AFP	AFP•November 14, 2017

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un inspects the Kumsong Tractor Factory in Nampo City

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North Korea's state media on Wednesday slammed Donald Trump for insulting leader Kim Jong-Un, saying the US president deserved the death penalty and calling him a coward for cancelling a visit to the inter-Korean border.

An editorial in the ruling party newspaper Rodong Sinmun focused its anger on Trump's visit to South Korea last week, during which he denounced the North's "cruel dictatorship" in a speech to legislators in Seoul.

The visit was part of a marathon five-nation Asia tour by the US president aimed largely at galvanising regional opposition to the North's nuclear weapons ambitions.

"The worst crime for which he can never be pardoned is that he dared [to] malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership," the editorial said.

"He should know that he is just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people," it added.

Since becoming president, Trump has engaged in an escalating war of words with Kim Jong-Un, trading personal insults and threats of military strikes and raising concerns about an outbreak of hostilities.

Towards the end of his Asia tour, he sent a tweet from Hanoi that took the verbal jousting to a new level, taunting the North Korean leader over his height and weight.

"Why would Kim Jong-Un insult me by calling me 'old,' when I would NEVER call him 'short and fat'?" he tweeted.

The members of the ruling Kim dynasty -- past and present -- enjoy near god-like status in North Korea, which has demonstrated extreme sensitivity to any remark that might be seen as mocking or disrespectful of the leadership.

The editorial also took a dig at Trump's failure to tour the demilitarised zone (DMZ) dividing the two Koreas -- a traditional stop-off for senior US officials visiting the South.

Trump's helicopter taking him to the DMZ had turned back after just five minutes due to bad weather -- an explanation the newspaper dismissed.

"It wasn't the weather," the editorial said: "He was just too scared to face the glaring eyes of our troops."

jamesh - 4 hours ago
China needs to rein in Rocket Man before things get really nasty.
Replies (42)

Kiver - 55 minutes ago
So when will you be enlisting pretend patriot?
Thought not!

Cathy M - 59 minutes ago
Agree and Russia need to reign in trump.

Matt Briggs - 1 hour ago
CHINA IS RAPING US! I will label them a currency manipulator on day one! Biggest crime of the century that the fake news wont talk about folks. That I can tell you. Believe me!

Mike - 2 hours ago
and another moron speaks

Isaac - 2 hours ago
They should rein in the orange buffoon first.

The Shadow - 2 hours ago
Agreed - and we need to rein in Trump ... who is far more dangerous than Kim-Jung-un ... or Pile of Dung as I like to call him.

NewDay - 2 hours ago
@Anthony ,, Ya, I know, and you worship KJU as your god and master too.

Timothy - 2 hours ago
You mean Kim Jong Gout?

NewDay - 2 hours ago
KJU is still upset that his future VP lost the 2016 election. Now he has to wait another 20 years for a DemCommieProg he hopes might win the White House.

jcjc1956 - 2 hours ago
@Kevin: Wrong.

JUDI - 2 hours ago
WHAT?? I'm not taking up for this disgusting dictator, - but your comment sounds a little like " the pot calling the kettle black". The U.S. needs to get rid of Trump before he gets us into WWIII.

Justsaying - 2 hours ago
@Tony: You mean we are not there? I YA!

jcjc1956 - 2 hours ago
@jamesh - "Really nasty"? You mean North Korea might send assassins to get Trump, the same way they sent them to get Rocket Man's half-brother? OMG!!!

Paul - 2 hours ago
United States needs to rein in little man trump before things get really nasty.

Jordan - 2 hours ago
ALBERT EINSTEIN jewish WARNING Americans and the greater world of TERR0RISM FALSE FLAGS and using FASCISM trickery freakery Using False Media Propaganda FAKE NEWS Brainwashing by the NEWLY CREATED state of Israel SEARCH Albert Einstein's 1948 letter to the New York Times

Jordan - 2 hours ago

Anthony - 2 hours ago
@Jordan What the hell are you saying? Is that some kind of English?

Anthony - 2 hours ago
We need to rein in Trump before things get really nasty!

Jordan - 2 hours ago

Tony - 2 hours ago
Americans need to reign in the bankrupt hotelier before things get nasty on this end

Jordan - 2 hours ago
FAKE NEWS -- FASCIST BRAINWASHING JEW MACHINE - BRAINWASH DIVIDE AND CONQUER THIS IS THE PARISITE INBREEDING JEW CULTS TRADEMARK They the jews are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and this great cause we are engaged in than the enemy's armies and the greatest enemies we have for the happiness of America GEORGE WASHINGTON

howie105 - 2 hours ago
jamesh: China needs to rein in Rocket Man before things get really nasty.....I agree but as a nation we need to recognize the actual relationship of North Korea and China and that is not getting put forward enough.

Jake7 - 3 hours ago
NK is China's wing-man if the truth be known.

American - 3 hours ago
@Marlene has over taken

American - 3 hours ago
why? you gonna go die for trump?
You gonna send your kids to die for that nutjob in the white house.

Pieter - 3 hours ago
Why so concerned about Elton John?

phat boy - 3 hours ago
America needs to rein Trump in before US falls apart. Every great power has fallen

Brian - 3 hours ago voted for HER and your calling someone clueless. WOW!

Charles - 3 hours ago
Who will reign in Trump?

Joe Sixpack - 3 hours ago
Way to go, genius. You just admitted that Trump is impotent.

Tiberius Kirk - 3 hours ago
YOu and trump need to turn off The Rock, which is admitedtly a great movie and shut up. But yes, China has to do something because clearly trump is incapable of doing anything productive.

Marlene - 3 hours ago
China is overtaking the U. S. as the main world leader. Chine played Trump and now China will show the world how powerful it is. China is now taking its place no the world stage. All it had to do was compliment Trump and he fell for letting Communist China take over our place.

Kevin - 3 hours ago
@DavidB - get a life, notice no rocket testing or nuclear testing in two months!

Kevin - 3 hours ago
@Punkin - dont have to notice no rocket lanches for two months, get a life

Kevin - 3 hours ago
@Rojay - get a life

Michael - 3 hours ago
Donny Tiny-hands should pay attention to what is going on at home. He is a national embarrassment!

Colossus - 3 hours ago
China wont do squat, they're helping NK along with Russia

Ursula - 3 hours ago
China does in my opinion, like it just fine when the NOKO Leader "reins Covfefe in".

Rojay - 3 hours ago
US needs to rein in this admintration before this country ceases to be taken serious

Punkin - 4 hours ago
Who's going to "rein" in your boy Trump????

DavidB - 4 hours ago
Our Fake President needs to stop with the childish insults which the Fake Leader of North Korea just uses as propaganda to make his people hate Americans even more.

nobody - 4 hours ago
"Rocket Man" was deployed as a Chinese weapon. He is doing exactly what they want.

Jquad - 4 hours ago
I'm sure that Trump isn't the only world leader to insult fat boy.
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Howard E - 59 minutes ago
Actually, Trump IS the only world leader to insult the North Korean leader. Other leaders speak in more diplomatic/adult tones.

MARY - 1 hour ago
trump is fat and old and also a dictator

Timothy - 2 hours ago
They really need to get over Supreme Leader Gout. He's way over-rated with that God-like status they apply.

Richie - 2 hours ago
So? This is the "president of the United States." All it does when he resorts to his inner (and far too often outer) toddler to insult Kim is reinforce Kim's position in North Korea.

jcjc1956 - 2 hours ago
Yes, Erin: Trump is, in fact, a Fat boy. And you sound like a 2nd grader.

Free - 2 hours ago
68% Of America is Obese we have no room to call any American fat...LOL.

JUDI - 2 hours ago
And vice versa, fat boy is DEFINITELY not the only world leader to insult Trump (of course, Trump tweeted insults at them first).

americathebrave - 2 hours ago
And vice versa

Erin - 2 hours ago
Fat Boy, Fat boy, Fat boy, Fat boy!....

Timmy2 - 2 hours ago
"fat boy" ? Really, thats the best you could come up insult that thousands of other idiots repeat on every North Korea story and that sounds slightly worse than what a 11 yr old failing school girl would say? Try something that makes you not sound so stupid...maybe above the 4th grade vocabulary level for starters. Even Kim had a more original and clever insults than you (dotard) and hes not even native English speaker. Try harder!
ImagehobolunchboxBy hobolunchbox on

Fred - 2 hours ago
I'm sure Kim Jung Un isn't the only leader to insult Trump!

EatTheOligarchy - 2 hours ago
Yeah but from one nukey fat manbaby with bad hair to another, it's gotta hurt.

Tony - 2 hours ago
I haven't heard anyone else do it. Diplomats are supposed to be diplomatic!. I suppose this puts Kim and Trump on an equal footing

Wazoo - 2 hours ago
Yeah actually so far he is!

Koiwu - 3 hours ago
Trump is fat boy

Putins troll factory 2 - 3 hours ago
trump has a lot nerve to call someone else fat. LMAO @ the 300 pound cheeto!

Joe Sixpack - 3 hours ago
Uhh... TRUMP IS FAT, you clueless dope.

W - 3 hours ago
trump called himself a fat boy?

Ursula - 3 hours ago
Fat leaders among themselves, *Jquad*.. is more like it. Trump v. Kim :-))

BK - 3 hours ago
you're going to get it now....

bob - 4 hours ago
Was this before or after he rolled out of bed, literally. Fat man has no friends.
Replies (16)

Max - 51 minutes ago
@Bacon Eating Infidel You seem to be confused. Trump is the one who buddies up with communists and other dictators and insults our democratic allies.

Anon - 1 hour ago
He probably has a harem.

Bacon Eating Infidel - 1 hour ago
@Ursula Maybe you should go live in N. korea, you will find out who is your enemy.

Bacon Eating Infidel - 1 hour ago
@Colossus you are a communist wannabe too.

Bacon Eating Infidel - 1 hour ago
@Obscene You little communist lover, what a fool you are.

Bacon Eating Infidel - 1 hour ago
@Koiwu All you little communist lovers, this is a serious time in history, and every time they read insults by Trumps own country it makes them think we are not behind our leader, so you be that President Hater, you little Communist.

Marv'S Skeleton - 1 hour ago
His only friends are in North Korea & California.

bftv8xp - 3 hours ago
@bob - fat man has no friends? a reference to Drumpf?

Koiwu - 3 hours ago
Wait. Which fat man, Kim or Dotard?

Obscene - 3 hours ago
‘fat man’...’fat man’. hmm. not sure which leader you’re talking about.

Max - 3 hours ago
And we all know Dennis Rodman is a space alien..... Said so in Men In Black... bahaha

Colossus - 3 hours ago
Trump or Un or both?

Max - 3 hours ago
Rocket man has ... Dennis Rodman as his friend. Baha

Ursula - 3 hours ago
Which one, *bob*??? Donald or Kim?

jimmy - 4 hours ago
He's got Bannon...oh you mean the other fat guy.

Joan/Mike - 4 hours ago
He has friends YAHOO. and all news networks

Dr. Ben Linus - 4 hours ago
FAT Boy probably eats enough food each day to feed several North Koreans peasant families.
Replies (11)

White Boy - 48 minutes ago
@Colossus: It's spelled "obese".

Howard E - 56 minutes ago
About 12% of Americans don't have enough to eat each day. We are far better than N. Korea, but far from perfect.

Howard E - 58 minutes ago
Which "fat boy?" KIm Jung Un, or Donald Trump?

Defenestrate - 2 hours ago
His people are starving and he can hardly cram his fat stomach behind the wheel of that tractor.

I Agree - 2 hours ago
your referring to trump right?

Isabel - 2 hours ago
they had their chance!! He was just over there!!!! ugh

Chris V - 2 hours ago

Koiwu - 3 hours ago
Wait. Which fat man, Kim or Dotard?

Steve S - 3 hours ago
You're spot-on. However have you seen Trump lately. He's gained quite a bit.

Colossus - 3 hours ago
Trump is pretty portly.

cheryl tobin - 3 hours ago
We could send an unlimited supply of Big Mac's to Kim and the Donald and watch them eat themselves to death.

dee - 4 hours ago
World leaders calling each other old and fat. What a time to be alive...
Replies (8)

Steven - 1 hour ago
@Free: Whether you liked him or not, Obama was a far better leader and far more respected than the dolt in chief we have now.

Free - 2 hours ago
From what we can see for the last decade the WORLD has no leaders!!

JOAT - 2 hours ago

Joe Sixpack - 3 hours ago
Neither is Trump.

Bluesrunner73 - 3 hours ago
Kim Jong Un is NOT a world leader.

King Con Trump - 3 hours ago
Our "time to be alive" may be limited with these two nuke-hungry leaders.

nobody - 4 hours ago
The meaning of the word "leaders" has changed.

Emmanuel - 4 hours ago
Not the kind of leaders we used to see and look up to.

SuperSRT - 4 hours ago
Lol, I am really enjoying the Trump presidency. I did not vote for him last time, but I think I will in the next election.
Replies (25)

White Boy - 46 minutes ago
@John is a troll.

White Boy - 46 minutes ago
@Rico is a troll.

White Boy - 47 minutes ago
SuperSRT is a troll.

Kiver - 54 minutes ago
Trump will be in prison loooong before then Jethro!

Rico - 1 hour ago
superSRT: i voted for trump. i knew he's crazy. a five star nut. he's doing exactly what i expect of him. in fact he exceeded my expectations. i hope he doesn't change for the next 3.1 yrs

Steven - 1 hour ago
Looks like the trump bot-trolls are out in force today. I've never seen so many pro-trumpers in one place before.

TG - 1 hour ago
President Tweet is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and will probably be in a nursing home before the next election.

User - 2 hours ago
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G - 2 hours ago
I really like how he makes snowflakes melt.....

aricrashna - 2 hours ago
@Derek So tolerant yourself.

aricrashna - 2 hours ago
@Dan Whiner.. boohoo.. stomp your feet, take your toys and run back home.

John - 3 hours ago
I will be voting foe him again...I wasn't real sure on first got...but Lord..Clinton ...? I will be happy to vote Trump what he is doing ..

Dan - 3 hours ago
You win. Dumbest comment of the day. You and tRump deserve each other.

Derek - 3 hours ago
You enjoy the complete disrespect of the office and the idiocy he projects? You're an idiot !!

Lis - 3 hours ago
They might not let you out of the straight jacket in time. Sad.

V R A - 3 hours ago
@SuperSRT are you kidding this man is about to take the Republic down the drain, and you are enjoying it! Yikes, the world has gone mad!

Tweeze - 3 hours ago
@brad - much of what Kevin says is not entirely seated in reality. He mostly creates his own hoop to shoot his ball through.

mailguy73 - 3 hours ago
They must have upped the drugs in the Repub Kool-Air (again). Of course a lot of Repubs have gotten off the juice and woke up to what the dotard really is.

Cheppetts - 3 hours ago
that's good your vote will be appreciated ---- he'll be running for dogcatcher in moscow

brad - 3 hours ago
@Kevin Please don't try to maintain and argument with facts!! THAT is NOT the Liberal way!!!

Kevin - 3 hours ago
@Jennifer - Humiliation of our country in what way? NK hasn't launched a missle or performed anymore nuclear testing in two months, Syria backed off killing its people with chemical weapons, ISIS almost fully destroyed in Syria and Iraq, even the Phillipine president who never wantef to meet with Obama met with Trump, Russia backing off on the Ukraine, better relations with Isreal and China, trace deficits much lower!
Explain again how the USA is humiliated?

farnsworth bigglesflorn - 3 hours ago
Ok, super silly retardo

Donna - 3 hours ago
You may consider Trump the 'greatest show on Earth' but the price of admission is going to be way too high.

Jennifer - 3 hours ago
WHy are you enjoying the minimizing and humiliation of our country?

SandraN - 3 hours ago

Marc - 3 hours ago
The US media repeatedly says much worse about our own President.
Replies (10)

lazyeight - 47 minutes ago
@User - You are wasting precious bandwidth with your spam.
Try to be original.

Malon Labe - 59 minutes ago
Marc, you said it "US" media not a foreight state control media.And I'm not talking about if they are right or wrong ort if Trump is an incompetent or not, that is another story. I'm talking about respect to a country's leader.
Now to be honest it is Trump fault anyways, because it is like throwing a ball to a dog, it will come back for more play.

ImNotDotCalm. - 1 hour ago
At Russian Troller, Your post may be indicative of your need for an anti-depressant. Don't consider it to be a character flaw, Using these medications means the person has already identified a problem and is doing something to fix it.

Maricelle - 1 hour ago
@MARC who started name calling....I will spell it for you... DONALD J TRUMP YES... HE STARTED ALL THE NAME BASHING AND CALLING NAMES VIA HIS TWITTER!!!!

Jim W - 2 hours ago
@King Con Trump I suggest YOU actually LISTEN to what Trump says instead of believing the liars at CNN.

User - 2 hours ago
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Dr. R - 2 hours ago
We only repeat what Kim stays. Yes, he is a Dotard and we call him followers Trumpards. And yes, "He should know that he is just a hideous criminal" being investigated by Mueller and his people right now. He may be removed from office and be facing prison time, wearing a pretty orange jumpsuit with Halloween black numbers on it. Sentenced to death by the Korean PEOPLE? Don't worry, the American people are very capable of searching for truth and the American way of life, and administer justice to Donald ourselves, if he is guilty of crimes..

King Con Trump - 2 hours ago
The media reports on what Trump says and does. If you don't like the media coverage, maybe you should take a good look at Trump.

