Matt Bai, National Political Columnist, Yahoo News, February 8, 2018

Why Trump's parade will lead Republicans over a cliff

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joe - 20 minutes ago
Him wanting to go back in time might be a good thing for the Country. A time before Republicans shifted far to the right and turned into wingnuts and tax cutting charlatans who have driven our Country deeply into debt--- Maybe they could bring back Dwight Eisenhower's program, which was THE LAST TIME THE REPUBLICANS BALANCED THE BUDGET. Dwight Eisenhower: Balanced budget, 5.5 percent unemployment, new roads and bridges, investment in science, strong unions, intelligent defense, 90 percent top tax bracket.

BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator - 20 minutes ago
@Carl - "Obama was out of touch with everyday people" ~ Senator Elizabeth Warren | Obama Cash Payments to Iran Will Finance Terrorism in Israel ~ The Daily Beast | "I've never seen the world as unstable as it is (2016)today" ~ Obama appointed Director of National Intelligence James Clapper | "Obama was one of the worst foreign policy presidents" ~ Alan Dershowitz | President Barack Obama’s neglect left the Democratic party in significant debt. As I saw it these three titanic egos Barack, Hillary, & Debbie had stripped the Democratic party to a shell for their own purposes ~ Donna Brazile <---Even Democrats don't think Obama was a good president. | Democrats may downvote this post, but they are only quotes from members of their own party.

BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator - 21 minutes ago
The 2016 Democrat Presidential nomination was RIGGED for Hillary ~ Elizabeth Warren

Justice Frozen Trucker - 21 minutes ago
All you TrumpSuckers can ever bring, in defense of your bizaarely-stupid vote, is "whaddaabout, whaddabout, whaddabout".

BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator - 22 minutes ago
"Millions of Americans still feel hurt and betrayed by the events of the 2016 presidential primary. Donna Brazile's account cannot simply be dismissed" ~ Current DNC Vice Chairman Keith Ellison

susan - 24 minutes ago
The Pentagon didn't deny it, on the contrary, they are looking for dates that will work for Dictator Trump.

BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator - 24 minutes ago
I had promised Bernie when I took the helm of the Democratic National Committee after the convention that I would get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had "RIGGED" the nomination process... By September 7 the day I called Bernie, I had found my proof & it broke my heart. ~ Donna Brazile

Justice Frozen Trucker - 24 minutes ago
This guy has to be the most insecure male we've ever had as Prez. BTW, both Washington and Eisenhower warned against standing armies.

Red Sox nation - 24 minutes ago
I like the vision of trump driving one of those tiny Shriner cars.

BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator - 26 minutes ago
@Carl - I wouldn't want to be reminded of the Clinton's, if I was a democrat either: Rigging the democratic party presidential candidate selection process, Impeachment, Diddling interns, Cheating Bernie out of his opportunity of running for president, Identity politics, & the Constant lying: | "I remember landing under sniper fire..." | "It depends upon what the meaning of the word is, is..." | "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky."

Deklin - 26 minutes ago
This sounds like a “Republicans are FINISHED!!!!!!!” article.
You idiots are nothing more than a bunch of Drama Queens.

Vera - 26 minutes ago
Adolph Hitler comes to mind. Trump will be ahead in the Parade while making the nazi salute.

Robt G - 27 minutes ago
@BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator I can't recall the last one they didn't rig, and they still lose on occasion!

BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator - 28 minutes ago
@Carl - Isn't -TARD as in R/E\T/A\R/D a microaggression against handicapped people? Before the Presidential election, democrats were claiming to be the party most sensitive to the rights & feelings of handicapped people & even brought them on stage at their convention. Democrats can't even follow their own rules...

Frank - 28 minutes ago
Only 20 year for TREASON

Robt G - 28 minutes ago
@Frank Uh, and what is a normal American to YOO? One who hates America, an illegal, a gimmedat, a he/she, a bone smuggler, please define?

Carl - 28 minutes ago
@NewDay trumptards are still obsessed with Hillary. She won the national vote and you and the orange degenerate criminal can't get beyond that.

Corey - 28 minutes ago
Its cute you have hopes and dreams, its sad theyre so unrealistic and will never come true. Thats what participation trophys get you...

Carl - 30 minutes ago
@Chris He still has a ways to go before he has the market success of Obama's administration. He isn't fit to shine Obama's shoes.

Robt G - 30 minutes ago
@Trekker Yea, and the stain could lead them! With his doormat shrillery playing the tamborine

Ed - 30 minutes ago

Carl - 31 minutes ago
@BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator Here is a suggestion for Republican Election Slogan: This time we will try to win without the Russians.

Robt G - 31 minutes ago
I think there is to much lead in your feeding tube chief.

Eric - 34 minutes ago
@Jimmie you should change your name to Dummie.

Eric - 35 minutes ago
@NewDay dummy

Justa - 35 minutes ago
@chief squirrel Man, you a a paranoid son-of-a-gun, aren't you....?

Frank - 36 minutes ago
@Trekker, I'm sure this went right over the head of his brain dead base, but from a NORMAL AMERICAN, Bravo!!

BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator - 36 minutes ago
When we're not illegally spying on US citizens for political gain, we're fighting to put the demands of Illegal Immigrants ahead of the needs of Legal US residents ~ The democratic party

BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator - 37 minutes ago
Democrat 2020 Election Slogan: "We Didn't RIG the Presidential Primaries Again, We Promise"

American Beauty - 37 minutes ago
If you've ever tried walking backwards you know it's far easier to move forward. These glory days Trump wants to relive were glorious only for certain people.

Chris - 38 minutes ago
The market had 2 bad days and the left finally took notice still somehow walking the tightrope of saying it was a bad couple of days without referencing the historic climb since trumps election.
Congress reached a bipartisan deal that Shumer called real progress with both sides giving and getting something they wanted and mat bai spins it as a negative.
The russian collusion narrative is starting to sound like the cnn coverage of the missing plane that disappeared in the Indian Ocean a few years ago.
People need to get with it. Trump isnt going anywhere. And the more you all jump to conclusions and look the other way on his successes and your own mistakes the more likely he will win again. But what do I know. I just called all this circus and the predictable leftist response a long time ago.
It does get boring always winning. ;)

Paul - 38 minutes ago
Tripe is psychotic fascist pig, no different than Mussolini, Stalin or Hiltler!

NewDay - 38 minutes ago
The bouncy house is in a padded cell waiting for Billary. She can pretend to be Prez there all she wants. I'm sure there will be professional help for her to restore her cognitive thinking instead of the fantasy she lives in now.

Frank - 40 minutes ago
Wow, that better be one fortified bouncy house, if donny boy is getting in it!!

TheDame - 41 minutes ago
@Chief Squirrel - I love your interpretation of MAGA. You nailed it. I'm surprised that Trump hasn't commissioned someone to make a special military-style uniform for him to wear at the parade. He didn't have the guts to serve as a soldier. It wouldn't surprise me that he wants to play soldier. I guess he got bored with his trucks.

Jimmie - 41 minutes ago
@ChiefHAHAHAAHAHAnother IDIOT who believe this Russian garbage despite 2 years of it and ZERO evidence of it.CNN Van Jones: It is a nothing burger.HAHAHAHATax evasion? I guess you missed Rachel Madcow little piece about how he paid $20 million in that one year. #$%$!!! How is Trump guilty of treason? Proof dummy. Oh wait..none.I LOVE seeing these liberal paid trolls on here whine like babies. That is why Trump will win in 2020

mike - 42 minutes ago
why don't they just rent out a mcdonaldland playroom for him

Entitlement - 42 minutes ago
@jim Yes, democrats are stupid.

Entitlement - 43 minutes ago
@thunder Stop it lesbian Hillary right now!

Willie Whippet - 43 minutes ago
Don't forget money laundering.

thunder - 45 minutes ago
trump is an idiot

NewDay - 45 minutes ago
@NewDay ,, Look at that. 10 Thumbs down demonstrating I am correct. The FEAR runs deep in the DemCommieProgs.

jim - 45 minutes ago

Bill - 51 minutes ago
@MAGAMAN you are an idiot

Trekker - 52 minutes ago
How about a Draft Dodger Get-together on the South Lawn? The seventy-somethings can sit around talking about the injuries that kept them out of Vietnam. Trump might even remember which foot had the bone spurs.
They could hire a cover band to sing 60s protest songs like Fortunate Son.

MAGAMAN - 52 minutes ago
Chief Leprachon..... Such disrespect - Maybe you'd would have been better for him to cut jobs - raise taxes on citizens and rush MS-13 into your neighborhood ? Just sayin

Dennis - 53 minutes ago
He will get his medal from the idiot Wisconsin Sheriff.

Wayne - 55 minutes ago
Checked out some of NewDay's 17,000+ posts. Full of nonsense, accusations and false statements. Not so big on facts or rational arguments though.

RC - 57 minutes ago
Obsession 1 : a persistent disturbing preoccupation with an often unreasonable idea or feeling; broadly : compelling motivation

J. Robert Studley - 58 minutes ago
Dream on snowflake. The day of electing left-wing traitors is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hobonc - 58 minutes ago
Great! We can hire the entire Democrat delegation to be the clowns.

Squirrelneck - 59 minutes ago
I hope the parade is on a weekday, so it doesn't interfere with Trump's Pasture Pool games!

Paul - 1 hour ago
medals for what his bone spurs?..... the draft dodging pig

Berns - 1 hour ago
Chief Squirrel - too funny! A bouncy house would just about fit his mentality.

Robert - 1 hour ago
The Pentagon works for Trump. They don't have the Authority to deny the request.

bill - 1 hour ago
squirrel brain what sick world do you live in that is full of hate and ignorance??/ you are truly the face of the evil demtard party

seandude - 1 hour ago
Will KIM TRUMP UN get a haircut to match his little rocket man idol?

Rick - 1 hour ago
The biggest most wonderful, beautiful bounce house

Ann - 1 hour ago

NewDay - 1 hour ago
@Bob ,, I see you have been keeping up with the real news instead of the MSM Soros/Billary news nets. The Dems are about to go up in a ball fire and you are afraid. So your post is understandable.

George - 1 hour ago
@Chief Buffoon.......You have too much inbreeding in your family tree

BrazenBull - 1 hour ago
AWESOME POST! Trump for the gas chamber 2020!

CMM - 1 hour ago
LOL!!!!!! FUNNY!!!!!

Luis - 1 hour ago
Stupid. Stuff, you are required tk salute the commander and chief if you wear that uniform

NewDay - 1 hour ago
@Skip ,,, Trump destroyed your scenario when he beat Billary. So that will no happen now. Here is a clue,, The Prez is already the Commander in Chief.

jaimillo - 1 hour ago
That's some good stuff.

Bob - 1 hour ago
@Freedom, all the way to Oz! He'd make an awesome wizard in another reality. Or the biggest swamp monster ever in another!

ObamaJesus - 1 hour ago
shut yo mouth !!!!!!!! what did russia have to do with HRC spirit cooking podesta walnut sauce comet pizza kids in hot tubs ????????????

NewDay - 1 hour ago
Chief S,,, Seems Barry gave himself a lot of medals. The only one missing is an Oscar for best Actor. Actors are the ones that pretend to be someone they are not.

David - 1 hour ago
Fake News!

I - llya Kuryakin
Illya Kuryakin1 hour ago
@George, Have you ever served in the military? I have, US Army 25 years, 4 years in Vietnam while Trump used daddy's money to pay a doctor to write a fake medical diagnosis for heel spurs. I retired early as a Lt Col because I was recruited to work for a non civilian intelligence agency. I spent the next 20 years assigned to stations in Asia and Central America. I gave 45 years of my life to making America safer. Trump has spent the last 2 years trying to make it less safe. I would not attend his parade under threat of court martial. I would not acknowledge his false salute. The man has yet to visit the Vietnam War Memorial and he is in DC, at least part time. I live in Florida and I make the trip to the wall every April to honor my fallen brothers. Perhaps you should be silent

don - 1 hour ago
lol... the Trumptards are upset @chief has exposed their fantasy... too freaking funny.

Jovelyn - 1 hour ago
this is the perfect example of a liberal, they make things up then believe what they make up

BALBOA - 1 hour ago
@Dewey: Thank you for your service. Agreed, people like Chief need a white jacket and a small, padded room.

Skip - 1 hour ago
No surprise for Trump,Dictator in Chief, ordering a military parade. He demands loyalty, hates dissent, tries to control information in his daily battles with the press/media, stokes fear and paranoia so why would he not want a parade. Now once he controls the military and the treasury then the US Constitution becomes meaningless and his Dictatorship becomes complete.

tonyh - 1 hour ago

BALBOA - 1 hour ago
When Al Sharpton goes to jail for tax evasion, then we can talk.

BALBOA - 1 hour ago
"Moscow Agent Governing America?" Holy cow Chief, your tinfoil hat is really crooked this morning.

Joe - 1 hour ago
Sadly, the Pentagon is proceeding with plans for the parade.

gregg - 1 hour ago
Bouncy house gave you the thumbs up...nice

Bob - 1 hour ago
@yahoo user, a chest full of sliders!

Bob - 1 hour ago
@daveapete, will there be giant pictures of the Liar and Chief on every street lamp, every monument, every blank wall, every bus stop and subway wall in the city? All Hail Comrade Drumpf!
ImageihiphopBy ihiphop on

George - 1 hour ago
@Chief Squirrel, You are a prime example of an askhole who would RUN from anything decent or worthy for people in need to be aided ... Silence IS Golden, TRY listening for a change and Maybe you will be able to make an Adult decision instead of more Trump trash talk*

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
You are dumber than a post.

Oscar Templin - 2 hours ago
He already has a Purple Heart that some veteran gave him ... he said "I always wanted one of these" - even though you only get it for being wounded or killed in combat. Too bad trump never earned one.

Dewey - 2 hours ago
You are an American hating hating idiot. I hope as a member of the military I NEVER have to fight for you.

Robert - 2 hours ago

Judge - 2 hours ago
@ Squirrel,you have the correct title,nuts are you? IMO.

Karl - 2 hours ago
@Lloyd First, yo don't seem to be able to get a joke. Second, and even more tragically, you don't understand the difference between Trump propaganda and real "evidence". Statements made by Trump and his Republican flunkies without any evidence whatsoever to support them will not supplant the actual facts being gathered by Mueller. The only political sham going on here is the Trump parade.

Concerned Citizen - 2 hours ago
All the democrats who sit home on welfare and play on the computer each day. We need to end welfare now.

Juliet - 2 hours ago
@Lloyd Dear, dear,Lloyd.....the bouncy house comment was a joke. Sweet boy. May God please your soul. LOL

Terry - 2 hours ago
Go Squirrel! Awesome Keep posting!

randophw - 2 hours ago
Show your evidence- no fake news please.

Winston Howard III - 2 hours ago
and TRUMP keeps whining. Whining till we can't take it NO MO'

Judy - 2 hours ago
@Marshall You capitalize "Him" when referring to Trump? So now he's God to you? Figures.

Dana - 2 hours ago
@NORMAJEAN - He might just HAVE a purple heart if it lacks oxygen like his brain does.

Big Hurt - 2 hours ago
#$%$ you

Lloyd - 2 hours ago
Chief, You qualify for a blithering idiot award. I know nothing about a so-called Pentagon approved a "bouncy house" for his birthday and doubt seriously that you have a clue about it. The rest of your rant is disgusting drivel aimed at those weak and gullible/indoctrinated voters of the Democratic Party. By the way, there is zero evidence that Trump is guilty of any of the #$%$ you are conjuring up to prove he is guilty of any collusion with anyone to sway an election he legitimately won, even after a politically corrupt FBI and Justice Department have tried everything in their respective arsenals, legal or not. You Marxist clowns have been trying for a year to find something (anything) and don't have a shred of evidence. Unfortunately for you, the MarxistCommunist /style of corruption is unraveling as more and more evidence surfaces that this entire Mueller investigation is a politically charged and near treasonous sham. Let's see now. Absolutely no evidence that Trump had anything illegal to do with the election PLUS your idiotic claim that he evaded taxes. Like so many Progressives, you let the drivel spew from your mouths, not caring if you are speaking the documented truth.

BOD 0571 - 2 hours ago
@Roger judging by your comments, I'd say you qualify as genius in the same vein as your Dear Leader. Stupid Trump sheeple are all mindless morons.

Bob - 2 hours ago
@Chief Squirrel, Pence(most likely)could pardon him for the federal treason charges but NY state AG WILL take care of the money laundering charges and state tax evasion. Federal tax evasion charges would probably wait till a Democrat is in the White House and a pardon would be very unlikely!

Herman - 2 hours ago
@NORMAJEAN At least he's not a draft dodging Rhodes "scholar".

Madamelou - 2 hours ago
@chet: Hillary lost - that TIRED OLD line AGAIN!!!??? YAWWWNNN?! Guess you brain just can't think of anything new to say. Figures! That's all you ignorant turds can say more than a year later. We ARE over it - why aren't you? What is you obsession with the "Hillary lost" theme? BOOOOORRRING!!!!!!! Make America Trumpless Again - Trump in 2020 -- to LIFE!

nameless - 2 hours ago

daveapete - 2 hours ago
General Mattis has said preparations for the parade are in motion.Hi is still Sec.of Defense.

Madamelou - 2 hours ago
@yahoo user: and that they taste like Mickey D's burgers!

NORMAJEAN - 2 hours ago
I saw him on video somewhere he said " I always wanted a Purple Heart!" This coming from a 5 time lying draft dodger!!!

yahoo user - 2 hours ago
@chief- make sure his medals are edible.

Rick - 2 hours ago
"he'll be wearing military uniforms with medals" ha ha ha lol

Jason - 2 hours ago
@Bill LOL at your propaganda.

Bill - 2 hours ago
Can you imagine the pushing, shoving and bullying by his supporters trying to be the first into the bouncy house! It certainly would be typical when you read their posts.

Roger - 2 hours ago
You are really stupid.How long did you stay up at night to have your mind come up with such BS?

Freedom - 2 hours ago
Lets hope for a big gust of wind while POTUS bounces in the house. Maybe that will blow him away.

Jason - 2 hours ago
@MVBerry Do you still beat your spouse daily? Or have you cut down to 4 times a week?

crash text dummy - 2 hours ago
Donald has dreams... graduating from being a sandbox bully to being a jr dictator.
it would be cute if it wasn't so pathetic

MVBerry - 2 hours ago
@Tex Reb ... Are you a RussiaBot? Or just duped by them?

Rudder - 2 hours ago
Hoping for hurricane strength winds on that lovely day

Tex Reb - 2 hours ago

Fox Addicts Kick That Addiction - 2 hours ago

I do every day.

Fox Addicts Kick That Addiction - 2 hours ago


Fox Addicts Kick That Addiction - 2 hours ago

Keep following him off that cliff.

Fox Addicts Kick That Addiction - 2 hours ago

Nope, you were conned into buying a lemon, and that lemon is running out of excuses and lies.

Bernice - 2 hours ago
moron would you rather be a socialist country because that's what you will get if you keep being stupid

Thomas - 2 hours ago
MAGA: Moscow Agent Governing America. ..Gatta Love It

Randy - 2 hours ago

jeffk - 2 hours ago
@One Hand Clapping It's a slap in the face to salute a draft dodger inexperienced pervert that acts thinks and talks like a little BOY-- But hey-- Little BOY's love parades don't they!

BourbonChicken - 3 hours ago
Hey moron - Trump is the commander in chief, all he has to do is order it.......Moron!

jeffk - 3 hours ago
@Chet And trump was on national TV and said " I like uneducated people " who knew there were so many of you? It will never happen again- we will take a day off work and vote.

LCS - 3 hours ago
@OS ..not true. .the IRS cannot disclose any information even if he's a #$%$. ..maybe it's not tax evasion. .but humps hiding something. .and it's what will bring him to his fat knees!

Boops - 3 hours ago

LCS - 3 hours ago
@One Hand Clapping I bet more than 2/3 wants to give him the middle finger!

Anonymous - 3 hours ago
@Chet The only person delusional here is trump. There would be no story if trump didn't decide to pull this new stunt to distract from the investigation that is closing in on him.

Jeffery - 3 hours ago
good one LMAO!!!

Michael A - 3 hours ago
Go back to class Chief! George isn't going to pay you anymore. Sorry.

Chet - 3 hours ago
Liberal media's delusional obsession with tearing down the Presidency, only because Hillary lost. Your girl lost Yahoo-get over it!

thayer - 3 hours ago
You have PROOF of your allegations? Of course you don't. But, if it makes your feeble emotion-based mind FEEL better by making inane statements re: Trump, I simply pity your hateful existence. I hope that someday you can shake off the effects of T.D.S.

Scipio Africanus - 3 hours ago
have they? was there a request?

LCS - 3 hours ago
@Jason ...yep! Trumps lies goes back decades! Ask the Three wives and all of the NY contractors he hired and never paid. .Hillary would Definitely have done a great job as the First Woman president. .and that why you trolls continue to bring her up! Lmfao

mark - 3 hours ago
Funny stuff.

One Hand Clapping - 3 hours ago
Chief you're an imbecile ...It is there duty to salute the Commander in chief each and every time they see him

Irving - 3 hours ago
@Jason --- No, of course not. But instead of that, we could have had the candidate who won more votes from Americans than Trump did.

mims - 3 hours ago
LOL chief squirrel what a clever post.

Donna - 3 hours ago
Yes Chief, and the people better wake up from their deep sleep.

Irving - 3 hours ago
@Cody ---- "go trump!!!!!!!" Right off the edge of this flat Earth.

steve - 3 hours ago
J no not really , IRS only attacked the people Obama said to once he weaponized them

Irving - 3 hours ago
@Chief Squirrel ---- S&P's not smart enough to be a russian bot.

frank - 3 hours ago
@Marshall Well isn't that just special. So try addressing the real issue-a third world dictator's show of military force at a huge cost for his own ego.

steve - 3 hours ago
well you can realy tell who has served and who hasnt in the posts. maybe they need to teach more civics classes in school so people understand the hierachy in US goverment and their roles.

curtz - 3 hours ago
@Laura He's talking about the general public being ordered to salute. Moron.

William - 3 hours ago
Here here

Dale - 3 hours ago
hit the nail on the head...

Marshall - 3 hours ago
You seem to lack any knowledge of military protocol because Trump is your commanding officer with no other above Him unless ordered to do other wise if you are your military uniform you are required to salute and while in a parade in formation your platoon sergeant or officer will at times salute for his company if ordered so.

Noni - 3 hours ago
If he gets away with this blatant throwing away of our hard earned tax money, nobody should show up. That would kill him.

OS - 3 hours ago
Squirrel your ignorance is showing. Trump as the commander in chief they the military are required to salute him (if in uniform) when passing but then ignorance is something that liberal democrats are not in short supply. Also with all of the democrats working in the IRS if he was guilty of tax evasion his taxes would have already been leaked by an anonymous individual. Yep more B.S. that for some reason you only backed up with your unsubstantiated feeling, beliefs and Oh yes your demonstrated ignorance of the military!

DennisK - 3 hours ago
Hey Now Leave the Shriner's out of it!

Bubba - 3 hours ago

Laura - 3 hours ago
they are already required to salute, he's the commander in chief. Moron.

J - 3 hours ago
Well at least you got the Trump 2020 correct. About the other stuff... wouldn't the IRS jump all over him for back taxes if that was true?

Subversive - 3 hours ago
Not true at all

John Q Mergatroid - 3 hours ago
I disagree. He'll lead the parade by standing on a tank and making a speech, expecting every knee to bow and tongue confess that he's Der Führer. He might even fire his entire cabinet but unlike Boris Yeltsin who was a world hero in Red Square when he saved Russia, he will Trump the world's idiots except Fat Boy.

Ken - 3 hours ago

MichaelC - 3 hours ago
@Jason Is that lying hag in comparison with lying draft dodger "Heel Spurs patriot" Trump !?

Paid My Way - 3 hours ago
@Jason who is leading who?

Alex - 3 hours ago
Lol, awesome!

Lucky to Be Alive - 3 hours ago
ROFL. Great one!!

daniel - 4 hours ago
hahaha funny stuff

independent - 4 hours ago
How stupid some people are....

Tim - 4 hours ago
Sure, Lois Lerner's banana-republic-wannabe IRS saw his "tax evasion" returns and did nothing. Leftist, the reason leftists keep losing is leftists keep hating.

Dick - 4 hours ago
Wow Chief Squirrel you hit all the points. Kudos to you! I particularly like the bouncy house idea. Maybe they can get that written into the budget, provided of course, it's provided by one of trump's bankrupt companies.

Zachray Bleu - 4 hours ago
With all his insider Info, i suspect Chief Squirrel sits on Trumps head?

Greg - 4 hours ago
@Jason - "I know you'd rather have a lying hag a our leader"
So anyone who dislikes Trump, automatically supports Hillary? You are as dumb as a box of rocks. Put a helmet on before you hurt yourself.

