joe - 37 minutes ago:
@Aurelius Super racist comment of the day!!!

joe - 38 minutes ago:
@Bob When you going to admit that you are a FOOL and will believe any thing.

CFB - 59 minutes ago:
Get Flynn fitted for his jail jumpsuit and prep his 8x10 cell Mueller is coming any day now.

Denne herre betaler! - 1 hour ago:
@Aurelius Respect by who? China made him get off from the back of the plane in Beijing. Europeans say nice things about him in public but never support any of his half baked ideas. Putin knows he is a joke. The only Americans who like him are the looney Left and everyone who make money off his welfare, "green" energy and Entitlements he hands out like jelly beans. Obama was a waste of 8 years. Worst President in modern History.

Denne herre betaler! - 1 hour ago:
She wanted more money. $15 Million is chump change for her. She likes 3 figures.

StevenK - 3 hours ago:
@JimC We admitted it last year. When are you going to admit he lost the popular vote? Oh that's right, it was all those illegal votes that no one can find.

Bob - 3 hours ago:
@Heels68, don't try to be a Dotard sympathizer! It doesn't fit you.

Bob - 3 hours ago:
@JimC, correction, HE STOLE THIS ELECTION with the help of the Russian government! When are you tRUMPanzees going to admit that?

Bob - 3 hours ago:
@Mandie, just when do you think this investigation started? It wasn't under the Cheato's administration!

Kraftwerk - 4 hours ago:
What about Benghazi?

Aurelius - 4 hours ago:
@JimC aw, jimmy- when are you going to admit it and come out of the closet to be the proud rainbow warrior we all know you are? Your denial is really making you ill- we know you got wood for Obama. Trump lost the election, but won the electoral college- there's a difference, sport. Just like the difference between your uncle-daddy's attention and that of your fantasies.

Aurelius - 4 hours ago:
nah- they blame Obama- they're jealous a black guy gets more respect than they do combined.

Thinker1 - 6 hours ago:
oh you mean the most corrupt politician in US history? That Hillary?

JoeS - 6 hours ago:
@JimC This isn't about election results. You'd understand that if you had the correct number of chromosomes.

John - 6 hours ago:
So they were talking to Obama first according to what they just said in the report.

Mandie - 6 hours ago:
every day! Also,the Obama Administration. It was their fault for not doing anything about the Russian meddling, remember?

JimC - 7 hours ago:
When are you Libturds going to admit Trump won the election?

Average Trump Supporter - 7 hours ago:
On Twitter yes

Heels68 - 7 hours ago:
It's Hillarys fault.There,I did.

mad dog - 9 hours ago:
It's Mueller time! Drink up conservatives, this is your last beer before we take you out. I told you all that hate and bigotry would put cancer in your soul.

Stefan_Z - 36 minutes ago:
You are just beating off, what does Flynn's Turkish connection have to do with price of tea in China?

Bob - 3 hours ago:
@Mez, it's only the lowly educated reich that think things are going well.

Bob - 3 hours ago:
@Aurelius, that'll pollute the air! Why wait till they die, lets send them to Mars. They can be test subjects.

Mez - 5 hours ago:
As far as I can tell..... everyone is have a great time, now that the greasy hillary isn't around..... *cheers* :)

Tomorrow Never Comes - 6 hours ago:
Hate and bigotry? Maddog, you should know rite?

JimC - 7 hours ago:
Foaming at the mouth, huh mad dog?

Grunt - 7 hours ago:
"Take you out" big words for a little man.

Clint H - 8 hours ago:
Dilly Dilly!

Billy Joe Don Bob - 18 hours ago:
i see you working bob, systematically picking them off one at a time

Freebyrd - 4 hours ago:
@MarieC This is not about Party, it is about Country. Sorry your Loyalties are Party over country.

JimC - 7 hours ago:
Mueller is a liberal hack. He's so biased he hired a staff full of Hillery investors.

Heels68 - 7 hours ago:
Can't wait until you get to yourself and Hillary Bob.We'll see what kind of stand up guy you are.

MarieC - 7 hours ago:
The wrong party is being picked off.

Impeach Donald Trump - 13 hours ago:
How dare you question a 4 star general. Just kidding, throw him and his gay son in jail..lock him up!

