9 hours ago
Which part of that excerpt is fake?

Gary - 17 hours ago
FLDL said he was white.

LoveHandles - 18 hours ago
That's multiple sentences.

holdem42 - 19 hours ago
Printing facts is why conservatives call the media "fake". I guess to conservatives, you have to print propaganda to be considered "real news".

EatTheOligarchy - 19 hours ago
FAKE PRESIDENTImagesirmitchellBy sirmitchell on

Ttt - 19 hours ago
It's relevant because the fake news media labeled him as a White Hispanic during the whole trial. If they do it again it will just reinforce the fact that they are fake news.

Joe - 19 hours ago
I thought the liberal media only mentions your race if you're white and whenever there's a story about a black criminal, they always omit the guy's race in the story? At least that's what I learn from the comments. So which is it?

William - 16 hours ago
Zimmerman wasn't charged with stalking after the self defense incident, because he wasn't. He wasn't convicted on the murder charge, because the mixed jury found that he didn't commit murder.
Randolph - 7 hours ago
What the heck is a "mixed jury?"

George - 8 hours ago
@Scott but Zim didn't attack Martin. It was the other way around. And a dispatcher is not a police officer.

Scott - 8 hours ago
According to FL stand your ground laws Martin had every right to defend himself from the man with a gun following him . Not the other way around. Especially after police told him not to follow him

Carla - 10 hours ago
@William why ? Will the racist go to jail ? No so what the point.

William - 16 hours ago
@Carla prove it.

Carla - 16 hours ago
It wasn't self defense it was murder. Sometimes jury's are wrong

Mike - 15 hours ago
The last sentence "Martin was black" is the only part the media wants you to remember.

Mike - 3 hours ago
How long before the NRA elects Zimmerman to lead their organization?
KnoxZeema - 3 hours ago
@ Mike -

He is not eligible for NRA leadership as he does not own enough guns.

cavalier - 3 hours ago
He’s not white . Some things never change .

No. 8 - 12 hours ago
Hello, My name is Pedro Fernando Gonzalez. I identify myself as Irish!!

Trumptard Hater - 6 hours ago
The quintessential Trumptard

sole348 - 19 hours ago
Why didn't he just go into police work?
j - 3 hours ago
He was a wannabe cop from the beginning way before Trayvon. Nobody would take him.

Jackelyn - 8 hours ago
Cuz he couldn't cut it in police academy...he already tried that.

all apologies - 19 hours ago
NRA, you passed up the perfect spokespman with Zimmerman.
Winter Guy - 17 hours ago
At least he was not convicted of providing arms to an enemy as ollie north was.

Edward - 19 hours ago
Self defense, something lefty race baiters don't get. Hope they are mugged and the thug shoots their collective #$%$ off!

Adam - 19 hours ago
I bet you ten dollars the thumbs downs are coming from NRA members ironically.

Meg - 19 hours ago
No, he's Hispanic. The NRA wants to use them for target practice, not for spokesmen.

Mazzetti - 19 hours ago
He's too good for the NRA

Randy - 19 hours ago

Spanky - 19 hours ago
He's a democrat so doen't qualify

all apologies - 19 hours ago
tic tacs for all, skittles for none

Paul - 19 hours ago

WIllFishForFood - 6 hours ago
How fitting, he stalked a teenager named Trayvon Martin before he gunning him down back in 2012.
Erik - 5 hours ago

WIllFishForFood - 5 hours ago
Did you mean *then*

trey - 6 hours ago
And you were just as stupid than!

j - 18 hours ago
the story of course leaves out the fact that thugvon martin attacked GZ
Derek - 3 hours ago
And that he was making drugs, and kicked out of school, and possessed burglary tools, and was an underground street fighter. And on and on. Bad met bad that night, too bad only one was killed.

Ur-Entiled2Myopinon - 11 hours ago
He said...but he lied and got away with MURDER!