Greg - 4 hours ago
@ken - Apparently you suffer from the same lack of critical thinking skills as @stephen. Where, exactly where did I claim to be a liberal? Hmm simpleton? And "brain dead"? I would gladly compare IQ with you any day, moron.

CINDY - 4 hours ago
Very funny and it seems you have angered some of his minions.Good job.

Jason - 4 hours ago
I know you'd rather have a lying hag a our leader

Ed - 4 hours ago
The military has always saluted the President. The President is the Commander in Chief!

Cleveland Fan - 4 hours ago
Good stuff...made my morning

Cody - 4 hours ago
go trump!!!!!!!

nathan l - 4 hours ago
Her crushing defeat still stings doesnt it?

Fillup - 4 hours ago
You're an idiot squirrel

WAM - 4 hours ago
Chief Squirrel: lol... You bet the President Bone Spurs wants to wear some fake military medals.

Gman - 4 hours ago

LauraB - 4 hours ago
Don't forget the epaulets ... the yugest epaulets ever ... bigly, gold epaulets, with lots and lots of fringe. Can't be playing toy soldiers without epaulets ... Trump knows epaulets.

ken - 4 hours ago
@Greg wow...another brain dead got you up early today??

Kimberly - 4 hours ago
@stephen Maybe Trump should give the money that would be spent on that stupid farce to something worthwhile. Like say giving it to vets.

Daron - 4 hours ago
You win the internet!!! Lol @ bouncy house!!

Greg - 4 hours ago
@stephen - How do you know that @Chief Squirrel didn't serve? Maybe you shouldn't make stupid assumptions, pissant.

stephen - 4 hours ago
Maybe you should try serving pissant

Winning - 4 hours ago

cbtengr - 4 hours ago
'Moscow Agent Governing America'....good

JimB - 4 hours ago
Plus another 25yfor money laundering

Chief Squirrel - 4 hours ago
@S&P: you're obviously another russian bot...

S&P - 4 hours ago
Keep dreaming, Snowflake.

Movis - 6 hours ago
Instead give the money to the active service members and vets for; education, career transition programs, homeless vets, more healthcare, improved military family support programs, improved equipment to protect and better comfort those who serve, etc - I would rather thank them personally by directly giving them what's deserved, rather than what Trump "wants".
Replies (213)

Karen - 16 minutes ago
yeah and your same thoughts should go the the rich people that launched the space craft two days ago.

Vincent - 17 minutes ago
Roger that! Whoever down thumb these suggestions are phkng morons!

Lindsay - 21 minutes ago
The President would love to pay the military and vets more and all the other programs you mentioned but he must have Congress approval to do that and the Dems do not want to give the military more money for pay, benefits, or equipment. They just want money for illegals and social programs. Talk about a ridiculous waste of taxpayer money!

NanaKS - 22 minutes ago
Trump donates his SALARY EVERY YEAR to the VETERAN CAUSES! Did Obummer do that??? NO!!!!!!! All tht #$%$ TRAITOR did was try to WEAKEN our military and support our ENEMIES!!!!!!! TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!!!!

Deanne - 30 minutes ago
OH MY GOSH you are so right Movis!!

roadPilot - 32 minutes ago
Instead of giving? Giving? Why all this gimme, gimme, gimme? So sick of the welfare mentality of you people.

carols - 32 minutes ago
I work for the VA. There are many programs currently in place for veterans. Many of them do not even sign up for all of their benefits. There really is enough money for all of the programs people think need to happen. They are already here.

Monkey Man - 33 minutes ago
@Master Rick - You dems are HYPOCRITES and we call you out continuously for it and is why we bring up bill "the rapist" clinton as a draft dodger as well as "creepy uncle" joe biden.

Joe Biden can't keep his hands off of Senators' children at the swearing in ceremony.
Joe Biden can't keep his hands off of Senators' children at the swearing in ceremony.
Joe Biden can't keep his hands off of Senators' children at the swearing in ceremony.

TheDame - 33 minutes ago
Our country has to take care of the necessities before we start splurging unnecessarily.

zether - 34 minutes ago
well Trump wants to kick out all the illegals so we don't spend money on them, so I guess we can count on your support for that right? thanks.

Randy - 39 minutes ago
@Movis , i agree with 95% of what your saying, but this disabled veteran, democrat knows that 80% of homeless people, including the veterans are drug addicts and drunks, you cant help people who dont want help,

Doug - 41 minutes ago
That's all liberals are good at is throwing away everyone else's money on worthless programs for lazy people. Sounds flowery but has no practicality or positive long-lasting results.

Maria - 43 minutes ago
All that you are mentioning are already there, Unfortunately, over the years people working in those areas have stopped caring!

Wayne - 44 minutes ago
Checked out some of Greg's 45,000+ posts. Full of bigotry, insults and false information but not very many (if any) real facts or rational arguments. He even seems to enjoy responding to his own posts. Nothing he says is worth taking seriously beyond recognizing that there are folks like him out there who need to be chased back under their rocks.

Monkey Man - 46 minutes ago
@Patriautism - You, an idiot, are making a highly inaccurate statement and a show of historical ignorance by comparing President Trump to hi+ler.
1) He hasn't jailed anyone for speaking out against him or any group(s) he cares for.
A number of democrat ag's sought to silence and jail those that spoke out against the man made global warming/climate change cult. There are further examples, but I'll let it go on that point.

2) President Trump is not aligned with nor has hired any group to shut down opposing speech by using any means at all.
Now, the dems with soros funding has antifa, blm, and other groups working with them to shut down free speech of opposing views on campuses and in public. Yes, violence has broken out and is well documented with these groups as are the verbal and written support given by the dems as well as the funding of soros.

3) President Trump does NOT have a majority of media spouting off propaganda for him. In fact, even those that do support him have given criticism to him for some of his actions and tweets.
The dems have a very strong propaganda arm that repeatedly attacks anyone who dares oppose the democrat party and will continuously spout democrat party propaganda/talking points. I will name some now. abc, cbs, cnn, nbc, msnbc, vox, huffington post, slate, think progress, the young turks, new york times, l.a. times, washington post, and several more to name. Honestly, goebbels would have loved this level of cooperation.

4) President Trump has UNDONE many of 0bama's ILLEGAL executive orders. One such eo is daca. He is letting it expire and LEGALLY giving it to congress to handle. Immigration laws, like all other laws, HAVE TO BE PASSED BY CONGRESS!

So, which one is closer to being like a certain national SOCIALIST party? Perhaps you would like another example?

I Love You Babe - 46 minutes ago
Also won’t paying for a parade help the people who have to work on the preparations? Both soldiers and contractors will get paid for doing the parade right?

Anonymous - 48 minutes ago
Trump does not care about the military- only himself.

Clint - 48 minutes ago
@Master Rick We all know the term "snowflakes" refers to libs. Snowflake!

reginaw - 48 minutes ago
Your u mean the same thing he’s been trying to do since he took office but has been stopped by the Democrats because they want that money to go to illegals instead?

Rosey Psalm - 56 minutes ago
swibbie The NFL PAYS the military to attend games. Typical Dotarian rant knowing NOTHING about history; the parade is not to honor the military dopey, it is for the wannabe dictator, fouling the once sacred office of President.

GA - 1 hour ago
No take ALL the money going to ILLEGALS and do what you say.

bruce - 1 hour ago
@Greg Hate to burst your bubble but that last military parade was in 1991 after Desert Storm cost 12 million that same amount today would be 22.1 million .sorry that is not chump change

SWibbie - 1 hour ago
Wow, Trump wants a parade to honor the military, and the hate-filled liberals go catatonic. Who could have seen this coming? Not surprising though. The liberals of today are the most anti-American hate-filled zombies that I have ever seen in my lifetime. If Trump found a cure for cancer, racist liberals would still hate him because it would benefit white people the most.

Maybe he should have honored the military the BLM way. You know, rioting, burning buildings, blocking traffic and destroying property. Or the NFL way, by taking a knee when the military passes by. Maybe just maybe you liberals would approve. I doubt it though, after all it's Trump doing it.

Albert - 1 hour ago
You need to find out what military already gets.

lllll - 1 hour ago
Phenomenal ideas. There is nothing wrong with celebrating our Military, demonstration patriotism. There are great opportunities to increase citizenry which is lacking at many levels.

Allen - 1 hour ago
@Kachja what is their point?

Jennifer - 1 hour ago

Greg - 1 hour ago
@Greg why are these lib males always so effeminate?

Jacqueline - 1 hour ago

Greg - 1 hour ago
@Greg Homeless payments for all gay male figure skaters too!

ObamaJesus - 1 hour ago
vets and the VA need LESS money not more !!!!!!! End fake welfare fraud VA "disability" NOW !!!!!!!!!!

Master Rick - 1 hour ago
Oh you trumpskins wailing "What about Clinton!" - #$%$ and your 'whataboutisims' (wheres that middle finger smiley?) - Clinton's not the one demanding a military parade to stroke his ego. Go melt in Russia you snowflakes - LOL (PS - I served - USAF 76-80)

Ag - 1 hour ago
Trump has already increased money for active service members and vets. What's your next whiny ash complaint?

Guy - 1 hour ago
Obviously private donations aren’t enough, don’t hurt the soldiers because you hate Trump

jim - 1 hour ago
That is a great point...some of the money could go to the VA..

Piriopolis - 1 hour ago
You forget.He doesn't give a d@mn about the military.It's just Trumps grandiosity that impresses him.

David - 1 hour ago
How much do we spend on the millions of illegals and all the issues dealing with them and the civil fall out?

don - 1 hour ago

The last military parade in 1991 cost $12 million, $3 million of which was paid by the government.
The last military parade in 1991 cost $12 million, $3 million of which was paid by the government.
The last military parade in 1991 cost $12 million, $3 million of which was paid by the government.

don - 1 hour ago
@Greg... "maroon"??? indeed...

Getting tanks on the ground and stealth fighters in the air is no easy task
Getting tanks on the ground and stealth fighters in the air is no easy task
Getting tanks on the ground and stealth fighters in the air is no easy task

LC - 1 hour ago
@David So what's your conspiracy theories. Hold on let me get a drink and some pop corn.

Sealover - 1 hour ago
Are you attending to what has been happening in Congress? Military will be getting a much needed raise which could be more?

Nick - 1 hour ago
You said it all.

NMP - 1 hour ago

Kay - 1 hour ago
We're planning a parade! And who's gonna pay for it? Mexico! But in the form of tariffs and a renegotiation of NAFTA...

Marlene - 1 hour ago
You people just don't understand how important a parade is. We have to get as close to Russia as we can. We now have Fox -- the propaganda network. We now have tried to undermine the FBI so the KGB will be made strong. And now we're have a parade just like Putin has. And Trump wears his black coats just like the leaders in Russia do. Soon you won't be able to tell any difference in the two counties.

paulburns32 - 1 hour ago
Yea the one thing that's for sure is the vets don't have enough support programs. What with their mortgage assistance and tuition assistance and paid healthcare and....

GKM - 1 hour ago
THEY ARE ALREADY DOING THAT.!!!! you need to find another news are clearly NOT getting ALL THE NEWS...

David - 1 hour ago
As opposed to what Obama and Dems did over the last 8 years to decorate the military? Nice Try!

bob - 1 hour ago
what money, the army will spend virtually the same drilling them somewhere else! Why do you hate our military so much?

LCS - 2 hours ago
@RUFFKNIGHT Ha! idiot if you believe that one

Clint - 2 hours ago
Have a parade once a month until all the snowflakes have melted.

Ken Wood - 2 hours ago
I totally agree.

Greg - 2 hours ago
Yahoo daily hate conditioning....Movis believes a parade cancellation will pay for career transition, health education homelessness and family support.....This isn't the Obamam administration...a parade doesn't cost that much!....LOL what a maroon

Marilyn - 2 hours ago
@PatB, Thank you for your service. That war was complicated, especially for the people who lived through it and lost family and friends. There was an unprecedented amount of disrespect for the government and the military at that time and it wasnt our soldiers faults, it was our government in a war rhat was never intended to solveanything for the Vietnamese people. We lost so much as a nation during that time, but the worst of it was our men and women who fought and died in such needless fashion. I will always remember that time with great sadness and increased knowledge of what any government can and will do to its people if left unchecked. Our military is still the best in the world and should always be celebrated, no matter the cost or inconvenience many may see as a waste of time and money. These are people, our soldiers, afterall, who have laid down their lives for the freedom most take for granted. I however do not...

Nicholas - 2 hours ago
@Dan Yet their bias is still just 1/10th of the bias of Fox.

Dan - 2 hours ago
No more yahoo news for me, I can think for myself, their bias is overwhelming

randophw - 2 hours ago
Nah that would be too much like the right thing to do. The Joint Chief have proven once again to be a bunch of soft old men who will bow and been over to stupid things like this idea.

L - 2 hours ago
@PatB Oh please, Pat. I don’t know a single working-class man from Central Missouri and several other rural and small towns who was able to avoid the draft not once but 5 TIMES!

Bruno - 2 hours ago
@PatB stop waving your vet nonsense. We have a coward for president who hid under his bed during Vietnam with 5 deferments.

L - 2 hours ago
Meals on Wheels? Bad, “fiscally irresponsible.” Ego-driven, unnecessary military parade? AWESOME!

Kachja - 2 hours ago
@don c - You are a fool for saying Democrats hate the military. Just another Trump supporter that has to over dramatize EVERYTHING to make a point.

Jango - 2 hours ago
@Bruno how so?

Kachja - 2 hours ago
@Sloane - So you would rather everyone wait UNTIL it's too late! Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense, doesn't it!

Kachja - 2 hours ago
@STEVE - I can't agree with that statement. Nobody (except maybe a judge if they come up against it in court) is forced to join the service. They have the same choices as everybody else.

Kachja - 2 hours ago
@Frank - Tell me how throwing this parade benefits the military! Wouldn't it be better spent ON VETS and the military themselves?

Interested - 2 hours ago
@Lloyd The military budget under Obama continued to grow. Are you a liar or just ignorant.

basmart1 - 2 hours ago
like obama did???? idiot

Kachja - 2 hours ago
@jabusse - Where exactly did you get those statistics? You may not be HIRING the military for the parade, but they will have to be bussed and flown in from somewhere, not to mention all the military vehicles he will want to have in there, they will either have to be driven or shipped in!

peopmvr - 2 hours ago
Money aside, it is a whole other level of lunacy on Trump's part..

PatB - 2 hours ago
@Gary A, I an a Vietnam Vet. There many people from that period of time that avoided the draft. Some did so with medical reasons, some went to Canada there were some that just refused to go. Most of us have learned to accept this and not hold it against them. Many of us do have a problem with the people that were calling us names when we returned or the ones like Jane Fonda that actively worked with the North Vietnamese. I served in the Army, I was with the Americal Division in Vietnam . Just out of curiosity, which branch of the military did you serve with?

Interested - 2 hours ago
@Iron.Gut actually, Obamaa could kick Trump's fat ash if it came down to it. I don't think there is a doubt about that.

C02Pump - 2 hours ago
Movis, I don't think there is anything preventing you from thanking the military "personally" and giving them what they deserve...
Other than you are just fullachit..

Fox Addicts Kick That Addiction - 2 hours ago

Gen. Paul Eaton has a scathing response to President Donald Trump’s plans to hold a massive military parade in Washington.
Gen. Paul Eaton has a scathing response to President Donald Trump’s plans to hold a massive military parade in Washington.
Gen. Paul Eaton has a scathing response to President Donald Trump’s plans to hold a massive military parade in Washington.

jabusse - 2 hours ago
it is 6 seconds of military spending. and less than .000004% addition in total cost. It is a big nothing in money. We are not hiring military for the parade and the flyovers can simply be training time.

Frank - 2 hours ago
Everybody is saying that now. Nice answer from leftists but here's a couple things....Under the last DEMOCRAT administration our vets and military were treated like cr*p! Secondly, Trump is doing all those things you mentioned and more! He wants to show TRUE appreciation to them and I agree. Obama and the Dems could care less about the military, just like the white voter. They think we are a shrinking demographic and they don't need us anymore. Take a look at who they pander to now days. That tells you all you need to know about their greed for votes....and it has NOTHING to do with compassion!

STEVE - 2 hours ago
and nobody seems to address the issue of "enlisted slavery". this is something that has been lurking under the surface in every military town. you get young people mostly from lower economic scale enlisting for extremely low pay, then they are seduced by predatory lending for cars , tvs and furniture. you look to see whats outside the gates of every major military installation. these guys then get their pay automatically hit by these lenders and have no choice but to re-up and in most cases , their re-up bonuses go right to their debts. at the same time , what do you think an 18 yr old kid from the mid west is going to do for the first time on his own.... he wants a nice car, maybe an apartment etc etc. this is forcing many junior enlisted to apply for additional government services. any of you privates / E1s etc out there will know what im talking about.

daveapete - 2 hours ago
The Bill before the Senate has increased military spending way beyond what the President has requested. It has bi-partisan support.

Sloane - 2 hours ago
So funny to watch the psycho media and left carry this story out of hate. Do you buffoons realize no date is set, not even approved, no money allocated this is just a idea at this time. All of you are over reacting like a bunch of five year olds. Worry about things that actually matter.

Bruno - 2 hours ago
We need to stop slobbering over our military like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert. They join, they get a competitive pay and 95% of them never see combat but ride desks until retirement. Combat vets deserve our gratitude but let's quit with the non stop praise

Harry - 2 hours ago
I agree. This #$%$ is just to feed Trump's ego. A very expensive ego.

don c - 2 hours ago
congress would have yo apprve that and democrats won't. They hate the military.

hoots - 2 hours ago
There are more than just gets in the US that need help

Gambit45 - 2 hours ago
@Defenestrate, typical Trumptard that screams about "Liberals" but has no problem letting Trump throw money at a parade to stroke his ego. You guys just can't get any more pathetic.

Jarrod - 2 hours ago
Wow, that would work out to maybe $0.25 per Veteran.

BFD - 2 hours ago
Screw that noise, we need a parade in front of the white house!

theo - 2 hours ago
You would not give a damn thing. Except grief

Bruno - 2 hours ago
We spend a ridiculous amount on military = $700 billion per year = 70x more than NK and 15x more than Russia and those countries are making us look like wimps. What's the point?

Lloyd - 2 hours ago
Liberals have no intention of providing "any" support to the armed services. They have done nothing but shrink the military budget, particularly under Obama. While any real American is all in favor of your laundry list of "thank you's" the Democratic Party has consistently shown the citizens of our country they have no interest in
in upgrading the military in any fashion.

MisterMonster - 2 hours ago
We’re to busy giving that money to illegals

Bill - 2 hours ago
Well how about that! So far 153 so-called American Patriots disagree. They probably want the money for themselves. Typical.

Dave - 2 hours ago about instead of wasting money on illegal aliens we spend it on the Vet's????? A parade honoring our military isn't so bad, wasting even a dime on illegal aliens is just wrong....hence the name ILLEGAL alien.

Iron.Gut - 2 hours ago
@Bob Actually Obama was the wimp.

rj117 - 2 hours ago
How about you libs stop giving the illegals everything instead?

Derrick - 2 hours ago
I like that idea! Trump is a feaking cretin, doesn't he understand that he was a cowardly draft dodger, and yet now he wants a fancy military parade, befitting a Banana Republic? You couldn't write this stuff into a Hollywood comedy script for Sasha Baron Cohen.

Interested - 2 hours ago
@Bob the world did not think we were wimps under Obama. That is pure 100% right wing propaganda bull shirt. However, it is true that the rest of the world is wondering if we are idiots for electing Don the Con. Thaat''s not propaganda. You can read it in the international newspapers.

Bob - 2 hours ago

Salty - 2 hours ago
@Chris Do we now???

Salty - 2 hours ago
@PatB Do YOU really know who Trump has so 'generously donated' his presidential paychecks to...and why he chose those outlets?He's not donated to kids with homeless shelters...nothing at all vital or altruistic. Instead, he's carefully chosen where his money goes.Betsy know, that woman in charge of the dumbing down of our children? She got some money for an "educational" program Antietam National Battlefield got some money for restorations. Gosh! I hope there's no coal or oil that needs fracking on that plot of land, because the way he's parsing out all of our National Park lands for resources...that battlefield might be strip mined by next year.Recently, the "Opioid Crisis" just got some money! You know, that Oxycontin addiction that Big Pharma and their lobbyists created out of greed? Another one of Trump's pet projects....and one I suspect that Big Pharma is actually behind, in some nefarious profitable way. Lets get a little more realistic with how we see what Trump's actual agenda is, before we go off into transports of euphoric support for his #$%$, shall we?

barry - 2 hours ago
While most people are to busy reading and complaining about Trump and all is antics that for the most part over emphasized, many taken completely out of context by the press to side track people away from what is actually happening in government. Example, living in Ohio, news covered his visit to Ohio. While talking with people he brought up Dems. not standing or applauding (their right, but disrespectful). He continued with I don't do what to say and someone in the background said treasonous, he laughed and said yea treasonous, laughed again and repeated it. Not a serious statement, but look long it has carried on. All distractions.

Movis you say we should do more for vets, I'm a vet and I agree. I also know that congress in the last year has passed 4 bills all helping and providing things for vets, Trump signed them. The same Democrat's in congress that say they support vets voted against 2 and 3 of the bills. Our senator Sherrod Brown, who might want to run for president, voted against 3 of them. While people say Trump is a draft dodger, than Brown is also one. If you look up your hero, former vice president Bidden, under the same terms he is also a draft dodger. That list includes a large portion of all the senate who were born between 44 and 53, both republican and democrats, with democrats leading the charge.

Patriautism - 2 hours ago
What we the people want is irrelevant. Trumpenfuerher is all that matters.

What's happening - 2 hours ago
Fabulous idea. We have parades for the important holidays and another, especially one that looks like a show of might, is just not necessary and might look provocative. Let's show our service members how much we appreciate them with things that would be useful (maybe even include our fire fighters, police force, and any others that keep us safe. Stupid waste of the tax dollar taken from us.

Uneasy - 2 hours ago
Boops, you are a fool.

jacuzzi - 2 hours ago
HUH? You mean koch cheney didnt take care of all the troops? ha ha ha ha ha it is so awesome watching the MORAL RIGHT constantly paint themselves into a corner.

PEART 2112 - 2 hours ago
can't he do both Movis

Uneasy - 2 hours ago
No Yvonne, the world is laughing at your kind for being so anti-American.

Yvonne - 2 hours ago
Do you want your children and loved ones to die of an overdose? Why the complaints, someone finally is bringing the truth to the surface. what a shame to be in denial.

Yvonne - 2 hours ago
Also remember 911? An attack on our land. Do you want more?

Yvonne - 2 hours ago
The world is laughing at our ridiculous comments. Other countries have better solutions than some of these unrealistic comments. We have not seen war on our land, but with comments like this we just might. Hurry and take cover.

Michael - 2 hours ago
So, I never vote because the candidates are always terrible choices, but as a veteran I must say nobody said a thing when Obama was denying disabled veterans their cost of living raises. 4 years he gave them no raise, one year he gave a 9 dollar raise, and one a three dollar raise only for the month of December. Trump's first year he gave a 60 dollar raise, passed a bill to make it easier for the VA to fire bad employees when before they'd just move them, and a bill that makes it easier for vets to seek care outside the VA. The last time something good was passed for vets was the post 911 gi bill by Bush. Republicans send us to war but democrats forget about vets outside of campaign speeches.

Paul - 2 hours ago
@Bradley Why does every teabilly think that if we don't like Trump we have to be a Hillary supporter. I dislike her only slightly less then Trump and thought the choice between her and Trump was a no-win no matter the outcome.

Apostle - 3 hours ago
@Kipster I doubt that you ever heard a bullet wiz by your head. It is a very unnerving sound. If you had, you would hate the way the politics as usual, has destroyed our Country with their political correctness.

Randy - 3 hours ago
no matter what President Trump does or wants to do, it will come under extreme criticism, because that's what we Americans do now... criticize. Any day now I expect a scathing in depth article about how he buttons his shirt from the bottom up, instead of the top down, or vise versa. America and Americans no longer look for ways to solve problems, only ways to complain about them.

Boops - 3 hours ago
trump could care less about any other human than himself!! This money could be used for such GOOD, but that wouldn't build trump's pathetic ego!

Change the Game - 3 hours ago
@Apostle, I will grant you that some illegals get it. They are not supposed to, but they could/do. I don't know ANY liberals that wouldn't support cracking down on corruption, but that's not what the Republicans want. They want to end programs for ALL people, not just illegals. So between nothing for no one, and someone abusing the system, I'll choose the later as it's still a small amount of our economy. I'd rather see the fraud in the military ended, and support to our troops increased with that savings!!

NA - 3 hours ago
If the money could turn around the life of only one troubled American veteran, it would still be the better way to spend it.

jeffk - 3 hours ago
@Scott True but the Vets are being left behind..