Gary Owen - 4 hours ago:
@Dan So you must be a Family Values Republican the mob that still claims President Obama is not an American. Remember the grabber in chief you voted for?

Imus - 7 hours ago:
says chubby sarah.......

A - 7 hours ago:
@just-a-guy - when you join the swamp cleaning crew you become just like them in order to keep your job. One word of dissent from you and you are out; gone like the wind. Chumpy is the Liar-in-Chief and in his administration there is no place for the truth.

Bob - 9 hours ago:
So we hear from another pathetic liberal little two faced gay-basher.

Lisa - 9 hours ago:
@just-a-guy Yes, And we all thought Kelly was different.

just-a-guy - 9 hours ago:
Flynn was a 3-star general. And yet look at a 4-star general John Kelly. Just another liar in Trump's administration.

the - 8 hours ago:
Trump and Flynn could participate in take your son to prison weak.

Lisa - 9 hours ago:
May not have anything to do with the Russian investigation..... But he is gonna be in trouble and go to jail along with his Son.

Joseph - 4 hours ago:
I have to say that even after having followed public issues for 50+ years, but once in a while I still get blown away. Here you have a retired three-star who is still getting highly classified intelligence briefings and he engages in a conspiracy to break the federal law against kidnapping. And then he stands up in front of crowds of thousands and leads them in a chant of "Lock her up!" I thought he was just a loose cannon, but he is a felon and a traitor. He is a scofflaw. He needs to do hard time. (I'm just a retired infantry major with 3 years active and 29 reserve.)

8080 - 39 minutes ago:
RLTW Class 1/68

Trumptard Police - 8 hours ago:
I remember when it was an honor to shake hands with a general. Leave it to Trump administration to make them liars and cowards.

Abe S. - 13 hours ago:
Go Bob! Lock the whole traitorous gang up, including the Traitor in Chief, Don the Con Chump, for colluding with a foreign government to defraud the elections of the U.S. We should put his robber baron butt in jail for a long time.

Brad - 6 hours ago:
It only took one comment to deflect to Hillary - LMAO!

Floydr47 - 9 hours ago:
Yeah, "Don the Con" rigged the RNC nomination and colluded with a foreign spy to put together a fake dossier on Hillary...some politicians are just sleazy that way...

Anonymous - 19 hours ago:
Lock him up!

Billy Joe Don Bob - 18 hours ago:
under the nixon administration, 15 associates served time in prison. pick the over/under with the rump administration at 15

United We Stand - 3 hours ago:
Under. I say seven.

jsm - 4 hours ago:
Easily over............

Wes - 6 hours ago:
Hopefully, it will be WAAAAAAY over 15 because 15 would be far too few to rid our nation of all the traitors working with and for trump!

food4thought - 7 hours ago:
Hey don the con: you work for us the People okay. Oh and we do not pledge loyalty to you as you so petulantly demand. This is not a dictatorship. We citizens and public servants do pledge allegiance to the Constitution and the Republic (Pledge of Allegiance/Oath of Office). This means we are bound to protect this nation from all enemies foreign and domestic, including the clear and present danger that your words, deeds, and unhinged nature present. Removing you from office and bringing you to justice through procedure (impeach/25th) is the essential task of our day.

Billy Joe Don Bob - 18 hours ago:
a criminal trial for the orange turd, flynn and his son. this is going to be great !!!!

Cvid - 15 hours ago:
flynn and son are going to be spending a long, long time in prison. the reason we know they are guilty is simple: their attorney proclaimed them innocent.

marina - 16 hours ago:
LOCK HIM UP.......hehehehehee

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
Why is it that so many harcore thumper conservatives are eventually busted as pedos? What are you hiding Sam?

Giancarlo - 5 hours ago:

Stonz - 5 hours ago:
Nunes is definitely wrapped up in this as well. And I can't wait for that bigoted elf Sessions to do his perp walk.

Hyoka - 6 hours ago:
Uh oh.... Looks like it's time to pull out the standard Trumptard responses ..... "Fake News!" ..... "Yea but Hillary"..... "Obama, Obama, Obama".

