Jeff Eisenberg,The Dagger•November 15, 2017

UCLA indefinitely suspends three players arrested for shoplifting in China

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LOS ANGELES — UCLA wielded a stronger hammer than the Chinese authorities did with its three basketball players arrested for shoplifting in Hangzhou last week.

Coach Steve Alford announced Wednesday that LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley will each serve indefinite suspensions while the UCLA athletic department and office of student conduct review the incident. They will not travel with the team or suit up for home games, though they may eventually earn back the right to rejoin practices and team meetings.

Related Searches UCLA Player ArrestedUCLA Shoplifting ChinaUCLA Basketball Players Shoplifting In China “These are good young men who have exercised an inexcusable lapse of judgment and now they have to live with that,” Alford said.

“These young men are going to have to prove through their words and actions that this is not who they are and they will not let their identity be defined by this incident. I know ‘Gelo, Cody and Jalen well, and I’m confident they have already begun to use this experience as a life lesson. They’re going to have to regain the trust of this athletic department, this university and because this was such a high-profile international matter, the trust of the general public.”

LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley made their first public comments since returning from China. (AP) More Ball, Hill and Riley were detained eight days ago in Hangzhou for allegedly stealing sunglasses from a Louis Vuitton store adjacent to the hotel where the Bruins were staying. UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said the three players shoplifted from three different stores inside of the high-end shopping mall.

Chinese authorities dropped charges against the three UCLA players on Tuesday and permitted them to fly home to Los Angeles. They each made their first public comments on Wednesday via prepared statements that expressed remorse for their actions and gratitude to those who helped get them home safely and expediently.

“I’d like to start off by saying sorry for stealing from the stores in China,” said LiAngelo Ball, the younger brother of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball and the middle son of sneaker entrepreneur LaVar Ball. “I didn’t exercise my best judgment and I was wrong for that. … I’m a young man, however, it’s not an excuse for making such a stupid decision.”

Among those who each of the players took time to thank was President Donald Trump, who intervened on their behalf by asking his Chinese counterpart for help resolving the matter. Trump had tweeted earlier Wednesday about the incident, asking whether “the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump?”

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David - 3 hours ago
Suspend them from basketball for the year, revoke the scholarship and make them attend classes this year...
Replies (155)

. - 20 minutes ago
@Joe, you just tossed it, #$%$.

. - 22 minutes ago
What punishment do you suggest for Penn State hazing murder Frat Boys? Or, Roy Moore? ... Just curious?

Trollbama - 25 minutes ago
Now you know why Asian shop owners follow blacks around!

custmsprty - 26 minutes ago
Whose going to pay thier tuition?

Stitches - 27 minutes ago
Classes?! Classes?! We're trying to get them to one class and you're talking about classes?!!

PhuqMe - 34 minutes ago
Ball will just go into the draft next year anyway

LINCOLN - 37 minutes ago
"make them attend classes this year" LOL, you're too kind

Joe - 37 minutes ago
Before all is said and done the race card will be tossed around.

Scott - 43 minutes ago
Makes way too much sense to happen.

Greg - 44 minutes ago
You hit it out of the ballpark with that comment.

GARY - 46 minutes ago
@G We're going to guess that, like the three of them, you barely made it through school. In fact, re-reading your comment, it's obvious that you didn't make it past the 10th grade.

Dan-O - 46 minutes ago
Attend classes? whadda nuts? They ain't bee's attendin' no classes.

jon - 48 minutes ago
In what world can you revoke a scholarship and then force them to attend classes? Are you also going to force them to pay tuition then?

Cal - 49 minutes ago
i think the school should base their future on their grades

fishman 2 - 55 minutes ago
@Salvador are you nuts? they just got a pass on prison. no school no basketball. now reward them back home?? the father of one thinks it's a joke, only sunglasses. he's an idiot

G - 58 minutes ago
They not guilty!!!!!!!! Show me the tape. It was doctored to make it look like theybstole. Free liangelo

. - 58 minutes ago
The scholarships were not to do them any favor. Otherwise, they'd have given it to some underprivileged nerd. The scholarship was given to make UCLA Million$.

fishman 2 - 58 minutes ago
@fugowee they're black they will never get it. even the fathers entitled attitude said " it was only sunglasses"

Robert - 59 minutes ago
@Salvador - They are not kids. They’re adults.

Josh N - 1 hour ago
@Pete No NBA team will draft them without seeing them play in college or professionally abroad. If they declared they would be 2nd rounders at best.

fishman 2 - 1 hour ago
@PAUL they admitted guilt with their apology. they should be expelled, they're lucky they're not in prison

Josh N - 1 hour ago
I agree, ceate a one year probation where they have to pay out of pocket to attend classes, but I would go a step further and make a condition that they maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA for the entire year, all 3 quarters, if they want the scholarship back.

Jamerican - 1 hour ago
@Y, are you on the right article? This is about the UCLA players, not assumed predators.

James M - 1 hour ago
Suspension means they lose their scholarship. The only reason they got the scholarship was because they played basketball. Expel them and give their class seats to some poor kids who want to make themselves better.

Martin - 1 hour ago
Of all people they should know anyone educated by liberals should not get caught shoplifting.

. - 1 hour ago
Never see such animation and hysterics
about the Penn State Frat Boys hazing

. - 1 hour ago
Yet, Christian Conservatives want
to put Roy Moore in the Senate!
Hmm, wonder why the hyper hypocrisy?

lmfao - 1 hour ago
libs will call you and President Trump racist now for some reason

PAUL - 1 hour ago
T ...This is your comment "They cannot have their scholarship revoked and be suspended both .." You posted this comment, without any reason or rationale to support it....It would have been ( humorous ) to read your explanation about why you believe this bit of fiction !! It may come as a surprise to you that a Law Breaker does not dictate what sentence they are to receive, when convicted ( and yes, I do know that they were not convicted )... The University makes its' decisions, those 3 kids - nor you or I - have any opinion THAT MATTERS, about they way that school disciplines its' Thieving students .

. - 1 hour ago
That's right! No
for them!

Pete - 1 hour ago
@fugowee Contrarily, they can get away with stealing in China just like they have been getting away with it in the US.

Pete - 1 hour ago
They'll drop out. They're only there as a stepping stone to the NBA.

fugowee - 1 hour ago
I agree with the suspension indefinitely but
please get a grip.
If getting caught in China doesn't scare them straight,
nothing will ever do so.

Dani - 1 hour ago
Why in China playing exhibition? Money for NCAA! I agree the kids should be booted, but also think we need to stop using them for profits. Don't complain that they aren't smart. Most student athletes don't have a lot of time to be students, and now they are world travelers??

John - 1 hour ago
I love some of the responses David... "They made a mistake, etc.." No they didn't make a mistake- they made a choice!

Glen - 1 hour ago
Kick them out period. No time period other than forever.

James - 1 hour ago
Tottally throw them out of the University!

PAUL - 1 hour ago
David, What kind of Human Being are you, that would ask a Student Athlete to attend their classes ? I cannot think that UCLA - one of the finest Schools in the country - OR, any other institution of learning, would demand that a Student Athlete be made to GO to school for the reason for which it was built. A sad commentary, if you think that is correct !

Salvador - 1 hour ago
These are kids who made it a mistake. Stop trying to make examples of everyone you do not like. Just because Trump tried to take credit for something that was inevitable. It is sad what they did, but taking away their scholarships and booting off the team is not the answer. This is why we live to learn and hopefully this is a huge lesson to them.

Watching - 1 hour ago
@reality...I really wouldn't want these young men to do the kind of hard time IN CHINA their theft might leave them open to, but I have thought about it and considered a few months of extreme discomfort in a Chinese penal system might turn them around for good, for sure. Quite the cogent point and inquiry on Trump's interceding ... no way anyone at that level would have done so had the boys done this on home soil.

Christopherj - 1 hour ago
@GoGoUSA like your rant of nothing

Israel in Africa - 1 hour ago
hmmm take away their scholarships but make them attend class lol. You do realize why ppl get scholarships right? Kids make mistakes no different then any other kid who steal or assault someone. But why in the world would you go to China and try to do it?

GoGoUSA - 1 hour ago
@Gernard kids do make bad decisions but stupid people make stupid decisions. Most of the time are the people who did not focus on academic and lousy in study that make stupid decisions. People who focus too much on sports and games and neglect their studies make stupid decisions.

David - 2 hours ago
They aren't smart enough to pass any classes....that's why they play basketball.

Gernard - 2 hours ago
If you have kids, you will be able to understand that they make stupid decisions,

ChristopherH - 2 hours ago
Oscar - 'Something that contributors here are not talking about is that these players provided a valuable lesson in the art of contrition.' Horse Hockey!! All I saw were three dunbasses thinking the same thing 'Please, please, please, don't kick me off the team.'

darb - 2 hours ago

Pookie - 2 hours ago
Make them attend class? You do know UCLA is a college right?

dwayne - 2 hours ago
Attend classes? I thought the college paid people to do that for ball players!

Brian - 2 hours ago
Hell yes! What a trio of idiots! Lol

HeresJohnny - 2 hours ago
@reality oh shutup, if he didnt get them freed then you would complain that he didnt.

Shawn - 2 hours ago

reality - 2 hours ago
"President Donald Trump, who intervened on their behalf" __ @Trump, you DO realize that the Chinese don't do anything for free, right?? For this "favor", you had to soften your position on an issue, and WHY did you spring them from punishment, in any case??, if they did something wrong, WHY are you protecting them?? IF they shoplifted from a US store, would you spring them out of US jail too??

kevin - 2 hours ago
Indefinite suspension, plus 3 months of community service is good punishment.
They deserve another chance. Look at Giuliani. As mayor of New York city, he was tough on crime, but when his own daughter was caught shoplifting, he asked that she should be left alone, as she's in need of help.

Keenan - 2 hours ago
I agree

joe - 2 hours ago
@eck0731 that's fine, make them start over some where else. Not easy to do with this hanging over their heads, their not that good

Joe Dirt - 2 hours ago
David: I agree 100%. But you know, that's not going to happen.

RonM - 2 hours ago
Permanent termination - UCLA has been tarnished by three thieves! Oh, and if that international incident had not happened, they would have been the subject of other incidents....cut your NBA for them!

Anointed - 2 hours ago
@eck0731 not correct.

T - 2 hours ago
They cannot have their scholarship revoked and be suspended both....

eck0731 - 2 hours ago
that sounds great,until you realize that they can just go to another school and get everything back.

Sean - 2 hours ago
@That guy Gee, a student PAY for school? What a concept. Its almost like the STUDENT part of student athlete is more important than the athlete part.

jd - 2 hours ago
Make them attend classes? Like getting a world class education from a top university is a punishment???

shane - 2 hours ago
No word from the African American community about Trump getting three young black youth released from jail open your eyes America the media is trying to divide us

Yo_Balla05 - 2 hours ago
@Shannon, they're richer than you, so they should take away what again?.... Popeyes card?..... No one knows that exists except people who have them...

Viet Vet - 2 hours ago
Oh no, attend classes too ?

Sean - 2 hours ago
Revoke the scholarship, kick them out.

bo - 2 hours ago
maybe u.c.l.a. should up it's standard's.

Oscar - 2 hours ago
Something that contributors here are not talking about is that these players provided a valuable lesson in the art of contrition--not that the man who is never sorry about anything will get it, despite his mountain of blunders. These 3 young guys at least showed they have redeemable qualities. The same cannot be said for our petulant child in chief.

Eb - 2 hours ago
Nicolas really? public apology is NOT enough, make all Americans look bad and no lesson learned in the end. This was not the first time they stole China they have them in 3 places.

pick - 2 hours ago
They would do even better in class. They're great students in high school.