Who me - 3 hours ago
@Apostle Quit the lies... they pay taxes on everything they buy, and most pay taxs because of the documentation used to get the job.

jeffk - 3 hours ago
@StanC Tweety BOY did say on national TV " I like uneducated people " you didn't let him down stan. If your referring to Obama the man that brought this country OUT of the Blundering Bush Recession where millions of people lost their jobs their homes and life as they knew it- Then yes- It took money to fix Bushes Blunders and get this country going again- And it did! Some people are just uneducated and incapable of a intelligent thought.

Robin - 3 hours ago
Wow! You certainly are the typical uninformed liberal! If you’d care to recall, Obama cut the defense budget and Trump is fixing it. And that fix would go much faster if the Dems would stop their incessant attacks on our President! I really can’t believe that you libs have actually bought into the lie that illegals are more important than Americans! What is wrong with you?

HanK - 3 hours ago
@PatB and so far no proof that SNAFU Trumpy has donated any of the presidential salary. All SNAFU Trumpy has done is make announcements for the first two quarterly payments. But has not given any proof that the donations were actually made. Do not forget SNAFU Trumpy has a history of making claims that he would donate to charities but rarely follows through.
ImagemewsBy mews on

Apostle - 3 hours ago
@Anne I worked in a factory that was 80% illegals. They all received free medical care and food stamps, not to mention free education for their children. My source, The illegals I worked with.

Jean - 3 hours ago
How about we give each vet a free cellphone, and cable, and housing, and SNAP card, and healthcare, and spinning hubs, and tats, and nails, and every other benefit the illegals get.

Timothy - 3 hours ago
Agreed - given the choice, there are much more productive things that could be done. But the govt is rarely focused on making the right choice. Why stop now?

jeffk - 3 hours ago
But if they did that with the money there wouldn't be a big show- Little boys love big parades.

StanC - 3 hours ago
he is the CIC and people seem to forget that. He certainly is not McCelleand who refused to fight in the Civil War and was removed by Lincoln. Remember AH, we just went through 8 years of dumbo ears, and what you say was caused by him. along with 15 Trillion in new debt. and for what. companies like solandra were stealing our money and he and pot holder did nothing. so GFY.

Scott - 3 hours ago
Active service members and veterans get plenty of help already. There are millions of other people in this country that need help as well.

Apostle - 3 hours ago
@carmine What about Canada Bill Clinton?

VladsCock-Holster - 3 hours ago

Nicholas - 3 hours ago
Chris says vets get plenty. I get upset every time I see one of the ads for disabled vet charities like wounded warrior. That's what I want my tax dollars paying for. It's shameful that to actually get the help our vets need they have to go to charities who beg for money. And by the way, this is not the most financial efficient way to help them as too much money is siphoned off for ads, promotion and salaries. And too often for theft by the fundraisers and administrators.

Edward Branca - 3 hours ago
Don't cut programs that help disabled people and senior citizens. Cut the military budget.

Apostle - 3 hours ago
@Chris You obviously have never had bullets and bombs go off next to you in a land 1000’s of miles away, while praying that you get to see your loved ones again.

Penny - 3 hours ago
This is what I came here to say. Spend these millions (where is this money coming from, btw?) on veterans and service members.

Salty - 3 hours ago
@Paul So far, there's 111 idiots.

Nicholas - 3 hours ago
Paul, exactly, there shouldn't be any at all, even Russian trolls.

Paul - 3 hours ago
I can't believe there would be any thumbs down to this post.

PatB - 3 hours ago
@Anne If you type it in the box at the top of your screen you can get a list of the charities President Trump has donated his pay to. That does not include the million he gave for the hurricane relief fund.

Apostle - 3 hours ago
Didn’t you mean; Instead of giving all of the free welfare and disability money to druggies, gang bangers?

Chris - 3 hours ago
Vets get plenty

jane_conrad - 3 hours ago
Give active duty a raise also.

carmine - 3 hours ago
Drumpf, the five times draft dodger does not give a #$%$ about the people who served and even died for this country. His allegiance is ONLY to Russia.

tired - 3 hours ago
@Bob The only thing you ever served is a quarter pounder with cheese

Kipster - 3 hours ago
@Joseph Ah a Trump supporter? Ah probably so. Good luck with that

Kipster - 3 hours ago
@Bradley That is a ridiculous statement. You must be a joy to be around.

Gary A - 3 hours ago
Remember Vietnam Vets who stand with Trump, he ducked his duty in reporting for the Draft. He dodge it.

Anne - 3 hours ago
@ Greg: What money is given to illegals? Please specify and list sources. You won't be able to.

Kipster - 3 hours ago
@Bob As A Vietnam Vet I do not.

Bob - 3 hours ago
As a Vietnam Veteran, I stand with our president!

Ella - 3 hours ago
@Bradley and a parade will show how GOP and your POTUS cares about the military?

Frank Castle - 3 hours ago
Movis, you have had all this time to thank us, still waiting.....

Anne - 3 hours ago
@ RUFFKNIGHT: Trump SAID he would donate his salary, but there has been no proof that he has actually done so. PS: The Constitution stipulates the President cannot refuse his salary. PPS: John Kennedy & Herbert Hoover actually did donate their salaries to charities.

MyObservationsOpinions - 3 hours ago
@Brian D , right that will be the day.

Thomas - 3 hours ago
But you are not the president so shut up.

MyObservationsOpinions - 3 hours ago
@Brett, what money? State your proof.

MyObservationsOpinions - 3 hours ago
@Fridito Bandito , he has done nothing of the sort and you know it.

Tumek - 3 hours ago
Do both, you idiot.

MyObservationsOpinions - 3 hours ago
@Bob , if it was a parade for vets, yes! But we already have them. We do no need to honor Trump with a parade who avoided military service multiple times.

MyObservationsOpinions - 3 hours ago
@Greg, if the pay taxes they should be allowed to work. Not like free loading Trump who does his best NOT to pay his share to taxes and yet be boasts of being a billionaire.

M Des1 - 3 hours ago
@Bob Did you have tanks and missiles in your childhood parades? There is a big difference between honoring the military and a threatening show of force.

LCS - 3 hours ago
@brandon ...draft dodger ? #$%$ Brandon

MyObservationsOpinions - 3 hours ago
@RUFFKNIGHT , but he charges the government through the nose for his stay at Mar-a-Largo. One day at Mar-a-Largo is much more than 1 month of a presidents salary.

selena8472 - 3 hours ago
I completely respect everything our vets have done no matter my attitudes on the military are they are heroes through and through.didn't our vets all of you fight for everyone's freedom??fight for everyone to get a fair shake in America??fight for this country as a land of opportunity??I am NOT by any means saying THROW OPEN OUR BORDERS!!!!but people come here for a better life and the illegals everyone is intent on throwing out shouldn't they be given a chance NOW to become citizens??I say put them on notice to give them a certain amount of time FIRST and then....wellll then it becomes their fault and they get sent away but they deserve a fair shake don't they??

MyObservationsOpinions - 3 hours ago
@Anonymous , but the parade is OK. Got it.

C - 3 hours ago
Well said Movis. Additionally, that could be done without the drastically over-inflated budget and increase

M Des1 - 3 hours ago
@RUFFKNIGHT Do you know for a fact if he did it? Or is it more empty words and promises on his part. He is not known to actually deliver on his verbal pledges of donations.

LCS - 3 hours ago
@K. ..then stop White Entitlements welfare 1 trillion a year and put their a$ses to work. ..See it works both ways. .racistk

RUFFKNIGHT - 3 hours ago
Trump donated his salary for use in the upkeep and improvements of veterans cemeteries

Me - 3 hours ago
Movis, most of the cost will be covered by donations......Each of the programs mentioned ARE already covered.....But like all programs ran by the government....wasted...Private groups do better.......But there is still waste & fraud.

J - 3 hours ago
They are getting all that too.

Your Fan - 3 hours ago
Trump wants it for his ego. I agree with you.

Bradley - 3 hours ago
You Lib Hilary lovers don't give 2 s*its about the Military!

Joseph - 3 hours ago
I want it! So am I Trump!!!!!

Greg - 3 hours ago
Under this logic shouldn't we give all the money given to illegals to actual citizens?

Vicki - 3 hours ago
@Ken That would be you, another Trump supporter idiot!

Bob - 3 hours ago
Some of my fondest memories from my youth include Veterans Day parades. I watched and marched in them growing up as a Cub and then Boy Scout and the pride and patriotism they fostered were off the chart. It was also an opportunity to talk with men that had served all the way back to WWI and listen to them recount their experiences. Then I had my own military experiences which remain among my most cherished. These are feelings and experiences that are simply not available to the youth of today and have been purposefully engineered out by the leftards and the phony "social justice warriors" who have sought to replace the real warriors that protect this country and keep it safe. Having parades like this and publicly honoring the military are far more important than you and your ilk think.

Fridito Bandito - 3 hours ago
He is doing that too,,,,, Trump has kicked the VA's arce so they perform and pouring funding into the hospitals and programs for the Vets..........God Bless our Military !

Brett - 3 hours ago
What about the money Obama sent overseas? Where is your war cry for that?

Brian D - 3 hours ago
Hey Haters. He's going to pay for it himself. Watch. Lets add this headline to the list. Trump won't win the nomination. Hillary wins in a landslide. Economy will crash with Trump win. Trump will be impeached in his first year. Tax cuts will only benefit the rich. (That extra $1000 I got went a long way) ObamaCare is here to stay. (Gutted) Immigration reform will never happen.

Eileen - 3 hours ago
Thank you Movis. I have been saying this for a long time - if you really love our military and respect what so many of them have sacrificed show them by helping them in all the ways you mention. I am sure that would be more appreciated by them than who in the NFL is kneeling and waving flags. Actions towards what that flag stands for is what makes us great and not aiding returning vets is a disgrace.

Paul - 3 hours ago
@Charles Don't forget about the Camp LeJeune marines that were drinking contaminants that the Department of the Navy knew about for decades.

Ken - 3 hours ago
Your mommy never took you to parades, did she Movis from Clovis still wanting his mommy's cleavage.

Paid My Way - 3 hours ago
Ya think? makes too much sense.

Charles - 3 hours ago
Could use that money to help out ft. Mc Clellan vets who are piosoned and not getting any help from the VA.

Intelli2 - 3 hours ago
@Kevin. Double Wrong ignorant Zombie!

JS - 3 hours ago
I share your sentiments and said as much when I heard this ridiculous idea, but Trump wants ratings and the biggest turnout ever; it's all about him, not our veterans or those serving.

K. - 3 hours ago

Intelli2 - 3 hours ago
@Geralt1. Homeless vets is quite often mental illness which your moron Reagan handed off to States, which went repuke and cut mental illness treatment and housing also. So now you’re saying that military service is one welfare the nation should provide. Another entitled class to go with repuke hypocrite elites?

Maybe - 3 hours ago
You're forgetting that 45 only really care abut what he wants. But I agree it would be really nice to spend the money on this ridiculous parade on the veterans on this country

Sarah - 3 hours ago
I love morons like you movis. when dems are in power you want nothing to do with the military and scream about every dime spent for defense. republicans get in and all of a sudden you become pro veteran. we see your type and we remember.

turner - 4 hours ago
Well said, Movis

Public school teacher of 10 yrs. - 4 hours ago
Way down on the priority list. Sorry

Anonymous - 4 hours ago
That sounds good. Maybe also transfer all of Planned Parenthood's funding to vets.

Chris k - 4 hours ago
So it is only right if we give you what you "want" Got it.

Ref - 4 hours ago
@Movis; Absolutely!

Intelli2 - 4 hours ago
Joining the military is already our biggest work age training subsidy movie. Let’s put an equal amount into peace time, vo-tech training for high school and college age kids as well as soldiers. We could st@nd to transition our fight to better serve our reality.

Jackie - 4 hours ago
You've got it right.

yahoo sucks - 4 hours ago
Movis -There's no money left for helping any of those people. The tens of billions given to illegals every year have drained the system. The Americans who need the help come after the illegals. Sorry.

brandon - 4 hours ago
Screw veterans. They are parasites. Give them a prison cell.

Jon - 4 hours ago
I don't disagree, but they already get those things.

tstephen - 4 hours ago
@ken = Over FOUR-THOUSAND propaganda posts from this RUSSIAN TROLL hiding in mommies basement

tstephen - 4 hours ago
@Druid = Russian TROLL with over FOUR-THOUSAND divisive propaganda posts defending baby paws from mommies basement

joe - 4 hours ago
Another disadvantage of a draft dodger president, no consideration of the thousands of military personnel who will be separated from their families for probably a week, and have to travel from all over for his parade. Pulling tanks and equipment, on the road for a week. Don't worry about costs, the republicans will cut more taxes to pay for it! Military hates parades, they have to march in them. But, on the bright side, it will fulfill a wish of our glorious leader; no vacancies at trump tower DC for several days.

shellie - 4 hours ago
amen to that

Druid - 4 hours ago
Dems would never go along with this. Using resources for vets would cut the welfare budget.

American Worker - 4 hours ago
Whoever disagrees with this is unAmerican!

ken - 4 hours ago
@Geralt1 we have plenty for vets once we stop taking care of illegals!!

ken - 4 hours ago
@DEBORA C wow..liberal intelligence at its' finest......the dumb #$%$ club

Geralt1 - 4 hours ago
@Sonny if they are so substantial, why do we have homeless vets? My second question, DID YOU SERVE?

Donald C - 4 hours ago
Now you want to spend money on vets....why not before???

Yahoo Comment - 4 hours ago
Says Dude with 7,000+ posts

William - 4 hours ago
Or maybe Movis we do what the Liberals want to do, give the money to Illegal Aliens!

Sonny - 5 hours ago
No- vet benefits are already substantial. This is an all-volunteer military- there is a choice.

Stoo - 5 hours ago
What a great idea.

DEBORA C - 5 hours ago

Dude! - 5 hours ago
Kevin is a Russian troll

Kevin - 6 hours ago
And take the money from planned parenthood and pbs!!

reaper - 6 hours ago
A military parade for draft dodging bone spurred Trump!!! God bless those Vietnam vets who gave their lives when Trump wouldn't!!!
Replies (281)

William - 14 minutes ago
@BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator I do not hate the military.

William - 15 minutes ago
@TheDame well said

joe - 16 minutes ago
I don't recall Oblunder serving his country...

andrew - 20 minutes ago
@reaper,Bowe Bergdahl got a raw deal from the USA,given the Afghanistan/Pakistan cast of characters and the USA was us who allowed Bergdahl to be captive for 5yrs and have others slain and wounded,to be blamed on him.Trump comes on with his five deferments and fans the flames higher! yes America there is a judge higher than Trump.

Debbie - 21 minutes ago

TheDame - 30 minutes ago
This parade is to feed Trump's ego and nothing else. He doesn't deserve to stand next to these brave men and women.

BackwardCatholic - SuperPredator - 30 minutes ago
Why does the left hate the military?

roadPilot - 31 minutes ago
Poor widdle snowfwake. You forgot Billy and Obama, both "draft dodgers".

NewDay - 32 minutes ago
@Erik Yup. And in the meantime VP Nominee Kaine had to pay a tidy sum to get his son out of jail.

Steve - 33 minutes ago
@Wayne Liberals hate facts.

Justa - 35 minutes ago
@reaper Um, the parade is for them, to recognize them...

bruce - 35 minutes ago
@Linda Treptow No draft for Obama

bruce - 36 minutes ago
@Lloyd but yet you blindly support a man who has never served or has had a family member serve His grandfather came here to avoid Military service

Nasty Woman - 37 minutes ago
Vets who gave their lives aren't Trump's idea of heroes. He likes winners. He said it himself when talking about McCain. McCain was captured, so just imagine what Trump thinks about people who actually got killed.

Workingman - 37 minutes ago
There is no god...

Doug - 40 minutes ago
What a screwy comment! Did you say the same about Bill Clinton? Probably not since he is a 'fellow' democratic wash out.

Paul - 41 minutes ago
@Johnny There was a lot of people that had valid medical conditions that were drafted. Tom Ridge former Congressman, former Governor of Pennsylvania and first Secretary of Homeland Security was almost deaf, had bad feet and back was drafted and sent to Vietnam but then he came from a blue collar family.

Wayne - 42 minutes ago
Jay - alleged bone spurs are a bit different than college deferments. For one thing, when college ended, so did the deferments.

Wayne - 43 minutes ago
Steve - Even if your statement is true which I doubt, Clinton isn't the subject of the discussion and he didn't ask for a parade.

Steve - 45 minutes ago
Clinton ran to Canada, snowflake.

bruce - 45 minutes ago
@Darkangel But did Clinton want or have a Military Parade

Jay - 45 minutes ago
@reaper - still spreading lies. Millions of college age men stayed in college to avoid the draft in the '60s, and Trump was no different. Maybe you should volunteer for a tour, like I did during Vietnam, or better, study the history and stop getting your history from HuffPo.

Tom - 46 minutes ago
Trump is a true coward.

bruce - 47 minutes ago
@Johnny Sorry but the Military Doctors did not find his bone spurs Johnny.Trump himself has said he showed up with a paper written by a dr saying he had the bone spurs, I will tell you I spent 6 month as an inactive reserve in the 70's and had a seizure before I was to go into basic training. I had a paper from my dr saying I had the seizure .and was giving a medical discharge on the spot. So they do take dr's statements and do not always check

NewDay - 47 minutes ago
@Mark ,, Yes,, Yes I did. And will continue to back him too.

Bleu - 49 minutes ago
I sure will be one of those that will PEE on his parade.

NewDay - 50 minutes ago
@Will ,,, Why did the Dems keep voting down a Bill that provided funding to our Military. The biggest thing Trump has done that is a huge help is now the Idjuts in the VA can be fired. That will save money to be used elsewhere. ANd ya, I am in the system for 16 years now. I know how it functions,,, or better, doesn't function. Being I am 100% it's all free to me. Can't complain about the Dental Dept at all.

W. D. - 54 minutes ago
@Sharon ...did you serve? Just asking.

Squirrelneck - 56 minutes ago
To be fair...If that pathetic marshmallow had fought in Vietnam, we would have lost much worse!

Steve - 56 minutes ago
So far 574 bots, trolls, and conflicted Chickenhawks who "relate" to their beloved cadet!

W. D. - 56 minutes ago
@Johnny ... A lot of people who run our country have not served in wars. The point is that tRUMP "bone spurred" (yeah, right) his way out of being drafted!

NewDay - 58 minutes ago
@Erik ,, The insult to our Nation is the FBI,DOJ and people still connected to the Barry Admin, fabricating a Fake File to undermine the Prez of the USA.

GA - 59 minutes ago
Yes he served right next to your Muslim Traitor Oduma, stupid.

W. D. - 1 hour ago
@andyeide Obama was NOT a draft dodger! tRUMP is!

Watch Out Where The Huskies Go - 1 hour ago
NewDay, as a former Russian advisor to the North Vietnamese, maybe you should write a book detailing your experiences - then Clint Eastwood could make a movie about it the way he did with the Japanese in WW II.

NewDay - 1 hour ago
reaper,, I am one of those Nam Vets and will continue to back Trump. I survived Nam. When the Drs. gave up, they told me when I woke up that I had a strong will to live, they couldn't any thing more to try to keep me alive. Ya, I back President Trump!!! Ooorraaahh!!

andyeide - 1 hour ago
Did Obama serve in the Military? No. Did Bill Clinton serve in the Military? No. Bill Clinton was a draft dodger and while I was serving 8 miles off the coast of North Vietnam on a United States Navy ship Bill Clinton was in Moscow rubbing elbows with our Communist enemies. Liberals are so one-sided.

Paul1945 - 1 hour ago
Trump was in plenty of parades in the military acedmy he attended and also in the Cirucus he worked at all his life as a clown..but "the Donald" is a great ringmaster too

Johnny - 1 hour ago
Did Obama or Bush serve in Wars?

Jerry - 1 hour ago
@Datasmate You're a loon!

Dave - 1 hour ago
@Lloyd I love your sweeping generalizations and ignorance of facts

Jerry - 1 hour ago
@Johnny Hey Johnny you should have listened to some of Drump's interviews about his draft status, then you wouldn't look like the fool you are, so what was your status?

Scooby - 1 hour ago
The soldiers should all claim to have bone spurs and cruise the parade route on Hoverounds.

Sharon - 1 hour ago
@Juliet ... just so you know, moron, I had three nephews deployed in Iraq, and though I hated George Bush, I supported our Troops who go where they are sent and do what they have to do. And, I'm also a registered democrat who has abandoned the most corrupt political party in the world, not just the country. Sometimes enough becomes enough and sane people have to push back. What a pathetic brain washed liberal like yourself thinks or believes is of no importance to me. And, just how many of your relatives have served and put their lives on the line. probably not many, people like yourself are too busy wearing pink hats and protesting in the street while our brave young military men and women fight for their right to do so.

Erik - 1 hour ago
@Darkangel clinton went overseas to study abroad (and probably use that "studied a broad... or a few") joke more than once.

that's something that people do in college. and maybe he was motivated by the war, but there were plenty of people who went to college that wouldn't have otherwise to try to avoid the draft, so are we calling them out too?

the two are a couple degrees of wrong away from each other.

clinton took advantage of a perfectly legal process that others did as well, in order to wait out the draft. instead of doing this, trump lied -- and blatantly too -- about having bone spurs in order to evade the draft directly. he then ran for president for a party that has called out candidates for not having served in the military, and ran in part by calling out his opposition as liars.

if you don't get why that huge hypocrisy is an insult to our nation, you will never understand this issue.

Mark - 1 hour ago
Yet most of those Vietnam vets voted for the idiot in chief. Go figure.

CMM - 1 hour ago

Johnny - 1 hour ago
reaper wrote: "A military parade for draft dodging bone spurred Trump!!!"

Yet another Looney Liberal who merely repeats the Liberal Left Lie about Trump's draft status.

FYI, entrance into military service occurs only after the inductee or volunteer passes the extensive physical examination conducted by military doctors at the Military Entrance Processing Station (‘MEPS’) their induction process directs them to (during Donald Trump's time it was known as an Armed Forces Examination and Entrance Station: aka ‘AFEES’).

As directed by Trump’s draft board’s “Greeting: you are directed to appear...” letter, he appeared at his designated AFEES, where military doctors discovered the bone spurs on both feet, and designated him to be ‘Disqualified for Military Service’ and assigned him the Draft Status of “1-Y”: “Registrant qualified for service only in time of war or national emergency.”

When the ‘1-Y’ classification was abolished 10 December, 1971, registrants were either reclassified as ‘1-A’ or ‘4-F’ – and the registrant had no say as to which they were reclassified. In Trump's case, due to his age he was reclassified to “4-F”: “Registrant not acceptable for military service.”

Do stop posting libelous lies, reaper.

Erik - 1 hour ago
@Datasmate you just dipped into conspiracy theory territory here.

Erik - 1 hour ago
@Johnson if i were rich, and didn't go, i wouldn't run for office and act like there's nothing wrong with my corruption.

there's the issue -- it's not that people are upset that he lied. plenty of people did. they were just wise and sensible enough to stay out of the limelight.

enough republicans were outraged that Obama never served, but are now okay with trump having lied his way out of the draft. that's the other reason this is an issue -- it's yet another clear example of the conservative double-standard.

David - 1 hour ago
Maybe you should have come backbone and run for office?

Johnson - 1 hour ago
@Puzzled - if you were rich, you wouldn't go either pinhead! You're holding that bar way over your head!

Datasmate - 1 hour ago
@Juliet I think you two are on the same page. Yes, both stories are horror stories. But Bush knew 9-11 was going to happen and he let it. Another Pearl Harbor fiasco. They knew Benghazi was going to happen and let it because the Ambassador knew something Obama and Clinton didn't want anyone else to know. Both are criminal, but the powers that be wanted these events to happen. So.... Who do we kill to end this idiocy of forcing us into war.

Darkangel - 1 hour ago
You didn't complain about Clinton who was a real draft dodger!

ed - 1 hour ago
What unit did slick Willie Clinton serve in @ Reaper? I believe that he and Trump are about the same age. What unit where you in Reaper?

William - 1 hour ago
And YOU served when...................

Lloyd - 1 hour ago
I don't know a single person who agrees with this statement. Most of us served in the military or have/had people close to us serve their country. I don't know anyone who supports either Clinton or the Muslim Boy King Obama. Liberals tend to make comments that are totally against what the people want (immigration-check out the

recent polls).

and let's not forget about border protection or proper vetting of those trying to enter the country.

M - asters Public Affairs
Masters Public Affairs1 hour ago
It's funny people make fun of bone spurs, and never heard of them until recently.

Johnson - 1 hour ago
@Trump=Liar you keep this lie going... Clinton did not get out of the draft because he was a Rhodes Scholar! Go look up what actually happened pinhead and stop lying!

Johnson - 2 hours ago
@Trump=Liar - According to Pew, 54% of veterans voted for President Trump!