Diane - 3 hours ago
Marc, true that. Maybe the US should send our USEd toilet paper to DUNG BOY FOR XMAS.

Tom - 3 hours ago
and he deserves it

kurtis - 4 hours ago
TIME for Fat Boy to have an "Accident".......
Replies (9)

White Boy - 44 minutes ago
@Joan/Mike: Huh?

White Boy - 45 minutes ago
@kurtis: No, just this time.

benny - 2 hours ago
Which Fat boy?

Chris V - 2 hours ago
Surely, you mean, Trump!

Timmy2 - 2 hours ago
Hard to take a guys serious whose best insult is "fat boy" some 3rd grade school girl. Even Kim had better more clever and original insults like "dotard" than you , and hes not even an English speaker! Step up the insults, idiot, to something that at least is above what a failing 3rd grader would say
Imagenovelty-gift-ideasBy novelty-gift-ideas on

Janusz - 2 hours ago
Tractor Accident

Koiwu - 3 hours ago
Wait. Which fat man, Kim or Dotard?

Trumpette - 3 hours ago
Like throwing the orange sphincter off Air Force 1 at 30k feet?

kurtis - 3 hours ago
Liberals are always on our enemies side....

Presidente Loco - 3 hours ago
Which "fat boy"?

Joan/Mike - 4 hours ago
Pass time

CS - 4 hours ago
Korean Troll Doll.

Timothy - 4 hours ago
Who cares other than the alt-left destroy Trump media?
Replies (8)

No Mercy - 1 hour ago
Trump is destroying himself just fine with no help needed.....

RON - 2 hours ago
When you see "Timothy" think "St. Petersburg"

Dr. R - 2 hours ago
65% of Americans care enough to yank him out of office ASAP. With or without 'the media. Trumps own words and actions indict his own self. The media just reports his non-stop tweeter babble and rambling statements.

T - 3 hours ago
to the biggest tard in amerca (I just call him apachemantarded): BTW trump for president 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T - 3 hours ago

ApacheMan - 3 hours ago
oh look, a trumpTARD who will blame everyone else for his loser life but himself.

Ursula - 3 hours ago
??? *Timothy*, when I checked last, Trump isn't without critique in the the Global Media, and these are certainly not American style "alt-left". :-)) Media that has nothing to fear /or gain from a Trump is not going to "hail the Führer", quite "au contraire" :-)) he might well hold the record of all American Presidents "being mocked and trashed". On all five continents, where he has nothing to say and cannot "lead" :-))Indulge yourself with some Free International Press au lieu of Trump's tweeting humbug. Or at least, admit, there is no "we" with Trump's MAGA MOB in America....

ToucanRastaman - 3 hours ago
Are you a Russian troll and/or a methhead who can't hold a job?

waterdog49 - 4 hours ago
Behind the wheel of that tractor, Fatboy does look like a ridiculous cartoon character. So leave my President alone about this.
Replies (7)

Howard E - 47 minutes ago

Cassandra - 3 hours ago
Imagegif87a-comBy gif87a-com on

Ganimede - 3 hours ago
@Ganimede doesnt rather

Ganimede - 3 hours ago
Trump is incapable of eating anything that does come out of a drive thru window

SecretP - 3 hours ago
True, Bwha,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Jennifer - 3 hours ago
We will be glad to leave your president alone. Or maybe he can just leave.

Brandon - 3 hours ago
He looks no more ridiculous than Trump trying to pronounce Puerto Rico in a fake Hispanic accent.

ShawnY - 3 hours ago
Kim's looking a little fatter than usual.
Replies (3)

Mark - 1 hour ago
Winter is setting in, he needs extra heat. Who knows if they will have heating oil or not with all the sanctions.

PETED - 2 hours ago

Derek - 3 hours ago
So is Trump !!

Gsuhleleipble - 4 hours ago
trump & Un fighting...
Imagederptato-koogleBy derptato-koogle on
Replies (18)

Yahoo - 3 hours ago
Why does Yahoo side with Lil kim?
Replies (4)

Anonymous - 2 hours ago
Lis, Yahoo persistently selects to publish viewpoints that make every action by the President seem ridiculous and selects not to publish views that are more rational. Classic agenda-driven reporting.

barbara - 2 hours ago
And so do a lot of Libs--disgusting.

Diane - 3 hours ago
Yahoo, because siding with kimmy Dung is a cry baby.

Lis - 3 hours ago
How so? By reporting the exactly what he said??

VI2 - 4 hours ago
Columbus the capitol of Ohio. Fish live in the water. Apples grow on trees. Reporters for AFP are mentally deficient
Replies (2)

An American opinion - 2 hours ago
@Presidente Loco jerk

Presidente Loco - 3 hours ago
trump has the lowest approval rating of any POTUS in modern history.

Ron - 3 hours ago
You knock the President of the US; he will knock back harder. Besides, what makes the short-fat "Rocket Man" think he is better than the leader of the free world?
Replies (2)

Norm - 45 minutes ago
stevie "boy"...not to bright are ya?.....

SteveC - 2 hours ago
Simple answer: Tall, orange-haired fat guy garners little/no respect from free world because "America First" foreign policy isn't, wasn't, leadership promoted by any former US President when we were. It's hard, but think outta the box, and put yourself in Xi Jinping's position, looking at America. They're taking royal advantage of the ignorant dotard and stepping up to fill the vacuum.

Mark - 3 hours ago
Fat boy needs to feed his people and quit worrying about perceived slights.
Replies (1)

Derek - 3 hours ago
I hope Trump heeds your advice !!

ABC - 3 hours ago
This would be a much more appropriate insult for Rocket Boy:
ImagedeaglefiftyBy deaglefifty on
Replies (1)

David - 4 hours ago
Weather or not it was a smart move not to go.
Replies (4)

Lis - 3 hours ago
To you 2 other commenters, David is guilty of not using punctuation, not misspelling, e.g. --- "Weather or not, it was a smart move not to go." Understand now?

Lis - 3 hours ago
Yep, cos it makes Trump look like the bone spur coward that he is and has always been.

mojo - 3 hours ago
Weather? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!

Pipe - 3 hours ago
David, learn to spell before you post. Weather is the climate outside. Should have been spelled "Whether".

BW - 3 hours ago
"N. Korea slams Trump for insulting leader"

Wow there an important "news" story !

The tyrant fat boy communist dictator is worshiped as a god in their bizarro world progressives want us to be just like !

slave - 3 hours ago
Oh gawd - who cares? Unless that paper can publish the winning lottery numbers a day ahead, why would anybody even bother to read it?
Replies (1)

Dr. R - 1 hour ago
YOU READ, DIDN'T YOU? Aw, don't lie did, didn't you? And even commented I SEE!

Bluesrunner73 - 3 hours ago
It is amazing that some of the comments here draw some strange equivalency between a hateful murderous despot, in power due to nepotism and fear who practices torture and terror on his own people, fencing in and imprisoning his citizens, hated by all peace loving people in the world--AND the leader of the free world, President Donald Trump of America---nothing could be more ignorant.
Replies (4)

Akko - 2 hours ago
Trump is supposed to be the leader of the free world. But he pals around with dictators and promotes them instead of freedom.

UPYOURLIBS - 3 hours ago

Robin - 3 hours ago
@Donna....What’s obvious is your overwhelming ignorance and your hate for our country! If you truly think the fat boy is a better leader than Trump, then I will personally pay for a one way ticket to NK for you and you can worship the madman up close and personal! It’s liberal mental midgets like yourself who are an embarrassed to this country and trust me when I tell you, it won’t work out well for you and your ilk!

Donna - 3 hours ago
Sorry but the similarities are overwhelming.

Abort Liberals - 2 hours ago
Notice that there is virtually no discernible difference between North Korea's official talking points and Democrats talking points?

Bill S - 2 hours ago
Is NK like USA democrats?
Replies (1)

John Marini - 2 hours ago
Why would you insult NK like that?

John - 2 hours ago
HA!!HA !! Oh Rocket Man you are so Funny. Hey !! Why don't you come to America ? May be you could run for President you could run on the Democratic ticket. They would just love you..

Charlotte - 3 hours ago
Hey Rocket Man,
Not only are you Short and Fat, you're UGLY (inside & out) too!
Replies (2)

Diane - 3 hours ago
I believe Kimmy Dung is a closet case. So what if he’s married, people have been known to marry the opposite sex yet are closet cases.

Kenneth - 3 hours ago
trump or kim ?

CitizenA - 4 hours ago
He's short and fat
Replies (2)

consumer 4100 - 3 hours ago
And Trump isn't ANY BETTER.
small hands though.....

Joe - 3 hours ago
And Trump is tall and fat.

Craig - 1 hour ago
The state-media: ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN - agree with N Korea. The media hates Americans as much as Kim does.
Replies (2)

Craig - 1 hour ago
@Let - The Russia investigation will indict Hillary. You need to see reality, junior.

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
LOL!!! Cry away RussianTROLL

magarity - 3 hours ago
Notice that people in NK who call the dear leader short and fat get disappeared while in the US the dear leader just posts grumpy tweets about his insulters. Where would you rather live?
Replies (3)

dooped - 2 hours ago
Notice how none of these liberals who are leaving NEVER say they are moving to Mexico? Why is that? They really do have brown-a-phobia.

originalJD - 3 hours ago
@murphy69: Feel free to leave then. No one is keeping you here. Need help packing?

murphy69 - 3 hours ago

G - 2 hours ago
More like short fat and gay
Replies (3)

G - 2 hours ago
Christian isn't smart. $&@$

Let Them Eat Koch - 2 hours ago
Hey closet case!

Christian - 2 hours ago
trump isn't short.

A - 3 hours ago
What's the difference between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump? One's a chubby dictator who brainwashes his people, is close allies with Putin and has his fat little fingers on the nuke button and the other is the leader of North Korea.
Replies (2)

Douglas - 2 hours ago
Sorry but Trump proved you wrong because if he did he would have pressed that button months ago.

consumer 4100 - 3 hours ago

Brak Hates Hillary Clinton - 2 hours ago
Time to rub out Rocket Man.
Replies (1)

I Agree - 2 hours ago
rub out trump at the same time,please!

Houston, we have a problem! - 55 minutes ago
Funny how the two Dictator Morons loves Big Trucks and their Egos.

CC.Spangler - 2 hours ago
The thing is, Trump is right. No matter how funny or insulting, Kim Jong name called first. Kim Jong started this entire mess. It’s incredibly annoying how the media tries to make Trump look bad as if he’s done something wrong. All our president has done is have normal, human responses and normal, patriotic responses defending both himself and our country when replying to North Korea’s threats to America.
Replies (1)

TG - 1 hour ago
President Tweet started this mess by calling him Rocket Man and he retaliated by calling Trump a dotard. There is nothing normal about our incompetent fool of a president , he is a disgrace and an embarrassment. Hs’s either senile or a compulsive liar.

Paul - 2 hours ago
Isn't this the gov't the antifa crowd want? A workers paradise ruled by an all knowing benevolent leadership?
Replies (1)

Robert - 2 hours ago
that sounds like Trump on the campaign trail

Angie - 2 hours ago
I truly hope that one morning he will wake up and die from a heart attack. Looking at the state of him, I think it could actually happen.
Replies (3)

Angie - 2 hours ago
@Robert No I wasn't..I was referring to Kim Jong-Un.

Robert - 2 hours ago
I think Angie was referring to Trump

Wazoo - 2 hours ago
That would be perfect since his half nephew would be next in line and is much more westernized like his father was. But the next heir is only about 14yrs old

trump is an idiot - 2 hours ago
look at the fat little psycho, sitting in a big vehicle and pretending to operate it, just like trump did with that semi. maybe these two are related.
Replies (1)

Wazoo - 2 hours ago
They are both Putin’s children.

Some Guy - 3 hours ago
If Kim wants to insult Trump he needs to step up his game. The US news media rips Trump much worse than this on a daily basis.

henry - 3 hours ago
Now I know why Ezekiel Elliot went out of the country. He went to get a trim on his haircut at Kim fat ones barbershop.

SecretP - 3 hours ago
I am a neo conservative Republican. I think Donald J Trump is the best U.S. PRESIDENT EVER!
Kim Jung Un Dung Heap is a fat little wimp homosexual that wished he could put Donald Trumps Superior sized Republican Reproductive organ in his mouth & service a true Leader like Donald Trump until He,...Kim Jung Un that is .....had a mouth full of hot goo!
Hail to the good ole G.O.P. !
Republicanism Forever!

Eat dirty doggy droppings ye liberal scourge!
Replies (4)

SecretP - 3 hours ago
The best part of pismighterthan the ran down the crack of thier mammy's ace & stained the bed sheets.

SecretP - 3 hours ago
Pēē on pip squeak Kim Jung Dung Heap!

ThePenIsMightierThanTheGun - 3 hours ago
Your father should have pulled out in time.

SecretP - 3 hours ago
Hail Republicanism!

tom - 2 hours ago
"Hey, lookey me, ma ...I'm driving a truck! I'm a big boy!"
Replies (2)

tom - 2 hours ago
@DD - or you sitting before a typewriter feigning intelligence

DD - 2 hours ago
Just like trump sitting in a semi pretending to drive

Coppertail - 2 hours ago
I always wondered what happened to that fat little booger eater from my 6th grade math class.

Colossus - 4 hours ago
Let them sumo wrestle , tubby vs. Rump.

Muggin - 4 hours ago
Rocket man needed an insult

wes - 4 hours ago
What's funny guys little rocket man shoots mouth off for years now he is socked Trump calls him out. If you read what Trump said he said little rocket man calls me name then said I never call him short or fat priceless. Funny stuff I love it.
Replies (1)

Guy - 4 hours ago
How old are you, ten?

FURussianBot - 2 hours ago
Pitiful country of mind-controlled zombies! Most of the people of North Korea are a lost cause due to very early and constant indoctrination to the cult of Kim. Trying to talk to them would be like trying to change the mind of a staunch “conservative Repervertlican” or diehard “liberal Dumbocrat”. Some people are too rooted in their ideology since birth that you can NEVER change their minds. They will fight it to their death. They have lost the control of their own minds and should be written off as a futile lost cause and a waste of time.

Revolution1 hour ago
Hey, Dear Eater ... we who post comments on Yahoo News insult your obese, psychopathic, obscene, insane, disgusting #$%$ all the time. Unlike the people that your enslave in your nightmarish prison state, we're free to do so. However, we have some useful idiot liberals that we'd like to send your way if you'll have them. They claim to love your system of government.
Replies (2)

WI­LL­IA­M - 1 hour ago
Why are you stupid?

pinkflyd7 - 1 hour ago
obese, psychopathic, insane, disgusting. Are you sure you're not describing Trump?

PappyStu - 3 hours ago
Considering how many forces are deployed on both sides the demilitarised zone seems an ironic label...

Kiver - 44 minutes ago
Trump likes to sit behind the wheel of tractors and pretend he is a big boy too!

John - 1 hour ago
Yahoo and N. Korea have a lot in common and support each other!
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Says RussianTROLLS

Matthew - 1 hour ago
Little fat cunit will be dying of heart disease soon looking at that photo
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Just like trump!

ABBY - 2 hours ago
Replies (1)

I Agree - 1 hour ago
your talking about trump right?

Coppertail - 2 hours ago
They should hear what the rest of us are saying.

Collin - 2 hours ago
So the little fat coward didn't like being called a little fat coward?

Freddy - 2 hours ago
Kim is the one with good looking hair and adult sized hands. T. Rump is the orange one.

Freddy - 2 hours ago
Don the Con T. Rump can tweet all he wants, but he is never going to top "Dotard".
Replies (1)

Wazoo - 2 hours ago
No that was the greatest word to come out

joseph - 3 hours ago

GNO - 3 hours ago
Trump Twitter Tantrum in 3...2...1...

Tom - 3 hours ago
He must be a riot at parties!!!

mari - 2 hours ago
and Trump was right again.

JD - 2 hours ago
I like the North Korean leader for standing up to Washington's BS. He stands for his country, and the greedy and powerful ones don't like it because he won't be pushed around like other countries! He also has a great firework display that makes people nervous! He does not have to hit the USA with nukes. All he needs to do, being he is in such a good location, is flatten a few of those USA industries that jumped ship for cheap labor over there. Just think how big those business guys eyes would get if the NK leader flattened their industries!
Replies (1)

Julie - 2 hours ago
You probably loved Castro too

DAVID - 1 hour ago
Trump finds a nuclear war to be an exciting prospect! Can be dictator afterwards and put Hillary to death if she survives the blasts
The Survivalists will be in hog heaven! Rape and pillage time after emptying out the liquor store

Steven - 1 hour ago
"The members of the ruling Kim dynasty -- past and present -- ... has demonstrated extreme sensitivity to any remark that might be seen as mocking or disrespectful of the leadership."
And how is that any different than the idiot that acts like a 3 y.o. we have in charge now?

Pro-Life Atheist - 35 minutes ago
Don't worry about a thing Kim, the American Left has your back.

Garry - 41 minutes ago
Fat boy Kim is such a clown you could enjoy laughing at him, if it weren't for the inhuman treatment of the people of North Korea.

Let Them Eat Koch - 58 minutes ago
If Trump had an Asian son...

Kathryn - 1 hour ago
Why is Yahoo pulling down all the articles about Clinton and Uranium One? They all seem to be disappearing. Weird.
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago

Optimist - 1 hour ago
The Moron in action. Blah-blah-blah.
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
TWO morons in action.

tech - 1 hour ago
It’s a battle between two fat idiots.