Frank Marino - 2 hours ago
gun trigger women down stop them from breeding more criminals on tax payers money

mudpuppy j - 2 hours ago
Expel them and the NCAA should ban them for life.

Shannon - 2 hours ago
Hit them where it hurts, take away their Popeye's card.

R - 2 hours ago
LOL college athletes dont attend classes. They get degrees just for playing sports.

Nicholas Mickey - 2 hours ago
well without the scholarship they may not be able to attend UCLA. Suspend them from the team to at least feb 2018....they made public apology. Enough I think....we all made mistakes and want second chances....and maybe some community service to speak with younger folks (suggested) or volunteer at basketball camp.

Shannon - 2 hours ago
Little punks warmed the bench punishment there.

Todd - 2 hours ago
Maybe Trump can negotiate their freedom, or threaten UCLA with sanctions...

gatchieboy - 2 hours ago
A prior similar incident of shoplifting happened before. I am ashamed of them. I bet the Chinese stores will keep an eye on every American shopper. We’re all branded as shoplifters. Shame, shame...

SoSad - 2 hours ago
He should invite them to Whitehouse ,
Made us very proud , stealing way to go!

H.P. - 2 hours ago
@DrFrasier27 ------ Racist much?

That guy - 2 hours ago
So you want them to get in debt for schools that is profiting from the are terribly out of touch my friend

Brad bosse Bosse - 2 hours ago
Thats exactly what should happen but you know as well as me that will NEVER happen!

ShitStarter - 2 hours ago
They will be before February just in time for March it

DonnaP - 2 hours ago
They will probably flunk

Michael - 2 hours ago
Shut the hell up.....

Decomo - 2 hours ago
"attend classes?" that is too cruel!

DrFrasier27 - 2 hours ago
@Shawn Racist much?

Bernard - 2 hours ago
LOL... Trump wanted a thank you... Well, he got three of em now... Maybe he will tweet that he now has 3 new black supporters.

Baraco taco - 2 hours ago
our culture we much better if anyone receiving scholarships were to break the law, the scholarships would be revoked

Team Canada - 2 hours ago
too nice, they should be expelled from the any other student caught for stealing...but this is Liberal coddling pansy California so maybe they will just get to clean the blackboard and it's erasers...hahaha

nonskids - 2 hours ago
@John once a thief always a thief!

Sergio - 2 hours ago
should have left them in china

brent s - 2 hours ago
Good luck making them attend classes if their scholarships are revoked

the drunk - 2 hours ago
@PaulC If they transfer now, I dont think they would be eligible to play for another team.

bryceT - 2 hours ago
Make them attend classes??? They probably didn’t do that when they were in good standing

Thomas - 2 hours ago
Kick them out of the school...permanently! obvious.

kevin - 2 hours ago
@David. Suspension don't add up for stealing fake sunglasses, China owes Michael Jordon over 50 millions plus for them stealing Jordon trademark, his Airiness Michael Jordan. China is famous for its fake market but also for stealing trademarks and the Chinese Court support that. I’m also sure that the Louis Vuitton sunglasses were also fake and a stole trademark stolen from the Chinese. So that means the arrest were fake for stealing fake stolen items that doesn’t belongs to China either!

PaulC - 3 hours ago
If you revoke their scholarship, that is equivalent to kicking them out of school because they WILL transfer. There are 351 colleges and universities that offer division-1 basketball scholarships. Revoking theirs makes these 3 boys instantly eligible to go get another one elsewhere. And with 351 schools, at least 300 of them will vastly improve their rosters by picking one of these 3 players up. So no, revoking the scholarship. that will not be happening.

Orange Jackolantern - 3 hours ago
@Oscar I’m with you

John - 3 hours ago
And if they are STUPID enough to steal things in China, imagine how many times they have stolen things in the U.S.

S - 3 hours ago
haha, Make them attend class, now that is cruel

Marc - 3 hours ago
Indefinately means until people forget about it and move on to the next scandal.

Steve - 3 hours ago
Should have let them do hard labor for 10 years in CHINA

Shawn - 3 hours ago

Steve - 3 hours ago

Vance - 3 hours ago
What's a class?

Oscar - 3 hours ago
David, I personally would prefer suspending and revoking Trump's presidency based on his reprehensible behavior on multiple fronts. Perhaps when the Russia, conflict of interest and obstruction investigations conclude maybe I'll get my wish.

c - 3 hours ago
Texas State University suspends all Greek activities following death of 20-year-old fraternity pledge but not one person made a comment to , revoke their scholarships. Double standard when its comes to black and white students. I'm white with one drop of black blood which the John Crow law makes me black. I'm for both races because I'm both but where is the fair justice from my white race?

Black Lion - 3 hours ago
Nonsense, they will get a pass shortly.

mrt - 3 hours ago
If only.

R - 3 hours ago
Have them earn their grades! They will fail out for sure!

Glenn - 3 hours ago
I don't know if UCLA has PreK.

Lauri - 3 hours ago
Racist at all Shawn???

trevor - 3 hours ago
@Shawn not suspended... these thugs should be expelled

trevor - 3 hours ago
for the year? expel them. only legitimate course of punishment

Shawn - 3 hours ago

Dan E. - 3 hours ago
whoa whoa whoa.... making athletes attend classes?? Lets not talk crazy here.

John - 3 hours ago
@John Social Organization of Black Communities there are hundreds of such nonsense that could actually allow an "athlete" to "graduate."

Verny - 3 hours ago
Actually attend classes? Them? Cruel and unusual.

MovieStreaker - 3 hours ago
have them actually do the work...and make it a reality show.
R U Smarter then a UCLA player

Brian - 3 hours ago
Thats racist. You can't make them attend classes

MY2Cents - 3 hours ago
If Its a first offence a year is probably a good lesson .

mrwiggles609 - 3 hours ago
You people have a lot of negative things to say about three young men of color. When you should still be focused about why these white males are committing these mass murders! Oh yeah, mental illness!

greg - 3 hours ago
make them attend classes - great !

John - 3 hours ago
@John Here's a couple more: Beginning Hip-Hop Dance Beginning West African Dance or the ever popular and extremely challenging: Yoga. these are actual courses at UCLA this year.

Al - 3 hours ago
What a joke, UCLA wielded a stiffer sentence then if in China. They should have been left in China and I would have loved to see which is worse, THey are getting off easy.

byou - 3 hours ago
Make them go to class? They probably don't now

Cave Cave Deus Videt - 3 hours ago
Oh you meanie, go to class. They would probably prefer jail in China.

A - 3 hours ago
no do not say that they are making money for ucla,are you kidding me,under everything you see there is $

John - 3 hours ago
@MTH888 This is from this years UCLA Course Catalog: African Studies Interdepartmental Program
College of Letters and Science

redfield - 3 hours ago
what is a class?

MOJO - 3 hours ago

Mark - 3 hours ago
I agree, suspend them for the year. Make them earn their way back by staying out of trouble and doing volunteer work

John - 3 hours ago
They cannot attend class without the scholarships. They need to AT LEAST be suspended until the Pac-12 begins along with some community service type restitution.

Susie - 3 hours ago
UCLA not expelling these thugs just shows they have no morals. All it will do is say ok to steal but don't get caught. These players will end up in jail anyway when they are older.

Matthew - 3 hours ago
@D.J.Bubba they can enter the draft that punishment doesnt even make sense

Joshua - 3 hours ago
Their kids... Ur an idiot

Matthew - 3 hours ago
they will probably just change colleges

D.J.Bubba - 3 hours ago
They should be expelled from school, so no more B=Ball for them, no high paid career in NBA They disgraced our country and their school, no punishment will be enough !

Phu Bai Vet - 3 hours ago
Wont happen, David...The college is trying to win championships.

Not a democRAT - 3 hours ago
that to Easy Pitch the BB OUT

T.S. - 3 hours ago
Additionally, those thieves have to attend classes without their personal tutors (I was in the same class as a college tennis player, who would attend classes with his personal tutor).

Eric Z - 3 hours ago
Attend class for a year? Hilarious!

MTH888 - 3 hours ago
Oh no! If you make them take classes, they are going to fail! It's still UCLA, the classes there are hard.

daniel - 3 hours ago
Like your punishment better.

Joel - 3 hours ago
Sounds like prison dippy

Larry - 3 hours ago
Make these pampered athletes attend classes??? You mean like regular students?? Now that's gong too far!!!

Steven - 3 hours ago
They shouldn't be allowed to attend college because of 1 shoplifting incident???? Seriously? These are young men. Very young and immature and foolish, but hardly the type who deserves this to hang over their head much longer than their suspension will be. The young always make mistakes. I am living proof that eventually they will grow up and hopefully this lesson will stay as a reminder of stupidity the rest of there long lives.

Greg - 3 hours ago
This won't work. Only Scholarship Basketball or Football players can attend Basket Weaving or Introduction to TV classes.

Brian - 3 hours ago
No way will they get expelled but they should be done for the entire year

Everthinking1 - 3 hours ago
How do you make them attend classes? They could simply drop out of UCLA if their scholarships are revoked. I don't care about them, but this wouldn't solve the problem.

DvD - 3 hours ago
thats basically what they did aka indefinitely lol

rick - 3 hours ago
Lol they can't pass the classes

ec2 - 3 hours ago
they should be kicked out of the school completely they don't deserve to go

Cooper's Parents - 3 hours ago
“These are good young men who have exercised an inexcusable lapse of judgment and now they have to live with that,” Alford said.

Uh, no they aren't. Good young men don't steal....period.
Replies (137)

MrAcoustic - 20 minutes ago
People make mistakes, just like you.

Trollbama - 23 minutes ago
Asian shop owners who follow blacks around are racist!

Mark - 28 minutes ago
Alford is so damn dirty, how can he even say those words.

Q - 35 minutes ago
oh boy lets not throw stones cause I'm pretty sure your whole house is made of very fragile glass .

1 - 38 minutes ago
how many mistakes have you made, but before you answer that we all make mistake unless your god,,

Thelma - 40 minutes ago
Good young men can make a bad decision. What they do next will be telling.

. - 53 minutes ago
They were arrested for a goodwill bargaining chip which Dotard fell for. Classic CC China diplomatic move.

As The World Burns - 55 minutes ago
@Mike with all due respect you are an idiot. These #$%$ stole SUNGLASSES! Not food to feed their starving families. Yours is one of the stupidest comments I've ever read on Yahoo... And that's really saying something! If that's really how you think, I sincerely hope you don't have any children because they'll receive no guidance or common sense from you!

larry10 - 55 minutes ago
just 3 black thugs that if they could note bounce a ball they would be robbing gas stations

heyjoe - 1 hour ago
cooper... I hope your not a father, you obviously don't understand human nature. I bet you have some skeletons in your closet don't you hypocrite? We all mess up from time to time... if you never have cooper... you must be a saint!

Pete - 1 hour ago
Bad young men - PERIOD. Old enough to know right from wrong. probably only made it into college because they play ball.

ZJ - 1 hour ago
Agreed. You can call it a lapse in judgement all you want, but they stole from 3 stores. This was not just the spur of the moment thing. And to have them come back to next to no consequences? I was teaching my son at 3 that stealing is not ok. These boys are 19 and havent figured out that, that's not ok. Pretty sure a simple public apology will do nothing about curbing this in the future.

B - 1 hour ago

Mikhael - 1 hour ago
except if you're a cop or a corporate billionaire of course (or the son of one)

moral strictures are meant to apply to the Commonfolk only not the elite castes

chris - 1 hour ago
@Craig shoplifting actually doesn't cost the store. Just like like everything in a capitalist society the burden is placed on the consumer. Loss due to shoplifting is calculated into prices.

Craig - 1 hour ago
So who is stealing in the U.S.?
Shoplifting and Other Fraud Cost Retailers Nearly $50 Billion Last Year. Loss of inventory from stores — due to causes including shoplifting and employee theft — cost the U.S. retail industry nearly $48.9 billion in 2016.