Steve - 2 hours ago
And Wee Willy Clinton ???

Datasmate - 2 hours ago
@Linda Treptow Bush served, Air Force. He was notorious for going AWOL frequently.

Greg - 2 hours ago
reaper...Have those pics of Obama or Clinton (either one) in uniform? LOL

Linda Treptow - 2 hours ago
What's Clinton, Bush and Obama's excuses???????

AlwaysRt - 2 hours ago
2020T - Are "the people" asking for a military parade? No, it's your idiot in chief. He wanted one at his inauguration but the pentagon said no way. Such a baby az

Judge - 2 hours ago
@AlwaysRt are liberals nuts? IMO.

Douglas - 2 hours ago
@Puzzled - EXACTLY and the pampered, spoiled rotten RICH putting their lives on the line - NEVER........................
Their pretense is such a DISGRACE....................................

UGRection - 2 hours ago
@2020T Don't be fooled, it's for trumps ego. Since his events are smaller than other President's, he will have a military parade where attendance is manditory to make it look like he has the support of the. majority of the American people.

Johnson - 2 hours ago
@Trump=Liar - you continue to tell that lie! Being a Rhodes Scholar did not keep Clinton out of the war... You need to read about what actually happened and stop talking about things you know nothing about!

AlwaysRt - 2 hours ago
OMG Reaper! You are SO right. This coward draft-dodging pig doesn't deserve any kind of parade!

Juliet - 2 hours ago
@Sharon You've taken that horrible story to a whole new level. I hope you were that upset over President Bush sending our young men and women into a war over "weapons of mass destruction", and there wasn't any to be found. All those men and women that died for a lie. I hope you are just as upset.

UGRection - 2 hours ago
@Sharon but...but....Obama and Hillary....WHAAAAAA!!!

Sharon - 2 hours ago
And, God bless those innocent Americans who were calling out for help for weeks in Benghazi, but they're cries were ignored by Obama and Clinton because obama didn't want a military action that might offend radical Islamic terrorists. God bless those innocent people who our soldiers would have happily rescued if they had been allowed to act.

Daniel - 2 hours ago
I'm sure you oppose the Vietnam war anyway. Your argument is so hollow.

daled - 2 hours ago
@Delli ...I believe he was a Rhodes Scholar, sweetie...It's certainly not as manly of a reason as 'bone-spurs', but it's certainly more viable.

St Pauli - 2 hours ago
Like you would have run off to fight an unnecessary war if you had a legal way out....don't be stupid.

Chris - 2 hours ago
Now that Obama is no longer president, which Muslim country will he be signing up to fight for?

2020T - 2 hours ago
@reaper you idiot it isnt for trump but for the military people! wow you liberals are really off

DMH - 2 hours ago
Imagine anyone disagreeing with reaper's trumperites aren't only blind, deaf and dumb, you're also just plain stupid !!!

Puzzled - 2 hours ago
Come on! Everybody knows that the rich don't go to war. Got beter things to do. The just leave it to the common Joe to do the dirty work and protect their interests.

Delli - 2 hours ago
...what did Clinton do?

Mitch - 2 hours ago
Where did you serve other than McDonalds?

Paul - 2 hours ago
@kathleene Funny with you having 14,040 response you comment on people not having time to work, but then commenting might be your work. By the way I'm retired after 24 years in the Marines and 23 in the DOJ.

Johnson - 2 hours ago
@WCG - go read what actually happened... before that! That was just at the end! I think you'll find it enlightening!

daveapete - 2 hours ago
Some of our highest ranking retired officers have already come out against this parade. They say it makes us look like North Korea!

Fishon - 2 hours ago
Appears reaper only votes for dead people....

Bob - 2 hours ago
@Khary, according to who, FAUX NOISE? Ha,ha,ha! They are the tRUMP State News(fake) Network.

P - 2 hours ago
Plane ?
Plain !

hotdog1 - 2 hours ago trump calling mccain a coward for getting captured.. I would have loved to see trump bail out of a shot down plane over North Vietnam, and fight his way thru the jungle 300 miles back to the Sout Vietnam border to fight another day! Yeah right!

Brian - 2 hours ago
@Paul - Semper Fi!

William - 2 hours ago
@D No draft dodger Trump is the coward plane and simple, you can't sugar coat that.

Mobile Tech - 2 hours ago
@Paul Great points! People like to leave out those material facts.

Paul - 2 hours ago
@D Bring it on cupcake any weapon you have wouldn't scratch the paint on a Amtrac.

CW - 2 hours ago
@Chuck I seem to have forgotten Clinton's request for a parade.

Chuck - 2 hours ago
Like BC? the true draft dodger liar

William - 2 hours ago
Could someone please explain to me during post war and the draft is non existent, you have a choice to go into the military or go to college. President Obama went to college and got his degree. He did not know he was going to run for President. So anyone with just half of a brain that you have the option to go into the military or not. What is the big deal

RK - 2 hours ago
Gave their lives for what???? Their lives were stolen from them for the gain of politicians and the elite. America was never in danger from any of the countries we had some war against since the end of WW2, and now the big Red "enemy" China, owns us.....and Hollywood. T

Gloria - 2 hours ago
Did obama join the service ? How about Clinton ? Yeah NOT

Paul - 2 hours ago
@Energy1950 Big deal so Clinton was a draft dodger too. At least Clinton didn't insult POWs, attack Gold Star parents, get in a Twitter spat with the widow of a fallen soldier, insult Vietnam Vets by comparing the New York bar scene to combat, insult everyone that was awarded the Purple Heart by acclaiming he always wanted one and he didn't know it was this easy.

Chromespoke - 2 hours ago
Right, just like your spineless Obummer served in the military. Obstructionist.

Proud American Deplorable - 2 hours ago
Hmmm, when did Obama & Clinton serve? I don't recall that in my history books?

StiK - 2 hours ago
And just wondering, how many leftist useless losers ran off to Canada during the vietnam war? We had a great and professional military in the early days of the war but then you end up with a lot of draftees that were not the most professional. Between them and the useless politicians here that is where the war was lost. We had hollyweird "celebrities" campaigning against us like we see today to bring this country down. Leftist filth spat on returning veterans calling them baby killers too, who is that on? Not the right I guarantee that. The left hates this country and The Constitution. If it is so bad here why don't all you worthless leftists move to another country that is more suitable to you? Venezuela was touted by many leftists and leftist "celebrities" as the perfect place. Why aren't you there reaping the rewards of your socialistic utopia? Don't like it here then leave. If you don't leave then follow the law, quit your rioting, and get your own #$%$ together. You are not placed on this planet to be taken care of by someone else or a worthless government.

Trump=Liar - 2 hours ago
@CHARLIE Nixon actually did serve during WWII. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and exempted and Obama was a child when the draft ended. VetsVote has come out against the parade and I guess you've missed all the military organizations that have come out against it. That would include this vet.

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Loftyplanets ..that was don. .Lifetime Liberal! Lmfao

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Loftyplanets ...he does have a fake orange tint

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Daniel Schmidt. .Stop making excuses for Don the con. .his dad's money kept his phony #$%$ from going! He's used $$ his entire life to do or not to do something. .

jacuzzi - 2 hours ago
The smart ones are living in canada.

Trump=Liar - 2 hours ago
@Barack E. Neuman Actually VetsVote and the American Legion didn't support or endorse Trump.

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Jean you're a disgraceful mess to all women Btw

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Jean .. No. .the Floats will all have Rtumps face and all the women that Accused him of Sexual Misconduct!

Michael - 2 hours ago
You don't want everyone fighting in combat, the draft was a terrible idea because those without the will to fight just endanger the lives of other soldiers.

Trump=Liar - 2 hours ago
@maple exactly! I would do anything possible to avoid putting on my dress uniform and frequently traded for someone else's watch to avoid putting it on.

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Et68 ignorant or was that what they taught you in trumps rallies , while you drank the Kool-aid?

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Kay...yeah? You're reference of course to our last president? Still a better president. ..Muslim or American. Barack Obama Beats Dump every single time!

BourbonChicken - 3 hours ago
When did you serve?

Energy1950 - 3 hours ago
According to the LA Times, "after about two weeks waiting for Bill Clinton to arrive for his preliminary interview and physical exam, Ellis said he called (Clinton's uncle) Raymond to inquire - 'What happened to that boy?' According to Ellis, Clinton's uncle replied - 'Don't worry about it. He won't be coming down. "It's all been taken care of.' "
--[LA Times Sep 02 92]
Fall 1968 - Because of the local draft board's continuing postponement of his pre-induction physical, Clinton is able to enroll at Oxford Univ.
--[Wash Post Sep 13 92]
February 2, 1969 - While at Oxford, Clinton finally takes and passes a military physical examination.
--[Washington Times Sep 18 92]
April 1969 - Clinton receives induction notice from the Hot Springs AR draft board. Clinton however claims that the draft board told him to ignore the notice because it arrived after the deadline for induction.
--[Wash Post Sep 13 92]
June-July 1969 - Clinton receives a second induction notice with a July 28 induction date and returns home.
--[Wash Times Sep 18 92]
July 11, 1969 - Clinton's friend at Oxford, Cliff Jackson, writes, "Clinton is feverishly trying to find a way to avoid entering the Army as a drafted private. I have had several of my friends in influential positions trying to pull strings on Bill's behalf."
-- [LA Times Sep 26 92]
Clinton benefited from yet another lobbying campaign in order to evade this induction notice. "Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton, who has said he did not pull strings to avoid the Vietnam-era draft, was able to get his Army induction notice canceled in the summer of 1969 after a lobbying effort directed at the Republican head of the state draft agency." Arrangements were made for Clinton to meet with Col. Williard A. Hawkins who "was the only person in Arkansas with authority to rescind a draft notice. ... The apparently successful appeal to Hawkins was planned while Clinton was finishing his first year as a Rhodes scholar in England. Clinton's former friend and Oxford classmate, Cliff Jackson -- now an avowed political critic of the candidate -- said it was pursued immediately upon Clinton's return to AR in early July 1969 to beat a July 28 deadline for induction."
-- [LA Times Sep 26 92]
Comment: Jackson's statement is contrary to Clinton's repeated assertions that he received no special treatment in avoiding military service. "(I) never received any unusual or favorable treatment." [LA Times Sep 02 92]
August 7, 1969 - Clinton is reclassified 1-D after he arranges to enter the ROTC program at the University of Arkansas.
--[Wash Post Sep 13 92]
According to Cliff Jackson, Clinton's Oxford classmate, Clinton used the ROTC program to "kill the draft notice, to avoid reporting on the July 28 induction date, which had already been postponed. And he did that by promising to serve his country in the ROTC, number one, to enroll in the law school that fall ... and he never enrolled."
--[Wash Times Sep 17 92]
Comment - Clinton's admission into the ROTC program again runs contrary to his repeated statements that he received no special treatment in order to evade military service. Col. Eugene Holmes, commander of the University of Arkansas ROTC program, said Clinton was admitted after pressure from the Hot Springs draft board and the office of Senator J. William Fulbright (D-AR).

Bob - 3 hours ago
@skant153, exempt because daddy Drumpf went to Doctors R Us and bought Donny Little Hands an exemption!

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@Rocky I would have been difficult to be a war hero with no wars when he would have been of age----idiot!

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@ShrÖÖms So you're saying those who lost their lives made no sense. I'm sure their families appreciate your concern. By they way vetsVote and other Veteran's organizations are against Trump's parade.

Kay - 3 hours ago
At least he's a US Citizen!

Alan - 3 hours ago
John - all you cowards who claim that a civil war is coming are just like your Orange Savior. Talk all the BS you want and then run away when the real fighting starts just like Coward Donnie.

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@Dominari Does that include trying to stop disabled vets who had legal vendors licenses from selling souvenirs near Trump Tower because he felt they were an eyesore?

Really Now - 3 hours ago
@Et68 another mutable moron, mute this fool

Et68 - 3 hours ago
Thank you Obama for your military service...oh wait...nevemind

Fotbaldad - 3 hours ago
@Alan you are obviously crazy. Better check yourself in somewhere.

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@Wardmama4 and you're an idiot-a real one. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and as such exempted. Nobody ever confused Trump for a scholar except maybe his "poorly educated" base.

StanC - 3 hours ago
and god bless those idiot civilian that tied the hands of the military then. and that is why we lost there. they were blinded. any one with an oz of brain cellls saw tht and that is why the antiwar movement was so big. return the draft to go after those too lazy to fight.

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@skant153 He admitted on Howard Stern's show that his dad paid a doctor to invent his "bone spur" excuse. If you're going to endorse, at least be honest.

LCS - 3 hours ago
@None ...they're uneducated. .they only repeat what they hear from posts or Faux News or Hannity. .the biggest Obama hater of all time!

Jean - 3 hours ago
The first float will feature oblama in a ghay bathhouse scene.

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@Paul He also tried to stop disabled vets with valid vendors licenses from selling souvenirs near Trump Tower because he felt they were an eyesore and accepted that Purple Heart he didn't earn but, must have felt he deserved for his imagined combat.

LCS - 3 hours ago
@Wolf should've been 666

Daniel Schmidt - 3 hours ago
Clinton did not serve. Bush ran to the national guard, etc. your point is? Millions of men received deferments and became grade school teachers etc.

Michael A - 3 hours ago
You can sure spew out the name calling college boy! Now get your kindergarten mind back to college class.

Loftyplanets - 3 hours ago
@Alan Why do you dumb liberal blabbermouths always bring up Trump's color when trying to bash him? Is that really the best insult you're capable of mustering?

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@brandon Does he like parades?

Zion NP - 3 hours ago
@D : Now, I must congatulate you for your post. Winning the award for Village Idiot second runner-up is a remarkable achievement in this political environment. I can't say in all honesty that you were close to winning; there are two wack-jobs ahead of you that defy explanation. But nevertheless, great job, ZERO.

WCG - 3 hours ago
@Johnson Clinton had committed to an Army reserve unit but reneged when he "drew" a high draft number.

Loftyplanets - 3 hours ago
Since when do you care whether anyone dodges the draft or not? How many leftists in the 1960s dodged the draft?

ROBERT - 3 hours ago
So you would take the opportunity for those servicemen and women to take a proud stroll down Pennsylvania in order to fulfill your hatred of one man? In sure you would have no problem with a gay parade there though...would you.

Johnson - 3 hours ago
@Trump=Liar - there you go again lying about Clinton exemption from the draft based on being a Rhodes Scholar... Go look up what actually happened and get back to me. I'll wait!..... Why are you so oblivious to the facts pinhead?

We are falling fast! - 3 hours ago
Well your point is useless. Obama never joined and couldn't because he's not a citizen and Clinton flee to Canada. Your point is moot.

Apostle - 3 hours ago
What about king Bill? At least he did go to Canada. I’m thinking that he should go back and take all of his Hollyflake friends with him

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@ken That explains the Purple Heart he accepted but, didn't earn.

Zion NP - 3 hours ago
@John : What is it they forgot, John ?

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@BarryL Obama was a child and our country has never drafted children. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and as such exempted. Do some research moron.

Johnson - 3 hours ago
@Trump=Liar - you're either misinformed or a liar! Being a Rhodes Scholar did not exempt Bill Clinton from the draft! I suggest you read up on what actually happened! Why are you so oblivious to the facts pinhead?

Alan - 3 hours ago
D - when that civil war starts I'll meet you out there and we'll see who survives and it won't be you because you're a sniveling little coward just like orange Savior. You won't even show up.

Dan - 3 hours ago
Trump and Jane Fonda are 2 of a kind - TRAITORS. why were his supposed bone spurs not found at that private military school where he graduated from?? i would love to see his military school records which will tell the truth about that total #$%$viet nam veteran

Apostle - 3 hours ago
@Northguy Obama did it. Trump I trying to get it back where it should be.

D - 3 hours ago
To all you Trump haters, go ahead and start you CIVIL WAR, you sniveling little COWARDS!!! See how long you survive!!!

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@CenTexDem That must be why he accepted the Purple Heart he didn't earn.

Sharon - 3 hours ago
Funny how the bone spurs haven't kept him from playing golf.

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@Capt.Morgan Lots of them got deserved deferments. Trump has admitted his dad paid a doctor to invent his "bone spur" excuse.

Northguy - 3 hours ago
@D; Hey fool, even the moron in the WH cannot trump the Constitution, but you silly minions just stay in line.

IAC - 3 hours ago
A parade for Trump ?
Must have read the article wrong !

We are falling fast! - 3 hours ago
You've must have upset at Obama, Bill.clinton

JOHN - 3 hours ago
He never dodged the draft ! Now William Blythe aka Bill Clinton( Yes he had his name changed) did in fact dodge the draft ! You liibtards need to get your facts straight ! The civil war is looming ! Brace yourself !

LCS - 3 hours ago
@Clancy you don't know the reason or don't care why Clinton and Obama didn't serve because your a Troll!

Johnson - 3 hours ago
@Trump=Liar that's interesting... I didn't know you could retire from welfare!

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@kathleene funny I see you're here. Waiting on your McDonald's shift to begin no doubt. Personally, I'm retired and my time is all my own now.

D - 3 hours ago
@time, then you are a disgrace to the marines if you are a Trump hater and should serve time in Leavenworth for TREASON!

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@AMA Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and as such exempted from the draft. No one ever confused Trump for a scholar. And Obama was a child during the Vietnam war and in case you haven't heard we never drafted children. Why are Trump supporter so oblivious to facts?

Zion NP - 3 hours ago
@CenTexDem : Unsuccessfully, I might add.

Zion NP - 3 hours ago
@david : No ..... we didn't. Pay attention.

Zion NP - 3 hours ago
@Frank : RePubs wear patriotism on-their-sleeves; they live vicariously through the actions of a select few, and assume this makes them "defenders-of-freedom"; laughable, actually.

Trump=Liar - 3 hours ago
@Audrey do a little research to avoid looking so ignorant. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and as such exempted from the draft. Nobody ever confused Trump for a scholar.

Bob - 3 hours ago
@Faze Past local, maybe the neo#$%$, the triple k in their pretty white robes and pointy and alt-right militias can get together and give "their" leader a parade.

Clancy - 3 hours ago
JImmy Carter was the last democrat president to serve in the military JFK was the greatest democrat president a ww2 vet. Nixon Ford Reagan Bush and Bush all served in the military while Clinton and Obama wouldn't lower themselves to serve..

Ronnie - 3 hours ago

Zion NP - 3 hours ago
@Rico T : No ... but he was asked to serve when he "finished" (ignominiously, I might add; he "ain't" smart'). And Clinton's actions do not excuse Trump's in any way.

Bradley - 3 hours ago
You don't even know a Vet!

Retired - 3 hours ago
Did you serve? When and where?

oldevet - 3 hours ago
@Audrey this is about Trump. Stay focused

oldevet - 3 hours ago
@Wolf The draft lottery didn't.t exist when Trump was drafted. They had draft boards then. I'm Trumps age and I was drafted thru a draft board.The draft lottery did not start until about 1969-1970

Frank - 3 hours ago
lol..............wolf you are a complete moron

Wolf - 3 hours ago
Trump's draft number was 356...he wasn't drafted...I know Trump haters don't want to accept this...but it's a fact...period.

Time - 3 hours ago
@Kevin Are you talking about me, a Valor decorated Marine Nam Grunt. You do not speak for me you speak for a fool.

Time - 3 hours ago
@AMA This just in - it is trumps parade. Stay on point - smoke and mirrors don't fly.

None - 3 hours ago
I love it when people bring up Obama and said he didn't serve. You do realize that he didn't have to right? That there was no draft then? That it wasn't mandatory?

Plumcrazy - 3 hours ago
Where did YOU serve?

Ran - 3 hours ago
Let's call a spade a spade here, and eliminate whataboutisms from the narrative. Trump didn't serve. Obama didn't serve. Bush 2 served, but his stint in the Air National Guard was full of controversy. Clinton didn't serve. Those are facts, and they are undisputed. However, the foundation of this article has nothing to do with Trumps military service -- it's a statement about the personality of a president that's unlike what the US has ever experienced before. The demand for a parade of this nature is, in historical context, what you might expect from an authoritarian regime, like Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, Stalin, Hitler, Emperor Hirohito, etc. Trumps narcissism is beyond all acceptable standards of political office, at least by US metrics. His infatuation with "winning" is understandable, but when it comes to trying to out-do the Bastille Day parade in France last year, a line needs to be drawn in the sand. The president is, in no uncertain terms, whackadoodle.

Audrey - 3 hours ago
reaper what happened to Bill Clinton who dodged 2 draft induction letters? I know, he's a democrat, right?

Plumcrazy - 3 hours ago
Where did Obama serve??? What branch was Clinton in??

kathleene - 3 hours ago
Well, I see the Lib trolls are up and about.
Too bad they can't bother, with actually working, for a living!

AMA - 3 hours ago
Ah, But Willy Clinton was a draft dodger..he went to Canada.....hmm. LOL.. Obama would never put on a he might lose votes... Funny Democrats never look at their own???

Kevin - 3 hours ago
Sometimes draft evaders are hero's to the Alt Left. This time they go with coward\villain. all part of Rules for Radicals. Get your supena yet Yahoo? About the Russia Collusion scam I mean.

Paul - 3 hours ago
@Wardmama4 Big deal Trump went to Military Daycare do you know why? He was punk bully and his father sent there to try and straighten him out. His once try to compare that to military service and bragged about getting promoted until the true story came out. The reason he was promoted was he bullying young cadets and they gave him a position that didn't have authority over other cadets. You might want to take your own advice about researching what made Clinton a draft dodger was not that he left the country as a Rhodes Scholar but that afterwards he volunteered for ROTC and after getting a new draft classification he withdrew from the ROTC program.

Ronnie - 3 hours ago
neither did Obama

Capt.Morgan - 3 hours ago
There was Alot Of Boys Getting Derferments, Not Jst Trump ! And....I'm A Nam Vet .

david - 3 hours ago
When Obummer and Clinton were president people complained about them not serving in the military you liberals said they served when they became commander in chief of the military.

CenTexDem - 4 hours ago
Oh, Trump, has already said that avoiding STDs as a promiscuous young man was "my Viet Nam"!

Chris k - 4 hours ago
And Clinton

James - 4 hours ago
If Trump wanted to serve America, he would volunteer his genitals, which would provide enough yellow paint to paint a center divider down a highway from New York to Chicago.

Rico T - 4 hours ago
Trump loves the military was a top cadet as his military high school. Like all college men, he didn't have to serve while in college. Contrast that with Bill Clinton who openly scorned the military and had to get a Democrat Congressman to write a letter to help him evade the draft.

Frank - 4 hours ago
What in the hell is the matter with people like you who keep calling Trump a draft dogger. What recent democrat politician has ever served in the military; certainly not Obumer, Bill Clinton, Schumer and on and on and on

Lord Baal - 4 hours ago
Not everyone wants to go to war. Just get over it.

PAT - 4 hours ago
Ironic how people who probably voted for a draft dodger, someone who "loathed the military" over a true American military hero, who was shot from a plane in WWII are now complaining about Trump. Lunatic liberal hypocrisy.

Tim - 4 hours ago
@BarryL I don't think that Obama was old enough to of served in Vietnam and the draft ended after the war. I bet when you were younger you used to tell your mom "but Billy did it".

jeff - 4 hours ago
To honor the military that cadet bone spur dodged? You make no sense Bryan

BarryL - 4 hours ago
I didn't know that Bill Clinton and Obama served in the military. That's because these draft dodgers didn't.

tony - 4 hours ago
Billy and Hilly didn't ask for a parade.

ken - 4 hours ago
Ah , if you remember Donald Trump was very busy trying not to catch syphillis during that time , which he claimed was his personal Vietnam

PAT - 4 hours ago
Ok Bob, how about just like Billy and Hilly?

nathan l - 4 hours ago
You'll never get over her loss. LOL

Bob - 4 hours ago
@Tiana, please tell us these correlations,"Just like Billy and Obummer", to who? Are you a 5th grader or just the education of a fifth grader?

brandon - 4 hours ago
God does not like pointless wars of arrogance, or the warriors who profit from them.

Carole - 4 hours ago
@Another concerned American Exactly! The uneducated and illiterates on full display

Cody - 4 hours ago
go trump!!!!!!!2020 !!maga!!!hes the man!!!!

Steve - 4 hours ago
What’s the outcry? The GOP surrendered the constitution in 2008 with the Patriot Act in 2008 which legalized spying on Americans, Obama expanded it until the lower courts declared that the surveillance was unconstitutional, the Dems rigged their own presidential primaries you know, the type of things we rag in other countries like Russia, North Korea, China, etc for and they too love to roll their tanks and missle carriages down the middle of the Capital. What’s the problem?

bryan - 4 hours ago
He stated it was to honor the military not that the left would know anything about that

tstephen - 4 hours ago
@OBOZO-FiLTH - RUSSIAN TROLL defending the boss with over FIVE-THOUSAND divisive propaganda comments posted for kopecks in mommies basement.

tstephen - 4 hours ago
@Gman = RUSSIAN TROLL with over NINE-THOUSAND, NINE-HUNDRED AND TWELVE propaganda comments trying to divide Americans

Common Sense - 4 hours ago
@OBOZO-FiLTH What's your point? That means that what Trumphole does is correct? IDIOT just like your idol.