Kimani - 13 hours ago
With skittles? ? Bet you were in diapers in 2012.

Bob Anderson - 17 hours ago
j of course leaves out the fact that his source of "facts" is GZ. NOBODY else has EVER said that Martin was the attacker.

Jack - 17 hours ago
@Lambyboo yeah but that’s not what happened, Trayvon tackled Zimmerman and started slamming his head into the ground attempting to kill him. Thank God George had a gun.

Jack - 17 hours ago
@Gary Trayvon wasn’t defending himself he was attacking someone else.

Gary - 17 hours ago
In most states, kids are allowed to defend themselves against armed child stalkers/murderers.

JoeS - 17 hours ago
@Calvin, what your excuse for being a liar? Oh, that's right, you're a bigot.

JoeS - 17 hours ago
Martin was being stalked too. If he were white you'd say he had a right to defend himself.

Calvin - 18 hours ago
@richard* fake news.

Calvin - 18 hours ago
@Lambyboo that's not what happened. What's your excuse for being misinformed after all this time?

Calvin - 18 hours ago
@BigRob fake news.

BigRob - 18 hours ago
J, you are either stupid or a troll. The world knows that Zimmerman followed, harrassed and stalked Trayvon. Trayvon did what any man would have done and thats defend himself. Sad thing is that this grown douche of a man was getting destroyed by a teenager then out comes the gun.

Regular - 18 hours ago
@Lambyboo lol spin that narrative

Lambyboo - 18 hours ago
If you were a child and a grown man was chasing you in the night with a Gun, wouldn't you fight for your life?

richard* - 18 hours ago
He was being stalked by a man he did not know. Seems George likes that route.

P B - 4 hours ago
It's funny though how whoever wrote this article notes, "Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic". As though perhaps it's not really so and he just identifies himself as that. And yet his mother is a mestizo woman from South America, and he clearly looks like a mestizo Hispanic himself. Now, if he had been the shooting Victim, and the shooter had been a (non-Hispanic) white male, he would then be undoubtedly identified by the writer of any such articles as "the victim, who was Latino".
D - 4 hours ago
Yes the mass media and pop culture love that term. And yet not a word of actual Latin is spoken or understood, lol... FWIW I think it's more popular among Democrats, liberals, and on the West Coast. I use Hispanic myself because I think it's more accurate and specific. You want to identify a Spanish speaker, not a Latin speaker or, more broadly, a speaker of any Latin/Romance language. Of which of course there are several and Spanish is hardly the only one.

JimM - 18 hours ago
Will Beyonce be doin the soundtrack to the Thugvon Movie?
The Chosen One - 16 hours ago
Yes. And your mama will have a starring role on her knees

Shawn - 18 hours ago
Thugvon? Is that supposed to be clever?

moses - 18 hours ago
Not at all.ted Nugent will do for the #$%$ or the Christian Brotherhood aka family values

BigRob - 18 hours ago
No, but I'm sure your Mom will be hired as a fluffer.

KDzee - 18 hours ago
Yea, right after Ted Nugent does his.Oh wait, no one cares about his music, nevermind

Dave - 50 minutes ago
"Martin was black." Wow - this was really relevant to this article.
Sagamorean - 46 minutes ago
Yep, had he been white, Zimmerman would never had stopped him.

Christopher - 2 hours ago
Charged with stalking a private investigator... who basically gets paid to stalk people? I guess it is only legal when you get paid to do it.
Christopher - 1 hour ago
"Authorities say George Zimmerman threatened a private investigator working for a documentary filmmaker." Read it again

gooftroop - 1 hour ago
Not a “private investigator “, an investigative filmmaker making a documentary. But you knew that when ya posted, right? Ya fraud...

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
Well the important thing here is that Martin was BLACK. Thank you Yahoo!

E - 18 hours ago
I love the free speech in the Gayhoo comment section. They delete my posts all the time.
d9gdon - 18 hours ago
Same here. I can't believe they didn't censor your Gayhoo comment.