Linda - 1 hour ago
Both so called "leaders" are childish and playing with fire...the sad reality is that millions of innocent lives are at risk of dying because these spoiled children can't grow up.

kimmmme - 1 hour ago

Spreading Peace - 1 hour ago
I wish there was more peace in the world. It's really upsetting me that people can't get along with one another.

Christopher - 1 hour ago
Kim is not anywhere near as bad as the Ashkenazi Jews that own and operate the US Government.
Replies (1)

Frosty - 1 hour ago
last I checked, Russia owns and operates the US Government.

J - 2 hours ago
North Korea and the US anti-American leftist media agree.

Vince - 2 hours ago
Not a Word from the Liberal Media, praising Trump for getting the four thieving basketball players released from China, where they were facing 15yrs in prison.

Paul Hawkins - 2 hours ago
Oh darn! Did we make them mad? Whatever shall we DO!?

Jacob - 2 hours ago
Wow, North Koreans sound just like the leftist media here.

ron - 2 hours ago
Stop verbally jousting with this guy and pretend he doesn't exist...nothing worse than being ignored.

NLS - 2 hours ago
Trump is bullying a man how has the potential to to irrevocable harm to the WORLD.

william - 2 hours ago
So the hatred of President Trump is so strong that this Media outlet is siding with NK! Wow, how low will they go.

BSC - 3 hours ago
If it wasn't so scary it would be entertaining to watch rocket man and pocket man going at it in the school yard...

bftv8xp - 3 hours ago
NKorea certainly got the coward part right in regards to Drumpf

Gimmeabreak - 3 hours ago
If this offends them they need to be sure to never read the comments in these articles.

The Shadow - 1 hour ago
The only demonstrated skill that Donald Trump has shown us while our so called president is that of being a punk #$%$ bully - and even then, only at about a 2nfd grade level. You are out of your league Donald. Please resign now. We don't need a PINO (president in name only).
Replies (3)

The Shadow - 1 hour ago
@Bill By the way - as to losing ... we won by some 3 million votes. The rigged system called the Electoral College put Trump in office. He was not Elected. Get over it !!!

The Shadow - 1 hour ago
@Bill Really? Following the polls? Looking at the appointments he's making? Paying attention to how selective he is about twisting things? His hole gets deeper with the passing of each Tweet !!

Bill - 1 hour ago lost, honey. Accept it and shhhhhhhhhhhh.....

G. - 1 hour ago
"N. Korea slams Trump ...", "Twitter Slams Donald Trump..." !?!?!?!?!


The deep-rooted imbecility and the obvious anti-Trump bias of the alt-leftist, Oba'Hi(T)lleryst, Marxism-pusning "media" is so obvious, that it single-handedly help the re-election of Trump 100%.
Imagethetrumpcard2016By thetrumpcard2016 on
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Cry away crybaby! Reality is your worst enemy!

Russian Bot - 1 hour ago
North Korea and Liberals/Democrats have one thing in common: a shared hatred of President Trump.
Replies (3)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago

Russian Bot - 1 hour ago
I'm a Russian Bot troll. Get it right little gay guy.

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago

James Dogue - 1 hour ago
Oh darn, poor lil' Kim didn't get his chance to lob a few hundred shells and attempt to assassinate President Trump.
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Why would he want to destroy his American equal?

Yeah Right - 2 hours ago
"calling him a coward for cancelling a visit to the inter-Korean border."
I agree! Bad weather is no excuse for a military helicopter.

Gumaro - 3 hours ago
Kim is a fat manical dictator and dotard donald is a fat bumbling moron. Difficult to choose which one is worse.
Replies (1)

William - 3 hours ago
Go 'live' in n. korea for a help you choose.

Alan - 45 minutes ago
What insult? Kimmy boy is a short, fat imbecile with a bad haircut. If the truth hurts, that's life.

Tampa33629 - 48 minutes ago
Damn for a change Trump didn't lie he is short & fat

timl - 49 minutes ago
Fat Boy is staring to look squishy fat

Eaglestare - 1 hour ago
Set up a boxing ring in the DMZ, sell it on pay per view and have Trump and Kim duke it out one on one, til death. There, problem solved.. Trump avoids a war and North Korea gets a new leader...
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 59 minutes ago
Trump would complain of bone spurs and try to send in Eric to replace him.

bmac - 1 hour ago
Trump was scared to go tothe DMZ. He talks all that #$%$. He is worst than fat boy!
Replies (1)

aaron - 59 minutes ago
@bmac and you're just stupid lol

H - 1 hour ago
China signed $250 BILLION worth of American business during Trump’s China visit

Mark - 1 hour ago
The glaring eyes of the NK troops were glaring at food over in South Korea

Bruce - 1 hour ago
Take away the nuclear codes from both of them.

Bruce - 1 hour ago
Fat Boy? Kinda funny they provide a pic of him in a tractor. Looks like he is so fat he can't fit into a car!

Jay - 1 hour ago
Do he and trump go to the same barber?

Seth - 1 hour ago
The Dotard and The Fatboy, coming this fall on ABC.
Replies (2)

Brak Hates Hillary Clinton - 1 hour ago
Hopefully the Fatboy is defeated & the President wins another term. You'll just mourn Fatboy for another 7 years.

Bill - 1 hour ago
So cute that NOKO taught you a new word. Good job little Sethy.

Republic Of Texas - 1 hour ago
We need a missile programmed to seek and destroy short fat squatty little dictators

PublicHealthGuy - 1 hour ago
Two spoiled children and we are ALL at their mercy. God help us ALL.
Replies (2)

Frosty - 1 hour ago
We will help ourselves. All eyes on the Special Prosecutor.

John Marini - 1 hour ago
I thought all you libs were atheists?

Teddy C.G - 2 hours ago
LOL Kim Hung dung on a piece of heavy equipment lmao they had to lift him on it with a crane
Replies (2)

Teddy C.G - 1 hour ago
@Irishman Lol your comment makes about as much sense as your beloved DEMOlishAmericaCRAT imbicile party does.There laddie bucks.

Irishman - 1 hour ago
Yes just like numbnuts elect was in tractor trailer making a stupid face.

Bruce - 2 hours ago
Obama never had any guts

Willy Lunchmeat - 2 hours ago
I can't stand Trump but maybe Kim should try facing the glaring eyes of our troops. And he doesn't even have to travel far to do it.

Justa' Seed - 2 hours ago
Kimmee's haircut looks like he got a little too close at inspecting a wood chipper !

Bobby - 2 hours ago
The Democrat party wish the had control over people like Rocket Man

RedPillJunkie - 2 hours ago
Yaaaay fat boy is playing with the tractor and cutting his own hair! If he behaves someone should buy him ice cream and take him to the circus.

C.G - 3 hours ago
Time for Donald to go to NK!
Replies (1)

Pieter - 3 hours ago
He would, but his Bone spurs are acting up again.

mirrors - 3 hours ago
Weird. Wish both them would just get in a boxing ring and end each other!

aaron - 1 hour ago
when did lil Kim join the Democratic party?
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 59 minutes ago

Road Glide - 1 hour ago
Yahoo/Verizon has an agenda...knock it off!

Insanitarium - 2 hours ago
Ol' moon pie face got his fat wittle feewings hurt. Fat slob.
Replies (1)

pinkflyd7 - 1 hour ago
Are you talking about Trump or Kim? You really need to be more specific.

RAT FRY - 3 hours ago
Can’t we get above this?............Why bring us down to his level?..........I just can’t see any of our past leaders getting dragged into a 8 month long name calling, and threat pitching frenzy…………. And to what end?

Edward - 36 minutes ago
Well I see why Maxine Waters is concerned that if Kim Jong-Un nukes the USofA that Trump will start a war with North Korea......

Bonered - 52 minutes ago
Libs also slam Trump for insulting fatboy
Replies (1)

Tampa33629 - 46 minutes ago
They were just shocked for a change Trump told the truth

xaverg - 1 hour ago
short, fat, little rocket man has 99% approval rating .....

nunya - 2 hours ago

Charles - 2 hours ago
heel spurs acting up ?

David - 1 hour ago
Kim Jong-Un should be getting the DEATH sentence for all the killing of the North Korean people. The RAPE of all the young girls that he calls his sex slaves sixteen years old they will never be able to live a normal live after having this done to them. To the North Korean people my heart goes out to you. Stand up to him and put him out of his so called dynasty. Put him where he belongs hanging would be to good for him.
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Same goes for trump!

tonyboloknee - 1 hour ago
I love the statistic about hate crimes. And who comes up with the statistic that makes crime a hate crime... probably somebody from the liberal left. Lets not include general crime or that number would be a fractional percent that would not send a message that whites are wrong and other groups are right. Similar to gerrymandering voters, now statistics are painted in any way to make a point whether that point is valid or not. So if I get mugged walking down Detroit in the middle of the night that is not a hate crime but more of a crime that is justified because I am white.
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
You aren't white... You are whitexTRASH

Dr. R - 1 hour ago
Kim pretending to drive a tractor with the engine off and said tractor in park. But I see he came ready to work. NOTE the orange aqnd white mini cooler on the seat with a six pack of Coca-Cola, and a big bucket of KFC...Korean Fried Chicken. There is a freshly baked chocolate cake for his desert. A farmer working the rice-paddy fields and harvesting potato fields, gets mighty damn hungry, working up an appetite! BTW...looks like he has gained some 30 lbs lately. He really should switch to Diet Coke til he loses some weight.

Wendy - 1 hour ago
both of them should knock it off. fortunately for him, trump lives in a democracy, where freedom of speech does not bring a death penalty. kim jong un is fat and short, some of which is unfortunately hereditary. that's not a death penalty offense to tell the truth. on the other hand, donald trump did not even go near the tag un put on him, as an old lunatic. he only addressed the old part. that also happens to be true, and not worthy of a death threat. as for lunatic, there has not been an evaluation of dt's mental health, and if un wants to admit it, he has been labeled a lunatic himself pretty much worldwide for his headstrong and reckless endangerment of the entire world's population and everything living in it.

miamihurricane - 1 hour ago
Before we criticize "The Little Fat Man" let's see: Trump dodged the draft because he had corns on his feet, he could have landed his helo away from the fog & driven there if he really wanted to go, if it had been a golf tournament he would have found a way to make it.
Last but not least the Dixie Chicks were black balled for criticizing Bush while in another country at least they were in a friendly country; Trump goes to China & criticizes the previous administration. So what is the definition of a coward ===Trump.

Smarterthanyou - 2 hours ago
I have to wonder who's fooling who here. Virtually all of the pictures I see from N Korea are well dressed people, clean buildings, nice cars, etc., I read about all these atrocities but, there seems to be hardly any video evidence. I saw what appeared to be a beating video by the police / military, but it lacked any authentication or location scene that would verify that it was real. Even if it was real, it was no worse than what we see from the worst cases of our own law enforcement.

Given how connected the world is and how easy it is to obtain images or video, where is all the poverty and starvation? Again, when it comes to N. Korea, I remain skeptical.
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 2 hours ago
LOL!!! You idiot. Take a look at any satellite picture taken at night and you will see a dark spot where N Korea is because most of the country is too poor to afford electricity!

Jimi - 2 hours ago
Sure He Did !! He is a Fat Slob and a DICTATOR : LIKE OBAMA WANTED TO BE. The rest of the world Leaders are in on this to so it is not Just Trump and America agaisnt North Korea. FOOLS all of you. North Korea can reach any country now, What about that for REAL LIFE Think twice before Ridicule aginst The World Leaders Not Just Trump . Be Prepared. You Never know what could happen. The American Dream of being able to prepare for anything and Hopefully nothing occurs. But.

Ripper - 2 hours ago
You're gonna get it Fatso. I served in the Navy aboard the USS Carl Vinson, you know, the ship you were going to hit with a nuke. Now there are 3 carriers at your front door...what are you gonna do now? You have NO IDEA the size of the barrel of the gun you are staring down. And I don't think you truly understand what we are capable of...but you may be about to learn a very hard lesson.

Dean - 2 hours ago
The mere fact that Dotard is so dangerously flirting with war shows that he is an irresponsible nitwit unfit for being president. He lies and seems to have trouble distinguishing truth from fiction. It's beyond foolishness, and could be genuine dementia. The US CANNOT have this man launch a war on NK on his own, or be in charge of the nuclear football. His powers must be curtailed, his wings clipped, just like there comes a time when you have to take the car keys from grandpa. The lives of MILLIONS are at stake.

roadsterred - 2 hours ago
You know that the people responsible for North Korea's state media had to write something outrageous about Trump for fear of getting brutally killed by their fearless leader Kim Jong Un. His weapons of choice up to now have been a mortar and an anti aircraft gun. What next, strapping the victim to one of his missiles and launching it over Japan?

BTW has anyone seen Kim Jong Un in public since the 3 carrier groups sailed near their territorial waters? Could he possibly keeping himself in an underground bunker until the carriers leave?

Hackers gangstalking me - 2 hours ago
The highlight here is that North Korea was another of the globalists partners that came out hating (then) President Elcet Trump!

Understand that it's a nearly complete international globalist society. The drug cartels came out against Trump, as did North Korea, Iran, China, the GOP, the DNC, the EU, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan just to name a few!!!

If you need more proof of forced globalism, then I offer the multifaceted concepts where none of those entities had open meetings to discuss their positions one Trump, yet they all came out against Trump, and few had done so without Trump ever once mentioning them. But wait, here's the main point on this topic: they prove their existence by having all of these meetings and fundraisers, and busy body things and they can never agree on anything that truly benefits Man, but without a single meeting they are against Trump???

For instance, they could agree to build desalination plants in areas of south east Asia where 1000's die every day because they don't have access to clean water.

Or, they could decide to build farmable land in areas of Africa where people starve by the 1000's.

Of they could stomp out homelessness globally.

But they do none of that, do they?

No, but they all come out uniformly against Trump WITHOUT A SINGLE MEETING??!!

ImagejustheronlyBy justheronly on

Dean - 2 hours ago
Responsible American leaders, concerned US citizens need to rein in Dotard before catastrophe strikes. At the very least, Dotard must NOT be able to launch a pre-emptive strike or in any way start a war on his own. There MUST be debate and congressional approval. The AUMF has to be curtailed. Dotard is not merely foolish, volatile and unwise, but could very well be suffering from dementia. The lives of millions are at stake. No one man, especially an idiot like Trump, should have that kind of power.
Replies (1)

Jacob - 2 hours ago
You leftists sound like those stupid N. Korean press releases. Not surprising since they are both brain washed socialist cults.

geo - 2 hours ago
Sad thing is Kim and North Korean got exactly what they wanted Nuclear weapons, ICBMs plus lots of international attention. While The USA accomplished nothing except starving millions of NK civilian trapped in that country with pointless sanctions that will never stop them. They won we lost now we have to deal with a very hostile country that hates us and will most likely be willing to give a nuke or 2 to any terrorists group willing to set it off on American ground. We look very weak in the eyes of our enemies now....
ImagemakeyourchristmaswishBy makeyourchristmaswish on

Doc LeDuc - 2 hours ago
He just couldn't keep his tweet shut while over there with Tillerson and the Generals trying to quell this growing frigging no-win nightmare! That's why it goes on and ON! We strike and Seoul (and global Hyundai, Daewoo Industries and 1/3 of the world's semi-conductors and electronics, i.e. LG/Samsung/etc. - $$ a cool Trillion++) is toast within the same half-hour and an already projected 100,000 are dead and a million messed up! Those carrier FA-18's will just being going in to mop up targets and finish it off by the time they take off!!
...and the band played on as Kim danced to the beat, whale or not.

Douglas - 2 hours ago
Trump knows diplomacy will not work it's proven futile therefore he's taunting the child like leader into making the first offensive move so we can finally end him in the only manner they will understand. Like Trump or not at the very least he's doing something to address this threat more so than his predecessors. Trump has the perfect personality to pull off such a maneuver that prior Presidents couldn't do so they took the cowards way out by ignoring the problem. Trump may not be consider a very good person or President but he is taking on the serious issues head on whether or not we agree with his methods or not he still deserves and should receive our support because he is our President AGAIN like it or not.

Kif - 3 hours ago
It seems that most of the reason our idiotic bloodsoaked warmongering fools want an unprovoked, insane preemptive war on NK is because their leader is fat, which is ironic coming from a nation that is 70% badly overweight or obese. After spending some time in areas where our disgraceful hawks are concentrated, it's clear their madness stems from their wives being so fat that they're projecting on a foreign leader their disgust at seeing those manatees waddle naked across their bedroom. I got bad news for ya - taking out "Fat Boy" ain't gonna fix your old lady's quintuple chin or her clam-blocking belly, and other nations have the right to develop whatever weapons they want. The USA has slaughtered MILLIONS under proven false pretenses and has tens of thousands of nukes. Should the standards you apply to North Korea apply to the much, much, MUCH more dangerous and predatory USA? If not, why not? Stop falling for the endless scams of The Sham Profit War Industry.