Jay - 4 hours ago
Careful Reaper, the Trumpers will quickly change the subject and make it about you and if you served. They can’t objectively look at their guy, if they did, the whole charade would come crashing down on them. Much easier to change the subject and hide in the illusion. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, just focus on the false projection of the great and powerful Trump.

ruth - 4 hours ago
Wardmama4.......He went to military school??? That's your ides of military? He was sent there by Fred to straighten his #$%$ out....he needed discipline and his father thought that was the place to do it. Clinton was a Rhodes scholar who was accepted to Oxford in England. College exempt.

Still - 4 hours ago
@NewDay Have you noticed the increase in IDIOCY among ignorant trumptards?

JeffreyD - 4 hours ago
Our Commander in Chief does have the right to throw a parade but I think he should defeat Kim, ISIS, or some Communist dictator before he does this parade.

Still - 4 hours ago
@Dominari Other than LIE about it, he hasn't done SQUAT about squat ... but you're just IGNORANT enough to believe his BULL s**t

joe - 4 hours ago

Gman - 4 hours ago

OBOZO-FiLTH - 4 hours ago
@John Grove That right. They didn't have don't ask don't tell so Obama would not be allowed in for his funny boy preference.

Nick - 4 hours ago
How about those of us who served but made it through alive? I don't want any parades. I doubt that my brothers who were there do, either. (VN vet '70)

OBOZO-FiLTH - 4 hours ago
You mean just like Billy Clinton? Hanging out in Russia and Oxford to avoid the draft...

Paul - 4 hours ago
Enough with the Obama didn't serve BS if the value of person depends on if someone served or not then the vast majority of this country ain't worth a damn including the entire Trump family. Yeah Clinton and many others were draft dodgers but they had the decency to keep their mouths shut and didn't insult POWs, attack Gold Star parents, get in Twitter spats with a widow of a fallen soldier or insult Vietnam Vets with comparing the New York bar scene to combat.

John Grove - 4 hours ago
Obama was not a draft dodger you idiot.

Tiana - 4 hours ago
Just like Billy and Obummer?

Another concerned American - 4 hours ago
What draft did Clinton and Obama dodge?

DaleW - 4 hours ago
What would a millennial, know-nothing, dip-shict, like you, know ANYTHING about the military ... especially since you have NEVER served?

Faze Past local - 4 hours ago

ReeferBob - 4 hours ago
@RLP - yeah spitters. I'm 60 and I was only 10 years old at the height of the Vietnam War so guys like me didn't do much spitting at US soldiers.

skant153 - 4 hours ago
he wasn't a draft dodger. he was medically exempt. if you're going to criticize, at least do it right.

Wardmama4 - 4 hours ago
You do know he went to a military school? Of course not, you can't be bothered to research a single thing about Trump. P.S. Clinton was a draft dodger - a real one - he left the country.

ReeferBob - 4 hours ago
@Dominari - Huh ? List what he's done.

Khary - 4 hours ago
Bill Clinton also a draft dodger!

A - 4 hours ago
Amen to that!!!

ReeferBob - 4 hours ago
Trump and Ted Nugent are SUPER PATRIOTS, now that others are doing the fighting and dying. When they had their chance to show their "love"for America, they ran like scared rabbits.

John - 4 hours ago
Who cares if he served or not- I am a vet sadly disappointed with the vets currently serving in Congress who have long ago forgotten their oath of service .

Donald C - 4 hours ago
Troll, explain you military service.

j - 4 hours ago
@reaper: WOW.. Much hatred idiot???

Tim - 4 hours ago
ImagekropotkindersurpriseBy kropotkindersurprise on

Dominari - 4 hours ago
LOL ...Best draft dodger friend the Military ever had. He has done more for Veterans than anyone, but still you quibble and whine.

RLP - 4 hours ago
You were probably one of the spitters and now feel bad about your disgusting acts of hatred.

ShrÖÖms - 4 hours ago
@reaper - The parade is FOR the Military, not President Trump. Then you assume President Trump would have lost his life if he went to Vietnam? That doesn't even make sense.

Rocky - 4 hours ago
Obama was a war hero........NOT!

Toni the tiger - 4 hours ago
i was a disabled vietnam vet hive me the money you want to spend for a parade crooked donald we have nothing to prove we are powerful stop being an #$%$

NewDay - 5 hours ago
@Kevin ,,, Have you noticed the increase in Anti Trump posts, full of hate, since Congessional Investigations reveal more and more that it is the DNC/Hillary and the Barry FBI/DOJ and NSA that are the real Russian collaborators? It demonstrates their desperation and will soon collapse as more of their lies are exposed.

sssanger - 5 hours ago
@Eric you need to check the news a bit more often...I mean real news.

sssanger - 5 hours ago
I dont think you understand what draft dodging is.

Entitlement - 5 hours ago
Did we win that war?

SPAMLANDFILL - 5 hours ago
Perhaps there will be a Bone Spur Contingent RIDING in the parade

Tom - 5 hours ago
Get over it "reaper". If you were alive then, and of an age to remember, you would know that everyone who could, was trying to avoid that conflict. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for those that served, but hold nothing against those who legally did not. Those were the times we lived in.

Eric - 5 hours ago
North Korea are developing nukes, Russia is still interfering in our elections, the stock market is plummeting and he wants to waste millions on a silly parade.

david - 5 hours ago
Him and Bill goofy

Ernest - 5 hours ago
@CHARLIE, so you're saying that we should have a military parade for the sole purpose of appeasing Trumps ego because you know damn well that it's the only reason that he want's one, it has absolutely nothing to do with honoring our veterans and you know it. Trump mocked and taunted a veteran who fought in the very same war that he himself pulled up his panties and ran from, now how do you think our veterans including myself feel about that, hum.

Robert - 5 hours ago
obummer had a really big military career!!! Oh yeah slick willie clinton served his country well too. Asinine hypocrites !!!!

William - 5 hours ago
You mean the way Clinton's "both, and Obama served, I am pretty sure Chuckey boy didn't serve as most "good" liberal Democrats didn't, liberals always seem to miss the big point, thank God!

Black conservative - 5 hours ago
Joe bitemebiden took FIVE student deferments

maple - 5 hours ago
As a Vet, I never liked being in a parade, and never liked dress inspections. This parade is all about stroking the ego of a draft dodging coward.

Bill - 5 hours ago
Writer is a #$%$. The world thinks the same Today as it did in years p#$%$ the only difference we have more toys

Paul - 5 hours ago
@Dr. Evil If you are a Vet then you probably know what the troops that have to march in this dog and pony show think about it.

David - 5 hours ago
Also, note that bone spurs are NOT self-healing and Trump's were so debilitating that he neither sought any surgical remedy nor can even remember which foot was impacted.

Joseph - 5 hours ago
no a parade for American pride but I am sure you did not serve and do not have any American pride in your country

JimB - 5 hours ago
reaper, did you serve? I did... If you didn't keep your trap shut...

maple - 5 hours ago
Can not understand how fellow veterans could vote and follow a draft dodger, knowing that five times draft dodger, five time some poor kid got drafted in his place. Cadet Bone Spurs is a coward, as well as Slick Willy.

Donna - 5 hours ago
This Vet is for Trump. He is serving his country now. TRUMP 2020

ImARussianLuvinFoxHillbilly - 5 hours ago
Comrade Man-Baby - Too busy playing polo...

Barack E. Neuman - 5 hours ago

Comfortably Numb - 5 hours ago
@Robert - I think you just called your 'name calling fool' a name.

loveashelterpet - 5 hours ago
I wish I could give you more thumbs up!!!

Douglas - 5 hours ago
@Jim B Ummm this is all news to me and I am a little confused. First Clinton was a convicted felon BEFORE he became President? And secondly, I am pretty sure he never was actually in the military. But it's okay, I understand, if you watch enough InfoWars they can kinda seem to blend all together at times.

JOSEPH - 5 hours ago
@Jim B, stop Trumping it ur nose might just hit the moon.

Dr. Evil - 5 hours ago
I'm a VET and I like the idea of a parade for the troops; you lefties think this is about Trump. No; its about the soldiers, sailors and airmen that serve or served. grow up!

Douglas - 5 hours ago
@NewDay What branch of service were you in? Just a question is all. Besides, it doesn't matter whether or not he was in the military. Oh and in case you were wondering, United States Marine Corps 1981-85 for me.

NewDay - 5 hours ago
Matt Bai story???? Oh ya, the DemCommieProg, Soros Political Hack. Anyone know what branch of the service he was in?

Robert - 5 hours ago

NewDay - 5 hours ago
@Uncle Rosco ,, As I remember Ol Dan got fired for that Fake New.

CHARLIE - 5 hours ago
Leave your pathetic emotions out of it. Nixon didn't serve, Bush Jr was in Guard and Obama didn't serve Clinton didn't serve and yes Trump didn't serve but since you're missing the point of the parade it s no surprise you probably didn't serve because all the servicemen and women and vets I spoke with along with Polls suggest you are along with BABY Bai are in the minority. Such classless idiots with emotional problems.

Flavoredwindow - 5 hours ago
Draft dodging is illegal. If he dodged, he should be tried and convicted. However, if he legally deferred, the argument is over.

jam1 - 5 hours ago
Clinton & Bush? Do you people have a reading disability or were you educated in a Red state.

Uncle Rosco - 6 hours ago
And Bush was an alcoholic and never showed up at his National Guard unit in Texas.

DEBORA C - 6 hours ago
@Jim B give it a rest comrade.

farzins - 6 hours ago
This is too ironic & Hypocritical. This jerk is sick.

Kevin - 6 hours ago
Felt the same about Clinton did ya?

HumphreyBeauxregardOglethorpe3 - 5 hours ago
Trump missed his opportunity to march in Vietnam due to debilitating bone spurs, so this is his big chance!
Replies (81)

lost cause - 17 minutes ago
LIAR moron that does not know how to read typical LIB uneducated fool

Johnny - 21 minutes ago
@Illya Kuryakin wrote: "Trump did NOT have bone spurs. His daddy PAID a doctor to write a phony medical report."

He was disqualified for military service by US military doctors during his preinduction physical at his Armed Forces Examination and Entrance Station (aka ‘AFEES’), when they classified him as “1-Y”: “Registrant qualified for service only in time of war or national emergency” due to those "phony" bone spurs, IK:

Donald Trump’s Draft Deferments

After educating yourself there, look up the legal term "Libel":


Johnny - 29 minutes ago
@Delli wrote: "...what did Clinton do?"

Read both sides of the "Bill Clinton, Felonious Draft Dodger?" story at Snopes:

Was Bill Clinton the 'first pardoned federal felon ever to serve as President of the U.S.'?
Was Bill Clinton the 'first pardoned federal felon ever to serve as President of the U.S.'?
Was Bill Clinton the 'first pardoned federal felon ever to serve as President of the U.S.'?

DIEGO BAUDIN - 31 minutes ago
@HumphreyBeauxregardOglethorpe3 you talking about Bill Putin?

roadPilot - 31 minutes ago
He, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, right?

DIEGO BAUDIN - 34 minutes ago
@Michael There was now draft at the time of Obama

Johnny - 35 minutes ago
@Dennis wrote: "He had his chance to show he wasn't a coward but bone spurs got in the way."

Actually, Dennis, the military doctors at his Armed Forces Examination and Entrance Station (aka ‘AFEES’) "got in the way", when they classified him as “1-Y”: “Registrant qualified for service only in time of war or national emergency” during his preinduction physical examination.

Check Snopes for the entire TRUE story about Trump's draft status and stop with the Loony Liberal Leftist ad hominem attacks.

Nasty Woman - 35 minutes ago
Yeah and this time there that is no risk to his skin. That's a big attraction for Trump.

DIEGO BAUDIN - 37 minutes ago
@Johnny I wonder how much it cost for the use of someones Xrays

Doug - 39 minutes ago
Where did you serve Humphrey? And who do you serve now? It can't be your country or you wouldn't be a liberal.

DIEGO BAUDIN - 40 minutes ago
@Tex Reb do you ever feel alone in the world?

Johnny - 41 minutes ago
@Madamelou wrote: "a military academy is NOT a branch of the armed forces you idiot!"

Each military academy is indeed a part of their respective military service, Madamelou: the US Military Academy at West Point is the US Army's academy. Along with their diploma, each and every graduate is sworn in as a Second Lieutenant (2LT) in the United States Army. Service is a part of their education at "The Point."

Same goes for the other military service academies: United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and the United States Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut: Air Force Academy graduates are appointed as Second Lieutenant (2d Lt), Naval Academy graduates are sworn in as Ensign (ENS) in the Navy or Second Lieutenant (2ndLt) in the Marine Corps, while Coast Guard Academy graduates are commissioned as Ensign (ENS).

So, Madamelou, guess we now know who is an "idiot."

And as to your ad hominum "mr. bone spurs," I have addressed that earlier, so "surf back" and get educated.

DIEGO BAUDIN - 41 minutes ago
@Delli he smoke pot in Canada

DIEGO BAUDIN - 43 minutes ago
@Another User Not trump and his money getting a pass from a really bad vacation for out of high school

Steve - 44 minutes ago
So did Clinton, he ran to Canada.

DIEGO BAUDIN - 45 minutes ago
@mandeville nut Do you even know what these post are about?

DIEGO BAUDIN - 47 minutes ago
@JLS ever catch a round or see that ground move in waves ahead of you?

boo - 47 minutes ago
@Johnny Your so gullible Johnny

Lucinda - 48 minutes ago
He missed FIVE opportunities to March in Vietnam! Five deferments.

DoomedToDestroyEv1 - 49 minutes ago
My, my, Johnny really came marching home, didn't he? How about a big round of applause for the loud Can of Spam there in the back. Ok, Johnny, go march on back to the asylum where you obviously came from. Not only are your meds waiting for you, it's also Hot Cocoa Day!! Now run along, little psycho, the grown folks are talking now.

DIEGO BAUDIN - 49 minutes ago
@David Not in combat,

DIEGO BAUDIN - 50 minutes ago
did you go?

DIEGO BAUDIN - 51 minutes ago
@Johnny Did you go ever?

DIEGO BAUDIN - 52 minutes ago
@Johnny Ya but one difference did say it was true. I enlisted and never gave one moment of though to drift dodgers, Foe some reason I had others things going on. And not one of them think they need a salute just to build their ego.

Patient - 53 minutes ago
@Tex Reb he went to a boarding school for high school, dimwit. That is the extent of his military service.

DoomedToDestroyEv1 - 53 minutes ago
Yep, G.I. Trump.....a real american hero...

Steve - 55 minutes ago
Conflicted Cadet Syndrome

Elizabeth - 55 minutes ago
Very well written article. The lunacy of this administration is shameful.

Bluesky - 57 minutes ago
The bone spurs healed fast in 1971 !

GA - 59 minutes ago
Where did Muslim Obama s3erve , KENYA?

Carole - 1 hour ago
I hope every single one of you who ridicules bone spurs gets them. They are very painful.

Johnny - 1 hour ago
@Larry: Clinton was worse as he was/is a TRUE "draft dodger."

Johnny - 1 hour ago
HumphreyBeauxregardOglethorpe3 wrote: "Trump missed his opportunity to march in Vietnam due to debilitating bone spurs"

Facts are that Trump's "opportunity" to serve in the US military was prevented during his preinduction physical conducted by military doctors at the Armed Forces Examination and Entrance Station (aka ‘AFEES’), when the classified him as “1-Y”: “Registrant qualified for service only in time of war or national emergency.”

When the ‘1-Y’ classification was abolished 10 December, 1971, registrants were either reclassified as ‘1-A’ or ‘4-F’ – and the registrant had no say as to which they were reclassified. In Trump's case, due to his age he was reclassified to “4-F”: “Registrant not acceptable for military service.”

When are you Trump-hating Lieberals going to stop repeating lies about Trump's draft history? Go check out the Snopes article about this and LEARN SOMETHING for a change!

Larry - 1 hour ago
How about Obama and Clinton!

Carol - 1 hour ago
If only it were for the "right" reason!

TheLyingOrangePussyGrabber - 1 hour ago
The orange liar won't have a chance because he is busy tweeting lies and defaming people who are not agreeing with his dictatorial propaganda.

David - 1 hour ago
Yeah, I am flat footed so you think I won't fight you?

L - 1 hour ago
He asked Putin to donate paper plates and cutlery for the special party.

Emily - 1 hour ago
I'm a Trump supporter, but that was funny.

JLS - 1 hour ago
Ever have bone spurs, moron? If I recall, Clinton not only avoided the the draft, he he (they) despise the military! Good ol' Amerikanski's!

Lloyd - 1 hour ago
Hey HumpHead. Ever had a bone spur? I didn't think so. By the way, where and when did you serve

John - 1 hour ago
"I love a parade!" -- Lt. (2nd, 1st, Col., Gen.) Scheisskopf.

mandeville nut - 1 hour ago
@LCS first of all he gave everyone a tax cut second goes to show you how smart the DNC is that a guy with the intelligence of a 5th grader that can't read beat them and became president

AngelinaD - 2 hours ago
does not seem to have ever curtailed his golf games

Another User - 2 hours ago
I thought you progressive lefties were suppose to be tolerant of those people with medical conditions. He had bone spurs the doctors said he can't serve, what was he suppose to do?

Madamelou - 2 hours ago
@tex reb: you don't "he allready served in THE MILITARY ACADEMY". You go there to learn- something mr. bone spurs is incapable to doing. a military academy is NOT a branch of the armed forces you idiot! It is exactly what it says - and ACADEMY! Just like any other, except its focus is all things military and PREPARES you for the ARMED FORCES!! OMG! These fools just keep getting dumber and dumber. Talk about the dumbing down of America - starting with mr. bone spurs! I like that title. Somehow seems fitting!

Dennis - 2 hours ago
He had his chance to show he wasn't a coward but bone spurs got in the way. He doesn't get a second chance.

Puzzled - 2 hours ago
So, he is a bone spurs survivor. Wow! Impressive!

Barbara - 2 hours ago
He is not fit to serve..............mentally

Mitch - 2 hours ago
Where did you serve? England with Bill BJ CLinton?

Delli - 2 hours ago
...what did Clinton do?

2Cats - 2 hours ago
Where did you march Humphrey?.

I - llya Kuryakin
Illya Kuryakin2 hours ago
Kathleen, Trump did NOT have bone spurs. His daddy PAID a doctor to write a phony medical report. Amazingly, his bone spurs cleared up in April 1975, when the US pulled out of Vietnam

I - llya Kuryakin
Illya Kuryakin2 hours ago
Tex, in WHICH military academy? High School does not count

Bill - 2 hours ago
I bet Tex still believes in the illusion that Trump earned his money through shrewd business sense rather the reality of inheriting it. Get a life, Tex. Still to the still out in the backwoods.

Tex Reb - 2 hours ago
Libs need to stop calling Donald a draft doger for your information he allready served in THE MILITARY ACADEMY like Alex Jones was saying so get a brain libs

LCS - 2 hours ago
@mandeville nut Does the USA have funds to waste? He just gave the wealthier American tax cuts so the rest of the country Dies! .Trump has the intelligence of a 5th grader. ..They love Parades and they don't worry about who pays for it. .The USA Is Not France!

LCS - 2 hours ago
@kathleene just shut up Kathleeeene! Country bumpkin

What's happening - 2 hours ago
Yes, and he will be carried in a nice car, eating a McDonald's so his bone spurs won't both bother him.

Horhay - 2 hours ago
@NickP idiot

margaret - 2 hours ago
Except he isn't going to march. He will stand a couple of minutes as the first troops march by and then sit down while the rest of the parade march by. I wonder if is has even crossed his mini-mind that he is suppose to STAND while the units march past him, not sit and enjoy a cold diet coke, but STAND for the entire parade? Waste millions of dollars and millions of hours of military time so liitle boy tRump who could not deign to serve can feel like he is playing soldier. And will the troops hate him for this insult to them and waste of their time and effort? Better believe it. See them turn out to vote him OUT of office as the buffoon in chief.

kenneth - 2 hours ago
Donald Trump, the ole blood, guts and glory kind of soldier.

Boops - 3 hours ago
He is such a poor excuse for a man in every concievable way!!!!

MysticVoyage - 3 hours ago
He wants to be like his idol and inspiration: Hitler!

S - tannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon3 hours ago

NickP - 3 hours ago
And we saw how Democrats treated these guys when they came back from Nam, not that your type would know.

Retired - 3 hours ago
Did you serve?

gotelldat - 3 hours ago
Dummies, Obama grew-up at a time of peace, no wars. Trump, however grew-up during wartime. I know it's difficult for you people, but the brain is meant for thinking, not just for keeping your hat on your head.

gotelldat - 3 hours ago
I had a bone spur and I know for a fact, if you could be denied military servise because of them, then you could never play golf years later 2-3 times per month, if at all.

kathleene - 3 hours ago
FYI, people.
In case you don't know it, bone spurs are extremely painful, and make any marching, impossible!
I had one once. It's horrible.
And the injection, into the bone spur, feels like fire going up your leg.
They wouldn't have had it when President Trump had them.
Please, actually research before griping!

Michael - 3 hours ago
I know Trump is no war hero like Obama

Martha G. - 3 hours ago
Provided he marches alongside them every step of the way! Ha,ha! Like that will happen!

randi - 4 hours ago

Donn - 4 hours ago
I doubt seriously you were in Vietnam. Their was no marching by returning Vets. People like you hated us, called us names, hell we couldn't even wear our uniforms off base in many places. What the hell do you know about anything!

minnie - 4 hours ago
I wish his bone problems had kept him out of the WH!

nathan l - 4 hours ago
Are you going to cry snow flake?

mandeville nut - 4 hours ago
@LCS you are the one who is ignorant he went to the military parade in France said it was the most beautiful thing and we should do the same

LCS - 4 hours ago
@mandeville nut.'re a ignorant bot. ..research before you post ..if you did you would know why ..trumpski

mandeville nut - 4 hours ago
@HumphreyBeauxregardOglethorpe3 so you are saying the French parade is a Russian parade? That's where trump got the idea

HumphreyBeauxregardOglethorpe3 - 5 hours ago
@mandeville nut Is that why Bill held a big Russian style military parade??

mandeville nut - 5 hours ago
yes him bill Obama and many more

Mysterious - 2 hours ago
Isn't this the same guy who said that Senator John McCain isn't a war hero because he was capture? And Trump doesn't like people who were capture?
Replies (3)

Richard - 12 minutes ago
And he also made fun of a handicaped person. This guy,trumpturd,needs a 2x4 along side

Laura - 41 minutes ago
That was one of the first things he said that should have sunk him.

L. - 1 hour ago
Strumpet doesn't like anyone except his own "glorious" self.

Gig in the Sky - 3 hours ago
What's next? I pledge allegiance to the Trump?
Replies (14)

mirrorgate - 8 minutes ago
Yeah, he'd like that!

Rich - 9 minutes ago
I'm pretty sure the trumpers already do this before they start their day at the coal mine.

Scott B - 16 minutes ago
@Justa Whose god?

bobcat2u - 24 minutes ago
I pledge allegiance to the Trump, with the weirdest hair in America. And to the Covfefe for which it represents, and all the Trumpuppets galore.

Wayne - 30 minutes ago
Peggy - And you know all that nonsense how?

Justa - 33 minutes ago
@Gig in the sky Funny....but truth be known, I'd be satisfied if your folks would get to a point to just stand up and recite the entire thing, especially the founding fathers' best line: "....on nation, under God...."

Doug - 36 minutes ago
So long as it is not pledge allegiance to the liberal quacks.

Judie - 47 minutes ago
Don't make jokes, that is what he wants !!!!!

HammerBama - 49 minutes ago
I suspect you were a Rumpranger while on active duty, Gig.

C - 57 minutes ago
jeff is lost and needs someone to follow.

Mr. Wonderful - 1 hour ago
Yo jeff, you get your BS Degree in Deflection from Trump U.?

jeff - 1 hour ago
How about goosestepping on Mayday for
comrade Clinton and Obarry.

I Told You So - 2 hours ago
The United Trump States of Amerika.

houstonoiler 66 - 2 hours ago
Please don't joke about that

LS - 2 hours ago
Well, basically, Gig, we're already there. If you don't applaud his speeches, you are guilty of treason.

mike - 4 hours ago
I think a much smaller parade down Pennsylvania Avenue might work, start it off some FBI, followed by Trump in an orange jumpsuit, then some other members of his staff, and end it with Melania jumping for joy.
Replies (69)

Richard - 17 minutes ago
Don't forget the cuffs and shackles and chains.