Marcus - 1 hour ago
Then why did Trump steal from Hundreds of students at Trump U?...and why did he stiff thousands of contractors who built his properties..isn't that a bigger theft crime?

Cooper's Parents - 1 hour ago
@mike - You are 100% correct mike. If my family was hungry and I had to, I would steal to feed them.

But I don't think any of these guys' family members were on the verge of going blind from the sun.

Rob - 1 hour ago
So if a young man's sister has the sun shining in her eyes is it stealing to steal a pair of sun glasses to give to your sister? lmfao

Osker - 1 hour ago
@Jim, taxes are theft in themselves, so that's not a good argument.

Craig - 1 hour ago
Sucks to be an American I guess: Lot of stealing going on....
Shoplifting and Other Fraud Cost Retailers Nearly $50 Billion Last Year. Loss of inventory from stores — due to causes including shoplifting and employee theft — cost the U.S. retail industry nearly $48.9 billion in 2016.

Jim - 1 hour ago
Closing in on 60...I've seen a lot of good people "fiddle" on their taxes..."take" (steal) office supplies from work (even if it's a single pen), reckless speed and drive dangerously down the highway, and many more instances that may fit your opinion of unbecoming a good person.

Betty - 1 hour ago
Good people make mistakes as bad. Show me a person that says they haven't and I will show you a liar. The difference is good people atone and try to do better bad people never do. Everyone deserves a second chance and hopefully these young men get one

mike - 1 hour ago
That's an ignorant statement: "Uh, no they aren't. Good young men don't steal....period"
So if a young mans sister is starving to death and he steals an apple and a bottle of water from a store to save his sisters life, hes not being a good young man by saving his sisters life?

Cooper's Parents - 1 hour ago
@Lethal Snowflake - You can't even compare the two. I believe 100% that these boneheads stole in China. I'm not convinced that the kid in NK did anything wrong, but if he did, there is no way the punishment he received fit the crime (and i'm talking about the sentence he was given, not the fact that they basically killed the kid).

So getting caught on tape stealing high-end sun glasses vs. being accused of stealing a sign from a hotel is no comparison.

Ashley - 1 hour ago
Good people make mistakes, hopefully there will be fitting consequences for their actions and they learn from them.

darb - 1 hour ago

PJ - 1 hour ago
@First Name Joe - Oh PLEASE!!!! Get off the race card! This has NOTHING at all to do with their race! You yourself say you'd expel them from school. So does that mean you're racist, like you accuse Cooper's to be? No, it does not. It means that these idiots are too old and honestly too smart to pull what they did, and they deserve more than they'll get for punishment. But it's NOT related to race! It makes me sick that the first thing on your mind was the color of their skin rather than their lack of integrity and respect!

Carol - 2 hours ago
No I agree.good men don't steal...PERIOD...Look at Otto for taking a poster from North Korea...(DEATH SENTENANCE) These 3 men should thank the president and they should revoke their scholarship. They should thank God they are back in the USA...Thank you president Trump...

castaway - 2 hours ago
So you agree that Donald Trump Jr should go to prison. Thank you.
"“He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.”
There is absolutely no way you lived a perfect life.

Winning - 2 hours ago
Your reasoning is sound Snowflake. The punishment did not fit the crime in NK, but the young man in question was certainly not a "good young man".

bobby d - 2 hours ago
Good young men make mistakes ! Lots of those young men end up serving our country and fighting for your freedom . Good people make bad decisions all the time . They will learn from it .

VietNVet66 - 2 hours ago
Most young people make mistakes even if they are considering themselves "Angles" with a devils heart. Not what you want to represent your country nor do you want a 45 who grabs womens *****.

Lethal Snowflake - 2 hours ago
@ Cooper, So by your rationale a good young man did not take a poster in NK that cost him his life?

Scott - 2 hours ago
These are criminals, not good young men, who've been given a pass in life because they can play basketball. Deserve to be expelled

Watching - 2 hours ago
CP, I can agree with that now that you've softened your absolutism.

First NameJoe - 2 hours ago
Well in that case Coop...then I guess most of the THIEVES we have in Congress are not good. Considering all the lying and STEALING they do. I don't agree with what these young men did. If I was in charge of their punishment I would exspell them from UCLA PERIOD! But I will not judge them so harshly JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK! The only thing you are trying to do is use a situation to justify your racism.

reality - 2 hours ago
"President Donald Trump, who intervened on their behalf", @Trump, WHY? WHY? WHY???? If they shoplifted from a US store, would you spring them out of jail?? WHAT difference does it make if they're in China, you idiot? They deserved to be punished, not spared b\c they're stupid athletes.

Cooper's Parents - 2 hours ago
@Watching - Not too many "good" people steal things that they don't need.

Cooper's Parents - 2 hours ago
@B Palms - As the infamous LaVar Ball has said: "Stay in your lane". This has nothing to do with psycho nut jobs killing people. It has to do with entitled 19 year old kids who are flat out stupid, and think they can get away with it.

Mike - 3 hours ago
Translation: Suspended until the PAC-12 schedule starts.
Replies (24)

Landy - 26 minutes ago
When the schedule gets tough the thieving three will be reinstated. They’re not needed against Creampuff U, San Diego Community College, etc.

Ñusta - 1 hour ago
Expelled them, bad apples!

Duke - 1 hour ago
Suspend Them permanently.

jbt - 2 hours ago
A farce, should be kicked off the team and scholarship revoked.

Chris - 2 hours ago
appeal appeal appeal ....wrist slap....if I had to guess. They hope it hits page 6 by the time they are reinstated and it gets swept under the rug....let's see if Daddy Ball can #$%$ long enough. He may get his kid what he deserves, if history is anything to go by

alanrichrd - 2 hours ago
Maybe not even that long. UCLA plays Kentucky on December 23. I don't think UCLA would dare make them eligible for Cincinnati on December 9. Hate to say it, but I think they end up with a slap on the wrist.

RonM - 2 hours ago
Total termination!

Aren - 2 hours ago

Sheila - 2 hours ago
@Oregon Jim you are right, his dad is just as stupid as his kids. If he were there, he would have probably been with them.

MARK E - 2 hours ago
Conference starts Dec 29.....

jb80538 - 2 hours ago
@ Hamburger..."No one wants to watch a THEFT play"? Maybe you mean THIEF?

Oregon Jim - 2 hours ago
Meanwhile LaVar Ball says, "it ain't no big deal".

Jonathan - 2 hours ago
Exactly right.

Matty Ice - 2 hours ago
The season started while they were in China to begin with. They weren’t going to play the first half of the season anyway.

B - 3 hours ago
True. I'm just glad they didn't receive any favoritism for being athletes..oh wait. Nevermind.

Hamburger - 3 hours ago
Suspended them forever please. Nobody want to watch a theft play.

darrin - 3 hours ago
I still don't get why they stole those luxury brands...I mean they have access to free Big Baller Brand shirts....isn't that what all of the kids are wearing today...oh wait

Rebel_Ray - 3 hours ago
I would not be surprised.

KronosWolf - 3 hours ago
Exactly what I was thinking.. No way does UCLA kick three scholarship players off the team or suspend them for the whole year.. Too much money would be lost and UCLA wouldn't like that.

charlie - 3 hours ago
Just until the heat dies down a bit. No one really believes that ucla will punish them appropriately.

Bob - 3 hours ago
They'll be back by next weekend.

darrin - 3 hours ago
yes the last game they sit out will be against Northwest Bob and Mary university and then POOF be eligible for a ranked opponent.

Kim - 3 hours ago
@Joe should be thrown out of UCLA --- UCLA has a lot of Chinese students --- paying full tuition, studying hard and and obeying the law NONE of which these players do.

Joe - 3 hours ago
Which is like 10 or 11 games... seems reasonable.

Guanxi - 3 hours ago
"indefinite suspensions" could be one game or two games. Look no punishment to me
Replies (32)

Elijah - 31 minutes ago
@Elijah well, how is jail going to help anyone like you or me, only beneficiaries are large corporations and privatized prison owners, such as CCA?

Elijah - 33 minutes ago
@Brian lol you know imprisonment has been shown to have little to no benefit for the rehabilitation of prisoners. prison system has been turned into a privatized human trafficking factory, that produces goods for corporations while prisoners are paid maybe $0.15 cent a hour. How is jail going to help anyone?

Elijah - 37 minutes ago
@Brian lol imprisonment is shown to have little to,no benefit for rehabilitation of the inmates. This Means( jail does not help change offenders, it is a form of torture that permanently damages citizens and stripping them of all their rights, in essence reducing them to a Slave class to get free labor but first they must be criminalized by the public for this casts system to work.) You know its pretty much jus to get free labor from lower class right

. - 40 minutes ago
You don't think Imprisoned in China for a week, Public Humiliation and Public Reputation isn't punishment. I wonder how you'd like your teenage son punished for lifting a pair of sunglasses? Probably on a stupid mutual peer pressure type dare. The didn't need it and could afford it, so they paid a heavy price for a prank.

Brenda Wilson-sampson - 1 hour ago
Not true stop making something more out of this.

Eastwick - 1 hour ago
they could execute them would that be enough for you?

John - 2 hours ago
Could be the whole season, too.

Laramie - 2 hours ago
@Marc, you speak about HARSH and balance within a cream puff society. What sentence would you hand out for punishment?

Michael - 2 hours ago
@Gar41 they aren't star players

Marc - 2 hours ago
@JAcob, a bit harsh. While I agree with you in part. I think most of us white folks that have level heads. Understand that young men(white and black and any color) make mistakes. While they need to be punished. I think you need to find a balance of hard lesson and leniency. We understand that there are a lot of people of all races that refuse to punish their children. Which leads to their entitlement. That's what that was. Nothing more. It wil make these kids a little wiser and more rounded for life.

Brian - 2 hours ago
Just throw them in jail already, they'll end up there eventually.

RonM - 2 hours ago
Indefinite to some people would be one game..the hell with the games, they went to get a college education, but then that wasn't their NBA for these thieves.

Sdflk - 2 hours ago
So they miss a couple of games against mid-majors, so what!?!

Beverly - 2 hours ago
means free pass

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
@Gar41: Those three aren't the star players especially Ball. Jaylen Hands and Kris Wilkes are the stars of the team so get a clue.

FalconEDW - 2 hours ago
@Kim, correct. They should be thrown out of UCLA. Then we have those hard working Chinese students that go on to steal U.S. Corporate and Military secrets. Your little angels need to be WATCHED. Are you interested in THAT discussion?

Shannon - 2 hours ago
They didn't see Game time beige this anyway, nothing changed.

J - 2 hours ago
@RWWW, they didn't spend those days in jail. Read up a bit before spouting please

Cathy M - 2 hours ago
@bsharp not charging with crime. Conduct unbecoming is sufficient to pull a scholarship and remove from a team...

Jacob - 2 hours ago
They should be ban for life. I am a black American and those idiots are the ones who give racist people in this country more excuse to be prejudice and racist toward respectful black Americans. I wished They would have hanged them in China.

Jim - 2 hours ago
@Guanxi, that's why they call them "indefinite".

J J P - 2 hours ago
Just till the league games start.

JROd - 2 hours ago
"1 or 2 games?" Ha! UCLA is not the SEC.

Gar41 - 3 hours ago
It'll be 2 games at most. Can't have your star players on the bench.

RWW89 - 3 hours ago
WOW 8 days in jail for shoplifting....indefinite suspension and you people still think they got off light...SMH really?

MiMi - 3 hours ago
Then you're really STUPID! UCLA is not likely to risk their reputation the way these young men were willing to risk their freedom.