Diane - 3 hours ago
COWARD IS THE CHUNK OF DUNG HOW HAS BEEN STARVING THE PEOPLE OF NK! COWARD IS YHE POIR EXCUSE OF A MAN WHO DEMANDS PEOPLE TO IDELIZE THAT CHUMK OF DUMG! I feel bed for the people of NK because they have been lied to for several generations. Those who were brave enough to escape that he’ll hole know the truth . Many world leaders INSULTTHAT DUNG!
China should send some unidentifiable good people to infeltrate booklets talking about the rest of the world, such as but not limited to economy, housing,meals,good doctors,department stores,parks,electronics churches. Just call it a MERRY CHRISTMAS IN THE UNITED STATES & THROUGH OUT THE WORLD. Something like that. Just a feel good booklet.

John - 3 hours ago
With the lack of reliability in these past attempts, trump should have issued a corollary to the Monroe Doctrine. He should have warned any launch, of any type or destination, would be considered a failed attack on the Americas and a deliberate act of war; which would result in a full scale retaliatory and punitive response. Un is not suicidal, just selfish; otherwise, this would have ended long ago, without all his posturing and threats. Without spoils there will be no war. As with all totalitarian and socialistic systems, the economy will be the eventual deciding factor..

The Duke - 3 hours ago
Insulting? this little freak may not be a legitimate human--look at this contorted idiot--this guy could be put in a glass enclosure and viewed by people walking by him in public...This inhumane parasite could also be a prime subject for medical experiments--start by water boarding this guy and dedicate that to war coward, John McCain and his total failure to serve the American people..Impose the inhumane treatment and torture he has done to others, including American's, why not reverse it???..Put this freak on public display and conduct experiments--put a playbook together like the one used on the last American he tortured to death--and do it in a way that makes John McCain have a total meltdown.. .This would be the only just way to deal with this freak..

JeffC - 3 hours ago
The USA learned nothing from history, and from the blood shed in our wars. When you leave a war unfinished, it festers like this one has. Patton declared at the end of WWII that we needed to march across Germany to Russia and take them out. He said then that we would have to do it eventually anyway, and that we might as well get it done now since were here, and they were already damaged. Of course we did not, and the TRILLIONS we have spent because we didn't do that is unfortunate. Same applies to Korea, we didn't finish that war either, and we are still paying for it. Same applies to Viet Nam, Operation Desert Storm, and our continuing efforts in the Middle East. The only way we finish a war is for us to not leave until the enemy is decimated, and has formally surrendered. THAT is how war is ended. We accomplished this with Japan, and Germany. We have not since, and it is apparent that we will not finish again. America does not have the stomach for war, and therefore we will never end this kind of tension in the world.

Hawke - 3 hours ago
Kim Jong-Un, what you don't understand is that here in America we are free to criticize our leaders and we don't believe they are "supreme" anything much less gods as you want your nation to believe you are. I know when you look in the mirror you see the reality. You are short. You are overweight. Your haircut makes you look ridiculous. You can't change being short. You can lose weight. You can certainly do something to improve your appearance by changing that ridiculous haircut. If you want to punish anyone, punish the people who keep telling you that your haircut is flattering. :) As Toby Keith says in Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue, this dog will fight when you rattle his cage. Open your country to criticism. It will make you a more popular leader and stop starving your people. That will do even more to encourage the North Koreans to maybe actually respect you.

Marc - 3 hours ago
Important!!! to read!!!!! breaking news! Kim went to see a doctor to get a big one, the doctor thought for a moment and told him to comeback to get an elephant trunk. He had the surgery and went back home, he came back for a post surgery visit. The doctor asked if the women were pleased, he said yes, men and animals too. Then Kim told that there was only one strange thing. It was an inconvenience, but an amazing surprise, a very nice side effect. Kim said that he was so pleased. He meant that he really liked it, even many times a day. The doctor asked what was this pleasant side effect. Kim told the doctor that there were many vending machines in NK and every time he was p#$%$ing by, he stopped and enjoyed to have hundred of peanuts shuffle in his #$%$.

KB - 33 minutes ago
Why is this getting reported at all? This talk about death penalty for insulting Kim is clearly meant for a NK audience to remind them of who's in charge. It's their internal propaganda.

It changes nothing for anybody outside their boarders. Well, the only thing it might affect is Trump's ego, but let's leave that alone for now.

Arpman - 37 minutes ago
CBS News was reporting today that Weight Watchers will be using the Dear Leader as its new spokesperson:

"Next to killing dissidents and traitorous sc(um), there's nothing I like more than shedding a few pounds via Weight Watchers."

-Kim Jong Un

DAVID - 53 minutes ago
Unfortunately, Hiroshima is a fine example of how nuclear war ain't so bad. Except for the memorials, it's like a nuke never even happened today!
And so it is easy for a simple mind like Trump's to extrapolate that to Seoul and he has already hinted at that by reminding them how they arose from the ashes in the past

MACHRAZOR - 1 hour ago
"Little Fat Rocket Man and his regime are killers, they rule by keeping their people in fear. Trump punched "The Divine Leadership" right in the nuts! This crazy wack-job-killer's life will end badly, like all of these insane leaders lives do!

Longago - 1 hour ago
Mr. Trump is actually assisting Kim John-UN...yes, through Trump's cowardly, childish MENTAL ILLNESS, Trump has surrendered to Kim. No doubt, North Korea's LEADER knows how to play the mentally, emotionally UNFIT TO LEAD AT ANYTHING, ANYWHERE DONALD J. TRUMP. Kim's a bit smarter than the "average" American cares to admit. DONALD J. TRUMP IS A COWARD, TRAITOR AND MENTALLY UNFIT FOR AMERICA.

Charles - 1 hour ago
Kim Jung Un is very similar to Caligula. I suggest they do to him what they did to Caligula. They stabbed Caligula to death while he was returning to his home through secret underground tunnels.
Replies (1)

ProgressiveRon - 2 hours ago
So our fearless leader is basically a ticked off child who enjoys insulting other children. And 35% of adult Americans STILL support this pathological lying, narcissism driven, COMPLETELY unqualified sociopath. And you wonder why America is rapidly failing?

Brian - 2 hours ago
Somebody said "Fat man has no friends"; but apparently that's not true. It seems most libdems, at least those commenting on here, would prefer this evil clown to Trump. That's how anti-American, anti-Western Civilization, anti-Freedom these creeps really are...all just so they can pretend that their chosen way of life is not evil too.

Hugh G. Rection - 2 hours ago
Dear North Korea, it wasn't that President Trump was scared to face the glaring eyes of our troops. It was because he couldn't see their eyes because you people have tiny, slanted eyes that are impossible to see.

Richie - 2 hours ago
God help us all. Here's their ridiculous dictator pretending to drive a tractor. Our ridiculous dictator wanna be prefers to pretend to drive semis. This is starting to make Dr. Strangelove look like Mr Roger's Neighborhood.

HJ - 2 hours ago
“Glaring eyes of our troops.” Dictator countries like this, though North Korea takes the cake, are buffoonishly dramatic. Drama queens nations,every one of them. Their stiff, formal, nerdy language is downright cringey. They’re the uncool kids of the world. So ripe for parody.

Deplorable Dotards - 2 hours ago
Going to war with North Korea would be a tremendous mistake. The death toll of American soldiers would be enormous. This war would not be nuclear, it would be fought conventionally with casualties being high.

Adam - 2 hours ago
Reminds me of the time George Bush Senior went to the DMZ to visit with Dignitaries and a North Korean General shined his boots with the American Flag. After that the Flag was placed in Bullet Proof glass.

James - 3 hours ago
Yahoo, I realize you are a liberal, mouthpiece for the perverted, Godless, Democrats but enough of wasting space on Fat Boy. He screams a lot but is wise enough to know if he does anything his new address will be in hell with his father and grandfather. So find some entertaining, human interest stories to run instead of this loser.

TheCrasher - 3 hours ago
It's funny how North Korea steals an American idea and makes the North Korean people consider that the Kim family were the ones that invented it, according to North Koreans, Kim Jong Un actually loves drinking whiskey and eating big macs while telling his people that he was the one that invented it.

anon - 3 hours ago
Diplomacy is not President Trump's strong suit, that being said, I would like to thank President Trump for not using the words "stupid doo doo head" in his tweet. President Trump remained slightly above the kindergarten level in his insults. We all think Rocket Man is Fat but please don't #$%$ off the man who has the nuclear button.

Shabnam - 3 hours ago
World leaders with nuclear power trash talking... Awesome!!! Fat Rocket man, psycho for sure, what about fat orange man? He couldn't rise above this level of immaturity and show some class? oh nevermind, we had a classy president, but we were not worthy of him. People are deserving of the government they have, that's a sad truth.

Randall - 3 hours ago
"The members of the ruling Kim dynasty -- past and present -- enjoy near god-like status in North Korea" Like in Japan during WWII and China and other Asian countries. Asians need to give up bowing.

James - 3 hours ago
I would love for someone to bring back pistol duels...take aim after 5 paces...Trump is trying to take us back years why not try this for the world leaders...instead of costing thousands of lives why not put your life on the line

Uncle Sam Gone Bad - 3 hours ago
What is up with the Liberal's love affair with Kim Jung-un in this country .. I knew that at heart they were all traitorous filth, but I always thought they were still trying to keep that a secret.

Jeff - 3 hours ago
I am devil's advocate...can we consider the hypocracy that we can have 7000 bombs but no one else can. Can we also consider that north Korea sees having a bomb as the only method to preserve thier sovierenty. Makes some sense considering that we have invaded countries and removed leaders based on wmd lies. Think about it, simple cause and effect.

mark - 3 hours ago
"Not available to be signed until August? You mean during summer break when no one is in school to pass around their yearbooks to be signed? Sounds like a perfect time to release a HS yearbook."


And MAYBE November of the Senior Year is better BEFORE the HS Senior Year memories have happened would be BETTER???

I am John - 3 hours ago
Sounds just like the Muslim governments when the sentence humans to death for offending their evil false prophet. Muhammad. The Son of God forgave the ones who insulted Him, when they nailed Him to the cross.

Lauren - 3 hours ago
None of this even matters. This is nothing but the Elite pushing Satan's "New World Order" which will create chaos, mass destruction, and the #1 goal which is human depopulation. Our 2nd amendment right is next to go. Will the sheep ever wake up?

F - 26 minutes ago
Trump should stand before the UN General Council and blast him: short, fat, paranoid, craven, dishonest, murderous, and above all else - bad hair. And did I mention he's short and fat?

bruce - 27 minutes ago
So fatso is insulted? Awe.

Vir - 29 minutes ago
Insulted, I don't think so he is fat and short. The truth hurts.

Grega - 30 minutes ago
When will Trump deliver the big bad rocket to the Rocket Man bunker?

Chivo - 33 minutes ago
I'm sure the Liberals are criticizing Trump also, and also support Rocket Man.

Riggs - 34 minutes ago
How sad Trumptard has turned the international community into a second grade recess playground name calling spectacle. Brain dead just like his bed wetting followers!
Replies (1)

road - 32 minutes ago
Hahahaha. Your treasonous criminal witch lost the election along with her impeached and convicted husband that was stripped of his law license for repeatedly lying under oath.

DAVID - 36 minutes ago
What is it about you have NO idea where Kim is keeping his half dozen 1- 20 megaton H bombs that you don't get!? You think you need a missile to deliver one? Any old port in a ship will do, no radiation to detect

Brian K - 40 minutes ago
A murdering fat boy with a bad haircut insults a fat dotard with a bad haircut. What's this world coming to?

M - 42 minutes ago
I like how the title rewrite since this morning makes it sound like Kim Dung Wang is being sensible-ish. This morning it said he basically promised to kill Trump for blasphemy.

d - 43 minutes ago
Where is that pic of Dear Leader Trump in the 18 wheeler? Funny how similar this two clowns are

robert - 46 minutes ago
Sounds like the Media is favoring N. Korea! Pathetic!

Hackers gangstalking me - 48 minutes ago
Let's get one thing straight. If it's North Korea slamming Trump for insulting Kim, then it's really Kim slamming Trump for insulting Kim!!

David - 49 minutes ago
Look, they both like to play truck driver, see they aren't so different!

Tuan - 54 minutes ago
I can't wait until the North Korean do to fat boy like the Libyan do to Qaddafi.

Denver Jim - 54 minutes ago
Sorry, I expect more from the president then resulting to “He called me a name so I called him one.”

NotSoCommon - 58 minutes ago
Imagine the rolls of flab under that coat in the hot Korean sun?

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Un and Trump are basically the same person... a little man-child who wants to be a dictator.
Replies (1)

jer - 57 minutes ago
Are you starving and on meth like the North Koreans?

Rgaledo - 1 hour ago
Jeez Yahoo whose friggin side are you on? This article seems to want sympathy for the short-fat fellow

Marco C - 1 hour ago
His hair cut is awful, he is fat and ugly, short and maniac.

WI­LL­IA­M - 1 hour ago
"The worst crime for which he can never be pardoned is that he dared to malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership."
North Korea is becoming a parody of itself.

John - 1 hour ago
Very interesting; ABC, NBC, CBS and the new York Times are marching in lock step with Crazy dictator Kim and North Korea.
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago

poker11 - 1 hour ago
Fat boy needs a war to stay in power. He will lose everything without it.
Replies (1)

pinkflyd7 - 1 hour ago
Actually it's exactly the opposite. A war would end his power.

HooptyJogger - 1 hour ago
Trump and Fatty Kim are both cut from the same cloth. Overgrown petulant children that somehow made it into supreme power. They even look the same behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler.

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
WWIII could be prevented by letting trump and Un play pretend in the same truck for 15min.

ChicagoBob123 - 1 hour ago
Just another day Rocket Man says something and the PRESS prints it. WHY Bother, OH I know, its ANTI TRUMP. Is it really news NK hates America?

GEORGE - 1 hour ago
Even an overweight Korean dictator is 100% right once in a while.

Gary - 1 hour ago
Don't need to "insult" that guy. He IS an insult to humanity!

Honesty is the Best Policy - 1 hour ago
Well Kim just has something in common with the democrats.

99th Percentile - 1 hour ago
They shot at their own guy 40 times, hitting him five times for him defecting across the same border... Obviously NKO is a great place to live.

Who? - 1 hour ago
MSM, lowering that journalism bar yet again?
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
You mean like Fox?

Brian Mac - 1 hour ago
Little Rocket Man and Tyrant T. Rump should both be launched one-way deep into outer space to work out their differences!!

bikerplrol1 - 1 hour ago
Trump is an idiot and speaks for himself. Now N. Korea knows what Americans have to deal with on a daily basis (tantrums and school yard bulling etc etc).

1 - America
1America1 hour ago
Trump and Kim need to stop trying to out-child each other. You two are both fat, stupid, evil, and dangerous. You have more in common than differences. Kiss and make nice nice.

Mila - 1 hour ago
Kim Jong-Un on a tractor??? Donny boy has a similar pic... We are governed by spoiled brats who desperately need adult supervision!!!

The Shadow - 1 hour ago
We need to rein in Trump ... who is far more dangerous than Kim-Jung-un ... or Pile of Dung as I like to call him.

Bill - 1 hour ago
Hopefully the next insult will be several thousand cruise missiles, fat boy.

dianag - 1 hour ago
Trump can visit via phone where the now fat boy just threatened the President.

Jim W - 1 hour ago
Isn't it strange how Rocket Man's comments about Trump exactly parrot those of the Democrats? Collusion in play here?

Catherder - 1 hour ago
This is a rare occasion where Donald is telling the truth! Kim is little and fat.

Pope of Chili town - 1 hour ago
KJU cal call every other leader whatever he can find in his thesaurus, but turn about gets his panties in a knot.

Ozone1030 - 1 hour ago
A near god in North Korea who, if he had been born elsewhere would be a carny.

ImNotDotCalm. - 1 hour ago
Trump has committed blasphemy, but certainly not against Kim Jong-Un. He has blasphemed the US Constitution and all forms of common sense and human decency.

Jim - 1 hour ago
What is up with the media and its use of the word SLAM. It's so infantile, you'd think you were at a wrestling match. Is the level of literary sophistication really so low?

The Rational Libertarian - 1 hour ago
What is it about Dictators and Wanna Be Dictators ad pretending to drive Large Trucks and Construction Equipment? He looks just like Dumb Donnie did playing at driving the Fire Truck.

pinkflyd7 - 2 hours ago
The back and forth insults between these two imbeciles is hilarious.

DH - 2 hours ago
Seriously have we really gotten to the point that our President participates in name calling on Twitter. Awesome leader we have lol

YRUYUR - 2 hours ago
Kim Jong-Un and tRump have much in common, including their like of sitting in big rig trucks pretending to be driving.

Refriedbean - 2 hours ago
Short, fat, ugly psychopath with weird hair. That pretty well sums it up, eh?

AndyR - 2 hours ago
Good! Fat boy needs to be insulted even more!

Bigtruckseriesreview @ Youtube - 2 hours ago
Trump should follow up with MORE INSULTS.

Belittle them.

rich - 2 hours ago
Trump slams almost everybody. It's a schoolyard trick that embarrasses and alienates outsiders, challenging them to go away, stand their ground, or join the pack.

Brian - 2 hours ago
Did Hillary die her hair?

haskell - 2 hours ago
Trump insulting anyone about looks is just to funny.

Gorilla - 2 hours ago
Hilarious. I used to engage in a "war of words" too - when I was 8 years old and a kid wouldn't get off the swing.

Brenda - 2 hours ago
N. Korea has the second must immature, impulsive leader in the world.

Love Ly - 2 hours ago
Kim actually you are scared from the US. You know very well our ships and aircraft carriers are waiting to blast you up. You haven't did anything yet so who is the coward. Maybe you have no balls. Kim don't worry about death penalty you no. is next after Saddam Hussein.