Mack - 20 minutes ago
Be it would be the biggest amount of people at any kind of event in Washington in the history of all time and that includes before Christ

Mack - 21 minutes ago

Frank - 27 minutes ago
well said

TheDame - 29 minutes ago
I'd make the trip to DC to watch that one.

Nasty Woman - 34 minutes ago
I buy a ticket for that parade.

Doug - 37 minutes ago
I think they ought to parade the gays and the dems in orange jump suits and Obama masks.

Christine - 51 minutes ago
mike: Don't forget HIS FAMILY they are equally complicit!

Dennis - 53 minutes ago
Finish it by tossing him in the Potomac, handcuffed to his sons.

Chris CharlesM - 58 minutes ago
@mike He HAS been good the past year!!!

Chris CharlesM - 59 minutes ago
Hillary in the Orange Jump Suit

Nancy - 1 hour ago
And decent Americans waving the flag and cheering.

Jacqueline - 1 hour ago
it sounds good to me!!!

Goofy - 1 hour ago
Now that's a parade I would fly across the country to see

Lloyd - 1 hour ago
The parade might be smaller, but the participants would be FBI and Justice Department officials. Maybe led by Mueller with the Clintons and all their corrupt/traitorous friends. Would also include any people who fell on their swords to protect the Muslim Boy King.

mike - 1 hour ago
@jeff Why do you trolls go straight for the insults?
No proof of anything you claim, but yet you add in snowflake twice, then talk about "safe sex... by yourself".
Is that witty on the playground?

mike - 1 hour ago
@Anonymous How about some actual proof?

jeff - 1 hour ago
If anyone is in orange, snowflake, it will be Obarry, Billary and their stooges. Seems that the collusion has been found and it isn't with the Trump's. Gotta love the elitist comrade democrats...think they are above the law and they do the conspiracies to prove it. Now Mike, you can take your snowflake #$%$ back to the basement and continue practicing safe yourself.

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
How about your god Obama who weaponized the FBI?

mike - 2 hours ago
@Concerned Citizen Considering that most of the moochers come from the overwhelmingly red southern states, I doubt you can back that up with any actually facts.

mike - 2 hours ago
@allen How do we live in an alternate universe? Are you under the delusion that Trump is GOOD for America?

mike - 2 hours ago
@Judy Not actually, this is the first time I suggested a parade, but I wouldn't try to argue with someone who doesn't proofread their comments and has the audacity to call ME an idiot.

mike - 2 hours ago
@2020T C'mon, you can do better than that. At least capitalize Hillary and Obama!

Concerned Citizen - 2 hours ago
Look at all the democrat faux men who stay home each and every day, living off money that comes from hardworking American taxpayers. What a disgusting lot they are.

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Laura...Hillary lost dear. ..she's been investigated by rump from the beginning of his disaster presidency. ..oh wait! Trumpski played Golf for 10 months instead of investigating Hillary! Lmfao

allen - 2 hours ago
You leftist really live in an alternate universe. The complete ignorance you people have of the world is mind boggling.

LCS - 2 hours ago
@LCS spell check. ..They're. .because every troll will jump on that mistake.

Judy - 2 hours ago
You're an idiot with no vision of hope for our country. You spit out the same stuff over and over and hope it sticks. Sorry...

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Noh. ..Their not innocent. .just not under investigation for being Traitors to our country. The dems have their issues also. ..but nothing compared to this past years disastrous president and his "well oiled "machine. .that never spun from day one!

Steve Schumacher - 2 hours ago
Hillary will be I an orange jump suit long before President Trump.

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Daniel Schmidt. .Rather have mussolini than Putin ...Btw. if Obama was a fully white man that helped destroy America or did a what trumps done for an entire year. would be praising that white mussolini!

Puzzled - 2 hours ago
That would draw bigger crowds for sure.

2020T - 2 hours ago
@mike put you and the rest of the liberals along with hilary and obama in orange and lets do it

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Donna. something besides fox news and maybe you'll learn something !Stop listening to Hannity also. .He's totally one sided

Ihatevry1 - 2 hours ago

mike - 2 hours ago
@Chuck What about Hillary?
You want to imprison an innocent woman? The republicans spent how much money and time looking into her?

M - 2 hours ago
Well said!

Bill - 2 hours ago
Right on, Mike. Your sentiment is America's.

mike - 2 hours ago
@Donna "Plenty on Hillary"? Like what? She's been investigated. Found nothing. Uranium deal? Perfectly legal! Benghazi? Republican fault.
Bill was not impeached due to his extra marital affair (if it were, Trump would be guilty as sin), but for the fact he LIED about it. Now, what other president has been caught in lies...

Chuck - 2 hours ago
better the Hildabeast

DENNIS - 2 hours ago
@Mike, I could have not said it better!!!

slickity - 2 hours ago
@mike, absoFKNlutely!!!!

Maria - 2 hours ago
dont forget chubby Sarah Huckabee Sanders

mike - 2 hours ago
@Daniel Schmidt No, not at all, they did nothing wrong. There is no investigation into them, and they aren't the ones lying daily.

mike - 2 hours ago
@Noh Oh, no, they might be guilty too, but the democrats aren't the ones who are in power, or fighting against the investigations into their past.

Rue - 3 hours ago
I'll be there for that one.

Reality Check - 3 hours ago
mike: We must include rumpie's family, also attired in orange jumpsuits, in this parade

Donna - 3 hours ago
@Kipster The evidence is coming!!! If only the lib news stations would report it. There is plenty on Hillary, but your lib's won't persue it. I think there will be a special counsel appointed soon to do just that. Oh yea, what has he done to be impeached?? Russian collusion? Putting a cigar up somebodys muffin??Ilegal kickbacks?Show me the things he will be impeached for.

S - tannis Baratheon
Stannis Baratheon3 hours ago

Jim - 3 hours ago
Trump parade = Perp Walk!

Daniel Schmidt - 3 hours ago
And O’Dummie and Hillary at the end looking like Mussolini?

VladsCock-Holster - 3 hours ago
@mike's parade plan will finally #MAGA! Wake up treasonous abettors of America's first Russian Agent in Chief, your Idiot-King is an Enemy of America! Bring on the perp-march for Traitor-Don and his treasonous cabal of grifters!

Bill - 3 hours ago
Perp walk! Yea!!!!

Noh - 3 hours ago
The problem with that is you paint Democrats as innocent

like itis - 3 hours ago
You're a born loser.

curtz - 3 hours ago
I think Trump would look better in stripes. Too much orange otherwise.

Kipster - 3 hours ago
@Laura Laura Hillary isn't the president. No evidence was every discovered to prosecute her. Trump however lies daily, and has done enough bad things that he is headed for eventually impeachment.

TomJ - 3 hours ago
@mike, I want to see that parade! Well played, sir.

Kipster - 3 hours ago
@steve You must like being disrespectful minority, and A deviant to society.

Kipster - 3 hours ago
@nathan l aw Nathan it appears you are a typical Trump racist. Good luck with that.

mike - 3 hours ago
Considering that the two people who insulted me (someone who cannot spell snowflake, and someone who capitalizes nouns), I figured they're just trolls.

Jana - 3 hours ago
Nathan, honey, bless your heart,,,no one knows what you are referring to since we all know that the teagoobers are white and delicate and melt and turns yellow where the trump dog p!$$e$ all over you.

Renzel - 3 hours ago
That was pretty good 😂

Jana - 3 hours ago
now that is a parade I would travel to see!

Juli - 3 hours ago
Love it!

Laura - 3 hours ago
Should probably be Hillary in the orange jumpsuit...since she's the one shown to have violated national security, not Trump, no matter what an idiot you think he is.

anonymous - 3 hours ago
Great idea MIKE!! And ignore the trumpski trolls below, they will be crying when herr leader goes to jail and the rubles are cut off.

nathan l - 4 hours ago
Cry harder snow flake

steve - 4 hours ago
mike..Spoken like a true Traitor that you are!!

wwrR - 5 hours ago
Trump should pay for the parade from his own money?? MAGA with some of your money
Replies (68)

Frank - 25 minutes ago
Trump should not only pay for the parade, he should also pay for his stupid wall of which he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall,Did he lie again?

shortslim - 40 minutes ago
I don't think that Trump has any money. That's one reason he refuses to show his tax return and why he's stealing from the United States treasury as fast and as much as he can.

Stein, Arie - 42 minutes ago
Even if he offers to pay for it you can only be sure he will welch when the bill comes. That is how the Moron-in-Chief rolls!

PaulG - 59 minutes ago
@PaulG - That government rate of $85 a night, plus what ever taxes, is the same all across the country.

PaulG - 1 hour ago
@Rob, you're an idiot. First of all, all government employees, on official business pay a government rate set by the government, that rate is about $85 a night. If the place you want to stay at, does not accept that rate, YOU pay the difference if there are places available that WILL accept that rate. SECOND, it is AGAINST THE LAW to give anyone working for the government, ANYTHING of value over $20, in an official capacity. It is literally against the law for Trump, and Mara Largo Golf Club, to provide rooms, golf carts or even tee times, to the Secret Service or anyone else at Mara Largo from the government there on official business, for free. The resort can't even provide extra towels for free, if they regularly charge for extra towels.

Nancy - 1 hour ago
Instead Trump will try to force it down the taxpayers throat. Just like he did the wall that Mexico was suppose to pay for.

ScottS - 1 hour ago
Or just add it to what MEXICO is going to pay for the TRUMP WALL.

David - 1 hour ago
Take even 2 percent of the money Liberal Democrats spend on Illegals and you have have a Parade from Florida all the way to DC

dawn - 1 hour ago
@Kathie. You Trump supporters are not to bright. Trump's making millions as president and his salary is going to Jared's foundation. Trump's family, in the WH, is taking a salary for doing nothing. Just like Trump.

L - 1 hour ago
@PaulG Oh he’s getting his lion’s share of residual income from various sources, foreign and domestic when he’s not supposed to; charging our own federal employees rent for use of his facilities being one of them. Not taking a salary is THE LEAST that he can do to maintain some shred of integrity.

Kathie - 1 hour ago
He does not even take a salary dude, what the heck is your problem? The parade is for the Vets and Active duty Military. Grow up

PaulG - 1 hour ago
@L, WHY should he be "EXPECTED" to give up his salary? He shouldn't be any more expected to work for free than you.

George - 1 hour ago
He is - His annual salary is $1.00

Rob - 2 hours ago
@MICHAEL You're kidding right? His salary is a pittance compared to what he's made from charging the Secret Service just for golf cart rental (yes, really, golf cart rental) and staying at his resort and in Trump Tower, where he charges everyone in the Secret Service a high price for lodgings. Then there's the foreign dignitaries who are staying in his DC hotel trying to curry favor with him. He upped the membership at Mar-a Lago, because now, well you know, he's prez. The chance to hob-nob with him could get you a government contract. How about the 25% of the time he plays golf? It costs a lot more to guard him there.

L - 2 hours ago
@Pete Patting Trump on the back for not taking a salary (which he was eventually forced to donate by the way) as a billionaire is like patting a man on the back for clocking into work on time. It’s what’s expected of him, no brownie points.

Melissa C - 2 hours ago
Maybe he will? After all he’s not taking a salary! He’s literally helping our country for free.

Pete - 2 hours ago
Any other president not taken a salary? Any other president use the bulk of their own money to campaign? Any other presidents use their own property to entertain dignitaries from other countries on a regular basis?

Donald Trump is losing millions while being the President while others became filthy rich from being the president.

I - ke
Ike2 hours ago
He does, he donates his entire salary to the veterans

Puzzled - 2 hours ago
Di Stan is not a President claiming to put America first.

Puzzled - 2 hours ago
Instead of MAGA, it should be OPM (Other People's Money).

Geezer - 2 hours ago
He says he has money but I seriously doubt he has enough to pay for the parade. Can't even pay his own green fees.

Lisa S - 2 hours ago
You know he never actually had any money, don't you? Even his millionaire-ness is a fraud.

Freedom - 2 hours ago
@Diamondshine Please pay for the wall, the tax cut, and the parade. Seems like you dont have to worry about finances.

Freedom - 2 hours ago
The money he has was given to him by the Middle Class Tax Cut... Billions are in his favor, while we pay his keep.

William - 2 hours ago
We can#$%$ all in cadet bonespurs secret Deutshe bank account.

Beacher - 2 hours ago
@Tim, where did you make that up from? He has yet to show proof of his salary being donated to anything! Besides, he's cost us more with his weekly trips to his resort.....more than ANY President has ever cost us! That's a fact.

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Its Time....If your referring to Barack Obama. .Big Ears. ..Intellectual President and if he was a Muslim. ..He Served the American people for Two [2] Dos. ...Terms! And what a good Muslim he was! Tramps a white us citizen that's a traitor and putins puppy dog!

JAK - 2 hours ago
He's put out more money in both running for President and donating his Presidential salary to the military than ANY other President even thought of doing. You snowflakes are never happy, are you? Sad sad world you live in...but it's all in your mind you know.

Beacher - 2 hours ago
@MICHAEL, we would be interested to know see what this "charity" is that he supposedly donates to. Lies.

Habsfan1282 - 2 hours ago
It's a terrifying thought that a private individual could pay for, therefore utilize, the American military.

LCS - 2 hours ago
@MICHAEL Meanwhile. ..He's Spent more than his Salary in a year. .and no other president have Ever Bankrupted the Secret Service Funds! Shut up Michael

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Pink Rose better keep it for the" Rainy Day " that's coming your way.

Diamondshine - 2 hours ago
Libs always worried about someone else’s pockets while most of y’all still live with mommy and daddy

Sealover - 2 hours ago
He already ready gives back his salary, genius!

jacuzzi - 2 hours ago
"his OWN money"? lol, he is over $680 MILLION in debt na d has ZERO money ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Alan - 3 hours ago
Pink Rose - actually the greatest parade of all will be watching your Orange Savior and his gaggle of traitors as they're paraded off to prison.

Joe - 3 hours ago
Take it out of the salary he's already donating to charity.

Snead - 3 hours ago
He should get Mexico to pay for his parade.

Kissofdeath - 3 hours ago
@MICHAEL That has yet to be confirmed. Actually NYT have made repeated requests as to where his "donated salary" went. Zero response. However he has spent 50 MILLION of taxpayers money to play golf not to mention the massive amounts of money Trump Organization has received by using their hptels for ALL Diplomatic functions.

Jerry - 3 hours ago
I'm pretty sure he doesn't have enough money to pay for this kind of parade.

Pink Rose - 3 hours ago
I want part of my tax money to go to help pay for this wonderful parade. It is going to be never before seeing strength of our country and it's going to be beautiful and watched with pride. And the other part of my tax money I want to go for mental health services to help liberals and Democrats to become normal.

A. Shmendrik - 3 hours ago
What money? Those leftover slush-fund inauguration funds, maybe? Because all Drumpf's other funds are tied up in those Deutsche Bank loans via Putin, so he can't use those...

LongTimeWaiting - 3 hours ago
Michael - What charity is he donating it to? Provide a source for your comment.

Tim - 3 hours ago
He's donating his entire salary to the government. In the third quarter last year, he donated it to fighting the opioid crisis. And you've done...what again? Squat. Go sit down.

colorfule - 3 hours ago
@Dan And Mexico is gonna pay for the wall 😒

WesF - 3 hours ago
He's a "billionaire",right? Let him pay for it.

DennisK - 3 hours ago
@MICHAEL What charity is that again, let me just look at his tax forms...hey wait a minute!

newcell - 3 hours ago
HE avoids paying for anything because he really doesn't have that much

MICHAEL - 3 hours ago
He is already working for free. He is the first President in history to donate his salary to charity

Mike - 3 hours ago
If it was that simple, he'd MAGA and use his money to deport all the illegals here. Then the tards would whine.

Todd Pardee - 3 hours ago
Pay for what? The gub’ment already owns the equipment and pays the military for 7/24/365 Service. What’s needs to be paid for ? Gas from the EXISTING training budget....

Dan - 3 hours ago
Happy Pill Pelosi should pay for the illegals and dreamers from her own fat purse.

Pamela - 3 hours ago
He doesn't have money. He parades all his belongings held by mortgages. In truth, banks and the like own them.

Michelle P - 3 hours ago
Time, I don't know about the salary. I know he has said as much, but there is a big divide between what he says and what he does. However, I do know that the financing of his primary was in the form of a loan, and he paid himself back out of Republican campaign funds once he was the Republican candidate.

Sirius - 3 hours ago
Even if he paid for it, he still doesn't deserve it.

LawrenceP - 4 hours ago
He would first have to Borrow it from his Russian Financiers...

tstephen - 4 hours ago
@Vladimir Mike = RUSSIAN TROLL back to St Petersburg with ya

Patrick - 4 hours ago
He has none. It's just the appearance of wealth.

William - 4 hours ago
Maybe Hillary will throw in a little of that Clinton Foundation pay for play money.

Its Time - 4 hours ago
Trump takes no salary and funded his own primary campaign unlike the Deadbeat big spending Big Eared Dope Smoking illegal alien Muslim.

Vladimir Mike - 4 hours ago
And we're still paying for traitor Obama.

Benjamin - 4 hours ago
I'm sure you are donating your tax break to the Democratic party.

Gman - 4 hours ago
In other words, "screw the military". Is that what you're saying?

Jeff F - 4 hours ago
Maybe he can start a go fund me page

jg24isbest - 4 hours ago
He has no money...The emperor has no clothes.

Lisa - 4 hours ago
Or the rich people who got the gigantic tax cuts should pay.

De - 4 hours ago
Everyone with half a brain thinks it's ridiculous, but many Republican voters will actually enjoy this. Am I saying that many Republican voters have less than half a brain? Don't worry, Democrats are normally just as brainless. These days, though, it's getting pretty hard to tell the difference, except Democrats give out a few more free things and kill more unborn babies, and Republicans give a few more perks to their friends in business and defense contracting. It's not much of a difference, though.

Grizzled Old Hippie - 5 hours ago
There shouldn't be a parade at all. That's for tinpot despots and thrid world strong men, not America.

Cathy M - 4 hours ago
Trump wants soldiers to march for him, when he wouldn’t march with them!! Shame!!
Replies (20)

RE - 25 minutes ago
Barack Obama was 13 when the Vietnam War ended.

Henry - 28 minutes ago
It's hard to march with bone spurs,LOL

roadPilot - 31 minutes ago
You forgot about Billy and Obama, too.

Paul - 37 minutes ago
Good point!

reginaw - 47 minutes ago
Did you march for them? If not I guess you don’t Room to talk do you. Barack Obama didn’t either so grow up

gil - 59 minutes ago
Well said. Semper Fi!

Nancy - 1 hour ago
The old coot is beyond shame.

andyeide - 1 hour ago
Bill Clinton was a draft dodger and while I was serving in Vietnam he was in Moscow cuddling up to our Russian enemies.

Kfed - 2 hours ago
Didn't serve but I also didn't get any deferments, avoid any drafts, order anyone into combat, vote for anyone who started any wars, and I never asked for a military parade in my honor as the president with small hands.

walter777777 - 2 hours ago
I have and had zero ability for military service. I effused to admit this to myself and joined the Marine Corps after graduating high school in 1957. It took the Corps three weeks to figure out that scoring 142 on my AFGCT did not mean I could learn to march or keep my foot locker squared away, or domany of the things demanded of a Marine, and I got myself thrown out abruptly a bit less than three months after joining. I felt miserable about this and still fell unhappy I was unable to serve.

Mbaguy - 2 hours ago
@cheryl - Obama didn't serve, but within his first year in office he went to Afghanistan and Iraq. He didn't hid in Florida making SS pay thousands of dollars for a #$%$ room, lining his own pockets. When has trump visited the troops? Oh SK where he didn't have the nads to visit the DMZ. The man is a coward, he doesn't get a parade.

Yvonne - 2 hours ago
blahblah blah

KEVIN - 2 hours ago
Huh ?

Cathy M - 2 hours ago
@cheryl operation enduring freedom and Iraqi freedom. 48th Air Wing, USAFE. Received MSM for leading deployment reception. How about you Cheryl? How about trump?

cheryl - 3 hours ago
Did you serve in combat?

did Obama or Clinton march in combat? Did you?

Sirius - 3 hours ago
@Smith -- When did Presidents Obama and Clinton order the military to put on a military parade in their own honor? You missed the entire point.

Ruth - 3 hours ago
@Smith Preside t Obama was 12 years old when the draft ended...President Clinton had a college deferment like so many others but he did NOT have a bone spurs deferment after college like Orange Hitler...that's the difference between Presidents Obama and Clinton and the angry orange sex deviant who lusts after his own daughter.

Ruth - 3 hours ago
Thank you from this prior service woman.

Cathy M - 4 hours ago
@Smith so that makes trump a patriot? Or just a stupid excuse, from a stupid idolator?

Smith - 4 hours ago
Obama and both Clintons never served and neither did you.

harryrag - 2 hours ago
Have the parade, Trump, the GOP, and thier cult followers will look like fools. Just another disctator move by Trump. Our country is crumbling from within, right before our eyes.
Replies (1)

Roger - 7 minutes ago
@brian k It's NOT all about money. Look around you at the dysfunction and the crumbling of relations even within families over political ideologies and you'll see why the country is in trouble.

brian k - 2 hours ago
LOL, my portfolio begs to differ

Really? - 5 hours ago
"weeks of time and millions of dollars planning" Nothing else matters, like the average person. He'd waste MILLIONS on a parade, when there are good people struggling to pay their power bill this winter. Heil, Trump.
Replies (31)

Richard - 15 minutes ago
I would sure like to see trumpturd in the soup line in rags.

Justa - 33 minutes ago
@really? Although I'm not a betting person, I'd bet $1 U.S. that you will be glued to the tv the entire time....smh.

moon - 43 minutes ago
@Tim-Really? And the right does? Who is trying to destroy health care for millions of people? Think about it, it may actually sink into that thing you call a brain.

moon - 46 minutes ago
@Mike-he never wanted the job, but the Russians made him take it.

moon - 48 minutes ago
@Right-they'l struggle because the GrandOldPedophile party and the Fuehrer doesn't want to govern and make things better for most Americans, but if you're one of the 1% you got it made since they cater to their every wish. You're so ignorant it's a wonder you know how to think.

moon - 51 minutes ago
@Sean-somebody had to since the republicans destroyed the economy and made the people suffer from their failure to govern, but then people like you wouldn't understand. Just another deplorable spouting off without thinking it through, like most of these comments from the Trump crowd. Ignorance breeds contempt.

moon - 53 minutes ago
@Nancy - his not welcome in Germany. Actually the Germans are wondering why the people of this country voted for a moron like him. They think we lost our minds voting for a dictator. They know, it happened to them once, never again.

moon - 55 minutes ago
@Lloyd-are you really that ignorant or just plain stupid.That little tax deduction which expires soon is nothing compared to the huge tax cut the wealthy received who don't need it. The trickle down economy theory is a sham, it didn't work in the past won't work now. The little tax cut that most will receive won't even pay for half the months rent for most. Why didn't they force the companies to give huge wage increases permanently so people would have something to spend. You're ignorance is astounding. To praise the Liar in Chief for making himself and his buddies even wealthier. You're delusional.

Chris - 1 hour ago
@Lloyd a couple of hundred bucks is crumbs. you cant retire on it. most americans will use it to pay down credit debt they have amassed just making ends met.

Nancy - 1 hour ago
MAGA, Deport Trump back to Germany.

htcwink - 1 hour ago
Albert, millions of good people in this country.

Albert - 1 hour ago
Who are these “good” people?

Carol - 1 hour ago
Of course he would! He's never "been there." He's rich. He has always been rich. Nothing else matters, except, of course, self-gratification.

Minnie - 1 hour ago
@Lloyd, unless you are a millionaire, that tax reduction is actually crumbs. I guess you will get a big refund, but those of us that are just middle class are getting just enough to pay our Costco membership for a year.

Lloyd - 1 hour ago
He gave you a tax reduction, you BFI. Unless yo agree with Piggy Pelosi and other Dimwits who call the increase "crumbs".

Lisa S - 2 hours ago
I know I'm not watching if it happens. It would turn my stomach to watch him standing there looking like Kim Jon Il except with that cotton candy hair flipping all over the place. That fraud.

Right - 2 hours ago
They'll still struggle while tax money pays for illegals.

Sean - 2 hours ago
I guess Obama helped them pay their power bill last year. And the 7 years before that.

Boops - 2 hours ago
Aren't you trumpers proud of you choice???

Mike - 2 hours ago
Talk about wasting money, has there ever been in the history of our country, another president that left the White House every weekend to spend it at their personal residence? It seems like he takes every weekend off from his job and goes home.

Tim - 3 hours ago
Nobody objects if you pay those people's power bill. That would be called CHARITY, something leftists know very little about.

like itis - 3 hours ago
Hate America, don't cha?

REALLY? - 3 hours ago
@yahoo sucks - Please provide proof that the us is spending "tens of billions of dollars every year in lots of free stuff for illegals" or are you just pulling it out or your #$%$ And by the way, isn't this article about Donnie-Two-Scoops wanting a parade to boost his ego. Bless your heart!