UNKNOW - 3 hours ago

thomas - 3 hours ago
Just until the mainstream media stops reporting on them

bsharp - 3 hours ago
You can't throw someone off the team and out of a university without due process. Indefinite suspension is the way to provide an immediate response.`

Kim - 3 hours ago
should be thrown out of UCLA --- UCLA has a lot of Chinese students --- paying full tuition, studying hard and and obeying the law NONE of which these players do.

wayne - 3 hours ago

Michael Z - 3 hours ago
Their season is pretty much over, you can rest assured of that.

Bill - 3 hours ago
Hopefully, indefinite means more than a week!
Replies (19)

reader - 16 minutes ago
Must take a knee and protest this decision (:

driller - 1 hour ago
Bill, it means they will be back next week. It's Ca, remember?

BOOGGERSNOTT - 1 hour ago

AZ Miner - 1 hour ago
Physics and biology. Priceless Steve.

Brian - 2 hours ago

Jason S - 2 hours ago
No kidding. Remember last year Coach K did the same thing then had Grayson Allen return after barely missing any time and 1 game.

voice of reason - 2 hours ago
they owe trump bigly... they could have been locked up for 10 years... most presidents would have just sat on their thumbs.

dejavu - 2 hours ago
ban for life from the nba suits them.

Glenn - 2 hours ago
naw, less than a week, maybe 3 days at most!

Big Ben - 2 hours ago
Needs to be FOREVER

STAN - 2 hours ago

PaulC - 2 hours ago
@Adam H: only 31 teams get automatic bids by winning the conference championship. The other 37 bids are awarded "subjectively." So for UCLA, every game matters (every game, not just Pac-12.) If the coach is a man of integrity and honor, keep them out for ALL of the OOC season. That would be "reasonable." That would be a terrific life lesson and it may cost these boys (and the whole team) dearly.

Steve - 2 hours ago
it will give them more time to study for physics and biology

Karen - 3 hours ago
Better to have a bunch of entitled thugs who can help win than take the chance on another team picking them up or worse, having a losing team with integrity. Slap them on the wrist and keep paying them for their behavior. It's all about winning.

Adam H - 3 hours ago
When the games matter they'll be in definitely.

Eddyt - 3 hours ago
Until they lose a game or two!!

PaulC - 3 hours ago
I agree with eric. They will be suspended for 10 or 12 games, right up to the beginning of Pac-12 play. That would be "reasonable." And if UCLA misses March Madness because their overall record is "meh" with too many losses OOC, then these boys can take responsibility for that.

ms penny - 3 hours ago
It means : Having no exact limits !

eric m - 3 hours ago
Most likely until conference play starts. So about a month

Lookin4America - 3 hours ago
Sorry Mr. Alford, I have to disagree with you. Good people do not steal.
Replies (36)

Decaying America - 39 minutes ago
And I'm 1000 percent sure YOUUuuu've Never STOLEN a god - dam thing in your life, not even taken an 'extra napkin' from a fast food joint.!
Good for YOouuuu!

ERNLL - 52 minutes ago
Lookin4America hmmmmm America was stolen from the Natives that lived there yet those that stole it are looked upon not as good people but great people. Congress is steali n g money from the taxspayers of America hand over fist....are there good people in congress???? No excuse for the 3 players that stolen glasses from UCLA.

Michelle C - 56 minutes ago
It's not as though one student shoplifted a single candy bar from a liquor store. These GROWN MEN obviously premeditated their actions, with three of them choosing to do this in THREE DIFFERENT, LUXURY stores. Not only does that show a complete disregard for other people's property, but it also shows a level of intent and just plain GREED that we don't see in a typical shoplifter. They could have been sentenced to 10 years of hard labor, or they could have caused an international incident in a country that requires a very narrow tightrope walk for us to keep relations balanced. They just plain embarrassed the entire nation. They should be prosecuted here and benched for the season. If they had done this on campus, they'd likely be expelled--well, a REGULAR student would be. I'm not so sure about male athletes. They seem to get a free pass on a LOT of things. All three of them had BETTER thank President Trump and talk about how KIND and GENEROUS it was of him to intervene. He certainly didn't have to!

heyjoe - 1 hour ago
no shet osker... duh! we all have screwed up... there is forgiveness... to judge them as not being good is what hypocrites do... you leftists always criticze someone for speaking out against evil and tell them not to judge... but you yourself judge all the time. Good peiople do stupid stuff all the time.

Vrede - 1 hour ago
homosapien's post went sailing right over your head, didn't it?
Stealing can be defined by law, but it doesn’t have to be.
Your defense of creepy, “constitution [sic]” hating, child molesting Roy Moore, someone even Hannity has abandoned, and racist reichwingers is disgusting.

Osker - 1 hour ago
@Maggie, stealing isn't a mistake, it's a willing choice.

Osker - 1 hour ago
@Anonymous, lol. Tiki torch carriers aren't even in the 20,000's. Next argument. Pedo's are of every race and color. Next argument.

Osker - 1 hour ago
@Lunnty, you mean, defending the constitution? The man is innocent until proven guilty, in court.

Osker - 1 hour ago
@SEX-E, stole? From who? What formal federal laws were in place before the white man got here?

Rob - 1 hour ago
Sorry but in life you don't get a 2nd chance.

Osker - 1 hour ago
@heyjoe, some are better than others, some never steal a thing in their lives, those are the people he is speaking of.

Osker - 1 hour ago
@homosapien, no they can't. Who are you speaking of, exactly?

Osker - 1 hour ago
@Aaron, Robin Hood, in today's day and age, would be shot.

Ruben - 1 hour ago
Good peoole make mistakes also, just look at who they voted for.

BradL - 1 hour ago
You’ve never stolen anything?

VietNVet66 - 2 hours ago
Who are you to label people Good as if you were giving the right to decide who is...No excuse for their actions but they should still be given a chance to redeem themselves.

Reasonable1 - 2 hours ago
You do realize some 80% of high school and college students cheat during their academic lives? This cheating translates to stealing a grade (achievement) you hadn't earned, which means there are a lot of bad people out there, mister morality.

Chuck - 2 hours ago
..but good people are capable of making bad decisions. They did and will now pay the price for that bad decision. They are lucky to be back home without further punishment from the Chinese I think!! Always a bit scarier on someone else's soil.

Wonker - 2 hours ago
Good people do make mistake and stealing can be in many forms.

GSpiel - 2 hours ago
LiAngelo was pulling a stunt to ultimately promote their stupid reality show! Bigmouth jerk dad probably put him up to it.....or not.....

Vrede - 2 hours ago
@Jim, @Steve, don’t y’all ever get tired of being such pitiful white perpetual victims?

Vrede - 2 hours ago
@Rob, they don’t all have the same dad, dummy.

Vrede - 2 hours ago
Speaking of “Good people”, in my lifetime the US government and others have gotten thousands of Americans released from foreign detention. I have never seen one of them be so self-involved and insecure as to demand a ‘thank you’. Dolt .45 did get thanked by all 3 players, but his whining is pathetic by any standard.

Maggie - 2 hours ago
Good people do make mistakes, no matter who they are.

Lookin4America - 2 hours ago
Why all of the racial backlash? Stealing is stealing, no matter the color of your skin.

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
Steve- White standard? Would that be your pedophiles and tiki torch carriers? That white standard of "good" ?

Rob - 2 hours ago
My god look at their dad! criminals every one!

Jim - 2 hours ago
To be a good white man you can not steal-To be a good black man you can only steal once in a while?

Lunnty - 2 hours ago
Steve, given the way some of the good upstanding Christian citizens of Alabama are defending Roy Moore, what exactly is the white standard of good?

SEX-E - 3 hours ago
lol white people claim to be good but of course all of that happened after they stole america and after they decided to free slaves... lol but now they are good people lol

heyjoe - 3 hours ago
@Steve you got that racist thing going on steve.

heyjoe - 3 hours ago
lookinfora.... there are no "good" people, we're all sinners and fall short of God's glory... you need to re-evaluate yourself lookn4america... I bet you got your share of sins.

Aaron - 3 hours ago
Robin Hood was a god man

homosapien - 3 hours ago
But they can be pedophiles

Ed - 3 hours ago
Lol. Imagine what it would be like for the other players if these three are put back in the team. The road games... man, I would transfer

Steve - 3 hours ago
He meant good as in good compared to other black athletes. He certainly was not using the white standard of good.

G - 3 hours ago
UCLA went easy on them. Should have left them in China for good.
Replies (52)

NM - 27 minutes ago
Your not only a racist, your dumb enough to make it overly obvious that your a racist!

EARL - 32 minutes ago
@Edward NO S***.

Decaying America - 39 minutes ago
I'm glad you 'know everything'.

M - ichael
Michael43 minutes ago
@pocket rockets yes, the Shenzhen organ donors.

Edward - 45 minutes ago
@Spencer :P are you stupid ?? They were in a foreign country called CHINA that has a history of locking up shoplifters who are their own people for YEARS AND YEARS. They were raised wrong, plain and simple. Good young men do not steal, so do not defend them. In Ball's case, his daddy is to blame 100%. Those idiots represented the United States of America and THIS is how they chose to do it. Really good job there morons.....and if it wasn't for President Trump they would STILL be there. I personally would have left them there a little longer, because maybe then they would have really learned to respect the laws of another country....they felt like rock stars probably and decided that they deserved those ugly #$%$ sungl#$%$es.

pocket rockets - 47 minutes ago
Hey , they would probably end up playing for a team in China

ExTex - 53 minutes ago
@Paula, probably know their ABCs. It's what follows those three that give them trouble.

ExTex - 55 minutes ago
@Richard, no, a blatant lack of respect for the rights of others NOT to be subjected to lawlessness.

ExTex - 56 minutes ago
@SC Rotejam, no I would have been too busy to say anything because I would be kicking his butt around the block for even being found in a situation like that.

ExTex - 58 minutes ago
@Tony Valentino, the bisket boy would have had them for dinner?

ExTex - 59 minutes ago
Or at least until they learned how to make Chop Suey properly.

Spencer - 59 minutes ago
They stole sunglasses people. Yes it was stupid but not jail time stupid. If this were your kid you'd have a completely different attitude. 80% of these comments sounds like they are coming from immature teenagers. And the people that leave mean and racist comments you are nothing but cowards because i'm sure you don't have the guts to make these comments in public. People grow up.

heyjoe - 1 hour ago
china was afraid BLM would show up and burn the place down!

Tony Valentino - 1 hour ago
think what wouldn't have happened if they were in North Korea.

SC Rotejam - 1 hour ago
And, of course, you'd say the same thing were it your son that committed the violation? Uh huh.....

Michael - 1 hour ago
I'm not sure about leaving them in China for good, but they should have faced some jail time in China.

Richard - 1 hour ago
Over sunglasses?

Ali - 2 hours ago
That was expected, this California where breaking the law is excusable.

Doug - 2 hours ago
Trump go them out of China and onto a plane. UCLA carries no water at all in international affairs

J - 2 hours ago
Is the little snowflake upset the black man didn't get in trouble?

Warfield Blackshear - 2 hours ago

Shannon - 2 hours ago
China had no more room for additional jungle bunnies.

Shannon - 2 hours ago
China didn't want them.

Paula - 2 hours ago
That's Harsh Punishment. making Them Attend Classes. I Doubt If They Know Their ABC's

Freedom Rings - 2 hours ago
Awe, leave your family out of this Neverchange

nonskids - 2 hours ago
too bad they weren't playing in north Korea!

Misa - 2 hours ago
@sammy you are a idiot get employment and be useful

Misa - 2 hours ago
Then they can play for the China League. Mo Money.

Neverchange - 2 hours ago
@c -- That description sounds like a meth addict mother and father/brother from the trailer park court!!

David - 3 hours ago

sammy - 3 hours ago
black lives matter lol!!! no they don't!!