All bets are off - 4 hours ago
He just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

GeorgeA - 3 hours ago
Is this guy considered teflon when it comes to our laws.
GeorgeA - 3 hours ago
I may be behind on my facts but didn't he murder a 13 year old

KnoxZeema - 3 hours ago
@ GeorgeA -

It doesn't seem that way to me. I think he is just seeking (and is entitled to) equal protection and treatment under the law. It's Amendment # 14.

DX - 5 hours ago
"Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. The former neighborhood watch volunteer fatally shot the 17-year-old Martin in 2012 in the central Florida city of Sanford. He was acquitted of all charges. Martin was black."

Another detailed non bias summary of the events provided by our non bias media. I can't wait to see the documentary, I am sure that will be non bias as well.

Marcel Weezt - 16 hours ago
Since when is calling, e-mailing and texting stalking? Unless the investigator told him to knock it off and got a restraining order against him, I see him case here. He did it in December and never again? Not exactly stalking here, people
Marcel Weezt - 1 hour ago
Like I said, Jacelynazz: Unless the investigator told him to knock it off, it is not stalking. Remember the investigator stalked Zimmerman and his family. Where are the charges?

Carla: Jealous? You know you are. Why dont you come here and make me "just die"?

Jackelyn - 8 hours ago
It is INDEED stalking you idiot. When someone refuses to leave you matter what the means, IT is.

Carla - 16 hours ago
Are you his girlfriend you are protecting him like you are in a relationship with him. You and him are freaks. Just die

Marcel Weezt - 16 hours ago
Presidente: Your childish response is both hilarious and ironic. STF, chump.

Presidente Loco - 16 hours ago
Florida Statute 784.048 indicates you have no phocking idea what you are talking about. Just another phocking idiot.

Arthur - 17 hours ago
Reality time: A court of law found Zimmerman not guilty based on the evidence including evidence that the prosecutors expected to make their case. Forensic evidence, medical evidence and even the evidence provided by the girl Trayvon was on the phone with supported Zimmerman’s version of events. Since then people discuss his “criminal behavior, so from the article here it is: “Since Zimmerman's acquittal, he's had a domestic violence-battery/domestic violence aggravated assault case against him dropped in 2013 and another domestic violence aggravated assault case against him dropped in 2015. So it appears that some people and the media immediately convict him in their minds before the evidence is presented. You seem to have forgotten the man who attempted to shoot him and lied about the event, except there was evidence that disproved the shooters claimed. So, why assume that the man who is working for a movie maker isn’t just creating publicity.
Jackelyn - 8 hours ago
Don't you find it odd that all these things happen to poor lil' ol' George? Maybe there's a grain of truth running thru all those cases? That George is a very VIOLENT man.

kiis - 11 hours ago

Arthur - 13 hours ago
@Christopher The problem with you comment is that you have accepted un unsupported claim against Zimmerman. Lets see, how would you feel if someone made an unsupported claim against you and the media blasted it around and many people believed it and verbally attacked you, and one at least shoot at you? Try walking in another's shoes, not making supported judgements. By the way, for eight and a half years, I was responsible for non-judicial disciplinary actions, and had to make sure that the evidence would support a court-martial if non-judicial action was refused. The same rules of evidence applied there as well as in the civilian world.

Christopher - 14 hours ago
Yeah, but he also pulled a gun on his father in law. And his ex wife got a restraining order. The court said one thing but his behavior says something else

Arthur - 15 hours ago
@Shondra First, the emergency operator wasn't a police officer and had no legal authority. So drop that one. More importantly, the girl that Trayvon was talking to on the phone stated in court that he had reached the house, and was going back to go after Zimmerman; therefore he initiated the confrontation, not Zimmerman. Assaulting him for following him isn't a legal act, more importantly, is why didn't Trayvon call the police? Trayvon decided to use street justice and found that acting like a thug has a very negative downside.