Mikhail Ivanov - 19 hours ago:

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
I'm just waiting for the moment that this crystal reading, anti-vax nutjob of a shrew finally pops up in the Mueller investigation. This traitor had more votes in Wisconsin than the difference between the orangeanus and Clinton.

the - 8 hours ago:
Common thug criminal.

rich88865 - 11 hours ago:
Prison is in his future.... (and his dumb son too)

Wes - 6 hours ago:
The level of deceit, dishonesty and treason within the trump administration eclipses that of Nixon and Reagan by light years. These are the most disloyal Americas since Benedict Arnold. They ALL need to be permanently removed from the US, along with their entire families, to prevent this plague from festering and further contaminating our nation. They seem to like Russia and Turkey so much, so why don't we just save the cost of trials and incarceration and pack them all on military transports and then drop them off over Siberia - without the benefit of parachutes?

Bitblt - 7 hours ago:
The investigation seems to have gone sideways.

United We Stand - 3 hours ago:
@Bitblt - When a prosecutor uncovers one set of possible crimes while investigating another, s/he will look into the former as well as the latter.

United We Stand - 3 hours ago:
You mean like Whitewater? Yeah, that happens in DC. It's the nature of digging into the background of politicians, You WILL find dirt that leads to unplanned investigations.

jsm - 4 hours ago:
George Popadopolous disagrees.

Stonz - 6 hours ago:

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
I realize I'm wasting my time with a person whose tiny brain is permanently pickled in hate and paranoia, but at least get 'some' facts into your spin doctoring. Do I really need to post the links? You're best off scurrying like the little cockroach you know you are, son.

Barry - 6 hours ago:
@Bitblt you clearly don't know how this works. sit down for a bit.

Bitblt - 6 hours ago:
@Wes :: i realize you draw opinion without fact but try to read once in awhile. Mueller is a authorized as a special investigator with a narrow “russian collusion” mandate. He is not the czar of any agenda he chooses. He does not have a blank check for investigating anything, anytime, on anybody. Nor has he been impowered as such by any regulating federal body. Twit.

Wes - 6 hours ago:
I realize you have a one track mind and are not very bright, but guys like Robert Mueller are actually capable to exploring many facets of an investigation at the same time. They follow the leads in whichever direction they lead.

bradley w - 4 hours ago:
this guy is a retired General what he has done is treason at the highest level

Educated Rich Liberal Snowflake - 4 hours ago:
Lock him up!!

Bramblebush - 7 hours ago:
I onder if they will put Trump and Flynn in the cell block?

John - 6 hours ago:
What did Sarah say about disputing what a "4-Star General says" .... ??? So, we should believe whatever any 4-Star General says?? Does that mean Trump will give Flynn a Pardon ??? For Treason ??..... What does that make TrumP ?? ...besides a MORON !!

Freebyrd - 4 hours ago:
Whiney Trumpanzees crying that Mueller should ignore this crime because he is supposed to look for different crimes. Mueller is draining the Swamp and MAGA.

Jack - 3 hours ago:
Muller is part of the swamp, Moton!

Jay - 4 hours ago:
how much criminal actions was flynn involved in while he was a general in the military? if all these accusations are true, why do you think the military budget saw so much wasteful spending???maybe the overcosts went to flynns buddies?

Billy Joe Don Bob - 18 hours ago:
hey mike, run ! run !!!!!!!

Tommyy2 - 1 hour ago:
How Much Is Putin Paying Trump to be his Boy in The White House?

Donald - 3 hours ago:
Trump loves General Flynn and probably still supports Flynn agreeing that a pizza parlor hosted Democratic pedophiles. Despite the truth is that the pizza parlor lies were the result of fake news from conservative outlets.

Stonz - 5 hours ago:

Stonz - 4 hours ago:
I think you're misreading the intent of my post, Freebyrd. I guess I did rush it a bit in frustration ...

Freebyrd - 4 hours ago:
Yes, did you read it? Mueller is authorized. Should he overlook this crime because he was looking for a different one?

Centurion - 3 hours ago:
The noose tightens.

Brian - 4 hours ago:

Imus - 7 hours ago:
he appears to have old salami between his dentures-foul gums, breath etc.

Dan - 6 hours ago:

Carol - 1 hour ago:
Are you a Russian troll? If not quit with the Hillary #$%$ and catch up to the present

Kramer - 6 hours ago:
It's not "Turkish government", it's "the Erdogan Regime". You know, just as you do with references to the Syrian government.

bob - 1 hour ago:
Pretty sad when all they can do is stick with the Russian thingie despite having NO EVIDENCE!!!