Don't Touch My Junk - 2 hours ago
The media and N. Korea, have no sense of humor.

KojXwb - 2 hours ago
Trump and Kim are a good couple, perfectly matched. Watch, they'll kiss and make up.

Bellevue Local - 2 hours ago
North Korea got one thing 100 percent correct: Trump is a class A coward. Text book one as evident by his glaring insecurity and constant projections. Plus his convenient Viet Nam deferment.

Lightpaws - 2 hours ago
Kim your a joke for a world leader, Why don't you step up for your crimes and pay with the death penalty?

Dilophosaurus - 2 hours ago
They call Trump a coward for not canceling the border visit, yet there's no way Kim would ever consider getting that close to the South.

Wolfson - 2 hours ago
Trumps mouthpiece SARAH wants people to believe that NK is running scared. They are making a death threat to the orangutan FFS.

Steven - 2 hours ago
Insulting fat boy gets you the death penalty. Got it.

Brian Griffin - 2 hours ago
Americans should be concerned about the irrational ill-tempered fat man with the bad hair and I'm not talking about Kim Jung-Un.

Wolfson - 2 hours ago
Trump begged china in vain to do something about NK on his latest asian taxpayer vacation. China isnt going to do a thing as usual and NK will keep defying and keep building nukes.

Tillywinks - 2 hours ago
all the things that trump says are the things that every citizen in NK is thinking but too afraid to say...

GARY - 2 hours ago
Lol, the little fat guy looks as ridiculous behind the wheel there as the big fat guy looks behind the wheel of his golf cart that he bills the taxpayer for every weekend!

charles p - 2 hours ago
I think Kim is having a ball antagonizing trump.

Chris V - 2 hours ago
Trump, you are a true idiot! We know Kim is unstable but you are looking worse.

Linda - 2 hours ago
Really? This lunatic is threatening to blow us up, and you're sensationalizing Trump's insult?! Give me a break! Try reporting REAL news instead of this petty garbage.

Garrett - 2 hours ago
Love how the left wing media is worried about nk's view of the US and our President. What a bunch of morons.

Raphael - 2 hours ago
Imagine Billions of people being incinerated if an Atomic War broke out. He must be stopped now.

ClownPuncher - 2 hours ago
If Trump was a true leader he wouldn't be insulting anyone. A true leader would put a renegade in his place, with class and integrity. A drunk in a bar insults.

Phillip - 2 hours ago
Why is this #$%$ news? Why do we even give this idiot any attention?

Cory - 2 hours ago
I love how yahoo keeps deleting my comments.
Replies (1)

andy - 2 hours ago
It wasn't yahoo deleting your comments. It was the people who do not like your comments.

Mattini - 2 hours ago
Correction: Kim Jong Un, probably the only morbidly obese person in the whole of North Korea, slammed Trump for insulting him. This man is a pit of pure evil and disgust.

Eric - 2 hours ago
Yep, I am sure the North Korean people are behind their psychotic leader.

MiddleAmerican - 2 hours ago
Insulting? He IS fat and short and UGLY too.

TheWord - 2 hours ago
To be fair it is kind of hard to look into the eyes of a starving malnourished person and not tear up just a little. And of course that would have streaked his orange face tan.

Jalen - 2 hours ago
To scared to look at the malnourished wimps staring through binoculars. Whatever!

Rocket - 2 hours ago
With Kim at the wheel, that tractor is the only vehicle strong enough to maintain proper ground clearance.

Kings Bestman - 2 hours ago
Since when has the words "Short and Fat" been classified as insulting?

Michael - 2 hours ago
He saw the hate in their eyes from his helicopter. Called a code red and aborted. He was afraid of their intense stares. Well played N.Korea!

Roger - 2 hours ago
He's always smiling in his photos, liberals say he's a happy guy and we should trust him.
Replies (1)

Robert - 2 hours ago
You're confused... that's what Trump said about Putin

SURFING KOOK - 2 hours ago
Rocket Man is young...the U.S. will be dealing w/ him for the next 50 years if someone within his country doesn't assassinate him first.

va - 2 hours ago
So someone wrote an "editorial" in their newspaper slamming President Trump? 50 bucks says the Huff Post has something to do with this?

DavidG - 2 hours ago
America is winning, so liberals are distraught.
Replies (1)

Craig - 2 hours ago
Yeah, sure we are!

OC Reviewer - 2 hours ago
N Korea got a little too comfortable with Obama kissing up to him and appeasing him with millions of US taxpayer funded dollars.

Julie - 2 hours ago
Fact is our troops abhorred NOBAMA. They admire our president
Replies (1)

Sherman - 2 hours ago
And who are you Julie to say something soo Stupid.

Barry B - 2 hours ago
So, the little fat guy is sensitive? Poor tiny fat guy!
Replies (1)

Wazoo - 2 hours ago
Too bad the dump is 100 times more sensitive

DontGiveASht - 2 hours ago
I see "your" idiot has landed, back to the stupidity!

JustCurious - 2 hours ago
So Trump thought the Democrats and Hillary were his worst enemy. Wrong.

Kevin - 2 hours ago
Can we get these two some big rigs or farm equipment to play with while the rest of us go about living our lives?

e - 2 hours ago
China is the one supporting dear leader
Where do you think they get their technology to develop missiles and nuclear weapons?

Riley E. Coyote - 2 hours ago
President of the United States resorting to name calling.

Jim - 2 hours ago
Americans need to rein in the Dotard before things get really nasty.

Texan - 2 hours ago
This guy just wants attention. Remember Clinton flying in to rescue the two women they held captive? He just wants to seem like he is relevant.

David - 2 hours ago
I have no doubt that Trump chickened out re: visiting the DMZ.

Mark Novotny - 3 hours ago
The soldier, who recently fled from North Korea, Why was his family publicly executed?

hi - 3 hours ago
This is beyond comical. Both are small men in SO many ways.

Davie - 3 hours ago
Kim Jin ung sitting in the first tractor the country has ever seen. Now instead of using it to help grow food for the people they will use it to pull ballistic missiles.

Yeah I Said That - 3 hours ago
Is it possible to get the idiot in the White House to stop egging on the idiot in North Korea? No? Get them alone in a room together for an insult contest. Lock the door and walk away.
Replies (1)

consumer 4100 - 2 hours ago

SpankysPizza - 3 hours ago
And Trump's people said they'll settle it on the playground at lunch. Really? This is news?!?

Fred - 3 hours ago
I can hardly stop laughing long enough to even make a comment. The US is not worried about hurting the feelings of the Supremely Short & Fat Leader of North Korea!

BigBill - 3 hours ago
It isn't just Trump but the whole world insulting rocket boy.

Bugtussle - 3 hours ago
TRUMP will probably start a war as it becomes clear he's going to be removed by Congress. I believe his ego is infinitely more important to him than the nation . . sadly.

Deborah - 3 hours ago
Trump insults EVERBODY; why would it be different ANY WHERE ELSE?

Michele - 3 hours ago
Sadly Trump and the North Korean leader have the same egos and maturity.

Rooster - 3 hours ago
He probably forced his people to "Slam" Trump under threat of being shot...

CazSki - 3 hours ago
In that tractor it looks like lil Rocket Man has put on a few more pounds. What he eats daily (by the looks of him) could probably feed 10 of his starving citizens. That country
needs to be turned into a mountain of glass.

wayne - 3 hours ago
NK people have no opinion.

Buzz LiteBeer - 3 hours ago
Nice to know that the American MSM supports Kim and worries about his feelings. Why is the Media's natural instinct to always love the dictator and the totalitarian? (Except Putin).

goplyingdixiecrats - 3 hours ago
When you really need and want a plane crash in the sea. Air force one had to make it back . fire the maintenance crew.

Doug - 3 hours ago
Yes, and I'm sure the soldier who just took 5 bullets to get away from North Korea would agree with everything the enlightened one is saying.

Jim - 3 hours ago
I thought Trump said he would be honored to meet him. You just can't compliment some people. Or was it the "rocket boy" epithet that rankled? Some people are so sensitive.

patriot - 3 hours ago
People are getting played by Trump. He is the ultimate Troll. I honestly think he enjoys getting people riled up. The left and N. Korea are playing into everything he says by getting outraged at every tweet.

ThomasScottPhotography - 3 hours ago
This media outlet makes Fat Boy sound like he's a liberal or something.

Kody - 3 hours ago
Lol, I can only imagine that jokes people in other countries make about the two fat "leaders" fighting and insulting each other.

Edna Stephens - 3 hours ago
I hear the faint distant calling of Kim Dung Un's brother coaxing him to the other side so he can ride the real rocket of life.

AssG - 3 hours ago
"N. Korea slams president Trump" just like ... the DFL-Communist-Islamic party and their FAKE-stream "news". This is very telling it?

Larry - 3 hours ago
And I'm suppose to care what N Korea thinks about anything. Get a life yahoo and post stuff thats worth reading.

Morgan - 3 hours ago
This is hilarious. This guy and Trump could be twins. Both narcissistic, liars and insecure blowhards and they both love to sit in large vehicles and swing on the steering wheel.

The Riddler - 3 hours ago
If the fat tyrant is insulted then why doesn't he personally come to America to punish Trump instead of having his propaganda people print junk on line.

Tombo - 3 hours ago
Is he driving a tractor? He looks like Oliver Wendall Douglas on ''Green Acres''!

Ernest - 3 hours ago
This North Korean clown better invest in a cemetery lot because its coming.

michele - 3 hours ago
deserve the death penalty for not meeting with fat boy? I think we should send him to weight watchers

A - 3 hours ago
Only the liberal media and democrats care about what Kim thinks about Trump?? I wonder why?

TANGO 4 - 3 hours ago
Sophomoric insults show just how ignorant Trump supporters are. You knuckleheads would have never had referred to Un with these words if it hadn't been for our ignorant president.
ImageabritandayankBy abritandayank on

Korean - 3 hours ago
I dedicate a song to Kim Jung Un. Song by Culture Club: Do you really want to hurt me.

bnsgqdf - 3 hours ago
NK may be dangerous, but they also are comedians even though they don't mean to be.
Replies (1)

Kenneth - 3 hours ago
same with chump.

NYer - 3 hours ago
Since it became SO personal I suggest they go to OK CORRAL and solve it with a duel between themselves and leave the rest of US and the Planet alone.

Media Matters For America - 3 hours ago
I like the smell of convenience stores early in the morning.

Media Matters For America - 3 hours ago
So Kim is currently 33, and that fat? Wait til he gets to be Trump's age. At least Trump somewhat has an excuse - he's 71!

Joe Sixpack - 3 hours ago
Aw. The megalomaniac man children are fighting.

PopControl - 3 hours ago
Trump was probably afraid and whatever he uses to hold down that hair shingle for men would have melted right off of the scalp!

demodude - 3 hours ago
Jeez is Kim insecure! Willing to kill innocent life for a bruised ego.

ToucanRastaman - 3 hours ago
On the positive side Kim get what he wants, propaganda, but if he wants to insult trump he is in a very long line. For Trump he gets to act like an idiot and look near sane next to the guy he is insulting.

John Doh! - 3 hours ago
Neither wind bag has the stones to do anything other than bloviate. Nothing is going to happen.

Robert - 3 hours ago
The U.S. needs to rein in the Orange Blob before things get really nasty...

Michael - 3 hours ago
Just leave him be. As fat as he is with all he eats with zero exercise Kim Jong-Un should be dead fairly soon. I could probably kill him myself if I invited him over for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Jay - 3 hours ago
Figures Trump would be afraid to visit the border. Typical right wing chicken hawk.
Replies (1)

dave - 3 hours ago
His bone spurs acting up again.

Skip T - 3 hours ago
Death penalty seems a little harsh but I would settle for impeachment.

Jennifer Pratt - 3 hours ago
I don't care democrat or republican that tweet was very funny. If Obama would have said it it would have made national news as best tweet ever. You liberals and your hypocrisies. Lol

W - 3 hours ago
There is no doubt that trump is a coward ... he PROVED that with his "bone-spurs" long, long ago. Just getting near the DMZ and he probably dirtied his pants. but sending someone else into danger or a war zone? No problem.

Chris - 3 hours ago
Evidently he needed to find a vehicle capable of bearing a heavier weight load...

Saywutt - 3 hours ago
Rocket man been very quietly lately what happened to laucnhing ICBM every 15 days? Fatty getting scared?

cheryl tobin - 3 hours ago
Donald and Kim both love to be pictured pretending they are actually driving a big truck. They have a lot in common.

L. G - 3 hours ago
Isn't it about time the Chunk fires another test rocket from his toy arsenal...

Scott T - 3 hours ago
Trump conducts himself like a nine-year old on the playground while encouraging others to do the same.

daveapete - 3 hours ago
Trump escalated. Kim has to respond. Trump escalates again and .now we are waiting to attack. 50% chance of war by spring an expert put it after the last trump blast last week.
Replies (4)

daveapete - 3 hours ago
there is a major chance that if an attack was directed at Kim himself, the response would be nuclear instead. even if he died , North Korea would likely retaliate. It would not likely last, but it would be with those chemical and biological weapons. I wonder how we would be able to stop the plague from spreading???

daveapete - 3 hours ago
China has no control over him. they can just attempt to. Now that it is this far along, they are not even trusted by them.

daveapete - 3 hours ago
If they do not use nukes, they will likely still use their chemical, biological and computer virus capability. the latter could cause major deaths here. Unlike other nations, they live off the grid. That way , we can't hurt them back in nthat cyber warfare, feared most by us,

Ralph - 3 hours ago
I doubt it . Watch and see nothing like that will happen over NK .

Hoops McCann - 3 hours ago
Strange that the media supports Kim Jong-Un. He must be their hero.

Lloyd - 3 hours ago
Can we just deport dotard and the deplorables to North Korea, and let Kim sort it out with these losers?
Replies (1)

Michael - 3 hours ago
idiot alert!

King Con Trump - 3 hours ago
Trump slams N. Korea for insulting Trump. Both countries have a disgraceful leader.

Thorton Melon - 3 hours ago
Jong-Un looks so happy in the tractor, like a kid riding one of those rocking fire engines outside of the grocery store for a quarter.

Tiny - 3 hours ago
Who cares? They insulted President Trump many, many times.

Brandon - 3 hours ago
I would pay handsomely to see a play or a movie depicting Kim, Putin, and Trump as the three stooges.

rf1586 - 3 hours ago
Not a real flattering photo of fat boy.

William - 3 hours ago
Well, they're certainly right about Trump being a coward.

chris - 3 hours ago
1,000,000,000 reward for Kims head and all of his top generals.

Tommy - 3 hours ago
Ambassadors need to force the fat, short Rocket Man and the old dotard to hug it out and say sorry.

Stephen - 3 hours ago
Did you know North Korean is one of three Central Banks remaining and the Zionist want to complete the set! Using American Lives as weapons. Like Syria, Lybia ...

Paul - 3 hours ago
The entire world sees Kim Jong-Un for what he really is... just a loud-mouthed, sad and delusional fat boy...

ConcernedChristian - 3 hours ago
Are these two idiots going to just keep going back and forth, or are we going to get this sht started?

Gary Gaunnac - 3 hours ago
Looks like the Pillsbury dough boy.

John Smith - 3 hours ago
North Korea's state media is almost as bad as CNN.

James Bond - 3 hours ago
The only way this ends well is if China quietly eliminates this guy and installs a new government with ALL new players.

heather - 3 hours ago
Who cares what he has to say, he is a tyrannical, murderous dictator that has been threatening to annihilate us for years.

Benlugosch - 3 hours ago
According to Jong-Un, falling asleep during one of his speeches is a capital offense.

Robert - 3 hours ago
Trump didn’t visit the DMZ out of stark fear that he might get shot at. Period. He’s shown his cowardice many times over the years.

Gadsen - 3 hours ago
Does anyone, besides the left that is, really care about this fat little twerp and what anyone says about him.

Wayne - 3 hours ago
I'm not sure which fat lunatic with bad hair is worse for America. I'd say Dotard is doing us more damage.
Replies (2)

WhoCares - 3 hours ago
Wayne is Kim's fluffer for when he molest little girls.

matt - 3 hours ago
What other words have you learned from Kim?

Mac - 3 hours ago
Kim looks about as out of place & ridiculous sitting his #$%$ on that piece of farm machinery as Trump looked sitting in the cab of the eighteen wheeler.

Maybe - 3 hours ago
Get in line, North Korea. Nobody slams the incompetent, fat, orange oaf of a tiny - handed child until we're finished slamming the incompetent, fat, orange oaf of a tiny - handed child ourselves.

Mike - 3 hours ago
If Trump and Jong-Un traded jobs, would anyone be able to tell a difference in leadership?
Replies (1)

John - 3 hours ago
Yep, idiots like you would have your head cut off!

Brian - 3 hours ago
Besides Hitler, for some of our elderly, have we had a more insult-worthy world leader in our lifetimes? On top of that, it was probably not an insult; but, rather, simply taken that way.

mike - 39 minutes ago
"Neo #$%$ and White Supremacists" in a "POSITION OF EXTREME POWER" are "aggressively and violently attacking me" including stabbings/beatings/assaults/mayhem battery/fireworks thrown at me/death threats/gang stalking/etc. I am Jewish and a protester. These dangerous and violent criminals are trying to kill me. Remember Auschwitz. Please help, thank you. I received a post tag threat reply from the name "SANFORD" saying that they are going to get me.