E=MC² - 3 hours ago
we are here giving the beat-down to Leftard idiots.....that's you, honey.

Andi - 3 hours ago
The money being wasted "planning" options for this nonsensical bs "parade" could be better spent on members of the militart, their families struggling to survive their service, veterans who come bac struggling medically, fixing the VA, and improving any programs that helps vets.

Lynn - 3 hours ago
@yahoo sucks: If you hate yahoo then why do you spend so much time on it?

Dena - 3 hours ago
The irony is these people that voted for him that he continues to ignore, still support him!

Yahoo Reader - 3 hours ago
Yahoo sucks - if all the money has been drained by human beings why drain MORE money on a nonsensical parade?

yahoo sucks - 3 hours ago
Really? - I'm sorry you struggled, however remember that illegals are given tens of billions of dollars every year in lots of free stuff like medical and education. They've drained the system of all the money.

Really? - 4 hours ago
@nathan l Nah, I don't cry over narcisstics who refer themselves in the third person. I feel sorry for them.

nathan l - 4 hours ago
Are you going to cry?

ECHO echo echo - 6 hours ago
Trump Golf Count: 93 DAYS OF GOLF
Cost to Taxpayer: At least $50,877,881 Million Dollars. Yes...that is $51 MILLION DOLLARS.
ImagegiphygiffBy giphygiff on
Replies (77)

坑爪巨魔 - 1 hour ago
MAGA - Mueller Ain't Going Away

MAGA - Morons Are Governing America

MAGA - Many Are Getting Arrested

MAGA - My America Goes Away

MAGA - Memos Aren´t Great Advice

MAGA - Miserable And Groped America

MAGA - Moscow Agent Governing America
Replies (1)

Steve - 18 minutes ago
You are an idiot.

Reality - 6 hours ago
I go to Walter Reed regularly. I've never once left that hospital not in tears.
Trump hasn't visited troops at all.
He's much too busy watching 5 hours of fox news every day.
Replies (56)

Richard - 7 minutes ago
@Saywhat ,was that for that FAKE physical????

Richard - 10 minutes ago
The first thing the patience would do is "booooo" him and he will not let that happen.

Steve - 16 minutes ago
@Elizabeth So does slick Willie, who ran to England after 6 deferments.

HitTheRoadJack - 18 minutes ago
@James Dogue - How about link to a reputable article on how the VA has gotten better under trump? You make up #$%$ and probably believe it too

JYD - 28 minutes ago
How many wallets do you lift on a good day?

James Dogue - 29 minutes ago
@neal Are you denying that the VA under Obama was a travesty,and that it's gotten far better since Trump became president?

@Carol. My dad died at the VA only two years ago. (Korean war vet) My great uncle died on the beach storming Normandy. He didn't survive to fight any further battles.. Your comment is vulgar.

Elizabeth - 53 minutes ago
That plus tweeting and golfing. Cadet Bone Spurs has no problem walking on the course apparently.

Willie Fistergash - 54 minutes ago

neal - 1 hour ago
@James Dogue by giving a military parade. Trump cares about Trump only he doesn't give a flying flip about vets, Americans or any one

Carol - 1 hour ago
Yes! My father died in the VA Hospital in Houston in 1976 at age 51. Storming Normandy, surviving the Bulge, helping free the camps, freezing one's feet in Russia will do that to a guy. Trump wouldn't have made it past Dover. And how I wish he had been there!

James Dogue - 1 hour ago
Sorry reality. Without Trump in office, the VA would still be festering in Obamaland. At least he's tried to make things better for vets and active service people.

Saywhat - 1 hour ago
all of these thumbs up for fake news is amazing...he literally went to Walter Reed...

Flint Ironstag - 1 hour ago
@Weber Is there a coherent thought in there somewhere?

chieduo - 2 hours ago
@Weber somewhere in your rant is a point i'm sure..

hotdog1 - 2 hours ago
and playing golf!

Harry - 2 hours ago
Good for you. I lost some buddies and I never have gotten over it.

Bill - 2 hours ago
Nice reply, James. At least you didn't try to say Walter Reed is a Liberal and is fake.

James - 2 hours ago
you are wrong

Really - 2 hours ago
President Donald Trump was paying a holiday visit to wounded troops receiving medical care at a hospital outside Washington on Thursday
President Donald Trump was paying a holiday visit to wounded troops receiving medical care at a hospital outside Washington on Thursday
President Donald Trump was paying a holiday visit to wounded troops receiving medical care at a hospital outside Washington on Thursday

gator man - 2 hours ago u feel guilty because u didnt serve...u and your kind make me sick...and yes i am a vet!!

D - 2 hours ago
yes he has.

Weber - 2 hours ago
Obama had more visits to the Iran and Iraq army then he did his own. Remember he fired many Generals and took money from the military to give to environmentalist and the 500 million pallet of cash to his friends who hate us, so 20 million to honor our military is ok with me..

R - 2 hours ago
@hotwire as a resident of the Washington DC area and a regular viewer of our local news, I clearly remember NUMEROUS times that photos and news stories of Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama visiting Walter Reed in Bethesda. You can view those stories on Hulu and typing in the names and Walter Reed.
Do your reaearch before making untrue statements.

ian - 2 hours ago

Sam - 2 hours ago

The White House says Obama met with three service members as well as family. Two are serving in the Army and the other in the Navy.
The White House says Obama met with three service members as well as family. Two are serving in the Army and the other in the Navy.
The White House says Obama met with three service members as well as family. Two are serving in the Army and the other in the Navy.

William - 2 hours ago
@StanC is a stupid trumpian with no facts. Once again.....Flynn Manafort Gates Page Popadopoulos ect....all had ties to russia. Some now have convictions . Moron.

Sam - 2 hours ago
@hotwire Obama visited Walter Reed more than 2 dozen times in his 2 terms. So just go to washington and gargle trumps pole already.

hotwire - 2 hours ago
@reality So, you are saying that Obama, Bush, or either Clintons visited the troops at Walter Reed? Please give dates and times.

JazRaz - 3 hours ago
@Boingo That's a lie. Quit watching CNN.

Boops - 3 hours ago
My God, how can you stupid trumpers think this is a good man? He is like a cancer on earth.

JazRaz - 3 hours ago
Bullchit. He has visited our troupes many times. & even the Coast Guard. Quit lying troll!

StanC - 3 hours ago
and fighting the corrupt FBI and DOJ. Rosenstein will be removed because as an attorney he voilated his oath by presenting the dossier to the FISA court without detailing its creation by the FBI and DOJ. it will all come out. and then run for the hills. indicts will happen for commiey, muler, mccable, blank page, stork, oarless, and neilly the cow.

Tess - 3 hours ago
And playing golf on his properties almost every weekend.

thayer - 3 hours ago
Reality: Your moniker, as per usual with people like you who deceive by 'glossing' yourself with an inappropriate name): | Updated 22 Apr 2017 at 4:58 PM

On Saturday, President Donald Trump visited Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland — his first such visit there as commander-in-chief. His wife, first lady Melania Trump, accompanied him — and knowing Trump and his devotion to our military, many more such visits will likely follow. So, you have just posted a lie. Nothing but a lie. Lies are NOT Reality. Shameful. I do applaud you for visiting WR regularly (if you did not LIE with that statement). Don't lie when it comes to our military-extremely BAD karma, son.

Trumpownsliberals - 3 hours ago
You are a liar.

tommy - 3 hours ago
@tommy ...until the mid-terms with fingers crossed.

Intelli2 - 3 hours ago
@kathleene. And you just kind of sense it right?

kathleene - 3 hours ago
Oh, so you personally watch everything he does huh?
Hiding behind the WH drapes, huh?! LOL

tommy - 3 hours ago
He's been busy cleaning up your past silver tongued leader's mess from the past 8 years, not to mention dealing with the gameplan put in place to stop hen dstroy his Presidency.

Ireaddaily - 3 hours ago
@Patrick G He is always referencing FOX shows.

Unhyphenated-American - 3 hours ago
You his personal assistant now? Your fired!

Charles - 4 hours ago
@PK IF this cknst had visited the troops, u can bet your last dollars he would have blasted the air waves with that sorry mug and that loud, stupid mouth.

Boingo - 4 hours ago
@opine-Then why does every place he has claimed to donate to ay they have received NOTHING from him?

PK - 4 hours ago
How the heck do you know he hasn't visited the troops at all? That's just it, you don't. Buzz off! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

Dire Straits - 4 hours ago
@Patrick G yes, he lies!

minnie - 4 hours ago
Don't expect human actions from someone who's inhumane. Trump got strewed up as a child and he won't let any of our fine doctors try to fix him. His parents did this to him. SAD!

Reality - 4 hours ago
I did infer he hadn't been there at all. I should have said only when he was forced by his pr people.

robert - 4 hours ago
Trump visits Walter Reed.

BornToBeFree - 4 hours ago
Golfing is TRUMPS work. And Lying.

Reality - 4 hours ago
@Mr. Opine
How much did Mrs Obama and Mrs Biden raise?

Reality - 4 hours ago
Correct. In not sure why you roll your eyes about Obama being there. Its fnkng gut wrenching dude.

John - 4 hours ago
Yeah, I know. Obama was regularly. (rolls eyes) Actually Bush paid more visits than any other president.

Mr. Opine - 4 hours ago
The Donald J. Trump Foundation For Vets has raised over $1,670,000.00 for the vets so far. The Trump administration's Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act -- streamlines the process of veterans appealing claims over disability benefits. No longer will veterans be kept waiting for years to get an answer to their appeals. They will receive timely updates and they will get decisions much more quickly, in a fraction of the time. President Trump also raised $6 million to donate to 22 veterans organizations while boycotting the Republican debate in January in Nashua, New Hampshire. Trump donated $1 million of his own money to the cause. President Trump has been completely supportive and has shown a lot of respect and love for our military and our veterans.

Patrick G - 4 hours ago
And how do you know what the President does everyday?

Homer Bufflekill - 5 hours ago
Reality: You're fuII of #$%$.

Samantha - 5 hours ago
You're a liar. You liberals are so blind and stupid that you can't tell right from wrong.

Stan - 6 hours ago
How can a Draft Dodging trump send millions on a military parade of tax payers money to stoke his ego?
Replies (93)

Steve - 15 minutes ago
To honor them, stupid.

Heisenberg - 19 minutes ago
@jeff Gee, you have a difficult time with comprehension, this is an article about an American President needing a pathetically shallow ego stroke by throwing a 'military parade', costing millions of dollars, and whether that is actually a good idea or a completely absurd one.

Morgan - 58 minutes ago
Was Obama active military? No

moon - 1 hour ago
@jeff-you know you can go to hell for lying, but then that wouldn't stop you, would it? Christian values are just a word to you Trumpsters. Deplorables who lie daily to cover their own insecurity.

andyeide - 1 hour ago
The same way draft dodger Bill Clinton did.

jeff - 1 hour ago
Gee, I was wondering how a foreign exchange student from Kenya could suddenly become an American born citizen?

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Khary Uh. .no it isn't! The military is fine without showing their strength like France or NK. This is another Deflection tactic by the Demented person you worship

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Two Crows Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

LCS - 2 hours ago
@KENNETHZ Are you All that Illiterate or just Dotards?

LCS - 2 hours ago
@666shadow666 ...Trolls don't know American History. .explains your dumb post. .

LCS - 2 hours ago
@Cody ...Loaded with Shet? Yep! Btw. .Dumps won't make it to 2020. .not as the potus.

Puzzled - 2 hours ago
I am sure ISIS is going to be watching the parade and saying "Oh, #$%$!! They do have a strong military!! What do we now?!!"

Dennis - 2 hours ago
Big parade for a big ego. I hope he wears a military uniform with medals and dark sunglasses. That's more dictatorish.

Puzzled - 2 hours ago
Roger Is that a fact?

Puzzled - 2 hours ago
Easy: He belongs to the party of hypocrisy.

BigliestWurdz - 2 hours ago
Because his own party won't stand up against him and do what's right for the people they are supposed to represent.

Mitch - 2 hours ago
Where did you serve, Stash?

Jim - 2 hours ago
Only because we have a spineless, party over country, money loving congress! We are only getting what we voted for!

Roger - 2 hours ago
The same way omamy sent millions to our enemys.

Di - 2 hours ago
Stan prove Trump dodged the draft? I know for a fact that
many who got their Notices Fled to Canada to avoid going
to Vietnam with your condemning maybe your one of them put up or shut up!!

Yvonne - 2 hours ago
This is not for his ego - it is to save you from being bombed.

Paul - 2 hours ago
He's a typical dictator.

Boops - 3 hours ago
He WILL do it unless America stands up to him!!

StanC - 3 hours ago
ps, the military is being paid no matter parade or not, idiot. the equipment needs to be exercised anyway. and probably is jus sitting in some wired area rusting. good move. the bigger the better. and we all hope they stop at the FBI building on the national mall and make some adjustments there. go trump. it was really the DNC, the FBI and the DOJ that were colluding with russian to stop trump, not him. trump is a business man, and the only one we have had that was successful at it. bushy inherited his wealth. and clintons stole their wealth.

Kissofdeath - 3 hours ago
@Grateful Obama was a toddler during Vietnam and Hillary was female. Use a brain before you post such drivel.

Kissofdeath - 3 hours ago
@Ted Bill Clinton was attending University. Tramp was attending porn stars.

colorfule - 3 hours ago
@kathleene what lies Kathleenne?

colorfule - 3 hours ago
Did the ask for a freaking parade, did he dodge serving, Has he attacked our vets, don’t think so!

Ted - 3 hours ago
So was your buddy Bill Clinton a Draft Dodger.

NickP - 3 hours ago
In other words yo hate those who serve. Hardly a surprise.

colorfule - 3 hours ago
@Grateful Did they ask for a parade???

colorfule - 3 hours ago
@like itis No, but we hate the fact his wife has nasty nudes and can speak English

like itis - 3 hours ago
Hate America, don't you stan.

Grateful - 3 hours ago
What branch of the military did Odumbo serve in??? Hillary????

Betsy - 3 hours ago
Did Obama serve in the military? Dont think so.

Robert - 3 hours ago
Because dump is a dolt! Lock him up!

Andre - 3 hours ago
Trump didn't serve. So what? Neither did Obama or Clinton. Hell, it hasn't been truly proven that Obama was really a citizen, and Hawaiian BCs are really easy to get.

V2 - 3 hours ago
@ Kathy. No draft at Obama time ring the bell?

akkafietje - 3 hours ago
For that money you could have imported at least 500 barbarians from the muslimworld

kathleene - 3 hours ago
Still spreading more lies, huh Libs?!
Does that make you feel like big people?!

TW - 3 hours ago
@pappajoe <<< Not as much as you republicants spent trying to put Clinton away! We get 2 more years and I'm sure 5 or 6 million more to spend

TW - 3 hours ago
@Khary <<< It's a parade for dictator trump to stroke his ego! Heil trump!

katy - 3 hours ago
What was Obamas excuse for not serving?

Michelle P - 3 hours ago
@khary, don't we already have parades like that on memorial day? I don't see the need for another one.

Jackie - 4 hours ago
"Trumpet's Red glare."

jdbigblue - 4 hours ago
@666 obama wasnt old enough to get drafted but most men and woman didnt enlist for nam and i will bet if you were old enough you wouldnt have either

Cody - 4 hours ago
easy hes loaded!!!maga go trump!!!!2020!!!!

666shadow666 - 4 hours ago
yea.. what branch did obongo serve in again? we forget, stan

KENNETHZ - 4 hours ago
What branch did dumbo Obama serve in?

Two Crows - 4 hours ago
@maybe, the President spends his own money to travel, Obongo spent ours. That's the difference.

Vivianne - 4 hours ago
@Robert ,hell no, honor? There's no honor in trumps vocabulary UNLESS it's to HONOR trump where HE can show off and feel good about himself. Himself, himself, himself. SMH.

Khary - 4 hours ago
Its a parade to celebrate the military! Get a grip people!

pappajoe - 4 hours ago
How many million of dollars has been wasted so far on the Democraps bogus Russian claim. VIVA TRUMP.

William - 4 hours ago
Stan, we have to remember .. tRUMPS world only involves himself! He doesn't think past the image in his mirrors. He also nees to keep doing stupid things like this to keep impressing his sheep or they may wonder of and graze somewhere else!

Robert - 4 hours ago
I thought he was trying to honor our military?

j - 4 hours ago
@Stan: Ask I smoked but didnt inhale Billy bob that you moron...

Ernest - 4 hours ago
@Matthew, When Obama took office we were in a recession, with a failing auto industry and an unfunded war. so what do you suppose Obama was spending the money on, hum. if you think that appeasing Trumps ego is some how a show of love for this country you couldn't be more wrong, this is the only reason why he want's a parade, it has nothing to do with our veterans in fact it mocks our veterans because this is the same guy who belittled and shamed a veteran on national t.v. (what if Obama had done such a thing) who fought in the very same war that Trump himself pulled up his panties and ran from so let's not pretend that this about love for this country or to honor our military because it's not, it's just not.

James - 4 hours ago
Because he is President your President hahahahha.

S&P - 4 hours ago
Bill Clinton?

maybe - 4 hours ago
@BeverlyJ And yet he spent LESS on travel over 8 years than $45 did in 1 .

Patrick G - 4 hours ago
What is the obsession with blaming people for draft dodging. Is it because the last Democratic president with any military experience was Carter? The rumors were always that the Clintons had a disdain for the military.

Toni the tiger - 4 hours ago
wake up trump lovers he is a joke

ShrÖÖms - 5 hours ago
How are you spending millions when the Military members are already paid and so are all the vehicles? And it's about America, not President Trump.

maybe - 5 hours ago
@NewDay There were bills in congress to give vets better health care, help them get jobs, for 27 new V A medical facilities and to help the homeless vets, The republicans controlling congress WOULD'T put any of them up for a vote.

sssanger - 5 hours ago
@maybe cant buy can get into the nat. guard.

We will all soon glow - 5 hours ago
He wants to show off his military salute that he practiced in a mirror for hours and hours holding a cheese burger

sssanger - 5 hours ago
I belive its our ego, not his....the military is ours not his.

maybe - 5 hours ago
@Joe MAGA Clinton had a high draft number and didn't get a deferment. $45 had a low draft number and would of been in Nam if not for daddy buying a deferment 5 times.

SPAMLANDFILL - 5 hours ago
INSTEAD put the Parade MONEY in VA Clinics to honor VETS

B - ig Jones
Big Jones5 hours ago
@tammy: You on the Left don't give one rats #$%$ about the military being exhausted or fighting for 17 years. Who are you trying to fool?

Sonny Elias - 5 hours ago

maybe - 5 hours ago
@GrailKnight Only a couple failed, most didn't and the government made money off the interest on the loans that surpassed the bit that was lost.

TX3ROM - 5 hours ago
Because Mathis and congressional republicans are groveling heel hounds that will do anything, and everything, to please their orange cheeto jesus.

david - 5 hours ago

William - 5 hours ago
So lets get this straight, you think money spent honoring our military is "stroking HIS ego", this is why America rejects you!

B - ig Jones
Big Jones5 hours ago
When did you serve, bunky?

GrailKnight - 5 hours ago
I bet you had no problem with Barry squandering billions of tax dollars on alternative energy companies that failed?

goodguy - 5 hours ago
There is no good explanation for Trump doing this, and the Trumpty Dumpty morons don't have a logical explanation either. They just change the subject to Obama or Clinton like they always do.

NewDay - 5 hours ago
@dp ,, What we can not afford is supporting all the Illegals on the taxpayer dime. Without them we could afford a Parade every month.

Joe MAGA - 5 hours ago
Just like Bill Clinton Huh ?

NewDay - 5 hours ago
@sandalman41 ,, And the Dems would not vote for the Military payroll. The VA is improving under Trump. I have been in it for 16 years now and it has improved. The biggest improvement was the ability to FIRE a lot of Idiots that worked in the VA. I can now go outside the system for Drs. and treatment.

Tim - 5 hours ago
He can do it because we elected him.

NewDay - 5 hours ago
The same one that eliminated $300 Billion by eliminating useless and redundant Depts and saved the Taxpayer money. More useless Govt. Committees/Depts. will be cut.

tammy - 5 hours ago
@Matthew Our military is exhausted. You want them to train for a stupid parade? We have people who have served for 17 years straight in bull spit wars and you want them shining tanks that should be on the battle field? Our veterans systems are a joke and you want to spend money on a parade. We don't need to "show off" our military might. Weak militaries do that. Margaret Thatcher — 'Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.'

BeverlyJ - 5 hours ago
Pretty much the same way a community organizer can co-opt Air Force 1 for a joy ride with his wife over Long Island sound...

tammy - 5 hours ago
@Edward The last parade was under Bush foolish one.

sandalman41 - 5 hours ago
Meanwhile military families are on food stamps and the VA is underfunded.

Tom - 5 hours ago
Obama spent millions on Illegal Aliens!!

Edward - 5 hours ago
Just like William Jefferson Clinton!!!!

Matthew - 5 hours ago
Your worried about spending a little money to show off some of the worlds greatest military in the world? What wrong with you stupid idiots? Obama wasted more money than ANY other President! Check the facts! I might not like President Trump, and neither you.........but I love this country so I respect and Say out loud and proudly the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, AND respect our commander and chief!

dp - 6 hours ago
Email, call Congress - let them know we don't want this - we can't afford it.

Teabaggers R NUTS - 6 hours ago
Campaign rally's aren't enough anymore.

CFLIII - 6 hours ago
Its not his money. But it is his ego.

Jamie - 4 hours ago
Trump thinks rattling a saber will get everyone's minds of his dismal failure as President. Works for his buddy Vladdy Putin and his frenemy Kim Jong Un.

Reality - 6 hours ago
President Bonespurs already had 1 parade in Charlottesville. How many does it want?
Replies (18)

Tom - 1 hour ago
@Mike Either you are an angry old white guy (supremacist), an uneducated & unemployed younger person, or a member of the 1%. Whatever, your drivel rolls off the backs of "real people".

John - 2 hours ago
Those were some nice people down there.

Paul - 2 hours ago
One parade in one year? Trump has accomplished more in one year than Obombout did in 8 years! I think President Trump deserves a few more parades.

Eric - 2 hours ago
@Reality - I wouldn't brag about being in the USAF. Weakest branch of them all by a long shot.

MeC - 2 hours ago
@Tim - If you are so infuriated by the man who wrote our Declaration of Independence, helped establish this democracy, expanded this country to the Pacific and so many other things in the name of democracy and freedom, then you can start a petition to remove Jefferson's statue from Charlottesville. Good luck. I'm sure you will find other losers ready to help you with your sand-pounding endeavor. But if you want to be another whining soy boy and cherry pick the fact that TJ had slaves in the early 1800's, over all of his other contributions, then you have no leg to stand on if you support Heir Trump.

Tim - 3 hours ago
Charlottesville...Ah yes, Thomas Jefferson's town. SLAVEHOLDER Thomas Jefferson. A man who kept HIS OWN CHILDREN in slavery. Last I heard, Thomas Jefferson's statue is still standing in Charlottesville. But the statue of Robert E. Lee came down because it "stood for racism". Hypocrisy, one of the three cornerstones of leftism.

VladsCock-Holster - 3 hours ago
Exactly, @Reality! Herr Fuehrer loves those torchlight N4ZI and Klan marches, as does his deplorable base, infatuated with Traitor-Don for championing their core values of ignorance and bigotry.

Zion NP - 3 hours ago
@Mike : Seriously ? I think not; to wit: Democrats have had a string of victories since Trump’s inauguration. In fact, they’ve flipped 34 state legislative seats, one governor’s seat and one U.S. Senate seat from red to blue. Republicans, meanwhile, have only picked up four state legislative seats. And we just picked up another one on Tuesday. Death from a thousand cuts (or special elections, as it were). See you at the polls, Mike.

Mike - 3 hours ago
8 years of melting snowflakes IS the parade, its just getting started tards lmao.

Claudette - 3 hours ago
@John, so silly, silly rabbit!!!

Claudette - 3 hours ago
@Mr. Opine, YAWN!!!

Unhyphenated-American - 4 hours ago
Just one more with your head on a stick at the front of the parade!

Tony - 4 hours ago
Was a good parade in Charlottesville I must say.

yahoo sucks - 4 hours ago
Reality - That was antifa.

I forgot my name. - 4 hours ago

Mr. Opine - 4 hours ago
You are an idiot! I can't believe the amount of fear in you little lazy liberals. So afraid that you might actually have to get a job and work for a living for once. You and the rest of the entitlement classes days of voting for a living are over!
President Trump had the same 2-S (college) military deferments as former President Clinton and all others in college. While attending the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School of Finance, Mr. Trump received a minor medical deferment for bone spurs on both heels of his feet. The medical deferment was expected to be short-term and he was therefore entered in the military draft lottery.
Please grow up, get out of the streets, you and the rest of your Antifa home grown terrorists, and quit trying to prevent the good citizens of this country from doing what you and your ilk refuse to do, work for a living!