Arthur - 15 hours ago
@Arthur proof of innocence. If you doubt me take a pair of leather gloves that fit you, get them wet and let them dry and try them on. In the case of Trayvon, his girlfriend told the jury that he told her that he had reached the house that he was staying at, and that he was going back after Zimmerman. He was shot 150 feet from that house, which he told her he was leaving. The medical evidence proved head injuries to Zimmerman that support his comments. The forensic evidence supported Zimmerman's version of event. No shrunken gloves here, but solid evidence. The media editing of the 911 call which was played made a huge part of he mind set against Zimmerman.

Arthur - 15 hours ago
@marc OJ was acquitted without evidence to acquit him. Shrunken leather gloves not fitting isn't proof of innocen

Arthur - 15 hours ago
@Jme As you rightly stated dropped doesn't mean not guilty; but it does mean that there was insufficient evidence to bring charges. So, you also can't say that he is guilty either since there was no charge. You ignored the attempt to shoot him and the shooters lie. No one deserves punishment for no crime.

Arthur - 15 hours ago
@kare Typical liberal response. An insult not an objective comment.

Shondra - 16 hours ago
The charge of murder was too high of a reach. He should?ve obeyed the officer on the phone and NOT followed him. The young man kicked his #$%$ and he pulled a gun on him. He had NO authority to follow and TRY to detain him based on Martin ?looking? suspicious. What aren?t you people grasping here? He INSTIGATED the confrontation.

marc - 16 hours ago
And OJ was found innocent also.

Jme - 16 hours ago
Excuse me, but dropped does NOT mean not guilty. It just means there may not be enough evidence or witness tampering where the victims are too afraid to cooperate. Either way, that man is getting exactly what he deserves.

kare - 17 hours ago
Blah blah blah. Who gives a blank what you think. Idiot

Severe Punishment - 13 hours ago
George Zimmerman has a right to his privacy.
j - 3 hours ago
Nope, bring yourself out into the media with all those disgusting paintings, etc. and you do NOT have the right to privacy. This moron has been courting the media all along. That's why we hear so much about him and less about Casey Anthony.

Dawn - 13 hours ago
He would have his privacy if he stoped committing more crimes

The Nick - 13 hours ago
So did Trayvon on his walk back from 7-11.

Christopher - 13 hours ago
So does the pPI he cslled 500 tomes.

DaTourist - 19 hours ago
George Zimmerman haunts the dreams of Democrats and the Liberal Media.
annette - 18 hours ago
@Anonymous must be white women! Try it!

annette - 18 hours ago
Monkey. Apes

dave - 19 hours ago
Liberals wouldn't be there when he craps his diapers.

JH - 19 hours ago
The modern Right, no politics positions except to troll the “libs”. They let the politicians steal from their future and kids futures to put more money in the pockets of the rich but at least the politicians tell them being racist is Ok. Good future you’re creating for yourself. The red states are failing while CA just passed the UK as the 5th largest economy.

holdem42 - 19 hours ago
Mostly he just makes conservatives look crazy.

DaTourist - 19 hours ago
Woo woo! Toot tott! Trayvon, he daid, man. Dead as a doornail.

Frank - 19 hours ago
Zimmerman is a hero. Add him the list of whites that keep the black man down o wait Zimmerman is Hispanic

Dixie Normus - 19 hours ago
Donald Trump haunts the dreams of Republicans the Stable Geniuses and Faux News.

JROd - 19 hours ago
I think he's a perfect representation of the fear, racism and stupidity of the right. Same with James Fields the driver who drove through Charlottesville protesters. Two GOP poster boys.

Cheppetts - 19 hours ago
tourist haunts the dreams of gop frequented public restrooms

Anonymous - 19 hours ago
He beats women. Do you get off on that?

Anonymous - 19 hours ago

Vulture Capitalist - 19 hours ago
Not as much as you idiots obsession with Obama. lmao! Kushner lives rich, and you live poor because your family has been failing for a century.