T N - 6 hours ago:
Just follow the money trails

William - 7 hours ago:
Whaaa ! NOTHING on PRESIDENT TRUMP YET !? WOW that's going to pee off an awful lot snowflake flower babies !

Brian - 3 hours ago:
To paraphrase a great "Trumptardian" (Lol!) quote, "Lock them up"!!!

ThatsToo - 4 hours ago:
I really have no respect for Mueller because of his very slanted and selective sense of justice. Her is an enabler for sex pervert Bill Clinton, supporting a man that, at 49, used his cigar on a 22 year old. He has gone through all this investigation, month after month, against Trump and all he comes up with is a possible 10 year old tax fraud case Trump wasn't anywhere near and a case of lying against a man Trump fired for lying.

ThatsToo - 3 hours ago:
@Freebyrd Hey, I'm just a poor deplorable.. you know, what you racists call angry old white men. Well, in my case its actually what you racists call a white-hispanic. I don' need no steenking Russians, pendejo. The truth is that I not stupid enough to pay them millions for some dreamed up dossier of allegations like your people did :) And, by the way, what kind of US citizen would even consider selling uranium to anyone?.. especially to Russians? Is that why you call people Russian.. kind of like the liberal that burned his church and posted those "vote Trump" signs huh.

Jack - 3 hours ago:
@ Freebyrd...We can take a liberal to the truth, but their low IQ won't allow them to even look at it

Freebyrd - 4 hours ago:
"Her is an enabler"? You Russians should learn the language a little better before posting nonsense. Mueller is not going to investigate Bill Clinton's affairs again.

Robert M - 6 hours ago:

jay - 7 hours ago:

Aurelius - 3 hours ago:
keep whining, cornflake- your mommy will change your diaper when she runs out of vodka & meth.

Wes - 6 hours ago:
Thankfully, your lame opinion is worthless and irrelevant.

Mr. M. - 7 hours ago:
I guess Jay likes criminals in the White House

Thomas Jefferson - 9 hours ago:
The cleric in question is accused of terrorism by his home country. We have extradition treaties with Turkey. I would just as soon Turkey take him back and imprison him over there so we don't waste time or money on him. There's also the threat he could be plotting an attack here. Flynn was right to push for his removal as a security issue alone. The Obama Admin. was harboring a known terrorist inside our borders. That's what Mueller should be investigating if he had any credibility.

Wes - 6 hours ago:
So, you think the guy might be planning an attack here, but you want to send him back to Turkey where he would be afforded close contact with co-conspirators? That sounds like CONservative Fascist RepubliKKKlan ideology to me! Yet, you morons do NOT want people released from Gitmo to prevent the very thing you think should happen in this case. #$%$, how did you people ever get to be so stupid?

Anonymous - 7 hours ago:
Your screw is loose!

John s - 8 hours ago:
Dumb. First, we are not financially supporting this guy. Second, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

Truthlicity - 45 minutes ago:
We Democrats want the NFL to hire players that are women, LGBT and physically and mentally challenged. Stop the bigotry and start putting these disadvantaged people on the playing field. Vote straight Democrat in 2018. It makes sense.

Remington Ranger - 32 minutes ago:
Obama sodomized his daughters. It's on the internet so it must be true.

GDubYa - 36 minutes ago:
Dotard lovers still don't realize they elected a crime organization.

Remington Ranger - 33 minutes ago:
Hussein O'bama, most lawless president in history.

Jeff - 37 minutes ago:
What about the $150 million bribery in the Uranium One deal that ACTUALLY is with the Russians? Wrong political party involved?

Stefan_Z - 37 minutes ago:
If Flynn broke the that is one thing, but what does this Turkish connection have to do with Trump? Mueller is grasping at straws.

nunya - 1 hour ago:
Just one example that he is fine with committing treason.

golfer 71909 - 1 hour ago:
Stop the leaking, stop the witch hunt, FIRE MUELLER!

Lucas - 1 hour ago:
Not even the mafia would have the arrogance and disrespect for the law as some of our top guys have,they are a disgrace to the country.