MiMi - 3 hours ago
You're JUST A RACIST! Your response has NOTHING to do with their behavior.

StuckLikeChuck - 3 hours ago
UCLA didn't decide if they stayed in China or not smh just stop talking

Greg - 3 hours ago
If the NCAA had any balls they would take away a year of eligibility and the NBA would agree to not draft them during that year.

c - 3 hours ago
@Allen well if you feel the punishment should fit the crime, than let's cut their hands off. That is the punishment in most countries. They don't go for the BS that America does, oh he came from a bad home, daddy is in jail and mamma is a drug addict, it wasn't me you think we all look alike, it was racist to accuse me, mamma can't keep track of him and all the other BS.
I say let's have a trade deal with China, send all these thugs to them and hopefully they scare them straight and at worse they appreciate all they do have.

RITA - 3 hours ago
Let the parents get them home! Thatz who normally bails out stupid "Kids"!

Susan - 3 hours ago
I agree. They should have been punished by the Chinese justice system and been put in jail. Maybe that would teach them not to steal.

timbuck 2 - 3 hours ago
G, can't do that because they be ''dem dare stoodint atleets''.

Dr. R - 3 hours ago
Worse, now they owe Donald a political favor for his spotlight political stunt.

c - 3 hours ago
You know it is all about the "color" BLACKS don't commit crimes they just get accused of it. Well Chinese say do the crime serve the time.

LogicallySpeaking - 3 hours ago
Allen, they were very expensive designer sunglasses.

Craig - 3 hours ago
Yet foreign diplomats here rack up millions in unpaid fines and worse case scenario for them is sending them home!

Craig - 3 hours ago
How many foreign diplomats here in the states have immunity? lol You people are hilarious

chinatsu - 3 hours ago
@Allen: Not everywhere is America. If you break the law abroad then you face that country’s punishment. You’re not special. Americans need to stop going to other countries thinking they can get away with everything.

Linda - 3 hours ago
Allen - the stole it in China. China decides the punishment. Remember the "kid" in Singapore who got caned for spitting his gum on the side walk? Or people who have been put to death in Malaysia for drugs for their person use. They would have lost hand in some Middle Eastern countries.

Colleen - 3 hours ago
Alan,what part of "stole" don't you understand ??? Foreign countries do not differentiate like The US does...

SHELBY MILLER - 3 hours ago
If not for Trump they would still be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry - 3 hours ago
Tuff guy!

Allen - 3 hours ago
Dude they stole a pair of sunglasses...The punishment should fit the crime...Anyway the Chinese officials were all given some BBB shoes

DvD - 3 hours ago
suspending indefinitely is pretty much the most they can do

Diane - 3 hours ago
They haven't even gotten started...more to come.

Adrian Johnson - 3 hours ago
I concur with your statement.

life_isa_beach - 3 hours ago
UCLA went easy on these three players .... it should have been being permanently kicked off the basketball team and their scholarships revoked
Replies (32)

life_isa_beach - 53 minutes ago
@the drunk .... these 3 were in another country ... China ... which has a pretty severe outlook on a crime as such as this .... and once the President intervened .... it became an international incident ..... as of now these 3 players are an embarrassment to the United States .... and should be treated as such

BARRY - 1 hour ago
& sent home missing a hand !!!!

Skippy_PB - 1 hour ago
...and thrown out of UCLA....the PAC 12 for that matter.

Brian - 2 hours ago
Agreed 100 percent!

Butch - 2 hours ago
To the DRUNK doing something in this country is not the same as doing it in a foreign Country.

Curtis - 2 hours ago
Absolutely!! Their passports should be permanently suspended.

Jaws - 2 hours ago
@Slow ........who said anything about them playing basketball there Einstein??? You really are “slow”.

Raul - 2 hours ago
I know a UTEP coach who bought a pair of tennis shoes, sneakers, for a player who need them, and NCAA charged him with violation of some NCAA rule. The coach was dismissed from the team and to be able to feed his family, he went on to coach an elementary school. There was no temporary suspension. Will NCAA have something to say about this matter, does UCLA have a stronger voice than NCAA?

ABC - 2 hours ago
Ask yourself what "methods" UCLA used to recruit players. If you don't think there was something far worse going on in that process you are naive.

Keith h - 2 hours ago
Not if there top players that will help them win a national Championship, and like others have said they will be playing by December!!!

the drunk - 2 hours ago
@Steve Students get caught shoplifting all the time. It is a misdemeanor and students generally just get a slap on the wrist.

Slow - 2 hours ago
@Cindy What Universities play sports in North Korea genius?

the drunk - 2 hours ago
@Whatever oh, there definitely is such a clause. The college just doesnt want to lose players of their talent level

Whatever - 3 hours ago
I actually wonder if there isn't a clause in their scholarship that mandates maintaining good and acceptable behavior. Stealing is not acceptable. It's now a black mark on the school and the school should indeed revoke their scholarships.

Henry - 3 hours ago
I agree,they they have embarrased the college,with their hood tactics

Cindy - 3 hours ago
The brats are lucky they weren't in North Korea instead of China.

MiMi - 3 hours ago
My, my! Your roots are showing. Their actions don't require a life sentence.

Java2045 - 3 hours ago
They should have been expelled from the university in my opinion.

ronald e - 3 hours ago
what you expect its California >> land of the nut cases

Dr. R - 3 hours ago
@Michael W Fine by me. Let them go to Long Beach State, or Chino State College...the boys will feel right at home. Just no way they should be allowed to don the proud UCLA jersey again.

RITA - 3 hours ago
I so agree!

Dr. R - 3 hours ago
Totally, positively agree Beach, and posted same. Twas an international incident,not shoplifting at a southland mall. Fools!

Steve - 3 hours ago
I bet regular students on scolarship would get a real punishment and/or expulsion.

Isaiah Villicana - 3 hours ago

jackson j - 3 hours ago
bad for business

Hoekom Jy My Haat - 3 hours ago
An example must be set of them, as a reminder to other athletes that their days of entitlement are over, and their behavior will no longer be tolerated. They must be kicked off the team, send down from college, and never be allowed to play professional ball. This should follow them through life, like a bad smell...

Jillena H - 3 hours ago
and like the other guy said "Make them go to class". They would die! LOL

Sick of the BS - 3 hours ago
Pays to be black... no repercussions for your actions.

MICHAELW - 3 hours ago
They would just go somewhere else.

marcry - 3 hours ago
you are so right and this is the only way they will learn.

Theresa - 3 hours ago
I definitely believe they should be punished but I don't think they should be punished for the rest of our lives

Ricky M - 3 hours ago
@Life You stated "it should have been being permanently kicked off the basketball team and their scholarships revoked:. You do not even get that when you KILL a Fraternity brother!!

LM - 3 hours ago
I know a number of "good young men" and the common denominator is that none of them steal.
Replies (26)

Greg - 34 minutes ago
Oh how I would love to have a hidden camera on these boys when they don't think anyone is watching. Trust me, they are not sorry about anything. The only thing they are sorry about is that they got caught. Trump should have left them there and told Al and Jesse to go get them.

W - 48 minutes ago
I have such mixed feelings about this one. These guys are still kids in a college environment. College students do stupid stuff. Guys that age have yet to develop the ability to see the consequences of their actions more than a few minutes ahead. So part of me wants to forgive them for being stupid and hope they learn a valuable lesson that they will take to heart. However, these weren't college kids stealing from the campus bookstore. They were representing their university and, as such, have an obligation to represent that university with dignity and in a positive light. They failed to do that. In addition, they were in a foreign country and, as such, represented the USA as well as UCLA. There is no excuse for such behavior in that context. I can forgive them for being stupid. But I can't forgive them for being so self centered that they could not see how there actions reflected on UCLA and on the nation as a whole. THAT is unforgivable and that is what makes this different than just the usual college shenanigans, not that I am justifying those either. But this rises to a much higher level.
And I can't believe I am saying this, but I have to give Mr. Trump some credit here. He handled this well. Any dumb tourist caught shoplifting in China is not likely to simply get on a plane and fly away a few days later. These boys are very lucky indeed and do, in fact, owe the President, their gratitude. Oh, how it makes my stomach churn to say that.

Brenda Wilson-sampson - 1 hour ago
Of course I would post something like that, you don't know what these good young men will do...

JUSTICEFORALL - 1 hour ago
@Paul Wrong story, you should read the articles about the recent mass murders. They must be all white men.

JUSTICEFORALL - 1 hour ago
@DillyDilly They can't possibly be that good. I don't understand what would make them do something so dumb.

JUSTICEFORALL - 1 hour ago
Do they commit mass murder? I bet you would not comment on a website where the article reported it.

ShellBack - 2 hours ago
The hardest part about this was to apologize to Comrade Trump.

Reggie X - 2 hours ago
Does not mean the good young men are innocent, the common denominator everybody makes dumb mistakes

Another User - 2 hours ago
These 3 players owe their lives to President Trump. And I hope they earn their way back on the team. The operative word being "earn"

DillyDilly - 2 hours ago
just never get caught...if you are 6 foot 8 black person in 5 foot China you better be good

Paul - 2 hours ago
They must be all white men

Albert - 2 hours ago
Makes America look good in a foreign country-NOT

Furious - 2 hours ago
Laura Bush, busted in France for Shoplifting. So it does happen, maybe this will be a harsh lesson in life for these kids. My parents told me, if I ever got in trouble with the law, my punishment would be a lot worse than what the judicial system could dish out. These boys need to thank the President personally and so does their parents.

ruyguy0 - 2 hours ago
You can't just give up on them, but there needs to be punishment. I doubt that any of these guys play at all this whole season. That in itself would be justified penalty for them. They would have to attend classes and work their way back into the UCLA program. However, when things like this happens- the kids usually go to a J.C. College

Rob - 2 hours ago
They meant good for a black man! he hasn't murdered anyone.....Yet

Neverchange - 2 hours ago
When White men makes mistakes and they can be really despicable, but they are given how many chances -- very many?

AshBash - 2 hours ago
@CoastalMama everyone, and i mean EVERYONE knows it's against the law to go 5 mph over the speed limit. Should every person with a speeding ticket be judged?

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
@LM Get off your high horse.

JW - 2 hours ago
Sorry but they have flawed characters. Whether they become "good young men" remains to be It's up to them to overcome that hurdle.

tuputamadre - 2 hours ago
Excuse Jerald, he was dropped too many times as a baby

Monte - 2 hours ago
Well I guess that means they are horrible and should spend the rest of their life paying for it. They should never have a chance to be successful. I guess we should just give up on them.

CoastalMama - 2 hours ago
Jerald, it is easy to judge because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows it's against the law to steal.

Tricia - 2 hours ago
Jerald so YOU are saying it is OK for them to steal and should NOT be punished, you are part of the problem in your thinking

Jerald - 2 hours ago
Easy to judge sitting at your keyboard.

Steve - 2 hours ago
Punishing young black men for stealing is racist. Where is Rev Al? Where is BLM?

Craig - 2 hours ago
How many "other" mistakes do young men make?
How many "other" mistakes do young men make while growing up?

Kevin - 3 hours ago
Bet they are back within 3 games, remember when Coach K suspended Allen last year indefinitely it was for what like 2 games?
Replies (35)

Nat - 16 minutes ago
@PC Principal I still think shoplifting will. Allen might get his butt kicked or a misdemeanor. Nothing more. The value of the sunglasses would put it at a higher crime. Plus, another country and an international incident.

Mark - 1 hour ago
@Doris, YOU are more embarrassing than President Trump.... Hell, you're even more embarrassing than the Hildabeast, and that's saying something!

I can smell your b.o. over the internet!!

Mike - 1 hour ago
Tom Brady was suspended for four games. The Commissioner gave him a break, he can do that, but he needed to pay the million dollar fine.