Billy Joe - 18 hours ago
Why a PI? Why not someone working with the documentary?

THE RIGHT WORD - 9 hours ago
Thanks for the racial update, Yahoo!

Bryce - 17 hours ago
Looks as if Jay-Z is going to rewrite history. Tell me again what Trayvon Martin accomplished.
Jackelyn - 8 hours ago
Tell me AGAIN how many brushes with the law can one dude have, and still be walking around on the face of this earth? Always pointing the finger at someone else, never ever taking responsibility for what HE has done.

T - 14 hours ago
Not much since his life was ended by this alleged nut!!!! Because he was losing the fight!!

Phil Shifley - 14 hours ago
@Bryce - let’s be clear, Zimmerman (armed adult) attacked Martin (unarmed kid) and started a fight and then started to loose that fight and then pulled out a gun and shot the kid he started the fight with.. since you’re so insensitive to the facts, I hope this very thing happens to you or someone you care about! S**thead!!

Earl - 14 hours ago
saved tax dollars?

SpyV - 14 hours ago
@Jme brown folk don't even like each other

Weather - 16 hours ago
What did you accomplish besides impregnating your mother?

Jme - 16 hours ago
He accomplished putting the spotlight on your racists and how racist this country really is and has always been. But, things are changing. Your population is getting smaller and smaller and it's going to be nothing but brown folks all around. See how they populate your daughters. Lololol

kristin - 16 hours ago
Tell me what Zimmerman accomplished besides the whole getting away with murder.

Ben - 8 hours ago
"private investigator received 55 phone calls, 67 text messages, 36 voicemails and 27 emails from Zimmerman in December."

Was she hot?

Boudicca - 4 hours ago
So... a private investigator was tracking him, but GZ was charged with 'stalking'? What?

JimM - 17 hours ago
Will David Hogg narrate Jay-Z's documentary?

scott - 4 hours ago
nice story of, What? only info is the guy contacting the investigator? don't really know what it's about. maybe he was trying to say stay away, how many times did the person contact Zimmerman? may we have some facts and an actual story? PLEASE!!
scott - 3 hours ago
@lathrupman see, you don't agree with some they start the thumbs down...I was hoping to be called names

lathrupman - 4 hours ago
Exactly. The stalking pattern may, in fact, be the reverse of what is claimed, and implicate the investigator and his client.

JimM - 17 hours ago
Is Jay-Z doing the Thugly Brown Story in Ferguson next?
Diamante - 15 hours ago
His next story is about Trump and Trump is going to be facing the Avengers, their goal, save the White House and put an end to Trump’s reign of terror.ImagewelcometoyouredoomBy welcometoyouredoom on

I gag - 16 hours ago
Wow since when is it a crime to support your own people. I mean white folks do all the time.

Mark - 2 hours ago
So.. ?
M - 1 hour ago
why click on articles you dont care about?

Kirubu - 17 hours ago
Yahoo has always had trouble being 24/7. This time they dug up George Zimmerman "news."

WilliamO - 8 hours ago
I can imagine how fair and unbiased that documentary will be.
Jackelyn - 8 hours ago
What does it matter? You don't have to watch it. There's "documentarys" on TV right now that I refuse to watch, because of some of the trailers ...

David - 17 hours ago
55 phone calls and 67 texts mean nothing. If you don't want to receive a call from someone then you block the number which it wasn't. So how many times did the other guy reply? Most likely close to the same amount of times.
Valerie - 15 hours ago
If a judge grants this type, he saw the evidence.

Jeremy - 15 hours ago
@Kare, would you know if you were an idiot? It brings to mind someone calling themself 'crazy', if you have the self awareness to say you are crazy, then you most definitely are not crazy. What I'm saying is, the question is pointless as would be any answer given.

David - 16 hours ago
@kare My girl friend calls me more in a month so should I report her as a stalker to?