Mockingjay - 5 hours ago:
Excuse me but what do the Turks have to do with the alleged inquiry into Russian interference with our election? This has become the unbridled witch hunt the President has claimed it was. I don't like the President but seems he is right on Mueller and his enablers.

Pierre - 4 hours ago:
Ask Bill and Monica .... Was OK with you or your party then ....

Freebyrd - 4 hours ago:
Should we overlook that crime because we were looking for a different crime?

ez8631 - 2 hours ago:
Mueller may be on the prosecution list pretty soon after giving a pass to all the crimes committed during the Obama administration!

Carol - 1 hour ago:
Are you just naturally dumb?

Dana - 3 hours ago:
Ok, so now we are onto Turkey. They are supposed to be one of our allies. Are the liberal media going to now make them our enemy as well like they have done with Russia?

Ed - 6 hours ago:
So there was a meeting or introduction. No people that actually made claims were at the meeting and no money or financial gain was transferred. Just another liberal witch hunt to keep the media rolling along while Mueller jets all over the place at the taxpayers expense.

Stonz - 5 hours ago:
I think you might need to look up the term 'investigation'. Unless of course you want to show us your investigation? Oh that's right, you're just a servile minion for conservative crooks, you'll regurgitate what you're told to regurgitate. Good boy.

bill - 6 hours ago:
Ed the inbred thinks Mueller is giving details. Ed’s inbred kids need to commit suicide.

Walt - 3 hours ago:
Time for Mueller to move on!

Carol - 1 hour ago:
Yep, move on to trump

Jack - 3 hours ago:
Is anybody probing Mueller's dealings during the sale of US Uranium to Russia?

Typo-Positive - 56 minutes ago:
Oh now its mueller? Before that it was obama, then that hillary. You headline only readers are a special kind of stupid and traitors to our nation

Carol - 1 hour ago:
Oh my God Jack. Would you would you please get a grip. I can't believe you actually believe that #$%$

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
lol ... the gateway pundit. Grow up, idiot. If you marinate your tiny brain in this nonsense, then don't get mad when you're called an idiot.

Nat Shoor - 40 minutes ago:

roadsterred - 7 hours ago:
Wow collusion between Flynn and theTurks. Mueller is doing a great job! Oh, but wait, wasn't Mueller charge with investigating collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia. Does Mueller need a geography lesson? Turkey is a NATO ally. Where's the Russian collusion? Maybe there was collusion between Turkey and Russia and that's why he's investigating collusion between Flynn and Turkey. Yes, that has got to be it.

sweetexas1947 - 7 hours ago:
What is strange is, that in Dec/ 2014 on cspan, the committee meeting in congress with the testimony of JJ chef of homeland security testified under oath that he had turned loose two Turkish Known terrorist who had been caught crossing our border. Not one word was spoke to address this testimony by any congressional member in the committee meeting!

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
... and?

Stanley - 4 hours ago:
Did he get the money? No. Did Hillary Yes!!

Jack - 3 hours ago:
@Freebyrd can't accept that Hillary committed Treason, typical Liberal Idiot

Freebyrd - 4 hours ago:
Tell it to the judge.

Freebyrd - 4 hours ago:
But Hillary, one time when she was 12, tore that tag off of the pillow that says , "Do not remove under penalty of law". Mueller needs to be investigating THAT!

Jack - 3 hours ago:
No there is strong evidence that Hillary was involved with Russia, I guess you don't follow the news!

ge971 - 5 hours ago:
Lock this crooked Father-Son team up.

Daniel - 8 hours ago:
So, should anyone that did business in Eastern Europe be investigated - including democrats? Mueller is a democrat tool. Until an Independent Prosecutor is appointed to investigate the many crimes of Obama, Clinton, Holder, and the rest, this will remain nothing but a DNC sponsored witch hunt.

terry - 6 hours ago:
Daniel? May I ask exactly what crimes they have done? Actual crimes, not you’re made up stuff. You and others keep accusing them of crimes but yet you never give proof of these crimes. Time to put up or shut up as they say

Mr. M. - 7 hours ago:
Daniel is a Russian troll!

John s - 8 hours ago:
He is a dem tool because he keeps finding illegal business dealings? You have no idea where this is going to end.

Barry - 6 hours ago:
Treason is a capital crime. I hope Mr. Flynn is prepared for to pay the penalty for his actions against his homeland.

frank - 6 hours ago:
Great patriot Mueller will eventually get traitor Flynn to flip on comrade DOTARD.