Peter - 44 minutes ago
Fat Boy is correct when he calls Trump a coward. His 5 draft deferments is evidence of that. However I do not see Fat Boy issuing any dueling options. Both of these clowns are afraid to meet the other on the field of battle. But neither of them has any honor. They will order other men to die in a useless war

Paul - 50 minutes ago
Not a Trump fan at all. His mental illness has advance since he has been as so called politician. The failed business man is a very sick man. All that being said, Kimmie is very fat and short. The north korea people must be blind or just stupid to follow this juvenile

Lori - 1 hour ago
Of course the people of North Korea are gonna defend Kim Jong Un because they are afraid of execution. I hope Donald Trump defeats Kim Jong Un & peace can be restored. The libtards will mourn KJU while the real Americans will re-elect Donald Trump for a 2nd term in 2020.

clare - 1 hour ago
I don't hesitate to say the NK regime and it's leader are among the worst governments in the world,but I don't know why it is a "rogue country"?Is it because it won't do as it is told?Is it because it wants to survive?What exactly?

Michael - 2 hours ago
If Kim Jong-Un really believes in giving cowards the death penalty, he should take a loaded gun, put it in his own mouth, and pull the trigger. If he is not a coward himself, he would be willing to allow free elections by his people, and see how much they really like being under his thumb.

Concerned__Citizen - 2 hours ago
The bomb dropped on Hiroshima from the Enola Gay was known as "Little Boy". The bomb dropped on Nagasaki three days later was significantly larger and was known as "Fat Boy". Can you guess the name of the bomb to be dropped on N. Korea? Maybe it should be called Big Fat Boy.
Replies (2)

Let Them Eat Koch - 2 hours ago
So in other words drop trump out of a bomber plane into N. Korea!

ProudAHole - 2 hours ago
Or little fat boy.

Wolfson - 2 hours ago
You 'china needs to do something about NK' posters are dumb. China does not want an unified korea with american bases next to its border nor does china want to cut off one of its trade partners. NK's existence is a strategic and trade benefit to china. China will do nothing about them.

JD - 2 hours ago
How good is Washington's BS. They have the people of this country believing they only have two choices for picking their leaders. I know you can use the write in box and pick the candidate of your choice! How will America stick together and prove it is actually united?

One Ed 34 - 2 hours ago
Is that a tractor he is riding in to plant the crops for next year that will never grow? I think its a front end loader to lift his fat a&& onto whatever podium he delivers his next speech. The reason his troops has "glaring eyes" is from a vitamin deficiency from a poor diet.

Ron - 2 hours ago
"Sentenced to death for insulting the "dignity" of our great leader".. Whaa? You just called Trump "an old lunatic"' (among other things) and now your feelings are hurt? Kimmy needs a time out a good spanking. Sick of the arrogant hypocrisy and threatening our Prez w/ death sounds like war to me

Stud Muffin - 2 hours ago
"N. Korea slams Trump"
OOO "good one" N. Korea.. Really good burn.. Now what is the president of the United States of America going to do..? Bet he doesn't even have a good come-back to that... The president would be justified to putting grease on the door handles of all of N. Korea. If I were him I'd put Skunk scent in Kimmy's locker..

Black Napkins - 2 hours ago
Listen Tubby....if you are insulted that President Trump called you fat and short you can do 2 things. Go on a diet and and wear shoes with taller heels. I know it is tough to come to gripes that you are a sawed off runt with a Twinkies habit but that is reality babe!
Replies (1)

Craig - 2 hours ago
Yeah, but what will Trump do about being OLD!

recklessbliss - 2 hours ago
Since the whole planet seems to easily walk into the USA without visas, I am sure if we attack him he has cells here and it could get ugly. THere is no way to stop terrorism, so leave fatboy alone as long as he does not make the first move.

Kevin - 3 hours ago
Is it treason to be an editor for NK??? Do they not have anyone there that can speak/write English?? Everything you ever read from there basically sounds like a 3rd grader wrote it. I would gladly take their drafts and edit them so that they sound better....for the reasonable fee of say, $2-million a year?

rick jones - 3 hours ago
What China and Russia should know is that if any of NK's weapons hit the United States, it will be the end of the world. The US will launch their entire payloads from the west coast and east. Nobody will win, everybody will die, even the rich hiding deep in the ground.

AS - 3 hours ago
Have to wonder if the morons cheering Trump on realize that this is not a reality show and that someone will actually have to fight this war. And it ain't gonna be Trump, his family, their families or even anyone he remotely knows. But a lot of rural Trump voters and children of Trump voters will surely be involved. Perhaps the clown show not so funny then huh?
Replies (2)

Elaine - 3 hours ago
The Trump supporters were actually thinking of sending the democrats in to fight this one. The left has demonstrated SUCH hatred for Trump they seem a perfect fit for the front lines of a war.

Ralph - 3 hours ago
Won’t happen , only in your dreams .

Lloyd - 3 hours ago
Kim is not only more of a man than dotard is, he is also more patriotic than dotard. The illegals obviously love this country, more than dotard and the deplorables! Wouldn`t it be nice, if we deport dotard and the deplorables to North Korea, and let Kim discipline them the best way he sees fit. The deplorables are so ignorant, even dotard DUMB has something on them.

Presidente Loco - 3 hours ago
trump would be so much more effective if he simply kept his mouth shut. He should have John Kelly give him a sign when it is OK for him to nod or wave. trump's big mouth serves no positive purpose. True leaders know there is a time to say nothing. It is a lesson trump will never understand. True leadership is far outside his ability and understanding.

CitizenA - 3 hours ago
So different now, remember all the incredible insults against Obama? even videos, he never answered, now with a new sheriff in town, he just said that he's old and he got an answer right away. I think that's the only way to deal with this North Korean nut, everything else has failed for many years...

Roquanda - 56 minutes ago
#fakenews anyone who says ANYTHING against the potus is praised, and he is said to have been "slammed"....even communist enemies of America who viciously abuse their citizens. In other words, this is simply MORE proof of communists inside the gates attacking the very nature of America, while praising communists. Enemies inside the gates.

justme - 3 hours ago
short, fat little rocket man had his dignity hurt?
while he threatens the life of ev1 with nuclear weapons and missles we are to worry about his 'dignity'

chuckles, snorts and guffaws

Not me - 3 hours ago
What, he's not "short and fat"? Maybe "round boy" is a more PC description.

As for the "glaring eyes of our troops", apparently those eyes weren't intimidating enough to dissuade a NK soldier from crossing right in front of them.

precision_alarms - 3 hours ago
saying the US president deserved the death penalty THAT IS THIS FOOLS ANSWER TO EVERYTHING. . . If you don't understand it .. KILL IT !

DAVID - 45 minutes ago
Sorry 2 million kids who bleed to death after a retaliatory H Bomb blast in Seoul--try to look at the "Big Picture"- we will appreciate your sacrifice, honest!

DAVID - 58 minutes ago
In reality who gives a damn about a bunch of rip off S Koreans right says Trump? Small price to pay to Make America Safe again. Hey they rebuilt before right? And look at Hiorsdhima today, better than ever!

S - omedunce Kid
Somedunce Kid2 hours ago
Earlier an article said "Trump`s BLASPHEMY - against Kim & N.Korea. (Now I can`t find that word, only ''insult''.) Correctly interpreted you can only "blaspheme" against God. So does the ''round boy'' and his crew take him to be a god?..As Japanese were taking their emperor to be, for centuries?..

SMc - 2 hours ago
"The worst crime for which he can never be pardoned is that he dared [to] malignantly hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership," the editorial said. Sounds like the leftists. :)))

Think4Self - 3 hours ago
North Koreans are as brainwashed and delusional as enslaved mohammedians. They worship their supreme leader to death. And those that don't are either killed or sent to prison camps to starve.

Rick - 3 hours ago
president Trump will not bow to any dictator like your previous king ovomit did, while making America a mockery. now it's time to get our reputation back. only took eight years of socialism to destroy it .

Poker - 3 hours ago
Who even cares what the fat rocket boy has to say. With Obumbles gone, his rhetoric is being called what is is, the tantrums of a dictator who is now isolated and chooses to kill his people over weapons.

Eats Thumbs - 3 hours ago
North Korean leaders have a lot in common with American politicians. They NEVER want outsiders coming in and fixing their problems. If outsiders came in and fixed their problems, why would NK need its political leaders?????

Ursula - 3 hours ago
Ooops, that throws ice water on Trump's dream, being "friends" with the NOKO Leader. DEATH Penalty, if he dares to enter North Korea?? :-)) So much for the "art of the deal making". :-))

bruce - 34 minutes ago
Aye,your a short little fat dictator is ya? Get in my belly!
ImageallreactionsBy allreactions on

road - 54 minutes ago
Hahahaha. He looks like he's gonna explode before anything else does.

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Next up... Un sharing his love of taco bowls and McDonalds

Douglas M - 1 hour ago
The interesting thing is -- Nk and Kim Jong-un are not the first group of people who've placed the mantle of "coward" upon Trump's shoulders.

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Insults to trump and Un are interchangeable.

Let Them Eat Koch - 2 hours ago
trump and Un should bond over their love of pretending to drive big trucks!

doug - 2 hours ago
Death penalty?these dudes are harsh.

Let Them Eat Koch - 2 hours ago
The only difference between trump and Un is the language they speak.

Let Them Eat Koch - 2 hours ago
Trump and Un are essentially the same man-child.

Terry - 2 hours ago
america used propaganda--ala--eddie bernays style --to manipulate its tax and debt slaves enslaved by crapitalism. go no health care!

Tillywinks - 2 hours ago
'leader'? That word is tossed around like a brothel employee these days...

Tillywinks - 2 hours ago
if you are insult-able, then plan on being insulted.

Wolfson - 2 hours ago
i believe don the con would die of a brain explosion one of these days while making angry tweets. nobody needs to do a thing.

Wolfson - 2 hours ago
trumps asian trip was a failure, NK hasnt changed their ways.

Michael - 2 hours ago
Compared to Trump & Kim, I see more intelligent political discourse from my children "discussing" who gets to eat the last cookie.

Larry - 2 hours ago
Rocket Man looks a lot like Michael Dukakis riding in a tank.

Wolfson - 2 hours ago
Trump supporters where is your tough boy who would scare america's enemies? they are making a death threat to the orange clown . meh.

Michael - 2 hours ago
Lol n.Korea is watching you trump, their little beady eyes are going to burn into your dotard mind! Rrrraharahrah!

Stinky - 2 hours ago
Am I the only one that doesn't care about the internets?

Shad - 2 hours ago
Notice how the Kim Jung #$%$ articles have decreased since Trump parked a couple of Aircraft Carriers on his front

John - 2 hours ago
"Rocket Man" taking his lead from Democrats and Media!

Trigger Warning - 3 hours ago
Bwhahahahahahahahaha.... Who cares? The Kim dynasty in North Korea is about to end abruptly along with that political entity known as the DPRK.

E Dogg - 3 hours ago
Trump needs to stop the tweeting. He sounds like a pre-teen girl gossiping.

J - .V. President
J.V. President3 hours ago
Liber-tard (Democrat) News Hacks would stand tall for Hitler.

William - 3 hours ago
ANYONE that doesn't worship the fatkim properly, dies. It's a family tradition.

Pete Skizem - 3 hours ago
Driving a tractor? What's next, shirtless and carrying a rifle?

John 431 - 3 hours ago
Kim makes the Pillsbury Doughboy look like Twiggy.

Flip - 3 hours ago
both leaders are the biggest IDIOTS on earth.
Replies (1)

Bluesrunner73 - 3 hours ago
Un is NOT a leader.

Alberto - 3 hours ago
there is a lot of white men especially in the comment sections who wish they could slam trump too. but in the rear
Replies (1)

Ralph - 3 hours ago
I didn’t think you were a Puto Alberto ? You proved me wrong !

Mike - 3 hours ago
they are right about one thing, Trump was definately too scared to goto the DMZ, it wasn't the weather.

Iceman9 - 3 hours ago
Kimmy is getting even fatter while his citizens are starving to death.

Michael - 3 hours ago
Looks like Hillarys brother with her pants-suite on! go losers.

Jay - 3 hours ago
You can actually “hear” Kim getting fatter.

Louis - 3 hours ago
What can I say.....two fat privileged rich little boys riding the coattails of their fathers willing to destroy the world via nuclear war.

Diane - 22 minutes ago
neverthelessPresident of the US should hold himself to a higher standard of behavior-he demeans himself and our country

AlMazin - 23 minutes ago
Yeah Kim Jong-Un said OLD but he forgot FAT & SENILE

Ed - 24 minutes ago

Robert - 24 minutes ago
Little Rocket Man looks like such a moron riding that truck or bulldozer

Steve - 25 minutes ago
Would you expect north Korea to give him a hug and send roses.

BBshot - 26 minutes ago
trump is NOT a coward, it's just that his bone spurs were acting up again!

Skip - 27 minutes ago

Kenneth - 28 minutes ago
So i guess now the left will love him since he agrees with them.

Sententia - 29 minutes ago
He looks short and fat. If you are short and fat...then you must be short and fat, not tall and skinny.

Bird is the Word - 30 minutes ago
Trump is fatter, uglier, dumber than most. Worse hair too. Now he's tweeting about the wrong mass shootings here in the US. What a guy.

bruce - 30 minutes ago

Whining Woman - 31 minutes ago
Kim June Tur@ must weight around 400lbs. He may explode.

Stan - 32 minutes ago
Could have gone to South Korea, but had a bone spur flairup.

BigBear - 36 minutes ago
How can anyone insult Kim Jong-Un ?
We have had pets that were smarter !

Only an Independent - 36 minutes ago
Trump insults himself.

David M - 37 minutes ago
MSM sure get a kick from the daily insults both use eh. Jr. Hi & Hi-School kids must love it eh.

Thebo - 38 minutes ago
Why didn't he make "People" magazine "Sexiest Man of the Year"?

wise - 39 minutes ago
Not hard to insult given what he promotes.

Sluggo - 40 minutes ago
He is a portly little fella

itsmeinyukonok - 41 minutes ago
He IS short and fat, that's just telling the truth..

Voice of Reason - 41 minutes ago
I'd say they're both the supreme leaders of slime...

ChrisH - 41 minutes ago
time for Fat Man to be impeached

DAVID - 42 minutes ago
Jerry Jerry Jerry! Nuke em all!!!
And that kids is how the world ended

carsix - 43 minutes ago
What is it about these little men, Jong-Un and Trump and their Big toys??

Honky - 49 minutes ago
Trump is a COWARd, there is no doubt of that.

DAVID - 50 minutes ago
Trump can simply order Mad Dog Mattis to nuke Fat Boy at 3AM after an insult, and he has to do it, right? --and his Base says YAY! he does!

W. S. - 55 minutes ago
How cares about this idiot time to die fat boy lol

Craig - 58 minutes ago
Hey NK, we’ll hand Trump over for execution in return for your nukes. He’s a traitor anyhow. Two birds with one stone. You can even broadcast it on tv...ratings will be through the roof! Bigly!

bz92 - 59 minutes ago
It looks like Kim is wearing a muumuu in that picture.

DAVID - 1 hour ago
You'll need a gun afterwards to protect yourself from the survivalists who are gonna want to rule you with force in a lawless world in the guise of restoring order

WI­LL­IA­M - 1 hour ago
"You're a short fat fatty!"

You're an old fat fatty!"

steves - 1 hour ago

Zebra - 1 hour ago
So they need a tractor to haul him around in ???

Festus - 1 hour ago
Sounds pretty fragile if he gets hostile being called short and fat. Toughen up fat boy.

Donald - 1 hour ago
Should have put the picture of trumpet in his 18 wheeler pose.

Jeff S - 1 hour ago
All door ways in north korea will be widened to 2 meters to allow for easy entry buy the supreme leader!

cdsiren - 1 hour ago

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
I wonder if Un wants to date his daughter like trump does.
Replies (2)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago

Russian Bot - 1 hour ago
At least these men like females.

RICO Trump - 1 hour ago
Maybe the rotund little terd hasn't looked in the mirror lately.

pinkflyd7 - 1 hour ago
They're both obese. They should just have a sumo match and end this.

DAVID - 1 hour ago
Two fat guys bumping bellies

MARY - 1 hour ago
Trump needs to keep his mouth shut always a bully where ever he goes what a mad president he wonts to start a war to get the heat off himself

littleroundtop - 1 hour ago
Would LOVE to see these two in a room hurling insults at each other. Beats Super Bowl.

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
2017... The start of the blubber war!

Truth Teller - 1 hour ago
Trump is old, Kim is short and fat, why can’t these two accept facts?
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Trump didn't complain that Un called him insane... I wonder why... LOL!

Sharkeisha - 1 hour ago
I thought being fat was something to be proud of these days?

robert - 1 hour ago
That boy needs to be put out of his misery

joseph - 1 hour ago
Just once Trump let it go and be a real man with bone spurs, coward & draft dodger.
Replies (2)

joseph - 1 hour ago
@Bill You're certainly no war hero d-head go sweep out the 8x10 trailer house and vacuum the lazy boy with built-in spittoon.

Bill - 1 hour ago
Hey Joey, what branch of the military did Bill, Hillary and Barack serve in? I can't quite Loser #$%$

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Now we just need trump to pose over a vat of lube like Un did.

Mr independent - 1 hour ago
Our dear fat leader vs their dear fat leader. They both have funny hair.