David - 16 hours ago
@kare why would you ask that?

kare - 17 hours ago
Are you an idiot?

Glen - 4 hours ago
CNN kept repeating that he was "white-Hispanic" in order to further drive the racism narrative that makes the media so much money.
Glen - 4 hours ago
@Ricearoni If you have a point to make, make it. Otherwise you just look like someone who is trying hard to troll with absolutely nothing to say.

Farkey - 4 hours ago
@Ricearoni get some new material numbnutz

Ricearoni - 4 hours ago
That tin foil hat looks good on you Glen

JimM - 17 hours ago
George would make a good Border Guard
Derrikvet1 - 17 hours ago
JimM: And you would make a good corpse.

Michael - 3 hours ago
I wouldn't be happy with the amount of attention that he gets and I wouldn't be happy if a documentary filmmaker was snooping around my life.
j - 3 hours ago
I would disappear and stop acting the idiot, because I'm not an idiot. That's what he should have done.

Michael - 3 hours ago
@Steven Smith, @mr. mc I make no promises

mr. mc - 3 hours ago
@OP - Don't go around stalking and killing people

Steven Smith - 3 hours ago
Okay, don't murder someone

D - 19 hours ago
Can somebody just drop this guy already
D - 17 hours ago
@d come try it stupid, i would put you and your racist bf in the dirt where you belong

D - 17 hours ago
@Hugh Jassole a chump racist like him will and could never drop me, that's word, and a joke like you should just be happy our paths don't cross, you want to be a fan of racist,I'll treat you like one and take you out for the p*ssy you are

D - 17 hours ago
You morons want to cheer and stand for to a chump like this guy, it show the type of ppl you all are..... giant p*ssys

STONEWALL - 19 hours ago
You do it COWARD!

Hugh Jassole - 19 hours ago
@ D you should try it. Trayvon couldn't so I'm sure he can drop you faster than a basketball.

d - 19 hours ago
Somebody needs to maybe drop you.

Jim - 19 hours ago
Thats been tried once , just ask Traygone . Oops , can't , he's history . LOL !!

YahooSucks - 19 hours ago
The Liberals will NEVER miss a chance to capitalize on the Media....they own it remember?

RumbleFish - 19 hours ago
I'm betting it's coming soon.

Briiick - 3 hours ago
Guaranteed that if he were a liberal, there would be "no charge."
Briiick - 3 hours ago
@Karen Actually, Clearly he did not "get away with murder."

Karen - 3 hours ago
He’s clearly not a liberal and got away with murder

Will - 4 hours ago
Where is the Schneiderman story ?
All out of bubblegum - 4 hours ago
It's everywhere.....

Johnny - 18 hours ago
"Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic. " You forgot "Zimmerman identifies himself as Hispanic, but the media refers to him as the white Hispanic".

Me - 4 hours ago
Correction: Trayvon Martin identified himself as black.

Titan - 19 hours ago
Phil Shifley - 14 hours ago
@Titan - I hope GZ shots one of your family members, then say GBGZ ......

The Chosen One - 17 hours ago
@William Or white perverts like you

Bob Anderson - 17 hours ago
Zimmermans spot in Hell is already reserved.

William - 18 hours ago
God bless anyone that rids society of black criminals.

Ernest - 18 hours ago
with what?

dave - 19 hours ago
nobody else will?
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Oops, she did it again.

Supporting materials presented Monday in conjunction with Melania Trump’s “Be Best” youth initiative turn out to have been lifted from a 2014 Federal Trade Commission pamphlet.

Titled “Talking with Kids About Being Online,” Trump’s document, which was distributed as part of the “Be Best” rollout, relies on the same graphic design and wording as the FTC’s “Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online.” Trump’s pamphlet also contains an introductory letter by the first lady, advising parents to “communicate your values clearly so your kids can make thoughtful decisions when they face tricky situations.”

(See entire documents below.)