Doris - 1 hour ago
Trump and all his rich/wealthy buddies are the most EMBARRASSMENT.

Doris - 1 hour ago
Now he is the main player of the team. He should have been released but he wasn't.

John - 1 hour ago
Casey you are wrong. Corruption and thievery and illegal behavior is only associated with Republicans. For proof look at the current administration who have broken most ethical behavior, enriched their own pockets at taxpayers expense, lied to the public about most every issue, and blamed everything on someone else. Substitute the current administration for UCLA basketball players in the article and there would be no difference.

RonM - 2 hours ago
Allen was one situation....this is a total embarrassment on our country and to UCLA - terminate for good!

Tyler - 2 hours ago
@Keith h not to be compared, just to comment on the looseness of the term indefinite.

Tyler - 2 hours ago

PC Principal - 2 hours ago
It's funny seeing all these people trying to justify Allen's assault of another player as a "personality issue". Go try what he did in the streets and see if that or shoplifting gets you in more trouble

Milt - 2 hours ago
Winning is more important than integrity in a big time program.

R - 2 hours ago
but they were convicted by a court of law...that will be the excuse to reinstate them

Keith h - 2 hours ago
that wasn't a crime dude!!!! This is!!!

DonnaP - 2 hours ago

CatM - 2 hours ago
Allen was "suspended" for only 1 game

Casey Dial - 3 hours ago
Are you kidding me? You are trying to equate what Allen did with what these shop lifting thieves did while they were guests in another country. You can not be that stupid - unless you are a liberal.

S N M LA - 3 hours ago
Allen suspect was not related with crime, only his personality has issue, but these three players violate the criminal law, there has two different situation!

Marc - 3 hours ago

Marc - 3 hours ago
He just kicjed a groin..did not steal it lol

Michael Joseph - 3 hours ago
Lack of courage to do the right thing. Calhoun was guilty too and didn't realize what public thought when he let thieves stay on team. Heck look what kind of example we elected President. The Groper

Craig - 3 hours ago
President didn't have to do squat!! Just like when Chinese diplomats do #$%$ over here... nothing happens! Even when they steal from U.S. companies its a simple and quiet exit from U.S. or other country!A Chinese-American professor and his wife will be expelled from Singapore for collaborating with foreign intelligence agents, according to a statement from the city-state?s home affairs ministry.In a written reply to queries from the Post, a US State Department official said: ?We are aware of the press release from Singapore?s Ministry of Home Affairs and media reports regarding a US citizen. We have no further information to share due to privacy considerations.?Why these players didn't get the same general statement? No social injustice in the U.S.!! lmfao

Disco J - 3 hours ago
Yeah Allen's suspension was indefinite until Duke lost two in a row

Wile E Coyote - 3 hours ago
Steve take valium

TERRELL ROSS - 3 hours ago
Next week, when it is not news, they will be back.

Craig - 3 hours ago
Assault with Intent would be he correct terminology!

Craig - 3 hours ago
Its called Assault with Intent!!

Craig - 3 hours ago
Assault is a crime!!

Charles - 3 hours ago
My guess is to the start of the PAC-12 Schedule.

Dee Rell - 3 hours ago
Allen didn't break any laws, domestically or internationally.

Sta Gun - 3 hours ago
he was about to go off again last night late in the game IMO. Dude is a loose cannon.

CJ - 3 hours ago
Difference being Allen was good, but mean. The middle ball is trash and stupid.

Steven - 3 hours ago
"required the President to intervene" REQUIRED???? Were they on death row in China? What are you even talking about required? Required? REQUIRED?

nik - 3 hours ago
attempting to injure another player on the court is more serious then shoplifting in my opinion

Sam - 3 hours ago
That was for intentionally tripping players. This is for committing a crime in China, which required the President to intervene. This MIGHT be a bit different. I agree though the punishment should be way more severe.

Iceman9 - 3 hours ago
I am guessing six games.

Dennis - 3 hours ago
I hope indefinitely means until the end of the season.
Replies (15)

pocket rockets - 44 minutes ago
I hope it's a life time suspension.

fleur de lis - 1 hour ago
I hope it means forever

salman - 2 hours ago
Or at least until they play Cal-go bears

RonM - 2 hours ago
Total termination!

young - 2 hours ago
no white moran joined them in there crusade

Muning444 - 2 hours ago
@ ms penny
You people are "you people".

Adam H - 2 hours ago
indefinite until the games matter. They'll be back once conference starts.

Bear - 3 hours ago
Dictionaries, Ms Penny

ms penny - 3 hours ago
Do you people have dictionary's ?

Firewalker - 3 hours ago
should be for ever at UCLA.

JAY - 3 hours ago
or for good! If anyone on this panel had pulled this #$%$, not one of us would have gotten a call from the president for assistance, and all of us would probably be sitting in a jail cell waiting trial - in China..

nik - 3 hours ago
indefinite or till the press loses interest. Which ever comes first

jean - 3 hours ago
Should be kicked out of school!!

Adrian Johnson - 3 hours ago
So do I.

in pain - 3 hours ago
i hope forever

MarkS - 3 hours ago
only 2 of the 3 thanked trump. First kid to speak thanked everyone but Trump or the government. Bet he will be a winner in life, not
Replies (40)

Chuck - 35 minutes ago
@Betty Right you are Betty !! Because in America they would have pulled a gun on the cops, or a knife, or tried to take the cops' gun, or assaulted them. You know, all the things your "dindunuffins" are proved to have done after the fact ?? Anything but accepting the consequences of their crime. But in China, where a black man can REALLY learn the definition of "racism," they knew their families would receive a bill for the cost of the bullet they were shot with. Now those people understand the word "justice." Just a shame it took good ol' RACIST, DOTARD PRESIDENT Donald Trump to bail them out of trouble. I bet that burns your liberal azzes like a California wildfire to have to accept, doesn't it !! LMAO !!! MAGA 2020 !!

MIchael - 45 minutes ago
Well Trump did tweet out kind of asking for a thank you. I wouldn't thank Trump if he was the last person on Earth.

S - tano
Stano1 hour ago
All three thanked must have been late.

shantaseena - 1 hour ago
Trump is garbage, just like a dictator he always demands something. He has to have a 20 yr old kid thank him in front of the whole world. So what, he can brag to the world see what I did for these kids. Can the kid thank him personally through a phone call. Trump's not a King or an emperor or a Pharoah, he wasn't appointed by God. He is a #$%$ and pathetic however.

Gerry - 1 hour ago
Somehow this became about the idiot in charge...

Betty - 1 hour ago
They also thanked the Chinese police for treating them fairly and with respect. In America they might have been shot

Brooke - 1 hour ago
All three thanked Trump.

Skip Hobbs - 1 hour ago
I have no idea why trump should have lived up to his motto MAGA and said they must assimilate the culture of the land they’re in and take whatever punishment the law required.

Are We There Yet - 2 hours ago
@Neverchange oh boooo hoooooo!

Are We There Yet - 2 hours ago
@Manda if he didn't you'd be saying he was racist for not doing so. you liberals are sick

Gernard - 2 hours ago
You need to listen again!!!

Are We There Yet - 2 hours ago
@Linda Oh, shut your pie hole... if he didn't help those kids you'd be the first jerk to call him racist for not helping because they are black students.

Nothing Burger - 2 hours ago

Henry - 2 hours ago
@Manda The NFL hasn't spat in the face of America.

Linda - 2 hours ago
The only reason Trump got involved was because it was high profile. Take a look at the innocent Americans in prison over there. Why did he not help them?

ter - 2 hours ago
Only 1 apologized to China.....

MarkS - 2 hours ago
@Chris lame duck? Think you need a dictionary

David - 2 hours ago
Oh look a trump ball washer.

Derek - 2 hours ago
My fear is what type of deal did Trump make to convince the Chinese to allow these three young men to come back to the US.

Manda - 2 hours ago
trump should have never stepped in! And he wonders why the NFL spits in the face of America...because we bail them out!! A 2 year old KNOWS not to take stuff from others

Neverchange - 2 hours ago
This is the only win that Drumpf has had since his so-called presidency! Don't say the Supreme Court Justice because that was supposed to have been appointed by Obama and that appointment was stolen by the Republicans. No wonder, they can't win anything and are going to lose on this tax plan/repealing Obamacare in the small print!

Neverchange - 2 hours ago
Dummy, they all thanked Drumpf -- there you go lying again!!

Be Active - 2 hours ago
He will.He'll win the next open jail cell.

John - 2 hours ago
@Derek: You may be onto something. Perhaps that it's true that Trump would have helped them MORE to let them rot in a Chinese jail. Might change their perspectives a little?

mai - 2 hours ago
Leftist media and DEMs told him say whatever just make sure DON'T THANK TRUMP.

DonC - 2 hours ago
presidents typically don't look for Thank you's.. but we know he's not much of a president though.

Jerald - 2 hours ago
Bet you are winning!

Timothy - 2 hours ago
@ Chris, go to your Snowflake to english dictionary and look up what lame duck actually means,before you try to sound like a big boy. PS. Mom says come up from the basement your hot pockets are done.

Derek - 2 hours ago
Trump did nothing to help these players.

Richard - 3 hours ago
@mrt you love President Trump; express your true feelings to the yahoo audience.

sam - 3 hours ago
Well the spineless community organizer left Otto Warnbier to rot in a North Korean prison, and the Marine Andrew Tahmooressi in a Mexican jail. And while we are at it Roy Moore should have killed one of his alleged victims so he could share the pedestal with ted kennedy

mrt - 3 hours ago
What??? Oh you mean the orange clown in need of attention, aha a president should not ask for thanks, only an egomaniac would.....

A N - 3 hours ago
He will be put on magazine as man of the year

Chris - 3 hours ago
Screw Trump.fake, lame duck president

armand - 3 hours ago
Why do they need to thank the spoiled fat little brat in the W H. he didn't do anything.

Dee - 3 hours ago
Why is 'thanking Trump' such a big deal? For once he was doing what presidents normally do.

Les - 3 hours ago
They were never going to see jail time, but they would have made them sweat a bit longer.

Theresa - 3 hours ago
What are you talking about within the first 10 seconds he think president Trump all three of them did maybe need to watch it again

F U - 3 hours ago
It's all about Trump you see, anyone who thinks that the Chinese would have jailed these clowns for any significant time considering the huge business basketball and the NBA are over there is an idiot.

Erik - 3 hours ago
All three did idiot.

Mike - 3 hours ago
Kick them out. I hope UCLA doesn't make the tournament this year and has a losing record.
Replies (15)

Batair - 12 minutes ago
So you would hurt the school and the rest of the team that didn't do anything wrong because of these 3 clowns?? You sound like a real butt plug.

Larry - 34 minutes ago
wish the worst for ucla !

Gernard - 2 hours ago

jd - 2 hours ago
@Ian OK, that is a sensible argument. Still, running laps is a far cry from tarring a whole team due to a few criminals.

jd - 2 hours ago
Kick them out, yes. But I hope UCLA does just fine without them. Why punish the rest of the team who DIDN'T steal?

shopescreek - 2 hours ago
hell why make the other players,coaches,fans,parents suffer for a few players bad judgment

Francoise - 2 hours ago
I went to that school and I agree 100%.

Ian - 2 hours ago
@Ms. Penny the team should be punished because if you play sports you would know the actions of 1 or a few affect the team. It teaches discipline and keeps you mindful that it isn't about you. A small example. For football, if someone messed up something fundamental during practice, we all run laps. If someone was late to practice, we all ran laps..... Accountability both as an individual and a team

John - 2 hours ago
@tall: If these players were STUPID enough to steal something in China, imagine how many times they have previously stolen things in the U.S. Nobody goes to China and thinks, "Gee, wouldn't it be fun to steal something for the first time in my life?!!!"

tall - 2 hours ago have apparently never made a mistake

hugh sizzle - 2 hours ago
Mike is pretty clearly a SC fan.