The Shadow - 1 hour ago
Well, I would say that N. Korea's short and fat leader sure has made a fool of Trump. Yes, Donald, we could level thier playing field ... would only cost from 5 to more than 10 million lives. But hey - come on - the Donald knows best. Right?

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Putting trump and Un in a big rig to play pretend for 15min could prevent WWIII

joseph - 1 hour ago
Likie 2 little kids in a play ground except nukes are in the mix.

Kathi - 1 hour ago
Jong-Un is fat. Trump is fat. Jong-Un is young. Trump IS old. If you want to run the country at 71, be prepared for the bitter truth. They are BOTH stupid.

ron - 1 hour ago
He's still smarter and better looking than Trump!

Michael - 1 hour ago
Trump is a coward. He runs his stupid mouth incessantly about N. Korea but doesn't have the balls to go to the DMZ.

Lyle - 2 hours ago
What a goof.

Froggy's Magic Twanger - 2 hours ago
Two fools don't make a genius

Mylo - 2 hours ago
Chubby man is more funny than ever!

MCJ149 - 2 hours ago
How can the truth be an insult? Kimchi IS "short and fat"!

DM - 2 hours ago
Is it just me or does he look like a stuffed turkey with glasses in this pic?

G - 2 hours ago
More like short fat and gay
ImagetruelovegayloveBy truelovegaylove on

Katherine - 2 hours ago
Those two would make a cute couple. They're one and the same.

Lacarpatron - 2 hours ago
N. Korea needs to worry more about how badly they ticked off Japan. Both Japan and S. Korea want to take out Kim now. Not good when those are your closest neighbors.

Let Them Eat Koch - 2 hours ago
If only trump's mother and Un's mother were able to punish their children for acting like babies, the world would be a much better place!

ProudAHole - 2 hours ago
They are afraid NOT to say that

J - 2 hours ago
At least short fat boy doesn't have nukes. Slick Willy promised us that.

steve - 2 hours ago
Two crazy men with nukes, what could go wrong!

Tony - 2 hours ago
He is short and fat.

Dave - 2 hours ago
Here's a thought: Can you say "Mr." Kim that your country is NOT dictatorial? You know what that means right?

John - 2 hours ago
Trump didn't want to visit the DMZ in fear of a NK sniper, couldn't miss that orange orangutan

James - 2 hours ago
This whole name calling thing is so absurd and childish that it has become funny.

Thurston Howell III - 2 hours ago
The last time I saw a face like fatsos it had a hook in it.

James - 2 hours ago
What cup size do you think he is?

gettingitreal - 2 hours ago
well the way chump berates half of Americans and American Institutions, it's all probably true, chump is no different that Kim

Tom - 2 hours ago
Trump is a scared coward. Hooray for Kim.

Cindy - 2 hours ago
I am afraid our "fearful" leader is going to lead us straight into WW III

King Con Trump - 2 hours ago
But, but, Trump said he can fix all the problems all over the world all by himself because he has a good brain.

ConstitutionDefendr - 2 hours ago
Not sure why Solid Snake hasn't put one in the back of Un's head by now.

tc - 2 hours ago
Rocket man doesn't fit well in the tractor.

andy - 2 hours ago
Dotard is a poohsee just like Kim said. He takes no action against NK like he promised he would once NK test missiles. Yes, Trump is a coward.

Barry - 2 hours ago
Still waiting for North Korea to provoke the US into wiping them off the map.

kennyr - 2 hours ago
Trump should do something about this disgusting fat thing, nuc him

Jungle Red - 2 hours ago
Trump needs to act like an adult and not a pissy child in the school yard

DD - 2 hours ago
Rapist man vs Rocket man

james - 2 hours ago
China loves this.

james - 2 hours ago
Wasn't dump supposed to come out with a big deal with Korea this week. Lying trump again.

Michael - 2 hours ago
Kim Jong un shows the world their new nuclear sub. To this terror of millions and billions.

gcw - 2 hours ago
Kim called him a "Dotard", and that hurt! So, who can blame him for not going to the DMZ?

Roy - 2 hours ago
Who cares!

Tony - 2 hours ago
I'm just trying to figure out which one's worse, Kim or Trump?

The Truth - 2 hours ago
Forget about fat, he can always loose the weight but whats he gonna do about that face?

PETED - 2 hours ago
The wheels on the bus go round and round!!!

Patty - 2 hours ago
maybe he will drop dead of a massive heart attack sometime soon

Justa' Seed - 2 hours ago
It's why Kim's wife no longer gets aroused when she See's him...

Meekwoyd - 2 hours ago
When talking about tRump and Kim and you say 'fat boy' — which one are you talking about??

C - 2 hours ago
Hey at least he's not riding in/on a John Deere!

Laurie - 2 hours ago
it gives you all the more reason to bomb Korea

pat - 2 hours ago
I love it a lot of you want bees should have ran for president, you are so smart NOT
Replies (1)

Robert - 2 hours ago
want bees?

HILLARYLOST - 2 hours ago
I love Trump

Billy the bad - 2 hours ago
They don’t like Trump or us? I’m crushed! Angry? I’m heartbroken!

Justa' Seed - 2 hours ago
Fat boy had his chance to do something big to back up his big mouth, but he wimped down when Trump was in town

woman - 2 hours ago
So sorry for North Korean people who are shot trying to leave. keep feeding your dear leader, soon you will see happy results.

Jerry - 2 hours ago
Looks like trump driving a semi

PF - 2 hours ago
Thanks yahoo, for making me respell words.

Laplace - 2 hours ago
North Korea proclaims itself as a COMMUNIST STATE!
Yet, Kim Jong-Un is worshipped like God!

Natasha - 2 hours ago
Ha, he even looks like Trump. They like driving the big boy trucks. Beep beep!

David - 2 hours ago
Uh oh, better watch out fat boy. Our president is a MASTER of insults! MAGA!
Replies (1)

Craig - 2 hours ago
Wow, are you impressed by that little Davey?

Jeri Hayden - 2 hours ago
The truth must hurt the chubby boy

biteme2 - 2 hours ago
Must have used a crane to get him in and out of that tractor.

tim - 2 hours ago
Damn bone spurs

Curtis - 2 hours ago

Niazur - 2 hours ago
These two, Kim Jung and DT are made for each other!!

American - 2 hours ago
I agree with the North Korean leader. We have a nutjob in the white house.

consumer 4100 - 2 hours ago
One thing NK has spot on.

James Parker - 2 hours ago
I Can't believe Rocket Man is still alive with 99% of the country wanting him dead!

Tammy - 2 hours ago
We need someone like Trump to solve this North Korea problem once and for all for the sake of the World.

Raymond - 2 hours ago
A choice between Trump and Kim is like a choice between a heart attack and cancer, both need to go!

CHUCKY - 2 hours ago
Hey short fat man do what you gotta do we are tired of seeing you already !!!

Brent - 2 hours ago
What's great about our country is even if we hate Trump, Bush, Obama, Clinton, etc. etc, we can insult as much as we jail time. Fat boy, if your country is so great, why are you trapping everyone in it?

Charles - 2 hours ago
Li'l Donnie and Plump Kim both need to be spanked and sent to bed without supper. What a couple of babies.

Dan - 2 hours ago
When we say fat, we are talking about tRump right?

Mike - 2 hours ago
Trump used bad choice of words. He meant as in South Park he was "Big Boned".

N - ogJ
NogJ2 hours ago
Look! That picture is almost identical to Donnie's when he was playing with the big truck. Stupid minds do think alike...

Bob - 2 hours ago
Looks as if it takes a lot to haul the fat boy around.

scott s - 2 hours ago
Please, what are you waiting for? Do it...whack Trump and make the rest of us happy.
Replies (1)

originalJD - 2 hours ago
Are you seriously asking someone to assassinate the president? Jesus... you libs got all bent out of shape when you thought Mr. Trump asked Russia to hack Hillary's email but I guess it's okay to ask that someone kill him though, right? [SMH]

planet of the apes - 2 hours ago
Bet he is pushing 400lbs by now.

Philip - 3 hours ago
The picture above does he need a tractor to take a dump.

RON ACUNA FROM THE O.C. - 3 hours ago
Now who would insult the Pillsbury Dough Boy

riding the rails - 3 hours ago
Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me.

Mike - 3 hours ago
Someone give him a box of Twinkies. That'll keep him quiet for a couple of seconds.

ron deaver - 3 hours ago
North Korea, you do not have to worry about our President, being to scared to look into the eyes of your troops. That is the least of his worries, believe me. Tell Rocket Man and his people, do NOT be so, thin skinned.

Tom - 3 hours ago
God save the Queen !!!

Dave A - 3 hours ago
Perhaps Trump's people found out there was an assassination planned (by Chuck Schmuck with the North?)

Trent - 3 hours ago
I can name a couple of thousand who have said a lot worse than what Trump said.

brian - 3 hours ago
Maybe Pres. Trump should take a page from Barry O`s political playbook. Just kneel and bow before Chubbsie Ubbsie, then kiss his plumbers crack. NOT!

Jamie - 3 hours ago
Pathetic little fat man
No one's bloody laughing
The clown that no one laughs at
They all just wish he'd die
Replies (1)

Pieter - 3 hours ago
Um, this post about Trump? Or Un?

rick - 3 hours ago
I hope Kim and his whole family are killed

Sidney F - 3 hours ago
FAT BOY with new toy

Harvestmoon - 3 hours ago
Now children, play nice!

butch - 3 hours ago
This is a really stupid story

Ed - 3 hours ago
Kim Jong-Un is so easy to make fun of. Low hanging fruit.

yahoo user - 3 hours ago
Dotard and Un have a lot in common.
ImageprincipaltrumpBy principaltrump on

acrediblepost - 3 hours ago

Elaine - 3 hours ago
And the little tyrant keeps getting fatter

Kody - 3 hours ago
Trump is also fat, so I'm unsure how it's an insult.

S.D. - 3 hours ago
"Can't we all just get along." - Rodney King

Gerardo - 3 hours ago
An old fat guy got his feelings hurt, so he told the young fat guy he is fat too?

Jaclyn - 3 hours ago
How could you not insult the guy?

J - .V. President
J.V. President3 hours ago
Trump just told the truth!

Dahliagirl - 3 hours ago

SteveS - 3 hours ago
Kim should feel lucky he's still alive and not already targeted by a sniper!!

Wally - 3 hours ago
He looks sexy on his big blue tractor.

Ray - 3 hours ago
Ready, Aim, FIRE! Or just offer him some of trumps bulls*#t cupcakes.

Michael - 3 hours ago
I think Trump turned us into commies.

Nelly - 3 hours ago
Two spoiled children again having a spat

R - 3 hours ago
Who cares what North Korea thinks!

tRumpTards Make Great Fertilizer - 3 hours ago
Someone should tell these two that their magic mirrors are lying to them. Kim Jong-Un, you ARE short and fat ! Donald Trump, you ARE old and demented.! Get over it.

d9gdon - 3 hours ago
Leave it to YaHOO to take North Korea's side.

David - 3 hours ago
This is one time I have to agree with Rocket Man.

Jesse - 3 hours ago
Man, I'll tell ya what. Trump can dish it out, but he sure can't take it!

Cheppetts - 3 hours ago
the usa needs to impeach the moron in chief before things get really nasty

darby - 3 hours ago
Should have made that country a waste land back in '53.

Phil - 3 hours ago
Kim: Trump is old and idiotic.
Trump: I am not old.

Chris C - 3 hours ago
He looks just like trump sitting in an 18 wheeler.

Joseph - 3 hours ago
"Slams" This reeks of snowflake pretend writing. Ooops, I "slammed" a snowflake. Now, he is going to have to find a "safe spot" and curl up in a fetal ball.
Replies (1)

Joseph - 3 hours ago
Ohhh. I agree with President Trump. NK's short fat snowflake leader needs to go. Too bad his people won't do the dirty work and shoot/hang the dictator like Italy did Mussolini.

Ian - 3 hours ago
Dang, he's so fat he needs a tractor to get around.

A. D. Monroe - 3 hours ago
Coward North Korea Fat Boy! Come over here and say that... to any American and see what happens to you!

Ganimede - 3 hours ago
2 fat out of shape beta males fighting is like watching a hot dog eating contest.

Chad - 3 hours ago
A lot of talk from rocket man. Let me quote Kimmy himself, "A scared dog barks louder" Are you scared little man?

rockie - 3 hours ago
He is a fat boy with a bad hair cut

Tyler - 3 hours ago
I think we should just put these 2 and most other world leaders in a arena to fight to the death

Top - 3 hours ago
If these are the only 2 players, I'm going to go with team Trump.

Anonymous - 3 hours ago
Little fat short rocket man is a full blown Moron.

NYC - 3 hours ago
Fat boy on a diet , don’t try it

anonimousse - 3 hours ago
one is short, fat and young...the other one is tall fat and old...they have to wrestle down who's going to win then

jingster6666 - 3 hours ago
I like Rocket Man better than I like The Dotard - - a lot better!

Steve S - 3 hours ago
The Supreme Leader will be killed by those closest to him. I hope he sleeps alone.

Pamela S. - 3 hours ago
He is short and fat.

Heather - 3 hours ago
Doesn't everyone insult fat boy or is it Trump roars the loudest?

Dino - 3 hours ago
I'm with KIM on this one!

Colossus - 3 hours ago
Let them sword fight with their teeny swords.

rob - 3 hours ago
Well hopefully North Korea takes trump out and we can both be happy
Replies (1)

Bluesrunner73 - 3 hours ago
It is amazing that some of the comments here draw some strange equivalency between a hateful murderous despot, in power due to nepotism and fear who practices torture and terror on his own people, fencing in and imprisoning his citizens, hated by all peace loving people in the world--AND the leader of the free world, President Donald Trump of America---nothing could be more ignorant.

John - 3 hours ago
I just found NK leader getting ready to meet with Trump
ImagewynequBy wynequ on

MicheleE - 3 hours ago
Trump is right (again). He IS fat!

Hardhitter - 3 hours ago
Trump is a coward - big talk no show - like all bullies - runs when the heat is on - Traitor Trump

DD - 3 hours ago
They are right!

Freddy Krueger - 3 hours ago
is about time to get rid of the fat boy
Replies (1)

DD - 3 hours ago
Yes, trump must go

Dean - 3 hours ago
I wonder if the short fat guy ever goes to the DMZ...

Randal - 3 hours ago
send fat boy packs of sausage and he will have a heart attack in two weeks flat...problem solved.

Mrs Joanne - 3 hours ago
@jamesh what should we do with trump ? I dont know about the trump supporters but I would like to see my grands and nieces and nephews grow up and live a blessed life

Turk E. - 3 hours ago
Is everyone in Korea named Kim?

J - 3 hours ago
Thanks Media for this Heartwarming story!!!

jimmy - 3 hours ago
I am starting to like little rocket man. big rocket man, still stinks up the white house tho.

Phillygirl - 3 hours ago
Trump insults everyone so get used to it

Sparty - 3 hours ago
not a big Trump fan but why in the world would anyone expect him to visit the DMZ in the range of NK soldiers?

SCSteeler - 3 hours ago
Well he's eating well.

Max - 3 hours ago
Uh... Fat Boy Rocket Man hasn't been there himself I'm betting... haha

EL Gringo Says - 3 hours ago
If you say Trump deserved the death penalty, he would be crazy to go near your troops rockets. Fat man is no God, he is a Hog eating his own people.

Quincy - 3 hours ago
Kim called our former president a name too (I can't type his name or the insult or Yahoo deletes the post)
Replies (1)

Michael - 3 hours ago
Only libtards can post what ever is needed to insult Trump!

Mergatroyd - 3 hours ago
Rocket Man is now Tractor Man. He looks like a kid playing in a sand box with his new toy.

logical - 3 hours ago
Fat, little nut job!

BK - 3 hours ago
The only fat person in North Korea

Big A - 3 hours ago
someone tell Kim Jung Un that fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

Dbone - 3 hours ago
It is time to take out fat boy

4e - 3 hours ago
He is just sitting in the tractor ,he probably has no idea how to use it

Bubba - 3 hours ago
Like Trump or not, he's playing Kim like a fiddle and it's awesome! Kim is a despot, murderer, and tyrant... Trump is classless, but still pretty savvy.
Kim's days are numbered.

AlphaOmega - 3 hours ago
Oh such hurtful language O supreme leader of kimchi dumplings.

Cosmos - 3 hours ago
Kim is a fat slob. While his people starve to death.

Jamen - 3 hours ago
These #$%$ look for anyone that will cast shade on Trump, even North Korea media, liberals are pathetic and its hilarious watching them reach for this BS

James - 3 hours ago
KimJong Fat Un should have spent more time in the class room and less time stuffing his fat face. Troops eyes are not glaring they are telling you they are starving.

Laurie - 3 hours ago
I love what Trump said about him. Short and fat he is...but he left out deranged!

Catherine - 3 hours ago
No one cares what North Korea thinks. Burn to ash Fat Rocket boy!

Colossus - 3 hours ago
Trump couldn't go to the DMZ , his spurs were acting up.

Zardoz - 3 hours ago
Kim in the tractor pic looks like that Donald in the truck pic. Looks like they both make vroom vroom noises. 2 peas in a pod.

Bubba - 3 hours ago
Ahhh, the short fat dictator is upset with the US again... he has his feelings hurt... Such a snowflake!

BigFoot - 3 hours ago
So he insults Trump and Trump insults back and he throws a temper tantrum. To funny. And has this guy looked in a mirror, are facts insults now?