The similarities are far from cursory. For instance, the FTC’s 2014 document contains the following paragraph on the topic of sexting:

“Sending or forwarding sexually explicit photos, videos, or messages from a mobile device is known as ‘sexting.’ Tell your kids not to do it. In addition to risking their reputation and their friendships, they could be breaking the law if they create, forward, or even save this kind of message. Teens may be less likely to make a bad choice if they know the consequences.”

Melania Trump’s version contains that same text, word for word; this is also seen in other passages, such as one on the dangers of “oversharing.”

U.S. first lady Melania Trump delivers remarks at the “launch of her Be Best initiatives in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., May 7, 2018. (Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)
From the FTC document:

“Some pitfalls that come with online socializing are sharing too much information, or posting pictures, videos, or words that can damage a reputation or hurt someone’s feelings. Applying real-world judgment and sense can help minimize those downsides.”

From “Talking with Kids About Being Online”:

“Some pitfalls that come with online socializing are sharing too much information, or posting pictures, videos, or words that can damage a reputation or hurt someone’s feelings.”

The FTC, however, seemed unfazed by the use of their document.

“Today, First Lady Melania Trump introduced her initiative to help children everywhere be their best. At her launch event at the White House, the First Lady distributed copies of Talking with Kids About Being Online, a guide to help parents and other adults have thoughtful conversations with kids about being safe and responsible online. We’re excited that the First Lady is sharing this important information with families across the country,” Nat Wood, an associate director at the FTC wrote in a blog post Monday afternoon. “The FTC worked with children’s advocates, tech companies, and law enforcers to come up with the advice in the guide. They told us that while kids value the opinion of their peers, most tend to rely on their parents for help on the issues that matter most. That advice has proven true over the years. That’s why many school systems have shared it with every middle school student.”

Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s communications director, released a lengthy statement scolding the media for pointing out the similarities.

“After giving a strong speech that was met with a standing ovation and positive feedback, the focus from opposition media has been on an educational booklet,” Grishman said. “Despite providing countless outlets with ample background, information, and on-the-record comments from the FTC, some media have chosen to take a day meant to promote kindness and positive efforts on behalf of children, to instead lob baseless accusations towards the First Lady and her new initiatives.

“Our office will continue to focus on helping children,” Grishman added, “and I encourage members of the media to attempt to Be Best in their own professions.”

Of course, this is not the first time that Melania Trump has been accused of repurposing Obama-era lines. An analysis of her speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention revealed that she closely hewed to Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech before the Democratic National Convention.

On her Twitter feed, the first lady was quick to post a video advertising the rollout of “Be Best”; however, it did not contain any audio or links to outside material. Maybe that was a smart decision.

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Federal Trade Commission brochure – 2014
Net Cetera 2014


Brochure released by the office of the First Lady – 2018
Talking With Kids About Being Online 2018


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Jester - 14 hours ago
Looking at the 2 pamphlets side by side --- they are the same pamphlet.
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Zz - 17 hours ago
Yes,, My be best will sure show on November.
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Be best?
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James E - 2 hours ago
At 18, welcome to the big house.
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management material
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California Sunshine - 2 hours ago
Perhaps they need to show the movie Sicario to students so they know what they are getting themselves involved in.
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YANKEE - 6 hours ago
Is this an article or a book ?
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Is this for real?
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Is Cory Booker the feature of the Democratic Party, Yahoo News?
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The Truth Tell - 47 minutes ago
The cause (me former C -130 E driver) was the prop decoupled from jet engine causing the blades to go “flat!” I’m guessing number 4 engine. It happened right at takeoff and the amount of drag from four prop blades, each six feet high, would make plane very, very difficult to control. There are emergency back up systems but to actuate takes longer than they were airborne. Trust me this is a very difficult emergency to deal with at take off. My heart goes out to all!
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Donny - 1 hour ago
Rest In Peace

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
I wish they would release what the cause was. That is a very capable aircraft and has been for decades.
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