Brad - 6 hours ago:
Trump pledged to drain the swamp, and I have to say, Mueller's doing a bang-up job.

JimC - 7 hours ago:
He's got nothing on Trump or Russian collusion, so he thinks hitting them with "trumped up" charges will force someone to lie about Trump. That's Dumbocrat justice.

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
Aww Jim you poor thing. I'd say it must be painful to be so dimwitted and servile ... but you probably don't actually realize that you're dimwitted and servile. Did you even put pants on yet today?

frank - 6 hours ago:
You're either an idiot in denial or a Russia loving traitor yourself so which one is it moron?

CmCal - 7 hours ago:
America is waiting for Mueller to start actually going after the REAL Russian colluders, Hillary and the whole DNC. They are also waiting for the Foundation indictments.

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
Mueller's going after traitors, not your fantasies.

Stephen - 6 hours ago:

CmCal - 7 hours ago:
Oh look, a serial killer supporter.

frank - 7 hours ago:
trumpanzee troll deflection alert.

John - 7 hours ago:
Mueller should probe himself over the Uranium One scandal and his firsthand knowledge of same.

D - 7 hours ago:
Flynn has been busy selling the country since he retired. Ever wonder what he may have sold to the enemies when he was in active duty???

georget - 7 hours ago:
Looks the other way when it comes to The Clinton Foundation, same as when he was FBI Director.

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
Can't look the other way if there's nothing to look at. Why don't you provide us with some proof that can't be eviscerated in seconds because it's from some reichwing conspiracy nut hate blog? You can't. Wallow in ignorance, slackjaw. Your crime syndicate heroes are going down.

georget - 7 hours ago:
Since Mueller is looking under every rock how come he hasn't yet caught The Bill and Hillary Foundation?

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
For what?

JEANNE - 7 hours ago:
Cut taxpayers funding to this crocked Mueller ,he is wasting taxpayers money investigating imaginary rabbits. Hillary Clinton the felon of the century must be brought to justice.

terry - 6 hours ago:
Jeanne? And where is this proof of these crimes you speak of?

Mr. M. - 7 hours ago:
I bet jeane lives in a trailer with way too many cats.

Sam - 7 hours ago:
These slimy well polished D.C. swamp people can't fool America. We know why Mueller is investigating this bogus Russian/Trump collusion: It's because Mueller is there to assist the D.C. swamp in getting rid of Trump. Our tax dollars being well spent.NOT!

Anonymous - 7 hours ago:
...and yet not a finger has been lifted to investigate CCF, the Clinton Crime Family. Business as usual in DC.

Stonz - 6 hours ago:
Why would he investigate a made up scandal from the conservative conspiracy freakshow peddlers? Intelligent people don't fall for that kind of nonsense .. you wouldn't understand.

sweetexas1947 - 7 hours ago:
Too bad Mueller did not do his job as well , while working for Obama, as he is trying to appear now as a special investigator! Comey's best friend!

Randall - 8 hours ago:
The investigation will end when it is discovered that Bill Clinton has a child named Dmitri.

richard - 8 hours ago:
Still looking for a crime of collusion with Russia to justify the investigation. The important thing is everybody will be smeared by the leaks flowing freely with misinformation !

John s - 8 hours ago:
collusion is not a crime. you people just don't get it. morals.

Bruce - 9 hours ago:
Isn't Mueller charged with investigating Russian influence in the election? If he found this, shouldn't he turn it over to the FBI to investigate?

Anonymous - 7 hours ago:
IF you would have the same amount of intelligence as you have mouth, then you would know that Mueller has an open investigation.

John s - 8 hours ago:
He has an open investigation. It isn't just about Russia.

WhoM - 9 hours ago:
Don't forget Robert Mueller approved the Uranium ONE deal while he was the FBI director. Hopefully he will look into that scandal as well.

Stephen - 6 hours ago:
The list of presidunce Frumps Administration of idiocracy , family , friends , campaign officials & business associates being found out to be involved in criminal activity , connections with Russian oligarchs , state banks , agents , govt. officials , state buisiness,money laundering etc etc etc & other foreign Authoritarian govts. just keeps getting longer & longer & longer . Many , many more indictments ,convictions & squealing to come.