Jovem - 3 hours ago
Trump should give Kim a nice baconator and everything will be fine

Dan - 3 hours ago
trump insults everyone even Americans

Colossus - 3 hours ago
Should be a tweet coming any second

Sergeant Bill - 3 hours ago
Who cares! That little tyrant needs to FEED his soldiers-or choke to death himself! THAT LITTLE MONSTER!

Bob P - 3 hours ago
Trump and Kim should stretch a little and agree to exchange Barbers for three months.

harry - 3 hours ago
It's all in fun.

Barbara - 3 hours ago
Let N. Korea slam Trump. Like what they say really matters notttt!!! Keep up the insults Trump, Kim gets what he deserves and more.

TigerBoy - 26 minutes ago
-----------------The motto of this NK Party is ‘Resist’---------
The same motto adopted and bragged about on National news all the time by the Democrat Party.

basicbro - 2 hours ago
well trumps definitley a coward...and an idiot.
Replies (1)

Robert - 2 hours ago
and he's fat

F.I.T. - 2 hours ago
Just a brotherly spat. Kim Jong Un, and Dawng Jong Trump are like Cheech and Chong's "Corsican Brothers".

Tom - 2 hours ago
"North Korea's state media" slammed Trump ......
The media is run by the North Korean Government!

Captain Greybeard - 3 hours ago
Kim Jong obviously mentally ill.

Voodoo - 3 hours ago
Kim Jong whatever.. the new liberal hero.

CitizenA - 3 hours ago
He's the POTUS why would he take anything from anybody???? not even a look, nothing!

Paul - 3 hours ago
WOW.......the little fat kid is insulting our president?!? That really has traction in the world community......riiiight!

Aramis - 17 minutes ago
Yes mr president, you had never insulted him! he such a jerk!
ImagequeenofhelldarlinBy queenofhelldarlin on

R - 23 minutes ago
This is not the Trump vs Kim storyline I envisioned in 2014...wrong Kim, worse Trump...

Wicked Minion - 31 minutes ago
"It wasn't the weather," the editorial said: "He was just too scared to face the glaring eyes of our troops."I wonder if anyone in North Korea actually believes this #$%$.

Stinger - 42 minutes ago
Trump and Kim Jong, two of a kind, sociopathic creeps.

David R - 1 hour ago
Kumsong factory? So chubby lil Kim has his own Kumsong?

Blue42 - 1 hour ago
"Why would Kim Jong-Un insult me by calling me 'old,' when I would NEVER call him 'short and fat'?" ---- He has a point. Also when is the last time Kimmy made a trip down to the DMZ????---Ultimately it will be the media that starts this war though.
Replies (1)

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
LOL!!! Are you stupid?

Chipman - 1 hour ago
Whatever!!! N Korea needs to be nuked!!! That country is ran by a false idol..Kim Jong-Un is killing his own people.

Marv'S Skeleton - 1 hour ago
How come nobody was bashing Obozo over this?

Alan - 1 hour ago
trump and un. Twp pees in a pod, unfortunately FOR US(A).

Kver - 1 hour ago
Kimmy boy needs to cut back on the all-you-can-eat buffet. . . .it takes a tractor just to move his #$%$ around? ;-)

Dee R - 1 hour ago
grown man can be so childich. one big comedy show.

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
Put Un and trump in the thunderdome!

I Agree - 2 hours ago
you would of did America a favor and your country if you would of got trumps fat #$%$.
Replies (1)

Needcoffee - 2 hours ago
What are you trying to say? Lack an education?

William - 2 hours ago
Who cares what North Korea's state media thinks? They are scared to print the truth. They would be executed if they admitted Kim is a short, fat, bas****!

hater1 hour ago
Right, Americans are now scared of a bunch of midgets..OMG...

I Agree - 1 hour ago
you had your chance to get the orange turd,he was practically in your back yard.
Replies (3)

Matthew - 1 hour ago
Not a dis from Lil' Kim...Trump will be so upset, 140 characters or less at a time.

Deepeye - 1 hour ago
He looks like he's getting ready to run "dissidents" over with his tractor. A wise man once said - "some people just need to die...."

Tony - 2 hours ago
But he has a really cool haircut. ;)

fade - 2 hours ago
Dang it.......that was a nice looking tractor till i saw who was pretending to be driving it. More and more you see farm machinery being abused. Why ?

carolyn - 2 hours ago
poor NK, just aint happening for them.

Wolfson - 2 hours ago
who do i hate more, probably kim but dotard don is close by.

Jan Michael - 2 hours ago
YOU go for it POTUS...We are proud you standing up to a short-fat dictator...That can't even take care of his own PEOPLE...

Wolfson - 2 hours ago
NK sees trump as a clown. he's obviously not seen as this tough guy which trump supporters want you to believe. nk is making him a death threat, they are not scared of the

trump is an idiot - 2 hours ago
I agree with ONE thing they said: trump was a coward for not visiting the dmz. makes America look weak. the daily national embarrassments continue.
Replies (1)

Wazoo - 2 hours ago
Especially since he cancelled the trip due to rain. Really the marine helicopter cannot land or fly in rain?

Terry - 2 hours ago
Does Yahoo! really think this is a worthy article?

Kurt - 2 hours ago
Trump deferred 5 times so he wouldn't have to serve his country. He played on a basketball team in the prime of his life. The rich would like to thank you for your support....eye roll

Common Sense - 2 hours ago
He's a 100% correct!The orange idiot is a weak, spineless coward.

jimmy - 2 hours ago
kym is correct. president "change my depends" is a coward. and a blowhard.
and apparently, the new gran wizzar...

BL - 2 hours ago
American left sides w/ Noko.
Replies (1)

Pieter - 2 hours ago
Nah, we dislike both demented egotistical meglamaniac dictators equally.

William - 3 hours ago
By all means, we Liberals hate Trump so we support Kim Jong Un! Treason? No, we support him , because if he nukes America maybe we can install a Muslim terrorist of even Kim Jong Un as Trump's replacement.

Barry - 3 hours ago
Kim Jong Un is a fat little napoleon.

Hillaryforprison - 3 hours ago
Oh, these dramatic headlines. "Slams?" So NK took our president, raised him off the ground and slammed him into the ground? Or did they just say mean things about him? What a media circus we have.

Russ - 3 hours ago
TRUMP is "Hideous criminal need to be sentenced to death".. I agreed with little man, what do you do think TEA bags?

John Doh! - 3 hours ago
Show us what a hero "Dear Leader" is. Bring him to the US/Canada or US/Mexico border.

bambam - 3 hours ago
i heard sean Hannity hangs around rest stops is this true?

Reid - 3 hours ago
Ugh.. so bright annoying everyday at the turn of the hour.

Scott - 19 minutes ago
Anyone ever notice that every story on Yahoo has comments that are judged "mostly neutral" by Yahoo?

bruce - 19 minutes ago
Ha ha,and NK is worried about verbal insults.

SLOW MINDS STAY RIGHT - 24 minutes ago
tDump and this guy are both total losers!
Replies (1)

road - 18 minutes ago
And of course your treasonous criminal witch along with her impeached husband that was stripped of his law license lost the election. Anything is better than the Clinton Crime Family.

David M - 32 minutes ago
War...that is all any msm outlet pushed. Does so 24/7 eh. Has since tv existed eh.

LogicallySpeaking - 42 minutes ago
"Why would Kim Jong-Un insult me by calling me 'old,' when I would NEVER call him 'short and fat'?".....LOL

dodgie-dude - 44 minutes ago
I say send him a nice Turkey for thanksgiving disguised as a MOAB. Drop it right down his smoke stake so it lands on his buffet table. I'm sure Fat Boy doesn't stray too far from the only food source in N. Korea...!.

1 - America
1America46 minutes ago
Girls, girls, girls..... you're both fat and childish.

David - 54 minutes ago
Kim Jung-Un is a #$%$
ImagerealitytvgifsBy realitytvgifs on
Replies (1)

WI­LL­IA­M - 55 minutes ago
"You're a fat fat fatty!"

No YOU'RE a fat fat fatty!"

Marc - 1 hour ago
Rocket Maaaaa hh aaannn, Rocket maaan... cake

usa - 1 hour ago
Kimchee is not Rocket Man, he's Rockwt BOY, oops, Short Fat Rocket Boy!

littleroundtop - 1 hour ago
Fat boy cries so much omg!!! Now let’s talk about Kim Jun Un.

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
What's next? Un likes golden showers too?

Frosty - 1 hour ago
Dear North Korea: We're working on it.

MikeyBear - 2 hours ago
They could lock Un & Trump in a room.. did I say room? I meant cell.

Let Them Eat Koch - 2 hours ago
Trump and Un... Both act like children. Both make threats they both know neither will carry out. Both call each other names. Both are wannabe fascist dictators. Both love PR stunts. Both want to close their borders. Both have terrible haircuts. Both are overweight.

DontGiveASht - 2 hours ago
Google, "trump in trucks" and compare the pictures there to the one above, then you decide which of the two is crazy.

dustbunnysafari - 2 hours ago
Ahhhhhh.......Poor Baby! All he's done is threaten to nuke USA, Japan, South Korea, Guam, Australia..while most of his people are starving! Sounds very thin skinned for a man that's itching to blow up the world! His whole country is a suicide bomber!

Tim - 3 hours ago
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Eugene - 3 hours ago
Baby huey is no threat.....pretty soon he will be
A bed ridden 700 pounds....eating bootleg KFC
All day.

Michael - 3 hours ago
In that driver's seat he looks like a younger Trump with real hair. Trump and Kim are like two peas in a pod....or rather two nuts in a sack

Shawn - 3 hours ago
It's so funny... they are both little children. "I know you are, but what am I"... "My dad can beat up your dad"... "I'm rubber, you're glue. Everything you say, bounces off me and sticks to you"

jeff - 3 hours ago
So the "State Media" that is controlled by Un "slams" the guy that called him a little fat boy. What? no dog bites man stories today?

Matt - 3 hours ago
"Why would Kim Jong-Un insult me by calling me 'old,' when I would NEVER call him 'short and fat'?", I have to admit that was a great burn.

T - 3 hours ago
I wish yahoo would use adult words instead of teenage slang. They “slammed “ him? Really?

crude but refined - 3 hours ago
poster boy for the left.
Replies (1)

Mac - 3 hours ago
Poster boy for the left ? This guy is wealthy beyond belief, spoiled to the core,cares nothing for anyone but himself plus he also happens to be an #$%$ hole. Sound a lot more like a poster boy for the right to me Mr. Crude but refined.

Ron - 7 minutes ago
Poor little fat, short jackwagon....

Thundercat - 28 minutes ago
North Korea knows very well that we would vaporize them in a matter of days....thats why they would never dare to do anything...all just talk and empty threats..

628 - 36 minutes ago
lets hope that the Koreans are able to deliver on the sentence........I believe the U.S. would thank them

Galan - 50 minutes ago
Trump in a Truck oh wait hahahahahaha

Stealth Fighter - 56 minutes ago
"Hurt the Supreme Leadership"?????.... LMFAO!!!!

No Mercy - 57 minutes ago
As much as Trump worships dictators I would have thought Kim would be one of his best friends by now....

Janet - 2 hours ago
Trump calls everyone obviously makes him feel better about himself.

ari - 2 hours ago
Great pick of Rosie ODonnell on her tractor..... she's looking a lot better

FailedPOTUS - 2 hours ago
Sorry North Korea....we already know Trump is a coward,,....Do the US a big favor and take care of him for us......

STR8 UP - 2 hours ago
I'd be ashamed to sit in a tractor like that....Reminds me of Trump sitting in the semi they wouldn't let him drive. Pathetic.

James - 2 hours ago
who cares what he says....the FAKE president was right on two points 1) he is fat and 2) he is short

C - 2 hours ago
actually its yahoo insulting our president your articles are disgusting and fake news
Replies (1)

Robert - 2 hours ago
here's the single biggest bit of fake news over the last two years:
"Mexico is going to pay for the wall"

Greg - 2 hours ago
North Korea's state media is as fake as nbc,cbs, cnn

Floridian - 2 hours ago
lol imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, kimjong copying the prez in his big rig

steve - 2 hours ago
trump would have went but he has alzheimer's and forgot to go,but then he wouldnt have remembered if he was there!!

Chase - 2 hours ago
Weight Watchers wants "fat boy" to be their NEW spokesperson....whatta say ya little overstuffed penquin, even YOU can lose all that Korean blubber in just a few short months....u have nothing to lose except ur #$%$!!

judith u - 2 hours ago

ROLLIEL - 3 hours ago
This little fat dough boy and his idiot followers should look at going on a diet.....
Replies (1)

Pieter - 2 hours ago
This post about Trump, or Un?

jazzy - 3 hours ago
Two of the worst leaders in the world....both are ignorant trolls of each other...Trump is an embarrassment to the American people and Trump puts Americans in danger by touting this other mad man.....

Cheppetts - 3 hours ago
fat and short vs fat and old and ignorant

...both narcissitic, both delusional, both with an inherited sense of entitlement

Roy - 3 hours ago
Truly time for the Patton initiative...............

Gertrude - 3 hours ago

Maybeurwrong - 3 hours ago
Seems about right that Yahoo would just a picture of a fat foreigner bashing our President.....

Colossus - 3 hours ago
Rocket man vs. Donny-Dotard ....what could go wrong?

Charles - 3 hours ago
Donald Rump needs to step on a scale before he calls anyone fat!!! This is the way an American president acts?!?! No class at all!!

harold - 3 hours ago
if this was not a family web site i show fat boy a insult

k p - 3 hours ago
Kim Jong-Moe was so offended he called in his top advisors ..... Kim Jong-Larry and Kim Jong-Curly ...... No decision was made so they called in special advisor Kim Jong-Schemp

joe - 1 hour ago
wow; yawn

Anthony - 2 hours ago
Sticks and stones......................................, kids

chillin wid ma homies - 2 hours ago
you're all morons

chillin wid ma homies - 2 hours ago
you dotards

K - 3 hours ago
The truth always hurts.....

Michael - 3 hours ago

Jay - 3 hours ago
Wow! big news.

Gertrude - 3 hours ago

James - 3 hours ago
lmao shut up Korea

Wes - 3 hours ago
All Hail Emperor Snorlax
ImagenatureofmangaBy natureofmanga on

JMR SOUCHE - 3 hours ago
Carthago delenda est

Tami - 3 hours ago
Fat rolly polly.!!!!

palani no ka oi - 19 minutes ago
AWESOME NEWS!!!!!! N.Korea wants trump dead .....this is soon can they do it.....can't wait to #$%$ on trumps grave!!!!!

James - 43 minutes ago
poor jim kong got his fat little feelings hurt

Josey Wales - 46 minutes ago
Kim thinks his people love, hah

ICanSeeClearly - 49 minutes ago
The Facts About THE JEW WORLD ORDER-----------------
Thank you Marianne for a treasure find, mirrored from John Paterson's Channel...he says it all Truth not the unholy bible manipulated by the veil scribes who...
Thank you Marianne for a treasure find, mirrored from John Paterson's Channel...he says it all Truth not the unholy bible manipulated by the veil scribes who...
Thank you Marianne for a treasure find, mirrored from John Paterson's Channel...he says it all Truth not the unholy bible manipulated by the veil scribes who...
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Let Them Eat Koch - 49 minutes ago

Muzz - 59 minutes ago
WHICH "Fat Boy" are you all talking about....?

Trump or Kim...?
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Russian Bot - 57 minutes ago
Talking about Hillary

Bob - 1 hour ago
That little clown is a coward, loud mouth and a gutless one is afraid of this little toad....President Trump runs circles around this moron and for the comment of "the eyes of his troops", they look like puppets at best!!!!

bob - 1 hour ago
Sorry, what did short fat boy spout?????

Let Them Eat Koch - 1 hour ago
I wonder if Un complains of bone spurs too....

archie - 2 hours ago
fat boy needs more than one tractor to plow fields to feed his fat butt/

WBW - 2 hours ago
Fat boy in a TRACTOR
Fat boy in a SEMI

Wolfson - 2 hours ago
i dont like kim but that doesnt change the fact trump is a sw,,.in.e

Craig - 2 hours ago
Awww, whittle Kim looks just like tiny Trumplette sitting in his big manly twuck!!

Poonam D - 2 hours ago
Awaan....look how cute he is..

PF - 2 hours ago
˙pɹnʇ ǝƃɹɐן ɐ ɯoɹɟ ƃunp ɯɐןs ɐ sɐʍ ʇı

EricS - 2 hours ago
Who cares what the doughboy thinks????

rick - 3 hours ago
Kim ju #$%$,has baby wee wee

HillarysLez - 3 hours ago
"Rook at me on big tlacta!!!"

Spic - 3 hours ago
Dotard Trump vows to strike Kim with his deadly bone spur !!!!!

James - 3 hours ago
Hard to tell who is the bigger blowhard here....

Spic - 3 hours ago
Get him Kim, you be the Dotard slayer !!!!!

RodB - 3 hours ago
yahoo big #$%$ headlines of the day look at the source

MYRA - 3 hours ago
They both like trucks LOL

D - 3 hours ago
I mean the dude IS short and fat.............

Ok Ok - 3 hours ago
Trump is getting played by a little boy....... sad

JohnM - 3 hours ago
Can Someone please put a cap in this guy!!!!

Well Done
Well Done3 hours ago
Who cares?......well...Yapoo cares....