Reality - 4 hours ago
Well. Actually I wrote in Kasich you silly head jobber.

John - 4 hours ago
And all you cry baby safe spacers burn, destroy and cry because Hillary the women hating, lying and thief is not President

Reverend Bob
Reverend Bob6 hours ago
"During the first, second, and third debate, bots were overwhelmingly used at a sort of rate of 5 to 1 in support of Donald Trump compared to Hillary Clinton," Woolley says. "When it came to swing states, we saw that bot usage was at an all-time high. Bots were being used to spread fake news stories in ways that we'd never really seen before." It's been reported that close to half of Donald Trump's Twitter followers are bots, and according to Woolley "they're particularly active. He's an incredibly active Twitter user, bots are used to spread those tweets and they’re used to amplify those tweets."
Replies (81)

Heisenberg - 16 minutes ago
@Justa 107,000 votes over 3 crucial states. 96 percent of facebook users shared Russian pro Trump propaganda without understanding it wasn't 'Patriot' it was Russian.

Justa - 31 minutes ago
@reverend bob You seem pretty versed on this stuff...please provide a couple of examples of the more severe "bot" messages, that were responsible for factually changing votes at the box...

Chris - 54 minutes ago
@JazRaz So you are saying that ads and fake stories have zero impact on trump supporters. The least educated group of people were most definitely influenced. You are a prime example.

Chris - 57 minutes ago
@Lloyd I guess you just don't get it then.

RETIRED VET - 57 minutes ago
MAGA: Moscow Agent Governing America.

Lloyd - 1 hour ago
Bots did not elect Trump. The HillHo beat herself because she's a habitual liar and corrupt as can be. A Swamp Dweller at its very worst.

Geezer - 1 hour ago
Chet, I doubt you know much about Hillary. 15,000 posts make it obvious that you are a Russian.

jo - 2 hours ago
You can typically spot these activities by checking the comment section of any trump related story. It will have tens of thousands of "likes" even though the story has only been posted less than an hour.

Bill - 2 hours ago
Rev: When Trump Chumps see the likes and dislikes on comments, they continue to say it's fake.

Bono - 2 hours ago
Russian bots helped Trump win. Trump's campaign staff clearly met and coordinated with Russians. US intelligence agencies unanimously confirmed that Russians interfered. British and Dutch intelligence agencies confirmed Russian interference. Yet, Trump supporters try to blame everything on Hillary. How delusional of them.

Laurie - 2 hours ago
Translation - #$%$ flies faster than ever before. Another Trump record!

Anonymous Coward - 2 hours ago
@Chet - and that's how the Russians gamed you dude. You got played.

Boops - 2 hours ago
The fact that trump ACTUALLY lost the election is what is eating him alive. He knows he would not be in that office without russia's help!

JR - 3 hours ago
It was also reported that Trump supporters were guilty of spreading the most fake news.

BruinsFan8431 - 3 hours ago
And they're running amok in yahoo comments as well.

JazRaz - 3 hours ago
Russians had nothing to do with people voting for Trump. Get over it.

Chet - 3 hours ago
Hillary lost - and for good reason - she is as crooked as a dog's hind leg!

NickP - 3 hours ago
It is said does not qualify as proof. Got any new lies for us?

like itis - 3 hours ago

Jana - 3 hours ago
What is even more interesting, is those bots and other tactics were used on all 17 other of the candidates in the teagoober primaries as well. They hacked Rubio before they hacked the DNC, yet ironically the Teagop is ok with that. I guess they are so hooked on kkkoch, as long as their masters tell them it is ok,,,they are down with the putin sock puppet!!! How pathetic that our government is so controlled by oligarchs that they over look treason!!!

thetruthhurts - 3 hours ago
@Robert because simple-minded people believed anything they were told just because they heard it repeated enough. Doesn’t say much about trump supporters, does it?

Terri - 3 hours ago
I was watching the news last week , you can get 1000 robots for $25.00 on twitter. Who has such low self esteem that they need to do that??

Sue - 3 hours ago
You think that you have it all figured out, don't you?

C - 3 hours ago

Upbeat99 - 3 hours ago
Trump has the best bots, believe me, world class bots, made by the top software engineers in Russia.

Robert - 3 hours ago
But guess who won and who lost snowflake...

Troll hunter - 3 hours ago
True that @ Rev. Bob. 147 bots have already thumbed you down!!!!

Terry - 3 hours ago
I remember CNN giving Hillary the questions BEFORE the debates...

m2 - 3 hours ago
@Unhyphenated-American That is where you ar wrong poor middle class workers if fact do have smart phones. Wake up and pay attention to your surroundings it is very evident.

Intelli2 - 3 hours ago
Then when you consider that even normal repukians have been mostly turned zombie by Fox Propaganda Ministry and their evangelical churches of dollar worship... Never Ever GOP Again!

kathleene - 3 hours ago
IMO, what a load know what!

Dena - 3 hours ago
@robert wow, didn’t anyone tell u coal mining jobs are going the way of the dinosaurs? Oh, that’s right, it makes u feel good to believe all of Trumps blatant lies.

Dena - 3 hours ago
@Tom and your an insecure white man who identifies with someone who is as vile as Trump, pathetic.

Kevin - 3 hours ago
Fables like this are to justify shutting down the internet. Look at this Yahoo search engine. What is the ratio of Alt Left to Conservative articles? It's not tilted enough!! Trump won.

Bob - 3 hours ago
Pure fantasy...but I guess the losers need to come up with some reason...other then that they suck....for losing.

Dena - 3 hours ago
@Donn lookout, the Trump morons are out in droves.

Dena - 3 hours ago
@Ken Tague it’s all for Trump u idiot.

Unhyphenated-American - 4 hours ago
Funny how this doesn’t jibe with reality. All those poor middle class workers don’t have smartphones, don’t follow twitter because they couldn’t afford it. Now you are telling us it influenced the election? Maybe in California, NY and Chicago but this is total bull manure!

Donn - 4 hours ago
This must be your #$%$ talking surely not your mouth, it knows better. Remember the polls, Hillary in a landslide. You need to climb out of the cesspool of the corrupt media and learn some real facts. Russia, Russia was a Hillary lie carried out by the Obama administration thru his minions in the FBI and Justice Department. If you could read you could find out about these things.

Headlover211 - 4 hours ago
That's where their gonna get him and kush

Kevin - 4 hours ago
@Tom doesn't believe HC won the popular vote.

Ken Tague - 4 hours ago
take a look at all the deactivated pages on Facebook, look at who they targeted, liberals and the highly religious. The easily manipulated... So tell me again how "it's all for Trump"...

brandi - 4 hours ago
The only "Bots" I ever see are the ones calling people "Bots".

Gary M - 4 hours ago
You wish don't you. It must get dizzy with your head spinning all the time.

Rockon - 4 hours ago
You must fantasize about Nancy Pelosi every night !!!! Specially after that picture in the news the other day !!!

Kristin - 4 hours ago
Yeah, it's a largely right-ring phenomenon, because lefties are more discerning. They probably paid attention in school when it came to verifying sources.

USA - 4 hours ago
How dumb....only an idiot would vote based on any Social Media. People hated Hillaery Clinton and the DNC for railroading Sanders out of the primary using illegal means...That's the first of ONLY two reasons Trump got elected. The other was the DNC's penchant for GLOBALISM that American's want no part of.

Todd - 4 hours ago
So Hillary used Bots, too? Huh.

bumbles - 4 hours ago
Ohhhhhhhh, so he CHEATED and THAT'S why he won. Thank YOU Reverend for that info.

Tom - 4 hours ago
Were any of those bots around at the voting booth on Election day? That excuse for getting your head handed to you by the voters is even more stupid than the idiotic claims Hillary continues to make to this very day! Stop your whining and acknowledge the fact that Trump won the election because HE was better qualified than Hillary!

robert - 4 hours ago
Yeah Bots told Hillary to ignore Wisconsin and Michigan. Bots made her tell West Virginia and Pennsylvania coal miners to go look for another job. Bots told Hillary to schmooze up to elites and call everyone else deplorables. Bots gave her the debate questions, Bots made the DNC cheat Bernie......dang those Russian bots...they're so sneaky.

Magpie - 4 hours ago
This would explain the fact that trump supporters spread more fabricated "news" than any other voting segment.

r - 4 hours ago
What else did you expect the Dems to say? They're getting their @#### handed to them.

Donald C - 4 hours ago
Bots must have votes also! How else could he have won.

Springville - 4 hours ago
All of you understand that Drumph lost the popular vote, showing that the majority of his followers are bots

Rich Wright - 4 hours ago
@Big Jone paid George Soros Antifa Anarchist here today.s

S&P - 4 hours ago
Bots? Another 'Fake' word? Keep dreaming, Snowflake.

John - 4 hours ago
Yeah, of course. People voted for Trump because of bots or because Russians told them too. What a dolt.

Mr. Opine - 4 hours ago
Though Obama did acknowledge some interference by hackers purportedly directed by Moscow, he also downplayed the effect of the hacks and questioned the media’s focus on them. “What’s happened to our political system where some emails that were hacked and released ended up being the overwhelming story, and the constant source of coverage — breathless coverage — that was depicted as somehow damning in all sorts of ways when the truth of the matter was it was fairly routine stuff?” Obama remarked. Obama also stated that the recent news really should come as “no surprise,” as Russia has been trying to influence American elections since the days of the Soviet Union, according to Vulture.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration said on Friday that despite Russian attempts to undermine the presidential election, it has concluded that the results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.” By DAVID E. SANGER NOV. 25, 2016

pam - 5 hours ago
Liberals only spew hate by lying and calling names.

James - 5 hours ago
But bots can't vote.

jim - 5 hours ago
I don’t need a bot to tell me that Hillary Clinton is wrong for America. Thanks

B - ig Jones
Big Jones5 hours ago
And then all those BOT Trump supporters voted.

William - 5 hours ago
Tell that to the people of Pennsylvania Rev!

phil - 5 hours ago
Trump took close to 3,200 counties, Clinton took 487 counties. Trump took 38 states, Clinton took 12. Bots and Russians are DNC propaganda so you won't realize how out of the main stream democrats are.

William - 5 hours ago
All right reverand, the ligic of the ignorant, it was bots that pulled the switches electing Trump, let me guess the deplorables simply sat in bars getting drunk! You are an example of why America is rejecting liberalism.

Mike - 5 hours ago

Samantha - 5 hours ago
Yeah, that's how Trump won the election, with bots. You keep believing that and you're the bot.

Cute Blue-Haired Guy - 5 hours ago
Putin himself created the Russian MINDCONTROL RAY, that was beamed directly into EVERY Trump supporters brain (Black/White/Men/Women/Homosexual/Straight)...the MINDCONTROL RAY was built in a Trump owned business...This is how Trump got elected (according to the latest Libbie

FLHXrider - 5 hours ago
stop smoking the weed Bob

Robbie - 5 hours ago
The Russians made me vote for Trump.

Dude! - 5 hours ago
@CHIEF GATES Russian troll bot 250000 REPLIES.

Rich R - 6 hours ago
Pardon my "m" key.:)

Rich R - 6 hours ago
Please name one Twit that changed his vote from Hillary to Trump due to Tweets. The best you can argue is some deme voted for a third party candidate because the edia told them Hillary couldn't lose.

Billy Ray - 6 hours ago
True, but sadly there are a lot of Trump kool aid drinkers out there. The man promises to return steel worker and coal miner jobs ( as if he even knew what those guys actually did ). Those jobs are not coming back. But a lot of desperate gullible people eat it up. Remember he promised at every stop to "lock her up". Well, she is not locked up is she ? And she never will be.

Patrick B - 6 hours ago
@anthony - takes one to know one.

Patrick B - 6 hours ago
@CHIEF GATES - Have you forgotten that Jesus, was a Jew? Or would you have crucified him too?

CHIEF GATES - 6 hours ago

Paid2 - 6 hours ago
Lets see the proof.

Brian - 6 hours ago
pretty sad Trump has Paid Russian Troll support

Methyl McCracken - 6 hours ago
lol- tinfoil hat time

~seeker - 32 minutes ago
Vietnam Vet. Marine Captain, wounded in combat Purple Heart Mueller on the American's side and on the Russian's side Bone Spurs trump. Mueller Ain't Going Away! MAGA!

Bob - 6 hours ago
Replies (56)

Steve - 15 minutes ago
Stop yelling, snowflake.

Justa - 25 minutes ago
@bob You know, we're really not sure which way to look anymore. First, you libs have been screaming that "its obama's economy, Trumptards!!" up until last Thursday, that is. Then, somehow miraculously, overnight that evening, it totally became "its Trump's economy!!" I guess that had something to do with the eminent correction that ended up taking took place. Then, this week, the market recovers 1/2 its ground. Now its back to "obamanomics!!"
How about this--how about you guys get together, and decide who's economy and administration this is, and let us know--and, honestly--we'll totally go with whatever you guys say. smh.

Nancy - 59 minutes ago
Just keep in mind what happened to Mussolini. Trump had better beware.

Thaiger - 1 hour ago
Mussolini is a history. Trump has Kim Jong Un as his idol now!!

Carol - 1 hour ago
Well, they certainly don't appear to be looking back. As Mark Twain said, "History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme." Unfortunately, so many Americans are as ignorant as their "president" in regard to what should matter most -- No More Hitlers! -- No More "police actions, ergo, war."

Paul - 2 hours ago
As long as Trump is keeping the rabid left tied up in a fit-filled tizzy, I think he is doing a GREAT job!

L. - 2 hours ago
Anyone who thinks Trump doesn't plan on becoming a dictator, should start watching what he does, and who his friends are.

alston - 2 hours ago
God, is this the best the GOP can give us?

Theo the Cat - 2 hours ago
@Larry Obama did none of that. But thanks for playing ... take your free toaster at the door as you leave.

Theo the Cat - 2 hours ago
@vato loco Trumpy -- Making Russia relevant again.

Snarky1 - 2 hours ago
Idiot anti-military Leftist. Its not the 60’s anymore , you can stop spitting on our soldiers now.

Theo the Cat - 2 hours ago
Exactly! Minus the vocabulary, Trumpy IS Mussolini.

rod - 2 hours ago
Trump does an amazing Mussolini pose with his arms folded and a supercilious smirk on his face while speaking in riddles to the people.

Yvonne - 2 hours ago
This is fake news-blah

Bob - 2 hours ago

Glenn - 3 hours ago
I have wondered many times after seeing trumpanov on t.v. if I was the only one who had ever seen Mussolini on film. The two act so much alike that one of them has to be doing an impression of the other.

Bob - 3 hours ago

Bob - 3 hours ago
all these so called repubs hasn't got 1 FACT to fight back with - if you cant see trump actions is like Mussolini then you need glasses - deflecting isn't defending - spinning is the same as lying - but hey - you repubs will find out what I mean in nov -

Bob - 3 hours ago
@PK looked at pk past post - then I blocked her -

Bob - 3 hours ago
@Bob after reading just a few of your past post - I would guess it would be a waste of time to ask you or any repub if they remember how we got the daca program in the first place - naw - as you use Russian bots to do trump and the repubs bidding you scream hilter at us dems - wow - tell putin he need better trolls you aint cutten it -

Tim - 3 hours ago
1, no, I don't think so. And 2, everyone who types in ALL CAPS gets an automatic thumbs down. Are you a child? Learn some internet etiquette. Or appear to be stamping your feet and blowing snot bubbles. Your choice.

Bob - 3 hours ago
@PK you still haven't made back the over 50 % loss you got with the last repubs so called leadership - must be Russia is off of lunch break - they sure are flooding yahoo with we love trump b/s that's for sure -

kathleene - 3 hours ago
Interesting how Yahoo, is now posting the comments, and hiding the replies, to make it look very anti-Trump, huh?!

david - 3 hours ago
Liberals look and acts like the brown shirts when Hitler was fighting to come into power.

PK - 4 hours ago
Speaking as a Repub as you put it, I am looking at my 401K balance and smiling ear to ear. Where are you Dumbo-rats looking?

Patrick - 4 hours ago
They're still stuck in 11/16 with their obsession of Hillary.

nathan l - 4 hours ago
Have your election night tears dried yet?


Elmer - 4 hours ago
And you look and act more like disappointed Hillary Clinton.Go, Trump, go!

BLONDELLE - 4 hours ago
@Bob yes I do think you are right.

Fred - 4 hours ago
All they know is he got the #$%$ out of office and now is undoing everything he did, MAGA!!!

Jess - 4 hours ago
Actually He reminds me of Hitler with his constant reminders that he won the election. The fact he is in the white house is enough to make any honest american #$%$, no need to remind us overtime he can.

Bob - 4 hours ago

Bob - 4 hours ago

vato loco - 4 hours ago
Maybe, but he's making America great again! Not like our other Muslim bro.

Larry - 4 hours ago
which president nationalized healthcare, fired CEOs of private corporations, turned over ownership of companies to unions? who is Mussolini? repeat after me Obama= Mussloini

CTFP - 4 hours ago
@Bob has lost his marbles.

JML - 4 hours ago
Still a better choice than Hillary

Bob - 4 hours ago
@William willie has been on this all morning - screaming putin b/s - got 10 bucks I got the Russian bots mad this morning - good - the more come the more I get rid of - see ya willie and this - tell putin he needs a better class of trolls - you sure aint cutten it -

Bob - 4 hours ago
hey people another sure way to tell whois a Russian bot is to look at there past post - look at mike past post and you will see he doesn't know who is lib and who is a conservation - and then they act like we cant pick them out - I just blocked another trussian bot - that makes 10 already this morning

William - 4 hours ago
Love your thinking, keep it up, it will elect Trump in the end.... Americans are not that stupid, except perhaps liberals!

Thisisit - 5 hours ago
He does not and you know it. You're stupid post is a lame attempt to try and be relevant.

Brian - 5 hours ago
@Dirk Pitt And driving the GOP deeper in debt and corruption. So much winning.

Bob - 5 hours ago

Brian - 5 hours ago
@Joe MAGA You keep living in that dream, but stop dreaming while inbreeding with your family.

Brian - 5 hours ago
@Mike Useful.

Bob - 5 hours ago
it is so easy to spot the Russian trolls and so much fun to block them and watch them come back and back and back - trump and you repubs will never get my vote by using Russian bots to do your bidding - never and all you are doing is hurting your party by using them - NO REAL AMERICAN WOULD VOTE FOR ANYONE FOR DOING THAT B/S NO MATTER WHAT !!!!!!!!!! RUSSIAN BOTS DOING YOUR BIDDING - AND YOU CALL YOUR SELFS AMERICANS - NOT FEN HARDLY - WOW

Mike - 5 hours ago
As the libs act just like marxist useful idiots .

Samantha - 5 hours ago
You just don't know what it's like to follow the law because we had a communist muslim fraud for 8 years.

Joe MAGA - 5 hours ago
Gays,trangenders, election crybabies,Gov leaching non working idiots, Yup we are getting rid of all that and Taking America back. TAKING ! and you cant stop us. LOL.

Dirk Pitt - 5 hours ago
We love Trump. Driving snowflakes crazy! MAGA

jack - 5 hours ago
@jam More likely the Forcible Rape float with Juanita.

dave - 5 hours ago
Yes he is and it's very scary to me. I can't believe this is taking place in America.

DEBORA C - 5 hours ago

Bob - 5 hours ago
if you don't think we cant pick out Russian bots using fake names and face book accounts then you are as stupid as the repubs are - if I block 1 of you - will I get both of you - tell putin he needs smarter trolls - you sure aint cutten it

jam - 6 hours ago
Bill Clinton will be on the Cuban cigar float with Monica.

pkdidy - 6 hours ago
I suppose you'd prefer comrade Obama!

Joseph - 6 hours ago
Good article. Agree completely. I left the Republican Party the moment Trump was nominated. He is exactly the opposite of what this country needs.
Replies (29)

Steve - 14 minutes ago
Then you were never a republican.

Juv - 49 minutes ago
Thank you for being an american, and not a mindless party drone.

Nancy - 58 minutes ago
Thank you, for standing up for decency.

Carol - 1 hour ago
I wish I could put you in touch with some of my republican friends, all well-educated people, upstanding citizens, etc., who voted for him because, of course, Hillary was such a "lying scoundrel." Any woman who voted for him after hearing the comments he made needs to have her head examined by a team of reputable psychiatrists.

Nerd - 1 hour ago
@Joseph: Same here. We left Republican party after 30+ years with them. So sick of them now. We will vote those Republicans out in the next elections.

Paul - 1 hour ago
Wrong again, Joseph (don't you just hate being a chronic loser?). Trump is EXACTLY what this country needs. He is the opposite of what the LOONY LEFT needs. Which is why he got elected in the first place. The normal people of this country got sick and tired of being governed by a bunch of loony left-wing whacked-out liberal losers.

William - 2 hours ago
If you left the Republican party then You were Never a real Republican in the first place......

ABC - 2 hours ago
@Steve Schumacher or 3rd party. Many Dems couldn't stomach her either...

BigliestWurdz - 2 hours ago
@Chuck - sure you were 'Chuck' the newly created russian troll account. Only 28 posts, you're falling behind 'Chuck'. You're not going to earn that extra lump of "clean coal" to heat your hovel at this rate...

Steve Schumacher - 2 hours ago
Good thing you left. I take it you invested in hillary for president instead of the stockmarket, nice.

Barbara - 2 hours ago
He is the very reason I don't vote party. I vote PERSON.

K - 3 hours ago
Kudos to you, Joseph!

minnie - 3 hours ago

Wormwood - 3 hours ago
Barry ?

Tim - 3 hours ago
Sure, we need more of the banana-republic schidt that the Obama Administration brought for 8 years.

tommy - 3 hours ago
@northwoods1949 ...or ignorant crying Dems?

tommy - 3 hours ago
@De It's almost like he's a martyr. Politics is what has allowed us to get to the point that we're at now. The deep state has to go.

KYwoman - 4 hours ago
Joseph - It is sad! I ask myself all the time "What happened to the GOP"? Where did it go? This is not the GOP I have known in all my 66 years. SAD

PK - 4 hours ago
Why don't you leave the country then?

Dawn N - 4 hours ago
@Chuck yeah sure

alexander - 4 hours ago
i did the same thing! GOP for over 30 yrs then trump happened!

Dawn N - 4 hours ago
@De Trump sucks

nathan l - 4 hours ago

Tim - 4 hours ago
@Chuck according to your comments, you're a lying peace of poo!

pepper - 4 hours ago
Me, too

De - 4 hours ago
Trump is personally a bad hombre, but he may be good for the country. Granted there are like 50 million cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome out there, so that's bad, but at least he's forcing people to think about a few things. Trump is going to institute ore change in govt than last 5 guys combined.

northwoods1949 - 4 hours ago
@Jo trump is the fool. Along with his uneducated followers.

Jo - 4 hours ago
How you figure ? You would rather apologize to our enemies for America and open our borders to all invaders and terrorists ! FOOL

Chuck - 4 hours ago
I as a life long and still registered democrat left the democratic party when they fixed it for Hillery. It all evens out

Rami - 5 hours ago
Please let Comrade Trump dress up as a fake general for the parade like Kadafi. Oh please let that happen.
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Nasty Woman - 30 minutes ago
It reminds me of the tale "The Emperor's New Clothes".

Nancy - 59 minutes ago
It appears we have our own mad dog.

Robyn Ness - 1 hour ago
Made me laugh, too. Hasn't dotard donnie already embarrassed himself enough. This high kicking he wants though makes him even a sicker sicko. Think he'll make sure his hair is glued down - lol.

pickle boat willy - 1 hour ago
thanks for the laugh….

Paul - 2 hours ago
Keep pounding your pud, Rami, keep pounding your pud. Your wish may eventually come to a climax!

L. - 2 hours ago
Yes, I can see it now - Strumpet all dressed up in a custom-made General's uniform, all gussied up with bronze starts, purple hearts, campaign ribbons, sticking his fat gut out while standing in the top of a tank. He'll be holding a Tiki torch in one hand, and a swastika in the other.

rod - 2 hours ago
He will wear a military commander in chief jacket which seem to be a presidential military uniform to foster the illusion.

Yvonne - 2 hours ago
Blah fake news

neal - 2 hours ago
@Mortal son of Apollo that's the idea.

P.O. - 3 hours ago
Or Castro!

minnie - 4 hours ago
Please let it happen and please have a BIGLY straight JACKET waiting for him if he does dress like a General!

Sandra - 4 hours ago
If comrade dresses up in military gear he should be arrested.

Tim - 4 hours ago
Its Qaddafi and he actually went into the military unlike tRump!

In 1961 Qaddafi entered the military college in the city of Benghazi. He also spent four months receiving military training in the United Kingdom. After graduating, Qaddafi steadily rose through the ranks of the military.