Steve - 6 hours ago:
Trump got rid of Flynn in 24 days after Trump learned he lied to VP Pence. Obama gave Flynn a security clearance and had Flynn around 'till Flynn cam out negative on Radical Islam. I don't think this will go far in a court of law, butt it plays well in the media.

bill - 6 hours ago:
Just has to get us to the 2018 elections.

Mot - 7 hours ago:
I thought his mandate was on Russian involvement? So far it is anything but! Anyone can turn over a rock in Washington and find a crime committed by someboody. Will somebody please put Muller back on track and explain to him what his mandate is. If it is not Russian interference in the election, then turn it over to the proper authorities and get back to what you are supposed to be doing.

ronald - 10 hours ago:
Flynn was vetted by obama. What does this have to do with Russian collusion?

ronald - 2 hours ago:
responders here dont know what vetted means

John s - 8 hours ago:
Obama fired him you, idiot.

richard - 8 hours ago:
@Clint H Yeah , he couldn't say yes fast enough.

Clint H - 8 hours ago:
Flynn wasvfired by Obama!

LeBo - 11 hours ago:
Turkey ??? We were told the investigation was about Russia collusion. Liberals lie a lot -- a whole lot.

John s - 8 hours ago:
@Floydr47 really? You people are morally corrupt

Floydr47 - 9 hours ago:
@Klew ...ok, I can see your reasoning...but this opens a new can of worms...if you are arrested for drunk in public and the police discover during their investigation that you gave some marijuana to a friend, should you be sent to prison under federal drug charges for possession and distribution of a controlled substance?

Klew - 10 hours ago:
Small words so you will get it. Mueller look into Flynn. Mueller look at all Flynn does. Mueller can look at other things than Russia. Mueller ALSO finds deal with Turkey. Just proves Flynn bad man who can be bad with 2 countries at the same time. Understand now? Or are my words still too big?

Fakepresident - 11 hours ago:
ImagebudweiserclydesdaleBy budweiserclydesdale on

missey - 17 minutes ago:
investigate mueller he is corrupt and has more to hide then the trumps. hillary obstructs justice still free sells uranium still free and lots more of corruption over years the dnc scandel being investigated in another country for trying to shut down a investigation. just never stops and she walks away free. she has america government bought and paid for

PL - 38 minutes ago:

Aleric - 17 hours ago:
He was never confirmed, what is the point, not when do they start the investigation of HILLARY CLINTON BEING PAID $145 MILLION FOR American URANIUM.

rich88865 - 11 hours ago:
@Sczabla and you're the American moron

rich88865 - 11 hours ago:
He was the Def. Secretary for a few weeks you idiot!!

Sczabla - 12 hours ago:
The dems are the RUSSIAN trolls.

Abe S. - 13 hours ago:
Go Bob! Lock the whole traitorous gang up, including the Traitor in Chief, Don the Con Chump, for colluding with a foreign government to defraud the elections of the U.S. We should put his robber baron butt in jail for a long time.

Kee Ray - 14 hours ago:
@Aleric Tell you what, let Mueller finish the Russia investigation and we'll take a look into this Clinton fellow.

Cvid - 15 hours ago:
another russian troll trying his hand at english

Anonymous - 16 hours ago:
If you had a brain you would be dangerous.

dave - 9 hours ago:
How about PROBING Crooked Hillary and her connections with the Libyian embassey Mayhen that about holding Crooked Hillary accountable for the loss of life in that fiasco. Where is the Justicefor the families that lost loved ones in the killings? Why is Crooked Hillary not being kept accountable for this??????

Clint H - 8 hours ago:
Nine republican congressional investigations...with nothing but emails on personal servers to show for it. Gogo try through.

Bill - 4 hours ago:
And why isn't anyone investigating Mueller and his bribes and kickbacks from the Obozo and Hitlery years?

Jerrell - 4 hours ago:
Fake news never tires of their nothingburgers. Poor things.

Jack - 3 hours ago:
@Freebyrd To what Idiot not Russian meddling or colusion, to Lying to the FBI, get with it Moron

Freebyrd - 4 hours ago:
One of those "nothingburgers" already pled Guilty". Stay tuned. you will be stuffed with "nothingburgers', Comrade.