TGGS - 3 hours ago
Mike - hate much?

Mr - 3 hours ago
i too hope they get kicked off the team. but the rest of the guys and all the students that go there shouldn't be punished. sounds like an sc fan

Thomas - 3 hours ago

Ed - 3 hours ago
Can you imagine what the other players will face on road games? The ranting and heckling? What should be a good time will be a nightmare. Coach should kick them off the squad out of respect for the other players..

ms penny - 3 hours ago
Why would you punish the entire team ? How very unfair to the young men who had nothing to do with that. Say what you think, but think before you say it. I know you don't mean that.

Brun - 3 hours ago
They should still be in China, awaiting the same repercussions as a Chinese citizen...
Replies (14)

Video Express - 57 minutes ago
@Merzay When you go to a foreign country you are subject to their laws. You don't get special treatment just because you are an american.

Brun - 1 hour ago
@Merzay - you break the laws, you made the choice... You deal with the repercussions.. Very simple.. Stop making excuses for morons..

darb - 1 hour ago

stinge88 - 2 hours ago
"They should still be in China, awaiting the same repercussions as a Chinese citizen..." Or a UCLA English or History major, or a member of the marching band or a endineering student: you know, someone the university doesn't consider to be a money making commodity.

Merzay - 2 hours ago
Are they China citizens? So why would they be left there? Not the 1st time Americans got in trouble in another country and not the last! I guess everybody us should have been left in those countries.

Brun - 2 hours ago
@Lethal Snowflake - you bet I did non-Lethal Snowflake. You go to another country and break the law, you made the choice and you get to deal with the consequences..

R - uss
Russ2 hours ago
No, Brun. Not the same repercussions as a Chinese Citizen. How about they should still be there, like they would be if they were white, non-athletes.

Ian - 2 hours ago
Shirl, first off he went above his title. The white house should never get involved with something like this. It's too menial...Also if he was so empathetic, why ask for a "thank you"?

Jay V - 3 hours ago
@Shirl So you're saying it's ok to go to other countries and break their laws? You're some kind of stupid. If Chinese citizens come over to America and break our laws then their government should interfere and get them off the hook? You are one of his uneducated followers. Trump is going to be in trouble for breaking the law soon.

Andrew - 3 hours ago
shirl - the word is pathetic. what he did was get 3 kids off for shoplifting for no good reason.

A - ustin
Austin3 hours ago
@Shirl empathetic as in copying and pasting his condolences for the same mass shooting for 2 different mass shootings? What empathy!

Shirl - 3 hours ago
Lethal Snowflake -- Obama should have intervened for Otto Warmbier. Instead he did nothing and NK returned a virtually dead young man who shortly succumbed to his horrendous injuries. President Trump on the other hand intervened on behalf of these three young men to make sure they made it home safe. President Trump is one of the most empathetic presidents we have had and isn’t afraid to get things done.

Dustin S - 3 hours ago
@Lethal Snowflake yes

Lethal Snowflake - 3 hours ago
Did you say the same for the white kid that was stealing banners in NK?

The Big Flypig - 3 hours ago
Apparently, coach, you DON'T know these kids very well if they try to pull a stunt like this.
Replies (9)

Cilantro - 36 minutes ago
no one knows anyone that well, these are young punks who committed young punks offenses, the need to learn the consequences of what they done, I don't feel that the punishment should have life long consequences, I have a feeling we'll be looking at three alter boys for the reminder of their stay at UCLA.

after reading some posts, I'm surprised we don't have more mass shooting in America.

Betty - 1 hour ago
The coach knows what type of kids they are. Their parents sisn't send them to college to be thieves. They messed up like a lot of young kids do because they do things without thinking of consequences.

Holy Smokes - 1 hour ago
They are only sorry because they got caught.

Alan - 2 hours ago
I disagree. He knows exactly what they are. He just doesn't care.

Nicholas - 2 hours ago
He knew they’d get away with it

bruce - 3 hours ago
He knows then real well.. locks up everything.. including his pencil when they are around

bsharp - 3 hours ago
The same can also be said of you. Easy to pretend you are sinless behind the anonymity of the internet. Look at the #$%$ you've pulled in your life.

Linda - 3 hours ago
I sure the same can be said of their parents and friends

Theresa - 3 hours ago
Yeah I was kind of thinking the same thing too but it's not about the coach

Steadfast - 3 hours ago
Make them take calculus, physics and chemistry and pass each with at least a B. That should keep them busy.
Replies (22)

Carl - 41 minutes ago
@scott they got a slap on the wrist.. they are heros of the hood

Carl - 41 minutes ago
I'll bet they didn't even take the acts or sats,or even have a good enough gpa to get in..

scott - 1 hour ago
@Dee, you do the crime, need to do the hard classes. Guaranteed they won't do that again.

Anonymous - 1 hour ago
Sorry, first they have to pass basket weaving, hanging out, and looking cool classes first.

fleur de lis - 1 hour ago
they can't get through basic math or science

Ash - 1 hour ago
They’d be there for their entire lives.

Popeye - 2 hours ago
Steadfast: You're joking, right? None of them could pass a math test, much less what you're asking of them.

Alan - 2 hours ago
They can't even spell or pronounce those terms, let alone pass the classes!

Nicholas - 2 hours ago
Organic Chem Finance International Trade Econ Fun stuff

Hank - 2 hours ago
That's funny. They can barely read much less do math.

Guang - 2 hours ago
Taking these classes at UCLA should be a privilege, not a punishment. Send them to do some community services.

Deplorable Dude - 2 hours ago
Sheet man get real.

Bobby Wagg - 2 hours ago
That would be cruel and unusual

Daniel - 2 hours ago
They wouldn't even be in college

Ken - 3 hours ago
Steadfast.....Heck, just make them try to Spell those courses....!!!!!

mrt - 3 hours ago
That requires a brain, I doubt they know how to read.

Dee - 3 hours ago
For what possible reason should they take these subjects? Are they going into medicine or planning to be math professors?

Ben - 3 hours ago
...kati, many of us actually took those courses.

Mr. Know It All - 3 hours ago
Don't forget English Composition. Writing those essays was a killer, and my family speaks standard English.

Linda P. - 3 hours ago
@Kati, that was a silly comment. Who cares what us commenters took or did not take? It is not about us.

kati - 3 hours ago
Yeah, like you took those classes.

MarkM - 3 hours ago
Dynamics would be even better. Get through that one and they would have earned a place on the team.

Early Grace - 3 hours ago
Excellent. I hope indefinitely means more than 2-3 games.
Replies (4)

Phil - 1 hour ago
Once a thief always a thief, at least in most cases which is why a slap on the wrist will not help these so called good young men change

Jim - 1 hour ago
Yep. coach said they'd have to work their way back to the lineup. I think that means sinking 1 out of 10 shots from the freethrow line.

Captain America - 2 hours ago
It means until the news dies down and then they are back in the team.

Romulan_Warbird - 2 hours ago
We are a society of second chance. I think they deserve a second chance.

ron - 3 hours ago
more than likely did not read about the guy who stole a poster in N. Korea idiots you are in a foreign country rules change
Replies (11)

Marcus Joy - 19 minutes ago
What makes you think they can read?

Bill - 55 minutes ago
They cannot read beyound 2nd grade.

Grey Feather - 1 hour ago
I don't know of any country where it's okay to steal.

Gregg - 1 hour ago
You don't understand what Ron is saying? He is saying these 3 idiots from UCLA should have learned from Otto Warmbier what can happen when you get caught stealing from a foreign country.

Francoise - 2 hours ago
Yes the rules change. College students in China are expected to take tests and attend classes, even when they feel slighted or are upset about something. Perhaps UCLA can hire hundreds of counselors to talk to the UCLA students about this incident, postpone tests for a year and have no homework for two years so the poor students can recover from this PR. Oh wait, this is UCLA, not Berkeley, so cut the times in half.

Carol - 2 hours ago
Ron, these guys admitted stealing from three stores! Did you even read the article?

Dr. R - 3 hours ago
Ron, I was 19 in 1970 when LA college students could charter a jet round trip to Europe for 3 months. We were briefed by trained counselors before the flight what to expect from different cultures overseas. Because of the new growing drug culture, we were told in NO uncertain terms by the State Dept, do NOT get involved in drugs overseas. There is nothing the US Embassy will be able to do for are at the mercy of foreign governments. As a result, I didn't just walk when offered a 'sample' I ran like hell! No way in hell I going to prison in a foreign land...I had big plans of when I came back home!

sara - 3 hours ago
Pretty sure the laws are similar when it comes to thieves any where, its just that pansy America doesn't exercise the law!

Southern Belle - 3 hours ago
you actually think these jerks can read?

Ed - 3 hours ago
More than likely they don't read.

mbkmyes - 3 hours ago
Black athletes are notorious for violence, stealing, lying and anger's who they are

Gil - 3 hours ago
Stay in your lane Ball and the others. Idiots
Replies (4)

Michael - 3 hours ago
Stealing is in the lane of most black people though.

Wake UP - 3 hours ago
Holdupnow, you make NO sense with your comment. What does that even mean???

Adrian Johnson - 3 hours ago

Holdupnow - 3 hours ago
Yeah, the lane above yours Putin

Captain America - 3 hours ago
China should have jailed them for three years.
Replies (2)

pocket rockets - 38 minutes ago
Hey Jared so you think it's okay to shoplift, these idiots thought they could get away with that just because they were Americans, guess again, you do the crime you have to do the time plain and simple,

Jared - 3 hours ago
That might be enough to ruin their futures. I say 6 months in a Chinese prison would have done the trick. As a bonus they would have come back patriotic as all get out.

Rob - 3 hours ago
They should be thanking President Trump.
Replies (25)

pocket rockets - 34 minutes ago
For what, do you actually think Donald was helping these kids, think again, all he was doing was trying to build up his approval rating that's all.

minelaza - 37 minutes ago

Jason - 50 minutes ago
And oddly enough, Trump should be thanking them. True, their shoplifting is inexcusable. However, this is the perfect optic/political stunt for a person that is generally perceived to be racist. Now he can point to these three as examples of his "tolerance". Forget all of the other wildly racist things he has said and done. Just focus on how he these basketball players. The bad choices by these three could not have come at a better time for this president. Hopefully, the general public sees it for what it is. And that includes you, Rob.

Mark - 1 hour ago
@Deborah A Jones = RACIST idiot.

shantaseena - 1 hour ago
Who the Chinese or the basketball players. He called the Chinese currency munipulators when he was running in the primaries (remember) bet he didn't bring that up when he met with Ping.

John - 1 hour ago
Why? His interference in the episode further's his total disregard for the law in other countries

Denney - 2 hours ago
@BB in Virginia
ImageifcBy ifc on

USA Now - 2 hours ago
BB you idiot, Trump is doing so much more than people know. Only the MSM continues to bash him. He's doing a great job and has worked more the Obama did in 8 years

Deborah A Jones - 2 hours ago
The hell no to racist #45!!! He didn't do anything out of kindness I'm certain he promised China something he will profit off of.

do me - 2 hours ago
Rob, if you had listened to the video you wouldn't look so stupid right now.

Tony - 2 hours ago
did you listen to the apology, you big dummy

F U - 3 hours ago
Hey dumb Trumpturds, basketball and the NBA are big business in China, there was no way that they were going to jail these clowns for petty theft and deal with that bad publicity, the Chinese are all about business. So your orange hero did nothing here but whine about not getting thanked, cause it's all about him you see.