Dan - 6 hours ago:
There is an ancient Chinese curse: 'May you live in interesting times.'

JimC - 6 hours ago:
NO Russian collusion. Just more trumped up charges.

frank - 6 hours ago:
paid Russian troll alert.

Michael - 7 hours ago:
Where is the Podesta brothers indictment? If that doesn't come quick, Congress should fire Mueller for letting conflict of interest affect his judgement.

Paul - 7 hours ago:
Appoint a new prosecutor look into Muellers' dealings.

SteveF - 9 hours ago:
Time for a second special prosecutor to start in on the Dems. Two dems are already spilling the criminal story

Sir.Dennis - 40 minutes ago:
Where's Russia?

Dave - 1 hour ago:
LMAO Lock Them Up! Lock Them Up! Lock Them Up! Impeach the tRumpster and get his evil spawn and lying minions out of our WH. LMAO

Carol - 1 hour ago:
Since when has russia been an ally? Do you live under a rock?

Carol - 1 hour ago:
Just wait honey. It's coming

Bad Akita - 3 hours ago:
So is the offer still good?

UWthink - 3 hours ago:
investigate muellar yellow cake 20% crack to russia there cant be a legit reason for the gov to have done that

Hesperos - 5 hours ago:
Turkey! Turkey! Turkey!

sabrina - 5 hours ago:
Lock him up, it's language he likes and understands

Dan - 6 hours ago:
Money, or rather the love of money, is the root of all evil.

Mandie - 6 hours ago:
oh, now they are dragging the Turks into this mess.

Thebes - 6 hours ago:
Orange for life!

RIchard - 6 hours ago:
General Flynn is out for himself ! Politicians are all crooks none are honest .

John - 7 hours ago:
Lock Him Up !

frank - 7 hours ago:
Cuff him and stuff him this turkey traitor is done.

Michael - 7 hours ago:
I'm sure trump will say it never happened because putin told him so.

Clever - 7 hours ago:
Looks like Trump gathered all the Criminals under his wing

Bill - 7 hours ago:

John s - 8 hours ago:
He is going to have to talk and talk and sing and sing.

Slava - 8 hours ago:
Yo, Turkey, look send me an advance and I'ill look into getting that cleric for you. Just six million will work for me.

Quintessential Bohemian - 9 hours ago:
Again, I. Ask: pursue or let it go? Is this just creating too much noise in our nation?

Seahorse - 10 hours ago:

B C - 10 hours ago:
I thought they were investigating Russian Collusion ??

GW - 4 hours ago:
So now this, "Russian Meddling Investigation", is about anything and everything OTHER THAN.....Russian meddling?

Coby - 17 hours ago:
yeah and again what does this have to do with what he was appointed for, nothing, which means this a witch hunt and no one is watching him and he's out of control

Bill - 7 hours ago:

Norma Rae Cyst - 6 minutes ago:
it was brokered by a russian.

Carol - 1 hour ago:
Are you a russian troll? If not, quit with the hillary #$%$ and catch up to the present honey

Kat - 7 hours ago:
According to trump, flynn is a good man.Put them both in jail!

Sam - 7 hours ago:
Mueller isn't "special" at all. He is just a other ucking democratic hack trying his best to help the D.C. swamp get rid of Trump.

Anonymous - 7 hours ago:
He is more special than you and your GOP sewer rat friends, who smell a mile away.

Clint H - 8 hours ago:
Show him the pit of misery! Dilly Dilly!!

El Kabong - 6 hours ago:
man....this guy Flynn was a straight-up gangsta...reminds me of G. Gordon Liddy....

Robert - 8 hours ago:
Turkey, huh? Must be that Turkey meddled in our election. lol.

missey - 8 minutes ago:
hillary 145 million from russia to sell our uranium to russia and kim and china pakistan and iran says thanks for the uranium in our missiles

bob - 1 hour ago:
He's also investigating the PODESTAS....

DP - 6 hours ago:
all these charges !!!! no Russia collusion

zingo - 8 hours ago:
Who leaked this one ?? Comey or Mueller ???

Clint H - 8 hours ago:
If you or I did this....we would be in jail.

GO! - 6 hours ago:
Kidnaping for cash.

Quintessential Bohemian - 7 hours ago:
Leave him alone.. He's a good guy