Greg - 3 hours ago
@BB in Virginia and you're so hypocritical you would be calling him racist if he did nothing. Useless partisan tool

Brandon W - 3 hours ago
I thank the military for doing their jobs, as well as police, emts, firemen etc etc. Are you so foolish you can't show gratitude? He didn't actually have to step in. It is not his job to advocate for criminals committing crimes in China. They should have paid for their criminal activity in the place they committed the crime at.

Greg - 3 hours ago
@Wendy Thornton moron.

BB in Virginia - 3 hours ago
So, President Gump finally got something accomplished. I am not sure that it was something positive!! He pardons felons, and gets shoplifters off. Quite an accomplishment.

Judith - 3 hours ago
@Rob I definitely heard them do just that - did you miss it?

Tea drinker - 3 hours ago
@Wendy Thornton Obuma never helped anyone without going to the press first to make sure everyone new so he could tout his butt.

Linda P. - 3 hours ago
@KW, I do not care if they are black, white, Asian, Hispanic. Why does some idiot always have to bring race into it. No matter their race or color they should thank our President.

RPSJR - 3 hours ago
rob, two fools that don't work chimed in

d dalton
d dalton3 hours ago
His job is NOT to bail out idiots wendy. That is a lamer statement from you. You must be one of the "entitled" ones.

Euphrates - 3 hours ago

KW - 3 hours ago
They did thank him, would you say that if they were white MF.

Wendy Thornton - 3 hours ago
For what doing his job?

Erik - 3 hours ago
They did idiot

MaryW - 3 hours ago
Apparently, you can take them out of the hood, give them thousands of free things like a college education, and they chose to steal some penny ante sunglasses, that they could well afford. Does the hood ever get out of them?
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Jason - 40 minutes ago
The Ball family lives in Chino Hills, CA. The median household income is about $100k. I am not sure where you are from, Mary. I would not call that "the hood". Could you please clarify what you mean by "the hood"? I do not want to assume that you are taking a racist tilt. Is this the same "hood" that the auto executives and bankers that took taxpayer bailouts come from? Please, enlighten me.

gary - 42 minutes ago
nope they are the way they are for life

Ñusta - 47 minutes ago
@Rich it does not matter whether the products are originals or not, the fact is that they stole the glasses, they though that been blacks they will be forgiven because they want to played the race card as many of the black people plays it here in the USA, but it didn't work! Face reality.

Ñusta - 53 minutes ago
You can take them out of the HOOD but you can't take the HOOD out of them.

Mark - 56 minutes ago
@AD , so that's how you justify stealing!!!!! How do you justify racism?

Mark - 56 minutes ago
@christophert , not the ones they stole.

Mark - 57 minutes ago
@Jpotter12 , for you information, racist, "the swimmer" was found INNOCENT in a court of law! Go check it out if you know how to read.

Mark - 58 minutes ago
@Jpotter12 : "don't pin this issue on Black folks"

Do you have a brain in your head? Who are you wanting to pin those thefts in China on?.... Italians? THREE BLACK GUYS robbed stores in China...Of course you pin it on them, you fool! Only a racist would now want to pin it on them ! ! ! !

Doris - 1 hour ago
Thieves are thieves whether in the hood, White House or the most gated community areas.

Grey Feather - 1 hour ago
When you are given a free ride to everything you expect everything!

James - 1 hour ago
No. It doesn't.

robert - 1 hour ago
the sunglasses were counterfeits

Rich - 1 hour ago
Andy you have never been to a shopping center in China. I got a $600 Nikon scope there for 40 bucks.... No it was not real. Nothing there is real in the shopping centers. Just knock off's of real products. The scope did work so far. Waiting for it to fall apart from the shock.

MMBilb - 2 hours ago
You can take him out of the suburbs let him go to another country. He steals a picture of the wall and lose your life over it... a thief is not linked to hood, he's link to character. So don't go there because I have plenty more to share and they are not hood!!!!

i know i know. - 2 hours ago
They probably steal everyday in LA. And they're NOT from the ghetto . . . but they act like it.

Racerz - 2 hours ago
the sunglasses were $700 each...wonder what else thy stole? the made three 'poor decisions' from what i've read.

Jpotter12 - 2 hours ago
@Lucky Exactly. Ryan the swimmer acted an idiot in Brasil and then lied, so don't pin this issue on Black folks.

Jpotter12 - 2 hours ago
I guess Ryan the swimmer is from the hood also? Does this hood ever get out of White people?

Popeye - 2 hours ago
MaryW: Never.

Casey Dial - 2 hours ago
Just bros being bros!

christophert - 3 hours ago
It's China the glasses were knock offs.

AD - 3 hours ago
MaryW - do you ever stop being so judgmental?? How many bad decisions did you make during your youth? Oh that's right - you are PERFECT!

andy - 3 hours ago
you must live in the hood if you think glasses at Louis Vuitton are penny ante.

Lloyd - 3 hours ago
if you call chino hills the hood i think he will be alright after this.

Lucky - 3 hours ago
The "hood" is a big house in the suburbs. Not gangsters just over pampered athletes who think they are entitled like all over pampered rich kids.

Webslinga - 3 hours ago
Short Answer: No...Which opens other questions.

C - 3 hours ago
Let me interpret: The school (having invested tens of thousands of dollars in these ball-bouncers) wants to appear tough; once this dies down they will be back in full swing bouncing the ball on the wooden floor, and spending zero time in a classroom. You're welcome, internet.
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Ñusta - 43 minutes ago
@PAUL these people are adults and supposedly universities students, perhaps, if these is the result of the education system in our country, we must ask the Department of Education to review their curriculum.

PAUL - 1 hour ago
C ...I do hope that you are wrong....I do not believe so much in revenge against these 3 Thieves, as much as I believe in teaching them life lessons that they apparently missed out on elsewhere . Actions have consequences .

Chuck - 1 hour ago
@c I would almost guarantee you are right on the money

Tommy - 3 hours ago
THIEF !, WELCOME BACK TO LA , USA .NEXT STOP BEVERLY HILLS SHOPPING CENTER . keep your camera on and eyes open on these guys
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Doris - 53 minutes ago
Are you referring to the Trumps and other big thieves that associate with each other?

Doris - 55 minutes ago
These guys with after stupid cheap items but the Trumps and others of this world go after MILLIONS. Atlantic City Crooks.

Brenda Wilson-sampson - 1 hour ago
read a book your life must be dull

Mike - 1 hour ago
Most burglars and robbers do about ten jobs before they are caught. Shoplifters, I don't know. Such a brazen crime in a foreign country is an indicator of what they did here.

Grey Feather - 1 hour ago
Hopefully the next stop will be prison!

Jeffrey - 1 hour ago
Haven't heard from dear ol' dad either!

darb - 2 hours ago

David - 3 hours ago
You mean like Duke's "indefinite suspension" of Grayson Allen that lasted only ONE game.....after they lost?
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HPUCK - 2 hours ago
He didn't steal in another country and become an embarrassment to the country, idiot

Dennis - 2 hours ago
Allen wasn't involved in a crime though...

bruce - 3 hours ago
Nice whatabout argument.. you dimwit! What Duke did should have no bearing on what these shoplifters deserve.

Troy - 3 hours ago
Now they will become activists and blame everybody but themselves.
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R - uss
Russ2 hours ago
@Mr. Know It All They couldn't have....all "round eyes" look the same to them.

R - uss
Russ2 hours ago
@Judith Because that seem to be a common career path for entitled blacks these days that's why.

R - uss
Russ2 hours ago
Hey, BLM....Bruin Lives Matter. Or maybe it should be Boosters' Lives Matter.

Judith - 3 hours ago
Why would you assume that? Do you always focus on the negative? Sad.

Mr. Know It All - 3 hours ago
"The Chinese profiled us."

Troy - 3 hours ago
Oppressed activists

mikey - 3 hours ago
Anyone else in UCLA would have been expelled.....
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Joe - 1 hour ago
Especially if they were white... they would be long gone.

Jerald - 2 hours ago
Anyone else probably would still be in jail. Young men make mistakes. Life allows us all to recover from mistakes and become better people as a result.

James - 3 hours ago
Or trade them for five terrorist soies!

David - 3 hours ago
Indefinite - you mean until the press isn't paying attention anymore.

Greg - 3 hours ago
Trump did his job getting them out. Hopefully UCLA does also by making this a meaningful suspension.

Thank you President Trump.
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gary - 38 minutes ago
UCLA has already not, round ball is more important than international relations or incidents there ilk create promoting their stupid game abroad. can only imagine what china thinks of america and its people now if anyone here even is smart enough to care. decisions like this of the powerful in this nation send a very wrong message.

Mark - 49 minutes ago
@mudpuppy j , and if he didn't bail them out, you'd blast him for that.

tim - 1 hour ago
@ Jay V you should really go back to school and learn how to compose sentences.

Ryan - 2 hours ago
Could you imagine the ire of the Trump supporters if Obama did this for the players?

mudpuppy j - 2 hours ago
It's not Trump's job to bail out petty thieve in foreign countries. I'm not thanking Trump. He should have kept his nose out of this.

postal - 2 hours ago
interesting replies. no matter what trump does or says, the haters can't give him any break. his efforts (which I don't think he should have done) got them out. period. no matter what political affiliation anyone has, they owe him a greal deal of gratitude.

Jay V - 2 hours ago
@tim Yeah, this means if a Chinese citizen breaks our law, Trump will let them go too. How stupid are you? Very stupid.

Michael Joseph - 3 hours ago
Trump could relate to character defect for which he has never been punished so why should they?

MJ - 3 hours ago
@David... At least he didn't let them rot for a year and a half and then trade terrorists for them! Hater!!

David - 3 hours ago
No, he wasted political currency to get these three knuckleheads out. The bill will come due at some point in the future. At China's choosing.

tim - 3 hours ago
It's actually not his job..he went above and beyond.

Warhead - 3 hours ago
Ship them back to china....
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Ana - 1 hour ago
"I'm a young man, however that doesn't excuse my actions" why even say that, you should know obvious rights from wrongs. The worst part is, is that these athletes don't even need to steal any of this stuff, just choose to.

Brenda Wilson-sampson - 1 hour ago
Please be with them

gino - 1 hour ago
You mean ship them to Africa, don"t you?

twin - 2 hours ago
China already has 1.billion people . why would thay accept these guys? yes they are. they going to take their body part for sale,

Dartagnan - 2 hours ago
China already has 1.7 billion people. Why would they accept these guys?

PHILLY ROCK - 2 hours ago
To bad they didn't get caught in North Korea.

Jerry - 2 hours ago
Guess the BOYS will be doing their stealing for Kwansa in Compton

John - 3 hours ago
You travel all the way
To China to represent your country and then you decide to shop lift? Poor judgement doesn’t really characterize how incredibly stupid your actions were.
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Mark - 45 minutes ago
@Doris , I agree with you about Hillary Clinton's terrible behavior and judgment!

Doris - 51 minutes ago
Travel all the way to Russia and receiving millions of dollars for being crooks. Poor judgment.

Gregor - 2 hours ago
Black privilege

Raul - 2 hours ago
Should have waited. Walmart and Target have the same cheap stuff they lifted.

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
Those weren't stupid actions, just being their normal selves.

Nikolas - 3 hours ago
They must "prove through their words and actions that this is not who they are." I'll bet you they'll be playing by mid-December...
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Trap - 1 hour ago
long before that IMO, I hope I am wrong again

God Bless America

Rich - 1 hour ago
I'll bet they are caught stealing again!

R - uss
Russ2 hours ago
When's the Pac-12 opener? There's the end of your suspension.

Mike - 2 hours ago
Well, I think they already proved through their actions what they are like.

Mr. Know It All - 3 hours ago
They'll hire a spin doctor to write apologies and lessons-learned quotes. And be back in time for the playoffs.

James - 3 hours ago
more like End of November